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2015-16 ANNUAL REPORT 15 years of excellence

6 Equipment and facilities 8 Training 10 Programs 12 Research


14 10 years of research excellence 16 Financials 18 15 years of awesome: Caleb Schulz 20 Your generous support 24 Celebrating our donors 33 Our board of trustees 34 Where to now? Š

15 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE Together, we’ve given more than $108 million since 2001 to fund the best equipment and facilities, training, research and programs at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. You make it possible for the Hospital to provide world-class care for the sickest kids from Western Canada and beyond so more kids can live longer, healthier lives. We’re proud to share with you a few examples of the life-changing difference you make for Stollery kids and their families.

Preventing life-threatening blood clots Development of the KidCLOT program for patients who need blood thinners leads to faster recoveries and fewer issues. Today, KidCLOT sees 120 – 150 kids each week. $90K from donors

Help for childhood obesity The Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health opens to help a growing number of overweight kids create healthier exercise and dietary habits. $460K from donors

Improving surgical outcomes The Stollery opens a dedicated pediatric surgical suite and participates in the Canadian Pediatric Surgical Wait Times Project, leading to improved wait times and outcomes for kids needing surgery.

Leading-edge neurosurgical equipment A new MRI scanner lets neurosurgeons check their progress during surgery, increasing their effectiveness in removing tumours and, in some cases, preventing the need for multiple surgeries. $1.7M from donors



$500K from donors



A hub for cardiac care At just three hours old, Winnipeg’s Xander Dolski receives a heart transplant at the Stollery – the primary location of all open-heart surgeries in Western Canada.




$10M from donors like Bob & Shirley Stollery

First multi-visceral transplant Athabasca’s Kyler Prymak, nine months old, becomes Western Canada's first person to get a multi-visceral transplant – a new liver, small intestine, small bowel and pancreas.


A pediatric centre of excellence In October, the Hospital opens its doors after generations of generous citizens pave the way to secure the best children’s health care for our community’s kids.

World-class experts Funding for advanced training programs attracts the world’s brightest medical minds to join the Stollery’s team of 200+ pediatric specialists. $1M from donors every year

Pediatric emergency opens The only dedicated pediatric emergency in central and northern Alberta opens at the Stollery, responding to 35,000 patient visits from kids in need of immediate help each year.

Chronic pain relief Pain management for Stollery kids improves with the opening of a Pediatric Chronic Pain Clinic – one of six dedicated clinics in Canada.

One-stop outpatient clinic opens The Edmonton Oilers Ambulatory Clinic opens, providing access to 40 clinic services under one roof for 153,000 outpatient visits each year.

$5M from donors

$140K from donors

Breakthrough research A stem cell breakthrough by Team Xplore, a group of dedicated doctors and researchers at the Stollery, brings hope for healing premature babies’ lungs. $240K from donors

A first in Canada and the world B.C.’s Muskaan Grewal, 5, becomes the first pediatric patient in Canada – and the youngest patient in the world – to have a HeartWare pump implanted to keep her heart pumping until a transplant match is found.








$2.5M from donors

State-of-the-art equipment Pediatric cardiologists see the inner workings of patients’ hearts using echocardiography equipment that captures 3D video in real time.

Family-centred programs Hospital programs such as pet therapy, music therapy and aboriginal child health benefit hundreds of kids mentally and physically each year.

$1M from donors

$500K from donors every year 3

Your donor dollars in action in 2015 -16 We establish our funding priorities each year based on the projects the Stollery Children’s Hospital identifies as its priority needs. In this way, we make sure your donations go to the areas of the Hospital that will benefit the most from your support. The funds we provided to the Hospital this year included $11.1 million for the following areas.

OUR REMARKABLE JOURNEY A message from our chair and CEO

October 2016 marks 15 years of excellence for our Foundation – what a remarkable journey we’ve shared! In the realm of children’s hospitals, the Stollery is considered a baby. Yet when you look at everything we’ve accomplished, it’s clear your immense generosity has made the Stollery a leader in pediatric care. Your unwavering support helped raise a record $29.2 million in 2015 -16 – an increase of 20 per cent from last year – to advance and transform children’s health care in Western Canada. By investing in excellence at the Hospital, you share in the many recent successes at the Stollery including leading-edge diagnostic imaging for scoliosis patients; advanced medical training for 16 residents and fellows; family-centred care for aboriginal children in underserved communities; and, world-renowned research like Dr. West’s investigations into organ transplantation.


We’ve also nearly completed phase two of our five-year Critical for Care campaign. Thanks to $7 million from donors like you, the Hospital will open its expanded and redeveloped operative services in September 2016, including five new operating and two new procedure rooms. As we enter the final year of our campaign, we need your help more than ever to raise the $5.5 million needed for phase three: the expansion and redevelopment of the Hospital’s intensive care units to include 48 additional single-bed patient rooms. While your investments in our campaign are helping the Hospital with its serious capacity issues today, we are always looking to the future. Please read about our bold vision for 2020 and beyond on page 34.

Research $5.1M

Training $1.3M

Equipment and facilities $3.4M

Programs $1.3M

On behalf of Stollery kids and their families, thank you for your tremendous generosity and for being a part of our journey – together, we are the Stollery.

$50K for measured outcomes – you funded the collection of benchmarking data on national child health issues and initiatives TT. Marshall M h ll S Sadd dd Chair Board of Trustees


Mike House, MBA, CFRE President & CEO Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Our vision: to build the best children’s health-care delivery, research and teaching institution in the world.


Our mission: to raise money in support of the pursuit of excellence in children’s health care, thank the donors who support us, and communicate to donors the impact of their donation on the lives of children and their families.



Come from outside the Edmonton region

Outpatient visits per year

215,000 Patient visits per year


Surgeries per year


Emergency room visits per year





Surgical procedures

Emergency visits



Inpatient visits per year ©

Patients admitted

Outpatient visits


The Stollery has one of the largest catchment areas of any children’s hospital in the world – a geographic range of more than 440,000 km2.

The Stollery is the only specialized children’s health-care facility in central and northern Alberta.

The Stollery is one of the top three specialized children’s hospitals in Canada – meaning the Hospital has the talent and equipment to treat the most complex of the complex cases.

