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Transformation & Ascension for Mankind/Womankind/Mother Earth

St. Germain is the Sponsor of the instrumentation described in this book Masters on the other side of the veil have helped in its development and design By Harry Davis St. Lorraine Press, P. O. Box 68251, Tucson, AZ 85737


This is an account of research and investigation involving a very unusual instrument THE VIOLET RAY CRYSTAL RESONATOR (VRCR) Just as the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator can be used to beneficially affect the energy flow in humans, the MASTERS tell us that it can be used to favorably alter the energies flowing throughout the EARTH and help bring those energies into balance. Brought forth from ancient ATLANTIS by a reincarnated, present-day, crystal energy scientist To help raise the consciousness awareness of mankind/womankind and heal our Mother Earth

Copyright 1994 - Library of Congress by Harry Davis All Rights Reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. First Printing 1995 First Revision 1997 This book was formerly titled "ARMAGEDDON*APOCALYPSE*EARTH CHANGES: Can This Violet Ray Crystal Energy Instrument Help Save us. " The change in the title was prompted by suggestions from several readers whose comments were quite similar; namely, that the title should better reflect the primary "thrust " inherent in the "message" delivered by the book -- the raising of the consciousness awareness of mankind/womankind and our Mother Earth.

Printed in the United States of America



Dedication To Our Sister and Daughter Denise Lorraine Whose Short Sojourn on this Planet Opened Wide the Doors to Understanding and to the LIGHT Special Thanks To Those on Both Sides of the Veil Who Helped Make this Book Possible The work that you are doing with the VRCR transmissions including the transmissions from key points of the Planetary Light Grid is being done to help transmute the thick density of negativity surrounding the EARTH into higher vibrations of Light.


A NASA SCIENTIST states: yes, in the not so distant future, we will be able to be aware of energy blockages on the surface of the earth, or in its interior, and be able to develop technologies to allow the energy to flow around these blockages. (See page 34.)


TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Introduction Chapter 1: Objective Verification - Photographing the Human Aura Gwen Kemp, Aura Photographer Camera/Computer Technology The Man with the Crystal Wand Scott Samon - Inventor of the Aura Camera Actual Aura Photographs VRCR Radiation - Always an Immediate Reaction The Color Gun Doing Your Own Thing More Evidence Coming Up

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Chapter 2: St. Germain, The 7 Rays and the VRCR


Spiritual Guides - Washington to Scallion Enter St. Germain, Lord Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst What Constitutes a Human Being? An Ascended Master? The Concept of the 7 Rays VRCR: Generator of a Multiplex of Energies VRCR Detects Energy Field Created By Your Thoughts VRCR Can Be Used To Measure Energy Flow Throughout Your Body VRCR Is Used To Enhance Meditative/Transformative Experiences Could the VRCR Be a Reliable Tool in Exorcism? Electromagnetic Pollution Neutralized by VRCR VRCR May Be Useful In Measuring Life Force Energy VRCR-generated Energy Field Increases Psychic Sensitivity VRCR Facilitates Past Life Regression Techniques Altering The Structure Of Water Earth's Energy Vortexes The Masters Tell Us That VRCR Can Help Balance Earth's Energies Can Predicted Cataclyismic Earth Changes Be Altered? The Seven Rays Chapter 3: The Crystal Energy Man - Jack Derby

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Let Derby Do It The Korean Patrol - The Vision The "Plan" Calls for Jack to Go to Arizona Mr. Fix-It Humbleness Jack Meets Harry Oldfield

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Chapter 4: Evolution of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator Jack Gets a Call Jack's Original Crystal Resonator Contact With St. Germain The Violet Ray Appears Two Modes of Operation Initial Design of the VRCR Design Improvements Energy From Neutron Star Hercules X-1 White Light Energy - Self-transformation Tool?

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Table of Contents

Chapter 5: Increased Psychic Sensitivity/Strengthening Our Energy Bond with Our Higher Self How One Conscious Psychic Functions Identifying the Contact on the Other Side The Experiment Gets Underway Energy * Energy * Energy Minutes Elapse - Even I See a Pyramid Energy Pattern Linda Sees a Skeleton? We Both See the Light The Light Intensifies Linda's "God" Channel Tube of Light - The Antahkarana? Our Higher Self Connection? We "Hear" from St. Germain A Radiating Picture - The Energy Lingers

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Chapter 6: Beliefs & Philosophy


The 16 Chakras, or Power Centers Tuning the Charkas to Collect God's Energy Detuned Charkas, Poor Transformers Adverse Energies - Environmental Pollution Enter the Golden Ray The Masters Speak about the Violet Ray and Golden Ray von Reichenbach, Keeley, Psychic Interpretation Seeing and Feeling the Golden Ray We Need the Golden Ray Now Enter the Elemental Ray Posikiation - What is It? Cleansing the Aura 16 Charkas (Power Centers)

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Chapter 7: Charka Balancing/Escort to the Great Central Sun Linda's Charkas Are Checked The 16 Charkas Tuning Starts X-Ray Vision All-Seeing Eye, A Cloud, A City Archangels Uriel and Raphael Energy Chords Escort to the Great Central Sun - Jesus Greets Linda Jesus Demonstrates Humbleness Chapter 8: Balancing Earth's Energies/Neutralizing Radioactivity

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VRCR/Double Antenna Method Earth's Harmonic Grid St. Germain Tells How We Can Help Mother Earth VRCR/Single Antenna Method Neutralizing Radioactive Fallout and Contamination Radioactivity in Australia Verifying Neutralization - Photographic Method Verifying Neutralization - Geiger Counter How Neutralization occurs A Recent Experiment - Helping Mother Earth

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Table of Contents Chapter 9: Jack's Twin Soul - Marolyn Derby 13 Powers of Man Seminar 100 Photographing the Effects of Marolyn's Seminar Marolyn is Magnetically Attracted to Jack 102 Bonded By a Flash of Light 103 Marolyn Finally Borrows That Sweater 103 They Are Both Married to Someone Else 104 Reincarnation? Were They Together Before? I'm Going to Marry You! 105 Jack Asks for a Kiss 106 Fountain of Youth? 106 Aura Photographs - Before and After Music 109

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Chapter 10: Exorcism/Earthbound Spirits/Pollution/AND MORE 111 Toward the Light - No Longer Earthbound 112 Can You Hear the Music? 113 Endocardiograph - Measuring Body Reaction 113 Adding Music and Voice for VRCR Amplification 114 Neutralizing Electromagnetic Pollution 114 Reacting to the Energies of the VRCR 116 Homoeopathic Remedy, Aura Cleansing, Astrology 117 Brain Waves and VRCR Settings 117 Sleep and Accelerated Learning Procedures 118 Epilogue


Appendix: A - Charka, or Power Center, Balancing Procedure B - Procedure for Tuning the 16 Charkas



C. - Energy Follows Thought 126 D - How the Model 2100 Aura Spectrophotometer May Work 132 E - How Jack Derby Uses the Violet Ray Bulb


F - Excerpt from Sales/Purchase Disclaimer 135 G - The Tucson Crystal Light Grid


H - Neutralizing the Radiation Coming from Your Computer 149 Monitor Contacts


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Your atomic waste is indeed the largest danger you face. Do not entertain the idea of throwing the waste away, for this is unnecessary and most often will not work. Whatever you do with it will only be temporary, until it eats out of whatever you place it into. NEVER, EVER put it into your oceans or lakes.

CRYSTAL ENERGIES Of TRANSFORMATION & ASCENSION For MANKIND/WOMANKIND/MOTHER EARTH Introduction If the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator can really neutralize environmental pollution and radioactive fallout, it might be possible to lessen the effects of the devastating catastrophes that are now predicted to engulf the EARTH!

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MOST POWERFUL EARTHQUAKE IN HISTORY DEVASTATES LOS ANGELES 1,000,000 FEARED DEAD IN LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN AREA POR'T'IONS OF PACIFIC COAST DISAPPEAR No, those headlines haven't been printed yet; but according to many of the best known and most reliable psychics and seers of today and yesterday those headlines could very well be the real thing sometime between now and the year 2,000! Most of you who pick up this book to thumb through it will have heard of the many dire prophecies that foresee tremendous, catastrophic earth changes occurring between now and the year 2,000. What if only one of those predictions comes true? That could be the one that destroys civilization, as we know it! However, most of the seers say that the majority of these earth changes might be avoided, or at least alleviated to some extent, if mankind were to have an abrupt change in consciousness. To put it another way, if mankind were to start practicing the golden rule there might be some hope for civilization. However, in light of what's going on in the world today -- Bosnia, Haiti, the Middle East, terrorist attacks, child abuse, mass starvation, etc. -- any timely change in mankind's consciousness seems highly unlikely. So! What to do? Sit back and wait? But, what if there were a method and instrumentation existing right now, today that might be capable of: EASING AND/OR SOFTENING SOME OF THOSE CATASTROPHIC CHANGES? INCREASING THE CHANCES OF YOUR SURVIVAL, OF MANKIND'S SURVIVAL? What if this same instrumentation could help us in our quest for spiritual enlightenment and transformation, our ascension? Would it be worthwhile taking a close look at? I thought it would and that is what this book is about! The instrumentation is called the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR). In a very unique and scientifically, groundbreaking way, the VRCR combines several different types of energies: electromagnetic, electronic, magnetic, sound, color, crystal and cosmic. When the human body absorbs these combined energies and interacts with


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them, the results are literally amazing. Many researchers -- in this country and elsewhere in the world -- have obtained this instrumentation and are pursuing their own, serious research. Several of these researchers believe that the VRCR has been successfully used already to demonstrate the following capabilities: * THE RESULTS OF THE VRCR ENERGIES REACTION WITH BODILY ENERGIES CAN BE SHOWN ON PHOTOGRAPHIC FILM! * YOUR THOUGHTS CAN BE DETECTED AND MEASURED! * YOUR CHAKRAS AND ACUPUNCTURE POINTS CAN BE DETECTED, MEASURED AND BALANCED! * YOUR MEDITATIVE/TRANS FORMATIVE EXPERIENCES CAN BE ENHANCED! * THE EXORCISM OF EVIL SPIRITS MIGHT BE MADE EASIER! * ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION CAN BE NEUTRALIZED! * "LIFE FORCE ENERGY" MIGHT NOW BE MEASURABLE! * YOUR PSYCHIC SENSITIVIES CAN BE INCREASED! * PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS ARE MADE EASIER! * THE STRUCTURE OF WATER AND OTHER LIQUIDS MAY BE INFLUENCED IN A POSITIVE MANNER! The inventor is Jack Derby, a very humble, sensitive and dedicated individual. An individual who has been blessed with a gift that more and more spiritually motivated, incarnated souls have these days -- the ability to communicate, either consciously or in a trance, with their spiritual Masters and Teachers. Almost all of these communications have resulted in the publication of volumes of philosophical and religious books, audio cassette and video tapes as well as the very familiar prophecies and predictions for the remaining years of the twentieth century. Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner and Alice Bailey (the Tibetan Master books) were three of the more familiar and famous of such gifted people. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mary Summer Rain, Jane Roberts (the Seth books), Gordon Michael Scallion, Tuella (the Astir series) and Lori Adaile Toye (I AM AMERICA) are among those still with us. Whether or not you believe in the existence of an hereafter, or God, or Spiritual Beings, if you have had the good fortune to read or hear or see some of these published works, you might feel as I do -- that such deeply spiritual and inspiring thoughts/literature must have originated with a Source That transcends the limited capabilities of incarnated man or woman. When you delve into the world of channeling, whether conscious, trance, automatic writing, etc., probably the most perplexing and unsettling thought that comes to mind is how can you verify the Source of the information that is coming through. How can you be certain that the Being Who is supposed to be communicating through the channel is, in fact, that particular Being? To be very frank, there is probably no way at the present time to do any objective verification. The type of contact made by the person doing the channeling -- i. e., the

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psychic channeler -- seems to be dependent upon many factors. To name a few, such factors include (1) the channeler's place along the evolutionary scale; (2) the channeler's ability to control the vibrations, or frequency, of the two primary parts of the body usually involved in most contacts, the solar plexus and the mind; (3) the physical health of the channeler; (4) various environmental conditions. It seems logical to expect that the farther along the evolutionary scale an individual is, the higher type of Being on the other side of the veil that individual is able to tune into. However, how can you tell just how evolved a person is? The homeless derelict sleeping on the sidewalk may be just as evolved, or even more so, than a high official in a church. Even the most sincere and honest channeler has to interpret what he or she is receiving. The interpretation is probably accomplished either consciously or subconsciously, depending upon the level at which the particular channeler is operating. I think it goes without saying that the higher the integrity of the channeler, the greater are the odds that he or she will bring through a truthful, objective interpretation. And, of course, you have to evaluate the content of the message itself before your final decision as to its authenticity. In chapter 5 Linda, one of the conscious channelers participating in our research, relates how she thinks she functions when channeling. Jack Derby's primary mission in this incarnation is not to philosophize; it is to produce instrumentation and/or methodology that can be of tremendous benefit to mankind and this planet earth. In this sense, he could be compared with Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Thomas E. Moray, James Worrall Keeley and Machaelle Small Wright of the Perelandra Gardens. That is not to say that Jack doesn't come forth with philosophy; he does. But the primary name of his game is instrumentation--practical, useable instrumentation the results of which can be verified, objectively and subjectively. For some thirty-five years I've been researching the so-called "subtle energies." Different researchers have given such energies different names: od, orgone, radionic, acupuncture, chi, prana. In digging into the history underlying the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator and how it operates and performs, I was told -- via Jack and other reliable psychics -- that, in addition to those possible uses previously mentioned, the VRCR has the potential capability of (1) altering and rebalancing earth energies and (2) counteracting or neutralizing environmental contaminants, including radioactive fallout! Just imagine!


I know that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to objectively prove that the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator can alter earth energies and neutralize radioactive fallout. The possibility of altering earth's energies is implied in chapters 2 and 6. In chapter 8, however, Jack's Teachers give definite instructions for doing so. They also discuss the neutralization of radioactive fallout and contamination and suggest a possible method to verify the neutralization. It may be that the so-called "aura" photographs give the most dramatic, objective evidence to date

for "proving" that the VRCR is for real and really works! Such

Introduction Page 5 Photographs -- what they are and how they are taken -- are discussed in chapter one, and examples of actual photographs are included. I should also like to emphasize the fact that from the list of the ten capabilities of the VRCR previously given, the second, third and sixth can be demonstrated using conventional, electronic measuring equipment. If the VRCR can do all of the foregoing, why not more? Why not take a look at it? Especially since establishment science offers us absolutely nothing relative to earth energy balancing or radioactive fallout neutralization or increasing one's personal Transformative experiences. Presented in this book are the subjective and objective facts and data as they unfolded to me. In discussing the evolution of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator in later chapters, considerable detail is given relative to the design and philosophy pertinent to the VRCR. I believe that the principles underlying the VRCR design can be utilized in other inventions beneficial to mankind and the planet earth. And there may be some forward-looking, truly empathic individuals -- whether scientists, or engineers, or laymen -- reading this book whose inventive thoughts may resonate to these new, ground-breaking principles. Could this be the beginning of a new -- or rediscovered -- "crystal energy science?" It is suggested that you look at the VRCR photographs on page 7 and the "aura" photographs on page 19, examine the information presented herein and judge for yourself. In that judging I ask you to consider the following. Jack Derby claims he has been inspired by his Spiritual Masters and Teachers to bring into physical manifestation the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. He has done this and there exists definite, positive proof that it works! Enjoy what follows and please keep an open mind!

Harry Davis Tucson, Arizona April 1995

About This May 1997 Revision This book was formerly titled "ARMAGEDDON*APOCALYPSE*EARTH CHANGES: Can This Violet Ray Crystal Energy Instrument Help Save Us?" Practically everyone that I have talked to say that the new title better reflects the "thrust" of the message contained in this research report. Let me briefly summarize what this May 1997 revision is about: Of course, as mentioned before, the title is changed. Several pages in the original printing had one side of the page as a blank page. All of those formerly blank pages -- except the back of the photographs -- have had something added. The addition consists of either (a) pertinent information relative to the Spiritual Hierarchy Who are guiding mankind/womankind during this particular evolutionary period, or (b) familiar biblical quotations that have been appropriate for hundreds of years. Addition of Appendix G.

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In August 1996 an extremely important event took place, which -- according to the Ascended Master of the 7th Ray St. Germain -- established the Tucson Crystal Light Grid (CLG). This event required Jack Derby, his wife Marolyn and several other dedicated Light Workers to plant crystals in six mountains surrounding the greater Tucson area. This CLG is in operation right now and is playing a significant part in the uplifting of the consciousness awareness of mankind/womankind and our Mother Earth. By reading Appendix G, you can find out just what was involved in establishing this Crystal Light Grid. (Adding this part of the revision as an appendix considerably reduced the amount of changes that would otherwise be required throughout the book.) Addition of Appendix H. Our research with the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is continually ongoing, and this appendix gives a summary of our latest findings. We believe the test results continue to emphasize the versatility of the VRCR. These latest results indicate that when your body energy field is. exposed to both the radiated energy fields of a computer monitor and the VRCR, the controls of the VRCR can be set so that the human energy field will interact with the VRCR energy field and be "captured" by it. We think that this is much more preferable than the human energy field interacting with a computer monitor energy field so that the computer monitor energy field is the more predominant. Additional, relatively minor, changes such as a new cover page, the updating of addresses, expanding the index, etc. Harry Davis Tucson, Arizona May 1997


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VRCR Back view showing the crystal triad

VRCR Front view; connected to crystal wand (electrode)

VRCR Front view; connected to antenna which holds the crystal wand


It was revealed to Jack by St. Germain that Mother Earth is desperately in need of love, cosmic consciousness and grounding. Mankind/womankind can focus their concentration upon these three states of awareness and/or the VRCR can be tuned to transmit such energies. When these two actions-concentration and VRCR transmission--are combined and coordinated and then directed to specific meeting points of the Earth's grid, the beneficial results will be considerably amplified.

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The laws of radionics are a part of the operation of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Adding the power of the spoken word plus the touch of the hand will greatly increase the overall effectiveness with what you are trying to accomplish, especially with your mantras and chants.


Chapter 1 Objective Verification - Photographing the Human Aura These photographs present factual, indisputable evidence that the radiation from the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator influences in a positive manner the energies circulating through the body.

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Chapter 1

Literally every inch of you from head to toe is equated back to its vibration frequency that can be translated into light energy emitted from the body.

Her aura went from a muddy red or orange to a full spectrum, magnificent rainbow--beautiful flames at the crown, flames of white light with color radiating from that.

Cornelius van Dorp, a New Zealand doctor who was a member of the GREENPEACE ship's crew, was visiting Jack in 1991 and participating in our ongoing investigation into the capabilities of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. When the subject of auras came up, he made the following comment: "What you (addressing Linda, our conscious psychic channeler) were saying about it being easier for you to see auras against a white background fits in with the technology that Harry Oldfield has developed in London. He has a video camera and the output from the camera goes into a computer then onto a screen, and you get a live image of a person with an aura around. The only essential things are a white wall behind the person and a multi-spectrum light. It doesn't work without those two elements. It fits in with what you say. " Researchers have dreamed for many years about taking photographs of the human aura, and that also was one of the main purposes of my own research. Although for many years there have been rumors of such a camera having been developed, I had yet to see -- either directly or on paper -- any authentic, documentary evidence. But that was about to change! In 1991 Jack received a telephone call from Harry Schneider telling him that there was to be a camera at one of the New Age conferences that could take photographs of the human aura. Jack and his wife Marolyn immediately decided to investigate, hoping that this might be a means of objectively demonstrating the effect of the VRCR-generated energies upon the human body. GWEN KEMP -- AURA PHOTOGRAPHER Jack and Marolyn flew to Orlando, Florida to attend the GREAT UFO/ET/ALIEN & ABDUCTION CONGRESS held at the Grosvenor Resort in the Walt Disney World Village, August 23-25, 1991. They renewed their acquaintance with Schneider and met the aura photographer, a very lovely and conscientious young lady by the name of Gwen Kemp. Gwen had been looking forward to meeting the Derby’s because due to Schneider's dogged persistence and enthusiasm, she herself had already obtained photographic verification of the VRCR's generated energies interaction with human body energy fields. With minimal paraphrasing, let's let Gwen summarize the events leading up to her meeting with the Derby’s.

Chapter 1

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Even in college (she graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Fine Arts, major in Interior Design), I always had a hobby interest in Kirlian photography. I've had a Kirlian device for years, have played with it, photographed everyone I knew--finger tips, toe tips, crystals, leaves, rocks, jewelry and about everything else I could think of. Even photographed organic vitamins versus inorganic vitamins." "

I had always hoped that I would be able to bring Kirlian photography more into the public arena so that people could see that there was more to them than just the physical, that there was light energy associated with our physical being. When I told them that the Kirlian photographs gave evidence of a type of light energy around their fingertips, they really did not understand what it meant. I could tell them again, even give them charts which explained what the different types of photographs meant, but they still didn't get it. Perhaps it may have been that all they were seeing was just a very small portion of the body, that they couldn't relate a picture of a finger tip to the whole body." " One day I was at a New Age Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia; it was probably October 1989. For the first time I saw the aura camera and was fascinated with it because I saw that people who had their photographs taken with that camera really didn't need much explanation given to them as to what the photographs meant. They got it on an inner level. And I think it's because we all tune into this whether we are conscious of it or not." "As I began experimenting with the aura camera, I realized that it did produce on film something similar to the way in which I view or see auras. So, from that I decided that I was going to own that camera. The next step was to figure out how to come up with the $30,000, which was the cost of the camera and associated equipment. Eventually, I did obtain the money, and in June 1990 I bought the camera." CAMERA/COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY "The camera technology is very interesting because the inventor and his associates have cleverly found a way to literally replicate the way in which the aura appears surrounding the upper part of the human body. They use computer technology, which is contained, in a box. The box is placed beside a chair where a person is seated. There is a black background behind the person. As the person sits down, the person will literally touch the computer. There is a hand template on the top of the computer box, which is an integral part of the computer. As the person touches the template, some type of electronic circuitry inside of the computer is activated, and the computer makes a scan of the person's electromagnetic energy patterns. That scanning produces data that is run through a computer program. " "What they are literally doing -- and as you know the patent pending are held by Reverend Scott Samon who developed it at Berkeley Scientific which is located in the Berkeley, California area. What they are really doing is using the acupuncture meridians of the body to identify the vibrational rates of the organs in the body. Literally every inch of you from head to toe is equated back to its vibration frequency and that is translated, you might say, into the energy emissions or the light energy that is emitted from the body in specific areas." "The computer itself is used in conjunction with a computer peripheral, in this case the modified Polaroid camera. A flat wire connects the computer to the camera. The results of the electronic scanning from the person's contact with the hand template is massaged, so to speak, by the computer program. The massaged data is then transmitted to the camera by the flat wire and is electronically imprinted on the film. At the same

Page 14

Chapter 1

time the person's hand touches the template -- and I assume it is a very accurately synchronized timing -- the camera also take a photograph of the upper body of the person. " "When the print is developed, what you see is the actual photograph of the person's upper body surrounded by the energy imprint replication of what that person's aura would look like if you had the ability to actually see the aura. So, in the developed print you can literally see the person in their replicated energy field." "The purchase of the camera started a wonderful experience for me in life. It gave me the opportunity to do exactly what I always wanted to do; it also gave me freedom to travel. Not that I hadn't traveled in corporate America. I had worked for the Steel case Corporation of Atlanta for eighteen years and had spent 4 to 5 days a week traveling for a number of years. Steel case is the largest office furniture manufacturing company in the world; I enjoyed working for them very much. But the aura camera had entered my life and it was time for me to leave, and I did." "The travel I did now was different. I could choose and select where I would be and what I would participate in as opposed to being told where I needed to be on a given day. One of the first events I participated in was an event called psychotronics held here in Atlanta. And psychotronics -- if there is a way to summarize what it is--I would say it's like the scientific study of the energy of the mind. And that gets into things like all types of mind-driven energy devices which open the door to radionics and dowsing, a whole variety of other things." THE MAN WITH THE CRYSTAL WAND "A year later I participated for the second time in the annual Psychotronics Conference which was held in Dayton, Ohio. It was at that event that I observed a man walking around with a little box, waving some kind of a wand about people. He was asking them how they felt, asking for information and feedback. After the second or third day -- and I believe it was a five day event -- I had an opportunity to talk with this person. His name was Harry Schneider and he had one of Jack Derby's Violet Ray Crystal Resonators, or VRCR as it is usually referred to." "We began to experiment a little, doing before and after photos of people. Several of the people we photographed had very exhausted physical levels of energy. Some photographs also showed depleted mental energies and a lot of stress in their auras, and it definitely showed in their before pictures. Harry would use the crystal wand of the VRCR on them for a few minutes. I don't recall what he actually did, but I don't believe he went through the entire sixteen charkas, or power centers, alignment steps with the person at that time. " "After Harry finished with them, they would come back and I took their pictures again. In every case their auras were incredibly enhanced; they would be brilliant. Whereas in the before picture the aura might have been muddy in its color, it now had a lot of white light. It might have gone from having a muddy red or orange around them to having full spectrum, magnificent rainbow type of auras. Beautiful flames at the crowns, flames of white light with color radiating from that. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by what I was seeing. From my own experience with the camera I had found that it was practically impossible to really shift your aura dramatically upward (toward the Light) in just a matter of minutes. And here the VRCR was doing it in every case!" "When I first got the camera and practiced meditation, I thought that if I would say

Chapter 1

Page 15

"I AM LIGHT, I AM WHITE LIGHT " that, presto, my aura would immediately show up as a brilliant white light in a photograph. But such was not the case. When I sat down and really wanted to raise my energies, it took a lot more than just a minute or two; and I have found this to be true for most people with whom I have had the opportunity to work with using the camera. For instance, in 15 minutes I really might be able to raise the frequencies into more brightness; but it would really take 45 minutes or longer for me to move from middle range color into a white-lighted aura. What I found later using the VRCR was that virtually everyone's aura was reaching white light in a matter of one to three minutes." "I believe that the energy imprints around the person's upper body that you see in the developed print is a reflection of energies from the physical, the emotional, and the mental bodies. And, if you stop and think about it, to really dramatically change those energies -- at any one of those levels or all of those levels -- you really have to employ a method or instrumentation that gets to the core of your being, physically, mentally and emotionally. And, so if a person is exhausted physically, typically its going to take something physical to revive them on that physical level whether it's sleep, food, nutrition, water, exercise or relaxation. But by the next day, even if your total physical level had been re-energized, your photograph could still show emotional and mental weaknesses in the aura. " "And so what I was observing was that in a matter of minutes after using the VRCR, people were getting incredible auras. In fact, auras which I doubt they could ever achieve on their own. It was like getting a booster energy shot." So I knew this was really profound and it really caught my interest. I am very thankful that Harry Schneider made the effort to contact me later and put me onto a conference call with Jack Derby, and to explain to Jack his (Harry's) experiences with the aura camera. Jack was very interested in seeing what these effects were. Jack had heard many positive, verbal comments relative to the VRCR but now he would be able to literally see these effects on the light fields around people." "And so at another event -- maybe 6 months after -- I was in Orlando. It was the UFO conference. It was Harry's neck of the woods so to speak. Jack and Marolyn came down. Harry and his friend Dolores, and Jack and Marolyn came to the conference. For several days we just experimented with the aura camera, doing everything that they had a curiosity about. And when the conference was over, Jack and Marolyn stayed over for a few days with Harry Schneider. And they asked me if I would come back and work with them a little more which I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do. Soon afterwards, Jack and I found a way to do some work trade for future events, like the Global Sciences Conference, etc., and I was able to obtain my own Violet Ray Crystal Resonator." SCOTT SAMON - INVENTOR OF THE AURA CAMERA A few days after Jack and Marolyn returned to Tucson, they showed me the photographs. And they were quite extraordinary! I immediately called Gwen. We had quite a long conversation and she gave me telephone numbers to contact Scott Samon. After several attempts, I finally reached Mr. Samon via telephone. He was kind enough to take the time to explain to me, in very general terms, how the camera works. (It took some persistence and patience before I was finally able to get a hold of Scott because he is a very, very busy person and travels extensively in this country and throughout the world. I never was able to contact Scott a second time to ask him if he wanted to review my completed write-up about the camera.)

Scott Samon has been able to see auras all of his life and the aforementioned computer

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Chapter 1

Program is, apparently, based upon Scott's unusual ability. According to Scott, the task has been arduous and tedious; but when the computer program began to give results that matched the way in which Scott (and perhaps others?) actually saw the aura, then the program was fine-tuned to its present status. Drawing upon my talks with Gwen and Scott Samon, I have put together a somewhat more technically oriented explanation of how the camera may work. This explanation is included in the Appendix. ACTUAL AURA PHOTOGRAPHS Page 19 contains photographs, which show how Gwen Kemp's aura changes after being subjected to different radiation from the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Page 19, photograph #1, shows her aura before receiving any radiation from the VRCR. Photograph #2 shows her aura after the crystal wand had been placed against her brow and the VRCR turned on for approximately one minute. Photograph #3 was taken immediately after the crystal wand had been placed on her Imagination Center (located on top of the head, 3 inches behind the center of the head) for approximately one minute. The green color in photograph #4 resulted from the crystal being placed approximately six inches below her feet for one minute. Photographs #5 and #6 show a very striking difference. Prior to these photographs being taken, Gwen had just completed a twenty-eight hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver, Colorado to attend a conference. She had had very little sleep and little or nothing to eat, and had just finished setting up her camera in the exhibit booth. She was completely exhausted. Someone suggested that it was an opportune time to see just how effective the VRCR was in helping one's body rejuvenate itself, energy wise. So, Gwen managed to drag herself onto the chair in front of the camera, smile a bit and put her right hand on the template on top of the computer. Photograph #5 was the result of that effort. Immediately after, she went through the entire sixteen power centers tuning procedure using the VRCR. Upon completion, her tiredness had vanished, her body felt rejuvenated and she had no trouble at all in seating herself in the chair opposite the camera. The smile was no effort this time. Result was photograph #6. Because of her considerable experience in taking literally thousands of photographs over the past several years, Gwen is eminently qualified and able to interpret what the different colors mean relative to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. However, I did not ask Gwen to do any interpretation. The purpose of including these photographs is to present factual, objective evidence that the radiation from the VRCR via the crystal wand definitely influences in a positive manner the energies circulating throughout the human body. VRCR RADIATION - ALWAYS AN IMMEDIATE REACTION Gwen says that she is always amazed at the reaction of the aura to the radiations from the VRCR. In all of the thousands of photographs she has taken over the past several years, she has never seen the colors in the photographs change so quickly and so dramatically as occurs after the subject has been exposed to radiation from the VRCR. She has taken photographs after a person has taken or been exposed to many different types of reagents or stimuli -- herbal teas, homoeopathic remedies, vitamins, flower essences, Bach remedies, magnets, color, music, prayers, chants, yoga, exercising, Reiki, etc. She has worked with meditation groups practicing guided meditation, silent meditation and Only two reagents caused an immediate change, the Bach remedies and an unusual

music meditation.

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instrument called the "color gun. " Gwen had this to say about the Bach remedies. "Usually, in from 3 to 5 minutes after administering Bach remedies to people, the photo-graph consistently showed an enhancement and lightening of the aura; but I also saw that that person could not maintain that frequency for more than 15 minutes, and then they would settle back into their old frequency (energy) patterns. But with the VRCR it seems to really get a boosted energy that you maintain for a much longer period of time, and by longer I mean the rest of the day or even into the next day. " THE COLOR GUN People's reaction to Ed Dungan's color gun was somewhat different. Gwen got the impression that it was causing a reaction in people similar to what the VRCR did--adjusting the vibration and frequency of the auric colors -- but was limited in frequency spectrum (and therefore color spectrum) coverage as compared to the greater spectrum range of the VRCR. The VRCR not only addresses the harmonic colors but the sub harmonics within a color range. However, exposure to the color gun did result in a significant change in a person's aura; it seemed to result in a layering of the colors in the aura. Gwen explains. "By layering, I mean that at the lower part of the aura there would be bright, intense red. Higher in the aura, this red color might turn to a bright and intense yellow, or green, or even blue. It gave an impression of layers, or bands, of colors around the body. However, the colors appeared to represent, primarily, the physical body, whereas exposure to the VRCR energies resulted in colors representing all four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. " DOING YOUR OWN THING In working with different people, groups of people, different reagents, etc., Gwen has discovered that all of "these things have their own traits and personalities that show as distinctive energy patterns in the photographs. For instance, when a person is getting a massage or receiving treatment from a Reiki master, that person's aura will change to a bright red. They get revitalized and the high vitality of energy breaks out in energy patterns that are reflected around them. When an aura photograph is taken of the Reiki master after he or she has completed administering Reiki, the aura has a real strong bright orange color." According to Gwen, everyone is on their own evolutionary path; oing their own thing, tuning into and receiving their own type of information. It is interesting to see how what they're doing really affects them, and the aura camera is a wonderful way to get tangible proof. They can actually see that the path they are on is either doing something positive, or it may not be doing as much as they thought it should be. They can then make adjustments as they deem necessary. MORE EVIDENCE COMING UP By now you will have examined carefully the photographic evidence and, hopefully, have found it convincing. However, when one is breaking ground into a drastically new scientific concept and modality, one needs all the evidence that can be gathered. Different types of evidence will appeal to different types of people. In chapter 2 you are presented with more details of objective and subjective "proof."

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Chapter 1


El Morya Lord Lanto Paul the Venetian Serapis Bey Hilarion Lady Master Nada St. Germain

Chapter 1 19



Chapter 1

Not only will the heart show a response as measured using the Endocardiograph, but also the spleen will show a response to subtle energies. Just as it is done when measuring heart response, the Endocardiograph audio pick-up would be placed at four different locations around the spleen area. You may want to put the output of the Endocardiograph into a variable speed tape recorder. The recording would be made at regular speed then played back on fast speed to be able to hear. Some of the frequencies coming from the body are too low for the human ear. As you start to work in this area, more information will be available.

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Chapter 1

Jack's Teachers have told him that when the white light energy transmitted by the VRCR is directed to the body, the physical/etheric bodies will undergo a transformation--gradual or accelerated depending upon the person's attitude and his/her place on the evolutionary path. Such transformation will result in the physical/etheric bodies being more receptive to the higher spiritual energies.


