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28th February, 2014

Volume 2, Issue 26


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Mid Term Break (School Closed) P4 to P8 Track & Field Day DP Art Exhibition Ugadi (School Closed) PTA Charity Gala M1-D1 Parent Teacher Conference Day Ambedkar Jayanthi (School Closed) School Closed (MYP Workshop)

FROM THE DIRECTOR Transport Committee The new Transport Committee met for the first time this week. It will reconvene immediately after the coming break and meet as often as necessary thereafter.

Fire Drill We regularly hold drills to ensure that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire and the most recent was on Tuesday of this week. As was the case last time, this drill was unannounced and only the senior management knew about it in advance but the whole exercise went very smoothly. Further practices will follow periodically.

It comprises three parent volunteers (thank you), the Transport Manager, a bus monitor, and a bus driver. I am chairing it myself. Depending on their availability during the school day, we will also try to include a student whenever possible.

Flags (Again) As I have noted before, the flags we have had flying along the boulevard have not aged well. The two sets we have bought have quickly faded and become tatty. So, we have replaced them with a different make and they were hoisted this week. They should be in alphabetical order. (But I wouldn’t stake my life on it…)

The remit of the committee is to receive and review questions, concerns, complaints and suggestions regarding the bus transportation the school provides. The first meeting looked at a number of issues including the use and quality of seat belts, student behaviour and monitor competence. The minutes of each meeting will be made available and I will advise parents as and when the committee’s discussions result in a change of policy or practice.

Peter MacKenzie Director

WHOLE SCHOOL Reminder School is closed for the Mid-Term Break from 3rd to 7th March 2014. There are no ECA’s the first week back ie 11th and 13th March and school will be over at 2.55pm.

Medical Checks The health check results will be sent to parents once we have received the eye test results from the eye specialists.

Senior Leadership Team

Kindly inform the Nurse's ( of any 1

Office health

related problems that your child might have had such as injuries that were sustained outside school. This is to ensure that proper follow up will be done when they are back in school. Also, please inform the Nurse's Office whenever your child catches contagious

diseases that are easily transmitted such as measles, etc. This will be necessary for monitoring cases among our students. Abigail Restauro School Nurse

PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents,

blue Tiger hoodies, these looked great but when I asked who had put their names in them only two out of nine students said they had! PLEASE put your child’s name in all items of clothing so if they misplace them it is easier to hand them back!

I was glad to spend time talking with many of you on Saturday at the annual PTA Food Fair. It was a very pleasant, social day and was also a great fund raiser to allow more community and service activities to be supported by the PTA. Thank you to all of those who made this such a wonderful event.

Please note that on Fridays the Primary students may wear their tiger gear in the house colours, all students should have the official tiger T-shirts available from the PTA. The PTA will be selling Tiger Gear on Friday 14th from 8.30am onwards.

Taking Action Three of our P8 students had approached me in December wishing to support the Morning Star Ashram after they had accompanied their parents on a visit. They asked about a bake sale, but having had a number of parents ask that these were kept to a minimum in Primary it did not go head. They were not deterred and in early February they asked about having the bake sale at the Food Fair, where parents would be on hand to see what their children bought. I thought this was a splendid idea so, Isabella, Sohana and Evan set about organising their stall. They asked their friends in P8 to bake, they baked, they got their families involved and me!

Key Dates for Primary March 14th, P4 to P8 sports day from 9.30am to noon – all parents welcome to attend. Students should wear their house T-shirt, school PE shorts and runners/trainers. They MUST have a cap or hat to protect them from the sun, sunscreen and a water bottle. Wishing you all a relaxing holiday next week and I look forward to hearing all the students’ news on Monday, 10th March. Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

They arranged a stall with the PTA and on Saturday they raised Rs. 3,360. From metro they purchased 50 kgs of raw rice and 60 packets of 100 grams “good day biscuits” which were taken by them to the ashram earlier this week.

PYP News What is a concept based curriculum? In developing a rigorous unit of inquiry, organised under one of the six transdisciplinary themes, and guided by the central idea and lines of inquiry, PYP teachers strive to create a rich, authentic unit which fulfils the following criteria: Engaging: Of interest to the students, and involving them actively in their own learning. Relevant: Linked to the students' prior knowledge and experiences, and current circumstances and therefore placing learning in a context connected to the lives of the students.

Tiger Gear Monday saw many of our students in the new 2

Challenging: Extending the prior knowledge and experience of the students to increase their competencies and understanding.

wonderfully rich learning experiences through exploring the potential of these devices. Within all grade levels, students are working on different apps on the iPad to support their Unit of Inquiry. Here is a snapshot of how some of the classes have been learning using these tools.

