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Stonebridge Ranch HOA News © 2014 is published by Moonlight Graphics. All rights reserved. It is individually mailed free of charge to all residents of Stonebridge Ranch. Moonlight Graphics, P.O. Box 132, Allen, TX 75013, 972.727.4569, fax 972.396.0807. Visit



publisher/editor Barbara Peavy

office administrator Carrie McCormick

The pools will soon be open It is almost time for our pools to open for the swimming season. Both pools will be open on weekends only from 12-5 p.m. beginning May 3-18. The pools will open full time from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. starting May 24. The Beach Club will be closed on Mondays for maintenance and the Aquatics Center on Tuesdays. At our annual meeting on March 6, we elected two homeowners to the Stonebridge Ranch board. Welcome back Ron Ferris to another term, and welcome to our newest member of the board, David “Norm” Counts. Congratulations to both of you. In this month’s issue of the magazine, there is a discussion about some things you need to know about non-licensed drivers driving golf carts in Stonebridge Ranch and the City of McKinney. Thanks to the City of McKinney, we now have streetlights in the median along Custer Road from Highway 380 to Stonebridge Drive.

March 20, 2014 Board Meeting

contributing writers Jon Dell’Antonia Sherine George Michael Lesku Shannon Sheriff

The board meeting of February 20 was called to order at 1 p.m. The meeting began with a Homeowners Open Forum. No homeowners appeared. The first item of business was the election of officers of the board for the coming year. Unanimously elected were: President—Jon Dell’Antonia; Vice President—Ron Ferris; Secretary—Michael Yon; Treasurer: Rich MacFee. Next was the appointment of directors as liaisons to the standing committees of the board: Amenities Committee—Director Bill Campbell; Communications Committee—Director Norm Counts; Finance Committee—Treasurer Rich MacFee; Landscape and Grounds Committee—Director Tom George; Master Architectural and Review Committee—Vice President Ron Ferris; Social Committee— Secretary Michael Yon. The January 23 board meeting minutes were approved.

Old Business

cover photo

Assistant Police Chief Scott Brewer and Assistant City Attorney Stephen Fagan reviewed the state laws concerning golf cart usage in the city with particular emphasis on unlicensed drivers of golf carts or similar type vehicles. They discussed with the board an increased emphasis on enforcing the laws against unlicensed drivers. The police and the board are quite concerned about safety issues for all of our residents and do not want to see anyone hurt as a result of reckless driving of golf carts within Stonebridge Ranch.

New Business

The board heard a proposal from our water conservation consulting firm to review our water usage and recommend ways to reduce water usage in the association. We approved a contract with them to review our historical water usage and make recommendations for reducing it. Water bills are one of the largest expenses of the association so there is a potential for significant savings. We then reviewed a proposal for our annual survey of homeowners and tabled it for further discussion later in the year. We also reviewed and approved a request for quotes to identify a firm to assist us with development of a long-term capital improvements plan. We approved some design guideline revisions regarding fences. The board then reviewed and accepted the monthly financial report, management report, social report, landscape reports, violations summary report, strategic planning report and heard committee reports from the board liaisons. Because of the potential for the City of McKinney to impose stage 4 water restrictions in June, the board voted to eliminate the spring color for 2014, which would be planted during late April. If we are unable to water those plants, they will die costing the association approximately $50,000. Not knowing whether this will happen, but needing to give our growers and landscapers a decision now, we opted to take the conservative position of eliminating the spring color plantings. For information or to place an advertisement, please contact: Moonlight Graphics, P.O. Box 132, Allen, TX 75013, call 972.727.4569 or email

Executive Session

The board approved the violations, collections and collections committee reports, and received a legal issues update from the association’s attorney. The board then reviewed and renewed the contract for our electric service. The meeting adjourned at 6:36 p.m. Jon Dell’Antonia President Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


Stonebridge Ranch Community Association 6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071 214.733.5800 • fax 214.778.0595 Courtesy Patrol 214.794.4945

Association Hours Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Association Staff Michael Lesku—Director of Operations Shannon Sheriff—Assistant Manager Candace Rickman—Community Service Coordinator Courtney Birmingham—Compliance Coordinator Maria Ford—Compliance Coordinator Rony Peterson—Compliance Coordinator Joyce Martin—M.A.R.C. Compliance Coordinator Sherine George—Communications Coordinator Michael Cawley—Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Torres—Maintenance Assistant David Wiest—Lifestyle Director Lynette Rowell—Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors Jon Dell’Antonia—President Ron Ferris—Vice-President Richard MacFee—Treasurer Michael Yon—Secretary David Counts—Director Tom George—Director Bill Campbell—Director Stonebridge Ranch Homeowners Association News is the only authorized and official monthly publication for the residents of the Stonebridge Ranch community, with news and calendar of community events endorsed by the Stonebridge Ranch HOA and its members. Stonebridge Ranch HOA News is published for the residents of Stonebridge Ranch for informational purposes only. The Stonebridge Ranch HOA does not guarantee any work or claims made by the advertisers and claims no responsibility or liability for statements made in the publication. Stonebridge Ranch does not in any way endorse or support, nor does it take any credit or responsibility for the services, paid or volunteer, nor statements made in articles or letters published herein not endorsed by the Association or the group decision of the Board of Directors.


