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21st March, 2014

Volume 2, Issue 28


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29th – 30th April

DP Art Exhibition @ 3pm Ugadi (School Closed) PTA Charity Gala M1-D1 Parent Teacher Conference Day Ambedkar Jayanthi (School Closed) School Closed (MYP Workshop) Good Friday (School Closed) PTA General Meeting World Book Day Celebration in the Primary - P8 Exhibition

FROM THE DIRECTOR IB Regional Conference I am writing this week’s contribution to The Tiger from Singapore where I am attending the annual IB Regional Conference.

educational philosophy that has strong and deep roots but is still responsive to the changing needs of children, schools and society.

There are three IB regions. We are in AsiaPacific. (The other two are the Americas and Europe-Africa-Middle East.) Thus, I and my colleagues from Stonehill are here with over 1,000 teachers, governors, administrators and educationalists from Colombo to Vladivostok and Islamabad to Sydney. What unites us all is that we work in, or for, IB schools and have experiences, knowledge, perspectives and ideas that are worth sharing. It is impossible to attend such a conference and not to be inspired and re-energised by being in the company of such a diverse and committed community of teachers – and learners.

Strategic Plan Work is continuing on the strategic plan that will provide us with a roadmap for the next three to five years. The broad goals have been established and teams including parents, teachers, admin staff and students are currently turning these goals into draft action plans. This work should be finished late this month or early in April.

It is also a valuable opportunity to feed back to the IB what is working well and what is perhaps working less well. A great strength of the IB is that it was founded by and is still sustained by practitioners teaching day in and day out in schools like Stonehill. The IB listens to and very much values the opinions and experiences of those of us whose job it is to implement their programmes and initiatives. They do listen. And the result is a coherent

Peter MacKenzie Director

These draft plans will then be woven together to ensure coherence and clarity and the result will, of course, be shared with all members of the school community.



Swimming Pool Open Saturdays for Stonehill Families We are pleased to announce that the pool will once again be open to Stonehill families on Saturdays.

The use of the pool is for Stonehill families only.

We hope that given the rising temperature the use of the pool will be a welcome addition to your Saturday activities in the hot summer months.

Please note the following points: • All students must be accompanied by a parent who is responsible for them at the pool and at all times on the campus. • All students and parents using the pool must wear appropriate swim gear including swim hats. • You are strongly advised to wear a high factor waterproof sunblock. • The hours are 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 3.45pm. • The life guard will ask all to leave the pool at 1pm and 3.45pm. • The life guard's instructions are to be followed by all. • The pool is closed from 1pm to 2pm for the lifeguard’s lunch. • No food is to be eaten in the pool area. • Only water is to be drunk in the pool area.

Happy Swimming! Emergency Mobile Phone Number As you were advised by SMS earlier this week we have had some problems with our school telephone lines. We apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have now got an emergency mobile number +91 7353518300. This will only be switched on when our phone lines are down. In case we have no phone lines again, in the future, we will again send out an SMS telling you this and also reminding you of the emergency mobile number.

PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents,

event in the life of a PYP student.

I would like to take this week to bring to your attention the events that are already on the calendar between now and the end of the school year. As the temperature soars, we seem to be also adding more and more to our calendar, in order to celebrate the students learning journeys for the year. All the dates can also be found on the Moodle calendar.

May 1st – Holiday 16th – P4 to P8 swim gala from 12.40 onwards 22nd– P1 to P8 Tech Fair 27th – Student led portfolio conferences. This is not a regular school day for P1 to P8 the students only attend with their parent(s) for the conference slot. The M1 to D1 have regular classes.

Many parents are planning their own calendars for the rest of this academic year and so here are some key events for you to note down:

June 3rd – P3 End of Year celebration – an acknowledgment of them leaving Early Years. 6th – P8 Graduation in the morning, Rickshaw inter-house competition in the afternoon. 9th – Music concert 10th – Primary Awards 12th – Last day of school for students. Report cards distributed.

April 14th – Holiday 16th – P1 to P3 sports morning 8am to 9.15am 17th – Professional Development day for teachers. No school for students. 18th – Holiday 23rd – World Book Day celebrations 29th and 30th - P8 Exhibition will be the held on and further information will be sent to all P8 parents and all primary parents as you are all welcome to come and join us for this major

Often parents ask “are the last days important”, indeed they are. Students need to take part in final assemblies, prize giving etc. in order to round of the school year. Also 2

given that they or their friends maybe permanent leavers it is very important they get to say their goodbyes.

to a values-laden curriculum. The PYP attitudes embedded in, taught and demonstrated throughout the programme, are as follows:

Please note that from time to time the homeroom teachers may notify you of presentations etc. and they will give you at least one week’s notice so that you can try to plan to attend and support your child.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Swim Classes The swim programme is part of our Physical Education programme and all students, when in school, are expected to swim, unless they have an ear infection or a broken limb etc. If your child is not able to swim they must have a written note from you explaining why they cannot swim. Please do ensure they bring their swim kit on the correct days. We consider the physical education programme just as important as the rest of the programmes in school.