Significant: Contributing to an understanding of the transdisciplinary nature of the theme, and therefore to an understanding of commonality of human experiences. Central to the philosophy of the PYP is the principle that purposeful, structured inquiry is a powerful vehicle for learning. Therefore, a strong commitment to a concept-driven curriculum supports such a philosophy. Within the PYP there are clusters of important ideas, grouped under a set of key concepts, each of which has major significance, regardless of time or place, within and across disciplines. The key concepts help teachers and students to consider ways of thinking and learning about the world, and act as provocations to extend student inquiries. These concepts are: • form • function • causation • change • connection • perspective • responsibility • reflection

P6 working on their puppet video. Students videoed their puppet show and edited it using iMovie.

These key concepts are presented within a unit of inquiry in the form of key questions. It is these questions, used by teachers and students, which shape the unit, giving it direction and purpose. It is in this sense that the key questions and the concepts to which they relate, are said to drive the PYP curriculum.

P4’s drawing parts of a plant and exploring the ‘ScreenChomp’ application.

Shannon McMahon PYP Coordinator Teaching and Learning with iPads in PYP At Stonehill, our mission is to ‘prepare students for life in 21st century’ and our aim as educators is to prepare the students for the world ahead. One key to life in the 21st century is becoming technologically fluent. P8’s creating their advertisement and trailers using the iPad and transferring these to the computer.

In the Primary School, every grade has a set of iPad’s and the students are exposed to the use of these from P1. The iPad is an excellent tool which helps students to investigate, prepare, organize and present their work in a variety of ways. Students are receiving

Blessina Cyril ICT Teacher 3

Mother Language Day In any school but more so in International schools it is important to recognise and support the development of a child’s mother language/tongue. February 21st is the day nominated by the UN for the acknowledgement and preservation of languages around the world. In P4, students brought in books in their Mother Tongue, Songs, numbers up to 10 and the words for ‘Please’, Thank you’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Good-bye’. Students had a great time sharing their stories and sharing how they say different phrases.

P6 N celebrated Mother Language Day by teaching each other useful phrases and interactive language games in our Mother tongues. The languages we covered were Tamil, Hindi, Swedish, Spanish, Australian English, Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch.

Jennifer Martindale, Nicola Doran Terrie Lee & Geetha Ashok

In P7G students brought in books written in their home language. It was wonderful to see the many Inquirers and Risk Takers in the classroom as our students chose to browse through books written in another language. Students later worked in pairs to design a Tshirt celebrating Mother Language day.

Primary Art Update The Artist of the Month: The students from P4 to P8 were introduced to Paul Klee and his Art style and techniques. The students were encouraged to incorporate and explore the use of primary colours and secondary colours in their own pieces of Art. The students were very briefly introduced to the Cubism Art style. They created selfportraits using this artist style and learnt different skills such as recognizing and applying secondary colours by mixing from primary colours.


3 peel Art competition Winners Stonehill is very proud to have been associated with 3 peel Art competitions for the past four year. Last year Stonehill won the “Best Art School” junior level for Bangalore. For the last three years, 3peel has been giving us very challenging themes for the students to interpret and create their Art work for. This year the theme was “Travels thru India”. I personally thought that this was a lovely opportunity for our students to show their travel in India through creativity using any medium they wished. There was a wide range of fantastic art work submitted by our students showcasing different parts of India. This included buildings, landscapes and artefacts that caught the children’s imagination about India. In the second and final round, three of our primary students have won prizes in different categories:

Aarti Vinil PYP Art Specialist

Axel Andersson: Upcoming Artist Award – First place trophy Darcey Morgan: Most colourful PresentationMedal winner Ella Grace Morrison: Upcoming Artist – Medal winner 5

Risk-takers. They then presented their stories to their peers. This is quite an accomplishment for our English Language Learners, who confidently demonstrated their language skills in multiple ways.

Creativity in ELL! Throughout February, ELL students had the opportunity to apply their understanding of narrative and creative writing, using these skills to create stories about the PYP Learner Profiles. Students used their social English, writing, editing, and technology skills to demonstrate how Stonehill students can be Open-minded, Principled, Communicators, and

Elizabeth Eckel ELL



event and perhaps even be part of the special parent-teacher race to finish the day’s events.

We would like to invite you to watch and take part in the Track and Field Day. Students will be participating in running, jumping and throwing events throughout the morning with all their individual efforts contributing towards House points and a chance to win the House Team Trophy.

Students should wear their House T-Shirts; the PTA have all the tiger shirts in stock. Essentials A sun hat Sunscreen Water bottle Appropriate footwear and PE shorts.

