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Stone Skimmer – Relive the art of Skimming Stones Gaming on the iPhone has reached greater levels of excitement. For those who enjoy the activity of Stone Skimming, Stone skimmer is a rare gaming concept that has attempted to throw you back in your good old childhood days. The game has been specifically developed for iPhone and iPad devices. Through this game, the mobile gaming community will witness the rendition of the age-old pass time of skimming stones on the surface of water. The Stone Skimmer game will remind you of the skimming bets, chirping birds, chanting friends, and other skimming challenges one faced during their childhood. Even though the game virtually tries to touch the golden memories of your childhood, there are numerous features and effects that give us a realistic experience. It will help you relive the various techniques that we practiced in fronts of rivers and beaches for mastering the art of throwing stones across the surface of the water bodies. Stone Skimmer comes with a number of breathtaking features that have heightened the gaming experience. The game features 6 unique stones to give a dynamic gameplay. Each stone character portrays unique personalities, adding an interesting dimension to the game. The game is also beautifully designed with four different sceneries that render a spectacular visual display. The rich color schemes, 3D graphics and attention to detail have made this game every gamers dream come true. With a stunning user interface and high-quality 3D graphics, this is a game that will not disappoint. There is an absolutely outstanding graphical outlay of the game, which makes it stand apart from the huge array of the games available. The night mode feature beautifully brings out the mysterious and alluring nature of stone skimming after dark. Without an appropriate sound score, no game is complete. In this game, each action is supported with highly realistic sounds that will strengthen your bond with the game. The game will come alive with the mellow sound of stones skimming on the surface of water. The melodious beach sounds of waves, chirping of birds and children playing welcomes you to the game. This way the gripping sound design captivates the beach experience for the gamers. Skimming stones on beaches is one of the most loved activities for those visiting. Therefore, this stone skimming game can be immensely enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. The game is extremely easy to understand, but it presents a great challenge to gamers to successfully play the game without letting the stone get sunk in the water. I urge all the iPhone users to get their hands on Stone Skimmer, the most exciting stone skimming game that is available on the App Store.

Stone skimmer – relive the art of skimming stones  

Stone Skimmer is one of the most exciting iPhone and iPad games. This game will bring out the art of stone skimming in a realistic manner th...

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