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OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY... ow you can have the uncompromising quality of yesterday with the convenient efficiency of tomorrow - all in your StoneMill Log & Timber Home. After careful research, we developed our own unique design of log structuring based on the traditional, pioneer rectangular hewn log homes that are still found standing in mountain coves and valleys after more than 200 years. These old handhewn cabins, with their dovetail notched corners, withstood the ravages of time and the elements for over two centuries without the benefit of even a single nail. The sheer weight of the logs with dovetail corners held them securely in place. That was a good enough beginning for StoneMill Log & Timber Homes. With this basic design in hand, we then began updating and improving the design standards to meet today’s demand for energy efficiency, comfort, and low maintenance. Using over 90% heartwood for greater resistance to insects and decay, StoneMill Manufacturing designed and developed new dovetail and notching equipment to eliminate human error and to ensure a uniform fit between each log for our Styro-Seal insulation system and proper dovetail joinery. Permanent flexible chinking material is used to seal between the logs and give a finished look to the home. If all this technology is not enough, StoneMill Manufacturing offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the log shell and timber roof components provided for your new log home. StoneMill Log & Timber Homes has served many satisfied customers since its founding in 1974. Among them is a former President of the United States who chose StoneMill for his family vacation retreat in the mountains of North Georgia. A Charter Member of the Log Homes Council, StoneMill Log & Timber Homes has also been a member in good standing of the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Homebuilders for over 30 years.

MATERIALS FURNISHED IN YOUR LOG HOME PACKAGE he following materials are included in your log home package:  6” x 8” or 8” x 8” West Coast Hemlock sill starter log (Lapped).

Freight Charges

 Heavy Timber Roof System: Timber Ridge and Rafter components as standard with optional decorative collar beams. Timber Roof Truss Systems are also available. All members are pre-cut. Timber size, spacing and joinery may vary with span.

Contact StoneMill for freight cost information.

Welcome Back to the Simple Life...

Your StoneMill Log & Timber Home can be as unique as you are. From start to finish, it will be a reflection of your  All 6”x 12” or 8” x 12” West Coast Hemlock exterior personality and good taste. You will be following in the log walls and interior walls if specified. Logs have Optional Materials proud tradition of our American pioneer heritage. Whether precision cut dovetail corners, grooved for Styro-Seal you build it for your home, mountain retreat, hunting  2”x 6” Kiln Dried, Southern Yellow Pine, #2 or better insulation system, and then hewn or planed to your lodge, place of business or lake home, it is sure to receive the Tongue and Groove Decking, V-groove (Roof, Second specifications. Logs are drilled for electrical wiring and highest praise from your family and friends. Floor, Porch Roof). for 12” spikes for all dovetail corners. No logs are spliced under 40’ in length unless necessary. Simple furniture and antique finishes add warmth and charm  Ventilated Roof Insulation Panel and to this open living room. Fasteners (Vented rigid insulation  Styro-Seal Insulation. All wall logs are grooved at top and OSB). and bottom for rigid EPS insulation (included). 1/2” Styroseal also included.  Wood or Clad window and door packages.  Slotted jamb and settlement jack system.  Second Floor Timber Girders and Timber Support Posts  where applicable (Size and Species vary per plan).   Second Floor Ceiling Beams spaced at 30” O.C. standard and notched. (Ceiling beam size, spacing and  joinery may vary with span).  West Coast Hemlock Gable End Filler Logs for one-story structures.  Timber Porch Posts of 6” x 6” pine. Larger posts available.  Porch Beams and Porch End Struts of 4”x 8” pine.  Porch Rafters 48” O.C. of 4”x 8” pine.  6”x 12” Mantels and Brackets where fireplace is shown.  Flexible Chinking Material in colors of your choice.  12” Spikes for dovetail corners, re-bar alignment rods and load bearing blocks as needed.

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 Four sets of blueprints for standard or custom models.

2”x 12” Log Veneer, Hewn or Planed. Stain, Sealant and Preservative Materials. Timber Stair Stringer & Tread Packages with Timber Rail & Spindle packages for Interior Stair & Loft Areas.

