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25th April, 2014

Volume 2, Issue 32

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P8 Exhibition PTA General Meeting Labour Day (No School) M4/5 Production P4 to P8 Swim Gala Technology Fair D2 Student Graduation PYP Student led Portfolio Conferences

FROM THE DIRECTOR a PYP class. As I write, they are probably on their way to the airport with their two sons and I will meet them off their flight at 9am tomorrow morning. They will all be around school for the whole of next week and I hope everyone will make them feel welcome.

Staffing Changes Let me bring you up to date concerning two new faces. Ms. Lisa Ng is joining the Language B Department to teach Mandarin until the end of the school year. She is the wife of Edmund Ko, also a Mandarin teacher, and will already be known to many of you.

New Teachers for August In the past week we have made three more appointments and recruitment for this year is very nearly complete. Starting in next week’s Tiger I will introduce the new teachers to you half a dozen at a time. I’m excited about the new people coming in and I hope you will be too.

And Ms. Antonella Giovannetti will start work from 1st May, working with Mal Arnold from whom she will take over the Secondary Library in August. Simon & Amanda McCloskey Simon will be the new Primary Principal from August and his wife Amanda will be teaching

Peter MacKenzie Director

PRIMARY NEWS Dear Parents,

parents too were very encouraging and took part in the fun balloon race at the end, the children loved this part with their teachers and parents “battling it out”.

What a busy week this has been after the long weekend! P1 to P3 Sports morning took place on Tuesday and what a wonderful time we all had! The students showed great sportsmanship and a real love for PE. The

Those of you present, I am sure, would agree Ms. Vandana and the PE team did a super job.


World Book Day What a great Book Parade – The students and staff came dressed as their favourite book characters; we had Pirates and Princesses, Detectives and Dalmatians, Wizards, Witches and Elves to name but a few. We can clearly see that the Stonehill community are avid readers!

The parent body has also generously started to donate new and good condition books for one of the P8 action groups and this collection will carry on next week.

would like to encourage you to talk to your children regarding which of the events you would like them, if any, to support. As you can see there are a number of actions that require a service element rather than the donation of funds.

P8 Action The last few days the P8 have been advertising their ACTION. Today we had the first dress down day for the Anti-Child Labour Group. Below is a table, sent earlier this week, summarising the Action Components. We


Visit next week by Mr. Simon McCloskey Next Monday, 28th April to Friday 2nd May, Simon the new Primary Principal and his family will be in Bangalore. Simon will be speaking at the PTA meeting on 30th April so we do hope many of you will come along to meet him.

27th May – Student Led Portfolio Conferences – NO REGULAR CLASSES for PYP Lost and Found – this is still huge! Any items that have been on the table for more than a month and are not claimed by Friday May 2nd, and that do not have names on will be donated to the Action Groups in P8 for various NGO’s.

Specialist newsletter now on Moodle This week all the specialist teachers have posted their newsletters on Moodle to give you more information on what your children will be working on for the rest of this academic year. I am sure you will enjoy reading them with your children.

Leaving this academic year If you are leaving Stonehill this academic year, please ensure you write to Ms. Amita by the end of April to inform her of this. If you are still waiting to hear from your company then please also let her know this.

Key dates 29th & 30th April – P8 Exhibition (please see the flyer below) 1st May – No School 16th May – P4 to P8 Swim Gala (12.45pm to 3.30pm)

Helen Sharrock Primary Principal/Deputy Director


The PYP Exhibition The PYP exhibition represents a significant event in the life of a PYP school and student, synthesizing the essential elements of the PYP and sharing them with the whole school community. As a culminating experience it is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the IB learner profile that have been developing throughout the students’ engagement with the PYP.

welcomed by Ms. Helen. The day was filled with lots of fun sport activities, challenges and special appearance by Hulli. We kicked started the event with the races Egg and Spoon Race, followed by Hanging out the Laundry and the then the Bucket and Scoop Race. This last race is always a hit as it involves transporting water from one place to another and we all love water play! All these races allowed the students to show off the skills we have been working on in PE. The students showed balance and a wide range of fine motor skills. There was a strength component as they ream back and forth to complete the races. They also enjoyed hitting the targets with the bean bags.

The P8 students have been working towards the 2013-2014 Exhibition for the past eight weeks. As a school, we are particularly proud of each and every student, and look forward to their opportunity to share their journeys, knowledge and success with the Stonehill community on Tuesday 29th April 2014, during the Exhibition Ceremony. Please join us at the ceremony to be held at 1:00pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall.

The tunnel crawl, wonderfully demonstrated by Ms. Shannon, was the first of our indoor activities. “Rob the nest” was great fun and very competitive, Ms. Helen even sneaked in a raid on a nest! These activities encouraged students to use their strength, accuracy and quick thinking to achieve more stickers as a group. Last but not the least was the parent and teacher race. A fun filled activity that both parents and teachers could not resist behaving like the students. This brought back memories of their school sports day. The students were awarded a medal of participation. All that begins well ends well. We hope you had fun, we all did!