thIs month’ s feature Have a “Staycation” Right Here at Stonebridge Ranch! Sherine George Living in Stonebridge Ranch has the benefit of having many of the amenities you find on vacation right here in our community. For those of you looking to relax and unwind with friends and family, without the hassle and costs of planning a vacation, look no further. Plan a “staycation” with your loved ones without ever leaving Stonebridge Ranch. Whether you want to get the grill ready for a barbeque at the Beach Club, take a cool dip in the Aquatic Center pools or sail on Lake Stonebridge, you will never be at a loss for things to do! If you are longing for a sandy beach vacation, then break out the beach chair, slather on the sun block and head to the Beach Club. Don’t forget to pack your favorite foods and beverages in non-glass containers. Janeen Pitts has been a Stonebridge Ranch resident for ten years. “I am amazed


with the amount of things I can do without ever really leaving my community,” she says. “My family and I love Movie Nights. We look forward to it every summer. We also

thIs month’ s feature love the atmosphere at the Beach Club. It’s a great way to just hang out and have a good time with people in the community. Whenever my nieces and nephews are in town, I take them to the Beach Club. They don’t have a beach anywhere near where they live, so it’s become quite the family tradition!” Summer is enough reason to have a party, so make plans to attend SRCA’s Beach Club parties set for Monday evenings in June, July and August. “One of the great things about the Beach Club parties is that they are on nights when the pool is closed,” says David Wiest, SRCA Lifestyle Director. We provide hotdogs and a live band. People really have a good time. They watch the sun set while sitting on the beach—it’s all around great family entertainment!” In addition to the Beach Club parties, there are several family style activities during the holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day). Activities at the Beach Club include tug-of-war, paddle boat races, hula-hoop contests and even an annual 4th of July Sandcastle Building Contest. Although Janeen has been to her fair share of fun-filled SRCA summer events, she is most excited about attending Evening on the Veranda, which is also held at the Beach Club. “There’s been a lot of buzz about it and we are really looking forward to attending for the first time this year!” Evening on the Veranda is unique in that it’s an adult

only (21 and up) event and is held on Friday nights in May, August and September. This year, the Evening on the Veranda held in May will also include a singles mixer, although couples are very much welcome. “This is a great way to relax on a Friday night after a hectic week,” says Wiest. “People come with their lawn chairs and favorite wine. We provide food and live music. May’s event will also have music by Lantana.” There are a myriad of activities for those looking to have fun while getting in some physical exercise. You can rent a paddleboat at the dock on Lake Stonebridge, make use of Stonebridge’s many trails or play golf on one of the private golf courses in our community. From tournaments to races, there are numerous options for SRCA residents who enjoy the fit life. “One of our oldest Stonebridge Ranch traditions is the Hook, Line & Sinker Children’s Fishing Tournament held in May. The community really gets together for this tournament,” shares Wiest. “And hey, if fishing isn’t your thing, there’s always water aerobics, tennis camps, swim lessons and more. There’s something for everyone. We are always adding events so check out the online calendar (www. to see what else is coming up this summer.” F

Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


In the news Water Conservation and Its Impact on SRCA by Sherine George As one can expect, the drought in North Texas and the subsequent water restrictions will have an impact on SRCA’s largest amenity—our landscaping. In efforts to prevent unnecessary expenditures from the loss of plants that cannot withstand current water restrictions, the board of directors has made the decision to forgo the planting of summertime colors this year. This decision is predicted to save the association thousands of dollars. The flower beds will be cleaned up with compost and mulch dressings to provide proper nutrients for the soil, ensuring that new plants will thrive in the upcoming seasons. According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the statewide average precipitation for the period of January 1 to February 28 was only 1.06 inches, more than two inches below average, making it the 5th driest start to the year on record. Our primary water source, Lake Lavon, has been hovering around 44% this year, the lowest water level in the past two years. The association is working to ensure that water restrictions are minimally impacting the health and beauty of SRCA landscape and grounds. Precision Landscape Management has provided the following long-term tips to help you conserve water: •Change nozzle: Change sprinkler head spray nozzles to water conserving multi-stream nozzles which apply water in heavier droplets, so less water is lost due to


displacement by wind and evaporation. Also make any repairs (broken heads/nozzles, leaks, malfunctioning head/rotor, etc.) to your irrigation system necessary to stop water waste or runoff. •Replace controller: Replace an older irrigation controller with new models with water conserving settings (soak and cycle; seasonal adjustment) or with a smart controller, which uses evapotranspiration or moisture sensors to determine run time. •Install a rain and freeze sensor: This sensor prevents an automatic system from applying water while raining or during freezing conditions to avoid loss of water and prevent hazardous ice conditions. These are mandatory for all DFW cities. •Drip irrigation: Install drip irrigation. Many existing irrigation systems can be converted to drip irrigation. Properly designed, installed and maintained drip irrigation is 90% efficient, compared to spray irrigation, which is about 65% efficient. There is now sub-surface drip tubing available for lawn areas. In most cases, drip irrigation is exempt from drought restrictions due to transpiration. •Aerate lawn area: Clay soil becomes compacted over time from activities, rain and irrigation. To increase the soil’s ability to absorb water, aerate the lawn area in the spring and apply about one-quarter inch of compost. F

