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Meet the 2018 Stone Mills Election Candidates


he SCOOP has been bringing residents of Stone Mills stories to amuse, entertain, and most importantly, to inform them for over thirteen years. We know that our readers care about issues close to home, so we invited all council and school board election candidates to briefly answer the following two questions: 1. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing our Township? What initiatives do you have for addressing them? 2. What are some opportunities in our Township that you would like to see further developed? What are some plans that could be put in place to do so? Their responses have been edited for clarity and length, and they are presented in the same order as on the Certified List of Candidates on the Township of Stone Mills website.

REEVE Eric Smith

Tamworth, ON Phone: 613-379-2366 Email: Ericsmith2015@hotmail.com Challenges: Aging infrastructure: 700 kilometres of roads, properties and buildings. Initiative: Allocate portion of solar generated revenue to infrastructure. Lobby for provincial and federal funding. Sustaining rural social, cultural and economic quality of life. Initiative: Minimal tax increases to create competitive housing market. Expand relationship with L&A economic department. Work to prevent school closures. Opportunities: Develop and promote tourism. Plan: Support volunteer groups to promote small communities. Seek grants for marketing programs. Recreation/social programs for all ages. Plan: Work with community groups to market Stone Mills as active healthy lifestyle. Enhance recreational programs at municipal level.

Edward (Ted) Darby Yarker ON Phone: 613-377-1687 Email: edarby@kos.net

Challenges: Our population is aging. More of our residents work in other municipalities. Roads and other infrastructure need significant investments. Need to seek efficiencies and alternative sources of

revenue to minimize tax increases and improve services. Need to support economic development and rural enterprise. Extraordinary leadership needed to bring our communities together. Opportunities: Enhanced Health Services. Local access to physicians and health care services. Service Excellence. Focus on being efficient and courteous. Environmental Stewardship for our children’s future. Infrastructure Investment and affordable financing and grants. Parks, Recreation and Culture, for a sense of community. Economic Development. Action the report recommendations. Improved Efficiency and quality of services. Local Schools Matter. Work with school boards and partners.

Doug Bearance

Camden East, ON Phone: 343-989-0003 Email: dougbearance@gmail.com Challenges: Our Township growth is not keeping up with what it costs to operate it and maintain our current level of services. Increase our tax base. Make our Township more desirable to build new homes, raise children, attend local schools, and make use of arena. Opportunities: The Township could have encouraged new homes to be built around Yarker, which could have taken pressure off the closing of rural schools. Review the regulations and restrictions that are in the way of development. Get existing business involved. Set up a group of business people from all areas of our Township and have them meet, exchange ideas, and encourage more businesses to come.


Centreville, ON Phone: 613-378-2583 Email: jfhwise@gmail.com Challenges: A largely residential tax base with a low population and more kilometres of road per person than any area municipality – we need to attract more people such as retirees by promoting our beautiful environment and low property prices. We need to keep/attract young families by pressuring the school board and province to keep our schools open. Opportunities:

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The SCOOP • October / November 2018

Millions of baby boomers are retiring in the next 15 years. Let’s work with the L&A Economic Development department to promote Stone Mills as a place to live. This will bring customers for our businesses and spread the tax burden over more households.

Martha Embury Newburgh, ON Phone: 613-378-2127 Email: hillview@kos.net

Challenges: Increased pressures on the property tax base will require long term financial planning and strategic direction. Establish a service delivery level that is attainable and sustainable. A municipal development plan which supports the growth of our hamlets and builds new housing and business development. Economic Development Plan of 2016 needs to be fully put in place and create a working committee. Opportunities: Develop Yarker Family School into space for business and leisure. Improved communication between council and residents, by a community night in each village, our webpage and a question period at council. My Starter Company program would provide funding for entrepreneurs.

Councillor Shari Milligan Tamworth, ON Phone: 613-379-5964 Email: millig@kos.net

Challenges: Communication! An easy to use and read Township-wide events calendar, and a social media presence. Some may not agree, but we must catch up with the times. Like it or not, a very large portion of people today use and rely on social media for information. Opportunities: To compliment the Stone Mills Business Directory I think a job board would be great for farmers, business owners, seniors, and anyone that needs help in some way. A centralized list for people to utilize when looking for jobs close to home or someone looking for help and wanting to hire local.

Eric DePoe

Yarker, ON Phone: 613-572-4500 Email: ericdepoe@yahoo.ca Challenges:

Our township is large in area and spread out. Difficult to provide more services than we currently have, and difficult to create a sense of community. We need community wide consultations about issues that face us all, like high speed internet, and provision of health, child care, and other services. Opportunities: Many parents and other residents mobilized to stop the closing of our township schools. The moratorium on school closures did not keep the Yarker Family School open. Now we have a great opportunity to shape the future of the Yarker School building. Consult the community to determine what model works for us and what services we need and want.

William Carroll

Newburgh, ON Phone: 613-388-2745 Email: grizzlybilly@yahoo.com Challenges: Townships and communities across the province are suffering from the Ontario and federal government downloading their financial responsibilities to local governments so they can pay on their debt. Local governments have had to raise taxes and cut services. Give local home owners a break on their tax bills by getting more industry because they pay taxes at a much higher rate. Opportunities: The population of Ontario and Stone Mills Township is getting older. The Township can create ways to provide much needed services to the elderly without using Township funds and even creating a new source of revenue. I will explore ways to do this.

Douglas Davison

Yarker, ON Phone: 613-377-6420 Email: dddavison101@hotmail.com Challenges: We have limited ability to raise revenue from sources other than the ratepayer. The county Official Plan has placed serious restrictions on the Township’s ability for lot creation and future development. The new council must quickly form a good working relationship. My experience will be very beneficial in this. Opportunities: We have zoned industrial land. We need to start developing and promoting it.

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The SCOOP // October / November 2018  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...

The SCOOP // October / November 2018  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...