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ABOUT THE COMPANY Since 1990, StopAt Nothing has created powerful, positive change in organizations around the world. We help our clients transform their corporate culture to improve team effectiveness, increase selfawareness at all levels of the organization, facilitate open and honest communication, and achieve long-

We facilitate powerful, positive, organizational and individual change that enables our clients to achieve breakthrough results in a minimal amount of time.

lasting business results. Stop At Nothing consultants have extensive real-world management experience. In addition to understanding the issues our clients face, we bring depth and insight on how to increase team performance and leadership effectiveness. We excel at creating a trust-based environment that enables individuals and teams to address the barriers they face on the road to achieving their organization’s full potential. We also know that the most effective solutions for our clients are those that are personalized to address their unique needs. For that reason, we tailor all of our services to assist in achieving their vision of the future with the highest return on investment. The services we offer are practical tools and guidance that empower leaders and their teams to affect change for themselves and for the benefit of the organization as a whole.

MISSION STATEMENT To ignite the potential of leaders, teams and organizations so that they can innovate, inspire and thrive in a rapidly changing and competitive world.

OUR SERVICES We believe that long-term excellence and performance result from maintaining balance between leadership and management, career and personal life fulfillment, and bottom-line results and interpersonal relationships.

OUR PHILOSOPHY + To solve the business challenges caused by lack of productivity, we focus on the human element because we believe that the strength of the organization lies in tapping into the full potential and uniqueness of each individual.

+ We believe that long-term excellence and performance result from maintaining balance between leadership and management, career and personal life fulfillment, and bottom-line results and interpersonal relationships.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: Our individual services provide executives with the tools for continuous growth and development. Each program can be used alone or in conjunction with other offerings to meet each individual’s unique challenges within the various stages of their personal and professional life.

+ High Impact Leadership Series + Executive Coaching FOR ORGANIZATIONS AND TEAMS: Our team and organizational development process helps executives harness the power of their people at all levels to drive peak performance and healthy bottom-line results.

+ + + +

Climate Effectiveness Studies Team Development Sessions Self Leadership & Empowerment Seminars Trust and Relationship Selling Seminars

We also offer transformational consulting engagements to maximize the ripple effect of positive change and growth throughout organizations.

+ We understand that personal responsibility and accountability are the cornerstone to individual and organizational integrity and effectiveness.

+ To maximize a sustainable competitive advantage, we aim to deliver the highest value to all of our constituents: our clients, our employees and our stakeholders.

+ We know that the greatest expression of our respect

For more information about our programs or services, visit us online at

for life is in the value of our service to others.

+ We strive to consistently live the values we teach.

If you have further questions, call us at (904) 249-4410 or e-mail us at

1300 MARSH LANDING PARKWAY, STE. 106 • JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL 32250 T ( 904) 249- 4410 • F ( 904) 249- 6433 • w w


Cultural Transformation and Team Development


Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another, and of strength to be derived by unity.


Vince Lombardi

Cultural Transformation helps executives harness

the power of the people at all levels to drive peak performance and healthy bottom line results: t5BLFTUPDLPGUSVFVOEFSMZJOHQFSDFQUJPOT and realities forming the culture t,OPDLEPXOCBSSJFSTCFUXFFOMFWFMT and departments t%SJWFiVTUIFNwCFIBWJPSBOEBUUJUVEFT from the organization t6OMPDLQPUFOUJBMGPSDSFBUJWF IJHIJOUFHSJUZ  BOEIJHIQFSGPSNJOHUFBNT

Leadership Team Focus

“ The world we have created today has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them.� Albert Einstein

Executive teams employing this process typically include a senior level leader with his or her direct reports. Because of its direct positive impact, many organizations have then cascaded this process down through several levels of management with highly effective results. Climate Effectiveness Study (CES)

Leaders are often mystified about how to effectively drive change after reviewing the results of internal efforts to gather cultural or employee satisfaction feedback. The Climate Effectiveness Study builds on internal organizational efforts by getting underneath the stated issues to understand the true nature of the leadership behaviors that create useful or non-useful work cultures.