The Schedule Individual races A rotation of field events in House Teams Relay races in Houses

We are looking forward to another excellent school sports event.

We invite parents to come along and enjoy the

Vandana D’cruz PE


SECONDARY NEWS Trips Week By now you will have hopefully had a chance to read the latest edition of the Stonehill Newsletter, which was sent home with students a few days ago. The Newsletter included a report from each of the trips along with a photograph or two. From all accounts students seem to have enjoyed their adventures and learnt a great deal as well.

D2 Parent Teacher Conference Afternoon D2 Student Reports were issued yesterday, giving a detailed breakdown of the students' semester and exam results. If you have not received your son/daughter’s report please contact Mrs Jemma de Smidt directly. We appreciate that with the final IBDP Examinations looming closer, D2 parents may wish to consult with teachers one last time, and therefore we are arranging a Parent Teacher Conference especially for D2 parents. This will be held at 3pm on Wednesday 12th March. If you would like to attend, please contact Mrs Jemma de Smidt at ( by Monday 10th March, so that we can schedule appointments with teachers.

Continuing on from last week, we have included a few more Trip Week photographs for parents to enjoy. On this occasion they are from the M3 Coorg Trip.


Key Dates for the Calendar In an effort to help Secondary School Parents with their planning for the next few months, please note the following key calendar dates for the remainder of Semester 2. • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • •

3rd to 7th March: Spring Break 10th March: Semester 2 Recommences 12th March: D2 Parent Teacher Conference Afternoon 31st March: Ugadi Holiday 8th April: M1 to D1 Interim Reports Issued 11th April: M1 to D1 Parent Teacher Conference Day 14th April: Ambedkar Jayanti Holiday 17th April: School Closed for IB MYP Regional Workshops 18th April: Good Friday Holiday 25th April: Last Day of School for D2 Students 1st May: Labour Day Holiday 5th May: IBDP Final Examinations Begin

• • •

10th May: M4/M5 Production of Alice in Wonderland 23rd May: Technology Fair 24th May: D2 Student Graduation 28th May to 4th June: D1 End of Year Examinations 30th May to 3rd June: M1 to M5 End of Year Examinations 5th & 6th June: D1 Group 4 Project 12th June: Secondary School Prize Giving; End of Year Reports Issued; School closes for the Summer Holidays

Wishing you all a pleasant Spring Holiday. Alan Connah Secondary Principal


PTA NEWS Charity Gala - Saturday 5th April The annual Charity Gala this year will be held at the Marriott in Whitefield. The invitations will come home the first week back after the holidays. Please note that it is an adults only event and promises to be another memorable night.

underway on Saturday. It was an event to remember with over 15 countries represented providing tasty treats and fun games and activities for all to enjoy. A big thank you to all who participated and dedicated their time and culinary expertise. We raised over 1 Lakh! Great job to everyone who participated as a country and all those who participated as a consumer! Below are the totals raised for each country. You all should be proud! • Germany – Rs. 15,040 • France/Spain – Rs. 14,120 • Sweden/Norway – Rs. 11,470 • USA – Rs. 11,320 • Holland – Rs. 9,750 • England – Rs. 7,790 • India – Rs. 7,530 • Korea – Rs. 6,960 • Australia/New Zealand – Rs. 5,590 • Poland – Rs. 5,350 • Japan – Rs. 5,260 • South Africa – Rs. 3,220 Total for the Charity Fund – Rs. 1,03,400

Goodbye, Thank you and Good Luck from Anuja It is time for me to move on. I am sad to leave before the end of the school year but it could not be helped. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of the Stonehill PTA over the past three years from class rep to events coordinator to PTA president - what an incredible journey. The PTA Executive committee of 2013-14 is exceptional - what an amazing group of ladies. Their hard work and dedication is admirable and I was so lucky to get the opportunity to work with them. Kristi Lenahan will be taking over for me for the remainder of the year. I wish her, the PTA exec and the entire Stonehill school community the very best. Thank you! - Anuja.

The monies raised will be donated to three very worthy charities that the PTA sponsors The Morning Star Ashram, The Stonehill Government School and the Iksha Foundation. If you would like any further information about any of these charities please go to the Stonehill Moodle and you will find them under PTA News - Charities.

New President The PTA is proud to announce that Kristi Lenahan will be taking over the role of president until the end of the school year. You can contact her by email at International Food Fair The sun was shining and the BBQ's were on fire as the International Food Fair got

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Stonehill PTA

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Ms. Amita Patel Ms. Nijika Bhardwaj Ms. Punam Khanna Mr. Bilash Koirala

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