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6th December, 2013

Volume 2, Issue 17


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No House Friday M4/M5 Panchatantra Production Secondary Student Dance Winter Concert & PTA Bake Sale No ECAs Winter Break First Day of School after Winter Break Secondary Mid-Year Examinations

OWC Christmas Bazaar …….. 7 PTA News …………………….. 8

WHOLE SCHOOL human being and not as a deity. It traces Ram’s inner journey as a man tormented by his forced separation from his wife Sita. After concluding a fierce battle to rescue Sita, Ram returns home only to be tormented by his own inner demons.

ECA's and House Friday Next week is the last series of ECA's before the break. There are NO ECA's on December 17th. Due to the Panchatantra there is NO House Friday on 13th December. School will finish at 2.55pm.

In composing and choreographing About Ram, Katkatha have utilized a range of theatrical influences to make the characters from this classic story come to life. Live actors interact with a Bunraku style Ram puppet, who dances like a warrior from the Seraikela Chauu. The figure of Hanuman is animated through Thai-style rod puppetry, while Ravan’s evil presence is cast across the stage of Ram’s mind through Balinese shadow work.

Helen Sharrock (Primary Principal) Alan Connah (Secondary Principal) Visit by the Katkatha Puppet Theatre Next Wednesday afternoon students from P4 to M3 will have the opportunity to enjoy a performance entitled About Ram which is being staged by the Katkatha Puppet Theatre. Drawing upon puppetry, physical theatre and elements of visual theatre, this adaptation of the Ramayana examines the figure of Ram as a

Alan Connah Secondary Principal

PRIMARY NEWS • 19th December to 5th January – Winter Break • 6th January 2014 – Frist Day back • 28th to 31st January 2014 - P8 Residential trip to SEDS • 25th to 28th February 2014 - P7 Residential trip to Hunsur

Dear Parents, Thank you all for your support at the OWC Bazaar last weekend. There was a wonderful community feeling and the students were excellent ambassadors for Stonehill. Key Dates for your Diaries • 17th December 2013 – Winter Concert and PTA Bake Sale • 18th December 2013 – Last day of school

Celebrating Children’s Learning Assembly time is a regular forum for our students to share what has been happening in their classroom with the rest of our primary section. 1

Last week saw the P6 tell all about their recent Unit of “Making Decisions”. They linked their unit work to the PSPD programme work with Ms. Henning and told us all about the three C’s of decision making- challenges, choices and consequences. We were also entertained by two puppet shows, created and performance by P6 students to model the three C’s in action.

We also have 17 hall of fame certificates awarded: P4 – Florence Natalie, Zoraan P5 – Nisha, Daisy, Wilma, Mohammed, Mattie P6 – Darcy, Rayyan, Maggie P7 – Pia P8 – Ella, Evan, Lisa, Laura, Natsune

Further to last week’s introduction to our celebration of learning, designed to help promote a commitment to learning with our students, this week we would like to draw your attention to the following displays: On the Main Corridor • A display on the recent violin examinations • The OWC Bazaar • Three Peel Art Competition P7 Breakout Space • 'Have you filled a Bucket' – this is linked to our PSPD programme • Literature Circles - one of the ways we are teaching and promoting reading, this is work in progress – but you are welcome to come and view it. P5 Breakout Space • Matisse collages • Meet P5P's Angle families • 3D shape Gallery with riddles P5P classroom Please do come into school to see the work on the boards in and around the Primary area.

In appreciation of the children’s hard work every student who entered the competition has been awarded a participation certificate. Well done everyone! Winter concert and PTA Holiday Bake Sale This event will take place on 17th December starting at 1pm with the concert and followed by the bake sale. We hope you can all come along and join us for the festivities. Residential Trips The P7 and P8 teachers have sent out the initial information over the past week. This information will also be available on your class page on Moodle. Please do contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions. We will of course be holding meeting early next term to give you more information on the trips.

Three Peel Art Competition Many of you will recall that the students in P4 to P8 entered an art completion in October. The theme was “Travels through India”.

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

We are proud to announce we have 3 medal winners: Gold – Axel Andersson (P8) Silver – Dana Hoefner (P7) Bronze – Carolina Foroni (P8)

P6 FIELD TRIP bottles full). He explained that the water is filtered through sand, which takes all the bits out of the water. We learned about water being “softened” by removing magnesium and calcium. We heard the pump, which adds a tiny amount of chlorine to the treated water, killing the bacteria in it. We estimated how long it takes to treat the whole 5,000 litre tank of water. The answer was one hour – and the Cafeteria, where the water goes, uses three full tanks each day. We learned a lot in a short trip – and asked lots of questions. Thanks, Mr. Naidu, for showing us.

