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Fall/Winter 2011/12

Letter from the Superintendent… After 29 years of offering JK through 8th grade classes, Stoneybrooke opened its first Preschool this year. Classes were offered for 3 and 4 year olds in the reorganized south building on the San Juan Campus. And it is off to a tremendous start with 31 children enrolled! You might ask, “What makes the Preschool at Stoneybrooke special?” Hopefully as you read through this newsletter you will notice several important distinctives. Certainly, the Preschool offers a Christ centered education that will positively affect the way young children view their world. Much like all the other grades, the Preschool makes sure that God’s word is appropriately presented to the little ones (Deut. 11:18-19). Prayerfully the Preschool matches the values chosen by the parents. The school is in partnership with mom and dad and desires to “sound off” as their significant “echo” in each child’s life. The Preschool is an integral part of a larger school system. The well established leadership team at Stoneybrooke supervises the Preschool as well. There is a smooth transition between the 4 year old program and the rest of the school’s grades. Because the broader resources and facilities are shared with Preschool, the young students get to explore and enjoy more programs than they would if the Preschool was a stand alone program. There is a remarkable quality to the instruction. Experienced, nurturing teachers understand the developmental needs of these young children and offer a balanced approach in all their teaching. They are building a meaningful learning platform from which to “jump” on into elementary school. The children will be like their teacher. Similar to the principle outlined in Luke 6:40, these young boys and girls have the opportunity to be mentored by godly, passionate teachers who love the Lord and the children. Their young character development will be positively imprinted by the character of their teachers. There is a high degree of safety and security in the Stoneybrooke Preschool. Not only is their physical well being assured, there is also a focus on their emotional security. It is a well designed environment that functions within kind, consistent discipline and plenty of love. And lastly, the Preschool offers a tremendous amount of personal attention. This attention is not just because of the stated small class sizes, but it springs out of an intentional use of time and opportunities to engage the young children, provoke their imagination and stir their curiosity. I am so proud of our new Preschool. Come by for a visit and see what the Lord is doing in our early education department!

By His grace and for His glory,

Sherry Worel Superintendent

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Stoneybrooke News

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San Juan Capistrano Campus Preschool thru 6th Grade 26300 Via Escolar San Juan Capistrano, CA 92692 Phone: 949.364.4407

Page 5: Preschool… For the Love of Learning

Ladera Ranch Campus Elementary School Transitional K thru 6th Grade 26122 O’Neill Drive Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 Phone: 949.429.3811

Page 6: 2nd Generation Stoneybrooke Students Walk the Halls Page 7: What’s New on Campus

Ladera Ranch Campus Junior High School 7th-8th Grade 26122 O’Neill Drive Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 Phone: 949.429.3812

Page 8: Commissioning Service for New Staff Page 9: Who’s New on Campus

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MISSION STATEMENT In partnership with parents, Stoneybrooke Christian Schools exists to provide a distinctive biblically based education in a nurturing environment through which students are instilled with godly character, inspired to excel, and prepared for a life of enduring commitment to Christ.

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Fall/Winter 2011/12

STONEYBROOKE CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL…. FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING A NEW BEGINNING…. After 29 years of serving south Orange County with two elementary schools and one junior high school, Stoneybrooke expanded its programs to serve preschool children on the San Juan campus. Last spring during registration kick off, one parent called it a “school by faith” and as God regularly does, He faithfully provided Stoneybrooke with generous donations and the official license to open the doors in September serving 31 darling 3 and 4 year olds. .......................................................................................................... OUR COMMITMENT…. Stoneybrooke believes that each child is a unique creation from God that develops and grows at his or her individual pace. At Stoneybrooke Christian Preschool, children receive a developmental approach to instruction that meets their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. The program includes a Christ centered environment, where each child is valued, loved, and nurtured. Stoneybrooke facilitates each child’s successful transition from their first learning experiences at home to the new dynamic learning environment at school. ..........................................................................................................

Mrs. Jill Winterhalter, Preschool Director and Director of Instruction and Curriculum

THE STAFF…. The preschool staff is passionate about preschool age children and strive to make each child feel loved and nurtured within a safe environment. As with all Stoneybrooke faculty, our teachers bring experience and skill to their classroom and have answered God’s call to minister to their students and families.