Shannon McMahon PYP Coordinator P1 to_P3 Sports Day Stonehill International School celebrated their P1to P3 Sports Day on 22nd April 2014. It was a huge success with parents turning out to motivate their children. The gathering was

Vandana D’cruz PE Teacher 4

SECONDARY NEWS Final Assembly for D2 Today was the last normal school day for our D2 students. To mark the occasion we held a special assembly. After some 12 years of formal education, D2 have reached a significant milestone in their lives. Today their formal school lessons end and in four weeks’ time they will have finished their final examinations and be attending their own graduation ceremony. As you can imagine, the assembly was full of mixed emotions.

MYP Personal Project Exhibition Last Thursday afternoon each of our M5 students gave a short presentation about their Personal Project. This was followed by an exhibition of their work. The M5 students have been working on their projects for the past 8 months. The Personal Project is a significant piece of work that reflects the students’ own interests and creativity, and enables them to practice and strengthen their learning skills whilst undertaking a challenge that motivates them.

As a School we want to wish D2 all the very best as they complete their final preparations for their IB Diploma exams. They, along with their parents and teachers, have invested a great deal to reach this point. As a group, D2 have contributed much to the school as it has grown each year and they have been fine role models for those students that follow. We as a School are very proud of them! We wish D2 every success for the future.

The project consists of a product, a process journal and a report that is the equivalent of a 3,500 word reflective essay. Students choose their own project, which can take many forms, and see the process through to completion under the supervision of a teacher in the school. Successful completion of all the elements of the Personal Project is essential to the successful completion of the MYP. Yesterday’s presentations, and the exhibition that followed, can only be described as inspiring and impressive. The commitment, energy and passion displayed by each student, was fantastic. All of M5 are to be congratulated on their efforts with their Personal Projects. I would also like to thank the teachers that helped supervise the students and parents for their unfailing support.

Key Dates for the Calendar 1st May: Labour Day Holiday 5th May: IBDP Final Examinations Begin 10th May: M4/5 Production of Alice in Wonderland 22nd May: Technology Fair 24th May: D2 Student Graduation 28th May to 3rd June: D1 End of Year Examinations 30th May to 2nd June: M1 to M5 End of Year Examinations 5th & 6th June: D1 Group 4 Project 12th June: Secondary School Prize Giving; End of Year Reports Issued; School closes for the Summer Holidays

Alan Connah Secondary Principal


Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday Celebrations World Book Day is celebrated every year on April 23rd. In schools around the world students dress as their favorite book characters and perform to mark the day. This year, however, was special; the entire MYP student body participated in an ode to Shakespeare on what would have been his 450th birthday.

Quad". At break and lunch time, different classes performed original interpretations of Shakespeare's plays, from 5-minute Shakespeare, to Shakespeare in modern English, to interpretations of his work in original song. Students were encouraged to dress as their favorite Shakespearean character; perhaps you helped your son or daughter prepare for the day? What impressed us the most was that everyone participated, including the audience! Learning really can be fun.

Around the world Wednesday the 23rd kicked off a celebration of Shakespeare's life and work, and our students were in the thick of it. Since all MYP grades are in the middle of study units on Shakespeare, we were able to put together a day of "Shakespeare on the

Amy Stempel HoD - English

Stage Fight

Bottom, Titania and Puck

Singing M4s 6

From the Arts Department M2A & B have been busy working on their observational drawing skills in Visual Arts. They began the unit looking at specific drawing techniques of professional scientific botanical illustrators. Through studying these visual techniques, students began exploring their own compositions. The studio works focus on “nature as a source of inspiration�.

presentations of the artist they chose to research and a discussion of how that artist influenced their studio work; and thirdly, students will give and receive peer feedback, which they will document in their DWB (developmental workbook). These three components are aligned with the MYP requirements for Criterion A, B, and C of the MYP Visual Arts Guide.

Students have also undertaken independent research into an artist of their choice, who also uses nature as inspiration in art making. Upon completion of their studio compositions, students will participate in class presentations. These presentations will have three main elements: first, a presentation of the finished studio work with a description of process and material choices; secondly, students will give

M2 students have been very successful in this particular unit. In the coming weeks there will be a hall display to offer the community a chance to view and enjoy their accomplishments. Lia Cohen HoD - Arts


PTA NEWS Tiger Gear We have received our new stock. We now have all sizes available again for the new Blue Hoodies! To purchase any tiger gear please send an email to Ms. Saira Jethnani at including the item and size required. All the tiger gear items can be found on Moodle under PTA NEWS - Tiger gear price list.

committee members to the new committee members in May. If you are interested in any of the positions and would like to ask any questions please come along to the PTA General meeting on Wednesday 30th April, we would be glad to have a chat about the roles. PTA General Meeting – Wednesday 30th April The next general meeting will be held in the Conference Room, Administration Building. Mr. Alan Connah, Secondary Principal, will be speaking about the changes that have taken place in the MYP over this past year. Also during the meeting you will get the chance to meet the new Primary Principal, Mr. Simon McCloskey. There will be tea/coffee/snacks at 12.15pm with the meeting to start at 12.45pm.

PTA Executive Committee nominations closing next Wednesday 30th April The 2014/15 Stonehill PTA Executive Committee is due to be elected. Here is your chance to take action and become involved. Job descriptions and nomination forms are available to view on Moodle under PTA News Executive Committee Positions and Nomination forms. Please note that nominations will close on Wednesday 30th April, this is to allow a hand over from the old

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