www.stonebrI Plan Your Summer Online by Sherine George As the hustle and bustle of summer draws near, juggling your summer schedule may seem like a daunting task. Use the SRCA online community calendar to help plan your summer activities! The community website,, lists all SRCA sponsored events on the community calendar, as well as summer schedules for all SRCA amenities. Want to be notified of events as they come up? Log in to the website, go to My Profile and select the type of events you’re interested in and how far in advance you’d like to be notified. The appropriate notifications will be emailed to you. Want to know when you’ll be able take the kids to the Aquatic Center? The following schedules can be found under the Pool and Tennis Information tab: • Aquatics Center Schedule • Beach Club Schedule • Swim Lesson Schedule • Aqua Aerobics Schedule • Photo ID Schedule • Tennis Class Information If you recently moved to Stonebridge Ranch and have

1 2

not obtained your ID, be sure to do so during our scheduled photo ID sessions. Each year, SRCA posts a photo ID schedule for residents interested in using the community amenities. The photo ID form located in the Forms and Applications section of the Document and Forms Library can be printed and completed in advance to help reduce your wait time. Please keep the following information in mind when obtaining a photo ID. • All residents must carry appropriate ID to fish at any of the community lakes and to use the community pools. • Children 3 years and older need a birth certificate, adoption certificate, passport or state issued ID card. • All residents must be current on their account to obtain an ID. Residents with an outstanding account balance will be denied access. Having the proper identification and keeping your account in good standing will ensure hassle-free access to the pools. To ensure that our community facilities are appropriately used, SRCA has developed a straightforward process to help you obtain proper identification. Please take a look at the diagram below. F

complIance tI p s Ready for Summer? by Courtney Birmingham

It is the perfect time to use the parks, playgrounds and lakes here in Stonebridge Ranch. Step out into the warmer weather and enjoy the following SRCA amenities.

SRCA Parks & Playgrounds


Arbor Glen Morning Glory & Springcress off Lake Forest Beach & Tennis Virginia Parkway Nightgale & Owl Creek Lane off Plainfield Eagle Creek Fountainview Fountainview Drive & Ozark Cove off Custer Lake Forest between Glen Oaks & Eldorado Nora Haney Park Lake Forest Drive & Quail Creek Drive Quail Creek Orchard Park Drive & Saddlehorn Drive Saddlehorn Ridge Summer Glen Drive & Wingate Lane off Stanford Meadow Stonebridge Drive Berkshire & Rush Creek off Ridge Road Willow Brook Woodhaven Woodcliff Drive & Cotton Ridge Drive Camberton Drive Wren Creek Glendevon Drive Wyndsor Grove

Lakes: For those wanting an outdoor activity, visit the fishing lakes. This is a fun experience for many children that have made Stonebridge Ranch their home. Competitions are held throughout the year and it is an activity that can be undertaken with a parent or friend. Residents with accepted photo IDs (or guests accompanied by that resident) may fish at Stonebridge Lake (parking provided at Beach & Tennis club), Wellington Ponds (no parking provided), Lake Forest (parking provided at Nora Haney Park), Quail Creek Pond (no parking provided), Millard Pond, Fountainview and Lake La Cima.

Landscaping: Many thanks to all those who are keeping a tidy yard! We love seeing the neat yards and beautiful color of the flower beds. Now is a good time to clean out the flower beds and spruce up the lawns before the weather is warm.

Signs: Remember political signs should comply with the size in accordance with the state law. Only one (1) sign will be permitted for each candidate or issue and such

1 4

complIance tI ps signs shall not be erected more than ninety (90) days in advance of the election to which they pertain and removed within ten (10) days after the election.

Play Equipment:

receptacles in each village for your convenience. Please keep the walking areas pleasant for everyone to use. You may contact the City of McKinney to report dogs not on leashes.

We do not want to spoil play, but we would like to try and keep everyone safe! Basketball goals should be set back 10 feet from the curb and aren’t permitted in the street or across the sidewalk. Skate ramps, hockey equipment, etc. should be in your side or rear yard. Trampolines no longer need approval, but must be 10 feet from any property line and earth tone in color. Please submit a modification request for the addition of a play set.

Following are some of the items needing approval BEFORE installation: Arbor/pergola; pool/spa; gazebo; deck; patio; sheds; play set/playhouse; additions or remodels. You are in violation if approval is not obtained. You may submit your request online at www. Or you may obtain the form online and submit by mail, email, fax or in person at 6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071.

Trash Totes:

Address Changes:

Don’t forget to store your trash totes and recycle bins! Totes should be behind a large dense evergreen shrub if placed at the side of the home. Trash tote fencing may be installed per the design guidelines. Totes may be put out no earlier than 8 p.m. the day prior to trash day and properly stored within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT—If you move, please contact the CMA corporate office to advise of the address change, 972.943.2800 or go to This is imperative if you decide to rent or lease your home. All homeowners, renters, or persons leasing a home must abide by the Stonebridge Ranch Guidelines and CC&R’s. The compliance team is here to help and advise you, please call 214.733.5800. CMA Compliance Coordinators—Rony Peterson, Courtney Birmingham, Maria Ford; M.A.R.C Compliance Coordinator—Joyce Martin (new construction only) F

Dogs: We always want to keep our pups safe and well taken care of. The office is receiving more calls about homeowners who are not picking up after their pets and dogs not on leashes. The association has many trash


Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


May 3

Children’s fishing tournament 9 a.m. (WP)

MAy 7, 14, 21, 28 coffee talk 8:30 a.m. (CR) MAY 9

Evening on the veranda 7 p.m. (btc)

May 26

Memorial Day at the Beach club 11 a.m. (btc)

may 27 travel club 9 a.m. (Cr) ARC Meeting, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. (BR) 9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC) 4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC) 6-7 pm—Fit4Baby (CR)

Visit www.StonebridgeRanch. com for event details.