The Stollery is a hub for pediatric heart surgery in Western Canada and a national leader in organ transplantation. 5

$3.4M FOR EQUIPMENT AND FACILITIES The body is incredibly complex. As miraculous and amazing as the systems are that give us life, so too are they challenging and puzzling when something goes wrong. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we gave $3.4 million to the Hospital in 2015 -16 to fund state-of-theart equipment and facilities designed for pediatric care to help the specialists at the Stollery treat the most complex children’s illnesses and injuries.

Ever since she was four years old, Drayton Valley’s Philippa Madill has been raising money for the Stollery by hosting lemonade stands – in fact, she’s raised about $1,500 to date. Now 13, her stands at charity runs and bike rides also feature cookies, cupcakes and energy bars. A Stollery kid herself, Philippa and her sister both have scoliosis and visit the Hospital regularly. “When I saw all the kids in the Hospital, I knew I wanted to help,” Philippa says.“It makes me feel good to know I’m doing something.” 6

Breakthrough in scoliosis imaging For kids with scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine that can lead to breathing problems, multiple X-rays are often needed over the course of monitoring and treatment. That means young patients are exposed to high levels of radiation over many years. “When you expose children at a young age to radiation, they have an increased risk of developing cancers later on in life, so it’s really important to reduce the radiation exposure that they get when their tissues are developing,” says Sarah Southon, the nurse practitioner for the Stollery’s scoliosis program. Since November 2015, the Stollery is the only hospital in Alberta using a new machine clinically that aims to do just that. Based on Nobel Prize winning technology, the EOS Imaging System is the first to be able to create a high-quality 2D and 3D whole body image of the skeleton with a very low radiation dose. “New research using the EOS machine shows that seeing the spine in three dimensions, how it truly is, can improve treatment such as bracing and surgery,” says Sarah. “I feel like now at the Stollery we are able to provide our patients with the most up-to-date treatment that is out there for scoliosis.”

$775K From donors for EOS Imaging System

665 Patients scanned in first six months using EOS

2K scoliosis or spine surgery patients last year

Outcomes Six to nine times less radiation than a standard X-ray 50 times less radiation with micro-dose setting Shorter wait times with faster imaging system Improved treatments means better patient outcomes Increased research opportunities with 3D images

3-5% Kids affected by scoliosis worldwide

“With the old machines, lying down for my scan when I wore my brace and after my surgery was painful. I’m pumped to get my first 3D scan because you get to stand while they do it.” Emma Huyser-Wierenga Stollery Kid

Emma Huyser-Wierenga Age 17 Diagnosed with scoliosis at age nine, Emma wore a brace for two years before doctors at the Stollery surgically straightened and stabilized her spine with rods and 20 screws and hooks. Now in Grade 12, Emma hopes to work at the Stollery one day. Your generous gifts are advancing children’s health care in Western Canada and beyond for kids like Emma.


$1.3M FOR TRAINING The people behind the equipment and research at the Stollery Children’s Hospital make a life-changing difference for every patient and family member who walks through its halls. Your donations fund programs and fellowships that attract and provide advanced, specialized training for the world’s brightest medical minds. With more than $1.3 million in support from donors, your generosity made it possible to provide medical training for 16 pediatric specialists in 2015 -16.

After their son Brendan had open-heart surgery at age nine and needed care for a blood infection at 15, Trent Lindberg and his wife Twyla decided to give back the cost of Brendan’s procedures. Donating a little at a time, the couple from B.C.’s Peace Country has given $10,000 to help other Stollery kids and their families.“I work in oilfield services supplying water, so for every cubic metre of water we sell, we give a dollar away … We feel privileged that we can give back to the Stollery,” says Trent.

World-class expertise The best outcomes happen when you attract and keep the best people. So how do you convince a worldclass pediatric cardiologist to work in Edmonton? You offer him specialized training at Harvard, and cuttingedge work at one of the most advanced pediatric centres in Canada – the Stollery Children’s Hospital. After completing his sub-specialty training at the Stollery through the University of Alberta’s department of pediatrics, Dr. Joseph Atallah wanted to further specialize in the field of electrophysiology, diagnosing and treating heart rhythm abnormalities. Entering through leg veins, he guides wires into the heart and uses electrical signals and computer software to render a 3D map of the patient’s heart, then treats accordingly. The training to become a sub-sub-specialist was offered at Children’s Hospital Boston, a Harvard University teaching hospital. The University of Alberta (U of A) supported him during his training at Harvard – with the help of our generous donors – and offered him a job at the Stollery when he returned. Even though Harvard offered him a prestigious job, Dr. Atallah knew working at the Stollery and as an assistant professor with the U of A’s department of pediatrics offered the most room to grow. “I’m very pleased with my decision to return to the Stollery,” says Dr. Atallah.” I knew I would have access to the right tools and be able to practice a high level of care at the Stollery to achieve the best possible results for patients. The last six years have been filled with valuable academic and clinical opportunities, and most importantly the ability to provide excellent care for patients with cardiac rhythm disorders.” *Reprinted in part, thanks to the U of A’s department of pediatrics.


The Stollery sees the


2nd highest

number of pediatric surgical cardiac cases in Canada

Training for 16 pediatric specialists in 2015 -16

Patients see Dr. Atallah each year

“Dr. Atallah has been with Keira since birth. The relationship between the two of them melts your heart. She’s with us today because of the care she gets from him and everyone at the Stollery. ” Brian Dickau, Keira’s dad

Keira Dickau Age 6 At just six years old, Keira Dickau is already a four-time veteran of open-heart surgery. While she will likely need further surgeries for her rare heart defect as she grows, Keira continually amazes her parents and doctors with her incredible resilience. Keira loves to swim, play soccer and paint, and she’s excited to start Grade 1 in Bentley, Alberta. Generous gifts from donors like you make it possible for the Stollery to provide the most advanced care possible for patients like Keira.


$1.3M FOR PROGRAMS Through funding to the Family Centred Care Council, you’re helping create programs and positions that fully integrate the family into every child’s care – programs that place parents on hiring boards, in doctor and nurse training sessions, and in design groups that help the Stollery build functional, family-friendly spaces. In 2015 -16, we directed $1.3 million from generous donors like you to programs at the Hospital, including $376,000 for family-centred programs in the areas of aboriginal child health, music therapy, bereavement support, pet therapy and fatherhood involvement initiatives.

