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20th September, 2013

Volume 2, Issue 7

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- Gandhi Jayanti (School Closed) - Dussehra (School Closed) - Primary School Closed (Professional Development Day) - Stonehill Diwali Party - Mid-Semester Interim Report for Secondary School

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PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents,

week beginning 30th September. There is information about the competition on the notice board between P3 and P1/2. The theme for this year is “travels through India”. We wish all our students good luck in this competition.

Peace day was a great success and the students has some wonderful insights and thoughts about what Peace means to them and what a peaceful world would be like. Do come by to look at our doves and peace tree, you will be amazed by the depth of thought you can see from some of our students. Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who supported this event.

Uniform Reminder We request all students in Primary with shoulder length or longer hair have it tied back every day for school. This means in a ponytail/pig tails or plaits not just a headband.

The language wall between P3 and P1/P2 has a new display – this month we are showcasing the work of P3 and their reflections on “rights, roles and responsibilities” here in school. There are also some wonderful self-portraits to accompany their writing, do drop by to take a look.

The school uniform includes black shoes; this includes black laces as well. Bus Reminder In the interest of the safety of all, please remind your child that they MUST wear their seat belts at all times on the school buses.

The P4 to P8 will once again be taking part in the Three - Peel art competition. The work will be carried out during Art classes in the

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

PRIMARY ICT NEWSLETTER ICT in P1 The P1 children have been working on motor coordination and trying very successfully to control the mouse and click at the right point or place. They were very proud of themselves when they successfully started switching on the computer and logging in independently. They are at present working

on fine motor co-ordination games which will help them control the mouse better. P1 have also started working on the I-pads which is further helping them develop their fine motor skills.


ICT in P3 P3 have been really fast at acquiring new skills. Apart from practicing how to login and logout independently they are also aware of their Cohort number and the Password and their Z drive where their folders are kept. When given instructions to open a specific file in their Z drive, they are now able to do this independently. ICT in P2 P2 children can now boast of logging in and shutting down the computer independently and also remember their login ID and the password.

They have spent some time practicing their keyboard typing skills and are at present working on Kidspiration. P3 has been really excited to explore different programs on the I-pads and have been independently working on some of the educational programs available.

They have been working on Tux paint and exploring different features of the program. Supporting their current Unit of Inquiry, they have taken pictures of their classmates and their closest friend and they will further work with those images and form a picture booklet of their friends and classroom. The children have also started working on the I-Pads and are enjoying themselves with the various educational programs available.

Raji V K Primary ICT

SECONDARY NEWS rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine. This was followed by a short talk from two of our talented Diploma Art Students, who have been exploring some ideas to do with war and peace through their art. Two other M5 students then gave a short talk about World Peace Day, its history and its relevance to us today. It was excellent to see students leading the assembly and challenging their peers to think about the concept of peace, and what it means to us as individuals.

ECA Programme This week it has been wonderful to see how keen and enthusiastic our students are when it comes to ECA’s. There has been a real buzz in the air on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and it is obvious that students are really enjoying themselves. We look forward to hearing some of their stories over the coming weeks. World Peace Day Yesterday afternoon M1 to M5 students attended a brief assembly to reflect on the meaning of peace. The assembly began with a song from our M1 students, led by Ms. Kelton. The students performed a beautiful

House Friday Wow! Our new House Friday programme has got off to a great start, with some excellent competition on the basketball court and the 2

sports field. It has been great to see the Student House Captains marshalling and organising their Houses, while other House members lead and coach different teams in the competition. We very much look forward to the different elements of the competition as the year progresses.

the students have demonstrated great interest in their peers’ topics. As the year progresses, students should find each Topic Talk to be a bit easier and less formidable than the prior presentation. This will be excellent evidence of skill development among the students.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend. Alan Connah Secondary Principal Stonehill Humanities: Topic Talks This year, the Humanities department is taking a skills based approach to learning in all of its classes. Although content is covered in all of the courses, the material will act primarily as the vehicle to develop, hone and demonstrate essential skills in investigating, critical thinking and communicating. In line with this focus, new assessment tasks will be introduced to foster these key skills.