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC) 4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC) 6-7 pm—Fit4Baby (CR)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC) 4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC) 6-7 pm—Fit4Baby (CR)

Amenities Commitee Meeting, 7-9 p.m. (BR) 4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

MARC Meeting 8 a.m.-3 p.m. (BR)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis C Select Tennis Academ 6-7 pm—Fit4 Baby (CR)

Coffee Talk, 8:30

Modifications Committee Meeting, 5-8 p.m. (BR)

Communications Meeting, 4-5 p.m

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller

ARC Meeting, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. (BR)

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis C Select Tennis Academ 6-7 pm—Fit4 Baby (CR)

Coffee Talk, 8:30

Social Committee (BR) 4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

Memorial Day at the Beach Club, 11 a.m. (BTC)

MARC Meeting 8 a.m.-3 p.m. (BR)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC)

Travel Club, 9 a.m. (CR)

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC) 6-7 pm—Fit4Baby (CR)

Modifications Committee Meeting, 5-8 p.m. (BR)

1 6

Coffee Talk, 8:30 a

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis C Select Tennis Academ 6-7 pm—Fit 4Baby (CR)

Coffee Talk, 8:30 a 9:30-10:30 am—Stroller

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis C Select Tennis Academ 6-7 pm—Fit4Baby (CR)

Photo ID Session, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (CR)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC)

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

a.m. (CR)

Photo ID Session, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (CR)

Strides (BTC)

Classes, my (BTC) )

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

Children’s Fishing Tournament, 9 a.m. (WP)

Photo ID Session, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (CR)

Evening on the Veranda, 7 p.m. (BTC)

Photo ID Session, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (CR)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC)

a.m. (CR)

s Committee m. (BR) Strides (BTC)

Classes, my (BTC) )

a.m. (CR)

e Meeting, 9 a.m. Strides (BTC)

Classes, my (BTC) )

a.m. (CR) Strides (BTC)

Classes, my (BTC)

Photo ID Session, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (CR) 9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC)

Photo ID Session, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (CR)

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

Board of Directors Meeting, 1 p.m. (BOD) Photo ID Session, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (CR)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC)

4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

Photo ID Session, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (CR) 4-7 pm—Junior Tennis Classes, Select Tennis Academy (BTC)

9:30-10:30 am—Stroller Strides (BTC)

Photo ID Session, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (CR)

Visit www.StonebridgeRanch. com for event details.

Photo ID Session, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (CR)

Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


fInancIal update Inside the HOA Budget by Michael Lesku This month I will be providing a breakdown of the sixth largest association expense category, Pool Operations and Lake Maintenance. Pool Operations and Lake Maintenance costs include those expenses associated with the operations of the Beach Club and Aquatics Center pools along with monthly treatment of the community lakes.

Pool Operations and Lake Maintenance Facts • 57,610 visits were made to the association pools in 2013. • The annual costs to operate the association pools is $491,431. • The association has 15 lakes of which most can be used for fishing. The Beach Club and Aquatic Center pools are by far the most popular and most utilized amenities the association offers to its residents. In fact, 57,610 visits were made to the association pools in 2013. The annual expense to operate both association pools is $490,431, which includes gate monitors and lifeguard staff for both pools during the swim season, chemical costs, pool equipment, repairs, supplies and signage. The pools are open from the first weekend in May through the third weekend in September. Another popular and frequently used association amenity is the association lakes. The association has 15 lakes of which most can be used by residents for fishing. The annual expense to maintain the association lakes is $31,298 and includes weekly inspections of all 15 lakes along with the cost for chemicals to control algae and weed growth in the lakes. As always, I’m available by phone or email if you have comments or questions. F

Save the Date! Stonebridge Ranch Day Saturday, July 26 Classic Car Show Beach Club Pool Party Volleyball Tournament Food Trucks Kid’s Zone Concert Fireworks Show Stonebridge Ranch Day Run