 Timber Porch Rail & Spindle Packages for Exterior Covered Porch and Deck Areas.  Pre-Framed Wall Package For Gable Ends & Dormers

Erection & Dry-In Our recommended service provider, Creekside Construction, Inc., offers labor services utilizing experienced crews to construct your log home properly. Write or call your Creekside Construction representative for a quote on erection and dry-in of your log home package. 8/2/12 10:22 AM

GETTING STARTED ON YOUR NEW LOG HOME.... here are four initial steps that must be completed before construction of your new StoneMill Log & Timber Home can begin: (1) Obtain a free log home proposal from StoneMill on the plan you intend to build. This proposal lists the material, delivery and erection/dry-in costs for the log package. (2) Work with StoneMill to finalize your plan and develop your blueprints. A small drafting deposit and signed drafting contract are required to begin the blueprint process, but this deposit is put toward the purchase of your StoneMill log & timber home. (3) Get estimates on the completion of your home from a contractor in your area, or if you plan to do the work yourself, obtain material and labor estimates from other suppliers and subcontractors to determine the finished construction costs. (4) Arrange for permanent financing and for a construction loan. Please call us if we can be of any assistance. We routinely provide information on recommending lending institutions. When you have completed these four steps, sign the original copy of your StoneMill package proposal and return it to us with your cut deposit for down payment as stated in the proposal. When the signed proposal and cut deposit are processed, you will be put on the StoneMill Manufacturing priority schedule and we will advise you of an estimated delivery date when you complete your foundation. If you need any help in getting started, we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Custom Designing Your Own Home StoneMill Log & Timber Homes specializes in custom built log homes. Approximately 75% of all the log homes we sell are custom cut packages. And as a special service to you, we provide all custom cutting of log packages at no extra charge. We want to help you build the exact home that will best fit your needs. If you have a plan, submit it to us and we will provide you a quote on the log package free of charge.

Why StoneMill Log & Timber Homes Are A Cut Above The Rest... An Entire Network of Log Home Industry Professionals to Assist You Through the Design-Build Process. Here is Why StoneMill is a Cut Above the Rest of the Log Home Industry!  Family Owned and Operated with Uncompromising Commitment to Innovation, Quality and Customer Satisfaction since 1974.  Members in Good Standing for Over 35 Years with Log Homes Council, Better Business Bureau & NAHB.  Experienced Shell Erection and Dry-in Services through Creekside Construction, Inc. for Efficient, Quality, Product-Specific Construction of StoneMill Packages.

 Specialized Engineering & Energy Compliance Services Available when Required.  Limited Lifetime Warranty on Log Shell and Chinking Material.  Free, On-Site Project Inspection Service Included prior to Log Shell Delivery when Erection & Dry-in Services Provided.  Full Settlement System with Hardware Standard in all StoneMill Packages.  In-House Freight Service, Log Home Logistics, Inc., to Minimize Problems & Handle Tight Access Sites with Log Package Delivery.  Trained & Zero Failure Certified StoneMill Sales Department for all Chinking & Wood Treatment Products by Sashco Log Products, Inc.  Experienced & Knowledgeable In-House Sales Department for Direct Sales of Materials and Labor with One Contact through StoneMill Design-Build Process. No Middlemen & No Dealers!  StoneMill Product Binder and Construction Details Included to Provide an Organized, Step-by-Step Framework for the StoneMill Design-Build Process.

 6” x 12” and 8” x 12” Western Hemlock Log Walls up to 40 Ft. in Length without a Splice

 Construction Workshops & Seminars to Educate Customers on the StoneMill Design-Build Process.

 Fully Engineered Log & Timber Systems; Grade Stamped & Certified by a Third Party Agency.

 Over Three Decades of Satisfied Customer & Contractor Referrals to Assist with Finished Construction Process.