Chapter 2 St. Germain, The Seven Rays And The VRCR I am St. Germain, Keeper of the Violet Flame ...the Violet Ray instrument is a tool intended for use not only on your physical plane but also for use on many spiritual planes as well.

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Your thoughts create an energy field that affects other people and which can be detected and measured using the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Similar to humans, Mother Earth also has her charkas and acupuncture points. Throughout the centuries, there have been many recorded instances of living persons communicating with spiritual beings: angels, Masters, Teachers, etc. The bible, of course, is probably the prime example of such contacts. SPIRITUAL GUIDES - WASHINGTON TO SCALLION loser to our present time, George Washington, our first president, is said to have talked with an angel who gave him visions of three great wars that would engulf the United States. From the period 1919 to 1949, the noted author Alice Bailey is reputed to have maintained telepathic contact with the Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl, such contact resulting in the publication of some twenty-five books on esoteric philosophy. Two of today's most noted exponents of contacts with disembodied entities are the Seth series of books by Jane Roberts and the publications of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the co-founder of the present-day "I AM THAT I AM" movement which is reputed to have more than a million followers throughout the world. Ms. Prophet states that she is in contact with various Ascended Masters and has published a considerable volume of books as well as video and audiotapes reportedly documenting such contacts. As to be expected, each of the aforementioned ladies has her enthusiastic supporters and vociferous detractors. One positive reviewer states, "that these books reveal a depth and breadth of understanding and insight into the human psyche of a magnitude beyond mere mortal knowledge. These writings are truly inspiring and contain a profound message for humanity regardless of whom the authors may truly be." On the flip side of the philosophical coin there are others who think that such books are pure fantasy. Probably one of the most noted and recognized living prognosticators of earth changes today is Gordon Michael Scallion. In addition to his monthly newsletter he prepares other documentary evidence of his predictions: videotapes, audio cassettes, and a detailed map showing how the United States will look upon settling down after the earth changes. Mr. Scallion considers himself an ordinary individual, even definite skeptic until he had contact with a visionary figure that completely changed his life. As stated earlier, Jack Derby apparently has a very different mission in life than most of the present day ophets, seers and psychics. His primary "product" is not a verbal prophesy or prediction. It is quite different; it is the development, design and manufacture of an instrument according to the specifications as dictated by Jack's other side contacts. It is rumored that many great inventors -- Edison, Tesla, von

Chapter 2

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Reichenbach to name a few -- admitted to being influenced visually or audibly by unknown sources. And, just recently (July 15, 1994), you may have seen and heard on the TV Program ENCOUNTERS the young man Dannion Brinkley who was pronounced dead for several minutes after being struck by lightning. He stated that during the period of "being dead" he met and talked to Spiritual Beings, was told he had work to finish on earth and he returned, alive. He also states that one of the buildings he has constructed on his land as part of his research facility was built according to the design and specifications of his other worldly contacts. Jack Derby has been told that in one of his previous incarnations he was a scientist in the fabled continent of Atlantis. In that lifetime he experimented with electronics and crystal energy; and one of the primary reasons for incarnating in his present life is to give mankind a portion of ancient Atlantean knowledge -- give it in such a way that the ancient knowledge can only be used for the benefit of mankind! ENTER ST. GERMAIN, LORD ZADKIEL, HOLY AMETHYST The Ascended Master St. Germain gave the initial impetus for the construction of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR). Two other sponsors are the Archangel Lord Zadkiel and his Divine Feminine Complement, or Twin Flame, the Archeia Holy Amethyst. In the Spiritual Hierarchy, which oversees mankind's evolutionary progress, St. Germain now serves as the Lord of the Seventh Ray; and Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are Archangels of the Seventh Ray. (The concept of the seven rays are explained later in this chapter.) However, when getting down to the "nuts and bolts" details of the VRCR, Jack is overshadowed by a group of scientists on the other side, the apparent spokesman being Mykon who formerly lived in ancient Greece. Several years ago, while Jack was deep in meditation, many unusual and unexpected thoughts suddenly flooded into his mind. Here is the gist of those thoughts as nearly as Jack can now (1991) recall: "





intended and the design of the instrument. Incidentally, Nikola Tesla

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Chapter 2

the inventor of our modern, alternating current electrical distribution system also claimed to have the ability to depict in his mind the entire invention, complete with wiring diagrams. But, before we get into the details of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator, let us take a look at the Source Jack contacted -- St. Germain. And, what is meant by Keeper of the Violet Flame? It is likely that many of the people who read this book have heard of St. Germain, have heard that He is an Ascended Master and are familiar with at least a portion of His history. Whether or not you have heard of St. Germain is unimportant at this moment, but I do think it is necessary to find out just how He fits into our philosophical picture.

WHAT CONSTITUTES A HUMAN BEING? AN ASCENDED MASTER? First of all, in order to fully understand what an "Ascended Master" may mean, we have to theorize as to what constitutes a human being. Why? Because Ascended Masters were at one time ordinary human beings like you and me. To begin, let us assume that what most eastern religions teach and what our own ancient western philosophy tells us is true -- that our total "being ness" consists of a trinity. Some of our western philosophies teach that this trinity consists of the following: (1) our Higher Self (also called our I AM PRESENCE); (2) our Christ Self; and (3) "we", the latter "we" being that part of our trinity which is now living and breathing in incarnation upon this planet earth. The "we" part of the trinity has been given different names by different philosophers -- ego, personality, soul, etc. Someone, somewhere along the line, has said "evolution is a disciplined increase in our state of conscious awareness." Could this mean that our evolutionary goal, then, should be to increase our state of conscious awareness until we realize and know that we are one with our Higher Self, our I AM PRESENCE, our own personal God? To help us attain our goal, according to some philosophers, our Christ Self acts as the mediator between the "we" and our Higher Self. This is necessary because our Higher Self exists at the spiritual level of God. At that level of conscious awareness, the Higher Self is perfect. He cannot know what we call sin or any evil vibration; so the Christ Self was created by God to function at the etheric level, the mid-point between the Higher Self and our physical body. Could this be why Jesus the Christ is reputed to have said in so many words, "only through me may you enter the Kingdom of Heaven?" St. Germain is an Ascended Master. The word "Ascended" is used to indicate that St. Germain is a person, or individual, or soul, who has "graduated" from the earth school of reincarnation. Graduation means that He no longer has to reincarnate upon earth to undergo the lessons that earth's lives have to offer. He has perfected the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of Him so that He now vibrates to the love of the Universal Christ. It is interesting to note that some of the incarnations St. Germain is reputed to have lived prior to His ascension are as the Prophet Samuel; St. Joseph, Protector of Jesus and Mary; St. Albans, the martyr (circa 3rd century, A.D.); the Greek philosopher Proclus (A.D. 410-485); Merlin the Magician; Roger Bacon; Christopher Columbus; and Francis Bacon. When He attained that vibrational level, St. Germain's ego or personality was able to unite with his Christ Self and then, again speaking vibrationally, ascend to be at the level of His Higher Self -- in

other words, to be at one with His Higher Self. The practice of capitalizing the first letter of any word that denotes or refers to an

Chapter 2

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Ascended Being shows respect for that individual soul who has attained that higher state of existence. Apparently, when a soul has attained the ascended state of being, that soul -- now called an Ascended Master -- may have the option of choosing any one of several different paths of continued progression. It is said that St. Germain's path includes service to mankind and fighting for the freedom of all souls evolving on planet earth. Apparently, there are many, many Ascended Masters, or Elder Brothers, helping mankind. Seven of these Ascended Masters utilize a particular type of ray energy (again, vibration) for their purposes. THE CONCEPT OF THE SEVEN RAYS Let us now take a very brief look at the concept of the seven Rays of creation and their relation to mankind. According to esoteric teachings, the Source of each of the seven Rays is a great Cosmic Being. These great Beings are the Creator Gods, the Elohim, and each one transmits a mighty, creative power. These seven, tremendous creative energies reach our sun via the twelve constellations of the zodiac. It is further said that each Ray transmits its energy through three of the constellations and reaches our earth primarily through one of the seven sacred planets. These Rays are the seven great builders of all that exists: universes, galaxies, and solar systems even down to the tiniest subatomic particles. Each of the seven Rays contains the attributes of all Rays; however, for each Ray, there is one major, predominate Ray characteristic. A listing of the seven Rays are given on page 35 along with the generally accepted attributes, symbols and qualities associated with each major, predominate Ray. St. Germain is known as the Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray, and the predominate color of the seventh ray is violet. Thus, His title Keeper of the Violet Flame. Although His responsibility is, primarily, the seventh ray energy, He also utilizes, as necessary, energies from the other six rays. It is generally recognized that violet is the color of the Aquarian Age which we are now entering. Many psychics believe that considerable benefit is obtained by invocation of the violet flame (also called violet fire). To name only a few benefits, such invocation can help balance energy flow throughout the body, transmute karma and aid in the ascension process. Jack Derby believes that the violet flame high frequency energy is the basic "carrier wave" of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Many researchers agree with Jack, and they also agree that the crystals in the VRCR are capable of being programmed by the spoken word. Jack and his fellow researchers believe that by utilizing properly this unusual characteristic of the VRCR tremendous progress could be made in mankind's evolution and the cleansing and evolution of the Planet Earth! Now, to return to the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator and find out just what is it that has made these researchers and scientists so excited about exploring its potentialities? VRCR: GENERATOR OF A MULTIPLEX OF ENERGIES The VRCR has been described as an instrument, which emits many types of energies: electromagnetic, electronic, magnetic, sound, color, crystal and cosmic. The emission starts out as high voltage "pulses" of what Jack calls "violet ray" electromagnetic radiation. The high voltage is generated by a uniquely-designed, Tesla type of coil. The pulsed high voltage travels from the coil secondary, through internal circuitry--semiconductors, quartz crystals, permanent magnets, LEDs (light emitting diodes), the

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Chapter 2

radiated field of a cosmic type antenna -- to a high voltage output jack. Connected to this output jack is a four foot length of insulated wire; the other end of this wire is connected to a speciallydesigned glass electrode, otherwise referred to as a crystal wand. (See photograph, page 7.) This crystal wand is shaped like an ordinary test tube and is filled with different types of crystals (quartz and other types) immersed in a saline solution. The high voltage pulses, which now carry the several types of energies, are fed into this crystal wand and interact with the saline solution and the associated crystals. This interaction results in energy being radiated from the wand. The wand may be placed at various locations on or close to the human body, and the energies radiated by the wand are absorbed by the body. The voltage/frequency components of these pulses can be varied from very low to very high; and at different settings of the VRCR controls, a multitude of harmonics and sub-harmonics can be observed when viewing these pulses on an oscilloscope. In considering the experimental results to date, you have already seen the detailed photographic evidence. Now, let us take a closer look at some additional evidence, keeping in mind what Jack was told -- that "this crystal energy device can only be used for the benefit of mankind." USING THE VIOLET RAY CRYSTAL RESONATOR, IT CAN BE DEMONSTRATED THAT YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE AN ENERGY FIELD THAT AFFECTS OTHER PEOPLE! AND THESE THOUGHT ENERGY FIELDS CAN BE MEASURED! Jack tells me that this has been demonstrated many times, even in front of large audiences. Imagine what this could mean to science and to mankind! To be able to show -- and to measure -- just how our thoughts create energy fields that affect someone else. And, again, imagine -- to demonstrate the effect of good, beautiful thoughts; and, conversely, to demonstrate the effect of bad, evil, antagonistic thought! In Appendix C is given a detailed account of just how Jack goes through his demonstration. Many believe it is quite possible that once the actuality and power of thought energy is revealed to mankind that an almost overnight transformation of thoughts could take place among the peoples of this planet. The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator could be a tremendously powerful tool for good! THE ENERGY FLOWING THROUGH YOUR CHAKRAS, ACUPUNCTURE POINTS AND OTHER AREAS OF THE BODY CAN BE DETECTED, MEASURED AND BALANCED! Jack uses the VRCR to balance not just the usual, more well-known seven major charkas but also to balance a total of sixteen charkas, or power centers to offer another name for the charkas. A standard Radio Shack Sound Level Meter is used to measure such balance. You have already had a brief introduction to Linda one of our co-researchers and experimenters with the VRCR. Linda is a very talented and sensitive young lady. She is a conscious psychic and can feel and see energy emitted by and flowing from crystals, plants, food, the atmosphere, animals, and human beings. She is also able to see the energy flow into and throughout the human body.

Linda participated in one experiment in which the medical doctor from Australia,

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Dr. Cornelius van Dorp, and his lady friend visited Jack Derby's laboratory in Tucson. The doctor was interested in purchasing an instrument and wanted to see a demonstration. So, both he and his lady friend underwent the sixteen charkas, or power centers, alignment. During the alignment procedure, Linda described how the energy emitted by the VRCR crystal electrode flowed around and into the body and how such energy appeared to merge with the bodily energies. She even described where energy blockages occurred in the body and how the crystal electrode radiation caused such blockages to decrease, dissipate and/or disappear. THE VRCR CAN BE USED TO ENHANCE YOUR MEDITATIVE AND TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCES Some psychics believe that VRCR-generated energies aid in the building of the "Antahkarana" which the Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl has defined as the bridge between the lower mind, the soul and the higher mind. Djwhal Kuhl is best known as the telepathic Source for the Alice Bailey series of books. Others believe the Antahkarana to be the silver cord, the same silver cord which many people who have had out of the body experiences (OOBE) have seen as a long, thin thread of light streaming out of and connected to a person's head. It has been said that the silver cord is the means by which the energies constantly coming from our Higher Selves is fed into our bodies. In the LOST TEACHINGS OF JESUS, Volume 1, by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, it is stated that "the flow of light between the Spirit of the living God and your soul is over the silver cord. It is the thread of light and the thread of contact, not only with God but also with all souls ascended in the white light who comprise the Great White Brotherhood." (*See note below) Clairvoyants even as far back as the 1800s stated that they had stood over dying people and watched the loosening of the silver cord. Spiritualist mediums when attending a person's deathbed have reported seeing something silvery seeming to disconnect from the body and float up into the air. They described it as a beautiful silver ribbon they could see with their inner sight. Charles Lindberg in his autobiography tells of an out of the body experience he had during his famous transatlantic flight in the SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS. He said that he felt himself leave his body as he imagined a spirit might depart. His awareness reformed at a considerable distance from his airplane but remained connected to his physical body by means of a long, tenuous strand. Could this have been his silver cord? Some believe that this silver cord, in ages long past, used to be as large as some nine feet in diameter and the stream of energy coming from God was tremendous. In those days men and women lived eight and nine hundred years. However, when mankind descended into bestiality and viciousness (the "fall of mankind?") the Lords of Karma--those Great Spiritual Beings who monitor mankind's progress and function somewhat like our own Supreme Court Justices -- reduced the size of the silver cord to the size it is today, approximately one inch or less in diameter. Such reduction was necessary to limit the amount of God-energy available to the human being, thereby preventing even greater and more tragic abuses of that energy. Regardless of how one philosophically defines Antahkarana, or silver cord, many researchers believe that it exists as an energy field in the form of a tube of invisible light radiating upward from the top of one's head. The term "invisible light" is used in the sense that to one's normal eyesight such a tube of light is invisible. However, to people who are visually sensitive to these subtle energies, a tube of white light can be seen. This tube of white light appears to come out of the top of one's head and go straight upward until it gradually disappears to even the sensitive sight. *Reprinted with permission from the LOST TEACHINGS OF JESUS, Volume I, by Elizabeth Clare

Prophet and Mark L. Prophet. Copyright 1986 Summit University Press,P.O.Box 5000, Livings ton,Mon tana 59047-5000. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.

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Chapter 2

Linda can visually see this tube of white light. During one of the VRCR experiments, she noticed such a tube appearing to come out of the top of the head of one of the participants. When she first noticed it, it was about one to two inches in diameter. However, toward the end of the experiment -and after the participants had been subjected to the radiation from the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator for some twenty to thirty minutes -- she noticed that the tube of light had expanded to some five to six inches in diameter. Does this seem to imply that that individual's connection to the God energy had increased, that the VRCR made such an increase possible? Jack finds that the VRCR energies help him get to a state of meditative consciousness in which he goes to, or contacts in consciousness, what he calls "his Inner/Upper Room." This is Jack's state of consciousness in which Jack believes he is able to contact the God within him, or his Higher Self. While in that state of consciousness, Jack believes he is also able to contact other Beings of Light, or Masters as They are sometimes called. Imagine the possibility that continued use of the VRCR could increase the size of this silver cord. Would this mean that the energy and, yes, love coming from God to us would be increased? Think of the effect that could have upon mankind and womankind! EXPERIMENTS HAVE INDICATED THAT THE VRCR EMITS A FORCE FIELD, POSSIBLY ETHERIC IN NATURE, WHICH IS ATTRACTIVE TO NON-PHYSICAL BEINGS OR HUMAN SPIRITS WHO HAVE PASSED THROUGH THE DEATH EXPERIENCE. Some researchers believe that there is a strong implication here that the VRCR could be used to get rid of some types of ghosts. There is also a strong possibility that some specific radiations from the VRCR might prove irritating to certain antagonistic, or evil, disembodied entities and could be successfully employed in exorcisms. Could the use of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator really facilitate the exorcism of evil? Could it make such exorcisms safer and less disturbing to the participants? On a much larger scale, could the use of the VRCR help in the reduction of evil and negative energies throughout an entire neighborhood, city, state, country -- or the entire world? Imagine! THE ADVERSE EFFECTS ON THE HUMAN BODY OF THE 60-CYCLE POWERLINE RADIATION POLLUTION THAT EXISTS IN MANY HOUSE AND BUSINESSES CAN BE NEUTRALIZED! Several different instruments can be used to demonstrate this capability of the VRCR. One is a model 87 IBE Multimeter manufactured by the Fluke Corporation. Another is a BK-8600 frequency counter. Usually, the electromagnetic pollution inside a house is the 60-cycle kind; but, sometimes, inside other structures it does vary. I have used a Heath Model SM-2440 Frequency Counter to demonstrate this capability. I can be sitting in my room with no appliances operating at all. When I turn on the frequency counter and touch the pick-up electrode to my skin, the counter will read sixty cycles. This means that my room is flooded with sixty cycle electromagnetic pollution. I then turn on the VRCR; and even though the crystal wand may be several feet distance from where I am sitting, the frequency counter will no longer read sixty cycles but will read the frequency of whatever energy field is being radiated by the crystal wand. And, to me anyway, I much prefer sitting in the energy field radiated by the

crystal wand than in the sixty cycle field.

Chapter 2

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THE VRCR MAY OFFER A METHOD OF MEASURING THE LIFE FORCE ENERGY! The life force energy that circulates throughout the human body has been called by various names; e.g., od, orgone, chi, prana, radionic, etc. A very well-known fellow researcher, Michael River song, made some measurements at both the International New Energy Symposium held in Denver in 1993 and later at Jack's laboratory in Tucson. He sent Jack a memorandum, which documents his interpretation of his test results. The following quotation is taken from River song’s memorandum: "This is the breakthrough. The sound meter is probably picking up the increase in Chi energy generated by the VRCR at close range? We may find that subtle sound correlates very well with Chi energy, and thus we now have a way to directly measure and quantify an important form of subtle energy. I believe the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator enhances the overall level of Chi energy for anyone using it or even in the environment in- which it is running." WHEN SOMEONE IS EXPOSED TO THE VRCR-GENERATED ENERGY FIELD, THAT PERSON'S SENSITIVITY TO SUBTLE ENERGY FIELDS (i.e., PSYCHIC ABILITY) IS INCREASED! Numerous experiments have been conducted in which persons who under normal conditions cannot see or feel subtle energy fields have actually felt and seen these fields after several minutes’ exposure to the VRCR radiation. They have actually seen white light energy streaming from their hands and feet, from all over their bodies! Our conscious psychic, Linda, can apparently adjust her awareness to different levels of consciousness. During these consciousness awareness sessions, Linda is able--without the influence of any external, man-made stimulus -- to tune her level of conscious awareness so that she receives within her mind, visions, energy patterns, flashes of light, words. For simplicity's sake, we'll call the different things she Receives, symbols. And, along with these symbols, she also has thoughts form in her mind, which identify the sources of the energies she is receiving. Prior to the beginning of a particular experimental session with the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator, the conductor turned on the VRCR to a controls setting of WHITE, 8.9. For the VRCR being used, that setting was the one, which generates what Jack, calls "the I AM", or "Higher Self", type of energies within the human body. Other than the conductor, no person participating in the session was told that the VRCR had been turned on. Immediately after the session started, Linda stated that she was receiving a very strong impression that she had contacted the I AM THAT I AM. The conductor asked her if she meant her Higher Self. She said no that she was contacting the "big " I AM THAT I AM, or God. SELECTIVE USE OF THE VRCR FACILITATES PAST LIFE REGRESSION TECHNIQUES! In conducting a past life regression session, Jack first takes the subject through the balancing procedure for the sixteen charkas, or power centers. Then with the VRCR set for the SOUL charka frequency, the crystal electrode -- sometimes called a wand -- is placed at the SOUL charka location. That location is six inches above the center of the head. Jack then talks to the subject and helps guide the subject to reach that level of consciousness, which was referred to earlier as the Inner/Upper Room. Once having

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Chapter 2

Reached that level of consciousness, the great majority of subjects are able to access their past life memories rather easily. Prior to the advent of the VRCR, it might have taken weeks or even months to bring some subjects to the point that the subjects could reach the desired level of consciousness. With the use of the VRCR, Jack states that this usually can be accomplished during the first session.


Many people have reported unexpected and positive reactions after drinking water subjected to the VRCR energies. During an experimental session, I handed Linda a jar containing some of the water Jack had energized by running it through his crystal fountain. Following are Linda's reactions:

"Very uplifting water. What a tremendous life force energy flowing. I feel it going right up through my nose, right through here (she pointed to her forehead, her middle eye area and head) and to my head. Very spiritual. I have a white, clear--again, I feel it on my left side at the back. I think I felt that in our last session." (She did, and she had complained of earlier injuring the back of her left side.)

This water really expands your awareness. To some it may expand the awareness of hearing, sight and inner sight of your body. I sense things in my ears better, my sight and I can see the spot right here (pointing to her back left side again) that must be really weak on me."

At this point I told Linda that I was going to take a sip of the water, and I asked her to monitor any reactions I might have. Linda replied as follows:

"Immediately I felt a clearing of sinuses, draining into the throat." (She apparently feels with her own body what my body reactions are.) "The ears pop inside, inner ear. I immediately feel the hearing for you and its clearing out a block that you have in your ears. I feel it going to your feet to relieve some of the pressure in your feet. Your nose becomes more sensitive. And your eyes are more relaxed, rested. But you definitely have a clearing of the sinuses. Isn't that funny. The pain in the left side of my back is gone -- because I am concentrating on you."

I then asked Linda to take a sip of the water. She did and had the following reactions:

Oh boy! Wow! I feel my side again. I'm extremely uplifted in spirit. My sinuses are draining. My ears are popping inside. And the eyes. This water goes directly to the spine. It is absorbed quickly. It's like it evaporates right into the body."

"Very good for bringing the soul back. Extremely good for expelling evil. Allows no evil to enter. This is not just for me; its for everyone. It supplies a beautiful, white light, a crystal white light. And I see a ray of white light going upwards to my left. I feel peacefulness, a oneness with the I AM. Especially when you close your eyes, you'll see an immediate uplift. It is very hard to be down-hearted. I think my Just recently, December 1994, Jack made arrangements with a well-known

children should drink this water. I think we should give this to our grandchildren."

Chapter 2

Page 33

Organization in the Tucson area to install one of his crystal fountain water units in a holding tank containing a considerable quantity of undesirable bacteria. Controlled testing is now underway (April 1995) and the outcome will be monitored closely. In themselves the aforementioned applications of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator should be more than enough to rock the very foundations of "establishment" science. But there are indications that the energies generated by the VRCR have even greater possibilities. One in particular -- if corroborated either subjectively and/or objectively, and I am trying to be very careful in the choice of my words -could play a vital role in the alleviation of the cataclysmic earth changes that may confront civilization within the very near future. Let me see if I can put it in proper perspective and ex-plain just how this could happen. We have been told that these earth changes have already commenced, that the catastrophes experienced worldwide during the past decade are really precursors to even greater and more terrifying ones expected to confront civilization within the very near future. Many reasons have been given as to why these are occurring -- man's inhumanity to man, entering a New Aquarian Age, the earth cleansing itself of the overwhelming pollution now suffocating it, etc. EARTH'S ENERGY VORTEXES In Page Bryant's very excellent book THE EARTH CHANGES SURVIVAL HANDBOOK, Sun Publishing Co., Santa Fe, New Mexico, her Spiritual Teacher, Albion, tells her that the earth is covered by many different types of energy vortexes and that "the Earth is criss-crossed with lines of force which conduct a flow of power" from one vortex to another. Albion also states that the Earth is a living, sentient being just as is man; and, like mankind, the Earth is also progressing in evolution. Albion further states that just as man or woman has seven major charkas, the Earth also has seven charkas and Albion identifies them by location. He explains that these charkas are connected by "threads or lines of force that connect these charkas and their energies together." Albion identified these lines of force as " ley" lines. Why go into such detail relative to the Earth's vortices, charkas and ley lines? The reason is staggering! Just listen! It has been shown that the VRCR offers a method of balancing a person's acupuncture points and charkas. According to Jack's Spiritual Teachers and the Teachers of other spiritually sensitive individuals, this capability of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator can be extended to benefit the Earth herself. How could this be possible? Please read the following paragraph very carefully. SIMILAR TO WE HUMANS. OUR MOTHER EARTH ALSO HAS HER CHAKRAS AND ACUPUNCTURE POINTS. AND JUST AS THE VRCR CAN BE USED TO BENEFICIALLY AFFECT THE FLOW OF ENERGIES IN HUMANS, THE MASTERS TELL US THAT IT COULD ALSO BE USED TO FAVORABLY ALTER THE ENERGIES FLOWING THROUGHOUT THE EARTH AND HELP BRING THOSE ENERGIES INTO BALANCE! Obviously, with our present technology limitations, such a thing might be difficult, if not impossible, to prove objectively. Subjective proof is, however, quite possible! Regardless, we now come to that infamous "what if" phrase. WHAT IF THE SPIRITUAL TEACHERS ARE CORRECT AND THE VRCR CAN BE USED TO


Page 34

Chapter 2

ARE EXPECTED TO CULMINATE IN THE FORM OF TREMENDOUSLY DESTRUCTIVE EARTH CHANGES? Establishment science has no way -of altering or modifying earth changes. Maybe its time to listen to our true Spiritual Teachers for a change. Things couldn't be much worse! At present only a very few establishment scientists and engineers are willing to "go where no man has gone before" when it comes to objectively investigating radically new technology. However, in her book Page Bryant states that during one of many discussion sessions concerning coming earth changes, one of her very close friends who trains astronauts and flight controllers at NASA made the following observation:


How about another potential earth-saving bombshell!? During my investigations, Jack's Teachers also stated that VRCR ENERGIES CAN HELP RESOLVE THE NUCLEAR RADIATION AND NUCLEAR WASTE DISPOSAL PROBLEMS! Again, establishment science certainly has no solution; or if they have, it hasn't been published. So why not consider the VRCR possibility? But now that you have been introduced to this amazing -- and almost unbelievable -- invention, in the next chapters you will take a closer look at Jack Derby and the evolution bf the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator.

Chapter 2

Page 35


ATTRIBUTE Will or Power

SYMBOL Sword or Baton



Crossed Pens

QUALITIES Government and Politics; International Relations; Executive Action. Education; Teaching.

Spider Web

Communication using the media: writing, speaking, radio, audio visual. Finance, trade, business,

The balance

economics. Sociology. Creative




Activity Harmony


through conflict Concrete mind

or scales The crucible

aspiration as expressed through all the arts. Human capacity to think;

The chalice

the sciences including medicine and psychology. Religion, ideology, philosophy. Structuring of society

and science 6

Idealism and


devotion Organization

The crystal;

and ritual; magic; externalization.

the torch; the energy of life.

through institutions. ordering of power through ceremony, protocol and ritual.

Page 36

Chapter 2

Again I state that today's scientific understanding was yesterday's magic. Metaphysics will have to change its name when the philosophy is no longer "beyond physics."*

*Read Kron 11. Don't Think Like a Human (see p. 15 5 for address of publisher).


Chapter 3 The Crystal Energy Man - Jack Derby Who is this man Jack Derby who can diagnose and correct an electrical problem by just looking at and feeling the equipment?

Page 37

Page 38

Chapter 3

Jack learned to 'feel" the functioning--perhaps vibration or radiation--of the equipment, but this time he would ask God to help him. He would thank God, knowing it was God that was doing the fixing! The Boeing 707 had just completed loading the last passenger, the flight crew had finished their preflight check, and the captain signaled to the ground crewman that he was ready to start number one engine. Acknowledging the signal, the ground crewman pushed the switch on the control panel of the ground equipment aircraft engine starter. Nothing happened! He pushed the switch harder. Again nothing happened! The crewman yelled to his assistant, "Don, check all your connections. We've got to get this starter rolling. This flight is already 20 minutes late." The assistant made a quick check and yelled back, "everything okay at this end, Charlie." The lead crewman muttered something and again pressed the starter switch. Dead as a doornail! He took a quick glance toward the cockpit and saw the captain waving his hand. LET DERBY DO IT! "Don," he yelled. "Get Derby on the phone and tell him to get his butt out here right away. " In about three minutes a pick-up truck appeared in the distance racing toward the parked airliner. As the truck came to an abrupt stop beside the ground equipment, a man jumped out and ran up to the lead crewman. The lead man quickly explained the situation. The other man stood quietly for a moment, his eyes scanning the starter and his hands touching the control panel. "Okay, Charlie," he said softly. "We have to open the panel. There's a loose wire inside." "Let's do it, Jack," the lead man replied. Both men hurriedly unfastened the front of the control panel. Jack took a quick glance inside at the maze of complicated-looking wiring and instantly spotted a wire hanging loosely from a terminal board. He quickly attached the wire to its proper place on the board, stepped back and said, "okay, Charlie. That should do it. Let's button up and start it."

The front panel was quickly fastened and Charlie pressed the start switch again.

Chapter 3


Page 39

Immediately, the turbine in the ground equipment began to accelerate causing pressurized air to fill the pneumatic hose. At that point the captain pressed a switch on the aircraft permitting the air to flow through number one engine. Everything was now A-okay! Who was this man Jack Derby who can diagnose and correct an electrical problem by just looking at and feeling the equipment? Who is this man Jack Derby who claims to have perfected the amazing Violet Ray Crystal Resonator with information supplied him by his spiritual Masters and Teachers on the other side of the veil? Jack is one of those rare, truly intuitive researchers capable of applying his abilities to many scientific areas. His training as an electronics radio technician in the Marine Corps and his subsequent combat duty tour during the Korean War were his first hands-on experiences with the practical application of his abilities and sensitivities.

THE "PLAN" CALLS FOR JACK TO GO TO ARIZONA The first eighteen years of Jack's life were spent on a farm in Iowa. So, after his honorable discharge upon completing his four year tour of duty in the Marine Corps, it seemed the natural thing to go back to farming in Iowa. However, after a short while, he became restless and looked around for something more exciting. It was then that he decided he wanted to be a ticket agent for the airlines. Jack enrolled in a correspondence school headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. His course of study was set-up so that he could study at home; and when that was completed, he could go to Kansas City to complete his training. Meantime, he was getting tired of the cold, freezing winters in Iowa and decided to head west, winding up in Tucson, Arizona. In Tucson, he got a job fueling airplanes at the old airport. After about nine months, he finished the home study part of his ticket agent course, quit his job, called Kansas City, and told them he was on his way. They surprised Jack by informing him that they couldn't take him for four months. As Jack looks back now, he says, "the PLAN was in action. My destiny in this lifetime -- as agreed to by my Higher Self and my guardian angels before I reincarnated -- required that decision on the part of the Kansas City school, that they couldn't take me for four months. I was forced to find another job in Tucson and that's when the PLAN really started working." Jack got a job driving a delivery truck for a lumber yard. One day Jack delivered some lumber to a house. The man at the house told Jack it was for a radio antenna tower and he was a ham radio operator. Jack told him that he had been a radio operator in the Marines. The man showed Jack his equipment and wanted to know what a guy like Jack was doing driving a lumber yard truck. Jack explained that he was waiting to go back to school to become a ticket agent. The man informed Jack that he was the City Manager of an airlines and they had an opening to fuel the airplanes. But Jack told him that he had fueled aircraft before and didn't want to do it anymore. With that, Jack thanked him and went on his way. However, the next day at the lumber yard Jack got a phone call from the Lead Ground Service man of the airline. The Lead Ground Service man told Jack the City Manager told him to call and tell Jack to come in for an interview. Jack thanked him but that he still didn't want to gas anymore planes. A short time later, Jack got another call. This time it was from the airlines supervisor. He gave Jack the same message, and Jack repeated his same message -- that he didn't want to gas those damned airplanes. At the this point, Jack's boss at the lumber yard wanted to know what was going on. After Jack told him the story, his boss told him to go to that interview right away.