1 8

around mckInney Eat Locally Collin County has deep agricultural roots. Over the past 165 years, the fertile blackland prairie that makes up most of Collin County has yielded many crops—cotton, cantaloupe, onions, black-eyed peas, okra and more. During World War II, McKinney’s cotton mill was the largest producer of denim in the world—from cotton grown in the U.S. and Collin County. Farmersville was known as the onion capital of Texas, and McKinney was the cantaloupe capital of Texas. Nothing is sweeter than a Collin County cantaloupe fresh from the field! The Historic McKinney Farmers Market at Adriatica celebrates this agricultural history by providing a venue for local farmers to sell their product directly to the Stonebridge customer. These farmers come out every Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m., April through October, to sell the freshest available produce, meat, eggs, honey, olive oil, baked goods and more. The produce is picked straight from the fields that morning or the evening before. The honey is pollinated in Collin County and the olive oil is made from olives grown right here in Texas. Meats are grass fed and antibiotic free. The Adriatica Market is a satellite of the Saturday market at Chestnut Square Historic Village, which was named the #1 market in Texas in the American Farmland Trust “Love Your Farmers Market” contest. Cindy Johnson, Chestnut Square executive director and Farmers Market manager, sums up the market this way, “Our mission at Chestnut Square is to preserve and perpetuate the heritage of Collin County and farmers are definitely part of our heritage. We love the

opportunity to allow people to shop the old-fashioned way and eat food straight from the farm. We knew that the younger family demographic in Stonebridge was often busy with sports and family activities on Saturday morning and could not make the market at Chestnut Square, so we chose to reach out with a market at Adriatica on Thursdays. We hope that everyone can come out and experience the benefits of knowing the people who grow their food!” The McKinney Farmers Market at Adriatica is located in the far east Virginia Parkway parking lot at Adriatica. The 2014 market season opens on Thursday, April 10. Just look for the the pop-up tents. The Collin County farmers are waiting for you! F

Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


your neIg hbor Resident Spotlight: David Counts By Sherine George Tell us about your family.

My wife Carol and I are both originally from Austin. We met in high school, married and started our married life in San Diego while I served our country with the Navy during the Vietnam era conflict. My wife and I have one daughter and two grandchildren. They reside in Rowlett. The grandchildren are both beyond high school and either graduated college or just started their working careers.

What are your hobbies or special interests?

My primary personal interests are focused on financial planning and reading historical novels.

Tell us about your involvement in local charities. Why did you get involved in those particular charities?

I am currently serving as a federal tax aid preparing complimentary federal and state tax returns for the AARP Foundation on Friday and Saturday. I find federal tax law fascinating because as one of my professors once told me, the purpose of tax law is to raise revenue and is not meant to be logical. I fully identify with that statement. On Wednesdays I help with McKinney Seniors Helping Seniors. We are a group of retired gentlemen that enjoy doing minor home repairs for McKinney seniors on

2 0

limited budgets or that have small repair jobs that most contractors don’t want to perform. We focus a major portion of our efforts providing grab bars and wheelchair ramps for persons in need. I am having a great time meeting the residents of McKinney, providing a needed service to the residents and at the same time learning about tools and techniques of repair I would never have experienced without this volunteer opportunity. As time permits, I volunteer at the Samaritan Inn,

your neIghbor Collin County’s only resident homeless shelter. I have served in a variety of roles helping tutor math in the GED program, welcome center greeter and computer lab volunteer. The residents are situationally, not chronically, homeless. They just need a helping hand. I am amazed to see the residents work through the program and get back on their feet and rejoin the community fully able to sustain themselves and family.

Tell us about your experience on the SRCA Amenities Committee.

As a member of the amenities committee, I gained a much more intimate view of the community. I had an opportunity for a first hand close-up view of many of the amenities that I had not previously explored in the community. I appreciated the committee leadership provided by Rich Krukar as he led us efficiently through our meeting agendas. The discussions were open and honest with a diversity of thought.

As a newly elected SRCA board member, what changes and improvements do you envision for the association?

I plan to fully support the strategic plan as developed by last year’s board. The goals and milestones, as set forth in the plan, are reasonable for a community of our size and age. The identified changes will be incremental and will further enhance the brand of SRCA.

What experience and skills are you most excited about utilizing as a board member? I am most excited to utilize my past experience as a treasurer and president of another North Texas HOA. I will also lean heavily on my academic training in finance and practical analytical skills developed serving as a project manager on a diversity of work projects.

How long have you lived in Stonebridge Ranch? In what village do you reside and how did you find your way to the area?

My wife and I moved to the Village of La Cima in 2008. We moved from Plano looking to find a community that was family friendly, had a distinctive brand and was managed as a planned community development.

What do you love most about the Stonebridge Ranch community? The most attractive features in SRCA are the rolling hills, abundance of walking trails and greenbelts.

What excites you most about serving the Stonebridge Ranch community?

I am excited about the opportunity to represent the residents of SRCA to ensure the quality of life we have grown to expect is sustained and incrementally improved. I expect to see some major development and growth in and around our community as McKinney begins to build out and mature. As a major population hub for McKinney, we draw significant attention from our city and district representatives. Our community’s success continues to make us a very desirable target for personal relocations. I love being a part of our continued success and part of a great representative team overseeing the management of our community. F Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


