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Sports And Games Victory belongs to the most persevering.

March 2013

The 24-page issue includes:

Sporting Expressions

A Nutritious Salad Recipe by Tanisha Singh Letters to God by a group of friends Buzzing Book Review by Tulasi Korwar

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Read how Verenya Reddy tries to tame her thoughts! Stories and poems! And much, much more!


Editor Writes

Hi Friends, By now all of you must be finally, free! From exams of course! I am sure all of you have done wonderfully and are now excited to take a step up on a very significant milestone – entering a new class! My best wishes to all of you! I read somewhere that kids of all ages love games, sports and play time! And had expected the inbox to be flooded with features on Sports! But surprisingly though we have got a lot of wonderful mixed entries there were not as many on Sports and Games! The theme for the next issue is Animals. What do you see when you look at an animal? A kindred spirit? A living creature much like you? A beast, a stranger or just an animal? I feel animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms and they just listen! So think up all you can about these pure, uncomplicated entities of creation from God and write back to us! From this issue we are introducing a Buzzing Chef page. So if you have tried your hand at any dish, do write in to us! Also keep writing reviews of books you have read and send in puzzles, brain teasers and anything you want to share with youngsters like you! Be happy! Be good!

Cheers, Anita Jaswal PS A Word For You : “A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give ‘em your heart and he’ll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel… extraordinary?” Inspiring Dog Quote from John Grogan’s Marley and Me


My Own Fun Sports I like sports because it gives me exercise. Sports are important for me because I become healthier and stronger. I really like swimming, cricket, baseball and Tennis. I wish I could play cricket with snow balls, baseball with beads, tennis with sand and swimming with cotton. Games are also important for me because I like the fun and enjoyment. And if I could cycle in school I would like to cycle all day!

Avni Singh 7 years

Sports Mean A Lot To Me Sports has major publicity in all of the world From soccer to cricket and hockey to swimming, It’s not just about playing, losing or winning Olympics is one of the major competition’s and so is FIFA Commonwealth Games, EPL, French and Australian Open and BIFA, The most common sports are soccer, cricket and tennis, In all there’s a referee who sees no one’s a menace, Sachin, M Jordan, Messi, Phelps and some others are sporting legends, And with so many more coming in, we hope the greats in sports never end, I hope people, who truly devote their lives to sport, achieve what they want, To me sports mean a lot.


Ansh Singhal 10 years

I Love Games Sports and Games are important because they are good for our health and fitness. I like to play many games in school with my friends, like Hide-and-Seek, Catch-andCatch, Tennis, Badminton and many more. At home I play games with my friends, parents and grandparents. There are many sports I have tried to learn, like skating. Sports and Games help us to build team spirit. There is lot of excitement and thrilling experience while playing games. I look forward to play with my friends and learn new games which will enrich us with new ideas.

Vrinda Sharma 8 years

The Importance of Sports As we all know sports are really important in our daily life. We should play at least one sport well. These days there are lots of options to choose from. Some sports are individual sports like swimming, running and cycling. Some sports are team sports like soccer, basketball, cricket and soccer. Sports have many advantages like: • They help us to be physically fit and strong. • They teach us team spirit and team work. • They teach us to put in our 100%. • They teach us that even if we lose a game we should not be discouraged but try harder next time. • They also teach us that if we win we shouldn’t put down the other team. • Last but not the least they teach us self discipline. We should all try to make sports and games a part of our daily routine. It doesn’t matter what sport we play but it is important to play. I hope Aryaman Dhingra you play lots of sports like me!! 10 years


Enjoying Games: Now and Then! Oh! How I hate it when I sweat every now and then So I try to keep myself From tiring sports and games. How I hate it when They rack my brain often So I try to keep myself From brainy sports and games. But how I can’t deny them Because I need a bit of them For sometimes I am done Without even playing them. Now I like it when I sweat now and then I would like you brethren To enjoy games now and then.