Chapter 3

Page 41

When Jack got there, the supervisor told Jack that he had the job, but that the supervisor still had to go through the motions of interviewing the rest of the applicants on the list. So, in a few days Jack found himself fueling those dammed aircraft -- a job that he thought he didn't want. However, Jack stuck with the job; and as he learned more about the airline, he realized fueling was a much better job than being a ticket agent. So Jack never did make it to Kansas City. There weren't many qualified aircraft mechanics in Tucson at that time; so in Jack's spare time he would work on the ground equipment. With the advent of the jet age, the airline received some very highly technical ground equipment. However, one very important item was missing -- no technical manuals telling the ground mechanics how to use that highly technical equipment. But, somehow, in spite of the lack of technical manuals, Jack could always manage to figure out how to operate and maintain the equipment. As Jack's City Manager declared, "Jack, you certainly have an uncanny ability to locate and fix mechanical and electrical problems." MR. FIX-IT Jack would approach the malfunctioning equipment, visually scan it and sometimes touch it. Then, quoting Jack, "all of a sudden it would flash in my mind that a particular relay was sticking or a pump seal was leaking." Invariably Jack was right. He became widely-known in the airlines industry as "Mr. Fix-It " and was frequently asked to travel to various airlines facilities throughout the country to solve difficult problems Jack's reputation grew and grew, and so did his ego. It certainly appeared that Jack could do no wrong when it came to solving equipment problems. As Jack puts it, "One day, my supervisor asked me how I did it. I replied that all it took was a mechanical mind and common sense. I guess I was too puffed up with pride and arrogance. I didn't give credit to God for helping me. Then, suddenly, everything went haywire. I couldn't fix a damned thing. I tried and tried but to no avail; I had lost the touch and the ability. Things kept going from bad to worse; and after several months, I was really desperate!" HUMBLENESS "Oh, I prayed all right; but I could tell that He wasn't hearing me. One night I just happened to open the bible and it leaped out at me in a flash of light. II Chronicles, Chapter 7, verses 14-17. As I read about being humble, I knew that God had heard me even though I had not even asked. And so I asked Him, `what is humbleness?' And His answering words formed in my mind, `humbleness is a state of consciousness created when the powers of love and wisdom meet in the solar plexus. You will feel it when you have it."' Right then and there, Jack knew that he had it, that he felt it. He went to work. the next day knowing he "had the power of God in my heart and hands. " Jack worked with his rediscovered fix-it ability and perfected it even better than before. At that time the airline had only one aircraft starter, generator and loader. If any one of them didn't work, the aircraft would be delayed until it was fixed. Jack learned to feel the functioning -- perhaps the vibrations or radiation -- of the equipment. He would walk around the malfunctioning equipment, but this time he would ask God to help him. He would thank God knowing it was God that was doing the fixing and not Jack. Jack would touch the equipment, and the equipment would work! Sometimes it Everyone then began to expect this type of performance from Jack all the time. When

was a permanent fix and other times the fix was just enough to be able to dispatch the aircraft and then drive the equipment to the shop.

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Chapter 3

There was a problem, they would phone -- from all over the country -- and say, "Jack, bring your magic wand over here pronto." Jack would smile to himself and thank God! Jack also showed his multi-disciplinary capabilities in other areas, establishing two world drag racing records, inventing a carburetor with no moving parts, and --even though working only evenings and week-ends -- becoming the top salesman in the country for Fox Super Shops, a manufacturer of multi-purpose machinery. To establish his world records, Jack modified a standard carburetor to receive an injected water/methanol combination and invented what could be called the world's first method of cooling automotive supercharged air. JACK MEETS HARRY OLDFIELD Jack's initial introduction to the combined use of crystals and electronics came under the tutelage of the British researcher and inventor Harry Oldfield (reference THE DARK SIDE OF THE BRAIN by Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill published by Element Books, Ltd., Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England). Oldfield developed his original "Electro-Crystal" system in the 1970s. Although the glass electrode of Jack's VRCR and the electrode of Oldfield's system have a somewhat similar outward appearance, that's where the similarities stop. The circuitry and hardware involved in Jack's VRCR are considerably different. After 35 years with American Airlines, he is now concentrating on perfecting a scientifically, trail-blazing application of combining electromagnetic energies with crystal energies. His first major instrumentation developed was the now familiar Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. You have been introduced to a second major development now undergoing experimental testing, one which he calls the "Crystal Fountain." But, now, we are going to find out just how the design of the VRCR evolved and shall be introduced to the details of some new scientific principles.


Chapter 4 Evolution of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator During my meditation, I made contact with St. Germain. ...I was shown the whole picture and was told that I would be incorporating the violet ray into my instrument.

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Chapter 4

The crystals in the glass electrode react to the thought energy impinging upon them and reradiate that thought energy... along with other radiated energies.

Jack's Teachers have told him that by radiating the body with these new white light energy frequencies... will aid in the building of the Antahkarana, the bridge to your Higher Self.

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) has seen many changes during the past eight years of its development and design. However, before getting into the details, let me tell you in Jack's own words his favorite story in the evolution of the VRCR. Except for Jack's name, the names of other participants in Jack's story have been changed to protect their privacy. It all began one evening. JACK GETS A CALL "Tom Riley called and told me that he had heard that I had a really unique machine. And that he and two business associates -- George Evans and Jim Bennett--would like to see it. He also said that he had a violet ray machine that he wanted me to see." "Now, Harry, I'm always anxious to see new tools that God has given us to work with so I quickly agreed to meet with them. A few nights later the three of them came to my house. They told me that they had formed a partnership to sell a violet ray machine; I believe it was similar to the one invented by Tesla about 1873." "At this point in time, my instrument could not generate the violet ray and I called it the Crystal Resonator (CR). The CR could transmit sound energy into the body as well as electronically charge the body, and I could measure the output of the body at any point on the body by using a standard Radio Shack sound level meter. I had checked the maximum sound energy output of the CR and had found it to be 85 decibels. This is equivalent to the sound emitted by a loud orchestra." "After Tom and his two friends arrived at my house, we checked the output of the Tesla type violet ray machine and were surprised to discover that the violet ray machine on the lowest setting measured 'off scale' or over 120 decibels on my sound level meter. When I told Tom that the 120 decibel level is equivalent to the noise level at ten feet behind a jet engine running at full power, it didn't take long for the four of us to agree that such a sound level is much too powerful for the human body. That very powerful level could definitely cause shocking and pain, and other adverse effects." "I told my friends that I had recently read an article written about a scientist researching the effects of electromagnetic fields upon the human body. Examining the live cells under a powerful microscope, the scientist would expose the cells to a weak electromagnetic field. The reaction of the cells was to align themselves with one another and to appear to `perk up' or become more alive. When the scientist increased the field strength to a certain point, the cells were knocked out of alignment and

Chapter 4

Page 45

became disarrayed. If such an out-of-alignment state were to continue for periods of time, no one knows what the adverse effects would be." "At that point, Tom told me that the research literature he had seen indicated that the use of a violet ray machine had apparently been beneficial to lots of people, and Tom believed one had been recommended by a world famous psychic several hundred times in his readings. (Author's note: the psychic readings Tom referred to occurred probably more than fifty years ago thus indicating that the concept of a violet ray machine is at least that old; however, it should not be assumed or inferred that the violet ray machine belonging to Tom and his friends might be in any way similar in operation to the violet ray machine mentioned in the readings.) Tom also told me that he had seen people put the Tesla machine -- (the type of machine Tom had brought to Jack) -- right up against their eyes, and he was now concerned about the sound output of 120 decibels affecting their eyes. We all four agreed that its effect on the body needs considerable additional study, and neither Tom nor his two friends wanted to sell anymore of them until those studies were completed." JACK'S ORIGINAL CRYSTAL RESONATOR "We now changed the subject to my Crystal Resonator. Tom reminded me that I had told him that the output of my Crystal Resonator was compatible with the human aura. He then asked me if I could incorporate the violet ray into my Crystal Resonator? That if I could, I might have something great! Really great!" "Well, before I even had time to think, I heard myself respond, `Yes, of course I can.' This was not the first time I had made such an immediate, intuitive response, without taking the time to give an answer based on logical thought processes. And, usually, my immediate intuitive answers have turned out to be the best answers I could have given. But, here I was really talking out of logical turn. My logical mind knew that I couldn't buy the components, argued that I didn't have the test instruments nor the facilities to design the needed components. But, thank goodness, my intuitive mind won out; I told my friends that I couldn't do it, but the God within me could. I then asked my friends to excuse me for a few moments, that I would like to meditate on the violet ray." CONTACT WITH ST. GERMAIN "

During my meditation, I made contact with St. Germain and was told that I would be incorporating the violet ray into my crystal resonator. I was shown the `whole picture' and I understood completely the job that was intended and the design of the instrument. I returned to my three friends and assured them that I could do the work and would start immediately. They were enthusiastic and asked me to keep in touch; then they left." "One of the first things that I learned was that the violet ray in the visible spectrum was produced by a frequency of some 753 trillion hertz, or cycles per seconds. I knew of no electronic circuit, gated or switched, that could produce that frequency; so I thought that I would have to use a Tesla coil. In researching the literature, I found that everything Tesla worked with was much larger and more powerful than what I needed. I wondered if a small coil could actually be made that (1) could produce the high voltage output I needed, (2) could `fire' a bulb, and (3) work off a tiny battery? I searched all of my electronic parts catalogs to see if there were something I could purchase and modify to do the job -- but nothing!" "During my subsequent meditations, I realized that Saint Germain was keeping His promise to bring the

necessary `people' to me because in these meditations different Teachers from the `Inner Planes' would reveal Themselves and offer advice and

Page 46

Chapter 4

Suggestions. `We' picked out some bobbins, capacitors, resistors, ICs, LEDs, cores and magnetic wire. While waiting for the parts to arrive, `We' designed a machine to wind the wire on the bobbins, including a special mandrel to hold the bobbin. A form was made to guide the wire on the bobbin, and an electric revolutions counter was obtained to count the turns of wire." THE VIOLET RAY APPEARS "The parts finally arrived and I started to work. I won't bore you with the tedious details of the repeated failures and successes I had in perfecting the coil, but I think that one of the things I encountered is extremely interesting. I had the primary coil and the secondary coil wound and assembled. I put the assembled coil in the circuit and turned on the power. And, to and behold, a tiny yellow spark jumped the air gap. But this wasn't the color I wanted." "What to do? I was told to wind another bobbin with more turns. So I did. With this new coil installed in the circuit, the power was turned on; but this time a green spark jumped the gap. I wound another bobbin with more turns and tested it. This time, a violet spark jumped the gap. Eureka! I had finally produced the violet flame! The realization that I had been instrumental in the creation of this violet flame coil completely overwhelmed me." (Later, Jack was told another reason why he had to wind his own coil. The size of a regular Tesla coil is too great. Besides, the outward radiation from a regular Tesla coil is too powerful; it would interfere with the internal circuitry of the VRCR itself. The energy radiated from a regular Tesla coil goes straight up out of the top of the coil. The energy radiated by Jack's modified coil travels along the wire lead connecting the VRCR output jack to the crystal wand and then into the wand itself thus energizing the saline solution and all of the crystals.) TWO MODES OF OPERATION By now, I had given my instrument the name of Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR). My Teachers told me that the VRCR was to be used, initially, in two different modes. In the first mode the glass electrode, or crystal wand, was connected to the high voltage output jack. Then with the VRCR set to the desired frequency band and modulation frequency, the person using or operating the VRCR would place the crystal wand adjacent to the body location requiring energy flow balancing and the VRCR would be turned on. Or, if the balance or imbalance of a person's charkas were to be checked, that person would hold the crystal wand in one hand while the operator would move the sound level meter to the various charka locations to make the required measurements." "The second mode of operation was somewhat different and I still have some work to do to perfect it. My Teachers emphasized that We had to find a suitable way to pulse a different modulation of the violet ray energy into the body. To accomplish that objective, We had to find a bulb which would `fire', or glow, when that bulb was connected to the high voltage output jack of the VRCR and the glass portion of the bulb placed against the jugular vein in the neck. At the same time, the crystal wand was to be connected to the low voltage output jack and was to be placed against that part of the body where the spleen was located." "According to my Teachers, when the VRCR was set to a specific frequency band and modulation frequency, the `right' bulb would fire. Such firing would correctly modulate the pulsating energy flowing out of the VRCR, through the bulb and into the jugular vein thus irradiating the blood flowing through the vein. Thus, by using such a

Chapter 4 Page 47 VRCR-bulb-crystal wand combination, the objective of destroying any virus or bacteria in the blood would be attained. My Teachers never made any medical claims nor do I. They just told me that viruses and bacteria would be destroyed! That still remains to be proved or disproved. " "I tried and tested literally dozens and dozens of different bulbs of all types. I guess my Teachers were either feeling sorry for me or were, Themselves, getting tired of my lack of success. Finally, during a meditation, I was told to go to an automotive parts store and purchase a particular, six volt tail light bulb. I did and it worked!" "And that, Harry, is the end of my favorite story." INITIAL DESIGN OF THE VRCR At the end of the first eighteen months of its development, the VRCR design consisted of the following: A uniquely wound coil with performance characteristics similar to a Tesla coil. In other words the coil is not wound exactly like a Tesla coil but acts like a Tesla coil in operation. Jack found it necessary to design his own coil to meet the small size requirements he wanted and to limit the coil's extraneous radiation which might interfere with other internal circuitry of the VRCR. The output of the secondary of the Tesla-type coil is an alternating frequency, extremely high voltage. it could be said that this output of the secondary coil functions like a carrier wave -- similar to the well-known carrier wave of an radio frequency (RF) transmission. Because of the high voltage output, one should handle the VRCR with due care to avoid inadvertently touching the high voltage output jack when the VRCR is turned on and there is no insulated high voltage wire plugged into the jack. If one does not use due care and does touch the metal jack, or metal part of the insulated wire, one may experience a tingling sensation in the finger that does the touching. Even so, that type of sensation is much less than the sensation one would experience if mistakenly touching an non-insulated metal part of the usual Tesla, high voltage experimental de-vices which are available for purchase today -- such as those sold by Edmund Scientific. Four discrete bands -- arbitrarily designated red, green, blue and violet -- of modulating frequencies with the modulating circuitry capable of selecting any frequency between zero and approximately 35,000 hertz. Imposing the modulating frequency on the so-called carrier wave produces a considerable number of harmonics and sub-harmonics. Crystal electrode, or wand. Saline Solution Jack uses a standard, glass test tube to make the crystal wand. It can be filled with almost any type of crystal. At the present time, Jack uses a mixture of many different crystals. After the crystals are put into the glass tube, a saline solution made from distilled water and sun-dried sea salt is added. Atomidine Jack also adds 1 to 3 drops of atomidine (the Edgar Cayce formula) to the saline solution and shakes the wand thoroughly. He has been told that this changes the atomic structure of the water to make it more conductive to types of energies moving through it. Protons, neutrons and

electrons are affected.

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Chapter 4

c. Castor Oil One or two drops of castor oil is added to the warm saline solution. Jack says that castor oil helps "band" molecules so that the Christ Consciousness energy can pass through on a higher level. As stated earlier, in one mode of operation the high voltage output of the coil's secondary is fed into the crystal electrode, or wand. The low side of the secondary output is not connected to anything. The second mode of operation using the glass bulb has also been discussed earlier. However, Jack has also found that this second mode can be used to stimulate the various acupuncture points. The resultant energy radiated out of the glass electrode can be detected by an ordinary, inexpensive oscilloscope and will cause a small neon bulb to glow. This indicates that a portion of such radiated energy is electromagnetic. At this stage of the VRCR development, Jack emphasized the word "portion" because he believed that other types of energies were being radiated from the glass electrode; namely, (1) an energy somewhat similar in propagation characteristics to electromagnetic energy but having different interactive effects upon impinging objects and incapable of being detected by present-day instrumentation, (2) sound energy, both audible and ultra, and (3) other energies, such as electromagnetic, magnetic, color, crystal and cosmic. The initial, and primary, use of this initial model VRCR was to balance the energy flow into and out of the seven major charkas of the body, and to correct any energy flow imbalances at various other locations on the body. A later improvement extended the number of charkas, or power centers, being measured and balanced to thirteen. DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS During the next two and one-half years (circa 1988-1991), Jack continued to make improvements to the VRCR, improvements which not only increased the efficiency of body energy alignments but also gave additional capability and versatility in the use of the VRCR. These improvements are itemized as follows: 1. Single Terminated, Clear Quartz Crystals A pair of single-terminated, quartz crystals were added to the input circuitry. These crystals were positioned so that the two termination points were placed at ninety degrees to each other. Jack calls one crystal the control crystal, and the other crystal the power crystal. The addition of these crystals considerably increases (1) the VRCR's sensitivity for detecting and responding to the VRCR operator's thoughts and (2) the sending of that thought energy through the VRCR circuitry and out to the glass electrode. When this happens, the crystals in the glass electrode react to the thought energy impinging upon them and reradiate that thought energy--probably modified somewhat -- along with the other energies already being radiated; namely, electromagnetic energy, sound energy, etc. 2. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) The next step was the addition of red and green LED'S to the input circuitry. The red LED was connected to the control crystal and the green LED was connected to the power crystal. Jack was told that the addition of color to the circuitry made the radiative output of the glass electrode "more

compatible with the human light bodies." Jack is not sure just what that statement means but he reminds us that color has played an important part in some methods of bodily energy alignment for many years

Chapter 4

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and colors have been associated with charkas and the human aura for, perhaps, hundreds if not thousands of years. 3. Large Quartz Injector Crystal A large "injector crystal" was the next addition to the VRCR input circuitry. One end of this singleterminated quartz crystal -- the end opposite the termination end-- was ground to form a level, flat surface. To accommodate this new injector crystal, the control and power crystals were positioned horizontally, facing each other in a straight-line alignment with their termination points touching. Then the injector crystal was positioned vertically at ninety degrees to the other two crystals with the termination point of the injector crystal touching, or almost touching, the termination points of the other two crystals. Thus was formed what Jack calls "the crystal trinity." One of the photographs on page 7 shows a back view of the VRCR; if you look closely at this back view, you might be able to make out the meeting of the three crystals, i.e., the crystal trinity. Jack believes that the addition of the injector crystal permits the following to be accomplished: It is now simpler to mentally program one's thoughts into the VRCR. Just formulate the thought, concentrate on it, put your hand on top the flat surface of the injector crystal and turn on the VRCR. The VRCR will now act somewhat similar to a radionic transmitter. If it is desired to have the energy from a particular reagent or object transmitted through the VRCR, then that reagent or object should be placed on top of the flat surface of the injector crystal. 4. Yellow LED. The next step was the the addition of a yellow LED. This yellow LED was connected to the control crystal with the red LED now connected to the injector crystal and the green LED connected to the power crystal. This makes the output of the VRCR even more compatible with the human light bodies. When Jack wants to receive the greatest benefit from the color energy transmitting capabilities of the VRCR, he lies down flat on his back and places the VRCR on his chest with the back of the VRCR facing him so that he can see the colored LEDs through the transparent back panel of the VRCR. He then turns on the VRCR and concentrates on receiving the color he believes is most needed by his bodies. Jack states that the flow of energy is from red to yellow to green; and as he looks at the crystals with their respective LEDs either visibly blinking or appearing as solid colors, he knows that he is receiving the benefits of the pulsating colors plus color harmonics and sub-harmonics. 5. Golden Triad Antenna The next addition was the Golden Triad "antenna." He was told that the antenna's function was to adapt a new type of cosmic ray energy to the human body. Shortly after he was given this information, he came across a unusual article in a scientific journal.

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Chapter 4

ENERGY FROM NEUTRON STAR HERCULES X-1 This article stated that scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico along with researchers in Hawaii, Arizona and West Germany have made a startling discovery; namely, a mysterious beam of energy that appears to violate current theories about energy and matter is striking the earth. This mysterious beam is characterized by bursts of high energy coming from the neutron star Hercules X-1. Initially, the Los Alamos scientists assumed that the beam would consist of gamma rays (extremely high energy light waves). However, it was found that the beam has properties that don't fit the usual gamma ray characteristics. In fact, the peculiar properties of this new beam are difficult to explain within our present knowledge of particle physics. The article goes on to state that the mysterious radiation may contain particles that are new to science. The Los Alamos group admitted that they delayed publishing results of their research for a year to give them time to recheck their calculations because the properties of the new beam were so bizarre. The information Jack has been given indicates that the Golden Triad antenna picks up the energy from this new beam and adapts it for use by the human body. WHITE LIGHT ENERGY - TRANSFORMATION TOOL? 6. The White Light Circuit (WLC) and the 16 Charkas Tuning. Perhaps the most profound and startling addition to the VRCR design has been the White Light Circuit (WLC). Why does Jack make this unusual statement? His Teachers have told him that by radiating the body with these new white light energy frequencies, the physical/etheric bodies of man or woman will undergo a transformation -- gradual or accelerated depending upon a person's attitude and his place on the evolutionary path. Such transformation will result in the physical/etheric bodies being more receptive to higher piritual energies. As stated earlier, more recent information indicates that proper use of the WLC energies may also aid in the building of the Antahkarana which the Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl has defined in simple terms as the bridge between the lower mind, the soul and the higher mind. The WLC evolved from a rather unusual beginning. In looking for a way to amplify the power of prayer and the spoken word as well as transmit healing and Transformative energies throughout the physical/etheric bodies of the earth, a fellow research scientist began experimenting with the first model of the VRCR. During his research, this scientist was told that if the modulation frequency of the VRCR were increased approximately five times this would give him the results he wanted. As a result, the initial version of the WLC was developed to meet this increased modulation requirement, and the sixteen power center alignment procedure was evolved. In perfecting the WLC Jack was told that there are sixteen major charkas, or power centers, involved in the stepping-down of the energies coming from the Spiritual Triad, or Higher Self. These sixteen charkas include the seven major charkas mentioned in practically all charka literature and writings plus an additional nine charkas, or power centers. For optimum health -- physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual -- these sixteen charkas should be balanced and vibrating in harmony with the basic core frequency of the earth (core frequency being defined as that frequency of vibration found at the earth's exact center). When such balance and vibrational harmony exists, the stepping-down of the energies from the Spiritual Triad is accomplished exactly as it should be.

Chapter 4

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Jack was given the core frequency and the formula to determine the harmonic frequencies of the sixteen charkas. How did Jack feel about receiving this new information? Let Jack tell it in his own words. "Realizing the significance of the information with which I had been entrusted, my initial great excitement quickly turned to complete humbleness knowing that I now had the wherewithal to complete the design of the VRCR and that it could be one of God's greatest gifts to mankind." 7. Moldavite Crystal, Infra-red LED and Diffuser The next steps in the VRCR's evolution occurred almost simultaneously; they are listed immediately below: A small, Moldavite crystal is placed at the junction of the injector, control and power crystals. This adds a spiritual frequency to the transmission of the VRCR for those persons able to respond to or receive such a frequency and will aid in the spiritual refinement of those persons' bodies. An infra-red LED is connected to the input circuitry. Adding this energy to the VRCR transmission helps in the disintegration or "burning-off" of unwanted, negative vibrations. The addition of a diffuser, similar to a diffraction grating, greatly enhances the effectiveness of the impact _of the colored lights upon the viewer. As the Golden Triad is an antenna of energy, so is the diffuser magnifier an antenna of light energy. The diffuser separates and focuses the light energy on the object placed in its path. That energy which is needed will be absorbed and that which is not needed will be reflected. The diffuser diffuses infra red and ultra-violet energy as well as visible light energy. It also diffuses elements not yet discovered which some call thought forms and mind energy and other similar subtle energies. 8. The crystallized coil. Jack's next instructions involved the making of a crystal varnish. He mixes finely ground clear quartz crystal with two types of varnish: a standard varnish and an air drying or baking varnish. He then covers the coil windings with the air drying or baking crystal varnish. Then, after the coil is finished, the entire coil is dipped in the same varnish. Jack has been told that this causes the atoms that are in the molecules of the finely ground crystals to align themselves just like in a regular, ungrounded crystal. The induction coil will then act as if it were a. one, large solid crystal. One benefit from doing that -- and Jack doesn't know all of them -- is that the large, solid crystal acts as a filter to help filter out any frequencies or harmonics that are not compatible with the human body. Also, an non-crystallized coil generates a standing wave which in turn produces a reflected wave -- the reflected wave tending to cancel out the standing wave thereby reducing the final output of the coil secondary. The new, crystallized coil also produces a standing wave and resultant reflected wave; however, the alignment of the atoms helps to change the phasing of the reflected wave to put it in phase with the standing wave, thus resulting in increased power output. At the same time, the resultant output is smoothed so that any "spikes" are minimized. This makes for easier absorption by the human aura. Jack was also instructed to use the other crystal varnish on the inside of the VRCR housing, on the backside of the light diffuser, and on the crystal board itself. Jack can choose to put the ground-up crystals either in the epoxy that goes on the board or in the varnish and apply the crystallized varnish to the board. It is Jack's

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Chapter 4

understanding that anything he can put the crystal varnish on will greatly enhance the beneficial action of the VRCR. 9. Permanent magnets Jack was instructed to place small, permanent magnets at key points in the circuitry. He was told that they generate a focused magnetic energy field to draw vibrations from whatever is put on top of the injector crystal down into the triad (trinity) where the three crystals meet. The control crystal then signals the power crystal what to do.

Jack continues to work with his Teachers to enhance and improve the capabilities of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. But now that you are expert on the design details of the present (circa 1994) VRCR, let's take a look at an experiment, the result of which indicates the energies of the VRCR do help increase one's psychic sensitivity and may be a powerful Transformative tool.


Chapter 5 Increased Psychic Sensitivity/ Strengthening Our Energy Bond With Our Higher Self Could the tube of light streaming upward from the top of my head be the Antahkarana, or my connection to my Higher Self?

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Chapter 5

Linda realizes that some people might be offended or jealous when she claims she is contacting Jesus, or Mother Mary, or other Perfected Beings.

I could almost see Lord Buddha sitting in the center.

I am only telling you as best I can what I feel, what thoughts are forming in my mind, what images I can see visually in my mind.

At this point I should like to present the results of an experiment conducted by Linda and myself one night using one of the earlier models of the VRCR. Whether or not anyone else would have experienced the unusual and unexpected results that I did is open to debate; but, nonetheless, I did experience them and I am not considered a psychic! You will recall that we first met Linda in chapter two and learned that she is a conscious psychic. Now, it is my understanding that for sensitive individuals who can function, or claim to function, as conscious psychics, the actual performance of that functioning may manifest itself in different ways. Let me try to explain just how Linda functions as a conscious psychic. HOW ONE CONSCIOUS PSYCHIC FUNCTIONS First of all, Linda has experienced different types of psychic manifestations since she was a small child. Like many a child, she liked to daydream. But during her daydreams, she would suddenly find herself resting on a beautiful, white cloud, high in the sky. She said that she just liked to lie there and float lazily along -- not particularly wanting to return to her everyday, growing-up world. I think that nowadays her experience would be classified as a type of out-of-the-body-experience, or OOBE. Most people when standing outside on a clear day and looking across the landscape toward the horizon will tell you that the air is so nice and clean and clear. Linda tells us that she has never been able to make that same statement because when she looks around her, she sees the air always filled with tiny, flashes of light, or spirals of energy, always in constant motion. And that condition has persisted since she was a small child. This same phenomenon follows her into a room. You and I in our living room at home would look around us and say that we see nothing filling the air in our room (assuming neither of us smoke). Linda, on the other hand, would tell us that we are wrong, that the air in the room is filled with tiny, molecular flashes of light going in every direction. Earlier, you learned that Linda can apparently adjust her awareness to different levels of consciousness. During these consciousness awareness sessions, Linda is able-- without the influence of any external, man-made stimulus -- to tune her level of conscious awareness so that she receives within her mind visions, energy patterns, flashes of light, colors, words. For simplicity's sake, we'll call the different things she

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receives, symbols. Linda calls them a type of Morse code. And, along with these symbols, she also has thoughts form in her mind which identify the sources of the energies she is receiving. One very significant reaction of Linda's became apparent early in our research. I would at times abruptly change the subject under discussion. For example, at one moment I would be asking questions about an Ascended Master; then all of a sudden, I would ask a question about a more earthy subject -- and I would hear Linda groan, "Harry, wait a minute. That gives me a headache. I've got to adjust my consciousness. It'll take a couple of minutes. " As I now understand it, Linda adjusts, or "tunes", her consciousness to the consciousness level (or frequency level, if you will) of the subject under discussion or being researched. This tuning can take only a second or two, or it can last for several seconds. It probably depends upon the frequency differences between the two subjects. Ever since those early days, I have tried to be more thoughtful and patient in questioning. IDENTIFYING THE CONTACT ON THE OTHER SIDE In the next couple of paragraphs, I shall try to explain just how Linda identifies the source of the symbols she is receiving. Sometimes, apparently, it is very difficult to do. Even Linda says that many times it is difficult for her to try to put into words what happens. Be that as it may, let me give it a try. For example, for her to identify the source as Jesus, Linda might see the word Jesus form in her mind's eye or she might "hear" in her mind the word Jesus "spoken. " At times, however, a clear vision of Jesus takes form in her mind. Over the years -- and she has been practicing this type of conscious meditation for some twenty years -- she has learned to associate particular symbols as denoting her contacting the energy being emitted by various Beings, such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Michael, and Others. Linda realizes that some people might be offended, or jealous, when she claims that she is contacting Jesus, or Mother Mary, or other Perfected Beings considered holy. As Linda has so often said to me, "I am only telling you as best as I am able, what I feel, what thoughts are forming in my mind, what images I can visually see in my mind. I am not trying to impress upon anyone that I am more important than anyone else or that I have any extraordinary abilities. I am just trying to be a true, unbiased, objective scientist and researcher for the truth, no matter what paths that search takes me down." In addition to her ability to consciously contact Beings on higher levels of consciousness, Linda also has the rare ability to see -- and I mean literally see with her eyes open -- dots of light surrounding and emanating from living objects as well as waves of energy coming from those same objects. And, when she makes a concentrated effort, she can see an aura in color surrounding the human body. THE EXPERIMENT GETS UNDERWAY But let's get on with the experiment. The output of the VRCR was electrically connected to one corner of an equilateral triangle type of antenna. The antenna was a skeletal type, constructed of I sat down on the floor about five feet from the table. Linda sat in a chair to my

metal rods put together to form an open, three-sided pyramid. The crystal electrode, or wand, was hung down from the apex of the triangle antenna. The VRCR and the antenna were placed on a table in front of a window. Page 7 shows a photograph of a typical VRCR/antenna connection.

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Chapter 5

right and about seven or eight feet from the table. The initial setting of the VRCR controls was R,O. Before continuing, let me explain the different settings that are possible on the VRCR. First, the VRCR has five frequency bands of operation; these bands are arbitrarily designated as RED, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET AND WHITE. According to Jack, each band is designed to generate its own specific combinations and permutations of harmonic and sub harmonic frequencies/wave patterns. Also, a particular frequency band is related to a specific range of charkas, or power centers, although there is some slight overlapping at the beginning and ending of bands. For example, a VRCR setting of R,0 means that (1) the VRCR is operating in the RED frequency band, (2) the RED frequency band is modulated by a specific frequency corresponding to the R,0 setting, and (3) the RED frequency band contains five of the sixteen charkas, or power centers, that Jack balances with the VRCR. ENERGY * ENERGY * ENERGY After making the room as dark as possible, I turned on the VRCR. A few seconds passed and I asked Linda if she could see anything. LINDA: "No, I don't see anything. But I do feel like some type of energy is filling the room. " I then set the VRCR to R,3.5 and waited for Linda's reaction. LINDA: (she was looking toward the antenna) "I see a glow, a white glow. I still feel the energy; it's a softer energy. I feel it in my feet and it's working its way up my body." "The light is a brilliant white light with a purple tinge. I see a wave pattern. The wave pattern seems to get stronger the longer the VRCR is kept on. " "Now, I see an outline of a pyramid. There is a glow but I don't know if it's from the wand or the pyramid. I feel waves of energy impinging upon both of my eyes. This also happened during the previous setting of the VRCR. " At this point Linda asked me to cover the clock on a video channel recorder that was visible in one area of the room. She wanted the room as dark as possible. I covered the clock on the recorder. LINDA: "Now, that's better. The energy pattern appears to be whiter." Next, I tuned the VRCR to the R,8 setting. LINDA: "OOOOOO00000, I see more white light and a bigger pyramid. Boy! I sure do! Course, now the room is darker. It's really big. It's bigger than the pyramid antenna on the table." "The energy seems to be in a kind of circular spirals, in different areas around the pyramid; but the size of the pyramid stays constant." "This also affects my eyes, like I have to rub my eyes." I then changed the setting of the VRCR to R,10.

Chapter 5

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LINDA: "Boy! This is a biggee! A big pyramid! This pyramid extends higher, but because there's some light coming from the window I can't see it all. I can see it better in front of that pillow on the table. It must extend up quite a bit. This is a softer setting than the one before. Boy, these rays really reach out! These energies really reach out!" ME: "I'm going to put a black cloth over the lower half of the window to try and make it darker in here. " In putting the black cloth over the window, I had to pick up the antenna and inadvertently dropped it. Linda said that after I dropped the antenna, its pattern stayed in its original position for a short time. I completely covered the lower half of the window with the black cloth. The VRCR was still set at R,10. LINDA: "I feel a very soft energy pattern. It's growing. I feel like we're in a film of energy. Now, I see sparks of color. Just sparks of color. The sparks flew at my eyes so fast I couldn't even distinguish the colors. Sparks of energy are flying everywhere, like dots. The energy is incredible!" "Harry, you know how I see the energy in the air every day, anyway. You know how I never see just clear air, like I see atoms floating around in the air -- well, this is far more than that. Actually, since you covered the bottom part of the window, I can even look toward the uncovered portion of the window and still see these sparks of energy." MINUTES ELAPSE - EVEN I SEE A PYRAMID ENERGY PATTERN LINDA: "I notice that this energy light pattern heads toward my feet, also." ME: "I believe I see some sort of light pattern, myself. I just saw a pyramid pattern. " LINDA: "A pyramid pattern of energy has reached down to my feet. Can you feel the energy, Harry?" ME: "I really can't tell." LINDA: "What is that light down there?" She pointed toward the VRCR. ME: "That's the light from the VRCR, the green Power-On lamp. Does it bother you?" LINDA SEES A SKELETON? LINDA: "No, not really. I just wanted to see the energy around you. I see the sinus cavities in your face, your eye cavities. I see an inverted pyramid with the apex of the pyramid at the top of your nose, and the upper sides at your forehead. As you turn your head to the side, I see the skeleton of you including the teeth." At this point, I felt a trifle uneasy and turned the VRCR off. LINDA: "Harry, your whole face is just one large blob of energy, just going around in circles." ME: "Can you still see the outline of a pyramid?" LINDA: "Yes. "

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Chapter 5

ME: "Can you still see the white light?" LINDA: "The white light seems to have been transferred to you. You know when you take a picture of the skeleton -- like the doctors have -- that's what I think I see. The VRCR is not on, yet everything lingers. All the energy is still here." ME: "I'm going to turn the VRCR to the G,2.5 setting. Okay, it's now at the G,2.5 setting. I've also covered the green lamp on the VRCR. Let's give it a few seconds." LINDA: "The room seems lighter; the whole room seems lighter, literally, as if a shade of darkness has been lifted. Again, these energy patterns go to my feet. And the room is cooler. Oh, I forgot to tell you; I've noticed that after you change the setting of the VRCR, the room seems to get cooler." "This is a softer setting, a much quieter setting. I see a bunch of energy around your head. In fact I just don't see your head at all. It appears that for each different setting, the energy has to build. In that last setting I saw a star." ME: "Where?" LINDA; "Where I'm looking at the pyramid." ME: "The previous setting, the one at which you saw the star, was R,10, you know. " LINDA: "The star was real faint. Also, at the very beginning at one of the settings I could almost see the form of a Being. And at one setting, I could almost see Lord Buddha sitting in the center." This G,2.5 is a happier setting, feels more ethereal. I'm getting to feel even more musical. The energy at this setting almost immediately spreads, whereas at the other settings it took longer for the energy to build up. I don't see as many large molecules or atoms floating in the air. The pyramid is softer and longer." WE BOTH SEE THE LIGHT ME: "I'm raising my left hand." LINDA: "Your hand looks extremely white, a different white from your shirt." ME: "I can see sparks of light flashing. I have my two hands raised with the fingers spread, and I can see sparks of light flashing between the fingers of my hands. Can you see it? LINDA: "I can see some light moving. Hold your hands in front of me. " ME: "Oh, I just pointed my hand and flashes of light are either coming from my hand or going to it." LINDA: "Like a laser beam?" ME: "Yeah. Okay, I'm going to point my finger at the pyramid."

