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Canada Day Soap Box Derby Bert Korporaal


ell, kids, it’s finally here – Tamworth’s first annual Canada Day Celebrations Soap Box Derby! Start building! Kids, get your parents to help you build your first soap box race car. Parents, keep your eyes on the lawn mower, because the wheels may “go missing” over the next few weeks. It all takes place on July 1, Canada Day. Soap box race cars are gravity-run cars that start at the top of a race course hill and run downhill to a finish line, racing against another car and driver. The winner crossing the finish line first goes on to compete in the next round of elimination. There will be two categories: 1) for kids 6 to 10 years old and 2) for kids 11 to 15 years old. There are stipulated rules one must adhere by, to make this a safe and equal

race for everyone. You can look up the Soap Box race rules and registration form (with the waiver form) by searching on the tamworth.ca site, under “Events” and then selecting “Canada Day Celebrations.” You can print the registration form and fill it out ahead of time if you are taking part and entering a car. For ideas on soap box cars, you can Google “soap box cars” or “soap box races,” and find all sorts of information, plans, kits, and more. Some of the rules include: All carts must be made of wood. No metal framed or metal clad or metal skinned carts will be permitted. Each car must meet length and width dimensions and have four wheels that are held onto the axel by a locking nut or cotter pin. The race car must not have any engine, or any added weight. It also must have steering that does not have more than 1 ½ inches of travel in either direction, so it must be blocked, to prevent over-steer or overcorrecting, which can cause rollovers. And the cart must have a method of centre braking, operated either by the driver’s foot or hand, and not a side brake, which could cause the car to spin when trying to stop. You can paint it as you wish and even put a

number on it if you want. All drivers must wear a properly fitting helmet for protection from head injuries, and the chin strap must be used and snapped into place while going downhill. A motorcycle, ATV, hockey, or baseball helmet are preferred, but a bicycle or skateboard helmet will pass. All cars will be inspected prior to the race. I have already been asked if two siblings can enter one car to drive in two races, one by each driver. Yes, you can. You just need to fill out two registration and waiver forms, one for each driver. If any car does not meet the rules, it cannot race in the event. The races will take place between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., before the parade. This way, racers can enter their cart in the Tamworth Canada Day Parade if they wish, by having the car and driver in the back of your dad’s truck or on your uncle’s hay wagon. But, just “block” the wheels so it doesn’t fall off. Or if you have a good friend, you can just push the car along the parade route. The race location will be on Bridge Street West, from Neely Street from the church, downhill to Concession Street, ending at the Grindstone Pizza. This part of Bridge Street West will be closed for approximately two hours to accommodate the derby races. All racers and parents, please be there a bit early so we can look over and register your cart

and fill in the form to get you registered. Don’t forget your helmet! There will be volunteers there to help you and explain any last-minute questions you may have. Having not held a Soap Box Derby race in Tamworth before, we do not know how many racers and cars to expect. Parking will be tight on the neighbouring streets. Please be considerate of homeowners’ property and front yards. Please, no littering or alcoholic beverages. This is a kid’s event. Let’s keep it fun – it’s not a NASCAR race! Friends, family, and spectators, please stay on the sidewalks and the edge of the road. To all racers and spectators, we ask that you exercise caution with the traffic and do not cross the racetrack once the races have started. Sounds like fun, eh? Exciting? Well, it is! Kids and parents can work together building the car and be proud of their work! We hope it will be a smash hit with everyone. So everyone, please come out and cheer on the kids and their cars. See you July 1st!

YARKER FARMERS’ MARKET 2018 at Riverside United Church Local produce - flowers - handmade crafts - BBQ - bake sale by the beautiful Yarker Falls.

June 16 & 30 July 14 & 28 Aug 11 & 25 Sept 8, 15 & 29 Riverside United Church Caring for our Community 2 Mill St., Yarker Vendors/Info:



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The SCOOP // June / July 2018  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...

The SCOOP // June / July 2018  

The SCOOP is an independent community newsmagazine. Since 2005, we have been covering rural life in the Ontario area north of the 401 and so...