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annual report of giving 2016


A Little Child Shall Lead Them isaiah 11:6

letter from our head of school how do you become best of the best? Just ask the class of 2016. To this class of ten graduates belongs this year’s most significant achievement—the top average PEERS test score in the nation in Biblical worldview—for the second year in a row. At our twenty-third Commencement ceremony, Mr. Dan Smithwick, Founder of PEERS testing and Nehemiah Institute, applauded the senior class and the school’s Principle Approach® mission. Smithwick stated, “StoneBridge School is leading the way forward. Instead of drifting downstream with the culture, this school is standing firm against the strong tides of secularism and socialism that dominate our American culture today.” The PEERS test measures a student’s worldview in five categories: Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social values. Of greater significance is the disparity of our results to the scores of Christian youth enrolled in traditional Christian schools and public schools. As we can discern from today’s news reports, the worldviews of Christian students are trending away from Biblical theism toward humanistic and socialist worldviews. In thirty years of PEERS testing, only eight schools across the nation have achieved an average score above 80 (Biblical Theism range is 70-100). All eight schools are Principle Approach® schools. What a glorious testimony to the significant impact of clinging to God’s Word as the tried and true foundation of every subject. Glory to God! Philippians 2:15-16 states, “that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the Word of life.” Our goal is to prepare students to radiate God’s love and Truth in the midst of a dark and broken world. We covet your prayers for the next generation of StoneBridge students as they are being equipped to think critically, collaboratively, and Christian-ly about the problems of our culture. With praise and thanksgiving to God for all the blessings we have received this year, we look forward with hope. Today’s little child shall lead us tomorrow.

$284,428 in financial aid given to help 74 students attend SBS during the 2015-2016 school year.


families and businesses gave to SBS


raised at the 17th Annual Golf Classic


families joined the Cavalier Club

May the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be with you,

A Little Child Shall Lead

Kathy Rader, Head of School

2015-2016 expenses

2015-2016 income

development income for fiscal year ending june 30, 2015 66% compensation

75% tuition

Nation Changers Gifts & Pledges . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 264,133.00 Cavaliers Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . $


Golf Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 40,362.61











10% Development

In-Kind Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 16,795.80


Financial Aid




Programs & Services

total cash gifts . . . . . . . $ 352,442.40


Programs & Services


Athletic Income

total gifts & pledges . . $ 428,396.71

Standard Fees

Designated Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . $ 101,505.30

the principle approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education. the annual report of giving is published annually to communicate the value of the StoneBridge School mission to its families and friends.




of our graduating seniors (since 2008) go on to attend colleges. More than 80 colleges have accepted our graduates, including: Cornell, Princeton, William & Mary, University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. Six alumni have been appointed to US military service academies.

Your gifts enable our stud 15%

Student growth from 2014-15 to 2015-16. We welcomed 326 students in 2015-16.

125,000 $Given by generous donors to support 25 students through the Children’s Tuition Fund (CTF), financial aid for children of qualifying families through the Virginia Educational Improvement Tax Credit program. School choice legislation passed in 2012.




The highest Biblical worldview test results in the nation. The PEERS test, which assesses Biblical worldview in five categories (politics, economics, education, religion, and social issues) was administered to the senior class in the fall and spring. For the second year in a row, our graduates had the highest average score among high school seniors in the country, in the same range as pastors and ministry leaders.

10 graduating seniors 2016

Tathan Bennett

dents to prepare for our future.

bluefield college, nursing thesis: Christians Engaging a Culture that Finds Them Offensive

Andrea Brusig james madison university, journalism/communications thesis: A Biblical Worldview of Media Censorship: Does the Government Have the Right to Censor?

Aaron Cooper virginia tech, building construction thesis: Is the Use of Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Justified Considering Their Moral and Ethical Implications?