Chapter 5

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LINDA: "Yes, yours, too. Oh, I'm pointing back at you and it 's going out of my finger or coming to me; I can't tell. " ME: "Let's put our fingers together. " LINDA: "Yes, there's light going from our fingers; do you see it?" ME: "Yes, I see it." LINDA: "Wow! It's going up my arms!" ME: "I can see the sparks. " LINDA: "I can hear the sparks, Harry. I can hear the sparks. " ME: "I can feel it and see it, Linda. " LINDA: "It's just like in Star Trek. When they put their hands out, the light was coming out of their hands. It looks like the bones in your hands are showing." ME: "Yeah, that's right." LINDA: "This is like the light I saw in your face, Harry. " ME: "Even I see it, Linda. That's amazing!" LINDA: "Now, I really see it!" ME: "I'm going to change the setting now. " THE LIGHT INTENSIFIES LINDA: "You know what I see now, Harry? I see antennas coming out of your head." ME: "Antennas coming out of my head?" LINDA: "Yes! I see such an energy build-up now. From your face, above your head. It's just pouring out of you. In fact, I think the pyramid has passed over to you. Oh, now I see that the pyramid is still in the same place." I completed changing the setting of the VRCR to G,10. LINDA: "I see light shooting in my hand, like liquid light. I think this is energy transference. I think the energy from that pyramid has come over to us. The energy literally fills the room. This is really a quiet, subdued energy. Even a lighter energy -- just one less film of darkness." At this point I picked up the telephone to see if there were noise on the phone line. There wasn't. LINDA: "I see sparks coming out of the pyramid. I also hear a humming which was not here before. Very quietly in my left ear, only in my left ear. But then my right ear is the one that was damaged." "I see a tremendous amount of light coming from that pyramid. I also see a

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Chapter 5

pattern of a pyramid that is upside down to the pyramid that is there. I also see something sticking up out of the top of the pyramid. I think it looks like a star pattern. " "Harry, I see light moving in my fingers. I see a lot of molecular movement there. A different type, further apart as compared to what I saw in the beginning. These little things leave a trail behind them. The inverted pyramid is now tremendous in size. " ME: "I see light playing around my fingers, too. Energy playing around." LINDA: "The pyramid is a complement to the one on the table, and it must be at least four times bigger. The apex of the pyramid is headed right to my feet. There's energy all over, but that energy coming out of the apex of the pyramid is going right to my feet." Harry, if you were to stand with your hands stretched out to the sides, you would be the same size as the upper part of the pyramid. Oh yes, I notice again that the air in the room seems to get cooler each time the VRCR setting is changed." The VRCR setting was then changed to B,10. LINDA: "This is a peaceful setting." ME: "My hands don't appear so white. " LINDA; "No, but move your hands and you can push the energy like you are playing with a basketball. See it?" ME: "No, not now. " LINDA: "I feel a lot of energy impinging on the bridge of my nose, almost up to the center of my forehead. I see energy shooting up from your head -- a straight line about 2 or 3 inches thick." ME: "Is St. Germain here?" LINDA: "I have a yes." "Harry, I see that energy shooting up from the top of your head; it has to be at least 3 inches thick." The setting of the VRCR is changed to V, 5. LINDA'S "GOD" CHANNEL LINDA: "There have been various Beings present here since we started. This is my God channel, right?" ME: "why did you say that?" LINDA: "I don't know. It just came to me; my God channel. " ME: "That's right! It's the Christ Consciousness setting."

Chapter 5

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LINDA: "I just want to smile, from ear to ear. I see the energy heading right for you. It doesn't enter at your feet; it goes right smack into your face, eyes, forehead-- everywhere. It covers all of your arms. I can see it through your shirt, Harry. I can see this energy so much on your white shirt." TUBE OF LIGHT - THE ANTAHKARANA? OUR CONNECTION WITH OUR HIGHER SELF? LINDA: "I see a pattern around your head. And that tube of light that shoots straight up from your head, it must be six inches thick now. I can see charkas in that line of light extending above your head, almost to the ceiling. I see light sparking from you, such an extension all around you. I want to say, `I love you God."' ME: "That's the feeling you should get on this setting." LINDA: "And the energy above the pyramid on the table is so great. Your hair, something above your hair. Oh, my gosh! The white light; it's literally streaming off your head." This setting, Harry. What a wonderful feeling! This setting could change the world! It's wonderful; this setting is wonderful! " (As I transcribed the above sentences from the audio cassette -- September 1991--three things came to my mind: I recalled the words of Carol Thomas, a well-known Marcel Vogel crystal therapy practitioner who lives and practices in Phoenix, Arizona. When Carol held the wand with the VRCR set to V,5, she said, "I don't ever want to let go of the wand." I remembered one particular day when I had walked into my favorite health food store carrying my VRCR. The clerk on duty was a very sensitive young lady whom I had known for sometime. After explaining about the VRCR, she asked me if she could try holding the crystal wand when I turned on the VRCR. I agreed and she took hold of the wand. Her face breaking into a broad smile, she said very softly, "my gosh, Harry, what a wonderful feeling. I don't want to let go, either.!" Could the tube of light streaming upward from the top of my head be the Antahkarana, or the connection to my Higher Self?) LINDA: "This is really light and smooth energy. As I pull my hands back then push my hands toward the table, I see the energy go right through my hands. Put your hand up, Harry." ME: (I put my hand up.) "I can see light playing upon my fingers." LINDA: "I do, too!" ME: "Fantastic!" LINDA: "Right now, Harry, the energy shooting out of the top of your head is now the exact width of your head. Also, I see such energy at my hands right now. I feel it so much in my hand it almost aches." (At this point, a very exciting question popped into my mind. If the tube of light

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Chapter 5

beaming upwards from the top of my head were, indeed, the Antahkarana, did the increase in the size of this tube of light indicate a significant step forward (or upward) in my own selftransformation?) WE "HEAR" FROM ST. GERMAIN ME: "If St. Germain is still here, ask Him if we can ask questions." LINDA: "We are supposed to experience tonight. But go ahead and ask the question. " ME: "I suppose He has anticipated the question but here goes, anyway. Would it be useful to make a pyramid in which one could sit, with the wand hanging above the head?" LINDA: "Absolutely! Absolutely!" ME: "It would have tremendous power, right?" LINDA: "Yes. Nothing bad can come from that at all. " ME: "What if I make the sides of the pyramid copper tubing filled with quartz crystals? That would be fantastic, wouldn't it?" LINDA: "Yes, oh, yes. Harry, you're coming through, louder and stronger than ever before; and you will continue stronger and stronger." ME: "Thank you, St. Germain. " LINDA; "You don't have to thank Him. He gives His thanks to us. " The setting of the VRCR was then changed to V,10. LINDA: "Oh my, the light that is around you is really incredible now. I see it around myself, also. This is a really powerful light. There is a Being right here." ME: "Who?" LINDA: "Malakai (or Malachi); I want to say Malakai (or Malachi). He has a pointed hat. He is looking up and pointing up with his hand. He is on the right side of the pyramid. "You moved, Harry. When you moved, I thought you had turned on the light in the room; the light coming from you is so intense." "The energy from your hand is everywhere, all over your body. There's a halo over your head." ME: "I can still see sparks coming out of my hands." A RADIATING PICTURE - THE ENERGY LINGERS LINDA: "I can see light coming out of Dominique's karate picture over there. " Linda pointed to her daughter's picture hanging on the opposite wall. "She's

Chapter 5

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sparking like crazy." ME: "I think that's enough for now. I really feel charged up, a feeling of tremendous energy throughout my entire body. I'm turning the VRCR off." LINDA: "The light still lingers. You look like one mass of liquid light. There is so much energy in the room. I think the first settings are more the physical, more for molecular activities. My mind and brain feel uplifted. You're a mass of light." ME: "I just stood up and energy is just all over me. I can see sparks coming from all over my body." LINDA: "And as you moved away from me, you left some of the energy behind." I then walked over to the other side of the room. Linda said that my body was still a mass of radiating energy. And the energy that I had left behind was still very visible to Linda. I turned on the lights in the room. Linda said that she could still see the thick column of energy extending up from the top of my head even with the room lights on. Within that column, she could see one thick band and one thin band of light as she looked at my profile. She said that a beautiful, white halo of energy floated over my head. Linda and I looked at each other that night and both exclaimed almost the same thoughts simultaneously, "Wow! That is sure some instrument Jack has! Just look at what it does to the energy radiating throughout the body. And how wonderful it makes you feel! "

Now that you have been given a glimpse of what the VRCR can accomplish, it's time to dig into Jack's mind and see what his beliefs and philosophy are.

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Chapter 5

SEVEN MIGHTY ELOHIM RAY ELOHIM TWIN SOUL 1 Amazonia 2 Apollo Lumina 3 Heros Amora 4 Purity Astrea 5 Virginia 6 Peace Aloha 7 Victoria

Chapter 5 The Earth is a living, sentient Being just as man is. Like man, the Earth is also progressing in evolution. Just as man has 7 major charkas so does the Earth. The Masters tell us that the VRCR can be used to favorably alter the energies flowing through Earth's charkas and help bring those charkas into balance.

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6 Beliefs and Philosophy Many practitioners do not thoroughly cleanse their own auras of toxins and other unwanted energies released from the bodies of the people they are working with. The VRCR can help perform such a cleansing.

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Chapter 6

The charkas, also called power centers, function somewhat like electromagnetic transformers. As the Divine Energies flow downward from your Higher Self to your body, your charkas "step-down" these powerful, Divine energies so They can be readily used by the body.

The very main purpose of the violet ray is to bring mankind from darkness into Light, or bring man from the physical, carnal mind to that what is termed the Christ Conscious Mind.

In this chapter I shall endeavor to present, and attempt to clarify, some of Jack's beliefs and philosophy. While Jack's ideas and thoughts may be different than most people's, there is one tremendous driving force underlying all of Jack's work -- his desire to help mankind. THE SIXTEEN CHAKRAS, OR POWER CENTERS Jack believes that the charkas, also called power centers, function somewhat like electromagnetic transformers. We all know that transformers are used in electrical and electronic circuits to either step up or step down the voltage of an incoming signal. However, in the case of the power centers and charkas, we are talking about the stepping-down of energy. It is Jack's belief -- and much of the occult literature appears to give ample credence to such belief -that at the present state of man's evolution, if the tremendously high frequency energies coming from man's higher Spiritual Triad, also called Higher Self, were not stepped-down and, instead, went directly to the physical body, serious damage and probably death would result. Figure No. 2, page 76, lists sixteen charkas (or power centers), their location or meaning, the corresponding harmonic of the earth's basic core frequency and the typical VRCR controls setting for each charka. (These control settings are listed as typical because each VRCR is individually calibrated.) The charkas are listed from top to bottom per direction of downward energy flow from one's Higher Self. Figure 3, page 77, shows the approximate position of these sixteen charkas relative to the body. TUNING THE CHAKRAS TO COLLECT GOD'S ENERGY Jack was told that the Heaven Center charka had to be tuned to the 19th harmonic of the earth's basic core frequency. When tuned properly, this charka acts like an antenna to collect the energies, or Divine Essence, that eternally beam down to man from his higher Spiritual Triad. As the Divine Essence flows through the Heaven Center, It is "stepped-down" energy wise and sent to the Soul Center. If the Heaven Center is in harmonic resonance with the core frequency, there is no distortion of this energy as It is stepped-down, or transformed if you prefer. Again, let me compare the action to an electrical circuit. If a sine wave signal is fed into the high side of a correctly designed electrical transformer, the output signal at the low side will be an exact replica of that sine wave. There will be no signal

Chapter 6

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distortion as the signal passes through the transformer windings. If the Soul Center is tuned correctly to the 18th harmonic of the basic core frequency, It will collect all of the signal, or energy, coming to It from the Heaven Center. The Soul Center then further steps-down, or identifies, the energy and sends it, undistorted, to the I AM Center (17th harmonic). From the I AM Center the energy then goes to the Imagination Center. This latter center is also tuned to the 17th harmonic. (Jack was told that the I AM Center and the Imagination Center vibrate at the same frequency but on different frequency bands.) If tuned correctly, the Imagination Center will further step-down the energy and send it undistorted to the brain as thought, feelings and mental pictures. When our power centers or charkas are perfectly tuned, whether by the use of electronic crystal instruments or by strict mental discipline such as that of the illumined Yogi or Saint, this undistorted, stepped-down energy, or Divine Essence, or God Knowledge -- whatever you may choose to call It -- is able to manifest as our Consciousness. And, of course, that Consciousness is Us. DETUNED CHAKRAS, POOR TRANSFORMERS However, unfortunately, in the real world today probably 99.999999 -- ad infinitum--per cent of mankind keep their power centers and charkas detuned and functioning very, very poorly because of erroneous thinking, emotional upsets, nervous tensions, etc. As a result, our Heaven Centers are capable of collecting only a very meager amount of the Divine Essence. And what is collected is stepped-down in such a distorted fashion that by the time it arrives in our brain and is expressed as our Consciousness, we have imperfect thoughts, feelings, emotions and the resultant world conditions as exist today. And, of course, when this misqualified Divine Essence energy then continues on to the remaining charkas -- themselves also being considerably detuned -- you can imagine the resultant energy distortions prevalent throughout our bodies. Most of us have heard or read the saying that "every action performed by an individual, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, affects in some manner all of Nature -- human beings, animals, plants, all of existence." Along this line of thought, Jack was told that the Divine Essence not only flows through our bodies but, after passing through our bodies, flows deep into the very core of the earth. This energy flowing from each of us helps to activate and provide energy and force to the earth to keep it alive and well. The earth, in turn, pulses energy back into all living things at 7.83 hertz (cycles per second). ADVERSE ENERGIES - ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION In addition to the Divine Essence energy flow, mankind is subjected to many other types of impinging energies; namely, the planetary etheric energy field which is contaminated, planetary emotional and mental energies (including the various inimical thought forms created by man over thousands of years) and negative astrological radiations from the various planets and stars. If mankind kept his charkas and power centers continuously attuned to and in harmony with the basic core frequency, his resulting perfectly balanced bodies could easily resist and be impervious to any adverse energies and radiations. But, of course, we don't maintain that harmonious alignment; and as a result, our emotions and thoughts are continuously swayed or controlled by the aforementioned negative energies and radiations. As if the foregoing weren't discouraging enough, man is now polluting our environment with toxins at

an increasing rate. This latter pollution adversely affects cosmic ray energies coming into the earth and probably limits the ability of these cosmic energies to

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Chapter 6

help maintain the health of the earth so that it can keep pulsing at the required 7.83 hertz. So what can we do? Correcting the environmental pollution problem is burdened with political and economic complications; so any solution does not appear to be in the immediate future. Jack sincerely believes that a more immediate beneficial impact upon all the problems afflicting mankind can be realized by proper use of the VRCR with its White Light Circuit. As more people become attuned and harmonized to the core frequency of the earth, more and more of the undistorted Divine Essence will be transmitted through them into the very roots of the earth. The atoms creating the physical/etheric planes will vibrate at a higher frequency, creating new matter which will reflect and radiate more of the Light of God. The atoms in our bodies will also vibrate at higher and higher frequencies, recreating our bodies according to the Love and Will of God. We can become "Master of our fate and Captain of our Soul"; and, at the same time, contribute to the spiritualization of the earth. And the more spiritual mankind and the earth become, the easier it will be to solve the environmental problems. ENTER THE GOLDEN RAY A couple of years ago, Jack was guided to incorporate in the VRCR the ability to generate a "Golden Ray" in addition to the violet ray. This time Jack did not use a spark to indicate that he had reached the right number of turns on the secondary of the coil; he didn't have to. For several days Jack had been thinking about what modification might be necessary to the VRCR to incorporate the golden ray. On a particular morning, Jack's concentration had focused on the coil, and a specific number suddenly lodged in his brain. Jack immediately wound a new coil making the number of turns in the secondary identical to that number lodged in his brain. He then wired the coil into a VRCR, making certain that a crystal wand was connected to the Hi Output jack. Knowing intuitively to start with the higher power centers, he initially tuned the VRCR to the Crown center, carefully observing the wand at the same time. When he saw nothing unusual, he next tuned the VRCR to the Imagination center; still nothing unusual. Then he tuned the VRCR to the Soul center, watching the wand all the time. Almost immediately after the VRCR was set to the Soul center frequency, he noticed a beautiful golden glow take shape and completely surround the wand. He deliberately detuned the VRCR, and the golden glow disappeared. When he retuned back to the Soul center frequency, the golden glow returned -- and remained visible to him as long as the VRCR setting was not changed. Jack was convinced. He now had the "Golden Ray!" It is interesting to note that several months prior to this initial winding of the new golden ray coil -- and unbeknownst to Jack -- another psychic Cathy who lives in Prescott, Arizona, had this communication from one of her Teachers: FOR THE GOLDEN RAY -- FIND A CRYSTAL FROM CANADA, ONE WITH GOLD ON IT! CAN BE QUARTZ. PLACE ON RESONATOR (the VRCR). IT WILL FOCUS THE RAY ONTO THIS EARTH. FEED IT WITH MORE DECIBELS THAN THE VIOLET RAY TO ACTIVATE IT! (Jack believes that the output of his new coil is approximately 50,000 volts at its highest setting; the highest output of his previous coil was approximately 30,000 volts.)

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THERE WILL BE A GLOW OF LIGHT -- YOU WILL SEE IT! (Remember how Jack arrived at the number of turns for the new coil.) THE GOLD IS A GIFT OF THE GODS UNTO THIS EARTH, AS WAS FIRE!

But why the golden ray? And what happened to the violet ray? When Jack put these two questions to his Teachers, he was reassured that the violet ray was not lost, that the energy generated by his new coil design produced not only the golden ray but the violet ray as well. As to the "why" of the golden ray, let us examine pertinent information given by Jack's Teachers and the Inner Planes Sources of other psychically sensitive persons who are helping in our research. THE MASTERS SPEAK ABOUT THE VIOLET RAY AND GOLDEN RAY Jack's Inner Planes Teachers give this explanation of the violet ray and the golden ray: The very main purpose of the violet ray, as you know, will bring mankind from darkness into the Light, or will bring man from the physical, carnal mind to that what is termed the Christ Conscious Mind. It will assist and be beneficial to bring man from the physical to the spiritual. The Golden Ray -- there are many, many excited and jumping souls, ready and eager to use the Golden Ray to bring their Christ Consciousness into that which is referred to as being one with the Creator, or God. And as that connection is made, there will be the awakening of the Soul. And, as the Soul is awakened with the Golden Ray, the consciousness of man will make leaps and bounds. The work that you are doing with the VRCR transmissions, including the transmissions from key points of the Planetary Light Grid, is being done to help transmute the thick density of negativity surrounding the earth into higher vibrations of Light. For those poor souls that are drowning and choking in this negativity, this will facilitate their release They, too, will be able to reach the Christ Consciousness and the awakening of their Soul, their Oneness with their Creator. The following question was then put to Jack's Teachers. "Would it be accurate or correct to state in a simplified way that the Violet Ray helps mankind attain Christ Consciousness whereas the Golden Ray helps mankind to return to be at one with his own I AM Presence? It is understood that the Violet Ray and the Golden Ray work together; but if we were to say that one does this primarily and the other does that primarily--would the foregoing be a correct statement to make?" Jack's Teachers responded with, "That's a big yes! It will be the awakening of the Soul." Von REICHENBACH, KEELY AND PSYCHIC INTERPRETATION

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Chapter 6

expounding upon them, I should like to emphasize that we are researching Spiritual Science; and the situation is similar in many ways to Baron von Reichenbach's work with his "sensitivities" during the latter half of the nineteenth century and to James Worrell Keely's work with his "vibratory physics" during the latter part of the same time period.

Both von Reichenbach and Keely were working against the mainstream of conventional scientific and religious thinking. Both were going where, to use the familiar Star Trek phrasing, "few men have gone before," and both had the problem of coining new words and phrases to describe and explain their new scientific discoveries. Similarly, in today's spiritual scientific research the conscious psychic has the problem of putting into everyday language what he or she sees, hears and/or feels with his or her inner sensitivities, or raised conscious awareness. In this book the information received by the psychically sensitive person is reported in one of two ways; namely, Where the psychic has agreed that the everyday language he or she has used to interpret what has been conveyed to him or her is, in his or her view, very close to 100% accurate and has left practically no room for misunderstanding, such information is reported in summary format as well as in direct quotations. Where the psychic believes (a) that his or her interpretation of what he or she has seen, heard and/or felt may be somewhat less than 100% accurate, or (b) that he or she feels that there are really no words or phrases in our everyday language that could adequately express his or her interpretation of what was seen, heard and/or felt, such information is included in the direct quotations -unabridged and unfiltered. By doing this, the reader can formulate his or her own interpretation. SEEING AND FEELING THE GOLDEN RAY To return to the Golden Ray, the following quotations are excerpted from the transcription of a session conducted with Linda. After Linda raised her consciousness to contact her Teacher, the following information came through. (I was conducting the session; so the "ME" quotations give my comments and/or observations.) LINDA: "See an awful lot of white light; it came .... golden ray. There's this golden white light and I saw this big pyramid. They said for `Yes' to the golden ray. I have Amansa, or Amanseh, here. I see this streak like a rocket it went so fast. And He was showing me where He was from -- the galaxy of the 6th ray. " "The Golden Ray is to collect data of all the Forces of Light. Appeared (?) to enlighten, heal and penetrate in its light." "I have here; it has properties of uranium." My body temperature is rising like a thermostat (thermometer?)." "I have here, something like a Golden Ray of which ray. There's a peak of each ray; there's a Golden Ray of every ray."

ME: "Is that primarily for benefit of the earth?" LINDA: "I have a `Yes.' But it is also for the benefit of mankind, to aid in the

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raising of consciousness which, in turn, will greatly benefit the planet earth. " "It has the absorption of all. It is the peak. I have the epitome. Each light has a peak. Each of the seven rays has a peak. The peak is always the Golden Ray. It is the consumption and absorption of all." "

I'm really hot! Whew! I have here; it's the conjunction of the inner lights of attunement to the free will of choice, the highest attunement of choice. We are talking now of the Golden Ray of the 5th ray." ME: "If Jack incorporates the blue-gold, atomized quartz crystal into the VRCR and it is transmitted to the earth, will it be of benefit to the earth?" LINDA: "Yes. We should suggest the use of the VRCR at key points of the planetary light grid." "

You must see that each light has lights within. Each color has lights within. Each stone has lights within. So when you say Golden Ray, which Golden Ray? Of which ray? This is the Golden Ray of the 5th Ray. The VRCR can activate any ray and that's what we are putting together here. "

ME: "If Jack puts the aqua aura quartz crystal into the VRCR -- the crystal being layered with a one atom thickness of gold -- will the VRCR now transmit the Golden Ray of the 5th Ray? " LINDA: "Yes. " ME: "Does it also transmit the golden ray of the other six rays at the same time?" LINDA: "I have a `yes' but to a lesser degree. " ME: "To transmit the peak golden ray of one or more of the other six rays, would you have to use a different power crystal?" LINDA: "Yes. It will always have the properties of others but to a lesser degree because everything is in harmony." WE NEED THE GOLDEN RAY NOW The information brought forth by Linda states that there is a Golden Ray in each of the seven Rays, and that the present design of the VRCR amplifies the Golden Ray of the 5th Ray, the Ray of Concrete Science. Apparently, at this point in time in earth's evolutionary scheme -- and mankind's as well -the Golden Ray of the 5th Ray is the one most urgently needed. Twenty years from now, it may be a different Ray that is urgently required. At the same time, according to our Inner Planes Teachers, if individual man or woman can attune himself or herself properly to this Golden Ray, he or she will make gigantic strides toward becoming one with his or her Creator. Perhaps because of the tremendous numbers of negative influences engulfing our planet and mankind in this tumultuous day and age, it is very difficult, even for a dedicated spiritual person, to tune into and take advantage of this golden ray energy. Jack believes that the design of the new VRCR alters the universal energy field -- some people call that field the energy of Love -- in a way that provides a "path" for the Golden Ray to emerge onto the various planes of matter -- physical, etheric, emotional and mental.

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Chapter 6

And, possibly because today our planet as well as mankind urgently needs more of the golden ray of the 5th Ray, the aqua aura crystal was added to accomplish this. Jack is firmly convinced that the VRCR is a tool to focus such energy, and focus it correctly. It does this for the Golden Ray and still generates, and focuses, the Violet Ray at the same time. I think it is also important to note that the information that came through recommended that the VRCR be used at "key points of the planetary light grid." This could imply that VRCR energies can used to beneficially affect the energy balance of planet Earth! ENTER THE ELEMENTAL RAY During one of our many conversations, Jack mentioned something about the energy, the proper frequency or vibration, that would facilitate contact with the elemental kingdom. I asked Jack to expound on that and here is what he told me. "We need to know what that energy is called. My understanding is that it is the same energy that builds the bridge or forms the carrier wave to them (the elemental kingdom) so that they can come into our consciousness. It could be compared to the type of energy we generate when we want to go out in meditation. I have been told that the VRCR -- the one with the crystallized coil -- will produce that carrier wave throughout the entire range of tuning controls; but it is more effective in the production of the elemental ray when tuned to the brow charka setting. Also, it is my understanding that the golden ray is also effective throughout the entire VRCR tuning range but is much more focused at the soul center frequency. " "We know without a doubt that the violet ray is focused around the love center frequency; that is where it peaks. And we can assume that the other two will peak at a certain place, too. Now that we have the violet ray, the golden ray and this elemental ray, we might want to call the VRCR by a more generic name, such as CRYSTAL RESONATOR -- unless we can come up with something better to describe what we have. " POSIKIATION -- WHAT IS IT? Most of us have become familiar with that type of life force energy which has been called chi or ki. When the pulsed energies of the VRCR are applied to the human body, these energies react with the body's ki in a particular way; Jack calls this reaction It posikiation. " And the body's ki which has undergone the posikiation, Jack calls it posiki." During the positive cycle of each VRCR pulse, cold or negative ki is pumped out of the body into the crystal trinity of the VRCR. At the crystal trinity, it is irradiated with white light. This changes the atomic structure of the negative ki; it is made more positive, mixed with the white light and increased in strength. Then, on the negative cycle of the VRCR pulse, this positive ki is pumped back to its original source, the human body, thus completing the process of posikiation. This process of posikiation occurs even without a specific mental command to do so. With a specific mental command, however, the process of posikiation is amplified many, many times, the exact multiplication factor dependent upon the sincerity and the concentration focus of the mental command. Jack has been told several times by his Teachers that too many of the people


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working with these energies -- crystal practitioners, laying on of hands, mental projectionists, etc. -do not thoroughly cleanse their own auras of toxins and other unwanted energies released from the bodies of the people they are working with. As a result, over a period of many years, such types of negative energies -- the same negative ki as mentioned earlier -- tend to accumulate in the auras and throughout the bodies of these practitioners. This negative ki not only decreases the effectiveness of a particular modality but also will eventually materialize into the physical body, manifesting as different types of body disturbances. We are also told that with every breath we take, we charge our auras as well as our bodies; and the environment we live in has a lot to do with determining the type of charge that we produce. And even further, when we clear a crystal with our breath, we really charge our aura with an overload of negative energy streaming out of those cleared crystals. We also know that a crystal, properly mentally programmed to do so, will absorb negative ki from the body. However, when the negative ki is drawn out of the body by the crystal, unless another mental command is given to force some type of energy back into the body to replace the displaced negative ki, Jack's Teachers tell us that a type of vacuum will occur which, essentially, will leave empty spaces throughout the body. If this second mental command is not given and the crystal is again cleared with the breath and the negative ki sent out into the Universe through the aura, a portion of that same negative ki will stick in the aura and also rush in to fill those vacuum-type, empty spaces in the body. Remember that old saying, "Nature abhors a vacuum?" This accumulation of negative energies in one's aura brings to mind one of the sessions in which Linda was monitoring the energies surrounding the person who was undergoing Jack's sixteen power center tuning procedure. At one point during the procedure, the subject blurted out some words that were somewhat critical of another person (not present at the session). Almost immediately, Linda exclaimed, "Oh my, look at that energy streaming forth from her mouth. It's so sticky, and it seems to be sticking to her body and to her aura!" As gleaned from our own psychic sessions as well as from reading many of the more believable books available pertaining to the subject, it appears that any negative or critical or derogatory words we utter, or even thoughts that we generate, result in those types of negative energies that tend to stick to and accumulate within our auras. One of the best books I've found dealing with this subject is THE RAINBOW BRIDGE written by "Two Disciples" and published (circa 1981) by The Triune Foundation, P. O. Box 226, Escondido, California 92025. In the book you will see drawings showing such accumulation of negative energies. The authors also give their recommended

procedure for clearing one's aura of these negative energies.

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Chapter 6

FIGURE 2. 16 CHAKRAS (POWER CENTERS) HARMONIC TYPICAL POWER CENTER OF CORE VRCR OR CHAKRA LOCATION OR MEANING FREQUENCY SETTING Heaven 12 inches above Crown 19th W,8.6 Soul 6 inches above Crown 18th W,7.6 *Crown I AM charka, centered on top 17th W,3.8 of head *Imagination 3 inches behind Crown 17th V,5 Will 3 inches in front of Crown 16th V, 1.5 Brow UNDERSTANDING 15th B,6.3 Eyes FAITH 14th B,3.1 Mouth ZEAL 13th B, 1.4 Throat POWER 12th G,6.6 Heart/Thymus LOVE - on breast bone 11th G,3.9 Solar Plexus WISDOM - 1 inch above navel 10th G,1.6 Liver/Spleen ORDER - on navel 9th R,8.5 Adrenals STRENGTH - 2 inches below 8th R,7.6 navel Elimination 4 inches below navel 7th R,5.6 Root or Base LIFE - on pubic bone 6th R,2.6 Earth 6 inches below feet 5th R,1.3 *These charkas vibrate at the same frequency but are on different frequency bands.

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Chapter 6 RAY

LORDS OF KARMA (the Great Karmic Board)


Great Divine Director 2 Goddess of Liberty 3 Lady Master Nada 4 Elohim Cyclopea 5 Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth 6 Lady Master Portia 7 Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy Note: It is believed that within the past several months (sometime in 1996) an eighth member has been appointed to the Karmic Board.


Chapter 7 Charka Balancing/Escort To The Great Central Sun I have two Beings on either side of me--my favorite Archangels, Uriel and Raphael. They are holding my hands, and they are going to lead me somewhere.

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Chapter 7

I'm home! The Great Central Sun! My Home! I'm being greeted by Jesus. He's shaking my hand, walking with me. He's He, Jesus, just washed my showing me something only for me. feet. He was on his knees. I couldn't believe it! I just can't believe it!

When He raised His head to look up at you after He washed your feet, it was incredible! Just the way He looked up at you and smiled!

. 1 1 Let us take a look at what happens when someone is taken through a sixteen power center, or charka, balancing procedure. During this particular session, several people were in attendance to participate and witness. As all attendees had different levels of sensitivities, it turned out to be a very exciting and unusual session. The attendees were:

Cathy Linda Marolyn Derby Jack Myself

Dominique (Linda's daughter)

As we go through the procedure, you might want to refer again to Figure 3, page 77, which locates the sixteen charkas, or power centers. (It's very interesting to note that four of the nine additional charkas -beyond the seven major charkas -- are included in Katrina Raphael’s twelve charka system as mentioned in her very excellent book THE CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION.) LINDA'S CHAKRAS ARE CHECKED The first person to have her charkas balanced was Linda. Using the Radio Shack sound level meter, Jack determined the state of balance of several of Linda's charkas. The reason that Jack didn't check all of Linda's charkas is that when a person of Linda's sensitivity has the majority of her measured charkas in balance, or very close thereto, Jack has found that the remaining charkas will either be in balance or at the most within plus or minus one deviation from the zero center point. Linda's charkas measured as follows: throat = 0 brow = 0 heart = 0 crown = 0 solar plexus = 0 root = +1 liver = 0 adrenal = 0 zeal = -1 Linda had been standing for the measurement procedure. Now, she sat down in chair. Jack then proceeded to balance the two charkas that were slightly out of tune. Jack used the VRCR controls' setting R,1.5 to balance the root charka and the setting B,1.5 to balance the zeal charka. During this rebalancing, Linda felt a strain at her left shoulder; Jack explained that this could have been energy or toxins being released. Linda could really feel it in her

Chapter 7

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left arm. Both Linda and Cathy said that they could see energy shooting out of Linda's hand. A recheck of the two subject charkas by Jack revealed that they were in balance. THE 16 CHAKRAS TUNING STARTS Jack then started the sixteen charkas tuning procedure by setting the VRCR controls to the IMAGINATION CENTER, W,3.5. Let's listen to the comments and remarks as the balancing continued. LINDA: "I feel as though I need a lot of (tape very noisy) in my mouth and my nose." ME: "What do you see, Cathy? " CATHY: "I see a white circle around her head. Do you see it, Dominique?" DOMINIQUE: "Mmmmmm yeah, I see it." LINDA: "I feel as though I have eyes that go all around my head. I can see everywhere around me. My head seems to be able to turn like an owl's. " CATHY: "My, Linda, your seven centers are just glowing. (Cathy was probably referring to what are considered the seven major charkas.) Jack then tuned the VRCR to the CROWN charka, V,5. (NOTE: the V,5 tuning for the crown charka was proper for that particular session; however, Jack now recommends using a tuning of W,3.8 [typical] for the crown charka.) LINDA: "Oh my, my eyes can't move fast enough to keep up with all the coded messages I'm receiving. These codes are coming so fast." Jack then tuned the VRCR to the WILL charka, V,1.5. X-RAY VISION LINDA: "Jack must have turned the setting and I'm apart from myself. My sight has narrowed. I can see outside like through my third eye. It feels like, I'll call it x-ray. " The BROW charka, B,6.5 tuning was next. LINDA; "I can see right through the walls of this house. I can see those rose bushes over there across the street. (Linda was actually seated in a chair facing at right angles to the windows which looked across the street.) CATHY: "Have you left your body?" LINDA: "Part of me is over here (pointing to her right), watching me, on my right side. " Next came the FAITH charka, B,3.5 tuning. LINDA: "I have the energy under control; otherwise, I wouldn't be here. I have a blue-white light here, extremely blue and white, most beautiful blue." "

I feel like there are a lot of toxins in my nose. " Jack then tuned the VRCR to the ZEAL chakra, B,1.5.

