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2nd May, 2014

Volume 2, Issue 33

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UPCOMING EVENTS 5th May 10th May 16th May 17th May 21st May 22nd May 24th May 27th May


IBDP Final Examination Begins Alice in Wonderland P4 to P8 Swim Gala Student Council End of Year Dance PTA General Meeting Technology Fair D2 Student Graduation PYP Student led Portfolio Conferences

FROM THE DIRECTOR Secondary Teacher-Librarian. (Welcome, Antonella!) She has both Australian and Italian nationalities and has previously worked in Australia, China and Hong Kong as a PYP teacher, an ELL teacher and a TeacherLibrarian.

New Teachers We have just one last position to fill for the new school year but otherwise we are fully staffed and ready to go. Some of the new teachers have been hired at job fairs which Helen Sharrock, Alan Connah and I have attended over January, February and March. Others we have interviewed by Skype. And still others we have hired locally. In fact, nine of our new hires have previous experience of living and working in India. They are all people who have impressed us and I feel very optimistic about the team of teachers who will be working here next year. I will introduce them all to you over the next few weeks starting with…

Clare and Antonio Orlando, who are both British, come to us from Sudan (coincidentally, working in the same school as Simon and Amanda McCloskey) and previously taught in Tanzania, Malaysia and Syria in well-known IB schools. They will both be teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School and they have two children who will also be joining Stonehill. Antonella Giovannetti started just today as a 1

Venuzuela who is joining Stonehill to teach Spanish. She has teaching qualifications from Venezuela and the USA and is also a professional translator and a mother of two grown-up children.

Moving from just across the city is Rituparna Bhattarchya who will be joining Stonehill to teach Drama in the Secondary School. She is Indian and has worked in another IB school in Bangalore for four years but her love of theatre, both as a director and actor, has given her the opportunity to travel widely. She has already visited the school on a number of occasions and we will be seeing more of her over the coming weeks.

No strangers to Bangalore are David Abbott and Sarita Ngarden, both of whom are from Canada and both of whom previously worked in an IB school in the city. They have also worked in Thailand, Canada and Myanmar. Both will be taking PYP classes at Stonehill and will be accompanied by their two children.

Joining the P.E. Department is Gilbert Kaburu. He is presently completing a doctoral programme in the USA but previously taught in the leading IB school in his native Uganda. He is a former Olympic swimmer and has also represented his country in two World Swimming Championships. Gilbert will be joined here by his wife and two young children.

I very much look forward to welcoming all of our new colleagues to the school later this year. Peter MacKenzie Director IMPORTANT CALENDAR CHANGE Please find attached with this issue of The Tiger a revised version of the 2014-2015 Calendar. These changes have been made to better accommodate the needs of students who will attend Stonehill next year as boarders. The principal changes are to create a full week’s holiday in October and to move the Spring Break from the start of March to the end of March. The revised calendar is now on the school website.

Dr. Luisa Cappuccio is an IB teacher from 2

PRIMARY NEWS May 16th - P4 to P8 swim gala more information to follow May 22nd - Annual tech fair. Please see the flyer in this newsletter and also the competition guidelines sent to you by email today for the Primary students. May 27th - Portfolio conferences – more information will follow in due course. June 3rd - P3 learning journey celebration June 6th - P8 Graduation in the morning and the rickshaw parade in the afternoon June 9th - Music concert June 10th - Primary awards June 12th - Final assembly June 12th - Report cards issued

Dear Parents, The Exhibition Thank you to all the parents who attended the P8 Exhibition, I am sure you would like to join me in saying “well done” to all our P8 students for all the hard work they have put into the past eight weeks. We have also discussed how action continues and that they will be the ones to ensure we are continue to be aware of the things we can all do help address the global and locally issues they inquired into. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the P8 teaching team , Ms. Flo, Ms. Preetha, Ms. Kanak and Mr. Ronen for all the support and guidance they offered the students during this time and of course over the whole year so far. I would also like to thank Ms. Shannon for all her hard work with the students and behind the scenes. The Exhibition is nerve racking for the students but believe me it is not plain sailing for even a fantastic PYP coordinator like Ms. Shannon. I would also like to acknowledge and thank “The mentors”, who worked with students and also the experts from within school and the local NGO’s, your support was invaluable.