Stop At Nothing’s experience and methodology for gathering direct and useful information enables us to find the behavioral root causes of cultural strengths and weaknesses, as well as leadership strengths and weaknesses. Our consultants work intensively with “ The Stop At each senior team Nothing experience allows for an to fully digest and unparalleled level respond positively of honesty and to the organizational understanding feedback. The result is among colleagues, which powers team an executive team that performance.� is more empowered with the gift of reality Zoran Novakovic to better realize their Vice President positive intentions to Fortune 100 Financial Serivices create a powerful and effective work culture. The process involves one-on-one anonymous interviews with management and a random cross section of employees at various levels. We customize our interview process to meet the unique needs of each organization we serve. Questions are often geared to uncover the underlying communication, leadership and teamwork dynamics at play inside the organization, including issues around openness and trust. In addition, we often gather individual leadership and teamwork feedback for leadership team members. The resulting report provides clear and objective feedback on the true perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its leaders, the behaviors that drive particular perceptions, and the impact those perceptions have on performance.

“Honest and direct feedback is at the core of your team development work, and your facilitators neutralize the common defenses that can derail these experiences. Your exceptionally facilitated sessions take team members to a level of trust and cohesion within a period of three days. The normal progression takes years!� Jim Young COO Crown Castle International

Team Development, Feedback and Alignment

The data gathered through interviews drives the agenda and forms the basis for the leadership team development retreat, which typically lasts two to three days. Our experienced facilitators guide the leadership team through the feedback and team development process. This helps them put together plans to tackle key issues, including sensitive ones, that managers and employees often spend much energy avoiding. It is often these behavioral issues that make or break team or cultural effectiveness.

Typical CES Process:

Meet with senior executives to customize process

The resulting action plan is a clear commitment from the leadership team on how they will lead the organization as a team, and how they drive their aligned vision of the ideal climate into the daily operations of the organization at all levels.

Team participants make plans to attend HILS Data collection and analysis Climate Study Report Pre-retreat consulting Management Retreat

Follow-through and Follow-up

The team implements its action plan with consultation and guidance from the Stop At Nothing consultant, who schedules follow-up actions appropriate to the team needs. Most teams schedule follow-up retreats and individual consulting to monitor and strengthen their commitments. Used in conjunction with this process are our individual leadership and development seminars including: t)JHI*NQBDU-FBEFSTIJQ4FSJFT  )*-4 )*-4 5-$ 5-$"EWBODFE



Debriefing consulting Follow-up consulting and retreats

How to Get Started

Call to arrange a consultative meeting. If it is decided that a Climate Study/Leadership Team Development process is appropriate, we will establish clear parameters and objectives for the assignment, and propose an appointment fee for services to be rendered. Contact

Stop At Nothing, Inc. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 904-249-4410


Peak Performance & Personal Transformation


Whatever you can do or think you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Effective leaders have the courage and the tool-kit to create positive results in a variety of situations.

They also have a road map to guide them in making practical decisions. This intensive 2 1/2 day seminar in peak performance and personal transformation guides participants to: t Take personal responsibility for their decisions, actions and results t Uncover new levels of self awareness

t Create a vision for personal and professional growth t Find a pathway to drive personal visions into reality

Who Should Attend

“ PEAK is the most impactful seminar I have experienced to transform people’s lives in three days. Employees and colleagues who have participated in this seminar have seen astounding results in their personal and professional lives.” Jose Camarena Head of Operations Fortune 100 Credit Card Company

Since every employee and every organization benefits from personal improvement, this seminar is effective for people at all levels of the organization. Several companies have had all employees attend—from the CEO to the front line. Others have incorporated this seminar into an overall organizational development program. Key Outcomes: Personal Responsibility. Increased Effectiveness.

Peak performance begins with taking personal responsibility for behaviors and results. It is the process of pulling together all the specific components of what we want in the key sectors of our life. It is increasing awareness of our impact of behaviors on our self and others. It is creating a vision of the ideal for our life and career, and developing the insight to find the pathway to drive personal visions into reality.