Harieshwar Vetri 10 years

Sports Acrostic Swimming you move your body through water, splish splash and dive with laughter. Ping pong sound is of table tennis, played everywhere including Venice. Outdoor rowing is a long boat race, win it or you lose your face. Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch up I am the fastest man. Tennis strike a ball over net, play with a racket and win the set. Surfing on waves, some hard or strong,


Taarika Kataria 7 years

ARCHERY Archery is an ancient sport. The bow and arrow are made out of wood. Bows have a string connecting the two ends. Arrows have a pointed head. They are pulled back from the string of the bow and fired at the enemy. A quiver holds many arrows. The quiver is carried like a sling across the back. The bow and arrow were used for hunting and fighting many wars in olden days. The Indian mythology has so many stories about great archers. Lord Rama won Sita by breaking the big bow. The brave Pandava prince, Arjun won Draupadi by shooting an arrow in the fish’s eye. Eklavya trained himself to be a great archer. To be an archer you should have complete focus and attention. The Indian Archery team participated in the London Olympics 2012. My favourite super hero, Hawk Eye from the movie “The Avengers” is also an expert in archery. ***The illustration has been done by Arnav Avinash Arnav Avinash 7 years

Life is like a football, Every kick is not the same. You get several chances to hit But pay attention... Because if you miss, The game will be over, Quick quick, quick!!!!


Ishaan Shekhar 9 years

A Forgotten Game! Sports…. It is a thing that we find in every soul and every country. There are more than 8,000 games on this wonderful Earth. Every park you cross in your society boasts children and adults playing some game or the other. But there is a game that I used to play not long ago. It is called Pithu…. Or Seven Stones! In this game we have a pile of 7 rocks and 2 teams. One of the teams has a ball and tries to hit the tower of rock. If they manage to hit then they need to pile it again but if the 2nd team touches anyone from the first team in the meantime, that person who gets hit by the ball is out! Now it is your time to play! I have told you the rules now you play and let me know if it’s interesting!

Anandi Ray 10 years

My Puppet Giraffe I love to do Art and Craft, With that I made a puppet of Giraffe, I took it to my school, My ma’am said it is really cool, She gave me a piece of paper To draw some tools, I cut and pasted it on a cardboard, So that Ma’am could put it on the black-board.


Ayesha Singhal 6 years

It’s no fun playing alone! Playing Games and taking part in sports are fun and always keep your body and mind healthy. Games and Sports will make you active. There are hundreds of games some are played with single players which require lots of concentration; some are played in teams which require lots of planning and strategies. Some games are already made for you and some you can make for yourself. Some are played indoors inside a stadium or room like chess, ludo and gymnastics. Others are played outside in fields. These games require lots of running and physical activities like in cricket, football, hockey, etc. Some Games requires lots of luck to win like those played with dice like Ludo and Snakes and ladder. Some requires lots of skills and loads of training like Chess. But one thing is common no matter what you play that is your opponent. Yes, you need to have one. Moreover there is no fun in playing alone. We need to learn to have sportsmanship whose first rule says honest participation is important. If you are honest then winning or losing becomes unimportant. My teacher always says you should not stop playing just because of fear of losing as long as you are honest in your efforts you are a winner. So friends get up and start playing…. It’s so much fun. Sanjoni Jain 8 years

Go out and Win To play is to reach for the goal and win But reaching must come from within When you reach, give it all you have Give a little extra with each shot. Yes you have to give it all and all, But don’t feel bad, if you have a fall!!!

Aryan Singh 10 years


Buzzing Stories At Old Mac Donald’s Farm Old Mac Donald went to the market in his horse cart. While he was away animals at his farm had a big argument. The duck was the one to start it. She said, look everyone, I am the most important one in the farm. I give the farmer an egg every day. His son is healthy by eating my egg. He loves me more than anybody else. This annoyed the dog. He said, why are you boasting? Don’t you know that I am the guard? I protect you all. I keep watch over the farm when Old Mac Donald is away. He takes me for walks every day. His son plays with me. He cannot think of a day without me. I am the most beloved in the farm. The cow was not in a mood to give up. She said, but it is I who give everyone the milk they need. Without milk, you will all go hungry. His son loves to drink my milk every morning and evening. So I am the most important one in the farm. The horse heard all these and just neighed away. He said he rides on my back; I take him to every nook and corner of the farm. Without me, he cannot go anywhere. I reach him quickly to the place where he likes to go. He pats me, and even talks to me. So I am his favourite. The hen also had joined in the argument along with the cat, turkey and the pig. By that time Old Mac Donald was back from the market. All the animals rushed to him. They wanted to hear from his as to who is the favourite. He looked at all of them. He smiled and then said, “You are all correct. Each of you is special in more than one way. I cannot live without any of you. But don’t you know that you are all here because of me? So who do you think is the most important one?” All the animals said in one voice that it was Old Mac Donald. But again he smiled at them and said, no, all of us are equally important. With that the argument came to an end. They all understood their role and lived happily in the farm with Old Mac Donald.

