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11th October, 2013

Volume 2, Issue 10



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25th October

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- Dussehra (School Closed) - Student/Teacher/Parent Conference for P1 to P8 - Primary School Closed (Professional Development Day) - Stonehill Diwali Party @ Taj West End - Mid-Semester Interim Report for Secondary School - Diwali Mela & Cultural Show @ School

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FROM THE DIRECTOR characteristic professionalism and thoroughness is chair the Health & Safety Committee. Alongside this we are adding two more committees. Alan Connah will chair the Cafeteria Committee and I will personally chair the Transport Committee. Health and safety, the quality and variety of food in the cafeteria and the daily operation to transport 300+ students to and from school: these are all important aspects of school life and they are, understandably, matters about which parents have strong opinions. All three committees will therefore include parents and, naturally, students as well as teachers and support staff.

Primary Principal As you know, this will be Helen Sharrock’s last year at Stonehill. She has been here since the day the school opened (and earlier) and it will be hard to imagine the school without her. Nevertheless, the school will have a new Primary Principal next year and the process to find one is well-advanced. The position was advertised internationally and on the school website for six weeks and around fifty applications were received. Ten were then interviewed via Skype and we are very close to identifying the four finalists who will be invited to come to Bangalore to be interviewed in the second week of November.

If you have any queries about these matters do please e-mail the relevant committee Chair and they will look into it for you. Each committee will also report back to the community periodically through the pages of The Tiger or directly.

Panels of students, teachers and parents will of course be involved in the interview process. More details will follow after the imminent break.

October Break It seems unbelievable that we are nine weeks into the school year! But there it is and it is now time for a well-earned break. Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, travel safely and have a great week.

What I can say is that the vacancy has attracted candidates of a very high calibre. I am impatient to introduce the finalists to the school community and I am confident that the recruitment and interview process will result in the appointment of an outstanding Principal to take the school forward.

Peter MacKenzie Director

Committees One of the jobs Helen does with her 1

ORCHESTRA VISIT Orchestra Visit Last Tuesday the entire school (students, parents, teachers, cleaners, gardeners, security, and support staff) were enraptured by an amazing open-air performance of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony – the Pastoral. The performance was given by the Winterthurer Symphoniker Orchestra under the baton of Christopher Whiting.

English and Swiss-German. For Stonehill, Evie Kelton made all the arrangements and all three must take pride in the resounding success that the day was. For our part, we then handed our guests over to groups of Stonehill students who showed them around the campus and delivered them to the cafeteria for a very un-Swiss lunch (which they all loved)! The musicians’ comments on the school and our students as they departed were extremely complimentary and it was obvious that they had enjoyed the day as much as we had. (How’s your German?!) The orchestra is based in Winterthur, Switzerland (close to Zurich) but is currently performing a series of concerts in Bangalore. Stonehill was not originally on their schedule but, thanks to the tireless efforts of Stonehill parents Jane and Daniel Bircher, they agreed to visit the school and play for us. Daniel also played with the orchestra for the performance and Jane was there to welcome them in both

For many students this will have been the first time they saw a full orchestra play live. I hope it has inspired them with a wish to hear more. Peter MacKenzie Director


PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents,

these also contain the goal sheets for you to complete with you child(ren) ready for the Student/Teacher/Parent conference on 23rd October. Today, Ms. Nijika has sent out email information on how to book your appointment with your child’s homeroom teacher. It is an on-line system. If you have any problems please send an email to her at

This last week, before the break, has been very full and exciting in Primary once again. The visit of the Swiss Orchestra was an amazing experience for students and teachers alike, we are fortunate to have had this opportunity afforded us here at Stonehill. Thursday saw many of us in blue to support the anti-bullying cause. There were blue shirts everywhere and we again had Ms. Henning, our Counsellor, in our weekly assembly to talk us through things to do when we are feeling bullied. Our students already know many good strategies and can tell us clearly what is not bullying i.e. just a one-off fall out with a classmate etc. The school has many initiatives in this area and we take the issue of bullying very seriously indeed. If your child tells you they are being bullied or a friend is, please ensure that you contact the homeroom teacher, for primary students, in the first instance.