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Chapter 7

LINDA: "This really makes me smile, a lot of nervous energy. It makes me smile." MAROLYN: "What do you mean by `nervous energy?" ' LINDA: "I don't mean nervous, nervous. I mean bubbly, a lot of activity. It's very hard to control. " The POWER charka, G,7 tuning came next. LINDA: "I could just as soon not be here. I want to burst out. I just want to go pffffttt!" CATHY: "Well, Linda, stay; you're doing fine." JACK: "Hang in there. " At this point everyone burst into laughter. ME: "Your eyes are really going, like you're getting coded signals." (Linda's were observed to be moving extremely rapidly under her eyelids.) LINDA: "It's really hard to sit in this chair." CATHY: "Is it a good feeling?" LINDA: "Oh yes, I just want to go." (Linda didn't say where she wanted to go and no one thought to ask.) The LOVE charka, G,4 was the next tuning. LINDA: "I don't feel so strapped now. That makes my heart feel much better." ME: "I didn't say anything before; but during the session we had this morning, it came through that Linda had some "cracks" in her etheric heart. Now, it appears that they have been healed." DOMINIQUE: "Did that (referring to the LOVE charka tuning, G,4.) do it?" LINDA: "That did it! I also felt that down in my foot." The WISDOM charka, G,2 tuning came next. (Too much noise on tape) The ORDER charka, R,9 was next. ALL-SEEING EYE, A CLOUD, A CITY LINDA: "I have here an all-seeing eye. I see a cloud and I see a city. " The STRENGTH chakra, R,8 was the next tuning. MAROLYN: "What did you mean by all-seeing eye? Your eye?" LINDA: "No."

Chapter 7

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DOMINIQUE: "Does it feel good?" LINDA: "It's wonderful! There's this big city and this cloud. a real familiar cloud to me." (When Linda was a child, she remembers that while daydreaming, she would fly or drift off onto the same cloud in the sky.) "

I am standing on a cloud; my own, familiar cloud. And I see this big city. " ELIMINATION chakra, R,6 came next. MAROLYN: "Do you recognize the city? " LINDA; "Yes, it's my city."

ME: "Is it on some star or planet?" LINDA: "It's right up there over the cloud. I'm just like a little child looking over a cloud, like you would picture a baby peeking over a cloud." ROOT charka, R 3.5, was the next tuning. ARCHANGELS URIEL AND RAPHAEL LINDA; "I have two Beings on either side of me." MAROLYN: "Do you know them?" LINDA: "My favorite angels. I have Uriel and I have Raphael. " ME: "Two Archangels." LINDA: "They are holding my hands and They are going to lead me somewhere." The next controls setting was the Earth charka, R 1.5. ENERGY CHORDS LINDA: "There are connecting chords. It looks as though they go from my eyes to their throats." MAROLYN: "What is the purpose of that?" LINDA: "They are energy chords. " MAROLYN: "Are you receiving energy from Them or giving energy to Them? " LINDA: "I think that I'm giving energy. Then I see a chord coming from Them to a point past the big city. It reaches way out. I don't know where it reaches. We could go there real fast." HEAVEN charka, W 8.9, was next. LINDA: "I have energy now, pulling out of my body, everywhere. " DOMINIQUE: "I'm looking directly at you (Linda); and the energy is going through my

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Chapter 7

stomach." LINDA: "It's really incredible!" DOMINIQUE: "Yeah, it is! It's getting hard for me to breathe." LINDA: "I feel real porous, real airy. Feel like things are going right through me. It's affecting a spot on the right side of my back. And it feels like there is pulsating in my ear." JACK: "We're on the HEAVEN CENTER setting now." LINDA: "Well, that sends me. The top of my head is really whirling. I feel like you laid something on my head, feels like a stinging sensation. Have you laid a rock on my head?" MAROLYN: "No, the wand is 12 inches above your head." LINDA: "The air is getting thinner. I feel like I need to breathe more." MAROLYN: "That's probably because you're trying to go out of your body and are fighting to stay in. So why don't we let her go out of her body?" JACK: "No, just one more setting. One more!" CATHY: "Hold on, Linda. Hold on!" MAROLYN: "Is it a bad feeling?" LINDA: "No, it's just theeerrrre!" SOUL charka, W 7.75, was the next tuning. JACK: "We are now at the SOUL CENTER. This center connects the body to the Heaven World." MAROLYN: "How long will you keep the wand and instrument at this setting?" JACK: "As long as is necessary, or as long as Linda wants." MAROLYN: "I don't feel a stinging on the top of my head, but I do feel a warmth. Just talking about it can stimulate someone." LINDA: "My body has just lifted. It's lying horizontal. There's a chord connected between me and this body. I'm not sitting in my chair anymore." ESCORT TO THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN - JESUS GREETS LINDA ME: "Are the Archangels still by your side?" LINDA: "Yes. I have a path of angels going this way, and this way. (Linda motioned with her arms, to the right and to the left.) I'm going to cry. (Linda burst into tears.) I'm home! The Great Central Sun! My home! This is my home! I'm being greeted by Jesus. He's shaking my hand; I'm standing

Chapter 7

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up. There's a coolness here. Walking with me. He's showing me something, only for me." (For several minutes, there was quiet. Only the soft sobbing of Linda could be heard.) LINDA: "I'm allowed to go back now. Oh, I was just kissed -- on my cheek. And I'm to come back many times.' I am to do this many times." (Again, there was silence for a few moments.) LINDA: "It's going to take me a while for me to get back down to earth; and during that time, many answers and many more things will be opened up. It will take me two months because I have reached such a high place. It will take me two months to reach back down to earth." I have a lot of activity in here! Yes, I do. We will physically move at some later date -- completely. I have an Amen. And I find myself saying thank you." "I feel like a cloak of light was just dropped over me, and I have is the end."

(softly) that

ME: "Jack just took the wand away from the SOUL CENTER." JACK: "Shall we finish it off? (Jack asked Linda if she wanted him to go through the final, closing procedure) What do you want, Linda?" LINDA: "I don't want to ever finish it!" JACK: "Shall we bring you back?" JESUS DEMONSTRATES HUMBLENESS LINDA: "No. I don't know what you did, and I just had a very personal thing happen. I can't reveal it but I just had a very personal thing happen with Jesus at this moment. Something that touched my heart completely, so completely." (Linda began sobbing, crying quietly, releasing her emotions. Suddenly, Cathy cried out.) CATHY: "It's great! Great!" LINDA: (sobbing) "He, Jesus, just washed my feet." MAROLYN: "Such humbleness." CATHY: "He looked up at you and smiled." LINDA: "He was on His knees. I couldn't believe it. I just can't believe that!" (All the girls were crying. Even the men had tears in their eyes.) MAROLYN: (after a few moments) "We're going to have to do our make-up over again." (That seemed to break the tension.)

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Chapter 7

Jack set the VRCR to R 3.5. He said that he thought Linda should be brought back down now. LINDA; "I saw His whole body. His whole Being. He was living here." MAROLYN: "He is!" CATHY: "When He raised His head to look up at you after He washed your feet, it was incredible!" (Cathy started to cry again.) "Just the way He looked up at you and smiled." (Cathy continued to cry for a few more moments.) JACK: "That's what we call humbleness." LINDA: "I believe I'm going to feel this for a long time." MAROLYN: "Of course you will. " LINDA: "I feel as though I've been through an operation. " MAROLYN: "You have! A spiritual one!" JACK: "One of the things I've been told is that the White Light Circuit tuning will open doors to places you've never been before or have long forgotten. Linda, do you feel like you've been someplace you've never been before?" LINDA: "Well, it's been a long, long time since I was there. " ME: "Quite an instrument, Jack." JACK: "Well, I'm completely humbled by the whole thing." LINDA: "I just didn't expect that. You think that you have it together, and then something like that happens. I'm shaking now, inside." I've had reactions, shaking like this before when I've undergone traumatic experiences. And I think that this can be classified as a good, traumatic experience. I think that some traumatic experiences can be good, like this one was. " JACK: "That should be enough now." (Jack turned the VRCR off.)


Chapter 8 Balancing Earth Energies/Neutralizing Radioactivity Everything works in a circle of Love. The energies circle into the Earth and out, up into the atmosphere and back down again. It will cause these energies to flow in a circle. As they are pumped through the crystal trinity in the VRCR, they are irradiated with the white light and made pure; then pumped back to their original source.

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Chapter 8

Two different VRCR methods for the rebalancing of earth energies and for transmuting unwanted, negative energies are presented. spiritualization of the EARTH.

We can become 'Masters of our fate and Captains of our Souls" and at the same time, contribute to the

Several times Jack's Teachers have made a point of emphasizing that the VRCR can be utilized to help rebalance the energies of the earth and transmute unwanted, negative energies into positive energies that are compatible with the needs of mankind and the living earth itself. Additionally, and perhaps surprisingly, this transmutation is claimed to include the neutralization of non-beneficial radioactive radiation and fallout. Two different VRCR methods for the rebalancing of earth energies and for transmuting the unwanted, negative energies are presented in the next several pages. At this point in time, it is not known whether one method is better than the other. Which one to use probably depends upon many variables existing at that point in time when one wants to do the balancing and transmutation. Such variables could include (1) type of environmental pollution existing at the location to be treated; (2) astrological configurations; (3) season of the year; etc. VRCR/DOUBLE ANTENNA METHOD Prior to the arrival of the New Zealand doctor, Cornelius van Dorp, who visited Jack in Tucson, we asked our Masters about van Dorp's visit. Here is the answer: "It is no coincidence that he is planning to visit you. It is the Powers in charge that are bringing him in and it is hoped and planned that he will play a significant part in transmuting the negative force fields that engulf this planet." Dr. van Dorp is a member of the international Green peace organization. He had spent one long cruise on a Green peace ship and was scheduled to go on another one, and he wanted to take a Violet Ray Crystal Resonator with him. During one of our sessions, he asked the following specific question: "We think that the VRCR can be used to effectively help the earth rebalance its energy structure and to get rid of negative energies when transmitting from key points of the planetary light grid. Is this a correct assumption?" The answer from Jack's Teacher was a very definite "yes!" During subsequent sessions, more detailed procedures were recommended by Jack's Teacher. These have been combined and are presented in the questions and answers immediately following. Q: "Please elaborate on use of VRCR and the planetary light grid."

Chapter 8

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A: "The frequencies to accomplish this have just been incorporated into the JM-600 (one model of the VRCR); so the machine is ready to go, or will be if he ever builds any -- and, of course, he will. What would be most effective would be to transmit with two machines two frequencies simultaneously from the same location. And I suppose that you want those frequencies. " Q: "How did you guess?" A: "One VRCR should transmit the Soul Center frequency which is the Golden Ray. The 2nd machine -- for right now I'll give you two frequencies and the right one to use will unfold at the proper time. They are (1) the Earth charka frequency or (2) the Root charka frequency. There is a little confusion at this moment but it will be made clear when the time comes." (It is my observation that the word "confusion" was not used in the sense that we on this physical side of existence usually use it. Instead, the information the Teacher meant to convey was that the specific frequency to use would be dependent upon earthly conditions existing at the time we wanted to perform the procedure.) Q: "That's with the crystal wand in the HI output jack, one out of each instrument. Is the LO output jack grounded or just not connected to anything?" A: "You will use 2 of the triangle antennas made from the solid wire." (photograph on page 7 shows one VRCR/antenna hook-up.) Q: "Using the VRCR transmitting the Soul Center frequency, is the wand hanging down from the top point of the triangle?" A: "Yes, from the antenna. " Q: "Is that antenna connected to the HI or LO output jack?" A: "It is connected to the LO output jack." Q: "And the HI output jack is connected to ground?" A: "Yes. " Q: "Using the 2nd VRCR, is this connected in a similar fashion, antenna to LO and ground to HI?" A: "It will be different." Q: "Is the polarity of 2nd VRCR reversed from that of the 1st?" A: "It's not coming through. " Q: "Is it not supposed to come through at this time?" A: "It will be there when you need it. The 2nd VRCR will have reverse polarity, but there is something else. It is not known yet. When I told Jack this is the latest high technology, it's not even manifesting through, some of it. You are on the cutting edge, and when it has unfolded, you will receive it." Q: "The connections that you gave previously re VRCR transmission, will that take care

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Chapter 8

of negative force fields within the earth as well as above the earth?" A: "Yes. It's like -- you've heard of the circle of Love. Everything works in a circle. And so the energies circle into the earth and out, up into the atmosphere and back down again. It will cause these energies to flow in a circle. And as they are pumped through the crystal triad (trinity) in the VRCR, they are irradiated with the white light and made pure and replaced; then pumped back to their original source so as not to create an imbalance or vacuum anywhere. Does that make sense?" Q: "Yes. No more questions. We thank you." A: "And we thank you. We realize that you are dealing with some not so easy vibrations, but you will see the fruits of your work -- for sure! With that I will return. " EARTH'S HARMONIC GRID Several years ago, Jack was browsing through a bookstore and noticed what looked like a map of the world with various lines and triangles superimposed upon the map. The points at which the lines met were numbered. These meeting points were also identified as either Yang (hot), as Yin (cool) or as Balanced. The map had the words "Planetary Grid System" printed on it. Additional printed information included Becker-Hagens, C 1983" and "Mercator-Based Hexakix Icosahedron Projection. " Further examination revealed that these "meeting points" were a close match, if not identical, to the meeting points of the world grid system (sometimes referred to as the "harmonic grid") discovered by the Russians. German scientists have also come to the conclusion that the earth has a grid system, and they believe that the meeting points of this grid system send out vortexial pulses of energy --toward the sky and also horizontally to the four points of the compass; i.e., north, south, east and west. Could it be that aforementioned map with the names "Becker-Hagens " is a result of the German investigations? ST. GERMAIN TELLS HOW WE CAN HELP MOTHER EARTH Shortly after acquiring the map, it was revealed to Jack by St. Germain that Mother Earth is desperately in need of love, cosmic consciousness and grounding. St. Germain said that mankind/womankind and the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator can assist our planet in receiving these three much-needed energies. Mankind/womankind can focus their concentration upon these three states of awareness, and/or the VRCR can be tuned to transmit such energies. When the two actions (the concentration and VRCR transmission) are combined and coordinated and then directed to specific meeting points of the Earth's grid, the beneficial results will be considerably amplified. St Germain verified that the Yin and Yang meeting points offer resistance to any extraneous vibrations, but the Balanced meeting points will be very receptive to both human and VRCR vibrations. Jack reminds us "that it is well-known that the Earth does produce a magnetic field; it is not so well known that it fluctuates constantly and interacts with the harmonic grid. There is a line of no variation or fluctuation in the magnetic field known as the zero line of declination that slowly drifts across the Earth." According to St. Germain, between 1992 and 1996 this zero line of declination will sweep across and intersect meeting point 26 of the Earth's harmonic grid. Meeting point

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26 is a Balanced meeting point and is located near the country of Borneo in Southeast Asia. During this four year period (1992-1996), meeting point 26 will more receptive than usual to any beneficial vibrations. As time goes on, this zero line of declination will intersect meeting point 34 (off the northwest coast of South America) sometime after the year 2010; and then that meeting point will have the increased receptivity. However, St. Germain emphasizes that at the present moment we have an important and unique immediate opportunity to assist the Earth by concentrating upon meeting point 26.

VRCR/SINGLE ANTENNA METHOD Jack uses the following method to transmit the energies generated by the VRCR: On two separate pieces of paper, write the following: "To meeting point 26 of the Earth's harmonic grid, which is at zero degrees latitude and 120 degrees east longitude, I direct COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, LOVE AND GROUNDING to heal and counteract all vibrations that may be harmful to our planet Earth." Place one piece of paper on the large injector crystal of the VRCR. Connect the four foot purple wire to the high voltage output jack of the VRCR and to the input jack at the base of the brass wire pyramid. Connect the crystal wand to the jack at the apex of the antenna so that the crystal wand hangs down vertically. Take the second piece of paper you have written on and place it on a copy of the planetary harmonic grid. Roll the written paper and the planetary harmonic grid paper together and stand them in a vertical position around the crystal wand. Set the frequency band and frequency modulation controls of the VRCR to the I AM center tuning for at least three minutes. Then set the frequency band and frequency modulation controls of the VRCR to the LOVE center tuning for at least three minutes. Next, set the frequency band and frequency modulation controls of the VRCR to the EARTH center tuning for at least three minutes. This last step concludes the procedure. The VRCR can be used to send energy to meeting point 26 for 24 hours a day if desired. Also, the operator of the VRCR can have the planetary harmonic grid system map continually reduced on a copy machine until the entire map is small enough to fit on top of the injector crystal. However, before reduction it is recommended that the VRCR operator make a special insignia or mark of their choice over meeting point 26. A copy of the second written paper should also be reduced if this method is preferred. Jack believes that anyone can help -- whether or not he or she has a VRCR. If no VRCR is available, one suggested method is given immediately below; however, any individual or group can create his or her, or their, own procedure for sending positive energy to meeting point 26. 1. Using a pencil, write the following on a piece of paper:

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Chapter 8

"To meeting point 26 of the Earth's harmonic grid, which is at zero degrees latitude and 120 degrees east longitude, I direct COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, LOVE AND GROUNDING to heal and counteract all vibrations that may be harmful to our planet Earth." 2. Hold the paper and a copy of the Planetary Grid System in the right hand during meditation or quiet time for at least three minutes. NEUTRALIZING RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT AND CONTAMINATION During several sessions, Jack's Teacher emphasized the possibility of using the VRCR to neutralize radioactive fallout and radioactive contamination of the earth itself. Let us take a closer look at some of the detailed information provided during the sessions. Jack's session, 1 June 1991 Q: "Please elaborate on the crystal zonolite. " (We later were told that it is now known by the name of "zeolite." It was also stated that if zeolite is not available, other types of crystals -- such as all the quartz varieties -- can be used. However, it was emphasized that neutralization can be made more effective by placing a selected crystal, or crystals, on the crystal injector, and at the same time using a crystal wand composed of the same type of crystal as placed on the crystal injector.) A: "Zonolite is of ancient earth and it may be difficult to find but the basic kinds of crystals are those that have water trapped in them. Find them in different crystals books. " "

If crystal has ancient waters trapped in it, can any of those crystals be used to neutralize radioactivity when used with the VRCR?" A: "Yes, with a slight qualification. Some will be slightly more effective. The clearer the crystal, it will allow more of the higher light vibrations to pass through or, in this case, to be activated allowing the higher light electromagnetic energy to pass out of... (the tape was too noisy at this point) will be more effective. And you can check them by looking through them at a light or shining a light through them." "

In the previous session you said to use the 18th harmonic setting to neutralize radioactivity but that you would give Jack additional information later. Can you elaborate now?" A: "Use frequency same as Soul Center (the 18th harmonic). Hook VRCR to antenna in reverse with LO side to antenna and HI side to earth ground. In this case the earth will radiate the neutralizing energy and the antenna will receive that neutralizing energy where it will be transmuted inside the instrument and then transmitted back through the earth antenna. " Q: "The transmutation actually takes place within the VRCR?" A: "I can't get that to come through as consciousness; just say that it works. " Q: "Using a model JM500 or JM600 VRCR to counteract or neutralize radioactivity

Chapter 8

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in the earth, is there a limit as to the area that can be neutralized within a 24 hour period?" A: "That's a tuffy! Of course, the theoretical limitation is only the consciousness which is the unknown factor. Then, of course, different limitations are due to soil, moisture, mineral content, etc. As you know, this has never been done before successfully. At this point, the only limitation will be that of the programmer." Q: "So we're saying that the person operating the VRCR definitely plays a part in the success or failure of the VRCR?" A: "Yes. Well, it 's yes and no. It's not like some previous instruments that were only successful by the consciousness of the operator. VRCR works regardless but the direction or the focus is concentrated by the operator." (NOTE: in a future session, I plan to ask if the VRCR operator would feel adverse effects from radioactivity during a VRCR treatment of soil to eliminate radioactivity.) RADIOACTIVITY IN AUSTRALIA Q: "If Jack were asked to treat some of the radioactive lands of the Aborigines in Australia, and he goes to Australia, sets up the VRCR and starts the VRCR transmitting then he flies back to Tucson, would the VRCR continue to neutralize the radioactivity for several days after Jack left?" A: "Yes. Of course, you are aware that the contaminating radiation is continuous; and even after initially neutralizing the soil, the contaminating radiation that is coming up from deep within the planet will contaminate the soil again. So it is something that will need to be done periodically. Remember this, not all the radiation is harmful to life as you know it on this planet; so the programmer should be very specific. " (NOTE: another question comes to mind and should be covered in a future session: if the programmer is not specific but is too broad, could beneficial radiation be neutralized as well as the negative, harmful type of radiation?) Q: "Re beneficial or adverse to life radiation, are we now talking about left or right hand spin of atomic nuclei?" A: "Yes, that is part of it. But to make it simple, it is not necessary to know all these details. Let someone else spend their lifetime figuring them out. But when you program, you can just program to neutralize the harmful radiation. Just distinguish between harmful and beneficial and then those Powers in charge will be given the means by which to carry out that mission." Q: "When VRCR is used to neutralize radioactive contamination of soil and after it has been treating the soil for certain lengths of time, will it be possible to physically determine that the soil has, in fact, been decontaminated, or is now safe to plant seeds, or to live on? In other words to prove objectively to establishment science that the VRCR treatment works?" A: "As you know, there are some that could measure and believe and see that it (soil) as neutralized. At the same time, there are others that could not believe and would measure it as still being

radioactive. It's an unknown at this moment. As

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Chapter 8

you know, man has to earn the right to be able to believe and see certain things. And, of course, the Consciousness of the whole can tip the scales as more and more people become attuned to the white light. And as more and more transmit this energy, the tipping of the scales is getting closer and closer; so if not at this moment, it will happen very soon, very soon." Q: "If Jack were asked to decontaminate say 100 square miles of land, could he do this by mentally programming `you are now going to decontaminate 100 square miles as defined by these boundaries, etc ?"' A: "The stronger the mental picture in the mind as obtained from flying over, or driving over, or even seeing a photograph of the land involved, the more effective would be the programming. The photograph could even be used on the injector crystal of the VRCR. " VERIFYING NEUTRALIZATION - PHOTOGRAPHIC METHOD Q: "In a previous session we were told that radiation from the VRCR can be used to neutralize radioactive fallout; the answer was a definite yes. We were told that the 18th harmonic is the setting of the VRCR that should used to do this. Can you tell us what available scientific instrumentation today should be used to demonstrate the neutralization of radioactive fallout or waste by radiation from the VRCR?" A: "The test to use is photographic film. You can use an airtight chamber with the film in it. First, you will draw the (untreated) radioactive air into the chamber; then you will expose the film. You will then neutralize (the radioactive air in the chamber) with the radiation from the VRCR. Put in another film, expose that film and it will show that neutralization (has occurred). Once you have made this demonstration, you move up to the laboratories that have the scientific equipment." Q: "What kind of photographic film are you talking about?" A: "You can use the same kind that you use for Kirlian photography." Q: "What type of container? Glass jar?" A: "It could just be a box, sealed, with a means of injecting air into it and a means of changing the film plate at the bottom with some glass slides. It could be very simple." Q: "The box could be of wood so the VRCR radiation could pass through easily? " A: "Yes. It could even be varnished, shellacked cardboard box. Maybe it would want to be lined with lead as a safety precaution." Q: "What will the film show us? Before neutralization and afterwards, what should we look for?" A: "It would show like a bombardment on the film; and afterwards, it would be completely black indicating nothing or no radioactivity. Or not black but completely, mmmmmm -- I guess that would depend upon whether you were using a positive film or a negative film. My understanding is that Kirlian photography uses positive. "

Chapter 8

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Me: "I don't recall even though I did it many years ago." A: "And so then it would stay (tape unclear) where the radioactive atoms that hit it would cause the tube to show light." VERIFYING NEUTRALIZATION - GEIGER COUNTER Q: "I should like to use a Geiger counter to verify that radioactive neutralization has occurred. Let's say that I place the VRCR antenna/crystal wand combination between the radioactive substance and the Geiger counter. I turn on the VRCR, and the VRCR controls are set to the 18th harmonic. Would the radiation from the crystal wand neutralize radioactive particles be given off by the radioactive substance such that the reading of the Geiger counter would be changed? Remember, I'm not trying to neutralize the radioactive substance itself just a portion of the radiation as given off. " A: "There are many variables to this but it depends upon how strong the radiation is from the source and how far away everything is. In other words you can set the Geiger counter to where it just barely measures the radiation being given off by the radioactive substance. Then place the antenna/crystal wand combination as you have stated and turn on the VRCR. Yes, you would see a difference. As you are aware, the line of thinking that you are going down will be a necessity soon; so keep it on the shelf. As it comes up then you will perfect this. As you probably see right now, it will take a controlled scientific laboratory with equipment and all those things. " HOW NEUTRALIZATION OCCURS Q: "Can you explain again how the radiation from the VRCR neutralizes the radioactive atoms. " A: "It actually works on two or more levels. One, the electromagnetic pulses (generated in the VRCR white light frequency band) cause the atoms in the air and the atoms in the nuclear active particles to attract and collide; and as they do, they form a new energy. Of course, the new white light coming into the planet does the same thing." We should all like to believe that the VRCR can do all of the above. As stated before, objective proof may be extremely difficult. However, as Tennyson once said, "nothing ventured, nothing gained!" A RECENT EXPERIMENT - HELPING MOTHER EARTH One of our fellow researchers has made an experimental arrangement of crystal wands in his backyard. Three holes each about seven inches deep and one inch in diameter were dug in the ground. The three holes formed an equilateral triangle, each side of the triangle being some seven inches in length. A fourth hole, similar in size and depth, was dug in the center of the triangle. A crystal wand was then placed in each of the four holes. Again using Linda as the psychic contact, the following questions and answers were asked and came through: Q: "Can you tell me what happens when I attach the VRCR to the crystal wand in the center of the other three wands and turn on the VRCR? What actually happens? A: "I want to use an analogy here. It's like putting it (the crystal wand) to the third

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Chapter 8

eye and waking it up and opening it up to all the proper, you might say, energies: vitamins, nutrients, etc. Q: "It helps open up any blockages?" A: "Correct. Stopping some of the pain. I see these energies going down, like in veins of the earth. And, of course, it creates a really definite link to the human soul and the earth soul. Definitely creates a nice bond there. And Mother Earth knows who helps her. Very pleasant and soothing in this transition (period) in her life. It plays a big part in making it a smooth transition. And it also puts the right tone in there. I hear an "A" tone to a "B" flat. Q: "Right now, I have the VRCR set to the 18th harmonic, the Soul frequency. The VRCR is connected to an amethyst crystal wand in the center of the other three-crystal wands. Is this correct?" A: "If you were not correct, we would have told you. You must realize that at this point anything you do is correct. You could have it on one setting and it definitely would be needed. But you are very attuned to what we ask and what we say, that you always put it on the very exact thing it should be on. "

From the answer given in the last paragraph above, it appears that Mother Earth so desperately needs any kind of help she can get that any setting of the VRCR would be of great benefit to her. What do you think?

Chapter 8

The energy generated by your thoughts and directed to Mr. Brown was sensed by Mr. Brown's energy field. This reaction of Mr. Brown's energy field resulted in a change in the audio level detected by the sound level meter. Different types of thoughts create energy fields that have different effects upon the human energy field. The DARK CLOUDS thought caused a decrease in the audio level whereas the SUNSHINE thought caused an increase in the audio level.

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Chapter 8

The Spiritual Being known as the MAHA CHOHAN, or Great Lord, is the representative of the Holy Spirit on behalf of Earth's evolutions. This Great Being was the poet Homer in a previous incarnation.


Chapter 9 Jack's Twin Soul - Marolyn Derby Then the most wonderful thing happened. While we stood looking into each other's eyes, the brightest white light I had ever seen flashed between us. We were in some sort of trance. Our minds seemed to merge.

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Chapter 9

Jack and Marolyn performed work on the astral plane similar to the work done by Dr. Carl Wickland, M.D. and his wife and described in the occult classic Thirty Years Among the Dead. Marolyn Derby is the perfect helpmate for Jack. Blessed with her own unique psychic sensitivity, she has not only worked actively with Jack in various aspects of the paranormal; but has also developed her own product line -- healing with songs and music. Some people believe that Jack and Marolyn met by chance. Jack and Marolyn believe otherwise -- that nothing ever happens by chance! From the very moment of that first meeting, they were magnetically attracted to one another. Shortly afterward, they came to fully realize that they had been destined to meet and to be together in this lifetime, even though both were married to someone else at that time. They discovered they had a common interest -- a desire to help others. They got married. Over the next years, they shared the same type of meditative practices. While in deep meditation, they could contact -- and visualize -- what they call their Spirit Teachers or Masters. They received instructions from their Teachers on how to separate their astral (emotional/mental) bodies from their physical/etheric bodies and undergo what New Age science now refers to as "out-of-the-bodyexperiences" or OOBE. While in the OOBE state, they were given further instructions (by their spiritual Teachers) on how to help souls who had died --recently or many years ago -- and had become trapped or "earthbound" and who were not able to continue on with their evolution. Jack and Marolyn were able do release many of those poor souls so that those souls could return to the Light. For several years Jack and Marolyn performed work on the astral plane similar to the work performed by Dr. Carl Wickland, M.D. and his wife and described in their well-known, occult classic THIRTY YEARS AMONG THE DEAD. 13 POWERS OF MAN MUSICAL SEMINAR Seven or eight years ago, Marolyn was told by her Inner Planes Teachers that she should write a musical seminar relating to 12 powers of man plus the I AM center. Previous to this, Marolyn had been doing a considerable amount of singing in various night clubs around Tucson, but she began to realize that that type of life no longer appealed to her, that it seemed empty, bereft of any real substance. So, in her meditations she asked God to please tell her what she should do with the talent she had, how the gift she had could be used to help mankind and the world. When the reply from God came back to her via her Teachers, she was intrigued and thankful. Marolyn's Teachers recommended that she read the book THE TWELVE POWERS OF MAN by Charles Fillmore, the well-known, co-founder of the Unity Church. From reading Fillmore's book and pursuing her own meditations, she found out that the 12 powers of man were directly related to the 12 disciples of Jesus, and that the I AM

Chapter 9


center was directly related to Jesus the Christ Himself. Marolyn not only sings the lyrics but she writes all the music. During the past year, she has put the finishing touches upon the seminar; and she has presented her seminar in different parts of the country. I have heard Marolyn's seminar; and I can truthfully state that my emotions ranged from deep inward calm and relaxation, inner peace and harmony, love for all mankind and all life, to bringing tears of happiness to my eyes and a lump in my throat. Marolyn has written a short introduction to her seminar, and I think it is appropriate to present it to you at this point. "The true spiritual part of us is our Real Self. That is what enters the body vehicle at birth and what leaves when the body vehicle is no longer of use to us. This spiritual self is also known as the I AM. " "Within us there are 12 power centers, recognized not only by metaphysicians but scientists as well, who will call them gangleonic centers. Scientists have concluded, after much research of these gangleonic centers, that they are in some way meant to serve the intellect. Webster defines intellect as "power to know or comprehend; understanding and a person of great mental powers." "These power centers can become unbalanced, out of harmony, in which case they will be underactive or overactive. If not corrected within a reasonable length of time, a physical problem or disease will occur in that part of the body." "What we think, say, feel, believe and do determines whether our power centers are underactive, overactive or balanced. An underactive center indicates a restriction in the God flow of energy going through that center or faculty. This means the center is not being stimulated by use enough to keep it operating at the correct frequency and could eventually close off completely if not rectified." "An overactive center also indicates a restriction in the flow of God energy going through it. However, in this case the center or faculty is so much out of balance with the other power centers that it is over-saturated by use to the point of chaos. However, the energy and vibrations that are overly stimulating the center are not of the higher spiritual source. " "

Erroneous thinking and beliefs as well as stress and negativity such as guilt, resentment, low selfesteem, hatred, etc., will cause dis-harmony in our power centers. Each center is represented by a disciple of Jesus. The I AM center which makes thirteen is represented by Jesus Himself. " "

There was one spiritual attribute in each disciple that was more developed in him than in any of the others. For example, John represents Love, while Peter represents Faith, and so on. When our power centers are balanced, the God energy is flowing evenly and harmoniously throughout the entire system; and the body is not susceptible to any disease. " "This seminar is designed to stimulate, open and balance the 12 power centers within us; and through words and music, put the information needed to keep these centers opened and balanced directly into the subconscious mind. Each of the 13 songs was written through me, specifically for each of the power centers. " "This seminar is the result of a prayer being answered for me by God, along with His assurance of

continued guidance throughout the entire project."

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Chapter 9

"I now humbly present it to you. Thank you!" You will note that Marolyn 's seminar incorporates thirteen power centers whereas Jack works with sixteen charkas, or power centers. I think it is significant that Jack's sixteen power centers include three power centers that are located outside of the physical body.