Since 2011, SMS Equipment – a leading provider of equipment and services for the construction, forestry, mining and utility industries – has supported our Foundation through Children’s Miracle Network. Based in Acheson, Alberta, SMS employees have raised more than $700,000 through events, donations, payroll gifts and matched dollars for urgent needs at the Hospital. Every year, SMS’ annual campaign grows, helping to provide specialized equipment, training, research and programs that benefit Stollery kids and their families. 10

Aboriginal child health Imagine travelling all night with your child from the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton to your hometown of Chateh, an 884-kilometre drive north. On the way, you stop at a pharmacy in High Level to pick up your child’s medication. But they don’t have it. This is one of many problems facing First Nation and Métis families from northern Alberta who have children with complex health needs. Whether it’s the difficulty of travelling from a fly-in only community, getting the right medication from a remote pharmacy or deciphering medical documents that aren’t in your first language, there are a number of barriers families must overcome. Sherri Di Lallo, the Hospital’s aboriginal child health nurse co-ordinator, is helping with problems like these. Fully funded by our generous donors, Sherri is one of the first aboriginal child health nurse co-ordinators in Canada. Her job is to make sure First Nation and Métis kids from central and northern communities can get excellent care – no matter where they’re from. Sherri has worked closely with almost 50 families since stepping into her role in October 2015. She spends her days liaising and advocating for aboriginal children and their families while they’re at the Hospital, and co-ordinating follow-up care in First Nation and Métis communities when the families go home. The result is better communication, continuity of care and improved service for patients and their families when they need it most.


Patients in first six months of aboriginal child health program

$100K From donors for aboriginal child health program in 2015 -16

20% Of Stollery patient visits involve aboriginal kids

$425K from Haida Gwaii Totem Tour to advance the program in the future

Sherri Di Lallo

Tartanian Seeseequon Age 1 Travelling almost 1,000 kilometres from their fly-in community in Fox Lake, northern Alberta, Tartanian Seeseequon and his parents get the care they need with the help of the Stollery’s aboriginal child health nurse co-ordinator, Sherri Di Lallo. After surviving meningitis, Tartanian has been in and out of the Hospital for treatment since he was three months old. Now at home after a four-month stay at the Stollery, 14-month-old Tartanian loves playing with rattles and being tickled.

“I’m here to make it easier for aboriginal children and their families to feel empowered and confident – to know they’re a valued part of the health-care team.” Sherri Di Lallo, Aboriginal Child Health Nurse Co-ordinator 11

$5.1M FOR RESEARCH Through funding to organizations like the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI) at the University of Alberta, you support research backed by evidence-based practice that makes a life-changing difference for Stollery kids and their families. Together, we funded 150 WCHRI research grants in 2015 -16, of which 81 were trainee and student awards.

Celebrating a major safety milestone, Jacobs employees reached three years and more than two million hours of service without a recordable injury. Rather than holding a celebration, the team agreed to make a memorable impact by donating $10,000 to our Foundation. The team at the Fort Saskatchewan site raised an additional $4,100 by hosting a BBQ and collecting donations. Jacobs’ generosity ensures the Hospital continues to provide advanced care for Stollery kids and their families. 12

Pediatric heart transplant research Recruited from SickKids in Toronto to the Stollery in 2005, Dr. Lori West wears many hats in the realm of medical research. Nationally, Dr. West is the director of the Canadian National Transplant Research Program. Through the University of Alberta, she is a professor of pediatrics, surgery and immunology and the director of the Alberta Transplant Institute. And at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, she is a pediatric transplant cardiologist who looks after children who either need or have had heart transplants. Twenty years ago, Dr. West’s team introduced a new concept that babies could receive heart transplants from donors who had mismatched blood groups. Today, that practice is an accepted procedure for children around the world with hundreds of patients receiving transplants who would not have before because of insufficient organ donors. “What started as a very daring step forward 20 years ago with ABO-mismatched transplants has now had impact worldwide on children’s lives, and we continue to study and monitor it every month,” says Dr. West. “The reason I came here was because the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation was able to support the establishment of my lab and assist the University of Alberta with a package that would allow me the time and the support to do the work that I wanted to do, with integrated research and clinical work.”

12 heart transplants at the Stollery in 2015

200 Heart transplant patients currently monitored

$665K From donors for Dr. West’s research since 2009

“Life is now full of fun and laughter and playing and lots of love. We can’t thank the Stollery and the medical team there enough for giving our boy a second chance at life.” Dana Dirks, Keaton’s Dad

Keaton Dirks Age 6 After years of tests and declining health, Keaton and his family from Saskatchewan found the answers and world-class care they needed at the Stollery. Diagnosed with a rare heart condition, four-year-old Keaton travelled by air ambulance from Prince Albert to the Stollery where he received a heart transplant in April 2014. After more than two months at the Hospital, Keaton returned home to resume life – now as a healthy, happy boy. At six years old, Keaton loves to play softball and mini-sticks hockey. Thanks to your generous gifts, the Stollery is a hub for pediatric heart surgery in Western Canada and a national leader in organ transplantation. 13

10 YEARS OF PEDIATRIC RESEARCH EXCELLENCE Children deserve the very best preventative health care we can give them. That’s why we invested $34.5 million over 10 years from remarkable donors like you to support pediatric research excellence through the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute at the University of Alberta. We recognize the tremendous impact research has on disease prevention, treatment and improved health outcomes.

“Your support for children’s health research has led to many small and large discoveries that are improving the lives of children and their families. The impact of your generous support simply can’t be overstated and we sincerely thank you – The Donor Difference is truly making a difference!” Dr. Sandra Davidge, Director, Women and Children’s Health Research Institute, University of Alberta 14

Your generosity supports children’s health research that not only addresses the unique health-care needs of kids, but also makes sure young patients in Alberta and beyond benefit from the latest advances in evidence-based care.


Total research grants

$34.5M from 2006 -16


$4.2M in 2015 -16

Research highlights Below are some research highlights from the past decade as well as a summary of some of the grants awarded by research focus and type. Dr. Andrew Mackie’s research team is one of four to receive $200,000 over two years as part of a project to improve treatment for children with single ventricle heart disease. His team has contributed to the Stollery having one of the highest survival rates for complex pediatric cardiac surgeries, and a shorter than average hospital stay compared to other North American centres. A 2009 -12 WCHRI grant allowed Dr. Geoff Ball and his team of 12 researchers to evaluate weight management interventions for parents of children with obesity, which are now used at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and several other centres.









