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27th September, 2013

Volume 2, Issue 8


CONTENTS From the Director ………....... 1 From the Primary and 2 Secondary Principals ……..…. Primary Music @ Stonehill …. 2 Gandhi Jayanti …………..…. 3

2nd October 14th – 18th October 25th October 26th October 31st October

News from Language B 3 Department ……….……….….

- Gandhi Jayanti (School Closed) - Dussehra (School Closed) - Primary School Closed (Professional Development Day) - Stonehill Diwali Party - Mid-Semester Interim Report for Secondary School

PTA News ……………………. 5

FROM THE DIRECTOR I am writing these words in Kolkata where Helen Sharrock, Alan Connah and I are attending the annual conference of TAISI – The Association of International Schools in India. It is an organisation of almost fifty schools that meets to share examples of good practice, discuss matters of common interest, and provide an invaluable network of support. At the annual conference there are also stimulating and thought-provoking presentations by leaders in the field of education and, of course, occasions like these provide some time away from the busy day-to-day job of running a school when we can stand back and reflect on what we do and why. We have a little time to reflect on ‘the wood’ instead of worrying about this tree or that tree.

important – in fact, it is essential – that all of our professional staff keep up to date and have the chance to discuss their work with other professionals and to understand how and where modern educational thought is moving. Helen, Alan and I will all be back at the weekend and back at work on Monday. Peter MacKenzie Director

Throughout the school year teachers also attend conferences, workshops and other training opportunities. Inevitably, this causes some disruption to their teaching and we make every attempt to minimise this. But education doesn’t stand still (certainly not in a full-IB school like Stonehill) and it is 1

FROM THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY PRINCIPALS this event will be communicated to students and parents very soon, once arrangements have been finalised.

We would like to thank our respective Parent Class Representative Coordinators for meeting with us over recent weeks. The meetings have been very positive and we are both looking forward to the year ahead, as we work together with parents to make our school even better.

As we write we are both attending The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI) Conference in Kolkata. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to engage in both formal and informal educational dialogues with a diverse community of educators from around India and the wider region.

As a result of these meetings we have decided to establish a Cafeteria Committee to help provide new menu ideas for snacks and lunch, in line with our commitment to healthy eating, and to review any concerns raised by students, parents or staff. The Cafeteria Committee will consist of staff, student and parent representatives and will initially endeavour to meet approximately once a month during lunchtime.

Just a small reminder that next Wednesday, 2nd of October, is a holiday due to Gandhi Jayanthi Wishing you a pleasant weekend. Helen Sharrock (Primary Principal) Alan Connah (Secondary Principal)

We are excited to announce that Stonehill will host a visit by a Swiss Orchestra on the morning of the 8th of October. More details of

PRIMARY MUSIC @ STONEHILL P2 “I liked all of it!” - Connor

We have an exciting start to the year in music. As we come to the end of our first unit for the year, students are displaying their understanding of musical concepts in exciting and creative ways.

P3 “The princess one was too funny” - Nicholas “I liked when the boys were dancing” - Dylan

Here are a few examples: The P8 students created musical performances for P1, P2 and P3 students over the last two weeks. They focused on how to use music as a tool to help enhance understanding. They also had to ensure that the content and delivery of their performances was tailor-made for their young audience.

P4 have created their class community song. In composing the song students thought a lot about their role in the class and what makes them feel like they belong to P4. They just performed their song in assembly this week. P5 have begun making their own percussion instruments. Students made many improvements on their designs based on the resources they were able to bring in from home. Thank you to all the P5 parents who sent in lots of interesting materials we could reuse for our instruments!

Here are a couple of quotes from the early years about the P8’s performances P1 “I liked it” - Grace “They sang songs for us” - Matilda (said with a big smile) 2

P6 are making good progress in learning the recorder. They had their first performance in the PYP assembly last week, which everyone enjoyed.

P7 have been enjoying their unit on vocal control and have been learning to sing with each other in large and small groups, we will definitely have a performance from them in an assembly soon. We’re looking forward to many more exciting activities and performances in the coming term. Please get in touch with me at if you have any inquiries regarding the primary music programme at Stonehill. Tanya Sivaram Primary Music

GANDHI JAYANTI known as the “Father of the Nation”. • • • • Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated all over India on October 2nd to honour Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (popularly known as Gandhi) was born on October 2nd. He played a very important role in helping India attain freedom from the British rule through his sheer dedication and belief that freedom can be achieved through non-violence. He is also

It is a national holiday all over India. As per the United Nations General Assembly, this day has been declared as the International Non-violence day. All the organisations in the country remain closed. Special event is organised at Raj Ghat, New Delhi where Gandhi was cremated. People pray, pay homage and sing Gandhi’s favorite song “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patit Pavan Sita Ram …”

Raji V K Host Culture

NEWS FROM LANGUAGE B DEPARTMENT gain knowledge, skills, appreciation and understanding of the different cultures in the world. The Language B curriculum is continuously being articulated throughout the PYP, MYP and DP towards providing a coherent Additional Language learning experience.” (Various sources) How do we, Language B professionals, go about this? Below are a few examples of adapted Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

“The acquisition of an additional language (Language B) provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience. Students develop an enthusiasm for learning languages and become aware of the benefits as they 3


writing and speaking the language but not only this; we learn poems, sing songs, prepare presentations for school assemblies and watch Hindi movies. We also get to explore the culture and heritage of India; we celebrate many of the Indian festivals, by talking about things we see every day and considering Indian customs.