PHOTOGRAPHING THE EFFECTS OF MAROLYN'S MUSIC After the photographs of Harry Schneider were taken, Gwen Kemp stated that she wanted to test the effects of Marolyn Derby's musical seminar. So, Gwen asked Marolyn if she could listen to Marolyn's demonstration tape and then have photographs of herself (Gwen) taken after each song. Of course, Marolyn agreed; and, again, the results were amazing and dramatic. These photographs are shown on page 109. It is believed that even more startling photographs could have resulted if Gwen had listened to the full seminar tape. In the full seminar tape each song is approximately three minutes in duration whereas in the demonstration tape, each song lasts only about thirty seconds. Marolyn believes that the strongest, most powerful part of each song occurs somewhere at the middle of each song, or about 1 1/2 minutes into each song. Therefore, when Gwen listened to the demonstration tape, she really didn't realize the full benefits of a full-length seminar tape. MAROLYN IS MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTED TO JACK Did Marolyn and Jack meet by chance? Does anything ever really happen by chance? Let's listen to Marolyn's own words and you decide. The day that I went to the Pima County fairgrounds (in Tucson, Arizona) for an interview to see if I would get a modeling job, I met Dottie, a friend of Jack's who had come down from Phoenix. She was working at a chinchilla display, helping out during the day until Jack and his partner, Winton, could get to the fairgrounds in the evening. Dottie was a very nice lady and I made friends with her while I was there. " "She found out that I didn't have a coat or a sweater for that evening. She told me that it would be getting cold later that evening, and she said that she would leave her sweater for me to use. I was to just ask the guys who would be working there that night --which turned out to be Jack and his partner -- if I could borrow the sweater. While talking with Dottie, I did see a man come to the trailer, do something at the trailer then immediately leave. Well, when I saw that man, I couldn't believe how much I was attracted to him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I thought that he was the most gorgeous man that I had ever seen." When she told me that she would leave her sweater for me, I was still so engrossed in seeing the man that had come to the trailer for a brief moment that I thought that she was joking around, saying that she was going to leave that man for me, meaning she wouldn't make a play for him, that she would let me have him. I said something to her, laughing of course, something like, `that's really sweet of you, but I'm already married so you can have him, I guess, if you want him.' Well, when she realized what I had thought she had said, she kind of laughed and repeated again what she originally had said and meant. I felt so stupid, so embarrassed, but I thanked her. She did say that the

man who had appeared so briefly was named Jack and he would be coming back later."

Chapter 9

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So, I went on about my business. Sure enough, towards evening she left, and Jack and his partner showed up. As it became dark, it did get very chilly; and I contemplated many times going up to the trailer and asking to borrow the sweater that Dottie had left for me. However, I kept chickening out. One reason was that I felt it would be very obvious that I was very much attracted to Jack whom I hadn't met yet; and, too, I hadn't met his partner either. So I felt quite uncomfortable about going up to them and asking them for anything." "I just kept doing my job and looking back at the trailer; and every time that I looked back I would see Jack standing in the doorway staring at me, just standing there staring at me for the longest time. Then, finally, I really began to feel uncomfortable, although flattered, knowing that his eyes were constantly on me. At least every time I looked they were. So, I quickly turned around and with my hand on my hip, I looked straight at him, right into his eyes. We were some 20 ft. from each other." BONDED BY A FLASH OF LIGHT "

Then the most wonderful, fantastic thing happened. While we stood looking into each other's eyes, the brightest white light that I had ever seen flashed between us. As bright as it was, we did not even blink. We were in some sort of trance. It felt like time had stopped completely during this moment. Our minds seemed to merge. We both knew without any question or doubt, while we were in this timeless state, that we were experiencing the light and the power of God." "

Suddenly, I realized I was still standing there looking into Jack's eyes and did not know at this point for what length of time. I quickly looked all around to see if anyone was watching us, but there was no one near either one of us. Absolutely no one! Somewhat dazed, I walked up to the nearest person and handed them the literature I was supposed to be giving out." "As my brain gradually came back into focus, I began to analyze what had just taken place. I ruled out any possibility of a flash from a camera, because the person would have had to be right in front of me, between Jack and myself. There was no one, as I said earlier, no one anywhere close enough to either of us, let alone between us, for the flash to have come from an outside physical source." "

To me, there was only one explanation for the trance state we both experienced. God simply intervened. We certainly didn't consciously make it happen! So, what other explanation could there be that fits? None! As I already mentioned, we intuitively knew while it was happening what we were experiencing." "Funny as it may seem, we didn't even question this whole spiritual experience or even have a need to mention it to each other, until much later. It was weeks, maybe even a month or two, before I told Jack about it. When I did, I learned that he experienced the same identical thing and had the same exact knowing during the experience as I did. That night, we were, oddly enough, completely content with the knowing that it was God Who must have intervened. As I already said, we felt no compulsion to tell anyone, not even each other." MAROLYN FINALLY BORROWS THAT SWEATER "

Well, finally, I became so chilled that I did have to go to the trailer and ask Jack if I could borrow the sweater that Dottie had left for me. After I asked him, he said, `sure, come in.' He acted real anxious but not really nervous, like he wanted to be of so much help and say the right things. He even handed me his jacket because he

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Chapter 9

couldn't find the sweater at first. He said, 'here, you can wear this.' I kind of laughed, and said, 'thank you, I really appreciate that, but I have to wear something that will go with my outfit because that's part of my job."' "He finally found the sweater and handed it to me. Again, I thanked him and told him I would be sure to bring it back before the evening was over. He walked me out and asked me if I would possibly consider getting a hamburger with him later. I said, 'no, no, I couldn't do that but thank you for the offer, anyway."' "I went back to my work but later on I realized that I did not have any money to get anything to eat, and I was starving. God was bound and determined that He was going to get us together one way or the other. I ended up going back to the trailer and asking Jack if that offer were still good to buy me something to eat because I had forgotten to get money for dinner from my husband. Jack said, 'absolutely. When do you want to go?' I told him that I could go anytime." THEY ARE BOTH MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE "So we went for something to eat, and we had a nice talk. I told him that I was married the second time around and to the same man; and that the second time I married him, we had a baby girl who was now eleven months old. He told me that he, too, had married his present wife twice and that he had gone back to her for the sake of the two daughters they had. I told him that I went back to my husband because he was a great guy and that there were things that I had left unfinished that I had to take care of. Because of the unfinished business, I was trying very hard to make my marriage work." "The reason I told Jack I was happy with my marriage was that I had made a promise to God just prior to the second time I married. That promise will be revealed to you in a few moments. " "We talked about a lot of things while we ate, nothing really important; and then we went back to the motor home I was working out of next to Jack's chinchilla trailer. That's when the conversation became more interesting." "Since the gentleman I was working for had left, giving me orders to lock up that evening, I felt compelled to invite Jack into the motor home to talk for the remainder of time I had left on my evening break. We talked about nutrition and the importance of a proper, balanced diet of 3 meals a day, no matter what a person's weight is, and why natural food supplements are so important to take, etc. This subject came up because of an illness his wife had been experiencing for quite sometime, caused from a chemical imbalance, and because of the severe allergies Jack had at that time and received shots for almost everyday of the week." "I told him I sold vitamins and he inquired about buying some from me that same evening. I sold them at my cost to anyone who wanted to take them because they were quite expensive. Jack wanted to pay full cost but I couldn't let him. He told me he wasn't happy with his marriage. I questioned him on it, just in case he still loved her, which he didn't know for sure. I gave him some advice on things to try that might turn his marriage back around." REINCARNATION? WERE THEY TOGETHER BEFORE? "

He told me that unlike other women he had known, it was very easy to talk to me. He said it seemed like he had known me all his life. I told him that he didn't seem

Chapter 9

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like a stranger to me either. However, so as to not give him false hopes I added, `but on the other hand, I find that to be true with lots of people.' This led us into the subject of reincarnation. I began to share with Jack some more thoughts and beliefs." "

I told him there was a good possibility that we had been together in a past life, possibly many. I told him, according to my understanding, that anyone who is of any significance to you, or has strong impact on you in anyway, you have most likely been with in other lives. Even though Jack was not into metaphysics at the time he told me it made sense. " "We discovered that evening that our birthdays are 3 days apart, although different years. Jack told me he worked for American Airlines as a mechanic at the airport. I was astonished at how our lives paralleled each other. I did a fashion show at the airport every Friday, during the day, in the main dining room. He passed by there every week on his way to the snack bar, and yet we never saw each other until the Pima County Fair." I'M GOING TO MARRY YOU! "By now, it was time for me to resume my work for another hour or so. As I turned and faced him to say thank you and goodbye, Jack said, 'I'm going to marry you, I just know it.' He said it as if he really knew it was true; and even though I was very flattered, I couldn't at the time let myself even consider it as a possibility. But, Jack was telling me the truth even though after he said it he wasn't sure where it came from. He revealed this to me later on in our relationship." "

He asked me if it would be okay to come and see me the day of my fashion show at the airport, and possibly have lunch with me. I told him that would be fine. I was thinking in my mind as I answered him, that it wasn't unusual for me to have lunch with other men who were just considered friends, and I always told my husband about them. My husband didn't mind at all. This would be no different from any of those times." "When the fair was over that evening, I said goodbye, gave him my thanks and walked out to the parking lot to find my car. It was dark and there were no lights out there except for some headlights from cars; therefore, it was very difficult for me to locate my car. I was beginning to get nervous because it was very dark." "Well, believe it or not, Jack drove up in his car and asked me if there were a problem. I told him that I couldn't seem to find my car. I pointed to where I remembered parking it. He said, 'would you like for me to drive you over there and see if we can find it?' I immediately began to feel uncomfortable because I did not really know this man and now he was asking me to get into his car." "I thanked him and said, 'no, I believe that I can find it but maybe you could follow me with your headlights pointing in the direction that I'm walking so I can see more easily.' He did that for a while but we had no luck in finding my car. Finally, he insisted that I get into his car to continue the search. I was apparently still headed in the wrong direction because my car was nowhere to be seen." "I finally did get into his car and when we found mine, he stopped alongside of it and said, 'before you go would you do me a favor?" '

"I said, 'What?"'

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Chapter 9


He said, 'could you give me a kiss? Just kiss me once, that's all I ask?" ' "I told him that I couldn't do that, that I didn't even know him. " "I then got out of the car and closed the door. He leaned over to the open window on the side of the car that I had just gotten out of and he said, 'please, just one kiss, that 's all I ask."' "I asked him just why he wanted me to kiss him." "He said, 'I don't know; but, please, will you?" ' "Well, I wanted very much to kiss this man, but my conscience would not allow the kind of kiss we both wanted. So, just to get him to leave, I said, 'okay, but just a quick one."' "And I leaned over and I kissed him on the lips quickly, and I said, 'now, will that do?"' "Jack said yes and thanked me." "I told him goodbye and got into my car, and we both left. Somewhere in the mess of cars trying to get out of the fairgrounds, we lost sight of each other." "After I got on the freeway and had been driving for quite a while to get back to Tucson, I was just about ready to get off the freeway when I heard this honking beside me. I looked over and there was Jack in his car. So, I pulled onto the off ramp and we stopped at the traffic light, and he pulled up beside me. We rolled down our windows and he asked me to have a cup of coffee with him." "I told him that I really shouldn't, that I had to get home because my husband was expecting me. " "

Disappointed, he said, 'okay, but I'll be seeing you next week at the airport at your fashion show."'

Thus ended Marolyn's story of how she and Jack met. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? A few days ago (August 1994) I asked Marolyn to review some of the material I was assembling for this book. After reading Linda's reactions to drinking the water which had been irradiated by the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator, Marolyn said this had reminded her of an incident which happened many years ago. Let Marolyn tell it in her own words. "

My sister had just recently married and I was visiting her in San Diego. The two of us were on our way to pick-up some things at the store when I made a comment on how beautiful her newly acquired married surname was and I wondered if she knew what it meant. She didn't know."

"I then proceeded to tell her that I wasn't particularly fond of my own married

Chapter 9

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Surname, Derby, and that I thought I would like it better if it were pronounced "Darby" as Derby is pronounced in England. I then laughed and said, `but, for all we know Derby could mean ...' At that point I hesitated for a moment. Why, I don't know, but then I continued. `...Derby could mean fountain of youth!"' "As soon as I said those three words -- fountain of youth -- I realized that I myself had not uttered those words. And it immediately came to me that one of my spiritual Master Teachers had intervened and had said `fountain of youth' using my own vocal chords. I felt, and my sister confirmed it later, that I uttered those three words with positive conviction. " "

I recall telling my sister that, `Carolyn, I didn't say that. Something took over my voice and said fountain of youth through me!' That incident also left me with the firm conviction and knowing that Derby in some ancient language means fountain of youth. Ever since then, I ' v e had a very positive and joyous opinion of the name Derby. Marolyn Alice Derby is not so clunky sounding to me anymore." It is extremely refreshing and encouraging to meet and know a couple such as Marolyn and Jack Derby. Their mutual respect and love for one another is readily apparent. Ever quiet and reticent to talk, Jack doesn't say too much; but Marolyn was eager to share with me -- and you -- her deepest thoughts about her husband. "I cannot express in words, accurately, the precious soul that this man is. Even if he were not my husband, I would still be able to say that he is the most Godly person I know. He has ceaseless, unwavering faith in the Creator of this Universe. He sees the good, the positive in everything. He communicates with God and the Masters as easily as he communicates with his fellowman. His love, compassion and desire to be of service to God knows no bounds!"

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Chapter 9 There is a strong possibility that the use of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator can aid in the exorcism of evil spirits and in the elimination of negative energies in a house? a neighborhood? a country? THE WORLD?

Chapter 9

Page 109 After Life Center Music

After Zeal Center Music

After Crown Center Music


Chapter 10 Exorcism/Earthbound Spirits/Pollution/AND MORE Upon entering a meditative state, she "saw" a beautiful, golden white light coming from the crystal wand. She saw many nonphysical beings moving rapidly toward the golden white light--expressions of joy and hope on their 'faces. "

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Chapter 10

As long as the crystal wand was held against her forehead, the beings kept coming, apparently anxious to enter the light and be released from their earthbound Existence. We know that Jack and Marolyn had considerable experience, prior to the advent of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator, in contacting earthbound spirits and convincing them that they have passed away from physical existence. With Jack and Marolyn's help, many such spirits have been released from their dreary existence and have gone toward the Light to continue their evolution. Some of the personal experiences that they, and others, have had while using the VRCR have convinced Jack and Marolyn that the VRCR could be a very useful tool in exorcisms and facilitating the release of earthbound spirits. TOWARD THE LIGHT - NO LONGER EARTHBOUND When Marolyn Derby enters into a meditative state (eyes closed), she says she sees her spiritual Teachers as a visualization in her mind. She is also able to see in her mind's eye other non-physical beings who may be in the vicinity. One evening Marolyn decided to use the VRCR to help in her meditation. Prior to entering into the meditative state, she turned on the VRCR, set it to the UNDERSTANDING setting (BLUE, 6.5 for the instrument she was using) and placed the crystal wand on her forehead at approximately the location of the brow charka, or "third eye." Immediately upon entering the meditative state, she "saw" a beautiful golden white light apparently being generated by and coming from the crystal wand. The light completely enveloped Marolyn's body. Almost concurrent with sighting the golden white light, Marolyn clearly saw many of what appeared to be nonphysical beings moving rapidly toward the golden white light; and Marolyn says that she was able to clearly see expressions of joy and hope on the faces of these beings. More and more beings came, always heading toward the golden white light. When these beings were a considerable distance away from the light, she got the impression that their faces showed sadness and despair. But as they came closer to the light being generated by the VRCR, the sad expressions seemed to evaporate and were replaced with those of joy and happiness. And, as long as the crystal wand was held against her forehead, the beings kept coming, apparently anxious to enter the light and be released from their earthbound existence. Jack Derby had a similar experience. Only this time he had electrically attached the VRCR to a skeletaltype, metal rod, and equilateral triangle antenna -- the same type of

Chapter 10

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Antenna mentioned earlier in this book. The crystal wand was then attached to the apex of the resultant three-sided pyramid and hung down from the apex. Prior to his entering the meditative state (eyes closed), Jack set the controls to the LOVE setting (GREEN, 2.5 for his instrument) and turned it on. Upon entering the meditative state, Jack "saw" a beautiful white column of light extending upward from the apex of the triangle antenna. Simultaneously, he saw many, many "wispy energy bodies" coming from everywhere and moving toward the column of light. He received the impression that these "wispy energy bodies" were the bodies of nonphysical, earthbound beings and that they were rushing toward the light so they could be released from earthly conditions and proceed to higher dimensions of existence. CAN YOU HEAR THE MUSIC? Carolyn and Doug had just climbed into bed. They decided to turn on the VRCR and put the crystal electrode under one of their pillows. (They had found that doing so and leaving the VRCR on all night resulted in their getting a more restful sleep.) This night they also decided to turn on a white noise generator so as to drown out external noises originating outside their house. As they lay in bed, all of a sudden they heard singing coming through the white noise generator. Carolyn turned off the VRCR and the singing ceased. She turned on the VRCR and singing started again. She repeated this several times and every time the result was the same. The singing came through only when the VRCR was turned on. After a while, Morse code started coming through the white noise generator. Again, Carolyn turned the VRCR off and on, off and on, for several times. And, again, the Morse code only came through the white noise generator while the VRCR was turned on. On another evening Carolyn and Doug had turned on both the VRCR amd white noise generator. Except for the white noise being generated, no other sounds could be heard in the bedroom. Then all of a sudden a large noise, actually sounding like a roar, came through the white noise generator, lasted for a few seconds then stopped. Carolyn checked the VRCR and saw that it had stopped operating. When Jack checked it a few days later, he found that the main coil had burned out. ENDOCARDIOGRAPH: MEASURING BODY REACTION The endocardiograph is a conventional instrument used for determining how one's heart is functioning. It has been around for some fifty years. Many doctors and technicians prefer it to the more well-known electrocardiograph. The endocardiograph uses an audio pick-up plate. During a heart monitoring procedure, this plate is placed at four different locations around the heart. Sounds being continually emitted by the heart are detected by the pick-up plate and sent to an oscillographic recording instrument. This recorder prints out a graphic picture of the sounds coming from the heart. Different graphic pictures will indicate functional normalities and/or abnormal-' ities of the heart. It is a strictly non-invasive method of monitoring heart function. And it is an extremely sensitive and reliable instrument. During one of our sessions, it was asked if the use of an endocardiograph would be a suitable, sensitive method for measuring body reaction to subtle energies. The answer was yes and the Masters went on to say that not only will the heart show a response but also the spleen will show a response to subtle energies. Just as it is done when measuring heart response, the endocardiograph audio pick-up would

be placed at four different locations around the spleen area.

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Chapter 10

The Masters went on to say that, "you may want to work in the area of putting the output of the endocardiograph into a tape recorder, one having a variable speed capability. The recording would be made at regular speed then played back on fast speed to be able to hear. Some of the frequencies coming from the body are too low for the human ear. As you start to actually work in this area, more information will be available -- if you guys really need it!" ADDING MUSIC AND VOICE FOR AMPLIFICATION During another session, Jack's Teacher, Mykon, answered some questions relative to music and voice. Me: "Jack is thinking about adding an input to the VRCR that would allow an audio cassette output (such as that of a harpist, or other musical score) to be fed into the VRCR. Please comment." Mykon: "That would be excellent and one of the next steps to incorporate in the VRCR. " Me: "Should the output of the audio tape recorder be played at speeds other than recording speed?" Mykon: "Optional. At this time it is best to use regular speed. The faster speeds could be used for shorter treatments but not everyone is of that consciousness that would enable them to receive it." Me: "Jack is thinking about adding an input microphone circuit to the VRCR so as to introduce the spoken word into the VRCR. Please comment." Mykon: "There are a couple of minor technical obstacles to accomplishing this; but when these are overcome, the result will be a very beneficial tool and will even help more to make mind connection which is necessary even in all aspects of the VRCR. As you are aware, the laws of radionics are a part of it; and so adding the power of the spoken word plus the touch of the hand will greatly increase the overall effectiveness with what you are trying to accomplish especially with your mantras and chants. We will help Jack overcome these obstacles." NEUTRALIZING ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION We live on a planet filled with electromagnetic pollution. Appliances, TV, radio, telephones, power lines, satellites beaming down, defense communications systems transmissions and on and on are all contributing. Where will it stop? And what effect is this pollution having upon the planet and all living things on the planet? There are several companies, particularly in Europe, which are manufacturing and offering devices which are worn on the body and are claimed to have the capability of neutralizing any electromagnetic radiation that may impinge upon the body. However, insofar as Jack knows, it is not possible to determine by actual measurement using conventional instruments that such devices are actually neutralizing such pollution. Jack thought it would be beneficial if such a device could be developed, the results of which could be verified by conventional measurement techniques. Listen to what Mykon says about that possibility.

Mykon: "We have the technology to create a special coil that will be small enough

Chapter 10

Page 115

to fit inside the cases you are looking at. This coil will generate enough energy from a 9 volt battery to charge the aura such that it will measure with your instrumentation the effect that it (the VRCR) has. " "To overcome the electromagnetic energy -- this will be the first item that you have been talking about the general public will be interested in -- and it will be simple to make because there will be no crystals to include, no diodes, no LED's, no switching apparatus, no Golden Triads, and possibly the first big customer will be American Airlines." Me: "In a previous session, you made the statement we have the technology to create a special coil that will be small enough to fit inside the cases you are looking at. This coil will generate enough energy using a 9 volt battery to charge the aura such that it will measure with your instrumentation the effect the VRCR has. Are you correct that this coil will charge the aura such that with a conventional frequency counter you can measure the 7.83 cycles the aura is vibrating to?" Mykon: "That is correct." Me: "A further statement was made relative to overcoming the electromagnetic energy pollution -and I assume that you mean the 60 cycles and other adverse energies we want to neutralize -- that such a device will be simple to make because there will be no crystals, nor diodes, no LEDs, switching apparatus nor golden triads. Any further comments on that?" Mykon: "Let me add that when I mentioned all the things you would work without I was talking about the external control circuit. Did you understand that? In other words it won't need the crystal with the lights on it, etc. Of course, there will be crystals and diodes in the control circuit." Me: "I guess I wasn't too clear when I transcribed my notes from the previous tape. " Mykon: "It was clear to me but I didn't make it clear to you to write notes. " Me: "So what you're saying is that you still have to use crystals, diodes, LEDs, switching apparatus for the control circuit." Mykon: "Correct." Me: "Then you will give Jack the technology within the near future. Correct?" Mykon: "Correct." Me: "And this new type of what we call a beeper that you hang on your belt, you can turn it on and it will charge the aura such that if I take a conventional frequency counter, it will measure 7.83 cycles if that's the frequency setting we have designed it for?" Mykon: "That is correct, but there are some areas where the energy field is so high that the wire, the test wire, will act as an antenna and it'will pick-up the other frequency and so in some areas it may not show. If that's the case, use the shortest and possibly shielded wire as the test lead."

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Chapter 10

REACTING TO THE ENERGIES OF THE VRCR One unusual lady who claimed that she could read two or three past lives by reading a person's aura was given two aura photographs of Harry Schneider. One photograph was taken prior to any exposure to the VRCR radiation. The second photograph was one taken after exposure to the VRCR. The lady examined the first photograph then the second one. When she saw the second photograph -- the one that had a majority of white around his head and shoulders -- she exclaimed, " oh my, his karma has been transmuted!" Apparently, what she saw in the original photo showed past lives from a karmic standpoint. What she saw in the second photo showed the immediate effect of the VRCR radiation which transmuted -for a length of time -- the karmic energy which was there prior to the VRCR exposure. How long such transmutation will last depends upon the subject 's -- in this case, Schneider -- ability to maintain that transmuted energy condition. The reaction of Jack's sister-in-law, Sandra Toumey, to the energies of the VRCR was so intense that she had to write a testimonial; this is what she said: "

Last week Jack Derby gave me a White Light tuning, using his invention, the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Upon putting the wand from this machine about six inches above my head at what he calls the Soul charka (or center), I immediately felt the same energy cycle, beginning at my feet, that I had experienced eleven years ago. The experience was intense and exactly the same as before. I knew then without a shadow of doubt that the energy cycle that I was experiencing was a form of metamorphosis that raises the vibrations of the body to a higher frequency each time it is achieved. I now realize that this process cannot take place in the body until all charkas and power centers are open. The VRCR opens these channels. " "

The white light circuit allows God energy to come into our body through our charka system. It then flows out our feet and into the earth, grounding us. Then it flows back up through these same channels to complete a cycle of circulating energy that totally balances the body: physically, spiritually, mentally and chemically. " " '

I ve been using the VRCR everyday for several months now for the purpose of balancing my charkas, but it wasn't until Jack used the white light circuit on me that I physically felt this energy. It was a confirmation that we, like the caterpillar, can evolve into something greater than we now know. " "The second time the white light circuit was used on me, the energy began as before but collected just below my shoulder blades, in my back, seeming to get stuck there. I immediately experienced a cramp in the muscle of that area. This meant there was a restriction of the energy flow in the area of the Heart Charka. Jack used the wand on the area of the restriction until it cleared. He then placed the wand on my solar plexus. After the energy cleared the Heart Charka, it felt as though my whole body became a giant heart, beating in rhythm with the earth and the whole Universe. " "A moment later, as I was telling my sister about the sensation of feeling like this giant heart, I stopped in mid-sentence to exclaim, `here it comes again!' She then told me that Jack had just placed the wand six inches above my head. I was so intent on describing my experience that I did not know he had done this. I relaxed into the energy, letting it flow through me to complete its

balancing cycle. This was more proof for me that the machine really does do what they claim it does. "

Chapter 10

Page 117

"I am convinced that the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator has been given to mankind, through Jack Derby, as a tool to cleanse our bodies of impurities, the impurities that man himself has created through ignorance." HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDY, AURA CLEANSING, ASTROLOGY Most of the feedback from VRCR users relating their experiences has been verbal; however, below are excerpts from some written comments on file in the offices of Pillar of Light Enterprises. "We used the VRCR to create homoeopathic remedies using the red band and some appropriate tinctures to create a frost preventing remedy. The warmth of the red ray in the remedy and adding in the various sub-harmonics the VRCR brings in on top has created an excellent remedy. " "

I immediately set the VRCR and began a cleansing of my being. I could sense the tingling in my hands and building up around me. Afterwards, I left it on with some other projects and the energy level was tremendous." "

I have been using the VRCR to soften hard astrological transits and progressions; and as far as I can tell, it is doing a fine job." "The first important result is that they feel very rested, in peace with themselves and very energetic. Everyday I am more amazed with the VRCR and feel connected with God when I use it. It certainly represents a wonderful gift to humanity. " BRAIN WAVES AND VRCR SETTINGS Following is a tabulation of Jack's understanding relative to the various brain wave categories, the associated mental phases and the corresponding VRCR setting. BRAIN WAVE CATEGORY



High beta (32 hertz) Accelerated learning Strength center Beta (16 hertz)Normal thinking state Elimination center Alpha (8 hertz)

Relaxing, meditative Life center (7.83 hertz)

Theta (4 hertz) Creative dreams

Earth center

Delta (2 hertz) Deep meditative

Red zero

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Chapter 10

SLEEP AND ACCELERATED LEARNING PROCEDURES In his research Jack has found that the following experimental procedures have been beneficial for himself: For Inducing Sleep Jack places the crystal wand at base of head. He sets the VRCR at the Life Center setting. That setting is maintained for approximately 10 minutes. If he has not fallen asleep, Jack then resets the VRCR to the Earth Center setting and -maintains that setting for 10 minutes. If he still has not fallen asleep, he then resets the VRCR to the Red zero setting. After 10 minutes if he still is not asleep, he stops trying, gets up and starts to busy him in some creative work. If Jack does fall asleep when the VRCR is on one of the three different settings stated above, he just lets the VRCR stay under the back of his head all night. For Accelerated Learning Jack places the crystal wand at the base of the head and sets the VRCR to the Life Center setting. When he becomes relaxed, he changes the VRCR to the Elimination Center setting. After one minute, he then resets to VRCR to the Strength Center setting. He then proceeds to read a particular book whose contents he wants to absorb or proceeds to undertake some other type of learning. When finished, Jack resets the VRCR to the Elimination Center, stays at this setting for a few seconds, then resets the VRCR to the Life Center setting and stays at that setting for a few additional seconds. He then turns off the VRCR.


Page 119

Epilogue Jack is now manufacturing and selling three different models of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Among his customers are scientists, engineers, doctors, nutritionists, nurses, metaphysicians and people who are searching for the Truth and a better way of living. From time to time, he receives reports and comments about new and different uses of the VRCR. Even Jack will be the first one to admit that he doesn't know all the potentialities of the VRCR. He believes that the VRCR could be used to combat diseases in plants and agricultural crops as well as increasing their growth and quality. And he hopes that some sincere researcher will prove or disprove the statement made earlier about the destruction of virus and bacteria. In this regard Jack's Teachers have told him that the radiation from the VRCR's violet ray helps in this destruction in two ways; namely, (1) the violet ray radiation causes a change in the polarity of certain virus which then makes them susceptible to destruction and assimilation by some of the human body's white blood cells; and (2) when tuned correctly, the radiation will cause certain types of virus to literally "explode." What do you think? Surely, the many, many people who have had unusual and satisfying emotional experiences during irradiation by the energies of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator are not all suffering from some kind of mass hypnosis or collective hysteria. Their experiences are real to them and very rewarding. Remember that old but very applicable saying, "don't knock it if you haven't tried it!" It's a shame and a disgrace that there is no source of truly philanthropic funding available to dedicated inventors like Jack Derby who are working patiently and persistently to help mankind progress toward the Light. There have been such researchers in the past and I'm sure that there are similar researchers working just as earnestly today. It may be that the primary deterrent to making more rapid progress in really helping mankind and planet earth is our own egos. Regardless of our station in life, it is very easy for an inflated ego to warp and derail one's search for the truth and real enlightenment. One should realize that to impress one's peers gives only temporary human satisfaction; to impress one's God or Higher Self earns eternal love and peace and

Page 120

Epilogue freedom from this "veil of tears."

Jack learned that lesson several years ago. His amazing ability to fix complicated aircraft equipment and machinery came to an abrupt halt when he allowed his inflated ego to make him cocky and assume an"holier than thou" attitude. His amazing talent returned only after he recognized that his ego wasn't the source of his fix-it ability but that it was his God or Higher Self working through his ego that was his inspiration. May we all benefit from our karmic lessons, assume the responsibility for our actions -- past, present and future -- and develop the ability to discern right from wrong and become truly sincere workers in the LIGHT!


Page 121

APPENDIX A CHAKRA, OR POWER CENTER, BALANCING PROCEDURE PROCEDURAL REMINDERS If other people are in the room, request them to refrain from talking or making other noise. Subject should be told to stand still, not to move his head nor talk. Subject should wear clothes that fit fairly tightly. When the subject wears loose fitting clothes, it is very difficult to determine the distance of the Sound Level Meter (SLM) from the body. If subject is wearing loose fitting clothes, it may be necessary to use a pencil to push the clothes back against the body in the location where the measurement is being made. After pushing the clothes back against the body, the pencil and the hand holding the pencil should be moved away from the subject's body and well outside subject's aura. Subject should stand relaxed, with happy, positive thoughts. Subject should stand as far as possible from the VRCR. Once the VRCR Operator has grasped the SLM, the position of his fingers holding the SLM should not be changed. If the hand position on the SLM or the method of holding the SLM is changed, it is very likely that the zero of the SLM has been changed; and it will be necessary to recheck the zero of the SLM. In making the measurements it is understood that the VRCR Operator is required to move the hand holding the SLM but not the position of the fingers on the SLM itself. The VRCR Operator should stand back from the subject as far as possible. The VRCR Operator should also stand still and move only the arm of the hand that is holding the SLM. With two exceptions the distance of the SLM from the subject's body must be held constant at a distance of approximately one and one-half inches (or the width of two fingers). The two exceptions are as follows: When measuring the throat, subject should tilt head back slightly and the SLM should be held approximately 3 inches from the subject's body opposite the Adam's Apple. When measuring at any point on the body where the hair extends out from the body more than approximately one inch, it will be necessary to hold the SLM so that the front of the SLM is not touching the hair. As a result, the front of the SLM could be two, three or four inches from the body itself. NOTE: when measuring the throat, no change is made in the one and one-half inches zeroing distance as stated in step 3 of the DETAILED PROCEDURE section immediately following this section. However, when the front of the SLM has to be held more than one and one-half inches from the body itself because of long hair, the zeroing distance at the selected shoulder should be the same as the distance the front of the SLM has to be held from the body because of the hair. For example, if the front of the SLM has to be held four inches above the crown charka location then the zeroing distance stated in step 3 of the DETAILED PROCEDURE should be four inches instead of one and one =half inches.

Page 122

Appendix A

9. When making measurements on the same side of subject's body as the hand in which the crystal electrode (wand) is held, subject must raise the hand holding the crystal electrode so that subject 's arm is straight out from the side of the body at 90 degrees to the body. 10. Subject should hold crystal electrode with a moderately firm grip, not tight, and maintain that grip throughout the session. 11. VRCR Operator should keep rechecking the SLM zero position at the selected neutral point of the body to make certain that the SLM zero has not shifted. 12. When checking crown charka, VRCR Operator should hold his measuring arm in an arc toward subject's head so that the SLM is held vertical above the crown charka. This is necessary to keep the Operator's arm away from subject's aura as much as possible. 13. The most common measurement variations from zero and their meanings are listed immediately below: Plus or minus 1

energy at that body location needs balancing.

Plus or minus 2 could indicate a chronic energy imbalance. Might require more than one application of energy from VRCR to regain balance. Plus or minus 3

could indicate an acute energy imbalance.

