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An Embassy Group Education Initiative

CONTENTS The Stonehill Cafeteria Story...................1 P7 Goes To Hunsur....................................2 P8’s Anantapur Trip...................................2 M1’s Class Trip to Coorg...........................3 M2 Goes To Hunsur...................................3 Stonehill’s International Food Fair........4/5 M3’s Visit to Historic Hampi.....................6 M4’s Trip to Agumbe.................................6 M5’s Class Trip to Jungle Retreat...........7 D1 Goes to Rainforest Retreat................7 PYP Track & Field Day..............................8 MYP Track & Field Day.............................8

MARCH 2012


Phase II : The Stonehill Cafeteria Story When Stonehill was in its early planning stages,

the cafeteria that on the area statement is the

playing field is being levelled, with landscaping

one of the first tasks was to develop an

reheat cafeteria for the Early Years students.

that will help with water harvesting during the

This is a table of all the

On 29th January, Jitu Virwani, chairman of

rainy season. Completing Phase II plans will be

spaces and their area that a school will need

the Embassy Group attended a Puja to break

a pair of buildings next to the swimming pool that

to carry out its programme. The area statement

ground for the permanent Stonehill Cafeteria,

will house support staff changing rooms, a

becomes the specification sheet that the

designed by the Andy Fischer Group, that will

laundry, some stores and a workers canteen.

architect uses to create buildings of the proper

eventually service all the students when the

Our construction time lines have the new

size. When Phase 1 of Stonehill was put up

school reaches the its final design size. The

cafeteria ready for operation for the beginning

in 2008, the buildings erected made up 60%

modern, well equipped kitchen, has been

of the new school year.

of the area statement for the ultimate school

designed by Abhijit Saha, who many of you

for 810 students. As the school has passed

know from Fava and Caperberry restaurants.

the 250 student mark, the first major addition

The Cafeteria project has several other

to the campus is now due, a replacement for

elements bundled into the project. The lower

Area Statement.

John Sperandio Director

Immersed in Nature : P7 Goes to Hunsur In the last week of February, the P7s enjoyed four days on a beautiful, atmospheric farm, by a tranquil lake in Hunsur, under the expert tuition of Gerry Martin and his associates. For every individual on that farm who attended it was great fun, but thoroughly exhausting, not least for Ms. Nitu, Ms. Jenny and I!

tubes in a huge team effort and sailed it into the lake among 200 hundred bar headed geese.

After a long bus journey, over-excitement and a late night of talking in tents and cowering at the sound of falling coconut branches at 2am, the children woke up tired on the first morning and barely recovered due to the sheer volume of activities that continued. Two subsequent nights saw the children begging to go to bed at 8:30pm and silent within ten minutes of lights out. Heaven! When I think of all we did and saw in four days it amazes me; handling Rat snakes, observing Spectacled cobras, Russell’s vipers, scorpions and a baby owlet at touching distance, bird watching at dawn, tracking snakes and river crabs with a local Irula tribesman. The children scaled a large tree using a rope canopy and designed and built an excellent raft out of bamboo, coconut twine and inner

A visit to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary rewarded us with crocodiles, otters and a huge variety of birds in a nearby wetland. On the last morning we even cooked eggs and toast on fires crafted in holes in the ground before a happy but contented journey home for all involved and a restful weekend! Scott Hawkins P7 Teacher

P8’s Anantapur Trip : A Different Learning Experience As a part of The Exhibition unit, P8 students went on a 3-day field trip to Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh). They visited and learned about how SEDS (Social Education and Development Society), a non-profit organization has been working to transform their local area and the environment through community organization and education.


We began by taking a walking tour of the facilities and learned how SEDS have been assisting the local population in improving their lives by working their land, conserving water, understanding the importance of education and the power of community organization. Students split into groups and took turns visiting local schools, learning about family dynamics and women empowerment issues. Our students had the chance to spend some time at a local school and acknowledged how different their lives are from those of the locals and how fortunate they are to have the access and resources available to them.

