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Employment Protection Scheme

is this you? “

I am the Chief Executive of an organisation which started

about 30 years ago. For many years we grew and we

How to Make it Different This employer could have had proper policies in place, access to legal advice, then financial

thought we cared for our staff. Last year one of our managers claimed she had been sexually harassed. We defended the claim but got tied up in the Employment Tribunal and it cost a lot of money.

protection if things had gone wrong. A simple and flexible insurance policy can be arranged on your behalf. This, in combination with specialist legal advice, can provide cover against Employment Tribunal awards of compensation, settlements and the associated

We nearly had to close.

legal costs, giving you peace of mind at an affordable price. As an employer it is essential that you keep up-to-date with new regulations and Awards for unfair dismissal have increased

How Does This Differ From Other Employment Schemes?

beyond £60,000 and awards in relation to

You will not be dealing with unqualified

discrimination are unlimited; this means your

consultants. You will talk directly to specialist

legislation as non-compliance can be costly.

balance sheet could be exposed to serious

employment solicitors at Stone King who will

and possibly crippling financial loss.

offer expert advice and, above all else, peace

The chances of being involved in an

of mind.

employment dispute are already higher than

Unlike some other schemes you will not be

your business suffering a serious fire or theft.

tied into a long term agreement.

You readily insure your assets against traditional perils so why leave your balance sheet exposed to this current and increasing threat?

what do I get? By taking out cover with Stone King you

◆ Newsletter - A regular newsletter

have the reassurance of:

keeping you informed of recent

◆ Annual Review - A full review of your

employment law developments.

employment contract and procedures.

◆ Helpline - You will be provided with a

◆ Insurance - Insurance Cover for up to

helpline that is available to deal with all of your day-to-day enquiries about

£100,000 per claim to include awards

employment law issues.

of compensation, settlements and the cost of legal representation in

*See policy wording for full details

preparing and fighting a tribunal claim.* thank you and your colleagues for the excellent way you handled the case. Obviously we

are delighted with the outcome but regardless we were extremely pleased with the manner in which you provided support and had great faith we were at all times getting the best advice


Head of HR, Substantial Nursing Home Group

what are the benefits? Financial Stability

No unexpected tribunal costs; just a monthly fee gives protection to your balance sheet.


The ability to budget for your employment law costs with certainty. The ability to spread the insurance cost and the cost of the employment law help-line by instalments through a premium payment facility at no extra charge.


Up to £100,000 of cover for any one claim including cover for your legal costs.


You can choose both the level of cover and the amount of the excess on the Policy which is appropriate to your business.

Freedom of Choice With other schemes your calls may be dealt with at a call centre not using expert specialists such as we provide at Stone King. Expert Advice

The telephone help-line gives you access to employment law advice on issues as and when they arise and helps you to avoid future claims.

Knowing we have quick, honest and accurate advice regarding employment law at the end

of a phone, at the times we need it, without having to go through dozens of switchboards to be able to speak to someone is really important in this day and age. Steve Newman Managing Director City Sightseeing Ltd

what do I do next? Call Peter Woodhouse or Nick Watson to

Don’t become another statistic or

discuss how this policy can help you.

newspaper head-line; you can take steps

If you are interested and would like to

to protect your business and the

have a no obligation estimate, simply fill

increasing threats posed by employment

in the attached request for an estimate

legislation. A ‘compliant’ organisation is

and return it to us.

normally more productive because good

Remember, an employment dispute is not just bad news for the management team because it distracts them from their core duties, but the potential knockon effect to other employees can also damage morale and seriously affect your

staff relations mean you are all able to focus on the thing that really matters – the success of your organisation. In the final analysis could your organisation afford to pay in excess of £60,000 in compensation?

organisation. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this policy then please do not hesitate to call either Peter Woodhouse or Nick Watson on 01225 337599. Alternatively please complete and return the attached ‘request for estimate’

request for estimate Fax Application If you wish to obtain a no obligation estimate to protect your employment interests then simply complete this questionnaire and fax it back to us on 01225 335437.

We will provide you with an indication of how much your annual insurance will be*.

1. Name 2. Title 3. Address

Postcode 4. Tel


5. Name of your organisation 6. Please state the nature of your business

7. Please confirm your current annual wage roll for all members of staff, including Directors 8. How many people do you employ? 9. Has the organisation been subject to any employment law claims within the last three years? If so how many?

* Subject to full application & insurer's acceptance.

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The firm is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 but we are able in certain circumstances to offer a limited range of investment services to clients because we are members of the Law Society. We can provide these investment services if they are an incidental part of the professional services we have been engaged to provide. The Stone King Employment Protection Scheme provides legal employment advice which in some cases can be complemented by insurance cover against specified risks. We only offer investment services to this extent. The insurance is underwritten by Vision Underwriting Limited (Vision) registered in England & Wales No 4451375 Royal Mews St George's Place Cheltenham GL50 3PQ on behalf of Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK)PLC. Vision is authorised & regulated by the Financial Services Authority 305651. Disputes and issues in relation to compensation should be raised with Vision and thereafter through the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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