Mrs. Jamie Brucker, Preschool 3’s Teacher

Jill Winterhalter has dual responsibilities as the Preschool Director and Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the elementary program. She is a former kindergarten teacher and has been serving on Stoneybrooke’s staff since 2003. Both Jennifer Bang and Jamie Brucker joined Stoneybrooke’s faculty to teach at the newly established Stoneybrooke Christian Preschool. Mrs. Bang has a background in retail marketing and early childhood education and has recently received her teaching credential while working as a teacher in a local church ministry preschool. She is continuing her education with the goal of attaining a master’s teaching credential in the field of Early Childhood Education. Jamie Brucker has been teaching 3-5 year olds for more than 10 years, and is glad to have the opportunity to unlock the capabilities of young children while also enveloping them in the love of Jesus Christ. Mrs. Brucker has been married for 13 years and has fun-loving twin girls that attend Stoneybrooke on the San Juan campus.

Mrs. Jennifer Bang, Preschool 4’s Teacher

Stoneybrooke News

Page 5 WHAT OUR PRESCHOOLERS ARE LEARNING…. The preschool curriculum supports a learning environment that incorporates the development of skills necessary to construct each child’s knowledge base, prepare them for their next school environment and encourages them to become life-long learners. The curriculum is grounded in early childhood best practices that include Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), The California Department of Education’s Preschool Learning Foundations and Association of Christian School International’s standards. Zoo Phonics is used as a phonics foundation in the 3 year old class and as a comprehensive phonics program in the 4 year old and transitional kindergarten classes. Stoneybrooke believes children learn at their own pace in a safe and loving environment where God’s word and Biblical principles are embedded into every aspect of their day. Through structured and unstructured activities, and the use of a wide variety of learning materials, children grow through hands-on experiences and build readiness skills. A TYPICAL DAY IN PRESCHOOL…. A typical day at Stoneybrooke Christian Preschool includes circle time, Bible teaching, learning centers, thematic units, alphabet/phonics, math and number concepts, children’s literature, science exploration, art, snack, gross motor/outdoor play, motor development time with Mrs. Cieminis, and music time with Mrs. Owens.

TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN…. Although not located in the Preschool building, the Transitional Kindergarten (formerly known as Junior Kindergarten) is an important part of the early education program at Stoneybrooke. The T.K. program serves students who technically qualify for entrance into Kindergarten, but need a “bonus year” to developmentally grow in one or more identified areas. They may need some time to further develop their fine motor skills or perhaps mature socially and emotionally. Typically, their birthdays fall between June 1 and December 1.

Mrs. Darla Thompson, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher/San Juan

Mrs. Theresa Yurkovich, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher/Ladera Ranch

Under the wonderful supervision of Mrs. Darla Thompson, Stoneybrooke has offered such a program for the last eight years on the San Juan campus and for the last three years on the Ladera Ranch campus. Mrs. Theresa Yurkovich is the amazing T.K. teacher on the Ladera Ranch campus. This T.K. experience is developmentally positioned a step ahead of the 4 year old Preschool program and provides a wonderful half day experience for those needing an extra year before entering Stoneybrooke’s full day Kindergarten. Registration for Preschool or Transitional Kindergarten is now open! Tours and enrollment appointments with the director, Jill Winterhalter are available by contacting Cindy Conzaman at or 949.364.4407.

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Fall/Winter 2011/12

2ND GENERATION STONEYBROOKE STUDENTS WALK THE HALLS! This fall, Stoneybrooke was pleased to enroll several students with long time family ties to the school.

Justin Rider, Rachel

Bennett, Amy Hilliker, Michelle Barker, and Erin Steffen are Stoneybrooke alumni that now have their precious children following in their footsteps at Stoneybrooke. The Rachel Bennett, Class of 2000

number of 2nd generation Stoneybrooke students has grown from just two last year, to include six 2nd generation students this year. Two more alumni families are set to enroll their children for the 2012/2013

Michelle (Nann) Barker, Class of 1996

school year. Watching yesterday’s Stoneybrooke students grow into today’s Stoneybrooke parents has been a joy and a privilege. After twenty-nine years of partnering with parents to provide a biblically based education for their children, partnering with alumni parents has proven to be a highlight for Miss Worel and Mr. Bock. Erin (Olsen) Steffen, Alumnus


Stoneybrooke’s Website Got a Facelift! This past summer Stoneybrooke’s original school website was replaced with an entirely new look! After many hours of intense labor by Mr. Garibaldi, Stoneybrooke now enjoys full control of the site and is working diligently to fill in all the blanks and make it much more user friendly. As you navigate through the site you will notice that many headings have been moved around a bit. This reorganization of the information has helped to make the site much more “friendly” to current users and those first time “unique” visitors to the site. Much more has been added to the Blog section which is actually archived so you can browse through older articles at your leisure. New photos from all four schools have been added, along with up to date information and downloads.

