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Welcome to the March 2014 edition of the Stone King Personal Business Brief. This monthly e-newsletter reminds busy people and their advisers about legal, tax and financial issues which they may have overlooked, or problems on their "to-do" list which they have not yet tackled.

This edition focuses on: • Can you defame the dead? • A very good reason to check your Will • Top tips for carers • Give more and save more tax

Can you defame the dead? A ruling of the European Court of Human Rights has raised the possibility of court actions for defamation even where the defamed party has died. In a Ukrainian case, the Court held that in some circumstances it may be necessary to protect the reputation of the deceased in the interest of the surviving relatives. The Court accepted that the reputation of a deceased family member may affect a person’s private life and identity if there was a sufficiently close link between the person affected and the reputation of his or her family; article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Read more

A very good reason to check your Will Many Wills are drafted making reference to the inheritance tax free amount, often known as the ‘nil rate band’ and the ‘nil rate sum’. It is now possible for married couples and registered civil partners to transfer the nil rate band from one estate to another, uplifted to the value on the survivor’s death. For example, if a husband dies when the nil rate band is £325,000 leaving everything to his wife and when she dies the nil rate band is £400,000, her estate will benefit from 2 x £400,000, so £800,000 free from inheritance tax. Does a gift of the nil rate band mean 1 x nil rate band or both? Read more

Top tips for carers Increasing emphasis is being placed upon families caring for their older relatives and many of us are only too willing to shoulder the responsibility of caring for a loved one when they need our help. It can, however, be a difficult time with many issues to consider. The following ‘tips’ can help prepare you for the road ahead. Read more

Give more and save more tax Many of us would like to leave money to charity but concerns about providing for our families can often limit the amount of any charitable gifts. What if there was a way in which you could leave more to charity without your family being affected? What if leaving more to charity actually meant that your family would be better off? Read more

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