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Leave No Stone Untouched – Stone Skimming now at your Fingertips Stone Skimmer is the digitization of the popular art of stone skimming. The game has been designed for both the iPhone and iPad, with a choice of 6 different stone characters, each with their own personality and four beautifully designed scenes. This make for a realistic gaming experience that replicates the favorite pastime of children, when they visit a pond or a beach. The game makes full use of all the modern technical capabilities of the IOS platform. This skimming game is one which has also been able to capture the childhood memories of the users, with a beautifully digitized interface and amazing responsive control at one’s fingertips.

Features of the Skimming Game: Array of Targets: The game offers an array of targets such as dolphins, swimmers, boats, wooden planks and colored power up stars and others. By hitting the target, the gamer will be rewarded with trophies and gold coins represented by different values at each level. The user will feel a gentle vibration on hand to simulate the contact, with each contact on the water. This same vibration will also occur when the player hits the targets whilst skimming. Realistic Sound Effects: Without amazing and realistic sound effects, no game is complete. This skimming game truly comes alive with the mellow sound of stones skimming on the water surface. The game also includes melodious beach sounds of waves flowing, children playing and the chirping of birds. This unique sound design captivates the beach experience for the players. Different Scenarios: In addition to realistic sounds, this game also features four different sceneries that give a versatile experience every time the user plays. The users will get a wide variety of scenes such as Alpine, Rainforest, tropical scenes and even a night scene, which brings out the mystique of

stone skimming in the pond at night. The night mode beautifully brings out the mystery and the alluring nature of skimming the stones after dark. Different Type of Stones: Stone Skimmer includes 6 types of stones, each one having a striking personality of its own. The game also has a list of stretched goals, such as more sceneries, characters and an increased depth of the game. Thus, the user can enjoy a new experience every time the game is played. Stone skimming is the one of the most loved activity and popular pastime of those visiting the beach. The game can be immensely enjoyed by both kids as well as adults. They can all play the game with complete enthusiasm and fervor. Stone Skimmer also brings out excitement and a streak of competitiveness amongst people. There is no wonder beach skimming remains the favorite activity of beach lovers all over.

Leave no stone untouched – stone skimming now at your fingertips  

Stone Skimming has now become a virtual reality. Stone Skimmer is a highly unique skimming game for the iPhone and the iPad. It employs the...

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