This highly participative seminar blends lecture, reflection and interactive discussions to form a cognitive and experiential learning environment. A key focus is learning the cause and effect relationship between beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions and results. Participants in PEAK return to higher levels of teamwork and cooperation, as individuals consistently become “part of the solution” and they become more comfortable in expanding their competencies. As each individual grows, the organization increases flexibility, depth and effectiveness, which in turn creates bottomline success for customers, employees and shareholders. Customized Seminars and Train-the-Trainer

PEAK is customized to the industry, mission and behavioral values of an organization. The Stop At Nothing facilitator typically works with groups of 20 to 25 over a 2 1/2 day session at a location chosen by the client. Many clients choose to offer this program multiple dates throughout a year to accommodate the organizational demands. In addition, organizations with more than 300 employees may want to consider the economics of the train-the-trainer approach, in which Stop At Nothing facilitators train and certify trainers in the facilitation of the Peak Performance & Personal Transformation program.

“PEAK was the most powerful personal development program I’ve taken. It has solid scientific bases that help you explore yourself in detail and support your efforts to change.” Angelina Lacroix OD Specialist Grupo Salinas, Mexico

Peak Performance & Personal Transformation-2

After experiencing the benefits of Peak Performance & Personal Transformation program, many organizations desire further development work and choose to offer the PEAK-2 program. This continuation course deepens the work of the growing selfawareness and effectiveness of the leader. The program focuses more on experiential learning, situational leadership, dealing with stress and advanced stress management techniques, such as identifying related trigger points and behaviors. Experiential learning helps participants take theoretical models and apply their learnings to everyday situations and find practical solutions. This program includes live feedback and coaching to help further implement lessons outlined in the course. Extending Leader Development

In addition to the Peak Performance & Personal Transformation seminar, Stop At Nothing provides a full range of executive development services: Executive Coaching t Customized Executive and Management Consulting Services (EXEC)

PEAK Program Details Class Size:

20-25 participants.


2 1/2—3 days.


Agreed upon according to availability.


Selected according to client objectives and convenience. Offsite is preferred.


All customized programs will be designed with client input and followed by a proposal, timeline and fee schedule submitted for client review and approval.


Stop At Nothing, Inc. Jacksonville Beach, FL 904-249-4410

Team Development t Cultural Transformation and Team Development (TEAM) Sales Leadership t Trust & Relationship Selling (TRS-1, TRS-2) Individual Leadership Development t High Impact Leadership Series (HILS-1, HILS-2, TLC, TLC-Advanced)


High Impact Leadership Seminar-1


If there’s one thing I have learned it is that you can’t grow a team without growing as individuals. HILS plays an important role with this.


J. Grover Thomas, Jr., Chairman, Trustmark Insurance Company

The High Impact Leadership Seminar-1 (HILS-1) is a self-awareness based leadership program that enables individuals to create a powerful developmental road map employing pragmatic tools that can dramatically enhance organizational impact and accountability.

Who Should Attend

“HILS-1 has given

me unshakeable confidence; knowing that if I stay true to my mission and purpose, I can lead our organization to overcome whatever challenge there is in our path.”

Each HILS-1 group draws CEOs, senior executives, directors and managers from different organizations, industries and nationalities. This kind of diversity in a small group setting of 8-10 participants helps to create a rich and supportive learning environment. Many organizations send their entire leadership team through the program, one person at a time, to help create a dynamic and learning organization.

Ryan Chandler VP, Operations TICO

Core Focus: Growing from the Inside Out

The best leaders are those who consistently strive to increase their emotional intelligence and leadership impact. They inspire and influence others across organizational boundaries in order to succeed in today’s rapidly changing,

performance-oriented culture. HILS-1 helps executives understand the underlying dynamics of their behavior, which in turn frees them up to make lasting changes in areas most important to them, both professionally and personally. Awareness. Action. Accountability.

HILS-1 provides each executive the opportunity to deeply explore the internal and external reality of his or her leadership strengths and weaknesses. The participants discover thought and behavior patterns that enhance and/or block maximum performance and peak experience as a leader.

“ We can all learn

new management skills, but sustainability starts with selfawareness - what is behind your own behaviors and how you can use that understanding to connect with people and get them to achieve new heights.” Mike Kennedy

The intensive CFO Cynergy Data feedback process utilizes diagnostic and leadership inventories, as well as small group interaction. Proven, yet non-traditional techniques are used to generate deepened selfawareness and insights that prepare the leader for the actionplanning phase of the seminar. Each executive develops a comprehensive action plan to drive his or her future vision into the “now,” with an emphasis on behaviors that produce effective results.