Appreciation Commitment Confidence Cooperation Creativity Curiosity Empathy Enthusiasm Independence Integrity Respect Tolerance

Shannon McMahon PYP Coordinator P4-P8 Track and Field P4-P8 celebrated Track and Field day on 14th March 2014 where students demonstrated their abilities in different sports and fitness activities. This was the culmination of the recent PE athletics unit. The activities involved physical strength but they also help in nourishing the mind and enhancing coordination and concentration.

Please can you all check at home? A number of parents are missing items of school clothing that do have their children’s names in. Please check at home and return to school any items that are not yours. It is very easy for children to take home the wrong cap or sweatshirt etc. Water Bottles Thursday, 20th March was World Water Day and it seems as if to celebrate my collection of water bottles has multiplied dramatically. Please do have your child check and reclaim their water bottles.

The crowning glory of the day was the welcome ceremony, lighting of the Olympic torch and the Oath all conducted by the P6 students as they were inquiring into a unit called ‘Ancient Civilization’ and the PE link to enhance their learning in this unit was a link to the ancient Olympics.

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

Students participated in 50m & 100m Races, the Bean ball throw which is a pre-cursor to Javelin, Medicine ball throw which is a precursor to Shot put, Long jump and the Sack race earning points for their house teams.

PYP News Attitudes Over the course of recent weeks, time has been taken to elaborate on the essential elements of the PYP, highlighting and explaining the importance of the delivery and acquisition of knowledge through concepts and skills. Whilst fundamental to students’ development, these elements alone do not make an internationally minded person. The PYP believes that a focus on the development of personal attitudes towards people, towards the environment, and towards learning, is a vital contributor to the well-being of the individual and of the group. Thus, in promoting attitudes as an essential element of the programme, the PYP makes a commitment

There were also relay races for the house teams for the P4-P6, P7and P8. The final event of the day was the Parent, Teacher & P8 relay, where the Parents were the victors. The overall House CHAMPIONS of 2014 Track and Field were GANDHI. Vandana D’Cruz PE Teacher


SECONDARY NEWS IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference This week I am privileged to be writing to you from the IB Asia Pacific Annual Regional Conference in Singapore. The conference provides a valuable opportunity for IB educators from around the region, and the globe, to come together to share best practices relating to student learning, the IB and its programmes, staff development and training, and much more. In addition to a number of internationally recognized keynote speakers, the conference also provides an extensive range of smaller sessions, which are led by educational experts from around the IB world.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

In fact, I have just come from a very interesting session with the new IB Director General, Dr Siva Kumari, where she outlined some of the key activities that the IB will be focusing on over the next few years. From both a school and personal perspective, it is immensely valuable to have such opportunities to engage intellectually with the IB and fellow international school colleagues, to share ideas and solve common challenges.

• • •

M2 Music Last week, at the end of their recent music rotation, the M2 students put together a performance for their parents and a few other guests. The brief was that everybody had to be on the stage and each person had to do one thing they had learnt in music as well as something else of their choice to do with music. During the performance different nationalities were represented through songs, there was a flamenco dance by Linn and her mother, and there were solo performances and group presentations. The concepts of visual scores and symphonic poems were presented to the audience. The students composed their own music using varying dynamics and tempos. All together it was an excellent

DP Art Exhibition We have great pleasure in inviting parents and friends of the school to attend our annual DP Art Exhibition between 3pm and 5pm next Thursday, 27th March, in the Main Administration Building. Please come along to see and celebrate the significant talent and achievements of our D2 Art students. Key Dates for the Calendar Please note the following key Secondary School calendar dates for the remainder of Semester 2. • •

8th April: M1 to D1 Interim Reports Issued 11th April: M1 to D1 Parent Teacher Conference Day / Normal school day for D2 students 14th April: Ambedkar Jayanti Holiday 17th April: School Closed for IB MYP Regional Workshops 18th April: Good Friday Holiday 25th April: Last Day of School for D2 Students 1st May: Labour Day Holiday 5th May: IBDP Final Examinations Begin 10th May: M4/5 Production of Alice in Wonderland 23rd May: Technology Fair 24th May: D2 Student Graduation 28th May to 4th June: D1 End of Year Examinations 30th May to 2nd June: M1 to M5 End of Year Examinations 5th & 6th June: D1 Group 4 Project 12th June: Secondary School Prize Giving; End of Year Reports Issued; School closes for the Summer Holidays

27th March: DP Art Exhibition 31st March: Ugadi Holiday 4

ending to their 12-week course.

good results are desired then hard work is the only viable option. The student also has to be active while preparing. IB Mathematics examinations are written pieces of work where students must be able to show steps to obtain a solution. Therefore, all students should practice by writing down solutions to problems before checking for the answer. It is no good reading through examples and hoping to understand. Working should be written clearly on paper. Several attempts should be made to obtain an answer before a mark scheme or answer book is looked at. Then the student can rework the problem in writing (with the answer book closed) to ensure the methodology and solution technique is understood.