Evelyn Rachel Jimmy 8 years


The Shell From The Sea “At first sight, it might seem like any other shell from an idyllic coastline. It is cream coloured, with a yellow band close to the bottom and a multitude of brown spots. The top is unusually flat for a shell of this kind and is covered in spirals with a blunted tip in the centre. It looks like my grandmothers pastry, rolled up and left slightly open at the end.� I had gone sailing to the Caribbean Islands for a vacation. It was all of the things doctors recommend for a stressed life. It was calm, soothing and extremely enjoyable. I had just set out from the bay in a rented sailboat in perfectly calm weather when I dozed off due to the still waters and the lack of a real test for my yet untested sailing prowess. I soon woke up to see a wave pushing my little boat onto a sandbar on a little island. I stumbled off the boat, for the tide was low, and there was no way I could have made my way back to the mainland. Soon I made myself a little tent from palm leaves. I sat down to mope over my predicament and stubbed my toe on something that stuck out of the sand. I dug it out and found that it was a shell. It was this very shell that gave me hope to continue on to the mainland. The shell showed me that even in a place which is inhabitable, (where there is nothing to live on) there can still be something that is filled with beauty. I took a short walk to the end of the island and I immediately realised how foolish I was. The island on which I was stranded was in plain sight of the mainland! I camped in the boat for the night and prepared to set sail at the next high tide. Before I left the island, I pocketed my saviour for without it I would have been a sun bleached skeleton by now! Today I keep that shell next to my bed. Just as a reminder of my crazy adventures. It still sounds and smells of the sea!

Suryadip Bandyopadhyay 11 years


Buzzing Imagination An Ethereal World : 2520 A.D. I walked up the driveway to my brand-new levitating house. I had no idea why the path was called a 'driveway' as I'm quite sure that nobody has 'drove' any vehicles for the past two centuries. When I shared my doubts with my professor, a curt "old habits die hard" came my way as a reply. The house had a magnet attached to its base and another magnet was dug into the ground right beneath it. The two magnets repelled each other and gave an illusion of a house that has been charmed to float twenty feet above ground. I reached the elevator that led up to the house and stopped to admire how delicate and brittle the glass looked though I knew that it was anything but. The glass was missileproof and could hold the weight of seventy Boeing 99999 jets for a decade with no trouble. I stepped into the elevator which slid up and then sideways and dropped me directly into my room. I stepped out of the elevator and looked out of the window. The scene outside was so breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant that it looked as if it had come alive out of an artist's canvas. The sky was a clear blue and sunlight streamed out of the heavens. Towers extended into the stratosphere and hybrid copters guided on aerial roads in the distance snow glistened on the mountain peak as airborne motor cycles raced past them. It was a perfect blend of natural modern technological beauty. For the thousandth time I wondered why my cousin had decided to move out of the neighbourhood. Of course the moon has its own share of interesting scenery. The moon is the hub for aspiring businesspeople and other dedicated professionals. The people on the moon wear a sort of light fabric that acts as a pressure suit and a transparent nose mask that supplies them with oxygen. In the night sky, stars twinkle bright against the onyx sky as the earth shines like a jewel among the stars. And then, of course, there is Atlantis. Because of the booming population(which now stands at 25.26 billion), new settlements had to be made to accommodate the people. After a few decades of searching for new settlements, the government of Tibet(after being separated from China), created an undersea dome. The dome is made of cetavelcarbon ( a newly discovered element with properties similar to that of carbon) that can withstand four hundred times the force of a nuclear explosion. It was named after the mythical island that lay in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Life inside the dome is similar to life on the surface, but one major difference is they when they look up. The vast ocean spreads out over Atlantis. From inside the dome, schools what the people see of fishes can be seen swimming overhead along with the occasional shark and giant squid as well. The ocean looks truly majestic from inside the dome. Soon, I fell asleep in front of my window with thoughts of what the world would look like a couple of centuries from now swimming around my head and silently thanking the Environmental Revolution of 2020 for creating the magical world that I now live in. Mahima Dhanekula 14 years


