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Charity Name & Number Date Inquiry Opened Life Changing Ministries International 26 October 2012 Church South Cheshire Trust (1065192)

Statement of reasons On 26 October 2012 an investigation was opened to examine unauthorised trustee benefit, the disposal of charity property and unmanaged conflicts of interest/decision making.

Khalsa Centre (289347)

25 October 2012

On 25 October 2012 the Commission opened a statutory inquiry to investigate the financial management of the charity, with a view to establishing if there is risk to charitable funds and/or other property. The investigation was also opened to look at and resolve the future governance of the Charity.

Quba Islamic Centre in Leicester (1142710)

14 May 2013

On 14 May 2013, the Commission opened an investigation to look at the financial management of the charity, in particular whether funds have been misapplied or misappropriated. In addition the investigation will look at whether there has been any mismanagement or misconduct by the trustees in the administration of the charity.

Quba Education and Cultural Association 30 September 2013 (1113563) and Islamic WAQF Foundation (1148320).

The investigation into QICL (see above) established that funds raised and held in a bank account in the name of QICL, along with funds held in bank accounts in the name of Quba Educational and Cultural Association had been transferred into bank accounts in the name of Islamic WAQF Foundation. Consequently the Commission considered that the movement of these funds required further examination. On 30 September 2013 the Commission opened statutory inquires into Quba Education and Cultural Association and Islamic WAQF Foundation. The focus of the investigation is linked to that of Quba Islamic Centre in Leicester.

Rebound Gateway Group (1141136)


Bangladeshi Parents and Carers Association (1082770)


The Kertes Foundation (1101417)


Guild Childcare (1144066)


Love for Children (UK) (1121270)


Muslim Aid


Abundant Life Housing Association


To examine the financial controls and management of the charity in particular its relationships with its trading subsidiary companies; issues of unauthorised trustee benefit; issues of conflicts of interest and how they are managed. To examine the financial controls and management of the charity as a result of alleged fraud and misappropriation of significant charity funds by a former charity employee. To examine alleged unauthorised expense claims, the status of one of the trustees, and unmanaged conflicts of interest. To examine concerns about unauthorised trustee benefits, misapplication of charity funds, trustee decision-making, unmanaged conflicts of interest and late submission of accounts. To examine concerns raised about the charity’s direct marketing fundraising methods and the lack of financial controls and records and a significant discrepancy between the charity’s purported incomes against its reported charitable expenditure. We can confirm that the Commission currently has a statutory inquiry open into the charity Muslim Aid. The inquiry was opened on 25th October 2013, to examine a number of financial irregularities relating to areas of the charity’s overseas activities, including potential misuse of charity funds. As the inquiry is on-going we unable to make any further comment at this time. "The Charity Commission opened a formal statutory inquiry into Abundant Life Housing Association (registered charity no. 1010583) on 29th November 2013. Our main regulatory

concerns are regarding the administration, governance and financial management of the charity and whether or not the trustees had complied with and fulfilled their duties and responsibilities under charity law. We cannot comment further at this stage but our normal practice is to publish a statement of results setting out the inquiry's findings on its completion." Relief for Distressed Children and Young People


"The Commission opened a statutory inquiry on 15 May 2006 to investigate the financial governance and activities of the charity. In 2009 the Commission appointed an Interim Manager to apply charitable funds which were recovered and protected as a result of the Inquiry. The IM remains in place to make a determination as to the future of the charity, once the funds have been applied and any outstanding liabilities have been resolved."