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12th April, 2013

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- Black and Bling – PTA Charity Ball - Ambedkar Jayanti - M5 Personal Project Presentations @ 12.30 - Secondary School Reports sent home - Stonehill Invitational Table Tennis Tournament - Basketball fixtures at CIS - Golfshire Prestige Junior Golf Clinic - Make up day for February 21st - International Book Day - Mahavir Jayanti (School Closed) - Arts Week - Labour Day (School Closed) - PYP Exhibition - PYP Student led portfolio conferences

FROM THE DIRECTOR I Think Therefore IB You may have noticed a billboard promoting Stonehill on the airport road. Its message is simple. Stonehill is the only fully IB school in Bangalore.

We offer the three IB programmes and that is all we offer. The IB is not merely one of the options on our menu, it defines the kind of education we offer throughout the school to every student within our walls. All of our teachers are IB teachers. All of our students are IB learners.

“Fully IB”? I think there are two reasons why we can justify this claim. The first is easy. The IB offers three educational programmes for children from three to eighteen – the PYP, the MYP and the DP. Stonehill is the only school in town that offers all three.

The IB Diploma is an excellent preparation for university – I know of none better – but it was never intended to be just an assessment tool (an exam and nothing more) and as the IB has expanded over the past twenty years to include the PYP and MYP, all three programmes have evolved a common purpose, philosophy and approach. Together, they form a coherent educational continuum from Early Childhood to university entrance. From day one Stonehill has embraced this continuum.

Other than Stonehill, just one school in Bangalore offers the PYP, none offers the MYP and seven offer the Diploma Programme. In other words, most “IB” schools in Bangalore offer just one IB programme out of three. But secondly, and I think more importantly, I believe there is a profound difference between offering one or more programmes of the IB and being an IB school. Stonehill is unambiguously and proudly the latter.

We are proud to be Bangalore’s IB school. Peter MacKenzie Director 1

PRIMARY NEWS Dear parents, I trust you all had a restful day yesterday for Ugadi. Ms. Raji, our Host Country Teacher has kindly written a brief explanation of this holiday for us and also the celebration on Sunday.

Various Dalit organizations carry out huge processions on this day in his memory and organize several activities including rally and cultural programs. Dalit melas are held in various parts of the country.

Ugadi will be celebrated in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh on 11th April, Thursday. The word ‘Ugadi’ is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Yugadi’ which means ‘beginning of a new Yuga or era’. It is believed that the creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma, started creation on this day and also the great Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya's calculations proclaimed Ugadi as the beginning of the New Year, since Spring marks the beginning of growth and a of new life of plants.

Tiger Day - April 20th This is our second "make-up" Saturday and it will be a Thursday for the day missed on February 21st due to the nationwide strike. We would like the students to come in their "Tiger Gear" or colour house T-shirts on this day. The shop is open two afternoons prior to this; please see the PTA announcements Moodle Updates for Primary The new specialist newsletters are now posted on the various class pages, please do take a look.

On Ugadi day people wake up before the break of dawn and take a head bath after which they decorate the entrance of their houses with fresh mango leaves. This signifies a good crop and general well-being. Jasmine flowers are offered to the god.

The PTA page also has the PowerPoint on "Third Culture Kids" that Ms. Faye Park kindly supplied after her excellent talk to the PTA last Thursday on this subject. Own a Pony Day - April 14th If your child would like to take part in this event please contact Embassy riding stables directly.

In Karnataka the tender leaves of neem mixed are with jaggery called ‘Bevu-Bella’ distributed on the occasion and Ugadi Pachhadi, a dish of six different tastes, from sweet to bitter is the first dish to be eaten by the devotees. It is made up of neem buds, jaggery, green chili, salt, tamarind juice and unripe mango.

Contact Person: Ms. Nandini Mobile No: 7353779533 or Landline: 08043418452 Email;

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated on April 14th every year to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who was born in Madhya Pradesh. He was the architect of Indian Constitution and is also known as the “Father of Indian Constitution”.

Arts Week – Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th The Primary School will have a range of regular classes and activities directly related to Arts week. The students still have some regular classes as they require routines to continue in order not to be too unsettled during this time.

Dr. Ambedkar was one of the first 'untouchables' to obtain a college education in India. After attaining his law degree, Dr. Ambedkar practiced law for few years and then spent the rest of his life fighting against the system of untouchability and the backwards caste system. He was the country’s first Law Minister after independence. He embraced Buddhism and is credited for encouraging thousands of Dalit or untouchables to convert to Buddhism.