We have a three way conference format, as we believe that it is essential to have strong home/school links, with the students understanding that all are partners in their learning. If you have any concerns you wish to raise without your child present then please contact the homeroom teacher to arrange a time to talk outside of the Student/Parent/Teacher conference day. There are NO regular classes for P1 to P8 on this day. We encourage all parents to make an appointment on this day, even if you are new to our school, so that we can forge the home/school links from the very beginning. Lost and Found There is a table outside my office for the Primary lost and found items including a large selection of water bottles. Please encourage your child to check for misplaced items. Please also label all clothing with your child’s name. We wish you all a pleasant break and hope that those of you who stay in India enjoy the Dussehra celebrations. Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director ECA ECA sign up for Round 2 will begin after the holiday. We request all Primary parents to please check that the school has a current and correct email address as the link will be sent by email.

ACER/ISA Testing P6 and P8 classes have taken the ACER/ISA tests this week; we expect to get the results through in a couple of months and will be sharing them with the individual families.

Elizabeth Shepherd PE Teacher

Report Cards and Three Way Conferences Primary report cards were issued today and 3

ICT IN PRIMARY Information and communication technology (ICT) has brought profound changes to almost all aspects of our lives in recent years and has a central role to play in education. ICT allows students to make connections and reach a deeper understanding of its relevance and applicability to their everyday lives. The students in PYP have two ICT lessons in a week and ICT is integrated into all the units of Inquiry. All the classes in the primary have got the iPad’s this year and students and teachers have started using the iPad’s in their classrooms.

internet and later insert in their slides.

The P4 students have been working with pictures, they learnt to get a picture from the clip art, copy and paste a picture. They are also working on MS Word and learning to type in this program.

The P8 have been working on the Photoshop and learnt to work with pictures and texts and add effects to them. They are creating a poster about them. The students had an introductory lesson on the usage of iPad and they are working on editing the videos using iMovie.

The P6 students have been learning all about organising their folders and they learnt to create, rename and move folders. They have also been working on MS Excel and creating charts. The P7 students have been working on their research skills. The students created a presentation on the beliefs of the different religions and they are working on the superstitious beliefs in India.

The P5 students are working on PowerPoint and they made a presentation of their favourite foods and healthy foods. They learnt how to save a picture from the

Blessina Cyril ICT Teacher

SECONDARY NEWS each House. Congratulations must go to the ultimate champions on the day – Gandhi House! Well done to everyone for being so creative.

Agumbe Rainforest Trip As reported below, both our D1 and D2 Biology and Geography students had a very successful fieldtrip to the rainforests of the Western Ghats last week. I would like to publically commend them all on the excellent attitude which they displayed throughout the trip. I would also like to thank the staff who accompanied them. The Mind Boggles! For House Friday last week we played a giant game of Human Boggle. Each House was challenged to achieve a number of goals. One was to make as many words as possible using a set number of letters, while another was to make the longest word possible. It was a fierce competition, which saw some excellent teamwork on the part of

Wishing you a pleasant holiday break. Alan Connah Secondary Principal 4

AGUMBE RAINFOREST TRIP Last week the Biology and Geography students certainly had an adventure at the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station. Agumbe is about six hours away by train and is located in the Western Ghats.

saw examples of actual fieldwork and scientific studies being conducted at the Centre. Then, after a brief presentation on choosing locations and how to set things up, we went Camera Trapping. This was followed up with a Night Survey in which we saw a Slender Loris and other assorted creatures of the night.

BIOLOGY The three days were filled morning, noon and night with hands-on field work including determining the biomass of a Areca Nut plantation, early morning bird identification, night walks, a four hour walking jungle tour, using radio-telemetry equipment and being given a presentation from the lead researcher on India’s first study of King Cobras. Wednesday was devoted to the students conducting their own fieldwork and data collection. Each of them selected the species to be studied and designed their data collection methods. Their efforts will culminate in one of their two internal assessments required for the Group 4 Investigative Sciences.

On our second day, we did all the fieldwork needed for our Geography internal assessment. The first field session of our Stream Study was close to the Centre. We measured channel depth and mapped segments, recorded data on velocity, discharge amount, river materials and infiltration rates. The second session of our Stream study was conducted further down in the valley, where we measured a flatter section of the stream. Our third and final field session looked at a mid-point area between the upper and lower sections of the stream. This was the most interesting day, with students doing some excellent fieldwork and overcoming significant challenges.