Buzzing Diplomat CHIREC helps create the leaders of tomorrow “Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan…..Zambia” No, this isn’t the United Nations. This, in fact, was the CHIREC Model United Nations 2012. After over 6 months of Preparation, the day had finally come. Held from the 12th to 15th July, 2012, CHIREC MUN 2012 was the first Model United Nations hosted by CHIREC. Model United Nations(MUN or Model UN), as Wikipedia would define it, is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Every MUNner, on the other hand would define it as a 2-4 day conference where you have fun, solve disputes and be an adult all at the same time. At CHIREC MUN, we decided to simulate some of the most well-known organs and committees of the United Nations (UN): the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and the Human Rights Council. Each of these committees were moderated by Directors and Assistant Directors, who were well experienced MUNners from all over the country. The Crises were much better than I could have ever imagined, with the Crisis Director turning the Crisis every time we thought we could smell a solution popping up. The Crises were a boon for some while a bane for the others. Several of those who were attacked by the Crisis got a boost as they helped solve the Crisis and clear their country’s name, while the others gave up hope or fell flat on their faces trying to protect their country’s stance. As the Director of the General Assembly, I am extremely proud of what my committee has achieved. Resolving the issue of “A Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East” was something that one may have considered “impossible”. Iran and Israel threw insults at each other in the most democratic way possible. In several stances, the insults and accusations were so diplomatic, that they were almost missed by the delegate. One would have thought that such remarks would lead to a failed committee. However, the committee did us proud by creating and passing a resolution that would make UN Diplomats proud. As the Chargé d'affaires and a Director, I understood the efforts behind every event and how exactly one should be planned. Along with the rest of the Secretariat, I was extremely proud of our initiative. CHIREC MUN was a dream for all of us. With about 20 hours of intense debate in every committee, CHIREC MUN surely set a high level for all school MUNs to come.

-Avidant Bhagat 15 years Chargé d'affaires and Director of General Assembly


Buzzing Thoughts Fight Till The End The earth was green long ago, With mountains and streams, The animals-free to roam, Nature then, knew no bounds But then people came and turned the world upside down. They cut down trees for their selfish selves, They killed more than they needed, Nature, they felled, The animals they thought, better dead than alive, Is this what god meant by "mankind"?

Taming My Thoughts I had to write this poem So I tried to think of one But my thoughts just ran away so fast Like bullets from a gun! I wanted to frame them into words So I asked them to slow down But they just ignored me And shot me a big frown

Some good came, Eventually they went, But the majority, on destroying they were hell bent. They put up factories, That polluted the air. They suffocated nature till her very last breath.

I tried to race that train of thoughts But I just couldn’t catch up I decided to screw it in place So that my train’s engine would just stop

People are relentless, They stop at nothing They have committed crimes, Punishable by death. The minority of good mentioned before, Must stand up and fight till the very end!

I reached for screws, and a nut or two So I could screw it right in place My thoughts knew about this And they made an ugly face They were so busy making faces They didn’t realize they’d slowed down So I pounced on them And just managed to pen this poem down

Maitri Rangarajan Paul 13 years

Varenya Reddy 12 years


Catharsis It started with one, And soon everyone joined the herd They insist on calling me a “nerd”. God has blessed me with good health and a brain I feel it should not go all in vain. There is so much to learn and discover in this beautiful world One lifetime is not enough to cover it all. They try to shatter my confidence and shift my focus, And everyday mother tells me it’s all hocus –pocus. I have dreams and goals; to be fulfilled, If it takes being a nerd I shall be one still. For I am sure there are others like me, Who stand alone amongst peers, Struggling to laugh through their tears With a steely resolve determined to, Conquer their fears. Urvashi Singh 16 years