14. The usual method of holding the SLM may be arrived at as follows: Place SLM on flat surface with meter facing up. Place hand near the end of the SLM housing where the meter is located. Grasp the SLM housing so that the thumb is on one vertical side of the housing and the first two fingers of the hand are on the other vertical side of the housing. Once the thumb and fingers are positioned on the SLM housing, maintain them in the same positon throughout the measurement session. DETAILED PROCEDURE VRCR is turned off. SLM is turned OFF. Controls of SLM are set at position A for WEIGHTING, and at the SLOW RESPONSE position. Subject holds crystal electrode in either left or right hand, preferably the hand on the side of the body that has not been traumatized or suffered any breaks in the hand, arm or shoulder. VRCR Operator sets SLM to the -80 db range, holds it about one and a half inches opposite a neutral (non-traumatized) spot of the body, usually the outboard portion of the shoulder (at the deltoid muscle) opposite to the side of the body where the crystal electrode is being held. Operator turns on VRCR to ttie Violet Zero (V,0) setting. Noting the position of the SLM pointer, the Operator then slowly adjusts the VRCR setting upward, going

Appendix A

Page 123

from VO to V1 to V2, etc. When the SLM pointer reaches the center, or zero, position, the operator immediately stops moving the VRCR adjustment knob. NOTE; In some instances it may not be able to get the SLM pointer to reach the zero position even after adjusting the VRCR through the entire Violet range; that is, from VO through V10. If this occurs, then the Operator sets the SLM to the -70 db range and repeats steps 4 and 5. The Operator then moves SLM to a location about one and one-half inches above the head opposite the position where the crown chakra is located. The position of the SLM pointer is noted. If the pointer is at zero, then the chakra is assumed to be balanced. However, if the pointer has moved either to the left or to the right of the zero point then the crown chakra is assumed to be out of balance. The position of the pointer is noted and written down. The Operator then moves the SLM to locations opposite the remaining six major chakras, and the position of the SLM pointer at each of the six locations is noted and written down. NOTE: VRCR Operator should recheck SLM zero position (see steps 2 through 5) between each chakra measurement. The VRCR is turned off. If the heart chakra were out of balance, the VRCR Operator resets the VRCR controls to the heart chakra balance mode, places the crystal electrode at the heart chakra location and turns on the VRCR. The type of energy now radiated by the crystal electrode will be absorbed by the body, and the reaction of the body will be to bring the heart chakra back into balance. After some number of minutes, depending upon the extent of imbalance, the VRCR is turned off. VRCR Operator should now re-check balance of heart chakra following steps 2 through 5 and step 7 above. For each additional chakra requiring balancing, the procedure of step 8 is followed using a different controls setting for each chakra and placing the crystal electrode at the required location. Additional power centers or body locations may be checked for energy balance by following steps 1 through 9.

Page 124

Appendix B

APPENDIX B PROCEDURE FOR TUNING THE SIXTEEN CHAKRAS OR POWER CENTERS (The settings designated are for a typical VRCR.) Set the controls to WHITE (W), 3.6. Turn on instrument and place wand on top of the head, in the center of the head where the CROWN chakra is located. This is the I AM center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 1 minute. Set the instrument controls to VIOLET (V), 5. Place the wand at the IMAGINATION center located on top of the head approximately 3 inches behind the CROWN chakra. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to V, 1.5. Place the wand at the WILL center located on top of the head approximately 3 inches in front of the CROWN chakra. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to BLUE (B), 6.3. Place the wand at the middle of the forehead where the third eye is usually thought to be located. This is called the BROW or UNDERSTANDING center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the VRCR controls to B, 3.2. Place wand so that it lies horizontally across both eyes. This location is the EYES or FAITH center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to B, 1.4. Place the wand so that it lies horizontally across the lower part of the upper lip. This is called the MOUTH or ZEAL center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to GREEN (G), 6.7. Place the wand so that it lies horizontally across the throat at the position of the Adam's Apple. This is called the THROAT or POWER center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to G, 3.9. Place the wand at the middle of the breast bone with the wand pointing upward and the upper portion of the wand covering the area where the thymus gland is supposed to be located. This is the HEART/THYMUS or LOVE center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to G, 1.7. Place the wand horizontally across the body so that the approximate center of the wand is located at a position 1 inch above the navel. This is called the SOLAR PLEXUS or WISDOM center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to RED (R), 8.9. Place the wand horizontally across the body so that the approximate center of the wand is located on the navel. The is called the LIVER/SPLEEN or ORDER center. Leave the wand there for approximately 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to R, 7.7. Place the wand horizontally across the body so that the approximate center of the wand is located at a position 2 inches below the navel. This is called the ADRENALS or STRENGTH center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Appendix B

Page 125

Set VRCR controls to R, 5.8. Place the wand horizontally across the body so that the approximate center of the wand is located at a position 4 inches below the navel. This is called the ELIMINATION center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to R, 2.8. Place the wand on the pubic bone. If Jack is sitting, he places the wand at the bottom of the groin area where the upper thighs meet. This is called the ROOT or BASE center and is also called the LIFE center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Set the instrument controls to R, 1.4. Place the wand so that It is located approximately 6 inches below the feet. This is called the EARTH center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 1 minute. Set the instrument controls to W, 8.9. Hold the wand above the head so that the wand is horizontal and the approximate center of the wand is located 12 inches directly above the CROWN chakra. This is called the HEAVEN center. Leave the wand there for a minimum of 2 minutes. Set the VRCR controls to W, 7.8. Hold the wand above the head so that the wand is horizontal and the approximate center of the wand is located 6 inches directly above the CROWN chakra. This is called the SOUL center. Leave wand there for a minimum of 2 minutes. With the instrument controls still set at W, 7.8, move the wand slowly down from the SOUL center through all of the centers to the EARTH center and back up through all of the centers to the HEAVEN center. When this has been done, Jack feels that the chakra tuning procedure is completed; and the VRCR can be turned off. For convenience, Jack makes a tabulation of the sixteen chakras, or power centers. The dials of the two .controls on the VRCR are color-coded and scribed during the individual calibration of each VRCR to make it easier to make the desired settings.

Page 126

Appendix C

APPENDIX C ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT On the next several pages are presented excerpts from an address that Jack Derby was to present at the 1994 International Psychotronics Association in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This address was supposed to include a demonstration of how the energy fields circulating throughout the human body can be affected by your thoughts. Using the Radio Shack Sound Level Meter (SLM), two methods of observations/measurements were to be used; namely, (1) observation of the indicator needle of the SLM, and (2) observation of a bank of colored lights which were to be controlled by the output of the SLM. Jack had been working on the second method up until the time of the conference, and it was not certain that he would be able to perfect this second method in time to be used at the conference. The procedure presented herein utilizes only the first method. Because of the press of other business, Jack never made it to the conference; but the written version of his address was published in the conference proceedings. I have never witnessed this demonstration; however, both Jack and Marolyn state that he has given it many times. Excluding the second method (the colored lights method), following is a copy of the paper, Jack was going to present: - Jack addresses the audience "But, now, the time has come to give you a practical demonstration of one of the capabilities of the VRCR -- the detection and measurement of thought energy!" "I believe that most, if not all, of us who have read the so-called `occult' literature have come across the phrase `energy follows thought.' For most of us, I believe, this phrase implies that when we think, our thoughts actually create some type of energy field. However, insofar as I am aware, up to this moment no one has been able to measure such an energy field or to demonstrate the direct effect of thoughts." "Well, I'm going to demonstrate to you that the effect of thoughts upon a human being can be objectively detected. I've given this demonstration many times in front of relatively small audiences -- say, 30 to 40 people. I see no reason why it should not work just as well in front of this large audience today. Oh yes, about how many people are here? About 150? Well, anyway, let's get started." "Not including the ambient temperature, the air we are breathing and other life support essentials, there are seven participants in this demonstration; namely, The first participant is, of course, the conductor -- that's me. The second participant is the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. (At this point, I hold up the VRCR -- instrument chassis and crystal wand -- so the audience can see it.) 4. The fourth and fifth participants are volunteers from the audience.

The third participant is a Radio Shack sound level meter. (At this point, I hold up the sound level meter.)

Appendix C

Page 127

The sixth participant is my wife Marolyn. (I introduce Marolyn.) The seventh participant is the audience -- you!" "Now that we've defined the participants, let's get started. May I have two volunteers from the audience, please?" (At this point several people will probably hold up their hands. I shall select the two volunteers by pointing to them. For the purposes of this paper, I shall assume that I select a lady and a man to come onto the stage.) "Will you please come on the stage?" (The volunteers come onto the stage and stand beside me. I address the lady volunteer.) "What is your name, please?" (The volunteer states her name. For the purpose of writing this paper, it is assumed that the volunteer's name is Ms. Randall.) "Ms. Randall, where are you from and what type of research are you involved in?" (Ms. Randall gives the desired information.) "

Have we ever met before, Ms. Randall? "

(Hopefully, Ms. Randall will answer in the negative.) "Ms. Randall, I'm going to ask you to be the observer for me. During the experiment, you will observe what I do with the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator and the reaction of the sound level meter. Now, let me address this gentleman. (I address the male volunteer.) "What is your name, sir?" (For the purposes of this paper I shall assume that his name is Mr. Brown.) "James Brown. " (The volunteer, Mr. Brown, replies.) "And where are you from and what is your research specialty?" (Mr. Brown gives the desired information.) "

Have we ever met before, Mr. Brown?"

(Hopefully, Mr. Brown will answer in the negative.) "Mr. Brown, you will be the one who will sit in that chair and will be connected to the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. (I point to a chair on the stage.) But the first thing I'm going to ask you to do is to go with Mr. Montieth. He will take you to a different room. That room will be far enough away

from this lecture hall so that you will not be

Page 128

Appendix C

able to hear or see anything that we may say or do in this lecture hall. In a few moments I shall ask Mr. Montieth to bring you back." (Mr. Brown leaves the stage with Mr. Montieth. I then turn to face the audience.) "Now that Mr. Brown has gone and cannot possibly hear us, I'll tell you the details of this experiment and how you can help." "When Mr. Brown comes back into this lecture hall, I'll ask him to sit in this chair." (Again, I point to the chair.) "I'll then connect Mr. Brown to the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator and go through what I call a calibration procedure wherein the energies radiated by the VRCR are tuned to Mr. Brown's body energies. During this procedure, I will be holding the sound level meter about one and one-half to two inches above Mr. Brown's head. Ms. Randall, you will please observe the sound level meter; and when the pointer of the meter is relatively steady at the zero mark, the calibration procedure is completed." "After the calibration procedure is finished, I'll ask my wife Marolyn to stand several feet behind the chair in which Mr. Brown is sitting and hold up a sign which will read DARK CLOUDS. As soon as she holds up the DARK CLOUDS sign, I should like for all of you to concentrate your thoughts and visualize a threatening, very dark-looking cloud directly above Mr. Brown's head. I am requesting that you hold that concentration until Marolyn lowers the DARK CLOUDS sign." "

While Marolyn is holding up the DARK CLOUDS sign, Ms. Randall will be observing the meter to see if the pointer moves, and if it does move, in which direction it moves. I am giving Ms. Randall pad and pencil so that she can make a notation as to which side of zero the pointer moves - either the plus or the minus side. Ms. Randall can write down the words DARK CLOUDS and make her notation to the right of those words. When the meter pointer does start to move, Ms. Randall will please let me know by either nodding her head or motioning with an arm, or both." "After the meter pointer has moved in one direction or the other, Marolyn will put the DARK CLOUDS sign down and you will stop your concentration on the dark, threatening cloud. After several seconds, Marolyn will pick-up another sign, and this sign will read SUNSHINE. When you see Marolyn hold up the SUNSHINE sign, I want you to visualize beautiful sunshine beaming down upon Mr. Brown's head. Please maintain that sunshine concentration; and within a few seconds, Ms. Randall should notice that the pointer of the meter is moving in a direction opposite to that in which it first moved. Ms. Randall will write down her observation to the right of the word SUNSHINE. She will also indicate to me as she did before -- but not by saying anything outloud -that the pointer has moved." "Marolyn will then put the SUNSHINE sign down and hold up a sign that reads NOTHING. When you see the NOTHING sign, stop concentrating on the sunshine and try to think of nothing, a blank void, nothingness. This last sign is something I'm using for the first time during the demonstration, and I really don't know what to expect insofar as the meter movement is concerned. And, again, Ms. Randall, I should like for you to notice what the meter pointer is doing and make the proper " Now,

is everything clear? Any questions? No? Then I now assume that you all


Appendix C

Page 129

know what your participation in this experiment will be. Good! Incidentally, I should make the observation that one or two of you might be tempted to play a trick on me and visualize just the opposite of what the sign says. Please resist any such temptation. If you succumb to such temptation, that could really play havoc with the experiment." "Okay, now that everything is clear, I'll ask Mr. Montieth to bring Mr. Brown back into the lecture hall. " (Mr. Montieth leaves the lecture hall and returns with Mr. Brown.) "Mr. Brown, will you please sit in this chair?" (I point to the chair.) "Mr. Brown, I am now going to calibrate your body energies to the energies radiated by the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. (I turn to face the table on which the VRCR is placed.) First, I'm going to turn on the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator." (I turn on the VRCR.) "

There, it's on and I am going to set the controls to the WHITE 3.5 setting. I do this by first setting the left knob to the WHITE band. You can see that the white dot is opposite the index mark of the knob. Next, I grasp the right knob and move it until the index mark is aligned with the 3.5 graduation. Ms. Randall, will you please check the settings of the two control knobs.?" (Ms. Randall checks the settings.) "Ms. Randall and Mr. Brown, you can now see different colored lights shining in the large crystal, which we call the injector crystal. And, when I turn the VRCR around, you can see many colored lights reflected all around the back of the VRCR. " (Ms. Randall and Mr. Brown look at the VRCR and observe the colored lights.) "The WHITE 3.5 setting is tuned to the crown chakra. As you probably know, the crown chakra is located on top of the head, in the center of the head. Now, Mr. Brown, I should like you to take this crystal and hold it in your left or right hand, whichever you prefer. Don't squeeze too tightly but hold it firmly." (Mr. Brown takes the crystal wand and holds it with his left hand. I now speak to Mr. Brown, Ms. Randall and the audience.) "We start with the WHITE 3.5 setting because we feel that this setting provides protection against negative energies and will energize Mr. Brown's energy field -- or aura, if you prefer -- so that Mr. Brown's auric field, or energy field, will be more sensitive to and respond more easily to the energy field created by people 's thoughts. " (I turn toward Mr. Brown.) "Mr. Brown, I should like you to sit back, close your eyes and think of a nice, quiet, peaceful scene. " (I face the audience again.)

"I am now picking up the sound level meter, and I'm going to hold it above Mr. Brown's head, at a point about 1 1/2 to 2 inches about the location of the crown chakra. The sound level meter is set to the 80 db range. I am now going to ask Ms. Randall to

Page 130

Appendix C

move the right hand knob on the VRCR counterclockwise, or downscale, very slowly. At the same time Ms. Randall moves that knob, she should also notice that the pointer on the meter will move. When the meter pointer is at the zero mark, Ms. Randall will stop moving the knob." (I address Ms. Randall.) "Ready, Ms. Randall?" (Ms. Randall indicates she is ready.) "Will you please move the knob counterclockwise, very slowly?" (Ms. Randall moves knob until the meter indicates zero then she stops.) "Good! We've reached the zero point. Ms. Randall, will you now continue to observe the meter pointer? And, Marolyn, will you please hold up the first sign?" (Marolyn holds up the DARK CLOUDS sign. Ms. Randall and I watch the meter pointer. When the meter indicator has moved away from the zero point, I address the audience.) "Good. Now Ms. Randall has seen the meter pointer move and made her notation. Marolyn, will you please put down that sign, wait for about ten seconds then hold up the second sign?" (Marolyn puts down the DARK CLOUDS sign; and after waiting about ten seconds, she holds up the SUNSHINE sign. Again, Ms. Randall and I watch the meter pointer. When the meter pointer has moved in a different direction, I again address the audience.) "Good. Ms. Randall has made her notation. Marolyn, will you please put down that sign, wait about ten seconds and hold up the third sign?" (Marolyn puts down the SUNSHINE sign; and after waiting about ten seconds, she holds up the NOTHING sign. And again, Ms. Randall and I watch the meter pointer. I believe the meter indicator should approach very closely to the zero point. After few seconds, I ask Ms. Randall to make a notation of what she observed and turn to address Mr. Brown.) "Mr. Brown, you can open your eyes now. And thank you for your very excellent performance. And I thank you, too, Ms. Randall. " (Speaking to the audience and Ms. Randall.) "

Let me recap what I believe happened. When Marolyn held up the DARK CLOUDS sign and after a few seconds had passed, the meter pointer moved to the minus portion of the scale. Is that correct, Ms. Randall?" (It is assumed that Ms. Randall concurs.) "

Then, Marolyn put down the DARK CLOUDS sign and held up the SUNSHINE sign. Several seconds later, the meter pointer moved to the plus portion of the scale. Is that correct, Ms. Randall?"

Appendix C

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(It is assumed that Ms. Randall concurs.) Then, Marolyn put down the SUNSHINE sign and held up the NOTHING sign. Several seconds after the NOTHING sign was held up, the meter pointer moved to approach the zero point on the scale. Is that correct, Ms. Randall?" (It is assumed that Ms. Randall concurs.) "Good. We all seem to concur as to the objective results of this experiment. But what does it mean? Well, let me tell you what I think it means. First of all, we deliberately adjusted the VRCR so that the interaction of its energy field with Mr. Brown's energy field resulted in an audio output coming out of Mr. Brown's body and capable of being detected by the sound level meter. We controlled this interaction so that the detection by the sound level meter appeared to us as a zero indication on the meter scale. " "When you all concentrated on a particular thought, the energy generated by your thoughts and projected toward Mr. Brown was sensed by Mr. Brown's energy field. The reaction of Mr. Brown's energy field to the energy field generated by your thoughts disturbed the balance originally set by our initial calibration procedure. This disturbance resulted in a change in the audio level detected by the sound level meter. And, as was demonstrated, different types of thoughts create energy fields that have a different effect upon the human energy field. The DARK CLOUDS thought caused a decrease in the audio level as detected by the sound level meter whereas the SUNSHINE thought caused an increase in the audio level. " "That concludes the formal presentation. Again, I would like to thank Ms. Randall, Mr. Brown and you, the audience. If there is any time remaining, I shall be glad to demonstrate the neutralization of electromagnetic pollution and to answer any questions that you may have. "

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Appendix D

APPENDIX D HOW THE MODEL 2100 AURA SPECTROPHOTOMETER MAY WORK The camera and an associated computer program are indirectly replicating the aura. The camera does not actually "see" the aura. What the camera actually sees through the lens is just the usual human being, not surrounded by any "auric-looking field of energy." And, in the usual manner, the photographic emulsion in the Polaroid film reacts to the light energy reflected off the subject being seated in front of the camera lens. And, if the camera had not been modified by Scott Samon, an ordinary picture would result after the film was ejected from the camera and was allowed to develop. THE POLAROID CAMERA IS MODIFIED But the camera in Samon's Model 2100 is a modified Polaroid camera. The back plate of this modified camera receives digital electronic signals from the Samon computer program which is an integral part of the camera instrumentation. This digital information is synchronized with the opening and closing of the camera shutter. In some very proprietary manner, these digital electronic signals are applied to the film being exposed and cause different colors and shades of colors to show up in the developed picture. And these colors are seen in very specific locations around the head and shoulders of the subject. TAKING THE PICTURE The person whose picture is being taken seats himself comfortably in a chair facing the camera. The chair is placed in front of a large, black curtain, or backdrop; the backdrop must have a smooth surface. Next, the person places his right hand on a hand-shaped, metal plate attached to the top of a computer housing that is located on the floor beside the chair. The metal plate is in the shape of a person's right hand complete with the thumb and four fingers extended. When the person puts his hand on this metal plate, his palm is facing downward. The computer program is activated when a person's hand is placed on this metal plate. REPLICATING THE HUMAN AURA The metal plate is called a pick-up plate. There are a number of "pick-ups" on the pick-up plate which monitor carefully selected acupuncture points on the fingers and palm of the right hand. At each of these pick-ups, the radiated electromagnetic (EM) energy is scanned and measured, voltage and frequency. These acupuncture points were carefully selected based on (1) their relation to the acupuncture meridians that run through the upper body and (2) the location on those meridians of other key acupuncture points. Let us assume that Mr. Samon can actually see the human aura. According to the various books that have been written about the aura, it is generally believed that the color, density, texture, size of the aura is affected by one's emotional state, physical condition, and spiritual beliefs. It is quite possible that Samon and his researchers have discovered a unique way to monitor and measure the energy radiation at different acupuncture points. There have been various instruments available on the market for years that do just that. But Samon's method might operate on a different principle. Samon has been quoted as saying that, "frequency is the name of the recognition game." So, it may be that Samon's method can measure the voltage and/or frequency -- down to very minute changes -- at

these acupuncture points.

Appendix D

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DEVELOPING THE COMPUTER PROGRAM Having found the frequency measuring method, Mr. Samon would now draw upon his own unusual ability to see the human aura. By taking voltage/frequency measurements at various acupuncture points along specific meridians, he could compare these measurement results to the type of aura he was actually seeing. For example, he could have a subject deliberately concentrate on being angry while he was making the measurements. Then he would have the subject concentrate on being passive, unemotional, in a dream-like state and make his measurements again. And so on. Over a period of years, viewing many different subjects representing thousands of different physical, emotional and spiritual states, he could amass a huge volume of measurement data. For simplicity of operation, he could have selected key acupuncture points on the right hand to monitor in the production model cameras. For each different type of "beingness" experienced by an individual -whether spiritual, mental or emotional -- Samon's extensive measurement program determined the relation of frequency measurements made at the selected right hand monitoring points to those frequency measurement values existing at other acupuncture points located throughout the upper body. His computer program would then be "engineered" to function as though it were actually viewing the upper body aura through the camera lens.

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Appendix E

APPENDIX E HOW JACK DERBY USES THE VIOLET RAY BULB Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) is turned off. The crystal wand is connected to one end of the purple insulated wire. The other end of the purple wire is connected to the LO output jack of the VRCR. The black (formerly red) insulated wire coming from the violet ray bulb is connected to the HI output jack of the VRCR. The crystal wand is then placed against the spleen area of the body on the left side of the abdomen. The glass portion of the wand is touching the skin. The violet ray bulb is grasped by the right hand. Jack makes certain that his fingers grasp the plastic just below the glass. The fingers of his right hand do not touch the glass. Move the right hand so that the glass portion of the bulb is placed against the palm of the left hand. The fingers of the left hand are used to grasp the plastic portion of the bulb just below the glass. This leaves Jack's right hand free to adjust the controls on the VRCR. The left control knob of the VRCR is turned so that the green dot is opposite the scribed index mark. Starting at the zero point, the right control knob is turned slowly clockwise. At the same time, Jack watches the violet ray bulb. He continues turning the right control knob until he sees a violet glow suddenly appear inside the glass bulb. He continues to turn the right control knob until the glow is at a maximum; then he stops. If Jack wants to apply the energies of the VRCR to his blood, he places the glass portion of the bulb so that it contacts the area of the right side of the neck where the juglar vein is located. Making certain that the bulb is still glowing violet, he keeps the bulb pressed against that area for at least six minutes. Jack then repeats this procedure on the left side of his neck. If Jack wants to apply the energies of the VRCR at other areas of the body, he places the glass portion of the bulb at those particular areas and maintains that position for at least five minutes. Of course, he always makes certain that the bulb still maintains the violet glow. NOTE: For some individuals Jack has noticed that the violet ray bulb is "fired" or made to glow when the scribed index mark of the left control knob is opposite the red dot and the right control knob is turned clockwise from zero to ten. Regardless of having the index mark of the left control knob set opposite either the red or green dot, the final settings of both control knobs should be the ones that produce the brightest glow in the bulb.

Appendix F

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APPENDIX F EXCERPT FROM SALES/PURCHASE DISCLAIMER When Jack sells an instrument, he makes certain that the prospective buyer clearly understands that he or she is getting a strictly experimental instrument, the operation' of which has no proven foundation in conventional science. Below is an excerpt from the disclaimer. "

For experimental research purposes, please send me the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) Model JM-700. I am over 18 years of age, in good health and understand that this device is not intended to be used for any healing or medical purposes. I further understand that the VRCR emits a high voltage type of electromagnetic energy; therefore, the VRCR must be handled with care. I also understand that the effects on the human body, plants and animals of the types of energies emitted by the VRCR and transmitted through the crystal electrode (wand) are unknown and cannot be predicted. I realize that the balancing of chakra energies is neither recognized nor substantiated by established scientific practice. I agree that I 'am solely responsible for the use or misuse of the VRCR; and I further agree that PILLAR OF LIGHT ENTERPRISES, its owners, employees, subcontractors and consultants do not assume any liability or risk for the use or misuse of this experimental high voltage device."

GREAT BEINGS OF THE 4 ELEMENTS Fire Oromasis and Diana Air Aries and Thor Water Neptune and Luara Earth Virgo and Pelleur


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APPENDIX G THE TUCSON CRYSTAL LIGHT GRID During August 17th through 22nd, 1996, the World Congress on Illumination was held in Tucson, Arizona. It was orchestrated by Mrs. Patricia Cota Robles, a well-known lecturer/visionary and author of five books. People from 15 countries attended the event. At its conclusion, attendees departed with an expanded awareness and knowledge, retaining many positive and exciting memories. Jack Derby attended the event assisting his wife Marolyn who participated in the services by providing a musical background during each session of the Congress. Marolyn sang several very inspirational songs while Jack operated the musical equipment. Marolyn's songs helped her listeners to relax and become more able to attain a state of receptive awareness, thus making it easier for them to assimilate and understand the messages given to them by Mrs. Cota Robles.. ST. GERMAIN'S INSTRUCTIONS TO JACK During meditation -- before and during the Congress -- Jack was instructed by St. Germain to perform the following: 1. Out of a collection of quartz crystals Jack had purchased some four years earlier, to select six crystals to be placed on six mountain areas surrounding the greater Tucson area. The six mountain peaks are as follows: A mountain peak we shall call "Jack's mountain." This mountain would contain the control crystal and can be seen as the "C" point on the reference map, page 147. Jack had purchased the land containing this mountain peak some thirty years ago. With the skyrocketing of land prices in the Tucson area in the past years, Jack has thought about selling the land many times, but something always has prevented a sale from being culminated. Mt. Lemmon (crystal number 1) Rincon Peak (crystal number 2) Mt. Wrightson (nicknamed Mt. Baldy -- crystal number 3) Mt. Baboquivari (crystal number 4) Silver Bell mountain (crystal number 5)

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Appendix G

St. Germain had told Jack that each of the six mountains were considered as sacred by a civilization that lived in this area thousands of years ago. He was also told that -- except for the placement of the control crystal on Jack's mountain -- it was not necessary to place the crystals on the very peaks of each mountain as long as they are placed inside the energy vortices rising up and flaring out from the base of these mountains. The control crystal, however, placed on Jack's mountain had to be placed on top of the mountain. Assign and program a specific crystal for a specific mountain. A portion of the programming consisted in exposing the crystals to the radiation from the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR), with the controls set to the heart chakra setting so as to fill the crystals with the love vibrations. When Jack purchased these crystals from a local gem show some four years ago, at that time he really didn't know why he did so except that he just felt that they were something he had to get. Although these crystals are singleterminated, clear quartz crystals, they are somewhat unique in construction in that the end opposite the termination is rounded off to a hemispherical shape.. Except for the control crystal to be placed on Jack's mountain, assign a specific number --numbers 1 through 5 -- to each of the other five crystals. In other words the numbers were not assigned randomly. The crystal with the number 1 was for Mt. Lemmon, the crystal number 2 was for Rincon Peak, and so on. The sixth crystal does not have a number designation; it is the one designed for Jack's mountain and is called the control crystal. Arrange for a group of people -- nine in number -- to make a pilgrimage to Jack's mountain peak after the conclusion of the Congress. The purpose of the pilgrimage was to plant the control crystal and to "anchor" its energy into that mountain. This would establish the first point (or node) of a CRYSTAL LIGHT GRID (CLG) in the Tucson area. Continue with the planting of the other five crystals in the designated mountain areas so as to anchor their energies into their particular mountain. PLANTING THE CONTROL CRYSTAL On August 23, 1996, at 5:30 a.m., a group of nine people gathered at the foot of the Jack's mountain, ready to master the challenging 700 vertical feet ascent through the rough mountainous terrain covered with sharp, pointed cacti, large and small rocks and boulders, scrub brush and other typical Arizona mountainous desert growth. There was no ready-made trail to follow; they had to make one.

About three-quarters of the way up the mountain, the group stopped to rest for a few moments. Marolyn had seated herself on a somewhat comfortable, flat-topped rock. Looking around the immediate area, she noticed a milky white, quartz crystal lying on the ground near where she was sitting. Knowing that she would tell the other members of the group when they got to the top of the mountain, she picked up the crystal and continued on the journey.

Appendix G

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As they neared the top, Peter Scholl motioned for the group to stop. Sensing that they were about to enter a sacred area of the mountain, Peter asked permission from the Keeper of the Sacred Area to enter. (Peter didn't explain who the keeper was. However, just prior to entering a sacred area of each of the other five mountains, Peter asked permission of the Keeper of each sacred mountain area to enter that area.) Now that they were at the top, Marolyn showed the milky white crystal to the rest of the group. Jack was very surprised that she had found it. He had climbed the mountain many times in that same area and had never come across that crystal -- or any crystal.. During subsequent meditation, Jack and Marolyn were told that Marolyn -- incarnated in a different time eons ago -had placed that crystal at that particular location, knowing that in the far distant future, a reincarnation of herself would once again find it. During this meditation, Jack was also told to plant that crystal beside the crystal designated as the control crystal. By now, the light of the rising sun was illuminating the group. The actual burial spot was selected, and a short ceremony was performed to dedicate the two crystals to Mother Earth. The two crystals were then buried and their energies were anchored to the energies of Mother Earth and the Universe. The control crystal planted, the group began the downward journey. And, although it was still a rugged trip down, it was by no means as tough as the upward journey. Down at the base of the mountain, several members of the group came up to Jack and Marolyn and told them that they felt extremely uplifted and spiritual -- that the trip up and down the mountain and the planting of the two crystals was the "icing on the cake" after attending the conference. INSPIRED/FULFILLING A COMMITMENT MADE LONG AGO During their journey up Jack's mountain -- and other mountains -- some unusual occurrences and energies were encountered and felt by various members of the group. Two such instances were told as follows: One lady, probably in her sixties, had to use a cane to be able to walk. She readily admitted that she was overweight. But she told Jack that she was determined to be a part of the group. The terrain was very rough and she had to really struggle at times to continue the journey. But she made it and later she told the rest of the group that many times during her journey, she felt as though something or someone was helping her, was lifting her. Another lady, considerably overweight, was having a great deal of difficulty in traversing a particularly rugged area filled with all different sizes of stones and rocks. Suddenly she slipped and fell backward, and found herself sitting down quite abruptly on the top of a large pointed rock.. However, after a moment or two, she raised herself to her feet and said that she was okay, that the point of the rock had not torn her jeans. One of the male members, who had rushed to help her,

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Appendix G

looked at the size of the rock she had fallen on and the large pointed end on which she had sat down hard. He shook his head and wondered how she had escaped from being badly injured. BURYING THE OTHER FIVE CRYSTALS Two days later on Sunday, August 25th, Jack and Marolyn together with Peter Scholl hiked up Mt. Wrightson (nicknamed Mt. Baldy). Arriving at approximately the 8400 foot altitude, the proper burial location was selected. A short but significant ceremony was performed, and crystal number 3 was buried on the flank of the mountain. On the morning of August 29th, crystal number 4 was buried at the end of Thomas Canyon on the east slope of the sacred mountain Baboquivari, in the Quinlan Mountain Range southwest of Tucson. In the afternoon of the same day, Jack, Marolyn and Peter worked their way up the east slopes of Silver Bell mountain where crystal number 5 was anchored to Mother Earth. On August 30th, the east slope of Rincon Peak -- east-southeast of Tucson -- was tackled by the same dedicated trio. Crystal number 2 was planted in a very scenic place overlooking Happy Valley, which after all the rain of the previous days looked like the Garden of Eden. From Rincon Peak the group drove up to Tucson's beloved Mt. Lemmon, where crystal number 1 was placed into the moist soil of the forest with a gigantic ponderosa pine standing guard over it. Installing this last crystal closed the grid; and the group felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment, knowing that following the guidance of St. Germain, a system had now been established that could be used for the uplifting of mankind/womankind and Mother Earth and for communicating with the Spiritual Hierarchy, worlds without end. RATTLESNAKE: KEEPER OF THE SACRED AREA Thousands of vertical feet had been climbed, miles of rough mountain and desert terrain -- covered with brush, rocks, boulders, cacti -- had been traversed without the slightest injury to any member of the groups. The group never got lost and always drove their four wheel drive vehicle directly to the most ideal spot for starting their climb. There never was any fatigue. Even a rattlesnake coiled up on a rock near Rincon Peak allowed the group to pass. Peter passed within 18 inches of the snake and the snake didn't even move! Let's hear what Jack has to say about that incident. "We had been walking over rough, unmarked terrain when we came upon what looked like a deer trail that led further up the mountain. Because the deer trail made the going easier, Marolyn, Peter and I started walking up the trail. Suddenly Peter said in a low voice, `wait a moment, look at that snake on the ground up ahead."'