InsId e the hoa Pool Season Has Arrived! by Michael Lesku The Beach Club and Aquatic Center pools will be open on weekends from May 3-25 and will open full time beginning May 26. Please refer to the 2014 pool schedules posted on the association website,, for more details on the operating hours. Please remember that usage of the association common areas, including both association pools, is permitted for Stonebridge Ranch residents that are in good standing and have a valid Stonebridge Ranch photo ID card or other form of ID that includes a current photo and Stonebridge Ranch address, such as a valid Texas drivers license. The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions state that the association will suspend the right of any owner to use the common area properties for any period during which an assessment remains unpaid. With that said, the gate guards at both the Beach Club and Aquatic Center pools will be checking the account status of each resident as they check into the pool. If your account reflects an outstanding balance, the gate guards have been told to instruct residents to contact the association office, at which time arrangements can be made to bring the account current. Providing a safe and clean environment for residents and their guests at the pools is the association’s number one priority. Historically our pool operations team has been able to achieve this on a consistent basis, however, an alarming trend has come to our attention that requires the help of all Stonebridge Ranch residents in addressing. The issue is the increasing number of water rescues being performed by our lifeguard team on young children that are being left unattended. Over the past two swim seasons, lifeguards have performed 27 water rescues at the pools with the majority of those rescues taking place at the Beach Club. We are extremely fortunate that none of these incidents ended tragically. The association is doing what it can to ensure that a tragic event does not occur at either pool, but we also need the assistance of our Stonebridge Ranch residents. When bringing children to the pools, we encourage all parents/ guardians/caregivers to keep tabs on where their children are in the facility at all times. If possible, accompany small children into the pool. While it may appear that the beach pool is not very deep, it is 5 feet deep in the middle of the pool and when the pool gets busy, a small child can get lost amongst the swimmers and end up in distress. Taking proactive measures to ensure you know, and can see, where your child is will not only provide you with peace of mind, but also help reduce the likelihood of your child becoming distressed. Another key contributor to providing a safe and clean environment is the commitment of association residents and their guests to observe the pool rules. The rules can be found by visiting the association website under the Documents and Forms Library tab. The document in the library that includes the swim rules is the Resident Handbook. We have also included a copy of the swim rules on page 24 of this edition. The pool operations team has been asked to be diligent in enforcing these rules so please do your part by being knowledgeable about the rules and making a commitment to observing those rules when visiting the pools. Thank you all in advance for your help and support in observing the pool rules and keeping our association pools safe and clean. Enjoy your summer. F

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Swim Season Rules And Regulations Beach Club & Aquatic Center • Stonebridge Ranch Resident ID cards or other form of ID that includes a current photo and Stonebridge Ranch address, such as a valid Texas drivers license, are required upon entry. • At the Aquatic Center and Beach Club, children under age 12 must be accompanied by a person at least 18 years of age. • The Aquatic Center and Beach Club are both smoke-free facilities. • Food and drinks are welcome!—GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PROHIBITED. • Please keep pets outside the Beach Club and Aquatic Center fence area. • Swim suits only—NO CUT-OFFS, SHORTS OR THONG BATHING SUITS. • Infants and small children are required to wear swim diapers and plastic pants. • For your safety—DIVING IS NOT PERMITTED! • Flotation devices are permitted with the exception of rafts. Any child wearing a life vest must stay in the pool area; an adult must be with them AT ALL TIMES. • Toys may be used at the discretion of the lifeguards. No large water guns are allowed. • Please walk in Beach and Pool area—NO RUNNING OR HORSEPLAY!! • Please keep in-line skates, bicycles, skateboards, etc. outside the Beach Club, Aquatic Center fence area and tennis courts. • Chairs are not permitted in the water due to possible damage to underground pipes. • Food and drinks must be kept beyond sand and out of water at the Beach Club. • To operate the sailboats a person must have sailing experience. Pool schedules can be found by visiting the website

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McKinney Ladies Association The McKinney Ladies Association will close out its 2013-14 club year by supporting businesses on the historic downtown square and the SPCA branch in McKinney. Area women are invited to join MLA for its annual Square Crawl starting at 7 p.m., Monday, May 12 at Nan Lee Jewelry, 106 W. Virginia St. (Be sure to check MLA’s website,, in the days leading up to the event because organizers may move the starting time up one hour earlier, as needed.) The event is free for MLA members or $10 for not-yet members who have previously attended an MLA event. Attendees are asked to bring donations to benefit the SPCA at 8411 Stacy Road in McKinney. The SPCA’s needs include detergent, bleach and liquid dishwashing soap. After gathering at Nan Lee Jewelry, MLA members and guests will continue the Square Crawl along McKinney’s beautiful downtown square by visiting other businesses. MLA is planning its next club year, which extends from September 2014 to May 2015, and welcomes newcomers. MLA’s mission is to support the children and families of the community through special events and fundraisers organized by MLA. For details, please visit

McKinney Area Newcomers Club If you are new to the McKinney area, come join us at our monthly Coffee Meeting for fun, information and friendship. Every month we have great speakers, nice door prizes, tasty refreshments and lots of good socializing with new friends. For more information on Newcomers, visit This is a great time to visit! We will be introducing our many interest group activities offered within our club and acknowledging our awesome leaders of these activity groups. Our many activities include: Book Club, Bowling, Cards and other various games, Stitching, Dining Out, Movies, Great Decisions, Golf, Empty Nesters and other social outings. Our club provides a great variety of things to do for new people to get involved in the McKinney community. Please join McKinney Area Newcomers at its meeting at 10 a.m., Tuesday, May 20, in the Eva Joplin Hall at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 5871 Virginia Parkway in McKinney. Social time with refreshments will begin at 9:30 a.m. F Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


