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Cloud networking for location independent learning Technology changes. Fact.

So, what exactly is cloud networking?

But at the same time, so does the need for the adoption of a solid and secure infrastructure that supports location independent learning in educational establishments.

According to one of the leading providers of cloud-based technologies, cloud networking not only maximises data security within an institution, but also optimises the delivery of applications and other services to provide a great user experience no matter where staff and students work, what device they use or what network they use to connect(1).

The Cloud has made it possible for many schools, academies and colleges to afford enterprise-class applications, computing and storage without the cost, complexity and constraints of traditional IT networks. In this article we take a look at cloud networking and how it can be used to support your institution and the way data is stored and shared.

It’s also easy to manage and offers faster deployment, simplified admin and richer visibility compared to older cloudbased methods. It’s ideal for all educational establishments from small independent schools to large multi-site institutions. It provides performance and manageability at a fraction of the cost and without the complexity of older, more traditional solutions. In short, cloud networking helps your institution to achieve maximum performance whilst protecting your network, school/ student data and apps, streamlining management, increasing reliability and ensuring an unparalleled user experience.



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