Ms. Nijika will be out of school from 15th April to 2nd May. Please email your child's class teacher and me if your child is absent for any reason during this time period. I will also be issuing gate and late passes in her absence.

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director

It is a public holiday in all of the Indian states. 2

World Book Day This will be held on Monday, 22nd April at Stonehill. Students and staff are invited to dress up as their favourite book character and bring along their favourite book to share with their friends. Older students from MYP will also be coming to read with some PYP groups of students to help promote an enjoyment of reading. A soft outdoor reading spot will be created in the playground garden for use during break times on this day for

anyone wanting to read also, including parents who might like to pop along and join in the fun! Please let your child's class teacher know if you do intend to come along during these times as they may also be running more book day activities in class that you would be interested in being a part of. Sue Martin Primary Language Coordinator

RUN FOR CHANGE We're putting together a Stonehill team to run the world 10k on Sunday, 19th of May. So here's your chance to get fit, fast! And do it for a great cause! We're running for U&I (a non-profit organisation which focuses on bringing education to underprivileged children and communities). So far Mr. Stebben Bracewell, Ms. Tanya Sivaram, Mr. Ronen Cohen and Mr. Rupert DeSmidt are running and we would love for you to join and/or support them.

To know more about why you should run for U&I and how your fundraising will help the amazing kids U&I supports, visit (view in Google Chrome or Firefox). Contact or for more information. To donate towards the cause click here Tanya Sivaram

SECONDARY NEWS Reports Reports will be sent home on 19th April. These are interim reports for Semester Two. The format is the same as the October reports. There will be a comment from the homeroom and advisory teachers. All other subjects will show a grade only, not a comment.

Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences are for parents, teachers and students. The teachers like to have the students there to discuss educational and social targets. Please bring your child(ren) along. Exams Exams for M1-D1 have been calendared for 27th May through to 29th May. There will be no changes to these dates. We will not run exams over an extended period like we did in December. Exam results will be reported in the end-of-year reports.

The only exceptions to this are the Arts and Personal Project reports. The Arts, as you are aware, is run over three blocks. The students have twelve weeks each for Visual Arts, Drama and Music, thus completing a full year.

D2 Final Day The D2 class will have their final day at school on Saturday, 20th April. Their IB exams start early May. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the best. This is an important time for them and a huge stepping-stone in their lives.

The students have not received a written report for their last rotation. When we last reported in January, the students were only part-way through their course-work and the teachers were not able to accurately assess their performance. This round of reporting will give you feedback on your child’s performance.

Personal Project On Thursday, 18th April, M5 will be presenting their Personal Projects. This is an important event for the M5s, as this has been a tenmonth process.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on 15th May. I will send more information out closer to the time. 3

In the PYP, MYP and DP, there is a major project in the final year of the programme. In the PYP this is the Exhibition, in the MYP this is the Personal Project and in the DP this is the Extended Essay.

an important factor when completing the Personal Project. If you are interested in seeing the presentations of the projects, please come to the multipurpose hall on Thursday at 12:30pm for a formal introduction. The students will then exhibit their work in the Drama Room.

The Personal Project is a largely independent undertaking. The students are given mentors, guidelines and feedback along the way. This substantial piece of work prepares them for the DP. The students’ organizational skills are

Alasdair Maclean Acting Secondary Principal

WHOLE SCHOOL 10 Reasons… …why the IB Diploma is ideal preparation for university.

become the most widely recognized and respected university entrance qualification.

The IB Diploma is 45 years old this year and is currently offered in 2,405 schools (including 89 in India) in over 100 countries. The number of schools offering the DP has grown every year since its creation and it has

You can read some of the reasons why here: nts/10reasons.pdf

PTA NEWS Black and Bling The Black and Bling Charity Gala is tomorrow and ticket sales are now closed. We would like to thank everyone who purchased tickets for their support. We had a tremendous response and are looking forward to an exciting evening, all for a great cause.

your children and build a community at Stonehill. We encourage you to consider either joining the team yourself or nominate someone you think has a lot to offer the PTA. Tiger Gear The Tiger Shop will be open 2-4pm on Thursday, 18th April and 2-3.30pm on Friday, 19th April. Get into the spirit for Tiger Day on Saturday, 20th April. For any additional shopping times, call Saira on 9900600188.

Elections The PTA Executive Committee nominations for next academic year begin next week. More information will be coming soon explaining the process. Being part of the PTA Executive Committee is a great opportunity to make a difference in the school lives of

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