Appendix G

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"Sure enough. Coiled on the ground ahead on one side of the trail lay a large rattlesnake. His head was raised, and he just `sat' there, apparently looking at us." "`We must be just on the edge of entering the sacred area of the mountain," Peter said softly. "That snake must be the Keeper of this sacred area. I'm going to ask him for his permission to let us pass. "' "After saying those words, Peter took a step or two forward then stopped. Directly facing the snake, he said something in a low voice. Then he turned around to face Marolyn and me." "`Okay, we can go on now. We have permission from the Keeper to pass."' Peter said this with a very serious expression etched on his face. `Marolyn and I looked at one another. Then Marolyn started walking -- but not up the trail so as to pass close to the snake. She veered off the trail onto the rough terrain. And although she had to come very close to a precipitous dropoff of the land on one side, she carefully went on ahead, preferring to be closer to the edge of the land drop-off rather than pass too close to the snake. Wanting to make certain that I would be close enough to Marolyn -- or so I rationalized to myself --so that I could prevent her from falling down the side of the mountain in case she slipped, I followed close behind her." (Editor's note: Jack really didn't want to get too close to the snake, either.) "After we passed by the snake -- probably not coming closer than four or five feet -- we went back on the trail, waiting for Peter to catch up. As we looked back toward Peter, we saw him walk slowly up the trail. Staying near the center of the trail, Peter kept walking towards us, passing within some 18 inches of the snake. The snake remained motionless." "We continued up the trail to the spot where we buried the crystal, and then started back down. It must have been about an hour and a half later. Saying to ourselves that the snake had probably disappeared by now, we approached the area where we had encountered the snake on the way up. And the snake was still there! Watching us!" "Peter said something then walked past the snake, coming again within about 18 inches. Still not quite sure about the snake, Marolyn went off the trail and passed by the snake, making certain to not come closer than four or five feet. This time I decided to follow Peter and did so, passing -- as Peter had done -- within about 18 inches of the snake. And, again, the snake remained motionless." PRIMING Q ) THE CRYSTAL LIGHT GRID It should be noted at this point that shortly after the completion of the planting of the Crystal Light Grid, the greater Tucson area experienced a series of most unusual and electrifying thunder and lightning storms. Normally, when a thunder and lightning storm strikes the Tucson area, the lightning strikes are centered around and/or over one mountain at a time. Such storms may strike more than one mountain -- for example, one mountain then another mountain then maybe another --but usually never more than one or two mountains simultaneously. However, on this particular

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Appendix G

evening when this gigantic thunder and lightning storm struck, all six mountain peaks were having their own storms, with lightning strikes hitting all six mountain peaks simultaneously! St. Germain explained that such discharges -- accompanied by the torrential downpouring of rain --of natural energies were required to purify the area and to establish the proper balance and polarities in the Crystal Light Grid and make it ready for operation. WHAT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED? For the first time in Mother Earth's modern history the vortices of six very powerful and sacred mountains have been connected by installing properly programmed crystals within their respective force fields. When a line is drawn from the location where each of the five crystals is buried to the Control Crystal location on Jack's mountain, it can be seen that a five-sided pentagon is formed. (Reference the map, page 147.) The Control Crystal's geographical location is as follows: Latitude: Longitude:

32 degrees, 13 minutes, 21.56 seconds, North 111 degrees, 4 minutes, 25.24 seconds, West

. Germain has told Jack the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is the "facilitator" or the "key" for accessing the Crystal Light Grid, in either the receiving or transmitting mode. The Crystal Light Grid can be thought of as a gigantic antenna, collecting (receiving) or dissipating (transmitting) energies on a tremendous scale. At this time the souls in incarnation can access the Crystal Light Grid by two different means: (1) by operating the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator or (2) by mastering the meditation skill of accessing the CLG system without the assistance of the VRCR. It is said that every time the CLG is tuned into -- even when using the VRCR without specific intent -- all crystals in existence are affected -- on Mother Earth and throughout the Universe, on all planes of matter and energies. CRYSTALS ARE EVERYWHERE! If one lets his or her thoughts dwell on this proposition for any length of time, the ramifications are overwhelming. Just considering our own Mother Earth and her inhabitants at this point in time, there are crystals everywhere -- in our bodies, computers, TV systems, radio systems, in all the oceans and lakes, the cement used in the construction of homes, buildings, bridges, dams, etc.-- everywhere! It takes just a little bit of imagination to progress to the next step and realize the tremendous, almost unimaginable (no paradox here?), effect a single VRCR can exert when interacting with the Crystal Light Grid antenna system. And, if that it not enough to "blow one's mind", the next paragraph peaks of "exponential effects." It is also stated that those individuals with the proper skills and training can now more readily access information about past civilizations and technologies that is stored in quartz crystals. St. Germain tells us that when more than one VRCR is turned on -- and each VRCR is automatically tuned to the Crystal Light Grid -- the VRCRs' interaction with the CLG is amplified exponentially. For example, if there were only one VRCR on the planet that was turned on, the CLG would interact

Appendix G

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with that one VRCR's transmission such that the effect on all other crystals in existence would be as if only that one VRCR were turned on (the mathematicians might say "one squared" which equals one.) However, if only two VRCRs on the planet were turned on, the effect on all other crystals in existence would be as if four VRCRs were turned on. (Now, the mathematicians would say "two squared equals four".) And, to go on further in this example, if only three VRCRs on the planet are turned on, the effect on all crystals in existence would be as if nine VRCRs were turned on. (This could be called "three squared" which equals nine.) And, finally, when a total of 100 VRCRs are turned on, the resultant interaction with the CLG would be the equivalent of "100 squared" or 10,000 VRCRs being turned on! So, now we can see what a gigantic (probably the understatement of the century) instrument for doing good the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is, for putting good vibrations into practically everything -- organic and inorganic -- that exists on our Mother Earth. But now you might say that with all that exponential amplification stuff all we need is a few VRCRs programmed with the right intent and mankind/womankind and Mother Earth can be transformed overnight! St. Germain and the Spiritual Hierarchy certainly wish that were true. Unfortunately, over the past thousands of years -perhaps hundreds of thousands -- mankind/womankind have been pouring the wrong kind of negative vibrations into Mother Earth -- and, again unfortunately, it is continuing right at this very moment. It's going to take a lot of VRCR’s together with their good-intent, focused operators plus the combined efforts of the thousands of Workers of the Light throughout the world who are doing their own things in their own ways to further the plans of the Spiritual Hierarchy and bring mankind/womankind -- and Mother Earth -- into the Age of Enlightenment. Always remember, there are many paths to enlightenment and the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy utilize the cooperation and abilities of many different types of incarnated souls to get the work done. And, remember, every incarnated Soul has her (I use the feminine gender because the Spiritual Hierarchy tells us that the Soul is considered feminine in gender) own particular part to play in God's overall scheme. What each Soul does and accomplishes is important, very important! When these types of thoughts come to mind, it always reminds me of the saying, "no man (or woman) is an island unto himself (or herself)." All the Light workers should be working together -- putting the selfish ego aside - to further the plans of the Spiritual Hierarchy! HOW CAN WE USE THE CRYSTAL LIGHT GRID? St. Germain and His Helpers have given us these tools -- the Crystal Light Grid and the VRCR -- to assist us and Mother Earth in our respective evolutionary progressions and to accelerate our spiritual growths. Following are listed some of the positive things that can be done: * We now can send healing and Love to Mother Earth and to any specific location on the planet, the universe and its inhabitants.

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Appendix G

* Transmission of the VRCR energies, especially when focused properly with good intent, helps to raise the collective consciousness -- and therefore collective unconscious -- of all mankind/womankind. Many people today -- especially very sensitive and psychically inclined individuals -- tune into the mankind/womankind collective conscious and unconscious without realizing that they are doing so. When this happens, the effect upon the person that has tapped the collective conscious (or unconscious) can be very unsettling, perhaps even devastating depending upon the vibratory portion of the collective conscious (or unconscious) that has been tapped. It is believed that some of the adverse effects that may be experienced -- to name just a few -- are (1) depression, (2) ugly and bad thoughts, (3) sexually perverted thoughts, (4) suicidal thoughts. It doesn't take much to realize that anything that helps to raise the overall vibrations of the collective conscious and unconscious would be beneficial. * Communication with Spiritual Beings in the Higher Dimensions is facilitated. In the past this type of communication has been very difficult, requiring long years of strict self-discipline and was mastered by a relatively few individuals. The electromagnetic "pollution" that permeates the atmosphere of Mother Earth today definitely hampers communication with the Higher Realms. The use of the VRCR can help cut through this electromagnetic "smog" and thereby increase an individual's ability to receive and process such communication with minimal human distortion. IS THE CRYSTAL LIGHT GRID "FAIL-SAFE"? Jack has been told that in one of his incarnations in Atlantis he worked with a communications grid, somewhat similar to the Crystal Light Grid but minus the capability of interacting with instrumentation such as the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. However, he was also told that the design of that Atlantean communications grid lacked one very important and significant feature -- a feature that one might call a "fail-safe" design provision that would make it impossible for negative forces to penetrate the grid and use the grid to transmit negative vibrations throughout the planet and to other parts of the Universe. However, in that past era the negative forces were successful in penetrating and using that communications grid to broadcast their negative vibrations, thereby contributing to the ultimate downfall and destruction of the Atlantean civilization. We have been told that the Tucson Crystal Light Grid is closely monitored by Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy to assure that only the Christ Conscious energies are being transmitted. St. Germain, of course, is One of those Monitors; and helping St. Germain are Lord Zadkiel, Archangel of the 7th ray, and his Twin Flame, the beloved Archeia Lady Amethyst. Even though the Forces of Light put a protective shield around each group as it traveled to each mountain and buried the crystals, Jack was also instructed to add a design feature which would make it impossible for the negative forces to gain control of the CLG. This design feature was added to

Appendix G

Page 145

the crystals buried in each mountain. Part of the design, but not all, consisted of an "8 element programming." The eight program elements were the seven crystals plus a jar of ground, crystal dust mixed with magnetite. This programming can be likened to conventional computer software required to run a program. Let's say that you buy a software program and receive a total of eight 3.5" diskettes that you must load into your computer for the software to function properly. If you happen to lose one of the diskettes -- unless you can find a replacement or have made a backup -- you are just out of luck; the program just will not function. The seven crystals plus the crystal/magnetite powder mixture can be considered as the eight diskettes of the Tucson Crystal Light Grid software. At each of the mountain burial locations, as part of the burial ceremony each member of the group held the crystal (or crystals) plus a portion of the crystal/magnetite powder in his (or her) hands and meditated in his (or her) own way. After finishing the meditation, the crystal (or crystals) and some of the crystal/magnetite powder mixture were buried, and some of the powder mixture also "thrown to the four winds" -- north, south, east and west. In order to be able to reprogram the functioning of the Tucson Crystal Light Grid, the seven buried crystals would have to be located and recovered as well as every single grain of the crystal/magnetite mixture. And that latter possibility is very, very, very unlikely if not impossible. WHAT I S I N STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA? Those who have followed the history of Atlantis have read that just prior to the final destruction of Atlantis, different groups of priests and enlightened masters journeyed to different safe areas of the world to preserve the knowledge gained during the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations. We have been told that one of those areas is Stone Mountain located near Atlanta, Georgia. There the ancient ones buried special crystals containing information that will be important for mankind/womankind to utilize during the coming "thousand years of peace." It was planned that those special crystals were to lay dormant until the collective consciousness of mankind/womankind had reached a level wherein activation of the crystals could be justified and permitted. We have been told that that time is NOW. Some two or three months after the World Congress conference in Tucson, Jack, Marolyn and an old friend, Harry Schneider, climbed Stone Mountain. Just a few feet from the top, on the western slope, they planted a crystal plus the crystal powder/magnetite mixture. The crystal was programmed properly and a short but effective ceremony was performed prior to the planting. Because of that planting, St. Germain tells us that the control peak of the Tucson Crystal Light Grid now has a direct energy connection to Stone Mountain; this enables all those who can tune into the Tucson CLG to have access to the stored information. The process of accessing the stone mountain crystal information is rather simple and is given immediately below:: Turn on your VRCR and set it to the UNDERSTANDING chakra (third eye) setting. Make certain that the four foot wire cable connects the high output jack of the VRCR to the tetrahedral antenna. (This is the antenna that is in the form of a three-sided pyramid

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Appendix G

with the base of the pyramid being designated as the fourth side of the antenna.) With the fingers of your right hand touching the flat top of the injector crystal, do the following. Center yourself by tuning into your higher self or by just quieting your thoughts until you are calm and peaceful. In your mind formulate your intent to access the Stone Mountain crystals. In your mind formulate your requests for the type of information that you are seeking. Know that answers ARE forthcoming and ARE put into your IMAGINA TION CENTER in the form of picture sound, feelings, etc. depending upon your sensitivity to the various subtle energies. The above process may be enhanced by first tuning, in sequence, the Heaven Center, the Soul Center, then the Earth Center. Then with one hand place the crystal wand against your third eye location on your forehead. (The other end of the crystal wand cable is attached to the high output jack of the VRCR.) Tune the VRCR to the UNDERSTANDING center. Maintaining the crystal wand against your forehead, let the finger tips of your other hand touch the injector crystal State your intent of being open and receptive to any message coming from the Stone Mountain Crystals via the Crystal Light Grid that will assist you on your path. Use a tape recorder to record what you receive; even a computer keyboard or a writing pad could suffice. Using a similar procedure but expressing a different intent, you will find it easier to receive messages from other Divine Sources of Light. Jack believes that the primary use of the VRCR has changed from what it used to be. He believes that the VRCR should be used in the UNDERSTANDING center mode when connecting and interacting with the Tucson Crystal Light Grid. Such interaction would be for the purpose of helping to open the third eye of mankind/womankind, thereby raising their consciousness awareness. WE HAVE TO ASK! St. Germain reminds us that guidance and knowledge is readily available to be brought forth from Sources of Light. But we have to ask! At this point it would be well to remember the two biblical phrases ( I hope that I am quoting them correctly): "Command Ye Me!" "Ask and Ye shall receive!"

Page 148

Appendix G One of the most formidable obstacles to the advancement of science has ever been a blind submission to authority To untrammel the mind from the influence of mere authority, that it may have free scope in the investigation of facts and laws which exist and established in Nature, is the grand antecedent necessary to scientific discovery and permanent progress.


Page 149

Appendix H Neutralizing the Radiation Coming from Your Computer Monitor

Our ongoing research with the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator has continued. Following is a summary of the most recent tests -- procedure and results: Subject seated himself in a chair in front of a computer monitor. Monitor was a Princeton Graphics Systems, Model E040,14", SVGA. Chair was placed so that the subject's head and shoulders were approximately 30" (inches) from the monitor; subject's knee was approximately 18" from the monitor. The closest part of subject's body to the computer mid-tower which housed all other operating parts was approximately 18". Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) was placed in adjacent room. Crystal wand was connected to a 3-sided pyramid type of skeleton antenna. (The base of the 3-sided antenna could be considered as a fourth side.) Distance from the VRCR/antenna to subject's body was approximately seven and onehalf to eight feet. VRCR was powered by an AC-DC, 12 volt converter. Measurements were made using a Heath Model 2440, 1.3 GHz Multifunction Counter. The oscilloscope type probe was connected to Channel A, 5Hz -- 100MHz output jack, which was labeled as 125 rms max. Counter was located some two feet from subject's body. Neither the computing system nor the VRCR were turned on. The counter was turned on and zero hertz appeared on the counter screen; the counter was not detecting nor measuring any energy field. VRCR was turned on. Controls were adjusted so that counter read approximately 15,250 hertz. Subject held tip of measurement probe between forefinger and thumb of right hand. VRCR was turned off. Counter reading fell to zero. The computer monitor power switch was turned on. The reading on the counter immediately jumped to approximately 16,250 hertz; and in about 10 to 20 seconds, had increased to approximately 19,100 hertz. Subject's hand had been placed in his lap, but now subject put his hand out to touch the monitor screen. Counter reading jumped to approximately 20,100 hertz. Monitor was turned off. Counter reading immediately fell to zero. Turned the power switch on the mid-tower to the "ON" position. Counter reading increased from zero to a reading that was fluctuating between 69 hertz and 91 hertz. Subject

Page 150

Appendix H

put hand out to touch the mid-tower case. Counter reading increased, fluctuating between 149 hertz and 160 hertz. Turned on computer monitor. Counter reading immediately jumped up to read between 17,900 hertz and 18,200 hertz. Subject put hand out to touch monitor screen; Counter reading jumped to about 21,500 hertz. Subject placed hand back on his lap. VRCR was turned on. Counter reading immediately went to about 15,250 hertz, which was the reading obtained when VRCR was the only equipment turned on. Subject put hand out to touch monitor screen. Counter reading rose to about 26,500 hertz. Subject placed hand back on his lap. Counter reading decreased to about 15,250 hertz. Conclusions: Based upon the results of the above tests and other similar tests, the following tentative conclusions have been reached: When a person is sitting in front of an operating (turned on) computer system, that person is subjected to radiation from the computer monitor and from the computing system located inside of the mid-tower case. The computing system (monitor and mid-tower case) is not turned on. When the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) is turned on and the subject is placed so as to be affected by the energy field being radiated from the VRCR), the VRCR energy field appears to interact with the energy field of that person. At different settings of VRCR controls, the counter gives different readings. With both the computing system turned on and the VRCR turned on and subject not closer than 30" to the monitor, the interaction of subject's energy field with the two energy fields that it is exposed to (the field of the computing system and the field of the VRCR) is such that the subject's energy field appears to be "captured" by the energy field of the VRCR. Thus, to phrase it in another manner, the VRCR radiated energy field appears to interact with the subject's energy field so as to "override" the energy field radiated by the computing system. When a part of subject's body is placed closer to the monitor (such as subject extending hand to monitor screen as in step 12 above), that part of subject's body being moved will arrive at a distance from the monitor screen that results in the computer monitor radiated energy field becoming strong enough to interact with subject's energy field to "override" the

Appendix H

Page 151

VRCR's radiated energy field. 18. The effectiveness of the VRCR energy field's interaction with the subject's energy field depends upon several variables; such as (a) VRCR controls setting; (b) distance from subject to computing system; (c) distance from subject to VRCR/antenna. And there may be others that we have not recognized as yet.

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Appendix H

Then there are the Ascended Masters. Their attributes are that all of Them have been on Earth as humans. Their task is to return in channel to give you instruction sets. These are Masters, such as Jesus, King Arthur, many Pharaohs, El Morya, St. Germain, Kuthumi and many others.*


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CONTACTS For more information about Jack Derby's research and inventions, you may contact him PILLAR OF LIGHT ENTERPRISES 2762 W. Desert Crest Road Tucson, AZ 85713 520-624-5355 or 520-792-8250 For more information about Marolyn Derby's musical seminars, you may contact her at the same address. at:

If you wish to learn more about the aura photographs and their interpretations, you may try to contact Gwen Kemp at: (I haven't been able to catch Gwen at home or office for some two years.) 2900 Delk Road Suite 7262 Marietta, GA 30067 770-956-0380 If you wish to learn more about the neutralization of electromagnetic pollution, you may contact Michael Riversong at: P. O. Box 2775 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003 For more information about the contents of this book, you may contact the author at: St. Lorraine Press P. O. Box 68251 Tucson, AZ 85737 520-742-4872

Page 154 23rd PSALM The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me. Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me. Thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!


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Page 156 SANAT KUMARA, Great Spiritual Being from Venus, the Ancient of Days LADY MASTER VENUS, His Twin Flame GAUTAMA BUDDHA, Lord of the World (our planet Earth)


Paste 157

HARRY DAVIS Brief Biographical Sketch Graduated United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, and the United States Submarine School, New London, Connecticut; additional studies at University of Pennsylvania and Texas Christian University. 40 years in defense/aerospace industries included all phases of electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical engineering: management, research, development, design, manufacture, marketing, installation and service. Experience also included writing/editing/publication of technical reports, marketing proposals, technical manuals and research studies. Worked for several major companies: General Electric, The Martin Company (more recently Martin Marietta), Lockheed, TRW (formerly Space Technology Laboratories) and Hughes Aircraft. Retired from TRW and Hughes Aircraft. Continuing personal scientific and engineering research in alternative energy sources, nutritional science and the effect of subtle energies on bio-electric fields of living organisms. Has studied esoteric philosophy and metaphysical subjects for some 38 years; favorite books are the Alice Bailey books and those books published by Summit University.

Page 158 Beloved ALPHA and OMEGA, Great God and Goddess of the Great Central Sun (of which our Solar System is a part) Beloved HELIOS and VESTA, God and Goddess of our Solar System

CRYSTAL ENERGIES OF TRANSFORMATION/ASCENSION Index "A" tone 96 Aborigines 93 accelerated learning 117,118 acupuncture 3,4,13,24,28,33,48,132,133 Adam's apple 124 Adrenal center 124 Albion (spiritual Teacher) 33 all-seeing eye 82 Alpha & Omega 158 Amansah (Amanseh?) 72 Amethyst, Holy Lady 25,144 anchoring energy 138 antahkarana 29,30,44,50,53,61,62 antenna 7,59,68,89,91,112,113,115,142 antenna, tetrahedral 145,149 aqua aura crystal 74 archangel 66 Archangel Uriel 79 Archangel Raphael 79 archeia 66 Ascended Being 27 Ascended Master 6,26,27,55 ascension 27 astrology 117 Atlantean 144 Atlantis 25,145 atom 51,58,70,73,74,95 atomic nuclei 93 atomic waste, viii atomidine 47 aura 4,12,14-17,45,49,67,75,115,116, 121,132,133 aura camera 13-15,132,133 aura photographs 16,19,109,116 Australia 93 `B" flat 96 Bach remedies 16,17 Bacon, Francis 26 Bacon, Roger 26

Page 159

bacteria 47 Bailey, Alice 3,29 balanced meeting points 90 balancing earth energies 33,88 Base center 124 Becker-Hagens map 90 Beings of 4 Elements 136 Borneo 91 brain waves 117 high beta beta alpha theta delta Brinkley, Dannion 25 Bryant, Page 33 Buddha, Lord 54,58,156 carrier wave 27,47,74 castor oil 48 cataclysmic earth changes 33,34 Cathy (psychic) 70,81,82,84,85 Cayce, Edgar 3,47 centering 145 chakras 3,14,28,29,31,33,46,48-50,56,61,68, 69,76,77,80,81 chakra, balance 121-125 chakra, brow 74,81,112 chakra, crown 123,124 chakra, earth 83,117,118 chakra, elimination 83,117,118 chakra, faith 81 chakra, heart 116 chakra, heaven 83 chakra, love 82 chakra, order 82 chakra, major 65,68,123 chakra, power 82 chakra, root (life) 83,117,118 chakra, soul 83

Page 160

chakra, strength 82,117,118 chakra, wisdom 82 chakra, zeal 81 chants 10 chi (ki) 4,31,74 chohan 27 chords, energy 83 Christ Conscious Energies 144 Christ Consciousness 48,60,71 Christ Conscious Mind 68,71 Christ Self 26 coil, crystallized 51,74 coil, induction 51,70,71 collective consciousness 144-146 collective unconscious 144-146 color gun 17 color energy 30 Columbus, Christopher 26 computer monitor 149-150 computer software 145 computing systems 149-151 consciousness 69,74,92-94 conscious awareness 31,54,146 conscious psychic 54,72 control crystal 137-139 cosmic consciousness 9,90-92 cosmic energy 48,49,69 Cota Robles, Pat 137 y creative dreams 117 Creator Gods 27 crown center 70,81 crystal burial 7,139,140,142,144,145 crystal control 49,52 crystal energy 48 crystal energy science 5 crystal fountain 42 crystal, injector 7,52,92,94,145,146 Crystal Light Grid 137-142,143-146 crystal, power 49,52,73 crystal practitioner 75 crystal resonator 74 Crystalline Transmission, The 80 crystal trinity 7,49,52,74,87,90


crystal wand 9,28,30,31,46-48,61,70,89,91 92,95,111,118,122,124,129,134, 146,149 declination 90 deep meditation 117 Derby, Jack 3-5,15,25,27,30,38-42,44-48,68 82,84-86,91,92,100,102,113, 119,120,126-131,134,137-141, 144 Derby, Marolyn 15,82-86,100-109,127,137141 diffuser 51 Divine Energies 68 Divine Essence 68,69 Djwhal Kul 24,50 DMZ 38 diskette 145 Dungan, Ed 17 earthbound soul 100, 112,113 earth center 124,146 earth changes 33,34 earth energies 4 earth's grid 9 earth soul 96 Edison, Thomas 4,24 Edmund Scientific 47 ego 119,143 electrocardiograph 113 electromagnetic energy 13,27,48 electromagnetic field 44 electromagnetic pollution 3,30,114,144 electrons 47 elimination center 124 Elohim 27,64 emotional body 15,17,50 emotional plane 73 Encounters, TV 25 endocardiograph 21,113 energies 3,57,62 energy balance 123 energy field 150,151


energy follows thought 126-131 energy, infrared 51 energy blockages, iv energy, nervous 82 energy, spiritual 50 energy, ultraviolet 51 energy, vortices 33,138,142 enlightenment 143 environmental, pollution 1,4,33,69,70 etheric body 50 etheric plane 70 evil spirits 3,30,32 exorcism 3,30,108 exponential effect 142,143 eyes center 124 fail-safe 144 faith 101 faith center 124 Fillmore, Charles 100 Forces of Light 144 four winds 145 frequency band 56,91 frequency, basic core 50,68-70 frequency counter 149,150 frequency, earth chakra 89,91 frequency, harmonic 51 frequency, love center 74 frequency, modulation 91 frequency, root chakra 89 frequency, soul center 74,89,92,96 frost prevention 117 galaxy of 5th ray 73,74 gamma rays 50 gangleonic centers 101 geiger counter 95 ghosts 30,39 God channel 60 golden ray 70-74 golden ray of 5th ray 73,74 golden triad 7,49,51,115 golden white light 112

Page 161

Great Central Sun 79,80,84,158 Great White Brotherhood 29 Greenpeace 12,88 grid, harmonic 90-92 grounding 9,90-92,116 halo 63 harmonics 28,47,49,51,56 heart 113 heart chakra 123,124,138 heart, etheric 82 Heaven center 124,146 Heaven center chakra 68,69 Helios & Vesta 158 Higher Self 26,30,31,44,50,61,68,119 120 homoeopathic remedy 117 human energy field 131 human light body 48,49 human soul 96 humbleness 41 I AM AMERICA 3 I AM center 69,100,124 I AM Presence 26,3 I AM THAT I AM 24,31 Imagination center 69,70,81,124,146 Inner Planes 45,71,73, 100 interaction, energy field 143,150,151 Jack's mountain 137,138 Jesus the Christ 26,54,55,80,84-86,100, 101 jugular vein 46, 134 karma 27,116,120 Keeley, James Worrall 4,71,72 Keeper of Sacred Area 139,140 Keeper of Violet Flame 26,27 Kemp, Gwen 12-19,102 Kirlian photography 13,94 Korean patrol 38

Page 162

Lady Master Venus 156 laser beam 58 laying on of hands 75 LED's 41,48 LED, infra red 51 Lemurian 145 ley lines 33 Life center 124 life force energy 3,31,74 lightning 141 Linda (psychic) 12,28-32,54-63, 72,73,75 80-86 Lindberg, Charles 29 Liver center 124 Lords of Karma 29,78 Los Alamos Nat'l Lab. 50 love 9,73,87,90-92,101 Love center 113,124 love, circle of 90 magnet 52 magnetic energy 48 magnetic field, focussed 52 magnetite 145 Malaki (Malachi) 62 mantras 10 Masters 30,33,71,88,107,113 mathematician 143 meditation 3,29,30,43,45,47,74,100,112 113,13 7,139,142,145 meeting points 90 mental body 15,17,50 mental plane 73 mental programming 94 Mercator-based projection 90 Merlin 26 metamorphosis 116 metaphysics 36 Michael, Lord 55 mind, higher 50 mind, lower 50 moldavite crystal 51 molecule 48,51,58,60,62


Moray, Dr. T. Henry 4 morse code 55,113 Mother Earth 140,142,143 Mother Mary 54,55 Mt. Baboquivari 137,140 Mt. Lemmon 137,138,140 Mt. Wrightson (Baldy) 137,140 Mykon 114 NASA 34 NASA scientist, iv Navel center 124 negative chi (ki) 75 negative energies 30,33,69,75 negative force fields 90 negative vibrations 143,144 negativity 71 neutralization 4,92-95 neutrons 47 neutron star, Hercules X-1, 50 nonphysical beings 112,113 nuclear particle 95 nuclear radiation 34,88,92-95 od 4,31 Oldfield, Harry 12,42 OOBE 54,100 operation, spiritual 86 orgone 4,31 Order center 124 oscillograph 113 oscilloscope 48,149 overactive center 101 past civilization 143 past life regression 3,31 Perelandra 4 physical body 15,17,22,50,68,75 physical plane 70,73 planetary etheric energy field 69 planetary grid system 90,92 planetary light grid, iii,71,73,74,88 polarity 89


Polaroid camera 132 posikiation (posiki) 74 power centers 14,28,50,56,68-70,76,77 80,101,124 prana 4,31 prayer, amplification of 50 Proclus 26 programming crystals 142,145 Prophet, Elizabeth Clare 3,24,29 Prophet, Mark L. 29 protective shield 144 protons 47 psychic channeler 4 psychic prophesies 2,4,24 psychic sensitivity 3 psychotronics 14 pyramid 56-62,72,91,145 quartz crystal 48, 137,138,142 quartz crystal, aqua aura 73 quartz crystal, blue-gold, atomized 73 quartz injector crystal 49,91 radiation, monitor 149-151 radioactive fallout 1,4,94 radioactivity, neutralization of 88,92,94,95 radioactive waste 94 radionic 4,10,31,114 Radio Shack 80 Rain, Mary Summer 3 Raphael (Archangel) 83 Raphaell, Katrina 80 rattlesnake 140,141 ray, elemental 74 ray, energy 27 Ray of Concrete Science 73 rays, seven 25,27,35,73 ray, 7th 25,27 Reiki 17 reincarnation 26,40,104,105,139 RF transmission 47 Rincon Peak 13 7,13 8,140 Riversong, Michael 31

Page 163

Roberts, Jane 3,24 Root center 124 sacred mountain 138,139 Samon, Rev. Scott 13,132,133 Sanat Kumara 156 Scallion, Gordon Michael 3,24 Schneider, Harry 14,15 Scholl, Peter 139-141 seminar, musical 100,101 sensitives 72 7.83 hertz 69,70,115 seven rays 35 signals, coded 82 Silver Bell mountain 137,140 silver chord 29,30 , sine wave 68 soil contamination 93 soil neutralization 93 solar plexus 124 solar system 158 soul 50,71, 143 Soul center 68-70,124,146 sound energy 48 sound level meter (SLM) 31,44,97 121-131 Sources of Light 146 sparks 59 spin, atomic nuclei 93 Spiritual Beings 144 spiritual growth 143 Spiritual Hierarchy 140,143,144 spiritual plane 72 spiritual science 72 Spiritual Triad (see Higher Self) 50 spleen 113 Spleen center 21,124 spoken word 10 St. Albans 26 St. Germain 9,25,27,45,60,62,90,91 137,138,142-146 St. Joseph 26 star 58

Page 164

Steiner, Rudolph 3 Stone Mountain, GA 145 Strength center 124 subharmonics 28,47,49,56,117 subtle energies 4,31,51,113 symbols 55 Teachers, Spiritual 47,50,52,70-75,88 92,100,107,112,114 Tennyson 95 Tesla 4,24,25,44 tesla coil 27,45-47 tesla violet ray 45 third eye 124,145,146 Thomas, Carol 61 thought energy 28,48 thoughts, programming 49 thousand years of peace 145 throat center 124 thymus center 124 Toy e, Lori Adaile 3 toxins 67 transformation 3,22,28,29,50,143 transformer 68,69 transmutation 33,116 transmute negative energies 88.92 Tuella 3 12 disciples 100 23rd Psalm 154 underactive center 101 Understanding center 112,124,125,146 Universal Christ 26 universal energy field 73 universe 143,144 unusual occurences uranium 72 Uriel, Archangel 83 vacuum 75,90 van Dorp, Dr. Cornelius 12,29,88 variation, magnetic 90 varnish 51


vibrations, negative 51 vibratory physics 72 violet ray 27,43,44,46,68,70,71,74,119 violet ray bulb 134 VRCR 4,5,7,14,15,17,25,27,28,30-32 44,46-49,52,55-63,65,70,71,73 74,80,88,90-93,106,112,114-119 121,122,126-131,134,135,138 142-146,149-151 virus 47,119 visualization 112,128,131 Vogel, Marcel 61 von Reichenbach 24,71,72 Washington, George 24 water 3,32,47 wave pattern 56 wave, reflected 51 wave, standing 51 white light 58,74,90,94,99,111 white light circuit 50,70,86,116 white light energy 22,44,87 Wickland, Dr. Carl 100 Will center 124 Wisdom center 124 World Congress 137 world grid system 90 Workers of Light 143 Wright, Machaelle Small 4 x-ray vision 81 yang 90 yin 90 Zadkiel, Lord (archangel) 25,124 Zeal center 124 zeolite 92 zonolite 92

ALSO NEW IN THIS REVISED EDITION: Another test phase of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator has been completed. Preliminary anaylsis of the results indicate the following: * Computer monitors emit various types of radiation that interact with the human body energy field. * The VIOLET RAY CRYSTAL RESONATOR can be used to "neutralize" the computer monitor radiation interaction with the human body energy field. Appendix H gives summary details of the test procedure and test results upon which the analysis is based. *************************************************************************** The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) incorporates three "rays" in its design: the violet ray, the golden ray and the elemental ray. The Inner Planes Masters tell us that not only will the energies from the VRCR help balance Mother Earth's energies but will also help in the neutralization of environmental contaminants and radioactivity. And, in addition, utilization of the VRCR energies will aid in one's own evolution and self-transformation. Here is what They say: The very main purpose of the violet ray, as you know, will bring mankind from darkness into the Light, or will bring man from the physical, carnal mind to that what is termed the Christ Conscious Mind. It will assist and be beneficial to bring man from the physical to the spiritual. The Golden Ray -- there are many, many excited and jumping souls, ready and eager to use the Golden Ray to bring their Christ Consciousness into that which is referred to as being one with the Creator, or God. And as that connection is made, there will be the awakening of the Soul. And, as the Soul is awakened with the Golden Ray, the consciousness of man will make leaps and bounds. The work that you are doing with the VRCR transmissions, including the transmissions from key points of the Planetary Light Grid, is being done to help transmute the thick density of negativity surrounding the earth into higher vibrations of Light. For those poor souls that are drowning and choking in this negativity, this will facilitate their release. They, too, will be able to reach the Christ Consciousness and the awakening of their Soul, their oneness with their Creator.

With all the gloom and doom predictions and prophesies that we are reading about and seeing on TV, one could justifiably wonder just what is really going to happen between now and the year 2000 to this Earth and to us! Is there anyway to get out of the mess we appear to be headed for? We have heard, over and over again, that the only way available to us was for more and more people to pray and to change their way of living -- to actually put the Golden Rule into everyday practice. However, in addition to prayer and good living, two additional methods of enhancing and amplifying the efforts of mankind/womankind in uplifting themselves and Mother Earth have been proved to work! One method has been excellently detailed by Machaelle Small Wright in her books about Perelandra; her method involves the use of essences and ritual. The other method is described in this book and involves the use of advanced, scientific instrumentation channeled to Jack Derby bX the Ascended Master St. Germain! This instrumentation is known as the VIOLET RAY CRYSTAL RESONATOR! IN THIS REVISED EDITION! Did you know that there is now established a crystal antenna system in the greater Tucson, Arizona area? Seven crystals plus a special mixture of crystal powder and magnetite were buried in six sacred mountains surrounding the greater Tucson area. Instructions were channeled to Jack Derby by the Ascended Master St. Germain, and the antenna system is-known as the: This special crystal antenna system is a "Tail-safe" system that can only be used for the good of mankind/womankind and Mother Earth. According to Jack Derby, its primary purpose is to aid in the opening of the UNDERSTANDING center -conventionally referred to as the third-eye chakra. Detailed instructions for accessing the Crystal Light Grid using the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator are given in this revised edition.



continued on inside back cover --

Crystal Energies of Transformation & Ascension for Mankind/Womankind/Mother Earth  

This is an account of research and investigation involving a very unusual instrument

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