If you haven’t seen the new

website lately, log on to to take a peek… You’re sure to notice a big change!

Stoneybrooke News

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SCHOOL LOOP Stoneybrooke’s student database software was also upgraded this summer with the addition of School Loop (used by all the schools in the Capistrano Unified School District; elementary through high school). Parents may log on to check their student’s grades, check out their student’s reading comprehension level, download various forms, log in to their teacher’s webpage, check out the latest happenings at school, check for upcoming events, and so much more. Each of the schools has their own section with pertinent information listed. This upgrade is a welcome addition to Stoneybrooke’s ability to communicate and keep parents informed. ..........................................................................................................

2011/2012 THEME VERSE Stoneybrooke students and staff are focusing this year on Romans 12:10 "Be devoted to one another...honor one another above yourselves!" Weekly chapels attended by students highlight the annual theme verse throughout the school year. Stoneybrooke staff and faculty meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for devotions where a year-long Bible study follows the theme of honor as described in Romans 12:10. The theme verse is woven into the daily lessons and activities impacting both students and staff all year long. ..........................................................................................................


This year, Stoneybrooke’s spirit wear took on a new look by incorporating the rarely-before-seen







newly-designed Defender appeared on spirit wear t-shirts, three different styles of sweatshirts, and a brand new PE bag.

Three other styles of sweatshirts were

offered, these with an appliqué “SB” either in red and white or in plaid (which was actually taken from old school uniforms). This year’s first back to school spirit wear order was placed in September and included over 1,000 pieces! Due to an overwhelming demand for more spirit wear, a second order was placed in November, totaling over 60 additional pieces. The feedback from the new spirit wear has been incredibly positive—from both students and parents. In fact, Stoneybrooke students aren’t the only ones donning the new spirit wear. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and staff can all be seen proudly supporting Stoneybrooke Christian Schools with their own spirit wear!

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Fall/Winter 2011/12


COMMISSIONING SERVICE FOR NEW STAFF Each year during the August staff orientation meetings, the leadership of Stoneybrooke sets aside some specific time to formally commission its new staff. This year, five new teachers were introduced. Jennifer Bang and Jamie Brucker from the San Juan preschool, Bonnie Onsrud from the San Juan elementary school, Theresa Yurkovich from the Ladera Ranch elementary school and Jeff Gordenier from the Ladera Ranch junior high school are pictured. They were being prayed for by the rest of the staff, a special time for all.

Mrs. Theresa Yurkovich, Transitional Kindergarten/Ladera Ranch

Stoneybrooke Christian Schools are known for providing a high standard of education, so it comes as no surprise that five highly qualified teachers, Jennifer Bang, Jamie Brucker, Theresa Yurkovich, Bonnie Onsrud and Jeff Gordenier are joining the Stoneybrooke ranks this school year. “We are excited to announce the addition of these five passionate teachers,” said Dennis E. Bock, Stoneybrooke’s assistant superintendent. “Not every school is blessed with the amount of intellectual talent we are providing this year.”

Stoneybrooke staff gather to pray over new staff members during the commissioning service

Stoneybrooke News

Page 9 Pepperdine graduate, Theresa Yurkovich, the new transitional kindergarten teacher on the Ladera Ranch elementary campus, grew up knowing she wanted to be a teacher. Mrs. Yurkovich has been a full time employee working with the Children’s Ministry at Saddleback Church after being a substitute teacher in Capistrano Unified School District. Bonnie Onsrud was brought on board as one of the fifth-grade teachers on the San Juan campus. Mrs. Onsrud has already been both a teacher and administrator at another Christian school in Orange County for 14 years before deciding to join the Stoneybrooke staff. She attended Cal State Fullerton for both her bachelor’s degree and her master’s in Education Administration.