publIc safety Teenagers and Golf Carts Do You Have Insurance Coverage? You Better Ask!! by Rod Medlin, AAI, Scarbrough Medlin & Associates, Inc. As a commercial insurance broker with heavy involvement in homeowners and community association insurance coverages, I am frequently asked whether insurance coverage exists for teenagers while driving golf carts on city streets and in neighborhoods. My response is always the same: “You have insurance coverage on your standard Texas homeowners policy under Section II Comprehensive Personal Liability which will extend to indemnify and defend you against allegations of negligence presented as a result of damages caused by the operation of a golf cart that you own and maintain.” Having said that, the next part gets a little complicated. The Texas Department of Insurance-approved Texas homeowners insurance policy form A and form B limit coverage for liability arising from the use of golf carts to: a) use while on the insured’s premises, and b) use for golf purposes. When the golf cart leaves your premises, coverage ceases to apply and you have effectively “driven out of coverage” unless the cart is being used for golf purposes. This means the primary liability coverage provided by your homeowners policy for use of the golf cart ceases to be applicable, and any umbrella liability policy, which follows the form of the primary policy, also ceases to provide protection. So, the usage of the golf cart dictates the coverage. A golf cart can deviate from having insurance coverage into a non-covered scenario with a left turn. Joy rides are not “playing golf.” Going to 7-Eleven is not playing golf. “Golf polo,” even on the golf course, is not playing golf. Carrying neighborhood children on joy rides increases exposure to loss to a great extent with a collision or overturning of the golf cart. The question then becomes do you have enough coverage to adequately indemnify and defend yourself in a court of law. I recommend the following coverages: • a minimum of $1,000,000 in personal liability protection under your homeowners policy • additional protection for golf cart use outside of the above basic protection • a personal liability umbrella policy. These coverages should pay the defense costs associated with defending against a lawsuit and get the claim resolved. Umbrella policies are not expensive and are readily available from your personal insurance agent. When you purchase the additional coverage to follow the golf cart over and above the restricted coverage provided by your homeowners policy, it should be scheduled with

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publIc safety

your umbrella insurance carrier as an underlying policy so the umbrella will “follow form” adding additional limits of liability to the primary policy. The exposures you face when you allow a teenager or minor child to operate a golf cart on city streets and in our neighborhoods increases your exposure to loss

exponentially. If a loss occurs, the plaintiff’s attorney will ask for monetary damages and potentially ask for punitive damages as a result of any bodily injury or property damage that results from the improper operation of the vehicle. A finding of negligence will not be a high standard to reach in most cases. Under Texas law, parents can be responsible for the torts of their minor children, both for property damage and personal injury. In some instances, parents are strictly liable for property damage caused by their children up to $25,000. And Texas courts have recognized that a parent can be liable for the child’s torts upon proof that the parent negligently allowed the child to act in a manner likely to harm another, negligently entrusted the child with a dangerous instrumentality or negligently failed to restrain a child known to have dangerous tendencies. A parent’s liability under these theories for personal injury would not be capped at $25,000. Now you have the knowledge to make an informed decision on golf cart usage and insurance. So, if you are going to let your minor child operate your golf cart, assuming that you are protected in case of an accident, you need to reassess your insurance and make sure that you get the coverage that adequately protects you and your assets. And no matter what decision you make, always drive safely. F

Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


socIal scene Evening on the Veranda & Singles Mixer Looking for a relaxing way to end a busy week? The social committee has planned a great event for you to enjoy the outdoors, listen to some great music and sip on your favorite beverage. Grab your folding chair and join us at the Beach & Tennis Club for an Evening on the Veranda on Friday, May 9, with recording artist Lantana. Pack your favorite beverage and grab a neighbor, a group of friends, your spouse, your date or come solo! If you’re single, and would like to meet your fellow single residents, Evening on the Veranda Singles Mixer is a great way to start! There will be a “singles section” during the event where you can enjoy your favorite drink and snack with other singles. Glass containers are prohibited, so be sure to purchase aluminum or plastic containers. This is an adult only, non-swimming, smoke-free event and you must be 21 years old to enter. Light snacks, sodas and water will be available. Gates open at 7 p.m. and live music begins at 7:30 p.m. Photo ID is required and there is a $5 fee for non-resident guests. You can view Lantana at www.

Hook, Line & Sinker Kid’s Fishing Tournament

The Stonebridge Ranch Community Association would like to invite all of our junior anglers out to the 16th Annual Hook, Line & Sinker Children’s Fishing Tournament at Wellington Pond (first 3 ponds starting with the one closest to Stonebridge Drive) on Saturday, May 3. The tournament will be held from 9 to 11 a.m., with registration beginning at 8:30 a.m. and the raffle drawing and awards presentation beginning at 11 a.m. Trophies will be awarded to the children who catch the nine biggest fish and the one smallest fish (any species). Other activities include a free raffle drawing for prizes and a hot dog cookout with refreshments. Anglers are responsible for bringing their own fishing pole. Bait will be supplied, but you may bring your own. Wellington Pond is located on Wellington Point Drive, north of the corner of Stonebridge Drive and Glen Oaks Drive.

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socIal scene Summer Camps 2014 10 & Under 10 & Under Tennis is an exciting new play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by adapting the equipment, court dimensions and the scoring to the age and size of the children, enabling kids to have more enjoyable experiences early on in the learning process. Time: 10-11 a.m. Cost: $60 per week.

