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God never lets go I could list a myriad of parenting principles. to guarantee that children enter their. early adult years putting Christ first and. attending church regularly, but that would. be disingenuous. Sometimes even great parents following a very Biblical pattern of parenting end up with rebellious or lazy children. The bottom-line issue is that our children need faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. They. need a supernatural guide in this world—. One who can provide guidance in ways we. cannot. Our Senior Pastor just started his. series on Biblical parenting and recently. said that the most important thing parents. can do is to present the opportunity for. your child to place their trust in Jesus. Christ. Everything else that Chuck speaks. about in this series is predicated upon. that fact. With the Savior and His. indwelling Spirit, our children will begin. to respond to Him and not just to us.. Their futures after high school depend on learning how to respond to His leading. That faith then needs to be nurtured.. That is done through trusting in the. power of His Word in our children’s lives.. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 gives a prescription for parenting that makes His Word central.. The gist of the passage is that parents. should be taking every opportunity. throughout the day to help our children know the Scriptures and how they apply to everyday situations. This parental habit should start at a very young age. The Word

both convicts and instructs—it always. accomplishes what God wants it to. (Isaiah 55:11). It doesn’t matter if your. children are two or 12, if you haven’t begun to daily teach your children from the. foundation of the Scriptures, today is a great day to start! In many ways, when they graduate from high school, the journey of our children’s lives is just beginning. Give them a chance to figure things out. Some will take longer than others, even when they are attached to Christ. It may even seem that all is lost sometimes. But don’t give up! Have faith in God’s plan and timing. A child of God is. always a child of God, and God never lets go..

God is a God of hope Gallup gave a picture of hope in his study.. The 2002 poll found that most folks do return. to church by age 65.6 I know that seems like a long time, but look at my life. He remained. faithful to me throughout my faithlessness. (2 Timothy 2:13; Romans 8:38-39). It took. God seven years to get my attention after I accepted His Son and before I began walking. in that faith. Some would say that was tragic. I say He was right on time. 1. From a study done by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Family Life Council in. 2002. The study’s methodology (how it arrived at the 88% statistic) is not. published. In my humble opinion, other studies shed doubt on this statistic. 2. From, “The Religiosity Cycle,” by the George Gallup, Jr. Go to to see the entire report. 3. From, “Most Twentysomethings Put Christianity on the Shelf Following Spiritually. Active Teen Years,” by the Barna Group. View the entire report at 4. Ibid. 5. From, “Busting the Drop Out Myth,” by Rick Lawrence. You find the full article. at in their articles section. 6. From, “The Religiosity Cycle,” by the George Gallup, Jr. | 3

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