Mrs. Jennifer Bang, Preschool 4’s

Jeff Gordenier joined the Ladera Ranch Junior High staff this fall. He teaches seventh and eighth grade technology and eighth grade Bible. Mr. Gordenier has been teaching for more than 21 years and has experience with both public and private Christian schools. He attended Chapman University to receive a multiple subject credential, and attended Concordia University Portland’s post graduate program. Bios for Preschool teachers Jennifer Bang and Jamie Brucker can be found in the preschool information on pages 4 and 5. Stoneybrooke students are looking to excel, and these new teachers will do whatever they can to nurture and encourage the students in all they do.

Mrs. Jamie Brucker, Preschool 3’s

Mrs. Bonnie Onsrud, 5th grade/San Juan

Mr. Jeff Gordenier, Jr. High Technology and Bible

Fall/Winter 2011/12

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baskets. Special thanks go to the event chair, Jackie Ashman, who spent endless hours planning and preparing for the event. Marie Johnson helped with event details from the very beginning and did

An Evening of Sugar and Soul

"How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" Psalm 119:103 Stoneybrooke Christian Schools

2011 Fall Banquet & Auction

Many hearts and hands made the 2011 Fall Banquet & Silent/Live Auction a wonderful success... Over $62,000 was raised for the Stoneybrooke Annual Fund! Praise the Lord... What an incredible night! There was a sold out crowd with over 190 guests registered for the event, more than 190 incredible auction items covered the tables, the soulful sounds of Connie Rae Knapp singing jazz classics filled the air, Adam Christing kept everyone entertained and laughing, and we exceeded our goal by raising over $62,000 for the Stoneybrooke Annual Fund! The Fall Banquet committee was overwhelmed by the outpouring of participation by our Stoneybrooke families. Thank you to the moms who worked so very hard to coordinate the classroom baskets and to the many, many families who contributed to the

a fabulous job of coordinating the arrangements for the dining room décor and dessert centerpieces, (the desserts alone raised over $1900!). Additional thanks go to Robert, Susie and Jonathan Ming who managed registration and auction check-out. Jill Winterhalter, Debbie Owens, Ré Grams, Jennifer Bang, and Jamie Brucker worked with Stoneybrooke's precious little ones to create an adorable choir. Tracy Kuntz, Despina Georggin, Sherri Zaic, Mary Karpus, Vena Currie, Kim Kitean, Leslie Sciocchetti, Mike Bornhoff, Cindy Conzaman, and Danielle Arnett also helped out tremendously as they acquired auction items, prepared baskets, decorated the banquet room, transported items, promoted the event and helped with many other assorted tasks. Kevin Phan and Mike Bornhoff took lots of beautiful pictures throughout the evening that have been posted to In addition to Stoneybrooke's generous families, many local businesses and friends of Stoneybrooke contributed in a variety of ways to help make the event a success. All of the beautiful, creative, delicious centerpieces were donated, several by Stoneybrooke moms Heidi Althouse, Jana Weise, Sherri Zaic, Sandy Lee, and Kim Sprague. Auction items were all donated, contributing much to the success of the evening.

SAVE THESE DATES… FEBRUARY 4TH FOR THE STONEYBROOKE TEA LUNCHEON MAY 7TH FOR THE 6TH ANNUAL STONEYBROOKE GOLF CLASSIC This year’s Stoneybrooke Tea Luncheon is on Saturday, February 4th at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club. It is a wonderful event where ladies of ALL ages can enjoy a time of fun and fellowship. Bring your daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, neighbor, and friends! Invitations will be sent out after Christmas break. For information on being a table hostess, contact Deena Delin at or 949.364.4407. The 6th Annual Stoneybrooke Golf Classic is on Monday, May 7th at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club. The day will begin with a delicious BBQ lunch followed by a great day of golf. Festivities will wrap up with a fun silent auction and a wonderful dinner reception. For information about being an event sponsor, please contact Shawn Werner at or 949.364.4407. Golfer registration will be available after the first of the new year, look for additional event information in upcoming Administrator’s Notes and at Dad’s Day.