Future Star Camp (8 & up) This class is designed for beginner and intermediate players ages 11 and up. Players will be placed in groups according to ability level. All aspects of the game will be covered in this class. Time: 10-11:30 a.m. Cost: $85/week

Tennis Academy For players who are competing in ZAT, Champ and Super Champ tournaments. Topics covered include stroke production, tactics and strategy, quickness drills and mental toughness and match play. Players should be at a high level of fitness before attending this camp. Time: 8-11 a.m. Drills & Fitness 12-2 p.m. Match Play Cost: Full Camp-$299/week; Morning Session only-$199/week Match Camp Session only-$165/week (space limited)

14th Annual Summer Spectacular Kids Camp This camp is for kids ages 6-10 and includes tennis, swimming, arts and crafts and lunch. Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Cost: $150 for one camp and $280 for both camps Week I-Jul. 28-31; Week II-Aug. 4-7 Tennis Camp Dates: Week 1-Jun. 9-12; Week 2-Jun.16-19; Week 3-Jun.23- 26; Week 4-Jun.30-Jul. 3; Week 5-Jul. 7-10; Week 6-Jul. 14-17; Week 7-Jul. 21-24; Week 8-Jul. 28-31; Week 9-Aug. 4-7; Week 10-Aug. 11-14; Week 11-Aug. 18-21 Camp Policies And Procedures: Due to inclement weather, Fridays will be used as make-up days for all camps. If you are uncertain whether classes will be held or not, a message will be posted on www. one-half hour before class time. A 10% discount will be given to all students signing up for multiple weeks. It is the parent’s responsibility to take off the 10% prior to sending the check. Registration can also be done online at or mail to Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, 6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071, attn. Dave Wiest. Stonebridge Ranch HOA News x May 2014


socIal scene Psst! Read What’s Being Said about the Adult Big Bass Results Sixteen anglers participated in our 15th Annual Big Bass tournament on Lake Stonebridge. Wellington Point resident Jim Prentice took first place with a nice 18 ½” bass weighing 5 pounds and 10 ounces. He caught every fish on tournament day with a red rattle trap crank bait.

“I have lived here in Stonebridge Ranch for 10 years. I bought a house that backs up to the lake and it was a large factor in our decision to buy the home. I love the lakes in the community. I fish year round in the lakes and almost daily when I am in town. I finished 2nd four times in the past tournaments, so finally winning was fun! The schools, golf, the lakes and the value in our home make it an easy decision to raise our kids here in Stonebridge.”

Memorial Day at the Beach Club 11 am-4 pm—Uptown Sound Disc Jockey (text 214.491.8283 to request a song!) 12 pm—Tug Of War & Bouncy Ball Races (volleyball court) 1 pm—Paddle Boat Races (under 12 years must ride with an adult) 2 pm—Hula Hoop Contest (swimming pool, all ages) 3 pm—Limbo (How low can you go?) 3:30 pm—Sky High Prize Launching Contest (Heads up!)

Memorial Day Hours of Operation: Beach Club—10 am-4 pm Aquatic Center—10 am-8 pm F

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At Dana Palmer Law Group PLLC, they believe that divorce doesn’t have to be so hard.

battle, with each spouse trying to extract as much money as possible from the other, then no one ‘wins.’

“What we try to do is get people through a divorce in the healthiest way possible so that everyone can move on to the next chapter in their lives, in the best way possible,” says Dana, creator of the Soft Divorce® brand. “We don’t define success by the other party’s failure. Instead, our goal is for our client, their children, and even their soon-to-be-ex-spouse, to be as healthy as possible after the divorce.”

“I’m the type of person who is always looking for a better way to do something—and when I find that better way, I feel compelled to share it with others,” Dana explains. “That’s why I’m now sharing the Soft Divorce® program worldwide.”

A better way to divorce

Dana C. Palmer

It’s a concept that Dana created after focusing his law firm in McKinney on family law in 2011. “I opened the firm in 2006, practicing a wide variety of cases. I soon realized that family law cases provided me with the biggest opportunity to help people and that’s when I decided to narrow my focus,” Dana says. Quickly, he says, he saw that when divorce is approached as a

Soft Divorce® is a concept and framework of the best practices in family law and divorce procedures that aim to keep divorces civil, family-oriented, healthy and as pain-free and stress-free as possible. “I believe in Soft Divorce® because it’s better than a ‘hard divorce.’” Dana says. “At the end of the day, former spouses will always be parents together and they need to have the best possible relationship with one another, as well as with their kids. A Soft Divorce® allows for that.”

Happier, healthier results Of course, the firm’s approach doesn’t mean that they’ll simply “lie down” and take whatever the other party’s attorney is offering. “There are times that we have to, and we do, ‘play hard-ball,’” Dana says. “We go into court knowing that we’ve taken the high road, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the healthy result we’re after.” When prospective clients first hear about the firm’s Soft Divorce brand, Dana says, they’re often relieved to discover that there’s a healthier way to go through the divorce process. “You always see on TV and hear about divorces where people end up hating each other and losing so much,” he says. “We show people a different and better way.” For more information, please call or visit our website.

Stonebridge Ranch  

HOA News May 2014

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