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7thJune, 2013

Volume 1, Issue 13

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UPCOMING EVENTS 10th June 11th June 12th June

- Secondary Awards - P8 Graduation - PTA Annual Rickshaw Decoration Competition - P3 End of Year Celebration @ 1.25pm - Final Report Cards Issued - Last Day of School for Students

13th June 14th June 14th June

FROM THE DIRECTOR It doesn’t matter how often you come to the end of a school year (for the record, this is my 32nd), it always comes too soon and too fast.

It’s a good time to reflect on everything that has been achieved. Looking back, is the school in a better place than it was ten months ago? Have we made progress? Do we have a clear view of the road ahead? In our case, I believe the answer to all of these questions is a confident ‘yes’.

It’s too soon because it always means saying goodbye to people you have come to know and like and admire. Students, colleagues and, indeed, parents who have come to be ‘part of the school’ (good parts!) are leaving and it is hard to imagine the place without them. Some have been here just a short time. Others were here on the school’s very first day in 2008. All have made their mark on Stonehill and all will be missed.

I look at Stonehill as it is today and I believe we can feel satisfied with the year’s work – not complacent or unaware of the work that still remains but satisfied. Still better, I look at the new school year ahead of us and I feel particularly optimistic. Quite steadily, the pieces are falling into place.

And the end of year comes too fast because there is always too much to do!

Peter MacKenzie Director

But the end of the year is also a good time.

PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents,

attitude is wonderful to see. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and positive attitudes of all our students over the year, they truly do exhibit the Learner Profile day by day and I can see the makings of lifelong learners!

The last weeks of the academic year are upon us and we are all dashing around here and there, it is a busy but exciting time here in the Primary. This week saw the first, we hope of many Primary Award ceremonies for P4 to P8. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation as to who was to get an award and the MPH last Wednesday had an air of great expectation about it. Those who did not get an award were very supportive of their peers and this

I would like to thank all the parents, teachers and students who have continued to support the P8 action component for the exhibition, the fund raising for the food composter is going very well. Next week we will see the P8 Graduation and 1

the P3 End of Year Ceremony. We do hope the parents of the P8 and P3 will be able to join us on these days.

you complete the leaver’s form.

Please do send in toys or books that you no longer need or want at home and we will find "good homes" for them for you.

Camera Lens Found On Wednesday, after the Primary Awards Ceremony we found a camera lens in the Multipurpose Hall. If yours is lost, please come and check in the Primary Office.

If you are leaving Stonehill this year please ensure that Ms. Amita is aware of this and

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

SECONDARY NEWS D2 Graduation On the evening of Saturday, June 1st, Stonehill Class of 2013 was awarded their High School Diplomas by the Embassy Chair Jitu Viruwani in a ceremony at the Taj West End.

The event was well attended and enjoyed by all, parents, teachers and friends of the graduates, who had all come together to congratulate the students and wish them well in the future.

The eight D2 students graduating are very happy to have reached the end of the extremely demanding two year IB Diploma programme and are all looking forward to taking the next step in their life.

We wish them all the best for their future endeavours. Secondary Awards Ceremony Monday, 10th June, the Secondary Awards Ceremony will be held at 1:30pm in the MultiPurpose Hall.

They are all heading off in different directions around the world, but have become very close during their time together, so have already made plans for a reunion in five years’ time. They will of course keep in touch regularly via social media sites.

If your child(ren) are receiving an award you should have received an email from Ms. Punam informing you of this. I look forward to seeing you at the awards so we celebrate in the students’ success together.

It is unfortunate that Samy one of the eight was unable to be there. He had to return to his home country early, so there were only seven on stage to receive their diplomas.

Alasdair Maclean Acting Secondary School Principal

PTA NEWS The PTA end of year event The Autorickshaw Parade will take place on Wednesday, 12th June. Each class is given a rickshaw to decorate and parade at school, there are prizes for ‘best show of theme’ and ‘best creativity’. This year the parade is split across the morning with the PYP decoration; parade from 8-9.20am and MYP from 9.40 11.30am. Parents are welcome to attend this

Stonehill International School Tarahunise Post Jala Hobli Bangalore North 562157 India T +91 8043418300 +91 8043418318 M +91 9008307684 E

fun-filled event, there are great photo opportunities with great community spirit. This year’s theme is the four Elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. More details regarding help required on the day and materials required will follow via the class representatives. Stonehill PTA

Contacting the School Admissions Primary School Secondary School Transport



Ms. Amita Patel Ms. Nijika Bhardwaj Ms. Punam Khanna Mr. Bilash Koirala

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