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Grammar School Legal and Human Resources Advice Services

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In association with The Grammar Schools Heads Association

Why Stone King? Stone King’s education practice is built on providing dedicated and expert advice and assistance to schools. Each of our school clients benefits from our in-depth knowledge and experience in the sector. Many of our existing clients are grammar schools and members of GSHA and we believe that we have a particularly good understanding of their specific issues such as admissions. SK and GSHA are working together to provide a range

terms and conditions of employment, admissions, exclusions

of services to GSHA members. These services include

and appeals, academy directors’ obligations and

a free advice service called QuickView. Members are

governor training.

also able to discuss further and more detailed services with SK should they so wish.

1. QuickView Under this service, GSHA members may contact SK by telephone for initial advice in relation to any education issue. This facility is designed to provide initial advice on a discrete issue and it is anticipated that the time engaged on an issue will be no more than 30 minutes. The advice will be given on the information provided

Training can be offered to individual people, for example a head teacher; a group of people, for example, governors at a school, or a group of schools with common needs. Training can be done by our HR team or one of our legal teams according to your preference. A fee will be agreed directly between the school(s) and SK.

4. Retainers SK offers a number of retainer products which are all available to GSHA members. GSHA members are

to SK and it will be up to the School to provide

entitled to a 10% discount on standard fixed fees (if

sufficient context to enable the advice to be given.

not received already).

There will be no charge to GSHA or the School for this

We can tailor a retainer to your precise requirements


but the standard retainers are:

2. Employment Investigation Service Sometimes a school needs to run a disciplinary or grievance

Company Secretary Support Retainer for Academies and Other Trusts

investigation or similar process. This can often take

This includes all necessary legal support for your

up significant management time and sometimes

company secretary for a small termly fixed fee,

potentially suitable investigators are tainted, or


perceived to be tainted, by previous involvement. SK

◆ Preparation of company books (registers) for new

employs HR advisers with experience of investigations

trusts or initial check of those books for existing trusts

in the education sector. SK can provide schools with

if not previously prepared by Stone King.

one of these advisers to do the investigation. Charge rates are agreed between the school and SK and will be by the hour and/or the day. A discount of 10% will be available to GSHA members.

◆ Ongoing direct, remote advice and support regarding

Company House administration. ◆ A prompt email update on legal issues generally affecting

company secretaries as they emerge.

3. Training

◆ A 50% discount on Stone King training/induction

The SK teams provide training to schools in many different

seminars (including our regular seminar for company

areas relevant to education. Common training topics


include: grievance and disciplinary, discrimination, changing

“An essential service that I would never wish to be without” Client feedback in Chambers Legal Support Retainer This service is designed to give assistance for queries that are likely to be outside the remit of QuickView but are unlikely to be ongoing or substantial. It is anticipated

◆ Advice with advertising new roles, interview process,

references. ◆ Absence management. ◆ Exit interviews.

that queries/issues under this service will be resolved in up to 1, or perhaps 2 hours work and may involve

If an issue turns from HR to legal so that it is no longer

a written response.

appropriate to deal with it under the HR service, we will discuss that with you. It might then move to our

Possible queries will include support for your academy

Legal Support Retainer (if also taken), or to a separate

governance, including your company secretarial


function, and all necessary help with company and charity law, employment, admissions, education provision (including

Global Legal Advice Retainer

SEN, equality issues and pupil behaviour) and all

This service is designed for a school that wants more

other pupil, pastoral and parent issues, health and safety

financial certainty in relation to the cost of legal

and school property, relationships with commercial

advice. For a fixed fee the school has unlimited access

providers, contracts and procurement, relations with

to legal and HR support. Some exclusions do apply, for

local and national government.

example normally this will not include litigation or on-

Human Resources Retainer

site attendance.

Unusually for a firm of solicitors we have a dedicated

Some GSHA members already use our retainers. For

team of HR Consultants within our Employment

these members, a discount of 20% from the standard

Team. The Human Resources Retainer includes:

retainer rates will be applied in that member’s next retainer year (i.e. the standard 10% member discount

◆ An initial review of contracts of employment and

employment policies. ◆ Telephone and email HR advice for the Senior

Leadership Team and Governors. ◆ Advice regarding STPCD, Burgundy Book, Green

Book and other collective agreements.

plus a further 10% because they will have paid the standard rate for the current year) assuming they remain a member of GSHA. It is the responsibility of the member to notify SK of their membership.

Global Human Resources Retainer This service is designed for those who have been used

◆ Advice on individual contractual terms.

to the local authority type service and includes on and

◆ Advice on policies and procedures.

off-site assistance for all HR matters. It includes:

◆ Assistance with consultation on introduction of and

telephone helpline, advice on terms and conditions

change of policies. ◆ Advice in managing the routine aspects of individual

cases (e.g. redundancy, disciplinary, capability, ill health and grievance).

of service and policies, individual case support, assistance with recruitment, agreed number of site visits, and general supervision of HR managers by employment lawyers.

Your Contacts Peter Woodhouse Partner 01225 326753 Peter is qualified as a solicitor and barrister and for about 10 years was the only solicitor listed in the government’s panel of Treasury Counsel. Peter has acted for numerous clients over the years including being directly instructed by the Treasury Solicitors for public bodies including the Courts Service, Customs and Excise and the MOD. He has appeared numerous times in the Employment Tribunal where he is noted as a quality advocate. He was listed in the Lawyers’ Magazine Hot 100 in 2008. Over the years, he has acted for numerous education clients in the maintained and independent sectors, including academy chains, both as advocate in the employment tribunal and as adviser in noncontentious matters. He is a frequent presenter and trainer, and has trained and written courses for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and the CIPD

Roger Inman Head of Education Team 01233 451344 Roger Inman heads our Education Team and specialises in academy governance and re-organisation, admissions, and pupil/parent issues (notably special educational needs and disputes over educational provision). Roger was previously a partner at two leading Cambridge firms (Taylor Vinters and what is now Ashton KCJ). He is and has been a academy governor in numerous academies in both the independent and maintained sectors. Roger is a member of his local admissions forum and a frequent speaker (notably at the termly FASNA conference) and writer on education law issues (including regular articles for Education Law Update and Academy Magazine). He is a member of the Executive of the Education Law Association.

Victoria Blake HR Consultant 01223 326759 Victoria is an HR Consultant in the Employment Team. She joined the firm in December 2010, bringing with her experience from both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining, Victoria worked as an HR Consultant in the Schools Team for Swindon Borough Council and before that she worked for many years as an HR Advisor in the private sector. She has extensive experience advising on and preparing cases for disciplinary, capability, grievance, redundancy and sickness matters.

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