Mme. Passeport’s M1s are discovering how French language works and comparing it to their Mother Tongues; they keep a journal of their reflections. M2 & M3s are engaged in describing their passion (from football fans to turtle lovers) and M4 & M5s have created a video of a French recipe, tasted the food and made a food critique. Click if you want to learn how to make "mousse au chocolat" or "steak au poivre". Nicole (D1 SL) is connecting her experience with the topic of "Cultural Diversity" by talking about her trip to France as well as by putting herself in a politician's shoes in order to create a program designed to enhance cultural diversity.

Stonehill offers Hindi as an additional language in all three of the IB programmes PYP, MYP and the Diploma Programme. Along with learning to converse in Hindi, students are also taught to read and write well. “As a Diploma Hindi student, my experiences with Hindi have been quite diverse. I have developed a much deeper and richer understanding of what this culture holds. With every couple of classes I discover more about my own country's heritage and values” - Rohit Fenn (D2).

In Mme. Viart’s class, M2 & M3s are learning about France and French iconic objects, places and people. They will interview French speaking people of the community and create a little booklet. M4 & M5s are preparing a debate on: “GMO… good or bad?” You may approach them and share your opinion!


Below: The “2CV”, aka: Deux Chevaux, one of the most beloved cars in France; definitely iconic!"

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most auspicious and important occasions for the Chinese to reunite with family members. Our lovely PYP Mandarin students performed a traditional Chinese legend---Chang’e Flies to the Moon under Mr. Edmund Ko’s direction. Is there really a better remedy for the Mandarin teachers’ homesickness than watching such an enchanting petit drama?


The M2/M3 Mandarin Phase 2 students have been learning the topic of hobbies. The two students with Indian ancestry showed a great deal of interest in sports, especially in cricket. They are now able to share their thoughts on different sports with the teacher in Mandarin. The DP Mandarin B students have been learning the topic of living environment. David, a courteous student who has lived in

In our PYP Hindi lessons we learn reading, 4

Thailand, England, Switzerland, Australia, China and India with his parents, happily shared his experience with the teacher who, as David and thousands of other international school teachers, has left footmarks in several countries. Elijah, a local student who grew up in Bangalore, imparted his thoughts on living in Bangalore to the teacher and David.

Phases 3 & 4 (M2 & M5) are inquiring into several different, yet related guiding questions:


Below: some students of P5 & P6 are practicing how to communicate their likes and dislikes in Spanish by making thoughtprovoking and colorful posters.

• •

Phase 1 M1s are focusing on gaining grammatical competence through inquiring on the nature of the self, their first unit.

M2 & M3 students, Phases 1 & 2, are getting very close to the end of this year’s first unit, “Mis amigos; mis heroes”. They have been actively learning about how to describe and characterize people, and have enjoyed delivering presentations to their class, introducing themselves on the Moodle Forum and playing Guess Who in Spanish. The next two weeks are very exciting, as they prepare for their culminating assessment: an oral presentation of their personal heroes!

What is it like to be an adolescent? What connections can be made with being a teenager in some underprivileged areas of Latin America? Are the Rights of Children equally respected everywhere? How can I learn about communities through Language B?

Diploma students, in their part, have worked on TOK related subjects such as: Euthanasia (D2 SL); Overhauling the Curriculum (D1 HL); Appropriate use of Historic Terminology (D2 HL); Assimilation versus Integration (D2 SL); Migration (D2 SL); Discrimination (D1, D2 SLHL), Capital Punishment (D2 SL-HL) while gaining confidence on their assessment criteria. With warm regards from Language B students and staff, Mikel Lataburu Language B HoD

PTA NEWS Tiger Gear - Thursday 3rd October, 12-1pm We have had a number of enquiries regarding the purchase of tiger gear. To make this easier

a tiger gear stall will be set up in front of the Multipurpose Hall (between Alan and Helen’s offices) during school lunch time. If you need 5

any tiger gear please send money with your child on this day. Alternatively, if you have little ones, please send the money in an envelope clearly detailing the item you require. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Saira at KYNKYNY Art Event - Saturday 5th October, 59pm There are still tickets available to Stonehill PTA's Annual Art Evening at Kynkyny. A proportion of all funds raised on the sale of the art will be generously donated to our new beneficiary IKSHA foundation for retinoblastoma. Karnataka's premier specialist in retinoblastoma, Dr. Ashwin Mallipatna, paediatric ophthalmologist at Narayana Nethralaya will be there providing a great opportunity to learn more about childhood eye cancer. Kynkyny will provide wine and snacks while you are appreciating the amazingly talented works of Sivabalan, Elayaraja and Santhana Krishnan. Thank you for your support and we look forward to experiencing a bit of South Indian culture through the eyes of these three very talented artists.

Stonehill PTA

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact Kristi or Susan at

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