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director Primary Tech Fair The Tech Fair will be held on the 22nd May 2014 in the school between 8.00am and 2.30pm for the Primary students. The PYP entries for the Tech Fair competitions will be created during ICT classes in advance of the Tech Fair. This year students from P1 to P8 can take part in the competitions. The competition guidelines, on how you can support your child at home, and the dates they will work on these in school date will be sent to primary parents in a separate mail. On the day of Tech Fair each class in Primary will have 30 to 40 minutes to present their learning to their parents and other students. Below is the programme for PYP classes on this day

The visit of Mr. Simon McCloskey and Family Thank you to all the parents who came along to the PTA meeting on Wednesday to meet Simon. He and his family have had a very productive week in Bangalore and are really excited about their move here at the end of July.


This week has given us an opportunity to start the hand over process, but of course we will continue to communicate in the weeks and months to come.

08.00 – 08.30 am: P1 (Early Years Breakout area) 08.30 – 09.00 am: P2 (Early Years Breakout area) 08.30 – 09.15 am: P4 (Primary ICT) 09.20 – 09.40 am: Snack Break 09.40 – 10.25 am: P5 & P6 (Primary ICT) 10.00 – 10.30 am: P3 (P3 Breakout area) 11.00 – 11.55 am: Assembly – PYP & MYP (Multi-Purpose Hall) 12.00 – 01.00 pm: Lunch Break 01.00 – 02.30 pm: P7 & P8 and Group Presentations (Primary ICT)

My visit to Pune I will be out of school all next week on my visit to Pune to see the handover process from the other side! I will be checking my mail periodically all week but please for general information and housekeeping/information pieces please email Ms. Nijika ( in my absence.

Blessina Cyril & Raji V.K. Primary ICT Teachers

Important Dates May 2nd - P2 Unit 4 reports issued 3

serves and Maanav won the gold medal. Maanav and Hridaya were partners in the doubles competition which was a round robin involving all 3 schools and they also won first place after some closely fought matches. Congratulations go to our 2014 Under 12 team. Well done!

Under 12 Invitational Tennis Tournament On Saturday 26th April, Stonehill hosted the Under 12 Invitational Tennis Tournament. Three schools competed, they were: Trio World School, Canadian International School and Stonehill. The level of competition was very good and the students worked hard in both Singles and Doubles matches. Our team was Maanav Jain and Hridaya Jain. Both boys played a fantastic level of tennis with consistently good ground strokes and strong

Elizabeth Shepherd PE Teacher

SECONDARY NEWS Swimming Gala As this week’s Tiger goes to press, Secondary Students are participating in our annual Swimming Gala. The competition between the different Houses is fierce but good-natured. A full report on the Swim Gala will be published next week.

7.00pm to 11.00pm on 17th May. Further information regarding the Dance will be communicated to students and parents in the very near future.

Key Dates for the Calendar 5th May: IBDP Final Examinations Begin 10th May: M4/5 Production of Alice in Wonderland 17th May: Student Council End of Year Dance 22nd May: Technology Fair 24th May: D2 Student Graduation 28th May to 3rd June: D1 End of Year Examinations 30th May to 2nd June: M1 to M5 End of Year Examinations 5th & 6th June: D1 Group 4 Project 12th June: Secondary School Prize Giving; End of Year Reports Issued; School closes for the Summer Holidays

MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2014 Thursday 24th April saw the culmination of eight months of steady work for our M5 students, as the MYP Personal Project Exhibition was celebrated in the Multi-Purpose Hall.

Alan Connah Secondary Principal

The M5 students started preparing their displays on Wednesday evening and showed creativity and enthusiasm in sharing their learning with the whole school community. On Thursday, students from P8 to D1, parents, teachers and school administrators assembled in the Hall for a ceremony in which each student briefly presented their project, followed by a walk through.

End of Year Student Dance The Student Council is delighted to announce that their End of Year Student Dance will be held at the Hiatt Hotel on MG Road from

“It was really a very good mix of projects,” noted Ms. Evie Kelton, the Music teacher and so did other students, who were excited to 4

see and touch Felipe Dissenha’s restored Vespa scooter, play OJ d’Silva’s computer game or feast on the delicious bakery products provided by Moritz Koellermeyer and James Connah and the chocolate created from scratch by Marion Peuch.

ECA, in Lea Enke’s cleanup project - Let’s do it, Bangalore! - or by helping Margot Badin to make the Stonehill Government School a learning-friendly environment. Thus, they shared a sense of pride as they walked through the displays.

“There was a moment when I wanted to drop everything and that was when all my relatives and friends started sending me e-mails with recipes for my Uni Cookbook, and I had no time to process all that information. I advise everyone to make good use of time and work steadily,” said James Connah.