Jacob David tidewater community college, chemistry thesis: The War on the Biblical Family and the Destruction of a Nation

Kirsten Elliott, VALEDICTORIAN university of virginia, neuroscience thesis: A Biblical Worldview of the Development of Artificial Intelligence

Aradhana Khubani, SALUTATORIAN “StoneBridge School taught me that it is vital to have your identity rooted in Christ. It is easy to get caught up in the pressure to succeed academically and I admit that I struggled with that while at StoneBridge. However, I learned that your core identity should not be in your grades, your friends, or your extracurricular activities, but in Christ. Psalm 139:2-3 tells us, ‘You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.’ God created you and knows you inside and out, but He still loves you more than you can ever comprehend. If you ground yourself in Christ, He will ‘work for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’ (Romans 8:28).” — kirsten elliott, valedictorian

university of virginia, biology thesis: A Biblical Worldview of Physician Assisted Suicide

Timothy Long old dominion university, computer engineering thesis: A Biblical Worldview of Immigration and How the United States Should Approach It

Madeleine Maye lee university, psychology thesis: A Biblical Worldview of Debt and the Economy

Gareth Ricciardi tidewater community college, business thesis: The Necessity for the Re-emergence of Biblical Principled Teaching in the Classroom

Aaron Sobczak liberty university, political science/music thesis: How to Fix the Broken Melting Pot


it is humbling each year to see how many people in our small StoneBridge community selflessly support this mission and how God always provides just what we need through our donors. We are honored that you choose to invest in StoneBridge students and families—an investment for our future. Our students have extraordinary dreams of what they want to do when they grow up, and just like our 462 alumni, these children will become leaders in their professions, churches, and communities. It is our desire to equip each child for God’s calling in their life. What a testimony to you, our donors, when you witness the fruit of a StoneBridge education on these young lives as they study at college, become professionals, and start a family, all while centered in Christ’s love and teachings. Your gift today has a significant impact on the course of our nation, as individuals are nurtured in the Word of God and become leaders among us. Thank you, faithful donors. With humble appreciation,

Kristen Cooper, Director of Advancement

A. D. Stowe, Inc. Academy Animal Care Achieve 1, LLC Mr. & Mrs. John Adams Drs. Althouse, Carroll, Alperin & Casteen Dentistry Mr. & Mrs. Adam Anderson Mrs. Sarah Annable Area Wide Communication Inc./Atlantic Communications Mrs. Penny Baisden Mr. & Mrs. Lawton Baker Mr. & Mrs. Steven Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Terry Baronner Mr. & Mrs. Larry Battle Bay Disposal BayPort Credit Union Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beale Mr. & Mrs. Don Beesing Mr. & Mrs. Guy Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Benson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Biggs Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Biggs Birdsong Peanuts Ms. Betty Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Blount Bob Winn Custom Wood Works Mr. Justin Bock Ms. Yvonne Booker Ms. Jennifer Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Brown Mr. & Mrs. Ted Brown Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Brown Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Brusig Mrs. Patricia Burkett Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Callahan

Mr. & Mrs. Brady Cooper Cornerstone Private Practice Dr. & Mrs. Larry Cruthers ; Dr. & Mrs. Richard Curry Ms. Susan Davis Mr. & Mrs. Stephen DeBoer Mr. & Mrs. David DeBord Ms.Vivian DeJarnette Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dillender Mr. Robert Doerner ; Doughtie’s Foods Mr. Lawrence Drennen Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Drennen Electronic Systems, Inc. Endurance Network Services, LLC Mr. & Mrs. David Ennis Mrs. Linda Etcher Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Farris Ms. Nicole Ferley Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Ferrell Mr. & Mrs. James Kent Ford Mrs. Joyce Foster Mr. & Mrs. Butch Fox Mr. & Mrs. Robert Freiler Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Frost Fuhrmann Driving Academy/Patriot Driving School Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Garrett ; Genesis Fiber Optic Splicing, Inc Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Giancoli Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gilpin Global Pest Services, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Paul Going Mr. & Mrs. John Grady Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gray Mr. & Mrs. Jim Greene

Your gift is a hope for our future. as a 501c(3) non-profit organization, our financial goal is to provide sufficient resources to perform our mission effectively for the students and families who benefit. For the 2015-2016 year, the Board of Directors approved an operating budget of $3,166,655. The Finance Committee of the board ensures proper fiscal management by reviewing monthly reports of assets and liabilities and profit & loss. The administrative team gives regular attention to income and expense budgets. Tuition is the largest source of income, but by Board policy, it does not fully cover the cost to educate each child. The difference is received through fundraising events and tax-deductible contributions, which is the second largest source of revenue. All gifts support the people and programs that make StoneBridge School unique—outstanding faculty, a nurturing atmosphere, a Biblical-classical curriculum, and the Cavalier school spirit! donors for 2015-2016 Names in bold denote a Nation Changers Multiyear Giving Society Donor. A name preceded by a blue leaf denotes the donor made a donation of an in-kind gift(s) in addition to financial giving.


