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Winter 2010

Fine Design Interiors It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts


Fine Design Interiors

It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts Produced by Tameka Marshall & Written by Tony Ware

The high-end design firm, FineDesign Interiors was started in the 1970s as Fine Decorators by Ted Fine, father of the South Florida residential interior design boom. And thanks to Fine, the company inherited a fittingly superlative name. But, based on the company’s extensive resume, “FineDesign” could have just as easily and appropriately transitioned to


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Winter Edition 2010

DramaticDesign, TimelessDesign or UniqueDesign when Fine retired in 2005. With well over 1,000 projects completed in its 40-year history, Fort Lauderdale-based FineDesign has been responsible for much of the region’s trend-setting condominium space,

starting with the heyday of the building boom resulting from the influx of upscale buyers from around the world seeking warmer climates. The company has also provided its unique vision for single-family homes, yachts, commercial and public spaces, as well as resorts. In 2006 FineDesign was acquired by 90-year-old, Fort Myersbased and nationally acknowledged high-end furnishings designer/retailer Robb & Stucky Limited. This synergy allows the firm increased access to custom-design facets that further support its ultra-luxury, cutting-edge concepts.

With each client’s situation we have to balance the multitude of factors representing the complexity of providing a winning customized design solution —Susan Levinsohn, Director of Design

Designs of Distinction “Our affiliation with Robb & Stucky has allowed us to expand our relationship with vendors to worldwide status, drawing on buying power and unparalleled resources in all areas of interior design and furnishings,” says Don Spielvogel, FineDesign vice president. “For those clients not wishing to shop retail, we afford them the opportunity to have a highly customized personalized high-end design experience.”

“One of the great benefits of our relationship with Robb & Stucky is that we have the ability to design and manufacture which speaks to the uniqueness of our firm,” reveals Susan Levinsohn, director of design. “When we enter into a project we have the ability to give the client the highest quality product while still respecting their budget, and provide them everything in the process from concept to installation. We strive to deliver the unexpected by providing a very custom experience which is unique to each client as they are unique to us.”

“With each client’s situation we have to balance the multitude of factors representing the complexity of providing a winning customized design solution,” says Spielvogel. “You then find a way to balance those ideas with financial realities. Ultimately it’s about satisfying a client with a project that is memorable.” FineDesign has never failed to garner attention from some very notable personalities. Some of the firm’s clientele include celebrities, musicians, sports figures, top executives


Fine Design Interiors and entrepreneurs. While numerous awards have been bestowed upon FineDesign, the firm’s team of licensed designers is far more about passion than accolades. Levinsohn, for one, has always been driven to meet and exceed dreams when it came to design. “I think I found my calling as a young girl,” recalls Levinsohn, who has both practiced and taught design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and who is considered a mentor and counselor. “I used to drive my mother crazy every week by redesigning an area of the house; on a weekly basis my room would always have a different theme. With every project I hold the belief that the most important thing is to put everything I have into it, to make it an oasis for my client.” Refined Designs This prime directive of Levinsohn and her support staff has echoed throughout the halls of countless projects. FineDesign most often concentrates on the Sunshine State, but has helmed projects in New York, New Jersey, Houston, Virginia, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. Balancing timeless and cutting edge, FineDesign has done private spaces, model units and sales centers for high-rise luxury residencies such as Two Liberty Place in Philadelphia. Another showcase piece is the ongoing design for the historic art deco National Hotel on South Beach in Miami. FineDesign is working in gracefully coordinated shifts to allow the hotel to stay open as work is taking place. Taking into account the researched history of the building, maintaining the integrity of both preservation efforts and owners’ wishes, the senior and support designers aided by project coordinators take into consideration space utilitization, guest demographics, community codes and requirements as well as design criteria., . Utilizing this approach, and benefiting from its 33,000 square foot design studio plus long-standing relationships with subcontractors representing all trades, FineDesign is managing to keep the hotel both iconic and contemporary. FineDesign’s legendary reputation, along with its partnership with powerhouse Robb & Stucky, has attracted top design talent to the firm bringing decades of experience from estate homes to oceanfront to mountain resort design projects throughout the country. They bring with 4|

US Developers Journal

Winter Edition 2010

them a philosophy both Spielvogel and Levinsohn support: to create tranquility and harmony within clients’ intimate surroundings, as each job should be adapted to improve the quality of life of the owner. With ever-increasing commercial and creative resources at the company’s disposal, FineDesign Interiors will continue to be the model by which other firms could redesign themselves for success.▪

COMPANY AT A GLANCE Established : 1969 Fine Design Employees : 21 Director of Design : Susan Levinsohn


Fine Design Interiors

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