As with most fieldwork in remote locations, conditions were not always ideal. It rained as it can only rain in the rainforest – heavily! On Wednesday afternoon in the midst of the student-led data collection activity, we saw snakes and scorpions, and picked leeches off each other. Throughout our stay at the research station the students exemplified the best of the IB Learner Profile, and were a credit to Stonehill.

On the last day of our trip we realized that we were definitely in a RAINforest! However, despite the heavy rain, we mapped the base and its immediate surroundings, and practiced using GPS equipment. In the afternoon we conducted a Social Enquiry into fresh water use by local people, and headed out to Agumbe village and interviewed local villagers. The attitude of our students throughout the trip was excellent. By the end of the trip students had gathered some excellent data for their internal assessment and learnt a great deal as well.

GEOGRAPHY The rainforest trip to Agumbe was an eyeopener for all those students participating. On our first day we did a forest hike and we looked at the creatures living in the forest, and at the environmental initiatives in the area. We had an introduction to the King Cobra Radio Telemetery Project (KCTP) and

Anthony Cook (Biology) George Van Den Hoeven (Geography)


NEWS FROM PE DEPARTMENT The benefits of regular exercise are well documented and the aim of the Physical Education Department at Stonehill is to ensure that students can maintain a healthy lifestyle while at school and make the right choices afterwards. The curriculum that we follow in the International Baccalaureate ensures that students have experience of all forms of Physical Education, as well as the background knowledge of why activities work, how they benefit lifestyle, how the lessons can be transferred to other areas of life and which lifestyle choices are right for each individual. With this in mind; we don’t just play games, we learn about game concepts, similarities and differences between games, processes of movement creation, performance skills, reflection and feedback.

year before ensuring a varied and engaging curriculum which we in the PE department are developing all the time. In the MYP, students cover a range of activities in order to assess students against four criteria which can be applied to many different activities. Students started the year with units on games and they have now moved onto units involving dance and martial arts which will test their ability to link movements together and work with others in order to produce a performance. Upcoming units will include swimming, outdoor activities, racket sports, net games, health related fitness and gymnastics. The PE department is fortunate to have a wide range of skills and abilities within its faculty and we are looking forward to developing the fitness, skills, attitudes and behaviours of all the students at Stonehill. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to Alternatively, just drop by the office on the ground floor near to Ms. Sharrock’s office for a chat!

In the Primary school, students have been engaged in one unit from the beginning of the year and have now all moved onto the second. Units that are studied are varied and ensure that students cover a range of skills throughout the year; fine and gross motor skills, movement composition, fitness, team working skills and game play. Each year students will progress from the unit from the

Adrian Shepherd Head of PE Department

PTA NEWS through the Tiger bulletin when another one is being held. Please note that if you require tiger gear before this time please contact Saira directly at or to make arrangements.

Diwali Mela – 31st October The PTA is organising a bazaar to be held during the Diwalli mela. If there are any parents who wish to rent a stall please contact Ms. Kristi Lenahan on for more information.

Stonehill Government School As you may be aware the Stonehill International School has adopted the Stonehill Government Higher Primary School.

Tiger Gear Sales Thank you to all the people who took advantage of the tiger gear stall that was set up in the school hallways during lunchtime last week. Again we will let you know

Some of the ways the School and the PTA are proud to have been able to have help this 6

school is through the provision of sporting equipment, books and teaching resources and most recently with the provision of a computer lab including the subsequent costs such as internet connection.

Three very talented artists showcased their beautiful artwork and the opening night was a great start to raising money for the Iksha Foundation.

Our children across all grades of school are involved in the Stonehill Government in many varied ways. We thought parents would also like the opportunity to visit this school for themselves, so the PTA will organise a "parents" field trip in November. If you are interested in a chance to see one of the main beneficiaries of the Stonehill PTA fundraisers please contact Renee at

If you could not attend on the night but would still like to be a part of the Stonehill PTA fundraiser there is still time. Kynkyny has generously offered to donate 20% of all proceeds from the sale of these three artists, before 19th October, to the Iksha Foundation. Please feel free to stop by anytime during the week to view these inspiring pieces of art and take home a bit of South India. Several pieces have sold but there are still many to choose from.

Kynkyny Art Event A special thanks to all those who took time out of their busy schedules to attend on Saturday night. It was a wonderful night in support of an inspiring charity.

Alternatively if you are not in the market for artwork at the moment but would still like to make a donation to the Iksha Foundation directly, please visit their website at Stonehill PTA

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