Kate (M3) presenting Vietnam

In the MYP:

M4s hard at work

One of these new assessments has already begun. This year the Humanities Department has implemented a new assessment task that will take place in every unit from M1 through Talks are M5: Topic Talks. Topic independent, research-based presentations that are extensions of material covered in each unit. Students have the opportunity to extend their understanding of the Humanities curriculum while honing their investigative and communication skills. Students have begun their first rounds of talks in each class. M1 students are presenting country geography. Those students in M2 are giving informative speeches regarding the lives of people in ancient civilizations. M3s are discussing policy issues related to population. M4 students are presenting various events of World War I and their impacts. The M5 class is attempting to persuade their classmates to join various social movements. The presentations have been very informative for the students and the teachers involved, and

Damien (M3) presenting France In the Diploma: Group 3 Diploma students are hard at work, and have shown impressive knowledge and skills in their chosen subjects. D2 students are all hard at work on their internal assessment tasks. D1 and D2 Geography students will be away for a week in October conducting fieldwork research for their internal assessment tasks. It should be a fun, informative and rewarding trip for all. Andrew Rossberg HoD – Humanities 3

Thank you again to all parents and students who came and benefitted from the presentation, questions and the resources. This was a useful and productive session for all.

Introduction to the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Personal Project Thank you to parents who came yesterday for the introduction to MYP, areas of interaction, assessment and reporting. Your participation and commitment in understanding of MYP is much appreciated.

Narendra Mehrotra (Curriculum Directror) Christina Anghelina (MYP Coordinator)

The second session was for personal project.

HOUSE FRIDAY Last Friday we had the first House Friday session at the end of the day. This is a time when students can work in their houses for competition and training. All students took part in activity; the under 19 boys took part in basketball matches, the Under 14 boys and girls played football matches and the under 11s and under 9s were trained by the senior girls for their upcoming football matches. Everyone had a good time and wore their house colours with pride.

10 Green 1 U14 Girls football - Red 1 Blue 0 & Yellow 4 Green 1 U14 Boys football - Red 4 Blue 1 & Yellow 1 Green 0 Every week there will be different matches and competitions with some more academic and cultural challenges coming soon. Many thanks to the senior students and heads of house for their organisation and enthusiasm for the events.

Results U19 boys basketball - Blue 10 Red 2 & Yellow

Steuart Adrian Shepherd

CHOIR ECA Stonehill has started a choir ECA this year which will go on till December when we will showcase the singing ability of our students and teachers. The choir consists of Primary and Middle school students. We will do some pieces together and some separately. We would love parents to be a part of this as well.

you don't have to be a fabulous singer - just need passion, commitment, punctuality and the ability to laugh out loud. We are also looking for a Bass guitarist and a Rhythm guitarist to help make up the band which will play along - basic simple chords - again you need the same as above. Please contact Ms. Evelyn Kelton if you are interested.

Rehearsals are held every Thursday between 3pm and 4pm in either the Primary or the Secondary music rooms. All are welcome -

Evelyn Kelton Secondary Music

PTA NEWS PTA News The invitation for the annual Kynkyny Arts Event went out this week. With a limited number of tickets available please send in your RSVPs quickly to avoid disappointment.

Tiger Shirts All non-house coloured Tiger T-shirts are on sale for Rs.150. To place an order please email Saira on 4

MYP and DP Class Reps:

General Meeting The second General Meeting held this week was an informative and fun filled meeting. Thank you to Ms. Elizabeth from IKSHA Foundation for giving us an overview of how donation money is put to good use and to Ms. Shibani for a hilarious presentation on Indian Customs. Thank you also to the Senior Management Team of Peter MacKenzie, Helen Sharrock and Alan Connah for attending and answering all our questions and keeping the parents informed of what is happening in each part of the school. Class Representatives We are happy to announce and introduce your 2013-2014 Classroom Parent Representatives!

Back Row: Susan Hanley (M1B, M3B), Sissel Amundsen (DPC, D2), Paula Morrison (MYPC, M4A), Monisha Reddy (DPC, D1) Front Row: Helga Schoenherr (M5), Jane Bircher (P8R, M2B), Adeline Maurin (M2A), Sylvie Goepfert (M3A, D1) Not Pictured: Rebecca Bharcy (M1A), Deepti Ladhani (M4B)

PYP Class Reps:

Class Rep Coordinator Team:

Back Row: Valerie Finn (P2), Jane Bircher (P8R, M2B), Harriet Pollard (P4J), Pernilla Johansson (P4S) Middle Row: Fiona Haxton (P6N, P7G), Rishma Thakoer (P6T) Front Row: Christina Mosakowski (CRC), Rosaliek Nanninga (P5K), Anke Bleeker (P7P), Gosia Kucka (P1), Ligy Skariah (P8F) Not Pictured: Sina Krickhahn (PYPC), Lynda Collins (P3), Georgie McGlinchey (P5P)

Back Row: Monisha Reddy (DPC, D1), Sina Krickhahn (PYPC), Paula Morrison (MYPC, M4A), Sissel Amundsen (DPC, D2) Front Row: Catherine Guild (CRC), Christina Mosakowski (CRC)

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