Mr. & Mrs. Frank Caputo Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Carlin Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Carlucci Mr. & Mrs. Placido Carlucci RADM (Ret) Wendi Carpenter Dr. Michael Carson Catalytic Generators, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Rick Cease Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Chamberlin Mr. & Mrs. Dave Chase Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Chase Children Today Leaders Tomorrow Mr. Randy Chivers CINTAS Corporation #391 Mr. & Mrs. Ron Clark Ms. Judith Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Paul Clemens CMIT Solutions of Virginia Beach Metro Mrs. Gayle Coates Mr. & Mrs. James Cockman Ms. Tamara Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Kent Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Connor Ms. Tracey Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cooper

Dr. & Dr. Steven Greer Ms. Myrtle Grimes Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Gross Grubb Printing & Stamp Co. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hagedorn Mr. & Mrs. John Hall Mr. & Mrs. Greg Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen Harris The Herbert & Annie Carlton Foundation Mr. Tom Holland Mr. Greene Hollowell Mr. & Mrs. Jess Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Horton Mr. & Mrs. Robert Horton Mr. Paul Huber Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Huber Mr. & Mrs. Jack Huddle Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Trey Hudson RADM & Mrs. Mark Hugel Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hughes Rev. & Mrs. James Hunnewell Mr. & Mrs. John Hurley Mr. & Mrs. James Hynson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence I’Anson, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. David Pollard Insight Dietetics, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Gary Porter Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Jennings Mr. & Mrs. Michael Prince Mr. & Mrs. Dan Jester Mr. & Mrs. Dan Provance Ms. Patricia Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William Quier Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Johnson R. L. Blount Custom Homes, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Rader Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Raines Ms. Theresa Jones Mr. & Mrs. James Jones Mr. & Mrs. Austin Raines Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Reilly Dr. Stephanie Kapfer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reese Reliance Staffing & Recruiting Dr. Miriam Kapfer Mr. & Mrs. Sean Kehoe Mr. & Mrs. James Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kittrell Mr. & Mrs. Art Ricciardi Mr. Steven Kostrzewa Mr. & Mrs. Ramona Riggs Kuhlman & Sons Mr. & Mrs. Dan Riley ; Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Rollings Ms. Linda Ladik Land Planning Solutions Rose & Womble Realty Co. Mr. & Mrs. Rhett Russell Ms. Millie Lancaster Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Larson Mr. & Mrs. Walton Rutherford Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Lee S & R Foods (Golden Skillet) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lepson Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sarach Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lepson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Satko Mr. & Mrs. Willie Savage Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Liberatore Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lobacz Ms. Maria Scharrer Mr. & Mrs. Francis Lucas Shames & Byrum, P.C. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Max Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Mann Mr. & Mrs. David Martin Ms. Donna Sayegh Mr. & Mrs. Raleigh Martin Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Shepura Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Marushia ; Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shirley Mr. & Mrs. John Shuford Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Darrell McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Anita Smith Mr. & Mrs. Steven Smith Mr. & Mrs. E. Jason McGee Smithfield Foods, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Andy McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Spencer Ms. Jennifer McMurray

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wright Dr. & Mrs. Scott Yagel Dr. Trina Young-Greer additional in-kind donors Mr. & Mrs. Robert Andrews Andy Boy’s Pizza Baron’s Pub Bennett’s Creek Farm Market The Bier Garden Bojangles/Bo-Tide Restaurants, Inc. Brenda Scott’s Custom Wreaths C-Fit Studio Cahoon Plantation Captain Chuck-a-Muck’s Carefree Boat Club Chef by Design Chick-fil-A @ Portsmouth Blvd. (#523) Chili’s Churchland Chiropractic Cox Communications Cypress Creek Golfer’s Club Mr. & Mrs. Vincent DeVita Dick’s Sporting Goods The Egg Bistro Farmers Bank Ford’s Colony Williamsburg Form & Function Fitness, Inc. The Frilly Lilly Golden Horseshoe Golf Club Gourmet Burger Bistro Harper’s Table Hell’s Point Golf Club Hometown Diner JoJack’s Expresso Bar & Cafe Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Klutz Kroger