Nature Nature, the beauty surrounding our life, Beautiful trees, leaves, bushes and flowers, Nature includes the natural wonders, Not the man-made skyscrapers and towers Tigers, robins and what not! Are in danger, But the biggest of all our our nature, is being destroyed by a stranger! The nature now being spoilt, Was, once, filled with greenery, I wish I could go back in time, And see the pleasant Scenery! I would like to ask you a question, ''Did you ever think of the pollution being caused by smoke?" Please take this seriously, It's not a joke! I'm ready to take our whole world's signature, Just to save our nature!


Ishita Sharma 11 years

Buzzing Chef

Nine year old Tanisha Singh loves to help her mom in the kitchen and also cook up a few interesting things! She is sharing with us here a nutritious, healthy salad, which is as tasty as it looks.

Fried Baby Corn Greens Ingredients 3 Baby corns Finely chopped Tomatoes Finely chopped Onions Finely chopped Iceberg Lettuce Steamed Sprouts Half tsp Olive oil Pepper and Salt to taste Lemon juice Steps 1. Put half tsp of olive oil in a non stick pan and sautĂŠ the Baby corn, till it is slightly brown. 2. Put chopped Iceberg Lettuce in a bowl and add pepper and salt. Then toss until it is nicely mixed. 3. Put the Baby corn in a triangle shape on a plate. Then decorate it with Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions and Sprouts. 4. Add a few drops of Lemon juice as garnish (according to your taste). 5. Eat........Relish......ENJOY!!


Buzzing Alphabets The word "alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha α and bēta β. This awesome - I bet you didn't know this... Letters 'a', 'b', 'c' & 'd' do not appear anywhere in the spellings of 1 to 99 (Letter 'd' comes for the first time in Hundred) Letters 'a', 'b' & 'c' do not appear anywhere in the spellings of 1 to 999 (Letter 'a' comes for the first time in Thousand) Letters 'b' & 'c' do not appear anywhere in the spellings of 1 to 999,999,999 (Letter 'b' comes for the first time in Billion) Letter 'c' does not appear anywhere in the spellings of entire English Counting.

Did You Know……. What's the name for a sentence that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet? That would be a pangram. The best known example is "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." A more efficient pangram is "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs."

What's the name for a text that deliberately excludes a particular letter of the alphabet? That's a lipogram. The best known example in English is Ernest Vincent Wright's novel Gadsby: Champion of Youth (1939)--a story of more than 50,000 words in which the letter e never appears.


Letters to God Dear God, We are very thankful to you. Without doubt you do the best for us. You are very generous. We are happy you give us nice things like nature, friends and a loving family. I want to do well in life so please help me choose the right path. Thank you, Rhythm Dear God, Thank you very much for giving us life. God if you were not in Heaven, we would not have had this beautiful life. We are very thankful because whenever we want help, you come and help us. Thank you God for my beautiful family which cares for me very much! God, always give me strength to work hard and be very honest. Thank you God for supporting us always! Love, Tanav Dear God, Thank you for all you have done for me and everyone else. I have some wishes: My cousins should come to meet me more often, every poor child should go to school and play and there should no poor family. God give me strength to do what is right. God you are so kind, thank you for giving me hope! Love, Krishna Dear God, How are you? Can you read my thoughts? Please come down on earth. I will be happy to see you and be with you. I thank you are with me always and you protect me. I love you God very much. Please give me a small baby sister and a pet. Your loving, Nandini

