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3rd May, 2013

Volume 1, Issue 8

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- Stonehill Violin Ensemble @ 2.10 - Portfolio conferences (electronic booking schedule will be opened on May 3rd) - Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences - D1 Exams - M1 to M5 Exams - Annual Tech Fair - End of Year Dance - D2 Graduation - P8 Graduation - PTA Annual Rickshaw Decoration Competition - Final Report Cards Issued

FROM THE DIRECTOR Thank you to the PTA I was very happy this week to learn who will constitute the PTA Executive for the next school year. This year I have greatly enjoyed working with the current PTA and they were always going to be a hard act to follow. Happily, the new team (including some not-sonew faces!) will be an equally strong one. Maggie Lanzarotti and her cohort must be confident that they are leaving the PTA in safe hands.

enormous amount of work on the part of the Executive and others. I hope those who are stepping down know what a debt of gratitude we all owe them. And I am sure they know how their efforts have contributed to making Stonehill such a special school. Thank you. Junk? Apparently, some recent issues of The Tiger have ended up in the Junk boxes of some parents when they used to arrive safely in their Inboxes.  Is this because we sometimes send it out from different accounts? I don’t know but you can rest assured that a highlytrained team of experts is working on this problem even as I type. We’ll get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, sorry.

And it matters. An involved, committed and energetic PTA makes a huge difference to a school in so many different ways. Almost a year ago, in late May 2012, I attended my first Stonehill PTA meeting and was enormously impressed by the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of everyone present. I knew immediately what an asset to the school the PTA must be. But there’s no free lunch and nothing the PTA has achieved could have happened without an

Peter MacKenzie Director 1

PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents,

creative in the games they create to go with the paintings.

I am sure all of you who dropped in last week for Arts week were impressed by what the students had produced in just two and a half days.

Today, Friday 3rd May, saw the PYP Exhibition. This is the celebration of the PYP journey for the students in their final year of the Primary School (P8). The students have been working hard for the past 8 weeks, developing a central idea that has local and global relevance, then lines of inquiry, researching their questions and finding an "Action" component to benefit the local community. There will be more on this in next week’s edition of “The Tiger". I would, however, like to thank all the staff who has been mentors for these students during the whole process and special thanks should go to Ms. Niki, Mr. Ronen, Ms. Peetha, Ms. Kavita and Ms. Gunilla. Congratulations go to the P8 students for their wonderful projects and some very inspiring "action components". The IB spirit was clearly demonstrated by these students, not just today but throughout the whole project.

I would like to thank all the staff and parents who have supported this event in many ways and once again shown us that the "Stonehill Community" is a creative and vibrant place to be! The addition, some of the permanent wall and floor markings around the campus are due to the initiative of Mr. Martin and ably executed by the PE team. The aims of these murals are manifold and include: 1. Create an attractive and bright environment for the students and staff. 2. Educational - the world map and the number and letter paintings can be used by class teachers in many ways to enhance the learning and make greater use of our wonderful outdoor environment. 3. Provide more playground games and opportunities for the students to be

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

SECONDARY NEWS Dear Parents, The D2 students have started their IB exams. The exams started on Thursday of this week and will continue for the next three weeks. The exams will be sat in the old PTA Room that is the room next to my office. If you are around that area please be sure that you are quiet.

no. We do not weight the exams at school. As in alignment with MYP IB philosophy, assessment is continuous throughout the school year. The grades awarded for the exams will become part of the continuous assessment data we collect throughout the year. On the MYP end of semester report you will see on the assessment page a grade for the exam along with other assessments collected in semester two.

At Stonehill we have exams at all levels of our Secondary School, M1-D2. We want to prepare the students for the Diploma Exams. The skill of learning ‘how to sit an exam’ is very important.

At Stonehill we recognize that our student population comes from diverse educational backgrounds. But all are working towards terminal exams such as the IB Diploma and part of the work of any good school is to prepare students for these very important tests. This includes regular practice in authentic exam conditions.

In the later stages of May we will run exams for M1-D1. The idea behind the exams is to prepare the students for sitting high-stakes test. The students are in a formal room, a setting that is different from sitting a test in the classroom.

Over the next few weeks the teachers will be preparing the students for the end-of-year exams. Work students will be required to revise will be posted on Moodle. An exam schedule will be posted next week.

A question that I have been asked by a number of parents and students is: Are the end of year exams worth more in value than a test in the classroom? The honest answer is 2

After the completion of exams there are two weeks remaining of school. The end of exams does not signify the end of teaching and learning. There may be other assessments required before the end of school. We will teach until the last day, therefore learning will occur until the last day.

workshop with the support of Mr. Dunoon. (Mr. Dunoon has run Personal Project at Stonehill for the past four years). This is a substantial piece of work and as parents you will need to have some understanding of what is required. We highly recommend that you attend this information session with your M4 child.

M4 Parent Workshop On Tuesday the 14th of May at 3:15pm a workshop will run for all parents and students of M4. We would like to begin the Personal Project for 2013/14 school year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Alasdair Maclean Acting Secondary School Principal

Ms. Christina and I will be running the

TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT Stonehill hosted its first ever Table Tennis Tournament on Friday, 19th April. The team of four Middle School students was chosen after we held a lunchtime pre-tournament competition aimed at finding the best players. Students from TRIO and CIS attended and played within a 3 tiered tournament structure; singles competition, doubles competition and overall school competition.

Akabom Ekpenyon (M4) Overall School CHAMPION: Stonehill

After two and a half hours of play and some very exciting matches the results were; Singles CHAMPION: Kevin Wuethrich (M2) Doubles CHAMPIONS: Rachit Ladhani (M3) &

David Martin

SAVE THE DATE! Come live your fairytale dream under the beautiful night sky at the Embassy Riding Club! Dance, food, games, and fun will be had by all those who attend! Details to come so please save the date!

Once Upon A Time - A Fairytale Masquerade Stonehill International School's End of Year Dance for MYP and DP students Where: Embassy Riding Club When: May 31st, from 7pm - 11pm Dress Code: Formal

Laree Henning

PTA NEWS Many thanks to those parents who actively took part in the nomination process for our new Executive Committee. We are delighted to announce and congratulate the new team that will take office from 12th August 2013.

Sports & Arts: Kim Fillmore Both current and future teams will work together for the remainder of this school year to ensure a smooth handover. The Stonehill PTA continues to go from strength to strength as an integral part of the Stonehill community, and we are sure the future team will continue the excellent work to date. Congratulations!

President: Anuja Joshi Treasurer: Saira Jethnani Secretary: Marilyn Wright Communications: VACANT Class Rep Coordinator: Leeann Deemer Events Coordinator: Kristie Lenahan

Stonehill PTA 3

APRIL NEWSLETTER The Tiger is published weekly and only electronically. But from time to time we also publish printed Newsletters recording what has been going on in the school over the past couple of months.

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The latest Newsletter has just been published and copies will be distributed early next week. It can also be found on the school website.

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Ms. Amita Patel Ms. Nijika Bhardwaj Ms. Punam Khanna Mr. Bilash Koirala

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The Tiger - 2013/05/03  

The Tiger - 2013/05/03