“ Each person on our team returned with renewed insight and inspiration. HILS-1 has improved communication, developed stronger relationships in the workplace, and helped us to retain key leadership positions.” Connie Hodges President & CEO United Way

Included in this plan are values, goals, a personal purpose in life, leadership commitments and a specific approach to work/life balance questions.

Most HILS-1 sessions are held at the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge in Amelia Island, Florida. The lodge was voted the #2 U.S. hotel by readers of Condé Nast Traveler in 2008.

Executives leave with a renewed sense of clarity and personal responsibility for their individual performance, as well as for their teams. This deeper understanding of their true sphere of influence supports, aligns and helps drive change within organizations. Experienced, Real-world Facilitators

Each HILS-1 session is led by facilitators who have real-world, successful line management experience in the business world prior to joining Stop At Nothing. In addition, they have extensive consulting and facilitation experience working with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as family-owned enterprises.

Some HILS-1 sessions are held at the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia.

HILS-1 Program Details

Class Size:

Limited to 10 participants. CEOs, senior executives, middle and upper management.


5 days, Monday through Friday. Includes some evening work.


Amelia Island, Florida or Charlottesville, Virginia.


Multiple sessions available throughout the year. Visit our website or call for a schedule. Register early to assure convenient dates.


Please refer to schedule card. Discounts available for corporate commitments of nine or more executives per year.


Online at or call us at 904-249-4410.

Extending Leader Development

In addition to the High Impact Leadership Seminar-1, Stop At Nothing provides a full range of executive development services: Executive Coaching • Customized Executive and Management Consulting Services (EXEC) Team Development • Cultural Transformation and Team Development (TEAM) Sales Leadership • Trust and Relationship Selling (TRS-1, TRS-2) Organizational Leadership • Self Leadership and Empowerment (SLE-1, SLE-2) Individual Leadership Development • High Impact Leadership Series (HILS-1, HILS-2, TLC, TLC-Adv)

A Selection of Our Corporate Clients Corporations and Organizations Adecco Aetna American Express BlueCross BlueShield Association Ciena Networks Comcast Comerica Bank Cricket Communications Crown Castle International DHL Express Earthlink eBay Federal Reserve Bank Gogo, Inc. Health Fitness International Speedway Corporation JPMorgan Chase Manheim Online Solutions Marriott International Nationwide QinetiQ – North America Regions Financial Sprint SunTrust SuperVALU Sykes Transaction Network Services Trustmark U.S. Army Corps of Engineers U.S. Assure Wells Fargo Westfield Insurance Zep, Inc.

Human Resource Solutions Healthcare / Insurance Financial Services / Travel Healthcare / Insurance Technology / Communications Equipment Communications / Entertainment Financial Services Telecommunications Telecommunications Logistics Telecommunications E-Commerce Financial Services Inflight Wireless Provider Health Management Solutions Entertainment / Sports Financial Services Vehicle Wholesale and Remarketing Lodging / Travel Insurance Defense Technology / Security Financial Services Telecommunications Financial Services Retail / Grocery Customer Contact Mgmt / Business Process Outsourcing Data Communications Insurance Public Engineering Services Insurance Online Marketing and Web Design Financial Services Insurance Industrial Cleaning Products

A Selection of Our Corporate Clients Latin American Companies Banamex Global Card Grupo Bepensa Grupo Bimbo MetLife Chile MetLife Mexico Nestl茅 Origen y Comunicaci贸n Scotiabank Stryker Mexico

Credit Card Credit Card Auto / Machinery / Trucking / Car Rental / Industrial Food Manufacturer Insurance Insurance Food and Nutrition Marketing Financial Services Surgical / Medical Manufacturing

Education Bates College Michigan State University Thacher School

Non-Profit Make-A-Wish MS Society Nemours Save The Children Semester At Sea / Institute for Shipboard Education United Way

International Engagements Many of our client engagements are international in scope. We have conducted business in the following countries: Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Costa Rica

Czech Republic Dominican Republic Estonia France Germany India Indonesia Italy

Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico New Zealand Philippines

Singapore Spain Sweden Taiwan Thailand The Netherlands United Kingdom Uruguay

S@n services  

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