Cardiovascular disorders




Childhood cancer and blood disorders




Disorders of the gastrointestinal system




Fetal programming of chronic diseases








Knowledge mobilization




Lung health




Musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation




Obesity, nutrition and physical engagement




Virus and bacteria




Mental health




By combining a drug normally used to treat cancer with intravenous immunoglobulins, Dr. Simon Urschel and his team have developed a treatment to improve heart transplant success for children who are at high risk for transplant rejection.

A WCHRI bridge grant enabled Dr. Jaynie Yang and her team to proceed with research to explore the potential of intensive physical therapy at an early age for children who become hemiplegic, or weakened on one side of the body, after a stroke.


WHERE OUR DONOR DOLLARS COME FROM Donations from our generous supporters come from four main sources: annual support, major gifts, special events and planned giving.

Annual support - 25.4%

Major gifts - 24.3%

We use direct mail campaigns and annual appeals like Stollery Week and Corus Radiothon to communicate with our donors on a regular basis about pressing needs at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Donations from these campaigns and appeals often go towards our Direct Impact Fund – undesignated funds that give us the flexibility to meet the Hospital’s most urgent needs.

A multi-million gift from the late Dr. Robert Stollery and his wife Shirley was the catalyst for a dedicated children’s hospital in Edmonton. Like Bob and Shirley, our major gift givers are visionaries who strive to transform children’s health care with donations that support specific equipment and facilities, programs, research and training that make the Hospital one of the best in Canada.


Planned giving - 3.8%

A planned gift to our Foundation enables donors to make a long-term commitment to advancing children’s health today and in the future – a lasting statement of their generosity and care for their community. Planned gifts, including bequests in wills and gifts from annuities and life insurance policies, fund the Hospital’s most urgent needs and its long-term goals.


Each year, our special events create the kinds of memorable opportunities for generosity that our donors deserve. By attending our events, donating auction items, providing sponsorships and donating at our events, our supporters make it possible for us to fund excellence at the Hospital. Also, community fundraisers organize more than 725 events each year to benefit the Stollery – an incredible testament to our community’s passion and support for our Hospital.

12 10



Special events - 46.5%


8 6






4 2 0


Statement of operations Year ending March 31, 2016 with comparative figures for 2015 and 2014

3M $12.


Revenue: Fundraising *


Mighty Millions Lottery













Investment income







Expenditures: Fundraising







Mighty Millions Lottery




Administration **











Net revenue before grants




Grants to Stollery Children’s Hospital




Excess of revenue over expenditures






Visit stollerykids.com/about-us/financial-information.aspx to read our audited financial statements. * Fundraising includes: major gifts, special events, annual support and planned giving. **Administration includes investment management fees of $178,215 (2015, $155,636) (2014, $99,919).



Held for the Hospital





We work hard to keep fundraising and administrative costs low to make sure the maximum of every dollar you donate goes to excellent care for children at the Stollery when they need it most.

$9.6M Funds awaiting Stollery Children’s Hospital expenditure Donor directed funds 2016 -17 committed funds 2009 - 15 committed funds As of March 31, 2016, we are holding $33 million for the Hospital, which we have committed to five funding priorities: equipment and facilities, programs, training, research and measured outcomes. Delays in spending from the Stollery Children’s Hospital and Alberta Health Services happen for a number of reasons. For example, delays in infrastructure projects can lead to delays in buying equipment, starting programs and carrying out research. And, delays in buying equipment can result from the Hospital testing the performance and suitability of equipment to make sure it gets the best state-of-the-art equipment possible for children’s health care. Visit stollerykids.com/committed-funds for further details. 17




We’re not the only ones celebrating 15 years of excellence. You only have to read about 15-year-old Caleb Schulz’s journey to see he’s celebrating 15 years of AWESOME! You make it possible for the Stollery to offer world-class care so more kids like Caleb can live longer, healthier lives. Thank you for investing in the best equipment and facilities, research, training and programs so the Hospital has what it needs to care for the sickest kids from Alberta and beyond.

45+ surgeries and procedures under anesthetic since birth

2000 Caleb is born prematurely at 27 weeks. Weighing just 1 pound 13 ounces, it takes doctors more than 10 minutes to resuscitate Caleb.

2001 Caleb is diagnosed at the Stollery with severe spastic diplegia cerebral palsy – brain damage has disrupted normal muscle functioning in his limbs causing tense muscles and spasms.

2002 Caleb has ongoing issues with breathing, sucking food into his airway and reflux. Doctors at the Stollery insert a G-tube into Caleb’s stomach to deliver the nutrition he needs.

19 botox injections since age three

“It’s not how you do it. It’s that you ARE doing it.” Caleb’s motto 18


2008 Caleb has surgery at the Stollery to release tight adductor muscles in his hips, allowing him to sit and walk more easily.

2009 Caleb travels to Disneyland with his family after the Rainbow Society of Alberta grants his wish. What’s his favourite ride? Roller coasters!

2010 Caleb starts Grade 5 and enjoys a fun, healthy year.

2011 Caleb rides the exhilarating Boomerang roller coaster while on a family trip to Disney World.

2003 Caleb learns to sit up, and starts preschool at the Glenrose Learning and Intervention Program. In his first three years, Caleb has spent 19 months in and out of the Stollery.

2004 Caleb learns to walk with a walker.

2005 Caleb becomes a big brother to baby sister Paige. He moves with his family to Rivière Qui Barre, a hamlet 22 km northwest of Edmonton, and starts Grade 1.

2006 Caleb has botox injections twice a year at the Stollery, and takes medication three times a day, to reduce his muscle tightness.

2007 Caleb discovers the excitement of ziplining at Camp He Ho Ha on Lake Isle.


2012 Caleb takes part in a six-week therapy program in Arizona that teaches independence by training the brain through repetitive movements.

2013 Caleb spends Christmas in the Stollery following surgery to rotate his tibia bone and lengthen the hamstring tendons in his leg.

2014 Caleb hits many personal highlights at age 14: he spends a fun-filled weekend at Camp Everest for kids with brain and spinal cord conditions, moves back to Edmonton, meets actors from his fave TV show The Big Bang Theory, goes to his Grade 9 dance, and masters 50 voice impressions.


2015 Caleb has surgery at the Stollery to install a pump that delivers medication into his spinal fluid to reduce muscle tightness and spasms. He also swims in the Special Olympics and decides to start his own YouTube channel. 19



This past year, as always, groups and individuals in our community showed unwavering support for our Foundation. Thanks to your attendance, sponsorships, volunteer work and donations at our events, we’re able to invest in the best people, programs, equipment and research to provide excellence at the Hospital.