P6 visit Stonehill’s water softening plant P6 have just begun a Unit of Inquiry all about water. We wanted to find out more about water at Stonehill, so we arranged with Mr Naidu to visit our water treatment plant. First we talked about Borewells, and we discovered that Stonehill takes water from underground, and it goes into a tank near the swimming pool. From there, it is pumped to a building behind the cafeteria. Mr. Naidu showed us the huge tank used to hold the water – P6 were amazed to learn that it holds 5,000 litres of water (that’s 10,000 water

P6 Water Inquirers 2

MESSAGE FROM THE VIOLIN TEACHER Congratulation to all the students who appeared for the examinations in late November. All of you played so well, I could hear from outside the exam room and I was so happy and proud to listen to you. Please do not worry about your results although I very well know how eagerly you are waiting for them. It really doesn't matter what the results will be. We are not playing violin for results. We play to play MUSIC, we want to understand compositions, dig deeper and deeper into the world of the great composers of the past. We want to feel, experience and understand what was written centuries ago by the greatest musicians and composers.

is happening over here." She also said that all my students played very musical and she was very happy that the vibrato is introduced so early and that most of you had a lovely tone.

Now, my dear students of violin Grade 1 and 2, be ready for your vibrato exercises, starting in your next class. I warn you ahead of it: YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT!! Months of patience is required to achieve a nice wrist vibrato. Please be ready for it.

The exams are useful because they make us practice more, they instill some sense of competition in us, they give us a goal, they give us a syllabus, they make us play with piano accompaniment and they make us a family.

Let us look forward to the coming year and concentrate on the new syllabus. Once again well done!

Let me share with you what the examiner has told me at the end after all of you had left. She said, "it is very obvious that very good teaching

Gisela Voigts Violin Teacher

SECONDARY NEWS will be closed.

Trips Week This year’s Secondary School Trips will take place between Saturday 8th February and Saturday 15th February 2014. All students from M1 to D1 have attended briefings this week regarding their trip options and have received letters to take home. The same letters have also been emailed directly to parents.

M1 Trip - Hunkal Woods, Chickmagalur, Karnataka Coordinator Andrew Rossberg ( Focus/Activities - Students will have the chance to learn basic ecology, and develop some understanding of wildlife conservation and field research techniques. Students will undertake activities such as wildlife tracking, hiking, stream surveys, camera trapping, and canopy surveys. They will also have the opportunity to learn some camping and bush skills. Dates – Sunday 9th to Friday 14th February 2014

This year we are running separate year group trips for students in M1, M2 and M3, while students in M4, M5 and D1 will have a number of options from which to choose. Finally, there will be a local trip available for those students who do not wish to go away from home for the week. A summary of this year’s trips is provided below. Please note that during Trips Week the Secondary School

M2 Trip - Lost Kingdom of Vijayanagara, 3

Hampi, Karnataka. Coordinator Fanny Passeport ( Focus/Activities - Students will have the chance to learn ‘hands on’ about Hampi, its historical past, its people and its culture. Students will visit the Virupaksha Temple, local villages and farms. They will undertake activities such as hiking and possibly bouldering. Students will also have the opportunity to discover how the local people construct their homes and how they make some of their different handicrafts. Dates - Sunday 9th to Friday 14th February 2014

Option 2 - Yoga, Art and Culture, Munnar, Kerala Coordinator Amy Stempel ( Focus/Activities - Students will have the opportunity for a true Indian cultural immersion experience with Kathakali (classical dance and drama), Kerala cooking and cuisine, Yoga and Kalarippayattu (traditional martial art). In addition they will also learn about tea production. Dates - Sunday 9th to Friday 14th February 2014 Option 3 - Outward Bound Adventure, Dharamsala Coordinator Adrian Shepherd ( Focus/Activities - Students will undertake a major 4-day trek in the Himachal Pradesh. They will carry their own gear and along the way, in typical Outward Bound fashion, they will be given opportunities to develop selfknowledge, tenacity, their physical fitness, teamwork, leadership, self-reliance and responsibility. Students will be camping during the trek and finishing in Dharamsala, where they will visit cultural sites including a Tibetan school and orphanage. Dates - Saturday 8th to Saturday 15th February 2014

