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Lillian Bufton, Katherine Burrows, Catherine Coles, Dianne Dowling, Todd H.C. Fischer, Glen Goodhand, Alyce Gorter, Susan Moore, Cathy Palmer, Mickey Sandell, John Sherbino, Terry Sprague, Denice Wilkins

hen the leaves of summer turn from green to the reds, yellows, and browns of autumn, it marks the time when wild mushrooms appear in our fields and forests. For the mushroom hunter, this seasonal change presents delights and challenges, and gastronomic opportunities. When the days are shorter and the weather is cooler, fall can provide an embarrassment of riches. Our forests are rich in wild mushrooms. Many are essential decomposers of wood and forest litter, while others form beneficial mycorrhizal partnerships with trees. Mushrooms are also important food items for wildlife, and some are delicious for people too. If the rains come this fall, there will be plenty of wild mushrooms to enjoy for their beauty, interesting biology, and as unique food. Look for them on your next woodland

walk, and you might be amazed at the variety and abundance in our area, as Terry Sprague was one unforgettable Thanksgiving weekend. In this issue of The SCOOP, he recounts a memorable hike, where he spotted a multitude of mushrooms along the trail side, amid other spectacular fall scenery. Our cover story profiles local business Fullerton Farms, which grows fresh, delicious gourmet mushrooms for farmers’ markets and sells kits and liquid cultures for growing your own mushrooms at home. Also in this issue, we have profiles of a new local children’s author, announcements for exciting seasonal events, and an update on Kingston’s prison farms.

Discover The Land Between bio-region, read about a brief history of Samhain, or Halloween, and learn about upcoming programs and events for genealogists provided by the L&A County Library. Wince at Alyce Gorter’s account of her finger’s terrible luck over the years and chuckle at John Sherbino’s “hunting moments” that duck hunters experience but never talk about when spinning their yarns. We hope you enjoy this fall issue of The SCOOP!

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Derek Fullerton of Fullerton Farms near Roblin with Shiitake mushrooms. Derek grows fresh seasonal gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for local farmers’ markets, caters to restaurants, and sells mushroom kits for growing your own mushrooms at home. You can check out his offerings on Facebook @FullertonFarms.


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The SCOOP • October / November 2019

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The SCOOP // October / November 2019  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...

The SCOOP // October / November 2019  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...