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THC in Cannabis Has More Than Tripled over 30 Years KFL&A Public Health


ccording to researchers in the United States, THC (delta-9Tetrahyrdrocannabinol, a chemical found in cannabis that causes impairment) has more than tripled in concentration in the last 30 years – from 3 percent in 1980 to 12 percent in 2012. KFL&A Public Health warns that high THC levels can have negative consequences on the health and safety of consumers. While there are risks to using products with high THC levels for youth (e.g. because of their developing brain there are also risks for older adults because of the changes taking place in their body. Dr. Kieran Moore, KFL&A Public Health’s Medical Officer of Health, highlights that as people get older, their bodies may develop a lower tolerance to substances, such as drugs and alcohol. This means that older adults might experience the effects of substances more quickly and severely than when they were younger. Dr. Moore added, “It is important that new consumers and those who haven’t used cannabis in a while are aware of the way cannabis has changed and how their changing body can be affected by it.” High THC levels can lead to health risks, such as cognitive impairment, depression, substance withdrawal, falls,

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or other accidents. Moore suggests that if people are curious about cannabis or are thinking about using it to treat a medical condition, they should speak with their health care provider. The largest increase in cannabis use is expected among older adults. According to Statistics Canada, between 2015 and 2017 there was a five percent increase in reported lifetime use among Canadians aged 65 years and older. This was the largest increase of use seen across all age groups. At the end of 2018, 15.6 percent of Canadians aged 55 and older reported using cannabis in the past three months. To help increase awareness of the potential risks associated with older adults using cannabis for the first time or the first time in a long time, a campaign is being launched that lets older adults know how to reduce their risks if they use cannabis. To reduce the risk associated with cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals:

• buy from a licensed supplier, • check the label and choose products low in THC (delta-9Tetrahyrdrocannabinol) and high in

CBD (cannabidiol), and

• start with a small amount and use it slowly.

The campaign was developed by KFL&A Public Health, in partnership with the City of Kingston, Kingston Police, County of Frontenac,


Frontenac Paramedics, and Loyalist Township. To learn more about cannabis, including potential health risks and how to reduce harms associated with cannabis use, visit kflaph.ca/Cannabis.

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The SCOOP // August / September 2019  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...

The SCOOP // August / September 2019  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...