Alan Connah Secondary Principal From the Mathematics Department At this point in time our D2 students are very busy preparing for their final examinations. All internal assessment has now been handed in and these assignments have been moderated internally by three teachers in the department, prior to submission to the IBO for the external moderation process.

In junior classes, M1 have just completed an important topic on the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. At present they are developing techniques for finding the areas of two-dimensional shapes. M2 are working on surface areas and volumes shapes. M3 are of three-dimensional developing their measurement skills and are also extending their ability to deal with aspects of three-dimensional shapes. In M4, students recently completed a crucial section on quadratic techniques and parabolas – this is important foundation work for presumed knowledge in the Diploma Programme. At present they are working on a probability topic. M5 students have completed their probability and sets section. At present they are engaged with the key concepts of range and domain – important material for handling functions within the Diploma programme.

We encourage and urge D1 students to start giving some thought to the topics they could investigate for their Explorations or projects. This should be an ongoing process as decisions on these topics will need to be made fairly soon, so that students can begin work on this aspect of their Mathematics course before the end of the academic year. Most Diploma students have by now realized that the only way to prepare effectively and thoroughly for a Mathematics exam is by consistent, diligent practice and drill. How does a serious IB student practice for an examination? The student should obtain online resources; past papers; extra IB Mathematics textbooks; study guides etcetera and should systematically work through the examples and exercises contained therein. Mathematics teachers can assist with extra resources, but the bottom line is that the student should “do the preparation”. There is no short- cut. If

The following photographs are of some M2 students working on volumes and surface areas during a recent topic. Rupert de Smidt HoD - Mathematics


The MYP Personal Project at Stonehill As the culminating project of the Middle Years Programme, the aims of the Personal Project are to provide students with the opportunity to pursue independent research on a focused topic and to develop research and communication skills that will stay with them as they transition into their IB Diploma Programme.

Kokona’s Personal Project For my MYP Personal Project, I am doing a project on helping stray dogs. I created a calendar, which I am selling to raise funds for an animal rescue organization based in Bangalore, called Animal Aid Alliance. This calendar runs from August 2014 to July 2015 and its size is 21.8×15.2cm. On every page it has a color photo and a message about dogs such as "Don't Shop, Adopt". The price is Rs. 300. I will be selling these calendars from March 25th until March 27th during morning break (10:20am-10:40am) in front of the Tiger mural in the Secondary school area. For any questions or orders, please email me at:

The Personal Project that Stonehill students undertake in M5 enables them to experience the discipline of engaging in a systematic process of research appropriate to the subject and the excitement of intellectual discovery! Our M5 students are now approaching the end of this process (the final reports are due on April 2nd) and begin to prepare for the Personal Project Exhibition, which will be held in school at the end of April.

Thank you for your support and get ready to have cute dogs on your desk all year!

You will begin to see evidence of successful Personal Projects in the form of posters, surveys or announcements that the students publish to advertise for their cause. Kokona’s announcement in today’s issue of the Tiger is just one example. More information about the Exhibition will follow shortly.

Kokona Ota M5 Student

Christina Anghelina MYP Coordinator


PTA NEWS General Meeting - Wednesday 23rd April Please note that there will be no general meeting next week. The next scheduled general meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd April.

contact anyone in the PTA to secure your spot and find out details for payment. If interested, you may request to sit with friends or reserve a table for eight, when purchasing tickets. The evening starts at 7pm with drinks and canapés. On arrival, you will be greeted on the Red Carpet, with the paparazzi to take your photo. Further into the evening there will be dinner, dancing, fun activities and an open bar until 11:30pm.

Charity Gala - Saturday 5th April 'A Night on the Red Carpet' Gala is quickly approaching on Saturday 5th April at the Marriott Hotel, Whitefield. Here’s a link to a map and contact details if you require them. rwf-bengaluru-marriott-hotel-whitefield. A special rate of 6500 rupees per couple, including breakfast and taxes, has been provided. Please mention that you will be attending our event to receive this rate.

The Silent Auction opens at 7pm and all the marvellous items for bidding will be on display in the Ball Room. There is something for everyone! Remember to raid the ATMs and bring those cheque books –all monies raised in the silent auction go towards our charities.

Tickets are on sale now for 3000 rupees per person. Please complete the ticket reservation card inside your invitation, enclose payment and return it to Helen Sharrock's office.

Stonehill PTA

If you have misplaced your invitation please

Stonehill International School Tarahunise Post Jala Hobli Bangalore North 562157 India T +91 8043418300 +91 8043418318 M +91 9008307684 E

Contacting the School: Admissions Primary School Secondary School Transport



Ms. Amita Patel Ms. Nijika Bhardwaj Ms. Punam Khanna Mr. Bilash Koirala

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