Ronen Cohen P8 Teacher

Going The Distance : M1’s Class Trip to Coorg The M1 trip to Coorg was a fantastic success. The educational focus was extremely varied this year as students were required to think about a number of issues such as the effects of tourism, fair trade and the dangers facing the native Indian elephant. The students also spent a lot of time reflecting on their experiences. The teachers accompanying the M1 trip this year were Ms. Anna Benson, Ms. Niki Doran and Mr. Mohammed Nassir and we were all very impressed with the way the students worked together as a group. It was amazing to hear the students’ words of encouragement during the hill climb when some of us were struggling to make the distance. This was by far the most fun trip that I, as a teacher, have ever been on and applaud the students for their positive attitudes and enthusiasm. Anna Benson Trip Chaperone & M1 Homeroom Teacher

M2 Goes to Hunsur We felt the trip on the whole was

of how important collaboration and the skills of

a learning experience for the M2

mediating and compromise are.

students in many ways. Most of them

Despite some squabbles and occasional

commented on the fact that they

disagreements, on the whole the students

were impressed with themselves on

seemed to enjoy being in a different environment

how they prepared and cooked their

out in the open air and many of the students

own breakfast and dinner and how little

returned with more knowledge about

they knew about how the food on their

themselves and each other in terms of their

plate gets there.

character and skills.

The majority of the students worked well collaboratively, not only with their usual group of friends, but diversified

Claire Boulter Trip Chaperone

and ended up working, often by choice,

& M2 Homeroom Teacher

with peers they would not normally socialize or work with. Students told me how they learned a lot not only about themselves but also about their peers through the daily activities where they were constantly dependent on effective teamwork. All students seemed to enjoy designing, building and playing on their rafts out on the lake and this was another excellent example

The 3rd Annual Stonehill International Food Fair “There is no harm in repeating a good thing.” - Plato Our international community was out in force on Saturday, 25th February, celebrating our third annual Stonehill International Food Fair. Colourful banners and flags welcomed all to celebrate the food and culture of more than 25 countries represented by our school community. The tents were a-buzz with activity, as students busily collected passport stamps from country awareness tables – this year focusing on the capital cities of each country. Games were underway as well, ranging from the gentle ring toss to a full-on heat-fuelled faculty soccer match. For those in need of cooling off, the swimming pool provided welcome relief as well as the extra thrill of spinning around in the giant aqua Zorb ball! All the activity was of course fuelled by table after table of glorious food, provided by our generous and tireless international families. From delicate Japanese sushi to the

great American burger, there truly was something for everyone. We were also treated to a fantastic range of student entertainment including a cellist group, a Thai and Japanese dance troupe, and an inspiring sneak-preview of the longanticipated production of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. In our short school history, our International Food Fair has become a highlight of the school calendar and a tradition that gets better every year! The PTA would like to thank all of the families, faculty and staff for contributing so much to make the day a resounding success. Eve Marlborough PTA Communications Officer

M3’s Visit to Historic Hampi The intrepid M3 set off on a 10 hour train journey to Hampi. We arrived bright and fresh on a Monday morning at Elephant Lodge where breakfast was awaiting along with the promise of a historical visit to temples and lost cities which have been excavated and transformed into their past glory. The students could easily imagine what life was like back then and reflected on the hardships encountered living in that time period. A hike up to the monkey temple and a few more shrines and monuments rounded off the first two days. A visit and playtime with a local charity organization helped to bond two schools together and the potential for further community service in that area. We loved playing with the ultra friendly students who were delighted by our visit. Shopping and a visit to a local water world rounded off an amazing trip with great food, planned activities and new friends. Mark MacKenzie Trip Chaperone

Of Solitude & Science : M4’s Trip to Agumbe

The M4 Trip with eleven students and two teachers was destined for Agumbe Rain Forest in the Western Ghats. We took the night train from Bangalore city and arrived at Shimoga train station and from there headed to Agumbe, which is about a two-hour drive. This incredible solitude, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowed us to focus on outdoor education, mostly science related- studying biodiversity. Besides the educational aspects, the students were engaged and entertained by activities like hiking, rope climbing and Frisbee. The food and accommodation at ARRS- Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, was very simple but everybody loved it. The ARRS was established to encourage the field studies in rainforest ecology- This four-day educational experience was truly enriching and memorable. Pratap Chettri Trip Chaperone

A Walk in The Wild : M5 Goes to Jungle Retreat Our trip to the Jungle Retreat resulted in a very successful educational experience. The varied curricular activities offered in this trip provided for a wide range of opportunities for the children to display the Learner Profile Traits and Approaches to Learning. Areas of Interaction linking diverse subject areas were also carefully merged in order to cover as broad a program as possible: Biology, Visual Arts, History, Ethnography were amalgamated with experiences which promoted selfconfidence, empathy, curiosity, integrity, creativity, enthusiasm, independence, commitment, tolerance, respect, cooperation and appreciation. This Approach to Learning was aimed at upholding certain non-negotiable values such as becoming more reflective, more knowledgeable, inquiring, solidarious and open-minded individuals through our practice.