Your purchase has power! With every purchase you make at the Stollery Kids Store, you help provide world-class care for Stollery kids and their families.


In 2015, we renovated our store, located in the lobby of the Stollery Children’s Hospital. And we introduced more than 20 new products including Stollery-branded t-shirts and hoodies, water bottles, pens, bracelets, bags, bears and bear wear. Thank you for making a difference for children’s health by making a purchase.


Sales transactions


Proceeds for the Hospital

$305K Product sales

“When shopping at the store, I’m always greeted with warm smiles and excellent customer service! And I love knowing whatever I buy helps Stollery kids and their families.” Michel Beaumier, Admitting Clerk 20



With more than 725 third-party events in 2015 -16 supporting our Foundation – from birthday parties and school bike-a-thons to community golf tournaments and formal galas – we are humbled by community members throughout central and northern Alberta who show their passion for children’s health in so many creative ways.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our more than 800 volunteers who donate thousands of hours to support our Foundation. By donating your time and skills, you help us keep the cost of fundraising down, which means more of the funds we raise go to supporting world-class care at the Stollery.

$14K since 2014 Cheryl and Simon Budziszyn created Emily’s Legacy Bike Tour as a way to remember their daughter Emily, and a way to teach their other daughters the importance of giving back.

$7K since 2013 After receiving treatment at the Stollery for partial epilepsy, Julianna Larson started Julianna’s Plant Sale at her mom’s Tickled Floral shop in Sherwood Park to help other Stollery kids and their families.

$53K since 2014 Lucas and Jayme Ford started the Hudson Heart Project at their Classic Tattoo shop in Red Deer to give back to the Stollery after their son Hudson was born with a heart condition.

50% Community events


28% Corporate events 11% School fundraisers 6% Celebrations 5% Service clubs


Volunteer Hours


Stollery families volunteered

Stollery Women’s Network In 2014, we launched the Stollery Women’s Network (SWN) to harness the expertise and leadership of women in our community as ambassadors for the Stollery. The SWN’s vision is to support continued excellence of care and create new levels of social philanthropy for children’s health. In addition to raising awareness, this fierce network of nearly 400 women has raised $230,000 towards its fundraising goal of $500,000 for a new Stollery operating room. Stollery Youth Philanthropy Ambassadors Since 2013, a dynamic group of youth aged nine to 19 have volunteered their time to raise awareness and money for the Stollery. Creating videos and using social media to share their philanthropy stories, they inspire youth to become leaders in their communities. Last year, they volunteered more than 275 hours at individual fundraising initiatives and community events, and raised more than $29,000 for the Hospital. 21

SOCIAL MEDIA This year, Stollery families shared on social media the life-changing difference the Hospital and donors like you make for their children and families. Visit TheDonorDifference.ca and follow us @stollerykids to check out their heart-warming photos and messages.

In 2015, we launched our first-ever Mighty Millions Lottery. More than 30,000 supporters from across Alberta bought almost 59,000 tickets, resulting in $515,000 in net proceeds. Money from the lottery will help to expand vital operating room space at the Stollery, reducing critical wait times for children and youth. Congratulations to all our winners! Boston McConnell,5 Fort McMurray



Followers: up 60% from last year


Followers: up 33% from last year


Views every month



Views every month

CORPORATE GIVING Corporate donations 20%

Businesses give to the Stollery because the Hospital reaches into communities where their employees, customers and partners live, work and raise families. We are sincerely grateful to the corporations and their supporters across Alberta that raised more than $815,000 for us last year to invest in advancing excellence at the Hospital.

Golf tournaments 12%

Corporate events 17%

is proudly supporting excellence at the Stollery


Corporate campaigns 22%

A proud member of

is proudly supporting excellence at the Stollery

is proudly supporting excellence at the Stollery

A proud member of

Cause marketing 4%

Workplace giving 25%

CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK Our Foundation is a proud member of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of kids by raising funds for 170 children’s hospitals – 14 of which are in Canada. The funds raised through CMN programs stay local, and amount to 12 per cent of our Foundation’s annual donations. Our CMN relationship brings with it more than 30 special partnerships with national corporate partners. Our sincere thanks go to the sponsors and donors who raised more than $3.7 million in 2015 -16 to advance children’s health care.


A proud member of

Paper Bear Icon sales and percentage of proceeds campaigns organized by businesses provide vital support for the Hospital, engage consumers in a cause they believe in and strengthen customer loyalty by working together to give back to the community.

From payroll deductions and team fundraising activities to employer matching campaigns, workplace giving engages employees by creating a culture of pride, blending teambuilding with community participation to provide crucial support for Stollery kids and their families.

Dairy Queen was a sweet treat in 2015 raising more than $770,000, making it our top CMN partner for a second straight year. Our northern Alberta operators work tirelessly selling Miracle Balloons as they gear up for Miracle Treat Day in August.

KFC raised more than $37,000 through selling Miracle Balloons, donating proceeds from select menu items and introducing Colonel Sanders Miracle Day for Kids in September, a familyfriendly event with activities hosted in stores. 23

Celebrating our donors To the many individual and corporate donors – including those who prefer to remain anonymous – who make it possible for us to fund excellence at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, please accept our profound thanks. It’s because of your continued generosity that the Hospital provides world-class care for Stollery kids and their families from Alberta and beyond. The following list recognizes donations of $1,000 or more received between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016.


“Your Foundation’s activities and your donors are fundamental and irreplaceable in helping us carry out our mission to provide the best care for every sick child. We’re responsible for administering that care, but you provide immeasurable support to ensure all of our children and their families have the most compassionate experience possible. We supply the expertise, you provide the love.” Dr. Mark Evans, Divisional Director, Pediatric Surgery, Stollery Children’s Hospital 24

A Cappella Catering A E West Charitable Foundation A Sweet Treat For The Stollery A1 Topsoil & Construction Services Ltd. A-1 Town & Country Rentals Wetaskiwin AAMDC Annual Golf Tournament Academy Fabricators Inc. Achievement Promo Fund 4-H Beef Club Adams, Gerry Adams, Shawn Adnnan Jomha Professional Corporation Adroit Investment Management Agerbak, Brent Agriterra Equipment Air Canada Foundation Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties Alberta Blue Cross Alberta Kaiping District Association Alberta Pee Wee AA Minor Hockey Provincials Alberta Royal Purple Lodges Association The Alberta Trappers Association Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League ALE Roll-Lift Canada Inc. Alegro Projects Limited Alert Safety Services Ltd.

