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30th August, 2013

Volume 2, Issue 4


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- PTA Back to School BBQ - M1 to M5 Back to School Information Evening (6.45pm to 8.30pm) - D1 to D2 Back to School Information Evening (6.45pm to 8.30pm) - Professional Development for Staff (No Class for Students) - Ganesh Chaturthi (School Closed) - PTA General Meeting - INK @ Stonehill

PTA News ……………………. 7

FROM THE DIRECTOR House Friday Later in this issue of The Tiger you will read more about House Friday. This is the successor to Sports Friday and we hope and expect that it will be a wonderful addition to the weekly calendar. All students and all teachers will join in every week in a rolling programme of events and competitions between the four school houses. This initiative is the first step of a review of all our after-school activities. Others are in the pipeline. Watch this space.

Stonehill parents and teachers to a Diwali party. It is a wonderful event full of colour and vitality and it is not to be missed. And for those of you who are new to Stonehill, the dress code is formal Indian. If you aren’t sure what this means, your new friends will be happy to show you where to find something appropriate. Peter MacKenzie Director

INK Next month Stonehill is proud to be hosting the first INK event to be held in a school. Never heard of INK? Take a look at this: More details will follow shortly but please make a note of the date: Saturday 21st September. Diwali Another date for your diary is Saturday 26th October. Every year Jitu Virwani and the Embassy Group very generously invite all 1

PRIMARY NEWS P6N. My favorite book is Geek Girl. My favorite type of movie is anything funny. My favorite vacation is my trip to Honsur in P7. I go by bus. I hope everyone in Nehru House enjoys me as their House Captain this year.

Dear Parents, Exciting times here in the Primary School! We have our first trip of the year, next week, for P5 to P8 to a science fair.

My name is Ahmad Olagunju and I am in P8F. I was born on 25th March, 2003 and I am ten years old. My favorite sports are Soccer and Table Tennis. My hobbies are watching movies, playing on the computer and spending time with my family. I have many attributes / learner profiles such as knowledgeable, risktaker and balanced. I have been in Stonehill for two years. I am funny and smart but sometimes can be serious. I am the Nehru Vice-Captain.

The ECA and House Friday programme will be launched in the very near future. The House Friday programme for the Primary means – Friday is Tiger T-shirt day. The students may wear their house colour T-shirt to school each and every Friday, if they wish, with their regular school shorts, skirts or trousers. For those students who do not have Tiger T-shirt in their house colours yet, then any T-shirt that is the right colour can be worn. The PTA will be selling the T-shirts tomorrow at the BBQ.

My name is Nidhi. I am from America. I am ten years old. I have been in Stonehill for one year. I like Drawing, Swimming and making people laugh. I have two sisters named Neha (M4) and Nisha (P5). My favorite color is Purple. My favorite animal is a Platypus. My favorite books are Classic Stories and Secret Garden. My Favorite food is Pasta. I live in Palm Meadows. My favorite field trip is the P7 camping trip. I hope Gandhi likes me as their House Captain!!!! Thank You.

Primary House Captains Last Friday saw the P5 to P8 students vote for the Primary school house captains. There were a lot of excellent candidates, all presenting themselves well to their house team. Congratulation to all the P8’s who took part and were the risk-takers. We now have the following students in leadership roles in the Primary School:

Hi my name is Natsune and I am the ViceCaptain for Gandhi. I was born in Japan on 2nd July, 2003. Now I am ten years old. From when I was born and till now, I travel all around the world to live. I have been to Brunei, Denmark, Australia, and India. I am new to the school but I'll do my best for everyone in my team. This is my long or maybe short ten years.

NEHRU Captain - Lola Cooper Vice-Captain - Ahmad Olagunju GANDHI Captain - Nidhi Bhat Vice-Captain - Nishi Natsune CHAWLA Captain - Carolina Foroni Vice-Captain - Isaac Pollard

My name is Carolina and I am ten years old. I am from Italy. I enjoy Swimming, Running and Horse Riding. I have a sister in M2 named Matilde. I came to Stonehill last year. I hope Chawla likes me as their House Captain.

BACHENDRI Captain - Sophie Liversage Vice-Captain - Felix Schultz The Captains and Vice-Captains have written a short biography to share with our community.

Hello, my name is Isaac. I have been at Stonehill for three and half years. I am ten years old. My hobbies are Climbing, Scootering and the long jump. I am the Chawla ViceCaptain and I am in P8F.

Hi, my name is Lola Harriet Cooper, Captain of Nehru. I am from Australia but have spent seven and a half years in India. I am ten years old. This is my second year at Stonehill. My hobbies include Roller Skating, Skate Boarding and Biking. I have a little sister named Ruby in

Hello, I am Sophie Murray Liversage. It is my first year at Stonehill. I am from South Africa 2

and Australia. I will be House Captain of Bachendri. I have a pet dog called Sammy. I enjoy Athletics, Swimming, Horse riding, Snow skiing, Wake boarding, Gymnastics, Tennis, Surfing, Dodge ball, and I am learning how to play Squash. I am Sophie and this is who I am.

help in class contact the class teacher directly and he/she will let you know the activities and times they would like your help. Some examples are reading groups, math or language games etc. Please let them know if you can make a regular weekly commitment or if a one off activity would suit you better.