M3 Trip - Honey Valley Estate, Coorg, Karnataka. Coordinator Catherine Viart ( Focus/Activities - Students will have the chance to explore the local environment with its unique flora and fauna, learn about the cultivation of coffee, cardamom and pepper, and interact with the local villagers with their songs, dances and music. Students will also undertake activities such as hiking and climbing. Dates - Sunday 9th to Friday 14th February 2014 M1, M2 & M3 Local Trip - Ecology and Sustainability, Bangalore (Non-residential) Coordinator Gregory Rose ( Focus/Activities - During the week students will engage and work with local farmers to understand organic and sustainable farming practices, learn about food security and seed conservation, visit and teach at a local school, and interact socially and culturally with farmers and their families. Dates - Monday 10th to Friday 14th February 2014

Option 4 - Ecology and Sustainability, Bangalore (Non-residential) Coordinator Greg Rose ( Focus/Activities - During the week students will engage and work with local farmers to understand organic and sustainable farming practices, learn about food security and seed conservation, visit and teach at a local school, and interact socially and culturally with farmers and their families. Dates - Monday 10th to Friday 14th February 2014

M4, M5 and D1 Trips Option 1 - Eco Adventure, Sagar, Karnataka Coordinator Anthony Cook ( Focus/Activities - Students will engage in Indian village life, traditional art and pottery making and farm life. They will learn about organic farming and sustainability, and reforestation. Students will be camping and will participate in some water activities and trekking. Dates - Sunday 9th to Friday 14th February 2014

All students have been asked to secure their place on a trip by returning a completed Trip Form with a deposit of 5,000 Rupees to the Secondary School Office by Friday 13th December. Information sessions will be held after the Winter Break for interested parents. In the meantime parents with any questions are encouraged to contact the relevant Trip Coordinator for their child. Key Dates for the Calendar • 13th December: M4/M5 4


Production 14th December: Secondary Student Dance 17th December: Winter Concert 18th December: End of Term 19th December to 5th January: Winter Holiday Break • 6th January: School Resumes • 9th to 15th January: Mid-Year Examinations • 8th to 15th February: Trips Week for all M1 to D1 students

the evening, which will be held at the Government School. During the evening parents are asked to park their car at Stonehill, from which transport to and from the Government School will be provided. Parents are asked to make allowances for this transfer in their planning so that we can start the performance on time.

• • • •

Mid-Year Examinations Mid-Year Examinations for all students in M1 to D1 will take place from Thursday 9th January to Wednesday 15th January.

M4 & M5 Panchatantra Production Parents and friends are reminded that our M4/M5 students will be performing some stories from the Panchatantra at 7.00pm sharp on Friday 13th December 2013. All school families are warmly invited to attend

Alan Connah Secondary Principal

STaC REPORT Stonehill went to Canadian International School with both basketball teams eager to get the STaC Tournament underway. The boys had a tough group to contend in with some quick, experienced and committed opposition players. Despite this they gave a spirited performance against their counterparts. Mallya Aditi, easily their strongest opponent, came out victors to the tune of 13-6 while a rematch with a recently strengthened Trio side saw Stonehill fall 21-6. The same score-line would denote the clash with a well-trained Hyderabad team while the toughest loss of the day was certainly against our hosts, Canadian International School. A spirited display from SIS against a less prepared and skilled, but physically rugged side was separated by only one basket. Final score 13-11 in favour of CIS and the boys took 5th place in the tournament. The girls started well and played intense, inspired defense all day. Their collaboration and team spirit was excellent. They dispatched with TRIO to the tune of 15-1 before a closer battle with Hyderabad, which saw excellent team play and determination result in a 14-11 victory. Mallya Aditi; the eventual champions gave SIS a score-line which didn’t reflect how the teams matched up, although I don’t think anyone would begrudge them their 19-6 victory. The toughest game and the most heart wrenching loss came at the hands of our hosts again, as Canadian International School won 17-16 CIS. The girls took 3rd place overall and have much to be proud of.

