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A DisplayNote How-To: Making Lessons Interactive for Everyone Fancy being able to share content from your device or a students’ onto the interactive display in the classroom for everyone to see? Want to encourage stude nts to collaborate and interact more with the class without having to leave their sea t?


Ever wanted to share co ntent from your device with multiple devic es in class at the same time?

What is DisplayNote?

Would you like to be able to view students’ work whenever you need or want to? Stuck for ways to enco urage students to participate in a more engaging way in class activities? Is your answer to these qu

estions yes?

Well now you can do it all. 20   stonegroup.co.uk

With DisplayNote of course!

DisplayNote is a cloud-based AV software solution that allows you to share any content live from a host session on your PC straight to your AV display and student devices - whether they’re tablets, notebooks, desktops or even smart phones. It’s a technology that can enhance the learning experience by making use of technology that teachers and students are already accustomed to using, but with the added ability for studentteacher collaboration individually, as a group and with the whole class.

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