Hi my name is Felix Schultz. I am ten years old and in P8R. I was born in Singapore on 30th July, 2003. My first school was Montessori Preschool in Jakarta then I went to JIS (Jakarta International School) for a year. Then I moved to Sri Lanka at OSC (Overseas school of Colombo) for two years. After that we went to England and I went to school at Robert Wilkinson Primary School for four years. Next I went to Malaysia KL and I was at ISKL for a year, then I moved here at Stonehill P8R. I am your Bachendri Vice-Captain!!!

The Primary Library has a lot of new books, we are cataloguing them but could you help us cover the books so we can get them out on the shelves and in to the hands of your children? If you have even 30 minutes when your drop our child off or before you pick them up we would appreciate your help. This activity would of course be more fun if you brought along a couple of friends so that you could have a social time too whilst backing the books! Please let Ms. Lamiya know if you are able to help in this way. You do not need to make a regular commitment for this.

Our weekly assemblies are now well underway and next week I will be introducing you to another set of students from P8 who are in leadership roles – “The Awesome Six”. We are also looking forward to having our private music students perform at the assemblies, showcasing the talent here at Stonehill.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow at the PTA BBQ.

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

Calling all Parent Volunteers Do you have spare time on your hands, would you like to volunteer to help in your child’s class or in our Library? If you would like to

PRIMARY LIBRARY A very warm welcome to all the new students, parents and teachers. It has been three weeks now since school has reopened. Most of the Primary students are now familiar with the different areas in the library and are quickly learning how to access a book. We have witnessed a great deal of excitement by the students upon seeing the wide selection of books that has been added to our library in recent months.

It was heartening to see some parents walk into the library, in response to the Back to School event. To highlight some key points for those parents who could not make it to this event: Did you know? • A student does not have to wait for his/her Library Book Exchange period only. They may come along any time to change a book. Voracious readers are welcome to return books during snack break too. • Students and parents may make suggestions for books or other resources that could be added to our collection. • We will be adding approximately another 2,000 books over the next few months to enhance our current primary collection of over 17,000 books, 70 3

• •

plus CD’s/DVD’s, 13 different magazine titles and local newspapers. All these go to form our large multimedia resources bank. Parents can also check out books from both the Primary and Secondary library. You can expect e-mail reminders from the school library if the book is overdue and if it has reached its extended renewal limit. Book donations in any language are most welcome.

Library Timings Monday & Wednesday - 7:30am to 3:00pm Tuesday & Thursdays (ECA days) - 7:30am to 4:00pm Sports Friday - 7.30am to 3.30pm For further details do feel free to contact the Stonehill Primary Library Team: • • •

As part of the ECA programme, teachers and students are organising and setting up the Stonehill Government Higher Primary School library. Book donations are welcome for this too. We would appreciate parent volunteers as well. Please contact Ms. Evelyn Kelton ( if you are interested.

Ms. Lamiya Bharmal - Primary Librarian ( Mr. Raghavendra - Library Assistant Mr. Srinivas - Library Support Staff

“The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think” James McCosh. Happy Reading! Lamiya Bharmal Primary Librarian

P6 IN ACTION Let’s get ORGANISED! P6 are learning all about Organisation. On 20th August, they went to visit the Primary Science Laboratory – and found that everything was packed away in boxes! Could they work together as a team, and find a place for everything? They unpacked boxes, they lined up cylinders, they labeled shelves, and they

had a lot of fun with magnets. They came up with plans, and they worked well as a team. At the end of the day, the Lab was looking great – and they had shown what great thinkers and inquirers they are! Well done, P6! Nicola Doran


KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI slept off, the chains broke and the barred doors gently flew open. Vasudev then walked through river Yamuna and went to his friend Nand to whom he gave Krishna and returned to the cell with his daughter.

Krishna Janmashtmi – Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Janmashtami is an important festival for the Hindu Community in India. Hindus celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna on this day.

While trying to kill Nand’s daughter, Kamsa came to know from her that Krishna was born and safe. Hindus celebrate Janmashtami by fasting and staying awake until midnight. Midnight is significant since Lord Krishna is believed to have been born at midnight. So, people gather at midnight to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna by singing devotional songs and reading scriptures.