We visited a local wild life artist who is involved in environmental issues and the development of sustainable living between the local community and the fauna. The students really pushed their limits as they hiked up the mountains but were rewarded with absolutely breathtaking views from the top. Once at 2,200 meters, we moved along to visit our first tribal village and also toured some impressive tea plantations. During our visit to a Panyar tribal village, we were welcomed at one of the tiny school rooms where we talked with the local teacher, who then helped us tour the whole village. The little girls of the village were bemused by our girls' hair color! Mikel Lataburu & Jyoti Thyagarajan Trip Chaperones

D1’s Rainforest Retreat In the first week of February, we set off for Coorg bright and early for our CAS trip. Upon arrival, we couldn’t help but notice the absolutely stunning, encompassing environment: a green blanket of treecovered hilltops with birds happily chirping in the dense canopies above. Directly across the trail, a small, cool stream snaked down the land into the retreat. There was such a sense of tranquillity; serenity filled the air. Where could we be but in one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world? We had made it. We were at the Rainforest Retreat. During our trip we had the opportunity to bond with each other and collaborate on various CAS activities. Walking five kilometres through the hills one day, we arrived at a local school, where we painted with the students for a few hours. The second school we visited consisted of children with disabilities, so we interacted with them for about an hour (talking, drawing, etc.). Learning about the environment at the retreat helped generate awareness among us on how we can be more environmentally friendly by not using pesticides or genetically modified crops. We were also fortunate enough to acquire new skills by learning how to build compost. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful trip to Coorg and we all recommend that the D1 class next year should go! Katie Baur, D1

PYP Track & Field Day

The P4-8 students had their opportunity to compete in a track and field

The final results were as follows;

event that closely resembled the traditional disciplines of ‘run, jump and

1st Place :Team Chawla

2nd Place :Team Gandhi

3rd Place :Team Nehru

4th Place :Team Bachendri

throw.’ The running events covered 50, 100 and 200 metres. The House teams then participated in all of the field events in rotation style, ensuring all students were able to try every event. Finally each House team

The final ‘act’ of the day belonged to the parents and staff who

competed against each other in the relays.

participated in a sack race in a show of friendly and fun competition. I

Points were given for every placing, distance and completion, which meant that every competitor made a positive contribution to the House

would like to thank all of the students, staff and parents for supporting our event. David Martin, Head of Physical Education and Sport

team totals.

Secondary Track & Field Day On a warm and dry Thursday in March the Secondary students participated in their annual track and field competition. Competitors from M1 through to D2 in four groups competed in running, jumping and throwing events throughout the day. The individual event winners are as follows: Boys (S)

Girls (S)

Boys (J)

Girls (J)

Long Jump

Ashvin 4.66m

Elin 3.13m

Pietro 4.02m

Elvira 3.85m

High Jump

Thomas 145cm

Luca 130cm

Elvira 145cm


Declan 27.75m

Oliver 18.19m

Senior Boys: Declan McKinstray Junior Boys: Oliver Broughton

Oliver 20.00m

Nour 11.70m Nayeli 7.30m


Declan 23.70m

Shot Put

Declan 13.60m

Chloe 13.60m

Dong 9.90m

Boys (S)

Girls (S)

Boys (J)

Girls (J)

100 mts

John 12.59s

Jaqueline 18.94s

Ojasvi 14.00s

Isabell 14.20s

200 mts

Ashvin 24.37s

Max 23.25s

Isabell 27.60s

400 mts

Thomas 1m 03s

800 mts

Thomas 2m 31s

1500 mts

Declan 6m 00s

Junior Girls: Isabell Schoenherr I would like to thank all of the competitors, staff and parents for supporting our event. David Martin

Motoki 1m 12s Motoki 2m 53s

Katie B 6m 46s

3rd placings given throughout the day. This year’s champions are: Senior Girls: Chloe Lethborg

Elin 3.13m

Jessica 1m 47s

The Overall champions in each grouping are calculated on the 1st, 2nd and

Len 6m 00s

Paula 2m 54s

Head of Physical Education and Sport

Newsletter - March 2012  

Newsletter - March 2012