Alex’s Ride for the Stollery ALG Equine Events All Rock Masonry Ltd. Allenby Chapter No. 38 O.E.S. Allendale Community League Allers, Tracey Allison, Robert Allstar Show Industries All-West Glass Alquinn Homes Ltd. AltaGas Utilities Inc. AltaSteel Ltd. Altek Industrial Supply Ltd. Altex Industries Inc. The Alva Foundation Alysha, Kayla, Leah & Charlize’s Bottle Drive Ambrozic, Christopher Amyotte, Jeremy Ancoma Ltd. Anderson, Rae Larry & Janet Anderson Charity Fund Anderson Family Garage Sale Andy Rock Livestock Anselmo, L. Philippe Anstey, Nicole APP & Associates LLP Applied Electronics Limited Aqueduct Foundation Arctic Chiller Ltd. Argus Machine Co. Ltd. Armor Wood Products Ltd. Armstrong, Jim Arpi’s North

Art Attack Arthurs, Tammy As-Per-Safety & Rescue Ltd. Aspin, Angela Blair, Tara & The Assaly Boys Association of Caribbean Hindus of Alberta Associazione Trevisani nel Mondo (Edmonton) Astellas Pharma Canada Inc. ATB Financial ATCO Group Athabasca Oilmen’s Association AUPE Local 005 Aurora Jet Partners Austin, Bryan Austrom, Brian & Bonnie Aux Sable Canada LP Average Joe’s Avison Young Avonlea Photography Studio Ayotte, Peter P. Ayotte, Roger & Jaenie

-BB & B Demolition Baccus, Darren Bacon, Russell Bailey, Brent Bailey, Mary Bailey’s Welding & Construction Baker, Dianne Bakos, Eleanor

Karen & Craig Banks Family Fund Baril, Nicole Barmac Contracting Ltd. Barnes, Melissa Barnes, Stephanie Barr, Dick Barrow, Wesley Barto, Jane Battle River Community Foundation Bauman, Michael Bayliss, Dale B-C Ranch Inc. Beauchamp, Phil Beck, Christopher Beck, Steven Bedard, Eric The Beer Hunter Bar and Grill Bell Belland, Noel Bencic Painting & Decorating Ltd. Benedict, Gail Benke, Adam Benke, Margaret Bennett Jones LLP Benoit, Adrian Benson, Brian Bentley, Michelle Bergstrom, Kristy Bernard, Helen Bessette Wealth Management BFI Canada Inc./Progressive Waste Solutions

Biegel, Gerard Big Top Tent Rentals Ltd. Bike Thru the Nite Bilyk Financial Services BIOWARE ULC Birkholz, Kevin & Penny Bish, Todd Bisset School Bjorklund, Tyneille Black Cat Blades Ltd. Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 Blackstone Oilfield Services Ltd. Blain Weidman Topseller Inc. Bliss YogaSpa Block, Norma Blosser, Donald Blum, Megan Blu’s Women’s Wear BMO Financial Group Bodnar Capital Ltd. Bodnarchuk, David Boonstra, John Borden, Kathleen Borgal Steel Services Ltd. Borger, William Bourgault Industries Ltd. Bourgoin, Serge Boutilier, Jeffrey Bowers, Shelley Boyko, James Boytinck, Doris Boytinck, M. K. O. BP Canada Energy Co. Brady, Dean Bray, Robert - Portrait Artist Brayer, Dean Bremault, John Brendzan, Derek Brendzan, Tracy Brenmar Holdings Ltd. Bretzer Energy Services Brian J. Brendzan Professional Corporation The Brick Group

Brightbank & District Lions Club Brisseau, Michael Britton, Herbert Brodie, Shelly Brooker, Delphine Brownlee LLP Bruce, Dean Bryant, Ron & Phyllis & Family Bryson, Janet & Spencer Buchanan, Frances Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation Bunting, Damon The Burke Group Burnyeat, Bruce Butler, Walter Buxton, Geri

-CC.W.L. Family Trust Caldwell, Jim & Corinne Calvin N. & Jody H. Campbell, Barry Campbell, Brett Campbell, Lindsay Campbell, Phil Campbell, Stephen Camrose Chatters Camrose Rotary Club Camrose Sports Development Society Canada Compufixonsite Inc. The Canadian Brewhouse (Head Office) Ltd. Canadian Mosaic Artists Association of Edmonton Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Canadian Western Bank Can-Cell Industries Inc. - The Tiemstra Family Cantalini, George Canteen Cantera, Christy Capital Power

Cardinal, Randy Carl’s Jr. Edmonton - Premyumm Enterprises Inc. Carlson Construction Ltd. Carr, Brendan Cartwheel Management Ltd. Cathrea, Douglas Cawthon, Scott CBM Office Automation CDW Developments Inc. The Cellar Group Inc. Cenovus Centurions de Saint-Jean Leve de Flow Century Hospitality Group CGB Catering Chau, Giang Ngoc Chemco Beast Mode Beards Chemco Electrical Contractors Ltd. Cheney, Douglas H. Cheyenne Tree Farms Ltd. Chia, Jonathan & Jenny Chianti Café Chibi, Alvin Children’s Charity Golf Classic “Kennedy Reid” Choice Survey and Construction Supplies Ltd. Cholla Sand & Dry Waste Christenson Developments Christoffel De Wet Professional Corporation CIBC Clan Na Gael Parent’s Association Clark Builders Clark Construction Classic Tattoo’s Hudson Heart Project CLH Contracting Ltd. Clive Lions Club Cloth Diaper Kids CMS Famous Toys Ltd. CN Employees’ and Pensioners’ Community Fund CN-Edmonton

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation Cochrane, David Cold Lake Middle School Coleman, Katherine & Robert Collins Industries Ltd. Cominghome Real Estate Inc. (Craig Pilgrim) Comrie, Paul Con Boland Photography Inc. Connect Logistics Connor, John Connors, Steven ConocoPhillips Canada Conroy Ross Partners Limited Coppens, Justin Copperline Excavating Ltd. Cornell, Steven Corus Entertainment Cosentino, Darcie Costco Canada Wholesale Ltd. Costley, Raymond Cougar Fuels Ltd. Cougar Paint & Collision Inc. The Country Pumpkin Ltd. Courtyard Marriott Edmonton Downtown Cowan Graphics Inc. CPCA Women of the Wagons WOW Fundraiser Crystal Glass Canada Ltd. CS Camrose Ltd. CTV Edmonton Cul-de-sac Cafe by Eliza & Tess Filipchuk and Friends Cybertech Automation Inc. Cycle Works Ltd.