swimming, and there was a complete programme with every school sending a complement of their finest to compete. On a beautiful morning there were some fantastic races with some superb performances from all swimmers. Joshua started the morning with an excellent performance to win in the 25 metre butterfly, before repeating his feat in the 50 metre breaststroke. Isabell won the 50 metre breaststroke to make it a clean sweep in that event. In the Medley Relay, the Stonehill boys of Joshua, William, Sammy and Pietro showed a clean pair of heels to the opposition to win convincingly. After a short break, the freestyle events started which saw Tom win with style before Stonehill made it a clean sweep of the freestyle relays with Joshua, Tom, Sammy and Pietro winning for the boys and Moana, Isabell, Marion and Emily winning for the girls. At the end it was close, however before the final results were read out, no one was the wiser as to who the eventual winners were. It was close, but Stonehill were the winners. In the afternoon we saw the football competition which would always be the highlight of a tournament. In the final league game for the girls, SIS played CIS with the knowledge that only a win in that game would earn them the trophy. In an even match, SIS definitely had more chances to score. Elsa Bechu was unlucky when her long range shot slipped over the bar with the ‘keeper well beaten. However, she scored the winning goal with two minutes to spare when she fired a rebound into the net

The second day of competition started with 5

after the CIS ‘keeper had saved an initial shot from open play.

worthy of the runners up position. The established Under 19 squad did a fantastic job and it allowed our younger players from the Under 14 squad to get a play as well, which they did with style and enthusiasm.

Earlier good use of possession saw SIS win against Hyderabad (2-0); Trio (2-0) and draw with Mallya Additi (0-0) to set up a “final” against CIS, who ended on the same number of points. Features of the SIS success were that the players adhered to a simple game plan and the fact that they created plenty of chances to score in each match. Players to impress the spectators were Oda Lund in the goal, centre-back Elsa Bechu, striker Lea and Marion Peuch, who made some physical tackles in the midfield.

I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who helped to make the weekend a great success; particularly to the coaches, Mr. De Smidt and Mr. Campbell, and to Mr. Prabi and Ms. Vandana who did a fantastic job of running the swimming and football tournaments. Stonehill boys were: Paul Bechu, Thies Van Zon, William Hanley, Joshua Strydom, Sebastian Schreck, Benedict Schreck, Tom Auzout, Pietro De Napoli, Sammy Geertsema, Charles Hanley, Ojasvi D’Silva, Felipe Dissenha, Balraj Bharaj, Jon Lund and Pradip Ananda.

The boys first game was against their arch rivals; the Canadian International School which had beaten us in the last tournament. Some superb attacking play and excellent defense with a determined and vocal Felipe in goal saw us win 2:0, an excellent start to the event. After this we met Mallya Adititi who fielded a strong, physical and determined squad. Stonehill players rose to the challenge superbly and with Jon, Pietro and Benedict leading we held our own throughout the game. Unfortunately a slip saw Mallya Aditi win 1:0. This was the team’s only loss during the day and with wins against TRIO (3:0) and Hyderabad (1:0) the squad were

Stonehill girls were: Ida Wardemark, Ananya Banerjee, Emily De Smidt, Elsa Bechu, Kiyasha Ramasamy, Moana Gerdes, Lea Enke, Isabell Schoenherr, Emmy Larsson, Lisa Peuch, Neha Bhat, Oda Lund and Marion Peuch. Adrian Shepherd HoD – PE


OWC CHRISTMAS BAZAAR All the primary students participated in the OWC Christmas Bazaar performance this year. Students put in a lot of hard work in order to produce quality performances for the visitors at the bazaar. We had students doing solo performances on the piano, violin and guitar, and we had students from P1 – P8 perform special songs and dances which entertained the shoppers. The Stonehill choir, which included some middle school students and teachers, ended the show with some

great songs which showcased the musicality of the students of Stonehill. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the performances a success, especially the students whose enthusiasm and energy never ceased through countless practices. Tanya Sivaram Primary Music


PTA NEWS Annual Bake Sale – 17th December Dust off your recipe books and get your aprons out, the PTA Bake Sale will be held directly after the Christmas Concert!

PTA Photo Competition Calling all budding photographers! Over these upcoming holidays the PTA is again running their annual photo competition. Entries from PYP, MYP and DP are all welcome. Prizes include cameras and a pizza party to the homeroom with the largest percentage of entries. Be creative, let your imagination run wild and start snapping those photos, the closing date for entries will be Friday 10th January 2014.

International Food Fair Meeting A meeting will be held on Monday 10th February 2014 to discuss details of the food fair. All country representatives and anyone else interested are invited to attend. It will be held at 2.00pm in the conference room, Administration Building.

Stonehill International School Tarahunise Post Jala Hobli Bangalore North 562157 India T +91 8043418300 +91 8043418318 M +91 9008307684 E

Stonehill PTA

Contacting the School: Admissions Primary School Secondary School Transport



Ms. Amita Patel Ms. Nijika Bhardwaj Ms. Punam Khanna Mr. Bilash Koirala

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