board of directors Dr. Carole Adams Founder

Mr. Lawton Baker Treasurer

Mr. Jeff Benson

Vice Chairman

Mr. Dale Harris


Mrs. Kim Frost Director

Mr. Greg Lee Director

Mr. Matt Lopez Director

Mr. Robert MacDonald Director

Mr. Eric Plumlee


Mr. Thomas Reese


Mrs. Chris Wingard Director

Mrs. Alison Worret Secretary

emeritus members Mr. José Gonzalez

Founding Member

Mrs. Diana Williams Member

Miss Rosalie Slater

(decd.) Founding Member

Dr. Elizabeth Youmans Founding Member

ex-officio members McPhillips, Roberts & Deans Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Milburn Mr. & Mrs. William Mitchum Monarch Charities, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mullaly Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Nunziata Ms. Josie Overton Mr. & Mrs. Bill Overton Overton Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Overton Michael Owens ; Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Parkerson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Parkerson Parkerson Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jim Parroco Ms. Tess Parroco Mr. & Mrs. Gary Parsons ; Ms. Patricia Cochran, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pendleton Mr. James Pendleton Mr. & Mrs. Terry Philpot Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pitchford Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pittman Mr. & Mrs. C. Eric Plumlee Plumlee & Overton, P.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Marilyn Spencer Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Sposato Dr. & Mrs. W. Mark Stall Mr. & Mrs. Steven Stanphill Mr. & Mrs. Ira Steingold Dr. & Mrs. David Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Chad Stimson Mr. & Mrs. Gary Tester Mr. & Mrs. Noel Thomason Mr. Bob Toner Mr. & Mrs. Craig Topping TowneBank Chesapeake/Portsmouth/ Suffolk Mr. & Mrs. Paul Venable Mr. & Mrs. Drew Wall Ware Insurance Warwick Plumbing and Heating Mr. & Mrs. Hunter Webb Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wells Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wiley Mr. & Mrs. Mark Williams Dr. & Mrs. Daren Wingard Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wingfield Ms. Ann Woodard Mr. Cal Woolard Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Worret

Mrs. Kathy Rader

La Tolteca Head of School The Links/City Park Pro Shop Mrs. Kristen Cooper The Mariner’s Museum Director of Advancement MCS Computers Mr. Larry Drennen Mike Duman Auto Sales Director of Operations Nansemond River Golf Club Nelson Enterprises credits O’Doodle Doos executive editor Pinecrest Baptist Church Kristen Cooper The Plaid Turnip Director of Advancement Rachel Janitorial Service River Yoga managing editor Sherman A. Vincent Insurance Agency/ Meredith Beesing State Farm Agent Communications Coordinator The Sherwin-Williams Company photos of students Shotz Portrait Studio Courtesy of the SBS Sleepy Hole Golf Club community Spaghetti Eddie’s design Stealth Shredding Inc. Surf Rider If we have omitted a name, Szechuan Inn please do not hesitate to conTimothy K. Palmer, P.C. tact the Development Office Virginia Beach National Golf Club so that we can make the Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walker correction in our records. Wholehearted Design William R. Hatcher, D.D.S., P.C. 7


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

StoneBridge School P.O. Box 9247 Chesapeake, VA 23321

PAID Permit No. 681 Portsmouth, VA


462 StoneBridge School graduates (1993-2016)


State Tournament Team: Girls Volleyball Metro Conference & Metro Tournament Champions state champion: tim long, track & field, 200 meters

athletes selected for all-metro conference teams


47 SBS students in 3rd12th grades submitted art work to the Metro Art Show (comprised of nine schools in the Metro Conference). Two SBS students received Best in Show in their divisions (high school and elementary)!


major drama productions

Leaving Iowa & The Wizard of Oz


lical, Years of Bib l a ic ss Cla Education

1629-a jolliff rd. chesapeake, va | 757.488.2214 |

StoneBridge School Annual Report of Giving 2016  

The Annual Report of Giving is published annually to communicate the value of the StoneBridge School mission to its families and friends.

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