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Stone Skimmer – The Ultimate Skimming Challenge Stone skimming; the art of throwing stones on water surfaces has taken a virtual turn. The skimming adventure is now available on the App Store in the form of a game app ‘Stone Skimmer’. The idea behind the game is to exploit technology capabilities for developing a realistic stone throwing game that gives you the opportunity to relive your childhood memories. The concept and visual appeal is inspired from natural surroundings of beaches and riverfronts. There are six unique stone characters that you can skim on the water surface. The game physics have been developed with utmost care and accuracy to provide you with the necessary momentum that generates power while throwing the stone.

The sound effects, graphics and gameplay clearly justify the skimming adventure and take you to a different world of fun and excitement. The gameplay is staged in nature’s lap across different scenes. You can experience wave sounds, chirping birds, children playing, and beach-side gust flowing through your hair. There are numerous 3D effects like the 3D imagery of clouds in the water, sun rays and waves that further add to the realism. Though, you may not have good old friends for betting on stone throwing, but you can virtually share scores and invite friends to accept the skimming challenge.

The virtual skimming shift has many more things to offer than the real game. You can manipulate the speed of the stone, track your performance, get counts for the number of times stone touched the water surface, select from different scenes, clear levels to accelerate gameplay and also select

different stone characters. Stone Skimmer exploits features of iPhone and iPad and gives the necessary twist and turns to this virtual skimming adventure. In addition to the aforementioned luxury or rather smart features of the game, there are other compelling characteristics, cementing the place of this game as a unique and addictive concept. The game also has realistic targets to aim at; tempting you to play hard. During the game, you can aim at swimmers, boats, rowers, dolphins, birds, power charge-ups, floating woods, waves, buoys, etc. If you hit targets, there will be rewards like coin fountains, stars, points, etc. Also, when you hit targets accurately, you will hear different sounds like a birds-squawk! Swimmersouch! etc. As you progress in the game, the difficulty level and targets will severely challenge your skills. The device also promotes realism in the game. It vibrates every time when the stone hits the water surface. The game has compelling features and addictive elements, capable of engaging masses in the stone skimming adventure. If you want to win it, you have to skim it. Go skimming with Stone Skimmer and be a part of this fascinating skimming adventure. Stone Skimmer is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Go skimming in different scenes with absorbing sound effects and scenic beauties. The game is free for iOS users.

Stone skimmer – the ultimate skimming challenge  

Stone Skimmer is a quality iOS game that offers value to players. It has unique features and functionality that exploit features of iPhone a...

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