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Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure As a leader of your charity did you know

you have a moral and legal duty to make sure that your charity complies with Health & Safety law? While this may sound like an additional, unnecessary and onerous admin task, unfortunately you no longer have a choice but to act. But, given this really is an additional, unnecessary and onerous admin task, why should you act?

Aside from the fact any criminal proceedings that arise as a result of non-compliance could be levied against you as well as your charity, non-compliance can often lead to huge financial penalties; money you could invest much more productively in other areas of your charity. True, if an accident occurs on your premises or to your staff you may have insurance and that insurance will cover any claim. However, the uninsured costs of an accident are generally estimated as being at least 10 times the insured costs.

These uninsured costs could include:  The overtime and/or temporary labour needed to fill the hole left by someone who can’t work  The time and administration required to deal with the aftermath of an accident  Possible criminal fines  Legal costs  Increased insurance premiums in the future  The effect an accident may have on staff morale and, by extension, productivity  The impact on your reputation locally However, these costs can easily be avoided if you were to make sure your charity has a compliant HSMS (Health & Safety Management System).

To find out how can you make sure your charity is compliant … quickly, easily and affordably … please turn over

Stone King offers every type of charity a FREE health & safety review. Conducted by our experienced Health & Safety lawyers, your free review* provides a detailed study of your core policy documents. We will then outline to you where improvements could be made and, more importantly, where they must be made. This review is not only free but also without obligation. The next steps are down to you. 1. You can take no action 2. You can have us tweak your policies so you are compliant 3. Or – and only if strictly necessary - we can totally redraft your policies 4. Or we can prioritise the actions you need to take so you are compliant but can spread future improvements to help you manage costs *Please note the free review offer is subject to agreement as to the scope of the review and to staff availability

What should you do next? If you would like to request your FREE health and safety review please: Call David Milton, Associate Solicitor and Affiliate Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health on 01225 324433 (direct dial) Or email David at

But please remember, while the review is free, non-compliance definitely won’t be. Prevention really is better (and cheaper) than cure