These children attend the iMinds class in Stones2Milestones, Gurgaon


Learn To Appreciate Simple Pleasures Of Life One of the most famous monuments in India, the India Gate was built to commemorate the 90,000 soldiers of the British Indian Army who lost their lives in World War I and the Third Anglo-Afghan War, this significant structure depicts the appreciation we show to the plenty of people who gave their lives without a thought for the rest of the country. This is an act of gratitude which remains in the hearts of Indians and cannot be ignored. Similarly, one’s mind goes through, and experiences several emotions constantly, such a feeling is gratitude. Gratitude can be defined as a feeling of thankfulness, for a benefit, that one has received. In life we have so many things to worry about, numerous hurdles come our way, but noticing simple pleasures can make your day fabulous! The feeling of gratefulness is gratitude. When one learns to live life as if everything were a miracle, and acknowledging all that they have been blessed with, it will be ecstasy for them. Often people complain of what they do not have, but gratitude shifts they’re focus to the plenty they already have. We will be stunned to know how many benefits one such feeling has! It makes people happier, and more resilient. It also strengthens relationships and reduces stress, leading to a healthy mind. A healthy mind results in one’s wellness. Most people take for granted the good that is already existent in their lives, but when we begin to appreciate simple pleasures, we will be happier as an individual. Rather than counting your blessings, we must try and make our blessings count. It is astounding to see the marvels an overlooked emotion can cause. Though very much neglected, this small attempt of showing thankfulness will result in a certain inclination. Many a times misapprehension and misinterpretation keep us distant from others, but a simple vote of thanks will leave a positive effect on them, thus reinforcing our bond. We must always do our bit and recognize the help we receive and grab each opportunity we acquire to express our gratitude. So take a moment and wonder- ‘God has given you a gift of 86,400 seconds a day, have you used one to say thank you?’ Girija Ramaraju 13 years 17

Buzzing Books Rafa: My Story One of my greatest inspiration, One of the greatest tennis player , He is one of the most brilliant personality!! The fabulous man – Rafael Nadal.... One fine Sunday morning, I went to a book store to buy a few books. and found Rafael Nadal's autobiography...It was more than a million dollars for me!!!This autobiography was one of the best books I had ever read in my life…. This is why I want to share my expressions after reading Mr.Rafael Nadal’s autobiography !! RAFA: My Story! I suggest everyone to read this book as it is totally amazing, fabulous and unique…!! This book is all about Rafael’s career, goals , achievements and his attitude towards his life and his game. He mentions a lot about fitness, endurance, attitude, discipline and determination. To be a good sportsperson, you need to be highly disciplined and have just the right attitude! At the same time, you need to be perfect in the game and have qualities like: sporty, energetic, and responsible and of course you should always have the hope of winning and never give up. Well, I think Mr.Nadal is made for tennis. He made each and every day count and earned success.... His mother says – I don’t give much importance to the fact that Rafael is a champion, what makes me happiest in life is the knowledge that I have two children who are good people…. How could he (Nadal) bottle up all that tension so tightly .Where does he get it from? My own son! How does he manage to stop falling apart! Rafael is no ordinary champion……. His tennis coach Mr.Toni Nadal (his uncle) knew Rafa the tennis player better than anyone, but even he had been staggered by the depths of resilience his nephew had showed."Wimbledon had always been our dream, but in my heart of hearts I always feared it was an impossible dream" Toni said. ” I had always pushed him to set his sights higher and higher, but I didn’t honestly believe he could climb this high” ! Nadal says this with great pride when he wins – I collapsed flat on my back on the Wimbledon grass, arms outstretched , fists clenched and roaring with triumph! One thing I really like about Nadal is that however tough the job is he will never give up. He is the youngest player on the turf ready for all the obstacles and made a mark in history !! I suggest everyone to read books like these because they can sometimes change our personality and our attitude, this book got light Tulasi Korwar into my life and inspired me to play tennis professionally! 11 years


Buzz from S2M

"TOGETHER ! WE CAN ! " In the world of sports there are many a times when a “TEAM” has great players and yet not able to win a title or a championship. Most of the times it so happens, because these players are not willing to sacrifice their individual goals for the greater good of the team. But, the funny thing is, in the end their disinclination to sacrifice or lack of team spirit makes their individual goals more difficult to achieve. It's good to be individually brilliant; but unless you're able to work in a team and harness each other's talents, you'll always perform below par because there will always be situations at which you'll do poorly and someone else does well. To be together as a TEAM – support and respect every member and most of all encouraging each other is what is called the “Team Spirit”. Team Spirit creates a reason for each of its players to perform and succeed. “Individually, we are a drop, together, we are an ocean.” Together, as one team, we can achieve much more than we could even dream of achieving alone, and that stands true for every sphere of our lives.