As the legend goes, Lord Krishna was born in the darkness of night, inside a cell of a jail where his parents (Devaki and Vasudev) were locked up by his cruel uncle, Kamsa. It is said that at the moment of his birth, all the guards

Raji V K Host Culture

SECONDARY NEWS Back To School Information Evenings Earlier this week all Secondary School families should have received an email with an attached letter of invitation to our ‘Back to School’ Information Evenings next week. Also attached to the email were schedules for each evening. If you did not receive this email please contact the Secondary School Secretary, Ms Punam Khanna Sharma at:

comradeship, by way of a series of House competitions and activities running throughout the year. Older students will be asked to help coordinate these activities under the guidance of a staff Head of House and together they will be responsible for making sure each House is represented for every activity. In the first few weeks there will be some sporting events but after that there will be a variety of activities to sign up for - that will either be academic, cultural, arts or sport related. During the year there will be events where every student will participate such as Cross Country, Track and Field and Swimming.

All Secondary School Parents are warmly invited to attend our ‘Back to School’ Information Evenings that will take place at school from 6.45pm to 8.45pm next Monday and Wednesday as follows: • •

Monday, 2nd September - For parents with students in M1 to M5 Wednesday, 4th September - For parents with students in D1 & D2

Individual House planning meeting were held today and a range of jobs were allocated. The House competition will start for real on Friday, 13th September. It promises to be an exciting competition with opportunities for everyone to participate and earn points for their House. May the best House win!!

I look forward to meeting you during these evenings. New Friday House Competition Over the last few years, Stonehill has had a thriving House System in the Primary School and this is now starting to be developed in the Secondary School. This year, Friday afternoons (Lesson 8) will be used to develop a greater sense of ‘school spirit’, unity and

Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

Alan Connah Secondary Principal 5

English. In this way, we expect students to understand the basic development of Western thought and literature before beginning the DP. Although this is an ambitious course, by spreading it over two years we can provide the support that M4 and M5 students need to fully understand the impact of these ideas on who we are today, as well as compare them to other philosophies around the world.

News from the Secondary English Department The Stonehill English Department is off and running this year with a revised curriculum in M1 to M5 and strong results under our belts in the DP. Without exception, we Stonehill English teachers love our subject and hope to convey that excitement and stimulation to our students. In M1 to M3 Stonehill students learn the technical language critical for the study of the various genres of literature and examine the use of those literary elements that help a text rise to the level of “literature.” M1 students started their exploration with a unit on Greek mythology to be followed by the study of the novel The Lightening Thief. In M2 students have been exploring the elements of horror used in gothic short stories, and in M3 one section has started the study of the novel Of Mice and Men and one section is exploring the elements of poetry (the sections will switch topics for the next unit).

DP Language and Literature students at Stonehill continue to receive a great deal of focused attention—perhaps they think it is too much? In D1 we are beginning with the study of how language is used to clarify and confuse in politics, and D2 is taking a big bite, beginning with the study of Shakespeare’s King Lear. We have every confidence that we will have an exciting and productive year. Please ask your son / daughter on a regular basis what they are studying. We would like the entire school community to participate in the conversation of ideas.

Our big change this year is the new M4 to M5 course, Literature as Conversation: a course that explores the development of literary and philosophic ideas in the West with a focus on the historical development of literature in

Amy Stempel Head of English

LEARNING TECHNOLOGY @ STONEHILL At Stonehill, technology is taught by including its use in classroom units, activities, and projects. We encourage our students to utilise technology as a tool for communication, productivity, research, and problem solving. During the school year, in PYP and MYP children are given opportunities to learn and discover new technology tools. While we do our best to promote the development of all necessary technology skills, we alone cannot ensure that all students will master every skill. This is where parental involvement and engagement is so important. By sitting with your children and getting them to demonstrate their skills, they will be reinforcing what we teach them in school. They’ll appreciate your involvement in this manner.

Learning to Type An area of particular importance that requires practice at home regards typing. It is necessary that students be able to touch-type quickly and accurately. By being able to type effectively, children are better able to focus on their messages and thought processes, removing some of the stress of learning. In the past, I have set 25 wpm and 95% accuracy for P8 students and 60 words per minute with 98% accuracy for M3 students. Over the period of a year, with regular practice, these goals are achievable. If you do not have a typing tutor application for your computer at home, you can try one of these free one: For Windows - Rapidtyping: For Mac - Keyblaze: Bradley Arnold Technology Integrator 6

PTA NEWS Back to School BBQ Thank you to the amazing number of parents and teachers who have RSVP'd for this Saturday’s BBQ. Tiger gear will be on sale and if you plan on swimming please remember to bring your swimming caps. It is going to be a fantastic day. We cannot wait to see everyone!

details please contact Ms. Anuja Joshi at General Meeting Our next general meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 18th. The guest speaker will be Ms. Shibani (Welcome to India). Her talk is especially for new families but all are welcome.

Stonehill Government School Anyone interested in volunteering or helping to organise volunteers for Stonehill Government School (reading, doing a craft, etc‌)?

In the Works A special art evening at Kynkyny Art Gallery is being planned, more details to come.

This is an ideal and rewarding opportunity to show your Stonehill community spirit. For

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Stonehill PTA

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