Pradip Ananda’s technology project was a hit with the D1 students, who appreciated Pradip’s work and creativity. It was a pity that Rithe Arnold’s animation could not be viewed, but he has promised to upload it on Youtube as soon as he solves the bugs. The Personal Project is mandatory for all M5 students and consists of a product our outcome, a process journal and an academic report. Students choose their own project, which can take many forms, and see the process through to completion under the supervision of a teacher in the school. Successful completion of all the elements of the Personal Project is essential to the successful completion of the MYP.

The centre of attention changed with every new group: the P8 students were eager to interview Kokona Ota, whose Happy Doggy Project led to a total of 8,200 Rs being raised for an animal welfare foundation. “We are also doing a project on animal welfare for the PYP Exhibition, and Kokona can give us good advice,” said Lola Cooper. They also enjoyed Ako Kobayashi’s stop motion animation, and Bhumika Jethnani’s fantastic music album.

Special thanks to all the supervisors who worked with the students and, of course, to the parents! The M5 students have proven that they have what it takes to be successful in the Diploma Programme.

“I never thought I could sing on stage, but now I have my own album and I was on stage at the Stonehill’s Got Talent show. It was a beautiful project, but it takes time and energy, so don’t procrastinate,” said Bhumika.

I will leave you with the words of Felipe’s father, Mr Dissenha: “I think the Vespa is 95% his own work. What was most interesting was to watch him run to the computer to log every change he made. That really showed me that he was taking the project very seriously.” And his mother adds: “I am glad that Felipe is in a school that allows him to do this. It’s really wonderful that the kids are encouraged to pursue projects that they are passionate about.”

For the M4 students, who are preparing for their own Personal Project next year, it was Felipe’s Vespa and Isabell Schoenherr’s Sparkle Inside and Out book that drew the most attention. The girls also showed much interest in the fashionable outfits styled by Emilia Dexter and gathered to study the wonderful Bangalore Guidebook written by Emmy Larsson. Most of the M1 to M3 students had directly helped an M5 accomplish their goals, whether it was by taking part in Laurin Teich’s knitting

Christina Anghelina MYP Coordinator


While developing this particular adaptation, we decided to experiment with a range of theatrical styles, drawing on ideas from puppetry, dance and visual theatre. The students have worked extremely hard while conceptualising and rehearsing for this performance, and the result is a dramatic twist on Caroll’s original text, fused with bizarre images and dreamlike atmospheres.

Alice in Wonderland Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Caroll’s story of a curious little girl who follows a white rabbit into a strange, fantasy world, is a master work of imagination and playful nonsense. Having delighted and inspired millions of readers worldwide, it continues to be the source of inspiration for countless works of art, literature, music and film. Indeed, many playwrights have adapted the novel for the stage, and I cannot even begin to imagine just how many productions have invited audiences to join the young protagonist on her mysterious tumble down the rabbit hole.

So… We would like to invite you to embrace the curious child within, and join us as we prepare to follow Alice once more into Wonderland. Benjamin Woods English/Drama Teacher



PTA NEWS extended until 12 noon on Monday, 5th May 2014 The 2014/15 Stonehill PTA Executive Committee is due to be elected. Here is your chance to take action and become involved. Job descriptions are available to view on Moodle under PTA News - Executive Committee Positions and Nomination form is below. Please note that nominations will close on Wednesday 5th May, this is to allow a hand over from the old committee members to the new committee members in May. If you are interested in any of the positions and would like to ask any questions please contact Kristi Lenahan or Renee Larsen

Important Dates to Remember • 21st May - PTA General Meeting • 4th June - PTA Annual General Meeting • 5th June - Teacher Appreciation Lunch • 6th June - Rickshaw Parade PTA General Meeting – 30th April What a fabulous turn out we had on Wednesday for the PTA General Meeting! Thank you to Alan Connah and Simon McCloskey for your informative discussions. If you were not able to make it to the meeting but are interested in what Alan and Simon had to say please keep an eye out for the Meeting Minutes next week. PTA




Stonehill PTA 7

Stonehill International School Tarahunise Post Jala Hobli Bangalore North 562157 India T +91 8043418300 +91 8043418318 M +91 9008307684 E

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Ms. Amita Patel Ms. Nijika Bhardwaj Ms. Punam Khanna Mr. Bilash Koirala

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The Tiger - 2014/05/02  

The Tiger - 2014/05/02

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