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Stoneybrooke News

EASY WAYS TO SUPPORT STONEYBROOKE Supporting Stoneybrooke Christian Schools can be as easy as going to the grocery store or shopping online. Local and national business have established community partnerships with schools and non-profit organizations. You can partner with these businesses to raise funds for Stoneybrooke while you shop! Chances are you are already dining and shopping with Ralph’s, Target, and many of the eScrip merchants.

Links to all of

Stoneybrooke’s community partners can be found on the school’s website, ..........................................................................................................

Look for the Box Tops for Education logo on hundreds of products like Cheerios®, Hamburger Helper® and Kleenex® in almost every aisle of the store. All you need to do is clip it and bring it into the classroom - it's so easy! Just look for the box in your classroom and drop them in. Each one is worth 10 cents!

Simply by registering your Shopper Club Cards with e-Labels for Education, Stoneybrooke can earn 1 point for the school's program with every qualifying item purchased just by swiping your card! Visit to register your grocery store loyalty cards!


Just save the UPC from the authorized list of participating products and bring them into your classroom. We will have a box for you to drop them in! Each label is worth 1, 5 or 10 points that add up to dollars for our school! See for participating products.


Spreebird provides deals through local companies while giving 5-10% back to Stoneybrooke. Daily alerts are sent to you through email, Twitter or Facebook. To take advantage of the incredible discounts, go to

Ralphs Community Contribution Program utilizes your Ralphs Rewards Card to raise money for Stoneybrooke. Sign in at Under "My Account" and in the Community Rewards Information Box, use #91659. That's it!

eScrip is a great way to earn money for Stoneybrooke through every day purchases simply by registering your grocery cards or credit/debit cards. Go to the and click on the eScrip link to sign up using Stoneybrooke’s group ID # 6676375.

eScrip also has an online version that allows you to earn money for Stoneybrooke while shopping online. Go to and click on the eScrip Online Mall link to "sign up". There are over 1,000 retailers that you most likely purchase from already!

26300 Via Escolar San Juan Capistrano, CA 92692 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED


iPads are coming Stoneybrooke Christian Junior High in 2012/2013! Every student! Every teacher! Every day! The future of technology at Stoneybrooke is exciting! The question is not if Stoneybrooke is going to transform into a 21st century model school, but instead which platform will best meet the needs of the students. Putting a personal learning device in the hands of each student is a critical element in this transformation. After months of research and study, it has been determined that the iPad is the best platform to make this transition happen for Stoneybrooke Junior High. The implementation of iPads will enhance the tools by which students engage in the learning process and support the high standards and expectations of students that are already in place. The iPad is truly going to put the world at the fingertips of each student. For more information regarding this exciting program, please plan on attending the upcoming Jr. High Parent Information Night on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 at 6:30 pm in the multi-purpose room on the Ladera Ranch campus. Details about the use of iPads in junior high next year will be discussed. 5th-7th grade families should plan to attend this important meeting!

SEE STONEYBROOKE IN ACTION! Observation Mornings Beginning January 13th Stoneybrooke will be holding monthly Observation Mornings on each campus from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. Families wishing to enroll their children in Stoneybrooke Christian Schools have the opportunity to take a first-hand look at a class in progress, take a tour of their desired campus and have questions answered by administration. Additional Observation Mornings will be held February 3rd, March 9th, April 20th, and May 4th. Along with these dates Stoneybrooke Christian Preschool will also be open for Observation Mornings on January 10th, February 9th, and March 20th. Preview Nights Stoneybrooke is hosting two Preview Nights on each campus. They are scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th and Tuesday, March 27th, both evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In addition, new families are also welcome to visit any one, or all, of the annual Open Houses. San Juan has their Open House on Tuesday, May 8th; , Ladera Ranch Junior High, Wednesday, May 9th; Ladera Ranch Elementary, Thursday, May 10th.

2011/2012 San Juan Capistrano Campus Preschool thru 6th Grade 26300 Via Escolar San Juan Capistrano, CA 92692 phone 949.364.4407 Ladera Ranch Elementary Campus Transitional K thru 6th Grade 26122 O’Neill Drive Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 phone 949.429.3811 Ladera Ranch Junior High Campus 7th thru 8th Grade 26122 O’Neill Drive Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 phone 949.429.3812

2011/2012 SB News 1  
2011/2012 SB News 1  

2011/2012 Stoneybrooke News Fall/Winter Edition