Shipra Parikh Senior Associate: Content Development


Buzz your brains With simple rules and basic skills, Sudoku is a game that just about anyone can play-even you!. "Su" means number and "Doku" refers to the single spot a number will fit in a puzzle in Japanese. If you know your numbers and basic math skills, you can play Sudoku just like everyone else, either online or on paper. The main goal of Sudoku is to fill in the squares so that the numbers 1 to 6 only appear once in each row.


Contributors list Delhi & Gurgaon Anandi Ray is in Grade 5 in the Lotus Valley International School. She is a trained kathak dancer and she loves literature and arts. Ansh Singhal is a Grade 5 student of The Heritage School. He loves reading and is the author of a book at such a young age. He hopes to encourage other children to enjoy reading and writing about what's on their mind. Aryan Singh is an extremely conscientious child, always wanting to learn more. His goal is to be in the IIT someday! He is a student of Grade 4 in the Amity International School Avni Singh is in Grade 2 in The Shri Ram School Aravali. She likes art and travelling to new places Arnav Avinash is in Grade 2 in the Delhi Public School. He loves playing soccer and video games. His current favourite is Wii Sports Resort, where he loves to challenge his father on archery. Aryaman Dhingra is in Grade 4 in The Shri Ram School, Aravali. He loves to play soccer and also enjoys reading and meeting new people Ayesha Singhal is in Grade 1 in The Heritage School. She loves painting, drawing, drama and skating. Evelyn Rachel Jimmy is in Grade 3 in the Manav Rachna International School. She is a very keen reader and reading is part of her everyday life. She also likes colouring and drawing. Ishaan Shekhar is in Grade 4 in DPS. Sanjoni Jain is a creative, 8 year old in Grade 3 in the Indus World School. She loves to write, read, draw, sing, and dance. Suryadip Bandhopadhya is in Grade 6 in the Vasant Valley School, Delhi. He loves reading and playing basketball. Tanisha Singh is in Grade 4 in Scottish High International School. She is a sweet and helpful child. She loves to create new things and read whenever she gets time. Vrinda Sharma is in the Grade 3, DPS Sushant Lok. She likes reading and is very fascinated by science pertaining to space and the solar system. She also enjoys playing the Casio and being with her friends. Hyderabad Avidant Bhagat is in Grade 10 in CHIREC, Hyderabad. Sports are a vital part of his day and he also plays the piano. He enjoys reading courtroom novels and is also a member of the MUN (Model United Nations). Girija Ramaraju Ramaraju is in class 8 in Chirec Hyderabad. She loves writing and reading and playing volleyball and badminton. Varenya Reddy is in Grade 7 in the Chirec. She loves reading and has been writing short stories and poems since she was six years Ishita Sharma is a Grade 6 student in CHIREC Public School, Hyderabad Mahima Dhanekula is in Grade 9 in Chirec, Hyderabad. She likes to read eighteenth century classics and also likes writing short stories. Maitri Rangarajan Paul is in Grade 7 in CHIREC. She enjoys writing poems, painting, dancing and playing tennis Tulasi Korwar is in Grade 7 in CHIREC. Apart from school, her second home is on the tennis court. She always thinks out of the box. Her hobbies are writing, reading and learning new things. Urvashi Singh is in Grade 10 in Chirec, Hyderabad. Girija Ramaraju is in class VIII in Chirec Hyderabad. She loves writing and reading and playing volleyball and badminton. Bengaluru Harieshwar.R.Vetri studies in the Gear Innovative International School, Bangalore, in Grade 5. He loves to read books and makes stories while playing with his Lego toys. He occasionally writes them down as well. Science is his favourite subject and he loves to collect facts. London Taarika Kataria is in Year 3 in UK. She loves reading and has also written a few poems. She is learning Swimming, Ballet and recently has joined Tennis


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BuzzTimes Mar'13  
BuzzTimes Mar'13  

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