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ince the beginning of the Log Home industry, most log home manufacturers have not considered the importance of the construction service, only the log home materials. With each manufacturer using different techniques to construct their homes, each log system presents a unique construction challenge. Usually, manufacturers provide a list of possible builders to erect their product. StoneMill, however, has always been interested in assuring their customers obtain the construction services they need to install their log home materials correctly. In October of 1998, StoneMill began working closely with Creekside Construction to provide the construction services needed by StoneMill customers. Creekside employees are trained and experienced in erecting and drying-in StoneMill log homes. By working closely together toward a common goal, Creekside and StoneMill take on-site construction services to a new level. Focus is key to quality log home construction. Building exclusively DovetailCornered, Chink style log homes; Creekside crews have the necessary equipment and experience to provide the quality services to complement StoneMill log packages. Maintaining these crews allows Creekside to offer quality construction at a competitive price; a great value to StoneMill Log Homes, customers. 

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Comparing log home construction services can be very confusing; however, Creekside,s detailed proposal for labor is very specific. You will know what services are provided and the cost of each service. Presenting our information in a detailed manner will help you identify the best package of services for your project. Construction service prices are fixed and include all labor and equipment costs necessary to perform the services detailed in the proposal. Prices also include crew accommodations, workers compensation and liability insurance.

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Creekside offers the following on-site services: Jobsite Inspection Upon completion of your access road, foundation and sub-floor; Creekside will inspect the jobsite to identify possible access or construction problems. This service helps the job run smoothly. Identifying potential problems early allows you and your representative to pursue the most cost effective solutions.

Erection The erection of the log shell is one of the most important parts of log home construction. Erection services include: • Unloading trucks at your foundation (contingent on trucks having access up to your foundation). • Install sill log system. • Install wall log system. • Install load bearing blocks and alignment rods as needed. • Install 3" StyroSeal. • Install second floor joist system (girders, ceiling beams and temporary support posts, if applicable). • Cut window, door and fireplace openings and install slotted jamb system for settlement. • Install log manufacturer,s provided timber roof system (if applicable). • Frame and sheath shed dormer wall on which to set timber roof system (if applicable).


Creekside,s dry-in service is a labor-only service provided to help

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StoneMill customers complete the project to a weather tight shell. Creekside crews have experience working with the unique materials associated with this type of construction assuring this phase of the project runs smoothly. Dry-in-services are only available to customers who purchase all of the optional materials available in , StoneMill s log package. Creekside dry-in services include: • Sub-floor installation. • Basic dry-in. • Porch installation. Your representative will provide a list of conventional materials needed in addition to the materials provided by StoneMill. You will purchase these materials from local suppliers to be delivered to your jobsite prior to the crew,s arrival.

On-Site Consultation and Technical Support In addition to providing shell erection and dry-in services, Creekside offers on-site consulting services for those who wish to construct their StoneMill log package with a local sub-contractor or a crew of their own. The expertise of an on-site Creekside consultant assures the successful and efficient start of your log shell project and eliminates any potential mistakes that may occur from an inexperienced local crew. A comprehensive construction manual is also available for the do-it-yourselfer who plans to perform the shell erection and dry-in on the log package. For pricing and complete details about how Creekside Construction can assist in the construction of your StoneMill log home, call us today at 1-865-693-5090. Or, get more information from the StoneMill Log Homes website at

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Creekside Construction Services  
Creekside Construction Services  

For customers who wish to construct their StoneMill log home package with a local sub-contractor or a crew of their own, Creekside Construct...