-DD. Light Welding Ltd. Daam Galvanizing Ltd. Dairy Queen Canada Inc. Northern Alberta Operators Association Daly, Donald

Darcy Powlik Realty Inc. Darlene Strang Realty Inc. David Freed Farms Davies, Carolyn Davis, Gwenyth Davis, Jennifer Davis, Karen Davis-Patsula Family Dinner & Silent Auction Daytona Homes Inc. DC Drilling Herman & Elly de Jongh Fund De Metz, Sharon Dean’s Office - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Dease, Stacie Dechaine, Ray Deeb, Tariq & Huda & Family Deere Valley Farms Deerland Equipment Deford, Brandy Deloitte Denham, Brett & Nicole Denham, Cliff & Brenda Denham Gibson, Stacey Denman, Carol Denny Andrews Ford Sales Inc. Dental Choice Dentons Canada LLP Derks Formals Derrick Dodge 1980 Ltd. DeSoete, Kevin Devlin, Michelle & Corbin DeWitt, Ashley Di Iorio, Stephanie Di Luigi, Martino Dialog Dialog Thunder and Lightning - RFK Diamond, Lisa Dirksen, Adam Dirksen, Christine Dirty Birds Charity Hockey Tournament in Honour of Joshua Da Silva Diverse Drilling Ltd. 25

“For over 30 years, I have witnessed the generosity of our community and supporters; from the young child who donates his birthday gifts to the corporations who offer us the means to create incredible programs. I am tremendously grateful to the Foundation and its donors, and proud of what we accomplish together to provide excellence in care to children and families.” Lois Wolgemuth, Manager, Child Life Services, Stollery Children’s Hospital 26

Diversified Mechanical Ltd. Dodd, Lindsay & Deborah Doiron, Charles Dolce Vita Homes LP Dominic Cave Professional Corporation Don Wheaton Ltd. Donate A Car Canada Inc. Donkersgoed, Ed Dowell, Michael Dowler, Leslie Drader, Tim Drader, Trish Drayton Valley All Mens & All Ladies Slo-Pitch Tournament Drews, Derek Drift for the Kids Drill-Con Inc. Drillrite Systems Inc. Dubetz, Stephen Dubois, Paul Duby, Jennifer Duchaine, Dino Dumelie, Patrick, Stephanie, Rory & Liam Duncan Craig Community Fund Duncan Craig LLP Dunn, Rita Dutchman Equipment & Rentals Ltd. Dutka, Ryan Dyck, Mark DynaLIFEDx

-EE Construction Ltd. Ebertz, Keri Echo Promotions Inc. Ecole Dickinsfield School’s Wake-A-Thon For The Stollery Ed Kabarchuk Memorial Golf Tournament Eddie’s Men’s Wear Ltd. Eddy Mark Shaske Memorial

Foundation Edmonton Airports Edmonton & District Soccer Association, Ken Atterbury Memorial Tournament Edmonton Area Council One Society Edmonton Catholic Schools Edmonton Catholic Schools Heart of Glee Event Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund Edmonton International New Year’s Eve Gala Edmonton Journal Edmonton Kenworth Ltd. Edmonton North District Area Council 2 The Edmonton Northgate Lions Club Edmonton Nut & Bolt Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Edmonton Public Teachers Local 37 ATA Edmonton Sun Edmonton Taxi Service Group Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing Ltd. Edmonton Valve & Fitting Edmonton Vedic Congregation EECOL Electric Corp. Eeson, Robyn & Dan Block Elias, Sam Eliuk, Susan Elk Island Catholic Schools Ell, Gordie Ella Mae Energy Services Ltd. Elliott, Sharon Ellis, Marion EllisDon Construction Services Inc. Elsey, Louise Elwi, Alaa E-Mac Corrosion Inc.

EMCO Corporation Emerge Solutions Inc. Emily’s Legacy Bike Tour Encana Corporation Engel, Jami Engler, Nancy The English Family Engman, Allan ERC Push-ups for Pennies Ercin Farms Ltd. ERMS Technical Services Ltd. Ernco Environmental Drilling & Coring Inc. Estate of Randall Edward Alford Estate of Alvin Bailer Estate of Gabriele Beattie Estate of Willis Frederick Elliot Estate of Norma Fischer Estate of Niels Otto Hauberg Estate of Brian Clinton Hull Estate of Margaret Hunter Estate of Otto Koentopp Estate of Amy Laing Estate of Dilys Gertrude Mitchell Estate of Marjorie Lawless Oliver Estate of Richard Olsonberg Estate of Margaret Irene Pearson Estate of Elsie Marion Rowe Estate of Terrence Brian Stokes Estephan, Peter Estephan, Tony etc décor Eton-West Construction Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. Evan Ty Jenkins Pediatric Research Foundation Evans, Brian Evans, Dr. Mark Evonik Canada Inc. Ewachniuk, Sergei Executrade Consultants Ltd. Exel Canada Ltd. Express Employment Professionals

Extra Life

-FFacette, Mary Fairmont Hotel Macdonald The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Falk, Lyle Fantin, Anne Father J.A. Turcotte O.M.I. School Faulkner, Karen & Mike Faulkner, Stephen Fausak, Beverley Fayad, Kathy Federated Co-operatives Limited Felesky Flynn LLP Lemonade Stand In Memory of Moses Felix Fenna Family Fund Fereday, Glenn Ference, Andrew & Krista Ferguson, Matthew Ferguson, Maxine Fernhout, Jennifer Fetterman, Cindy Fidelity Investments Canada ULC Fielder, Deanna Fine Wines by Liquor Select’s Annual Spring Fling Finnie, Joseph Finzer, Anne First Capital Asset Management LP First Student Canada First Truck Centre Edmonton Inc. Five Hearts Holdings Inc. Fleck, Kelly Fluid Life Flynn, Darren For Kids by Kids Benefit Concert Fort Hills OPP Golf Tournament Fort Sand & Gravel Ltd. Fort Saskatchewan 4-H Beef Club Fort Saskatchewan Christian