THE STONEMILL LOG & TIMBER HOME TRADITION e at StoneMill Log & Timber Homes still live by the Old Smoky Mountain tradition of fine workmanship and quality materials. Since 1974, our uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction has established StoneMill as a leader in the log home industry. We believe in careful, creative design for maximum permanence and energy efficiency - and we blend the best of the old and the new together to create a beautiful log home that is just right for you and your family. With the increasing complexity of our society, many people are returning to the honest, simple charm of the log dwellings that were the cornerstone of our American pioneer heritage. We can help you create that warm, homespun look with a great variety of design plans from spacious luxury homes to cozy vacation getaways. With our experienced design and technical support service; StoneMill Manufacturing can facilitate the design-build process by tailoring any of our plans to your specifications, or custom design your home from scratch. Choice 6” x 12” or 8” x 12” Canadian Western Hemlock logs are shipped from the West Coast and British Columbia to our plant, and there they are dovetail notched, drilled, grooved for Styro-Seal insulation and finished to your specification: (1) Hand Hewn or (2) Hand Planed. These finishes will be explained later. Many of our customers take advantage of this selection of finishes to request a combination of these two options in their StoneMill home. (Example: exterior log walls, exterior heavy porch material and interior girders and ceiling beams hand hewn while requesting the interior log walls be planed smooth.) The choice of these textures are yours at no added cost.

Exposed beam ceilings add natural beauty to this cozy living room.

 Free, Comprehensive, 3-D Design & Technical Support Service with over 30 Years Experience to Facilitate the StoneMill, Design-Build Process.

Hand-hewn timbers make covered porches more inviting for outdoor enjoyment. 61416-StoneMill 3

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HOW YOUR LOG HOME IS BUILT... he first step in building your home is to decide what type of home would best suit your needs and choose a plan. We have many one and two story plans to choose from, or you may want to alter one of our plans or custom design one yourself. Custom design to fit your specifications is our specialty––at no extra charge. StoneMill offers specialized engineering and energy compliance services as required to complete the design process. Engineering fees may vary based on services required. After your plans are completed and all production requirements are met; StoneMill will dovetail notch the corners, groove all logs for StyroSeal insulation, and hew or plane your logs and beams to your desired log texture. Massive roof rafters or deluxe roof trusses with collar beams are also cut to complement homes with exposed roof systems. Ornate beams and rafters are also available. After your foundation and sub-floor are completed, an onsite project inspection will be performed to check site access and foundation/sub-floor dimensions. The on-site inspection will only be performed if you choose our recommended service provider for shell erection and dry-in services. Once all items from the on-site inspection are resolved, our recommended service provider will schedule delivery and installation of your StoneMill log package. Labor services with our experienced, recommended service provider are typically priced based on the scope of work to be provided and the cost of travel to your building site. Since they have the necessary equipment and experience to do a sound job, almost all of our log packages are erected by our recommended service provider. Since we do not splice wall logs under 40’ in length, some of the logs are quite heavy and require heavy lifting equipment. Crews are typically onsite from three days to two weeks depending on the scope of the services provided and the size of the structure.

Photo at left: This traditional StoneMill home blends in with the natural surroundings and creates a look of rustic charm. Complete blueprints, cut plans, and a builder’s construction guide will be included should you choose to do the erection yourself. A trained supervisor can be contracted if you feel that you need a little help in getting started properly. The cost for this supervision is on a per job/cost basis. After the log package has been erected and dried-in, your local contractor will finish the home to your specifications. StoneMill provides technical support services to facilitate your contractor during the finished construction process should questions arise. Top to bottom views of Western We will be glad to work with Hemlock finishes: Hand-Hewn you in the construction of your and Hand-Planed. home. Many of our customers prefer to do some of the work themselves for the pure satisfaction of building their own home, as well as for financial considerations. Talk with us at StoneMill about how much of the home you plan to build yourself and how we can help. It’s time you return to the simple life that a naturally beautiful log home affords.

Logs are pre-drilled for wiring. Authentic dovetail notches are precision cut for a tight fit with our specialized machines and fastened to the sub-floor. Each notch is drilled and spiked for additional strength.

