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Too Much Grist at the Mill! Lynn A’Court and John Kuti


e have “rescued” eight buildings in our almost thirty years together, and narrowly escaped buying/transforming eleven others. So it was that we set up an appointment to view the decommissioned grist mill in Tamworth and on April 30, 2016, we took possession. It had been a whirlwind romance: we were swept away by the large open spaces and their potential for retail and art studios for each of us—plus the perfect woodworking shop for John whose large power tools had languished under tarps in our driveway for more than five years. We were in real estate love and that old friend denial was in ascendance. We were blind to the challenges ahead—clueless about the repository of grain still lurking in the second-floor bins and the internal wind in the building that together would come close to defeating us over the next two years… We are not new to retail. For nine years John operated Kettle Creek Clothing Company franchises in the Niagara Peninsula (our home stompin’ grounds— we first met at the now extinct Welland High & Vocational School over 50 years ago). We hosted our 1988 wedding celebration in the 1904 building overlooking the waterfall in Yarker which in 1989 would become “The Wonderful Store and Waterfall Tearoom” where John was the chief cook and bottle washer for 11 years. In 2005 we started Rogues Hollow Gallery in Newburgh as an outlet for the products of our publishing company “Prose Red” in addition to selling used furniture, artisanal cheese, and used books. Our retail ambitions and real estate rescue

fervour took us to Westport in early 2012 to an exquisite site overlooking Westport pond where we delighted in setting up our shop in the summer of 2013. Next, we acquired a magical old building in Stoco on the Moira River which was a relatively quick fix. This building was supposed to be a creative escape from our continuing busy home life for the rest of our days, until Lynn spotted the online ad for the sale of the Tamworth mill. So after a five year hiatus of having a shop, we are poised to become merchants again. We had been excited and confident about opening “The Mill at Tamworth” shop by the summer of 2016. Little did we realize what an absurd expectation that was! By spring 2017 John was despairing of ever cleaning all the grain from the mill as the ever-present interior wind sucked new piles of grain from the seemingly endless supply hidden in the bins on the second floor. In desperation last fall we hired Mike the Handyman from Napanee to clear out the remaining grain. Mike cut access holes into the ten grain bins on the second floor and schlepped the remaining grain up the three-story ladder into one of the silos. Mike is a stalwart fellow and saved us with his conscientious and unflagging hard work and he is our hero! It is still a delight to arrive at the mill and not find either a new pile of grain or another coating of dust in the main mill room. So there you have it—a sense of us and our mill madness. We hope to open by mid-June and look forward to welcoming both Stone Mill-ers and out of area shoppers. The mill shop will be a division of our Wonderful Store business, with this location at 3 Mill Pond Lane being

Previously a decommissioned grist mill, The Mill at Tamworth shop will reopen this June. called “The Mill at Tamworth.” We have a broad selection of second hand books, an extensive collection of new fashion (featuring Lynn’s chunky hand knits that have been sold online through wonderfulstore.etsy.com for the past 11 years). We will also have vintage and nearly new fashion, vintage décor and collectibles, needlecraft supplies (vintage fabrics etc.). There will be a fine collection of prints by other artists as well as books focused on famous and not so famous artists. Finally, we will have the space for our own art plus John’s upcycled and new-build furniture (featuring live edge creations) in our shed room gallery space. John does sculpture, photography, and satirical takes on modern art. Lynn does watercolour and

pastel paintings featuring the land and water scenes of the spectacular vistas in Eastern Ontario. You can watch for updates on our opening day at www. facebook.com/TheMillatTamworth In Danish, the word for “miller” and “artist” is the same, and we are delighted to make that become a reality in The Mill at Tamworth. Lynn A’Court and John Kuti are aging artists and renovators and co-owners of The Wonderful Store for 29 years (currently online only at wonderfulstore. etsy.com) and its subsidiary Rogues Hollow Gallery (now online only) and new owners of “The Mill at Tamworth”, a new division of The Wonderful Store.

GRANDMOTHERS by THE LAKE a local chapter of The Stephen Lewis Foundation

10th Annual PLANT BAKE & TRUNK SALE JUNE 2 starting @ 10:00 a.m. at GILMOURS On 38, 5062 Road 38, Harrowsmith. Come for our Granny grown perennials, annuals, sale items and delicious homemade goodies. Know that all proceeds will be donated in support of Grandmothers in a number of African countries who are raising children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Over 100 varieties of lilies will be available to order from Lilies for Africa from David Sexsmith, a local gardener who donates all monies to The Stephen Lewis Foundation. He will also be selling lilies July 14-15, 1404 South Shore Rd, Napanee with all proceeds to the SLF. Contact sexsmithd@gmail.com. New comers are always welcome to visit our meetings held on the 3rd Thursday each month at 10:30 a.m. hosted at Trinity United Church in Verona. Contacts: Carol Little 613-376-3844 to donate items Lori Adam 613-888-5467

June & July Events Saturday, June 2 Blue Skies Fiddle Orchestra 11:30 a.m.

• General excavation - land clearing, basements, retaining walls, trenching, etc. • Septic systems - design and licensed installer • Landscaping • Trucking - sand, gravel and topsoil • Demolition - buildings, barns, etc. For all your excavating needs call RICK at Phone: 613-388-2460 Cell: 613-561-6585 Email: rick.tuepah@gmail.com

Saturday, June 9 Puppet Show – Sponsored by the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. Starting at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, June 16 Adult art activities Saturday, June 30 Kids activities from the childcare center Saturday, July 14 Kids activities June / July 2018 • The SCOOP


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The SCOOP // June / July 2018  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...

The SCOOP // June / July 2018  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...