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deep in the amazon rainforest




a revolutionary organic energy drink that provides focus and power!

About seven years ago, after an adventurous journey deep into the jungle, we brought back a special plant from the Amazon rainforest named: Guayusa. Back in our lab we started to do research, performed many extractions and realized that it had a surprising energetic effect. The idea was born to make an all-natural energy drink using only herbs, fruits and flowers. An energy drink that actually tastes real instead of like bubble gum, an energy drink which makes you feel good, not unbalanced and shaky. One that is not only healthy for you, but also supports the rainforest and its inhabitants who help us grow and collect the leaves. This entire process also helps to preserve knowledge that the ancient cultures hold. Every sip leaves nothing but a positive footprint.



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story of nightwatch

At Nightwatch we value a culture based on creativity and feel responsible for reSTORING balance with nature. That’s why we create artistic, interactive and transformational experiences where people can enjoy, learn and PARTY in a conscious way.


The Night’s Watchmen Amazonian Quichua tribesman drink the eco super-herb Guayusa to sharpen their instincts when standing guard at night. They say Guayusa has cleansing properties, provides a longer life and helps overcome day-to-day challenges.

Developed together with the Quichua The Guayusa herb used is grown and harvested exclusively for Nightwatch at a sustainable forestry project that we set up together with the Quichua tribe.

Quetzalcoatl It is referenced to as the God of wind and learning. This mythical deity, from which its name roughly would be translated into 'feathered serpent', is the protector and spirit of the Amazon Rainforest. It happened to take its own place at Nightwatch...


nightwatch experience

In order to manifest the vision of Nightwatch we entered the realm of festivals (the Netherlands, Germany and France) in 2016 with ‘The Nightwatch Bar’. Since then we’ve travelled around festivals such as: Mandala (NL), Into the Woods (NL), Beyond (NL), Wildeburg (NL), Art Lake (DE), Feel Festival (DE) and Chateau Jolifanto (FR). The Nighwatchers are familiar figures in the culture in and around Amsterdam and also regularly find themselves at one-day events at, among others, Ruigoord, Pllek (Sterrenstof / Sinchi) and Radion (vierentwintiguurcultuur).

resonate with your true nature! The summer of 2017 was the first season in which pre-filled bottles were sold. Before that, Nightwatch was poured out as an extract and diluted with carbonated water. Through the medium of direct experience, Nightwatch tries to (re)connect visitors with the power of nature by celebrating life in a (more) mindful way. Our (interactive) area takes visitors into a world where Nighwatch is captured in every observable aspect and detail. Offering to learn more about body and mind, existence and the possibility of another approach to consumption. 8

With the Nightwatch Experience we offer the vibe of shamanic tribal rituals in tune with the core of your event. Submerge visitors into a dimension where nature and advanced technology are combined in harmony, to bring an experience where we as a collective can grow. Dive deep into this jungle and discover the legends of early civilizations to embody this myths and knowledge within our culture of today. Let the music guide your dance to not only find each other, but mostly learn about yourself.

find the source. be leaf! Embark on a journey where all senses get stimulated in order to obtain knowledge and insights which will strike your path in a peaceful way. By understanding the world of today and that of our past, we can prepare for a more caring and loving future with a more conscious approach to life. This is our manifestation for the betterment of planet Earth and the health of human beings.

may the wind guide your feathers! 9

what does the nightwatch do? The prices for festivals & events are modified according to the type of organization, size of the event and / or possible barter deals. Sounddream Soundsystem Top-notch quality

The influence of great sound is not to be underestimated. Luckily, the Nightwatch travels with state of the art speakers.


The Nightwatch is never alone. Together they create beautiful spaces and art installations to enhance the journey.

Complete chill-out lounge

Tired of watching? Time to chill! Nightwatchers use enough seats for big crowds. The decorative patterns might even make NIGHTWATCH is m them more comfortable.


it’s an indescrib care to sh

custom designed DJ Booth

The Nightwatch is specialised in designing cabins to operate the jungle celebrations.

more than a drink. bable feeling... hare one?

Live Music and/or DJ program (Day and/or Night)

Nightwatchers bring a complete and unique combination of live musicians and DJ's to shake every leaf hanging around.

yoga & meditation Workshops

in collaboration with: Kokon crew

Let the lovely female spirits from Kokon bring you to your roots. Relax the mind and body.

wellness rituals

in collaboration with sweat lodge west-friesland

Enter the age-old sweat lodge to detox the body. Endure the temerature and feel relieved.

Lectures about plant medicines

by Aldo Hakman (Phytotherapist and co-founder Nightwatch)

Learn about the power of plants and their benificial medicinal properties.

Organic and biological bites in NIGHTWATCH theme

Nightwatchers prepare their food while harming no animals. On top they add two special ingredients: time and love.

Lighting set up standard (Earth) Lighting set up advanced (Water) Lighting set up professional (Fire) Lighting set up interactive (Air) 11

additional information stretchtent

To set up the Nightwatch base it is prefered to have dry shelter. From our expertise we would recommend a stretchtent with a measurement of at least 15 x 10 meters.


In order for the technical equipment to function properly it is mandatory to have a grounded supply of 3 x 230v / 16A.

a happy nightwatch

The Nightwatch would be very honoured if your event could make clear notice of our presence through possible social media channels. Images, logo's, illustrations and other promotion material are available by sending your request to: As an additional standard we inform you to be responsible for having an event insurance and that the activities of Nightwatch are at the risk of the visitors. 12

green matters foundation

Green Matters Foundation helps indigenous people to independently generate an income with the knowledge and customs of their own culture. Together they devise which crops are best used for sustainable cultivation and stimulate this with the help of techniques from Austrian organic agriculture and materials. With these projects they want to show that in addition to humanitarian and ecological benefits, it also pays commercially to grow crops in a traditional way, participating in sustainable companies and by inspiring other organizations to do the same. Our modern (medical) knowledge is often very satisfactory, but we still have no answer to many problems. At the same time, sometimes thousands of years containing old empirical knowledge about body and mind, environment, and in particular medicinal herbs, is lost. When you realize that most of our modern medication is still a direct copy or derivative of a naturally occurring substance, we may also realize the importance of preserving it. - Aldo Hakman

Phytotherapist and co-founder Nightwatch / Green Matters Foundation


look through the eyes of the jungle!


w w w . n i g h t w a t c h d r i n k . c o m

NIGHTWATCH - Festival Season 2018 - Eyes of the Jungle  

Presentation booklet as part of the Nightwatch Bar & Experience festival tour in the summer of 2018.

NIGHTWATCH - Festival Season 2018 - Eyes of the Jungle  

Presentation booklet as part of the Nightwatch Bar & Experience festival tour in the summer of 2018.