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BUILD YOUR DREAMS WITH STONEMILL LOGS... StoneMill Log Finishes - The definition of Flexibility and Craftsmanship

These Western Hemlock timbers are air dried for many months from the time they are cut, re-sawn at the mill on the West Coast, shipped to the East Coast, and processed by StoneMill. This long toneMill Manufacturing provides you with different log finishes process helps to stabilize the moisture content and associated shrinkage which ultimately minimizes the settling of your finished from which to choose so you can decide which combination of log and beam textures best suit your needs. The choice is yours at home. Air dried logs limit moisture re-absorption and shrinkage in the house while maintaining the no additional cost: natural fiber strength of the wood. HAND HEWN: Applied by hand in the traditional manner using a carpenter’s adze, also known as a foot adze. StoneMill’s craftsmen hew the wood grain bringing out the rustic beauty of each timber. CARPENTER’S ADZE HAND PLANED: Applied using a hand planer to follow the for hewing, circa 1800. natural contour of each individual timber. This finish is commonly used on interior walls, allowing for easy stain StoneMill logs are shipped in their natural state and many of our application. homeowners prefer to stain their new homes inside and out. There are a variety of products available to stain, seal, and maintain your home. We Use Only Premium Quality Logs It is also recommended that your home be protected with an FHA approved termite shield and poisoning of the foundation soil by a StoneMill Manufacturing uses only first quality timbers of local exterminating company in compliance with local building codes. Southern Yellow Pine for structural second floor and roof systems with Canadian Western Hemlock for the log walls as standard, but offers Douglas Fir timbers for second floor and roof systems if desired. All StoneMill log and timber systems are fully engineered, grade stamped and certified by a third party agency according to accepted standards. Because Western Hemlock is available in lengths up to 40 feet, we never splice logs unless necessary length exceeds that length to assure the highest level of structural stability and protection from air and water infiltration. Over 90 percent of these logs and structural timbers are heartwood. Heartwood is more resistant to penetration A rustic stone fireplace by insects and decayenhances the natural causing fungi. beauty of this light, vaulted living room. Natural Hemlock log with hand-hewn finish being applied. At left: This exterior has been hand-hewn and stained for a more traditional, rustic look.

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STONEMILL LOG & TIMBER HOMES... INSULATION AT ITS BEST! Wood is the Best Natural Insulator he natural cell structure of wood with its millions of cellulose fibers is capable of absorbing, holding, and then radiating heat back into a room. This property creates a time lag, delaying heat transfer, which then helps to maintain a given temperature for a longer period of time. For example, the summer heat from the day is stored in the logs and released into the interior during the cooler evening, reducing the demand on your HVAC system. The National Bureau of Standards has conducted a number of tests, which have been favorable in showing the great insulation properties of logs. One study concluded that log buildings are more energy efficient on a year-round basis than conventional houses. The energy savings are greater than R values suggest because of the special absorption capabilities of wood. Other studies have concluded that up to 30% savings on heating and cooling can be attained with a log home. Another study concluded that wood insulates four times more efficiently than concrete block and six times better than brick.

the Styro-Seal to further bond and insulate between the logs. Many quality brand chinking materials, in a variety of colors, are available for today’s log homes. Permanent flexible chinking bonds directly to the wood and maintains a constant seal between each course of log. It looks and feels like old fashioned mortar, yet is flexible and follows the settling movement of the logs without cracking. It is permanently waterproof and suitable for all climates. Below: A vaulted ceiling with gable dormer adds natural light to this open living room.

Better Between-Log Insulation begins with Styro-Seal StoneMill Log & Timber Homes was the first in the industry to introduce a special notch and seal insulation system into log structure designs. This seal helps prevent air infiltration between logs, and increases the energy efficiency of the log walls. Non-toxic rigid EPS insulation is inserted into this unique groove cut into the top and bottom of each log. After the drying-in period of your home, an additional 1/2� of EPS insulation is inserted into both sides of the Styro-Seal joint prior to application of permanent chinking. This creates an extra tight seal between the logs and provides a smooth surface in which to apply chinking material.

At Left: This StoneMill home has been stained and chinked to protect the logs and maintain a weather-tight home.

Permanent Flexible Chinking is the Finishing Touch Chinking is the finished material applied to both sides of

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Stonemill Log & Timber Homes Brochure  

Now you can have the uncompromising quality of yesterday with the convenient efficiency of tomorrow - all in your StoneMill Log & Timber Hom...

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