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23rd August, 2013

Volume 2, Issue 3


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4th September

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6th September

- PTA Back to School BBQ - M1 to M5 Back to School Information Evening (6.45pm to 8.30pm) - D1 to D2 Back to School Information Evening (6.45pm to 8.30pm) - Professional Development for staff (No Class for Students) - Ganesh Chaturthi (School Closed)

9th September

PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents, initiative for this year. We will be displaying work from different Grade levels each month. The first work on display is from our P5 students, the work is on "someone special". It can be seen on display in the corridor between P1/P2 and P3. In the same area you will see the P4 Indian flag and some explanations on the colours and symbols; this was completed as part of our Independence Day work in school. There is also portrait work completed by students in their Art classes on display in the same area. Ms. Zeenat and her Hindi students from P5 to P8 entertained us on Thursday, during our regular assembly time with a presentation on Independence Day and one on Raksha Bandhan.

It was good to see many old and new faces at our back to school information sessions and the PTA general meeting this week. If you were not able to attend the information session, next week your child will bring home an information package. Please do visit the class pages on Moodle to view your child's timetable, an introductory letter from their homeroom teacher and the first Unit of Inquiry flyer that will inform you about the current area of study in your child's homeroom. Next week we will be posting the first flyers from our specialist teachers so you can also see what you child is learning in various areas of the curriculum such as Art, Music etc.

If you have not signed up for the PTA BBQ next week please do return your forms by the weekend, so that we have a clear number for catering purposes and the issuing of lunch tickets. I look forward to seeing you all next Saturday for what is always a wonderful event.

Your information pack also contains information on the House Teams and for the Primary students the PTA have a T-shirts in their House Colours, along with other merchandise aimed at helping to develop our School Spirit. From time to time over the year we will declare "tiger days" when the students are allowed to come to school in their Tiger Gear.

Have a great weekend!

I am pleased to announce that Ms. Geetha, our language coordinator, has launched a new

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director 1

SECONDARY NEWS It has been a relatively quiet but busy week in the Secondary School as students settle into the demands and challenges of a new academic year. Most students appear to have settled in well. However, I am aware that a few new students are still adjusting. If your son/daughter is in such a position please contact their Homeroom Teacher and we will endeavour to provide them with some extra support and encouragement. It is our hope that everyone will soon feel a part of our community.

News from the Secondary School Library We would like to thank you all for the book donations from last year and previous years. We are gradually cataloging them into our library collection. We also would like to thank you for your responsiveness to the email notices that were sent out periodically last year; these provided us with great feedback. Last school year we finished off by saying goodbye to Mr. Peter Dunoon who set up our library. This year, Ms. Mal Chonthicha Arnold will be taking care of the Secondary Library and Ms. Lamiya Bharmal will be running the Primary Library. We are open on Monday to Friday, from 7:30am to 3:00pm on regular days and from 7:30am to 4:00pm on ECA days.

Visit by British Council UK Consortium of Universities On Thursday, 22nd August, we were privileged to host a visit from a consortium of British Universities organised by the British Council. Students in M4 to D2 attended a short presentation on universities in the UK, the courses available, the application process and life at university. The students then had the opportunity to talk to university admissions staff from eleven different UK universities. I was delighted with the way the students responded to this opportunity and the questions that they asked. I would encourage those parents of M4 to D2 students to follow this up at home with further discussions. Back To School Information Evenings I would like to warmly invite parents to attend our ‘Back to School’ information evenings that will take place at school from 6.45pm to 8.45pm on the following dates: Monday, 2nd September students in M1 to M5

This school year, we would like to invite parents to come in and borrow books for pleasure reading. Each parent can have his/her own account with a two book limitation each time, and a four week borrowing period. Please contact Ms. Mal Chonthicha Arnold at if you would like to have an account for borrowing books. New arrivals are coming bit by bit; you can browse them from the library catalogue in Moodle. Happy reading!

- For parents with

Wednesday, 4th September - For parents with students in D1 & D2 Please keep these dates free if you are able. A letter with further information about these evenings will be sent out to parents very shortly.

Mal Chonthicha Arnold Secondary Librarian

Wishing you a pleasant weekend. Alan Connah Secondary Principal


IB DIPLOMA BREAKOUT CAMP timings in teambuilding exercises. Teachers came in and gave us tasks to manage. I think we all did a pretty good job, whether it was to escape from a crocodile river or to reach out for some nuclear waste without touching it, or being a blind sheep and trusting each other. So again, Mission number four – WELL DONE!

24 hours is equal to eight hours of challenges, challenges and even more challenges; five hours of sleep; two hours Master Chef; two hours of the IB learner profile; two hours of night talks; two hours of free time, rest and eating. Friday, 16th August at 3.00pm the Breakout Camp for the new D1’s and D2’s started. First of all we got introduced to Mr. Shepherd who tried to get us familiar with the word ‘Teamwork’. In all of the activities we weren’t supposed to compete, we had to help each other and work together. At least we tried, so Mission number one – COMPLETED.

And this wasn’t our last mission, I felt like at this time the camp actually started. Ms. de Smidt planned another big game, The Amazing Race. This time it was about being the first group completing all the activities. It took us about two hours to complete the whole track but we all had a lot of fun, and didn’t only get to know each other better, but also new parts of the school area. Exhausted and with a lot of loud sharing of our experiences from the games, we had lunch. Mission number five – YAAAY!!!

Our next task we had to complete was the ‘Master Chef’ competition. Separated into three different groups, having the same ingredients as everyone else and highly motivated we got one hour to create a masterpiece three course dinner. It was amazing to see how many different things we were all able to cook from these few ingredients. I would say, mission number two – CHECK.

Finally, Mr. Shepherd told us our last challenge, and he even told us in the beginning we wouldn’t be able to solve it, but nevertheless, we solved it! All of us were given a whole bunch of newspaper, tapes and scissors. For our FINAL mission we were given two hours to build a life-sized car made out of newspaper, which you could actually drive. Some planning issues here, some complications later but still highly motivated we got to finish the skeleton of the paper car.

In the evening we continued with a few more workshops and games around the subject of the IB Learner Profile and what it means to be an ‘IB Student’. Mission number three – DONE. Tired from all of these missions and tasks, we were told to go to bed at 11.00pm so that we would be ready to start the next day wellrested and full of energy. It turned out that most of us talked and talked and got to know each other better and better until late into the night, so that you could see it in our eyes on Saturday morning at 7.00am. Packed our stuff, brushed our teeth, grabbed something to eat and headed to our first challenge at 8.00am.

I think that this Breakout Camp was a great experience for all of us. Every single student learned something new, it might have been just a small thing, but it was definitely worth it. Thank you to Ms. de Smidt for organising this great weekend, as well as a big thank you to all the teachers who helped to support us. And to all the D1’s and D2’s never forget to keep pumping as Usain Bolt did! Emma Teich D2 Student

Our first challenge was to achieve good


PTA NEWS Back to School BBQ The Back to School BBQ is being held on Saturday, 31st August. This year is promising to be a fantastic day with Bouncy House, Slip-n-slide and a visit from Huli our school mascot. A yummy BBQ meal will be supplied along with cupcakes for everyone. Please RSVP by 24th August to ensure you receive a lunch ticket.

Class Representative Our hardworking teachers are looking for one or two parents to serve as a class representative for each class. This role is a valuable link between the teacher, other class parents and the PTA. If you would like any further information please contact Christina Mosakowski on

General Meeting It was wonderful to see so many faces at the PTA meeting to hear about the new committee and their ideas and plans for the coming school year.

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