School’s King of Kings Mural Mosaic Forzani Group Foundation Fouillard, Philip Fountain Tire Ltd. Fowler, Blain Franco’s Family Dining #1 Frank, Colleen & Darren Frank’s Sandblasting & Painting Fraser, Rick Fraserway RV - Edmonton Freeman, David Freeman, Jim Freson Market Ltd. Friederichsen, Ralph Friesen, Kenneth Fuller Austin Inc. Funding Innovation Fur Bowl Bowling Event at Bonnie Doon

-GGabby’s Big Heart - In Honour of Gabriella Basaraba Gahiza, Deo Gamble, John Garritty, Lorie The Garritty Family Gaydar, Alice Gaydar, Frank GDT Trading Ltd. Gellhaus, Wayne Gemini Property & Land Developments Ltd. General Mills Canada Corporation George, Kevin & Kim George, Odin Gerrard, Peter Gervan, Peter Ghai, Danielle The Ghermezian Family Giang, Cuong Giant Tiger Gibeau, Nathan

Gibson, Fred & Eilene Gibson, Larry Gibson Employee Association Gibson Hardware Ltd. Giesinger, Aaron Giffen, Gail & Barry Gilby 4-H Beef Club Gill, Avninder Gill, Paramjit Gill’s Vacuum Service Ltd. Gilmour, Dr. Susan GingerCane Gingerbread House Design Contest Girls Day Out Giselle Denis Fine Artist Giving Back - Karlie Armstrong Fundraiser The Giving Tree Foundation of Canada Glen Allan Elementary School Glendinning, Al Glengarry Pharmacy Global Design Alliance LLC Global Edmonton GNC (General Nutrition Centres Inc.) Canada Go Auto The Goats Christmas Wish Goerz Projects Ltd. Goin, Aaron Goldbar Contractors Inc. Golden, Nicholas Golder Associates Ltd. Goncalves, Marco Gonie, Norman Goodchild, David Gordon, Norma M. Goss, Doug & Joanne & Family Gould, Lila Graham Industrial Grand, Michael The Grand Guardian Council of Alberta of the IOJD Society Grant, Michelle Grant Thornton LLP

Great Canadian Group of Companies Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life Grimshaw Truckers and Operators Golf Tournament Gross, Don Groten, Darlene In Memory of Ambee Charlyn Ground Grue, Ronald Guru Restaurant & Bar Ltd. Gustavsson, Michael Guthrie, Laurie

-HHabs Development Ltd. Hack, Taylor Hage, Robin Haidar, Aminah Hainstock, Brad Halabi, Ghassan Hale, Mona Hallbook Enterprises Ltd. Halliburton Handford, Dr. Daniel Hannan, Brendan Hans Herchen Prof. Corp. Hansen, Doug Harbinson, David The Hardware Grill Hardy, David & Erin Hart Contract Interior Consultants Hartman, Candace Hass, Dr. Ronald Hatch, Faye Hauck, Ray Hawks NW 269 Hawks NW 274 Haydon, William Hedstorm, Chris Heffner, Robert The Helm Clothing Hemzy’s Bottles for Kids

Herauf, Calvin Hetlinger Taekwon-Do Invitational Hevey, Jason Hey! Wire Electric Hi Way 13 Transport Ltd. Hickey, William High Level Truck and Trailer (2001) Ltd. Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd. Hill, Ricky Hillbilly Demolition & Mud Bog Hiller, Ernest & Lillian Hiller, Leonard Hitek Urethane Global Ltd. Hodgson, Tiffany Hodson, Scott Hogan, James Hohl, Tod Hole, Muriel Holland, Jason Holland, Kerri-Lyn Holmberg, Robert Holowach, Erin Holtby, Quinn Holubitsky, Linda Horcica, Ben & Karla Horn, Brent & Tracy The Hospital Activity Book for Children House, Mike & Kathy Hudson’s Bay Southgate Hudsons Canadian Tap House Hughes Petroleum Ltd. Hulewicz, Dariusz Humeniuk, Patrick Hunka, Dwayne Hunt, Lori Hunter, Edda Hunters Fight for a Cure Foundation of Alberta Hurley Bros. Inc. Hurtubise, Janine Hutchison, Ross Hutchison, Stephen Hutton, Jim & Nancy

Hutton-Hrytsak, Patricia Hythe & District Recreational Society

-II Want My Carpet Cleaned Inc. Idler, Jason Igloo Building Supplies Group IHOP Restaurants Canada Incite Inland Cement Innisfree Delnorte School’s Cancer Walk Intact Insurance Integrated Innovations Inc. Inter Pipeline Interlock Industries (Alberta) Ltd. International Brotherhood of Boilermakers International Rubber Products Ltd. International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 122 Ironman Directional Boring Ironworkers Local 720 Irving Consumer Products/Irving Tissue Isbister, Belen & Nathan

-JJ & J Installation Services Inc. J. Dyck Holdings Ltd. (John Carle) JKR Concepts J. B. Donnelly Barrister & Solicitor J. Percy Page High School Jabs, Jason Jackie Pennock Family Foundation Jackson, Blaine Jacobs Industrial Services Ltd. Jacula, Shawn Jam For A Cause Jamieson Laboratories Ltd. Jansen, Jan Jasper Lions Club JBS Food Canada Inc. 27

“Thank you for your contribution. Your generosity allows us to be innovative, to strive for excellence and to utilize every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of sick children and their families. Your commitment to the Stollery allows its dedicated and passionate clinicians and teams to deliver care that exemplifies the best health care has to offer.” Bridget Smith, Director of Critical Care, Stollery Children’s Hospital


Jen-Col Construction Ltd. Jensen, Richard Jespersen, Ben Jesse Bowman Logging Inc. Jesson, James Jocelyn Kennedy Accessories Jody Varughese Professional Corporation John & Sandy Read Family Fund at The Calgary Foundation John Paul I Catholic School, Naomi’s Gift to Camp Everest Johnson, Ronald Johnston, Robert Johnston, Sheldon Jomha, Mohamed Jones, Noah & Miranda Joslin, Dale Joyce, Trevor Julianna’s Plant Sale Jurgens, Andrea

-KK-97 Charity Golf Classic for Music Therapy K-97 Christmas Jam K-97 Ride for Music Therapy K-97 Tushfest Kaiser, Benjamin Kalke, Sara Kaminski, Victoria Karpluk, Rosalie Kasal, Ryan Kastner Auctions Ltd. Katcon Property Services Inc. Katrina Nguyen Lemonade Stand Katz Group of Companies K-Bro Linen Systems Inc. Keiffer, Brandon Keiller, Tiffany & Gordon KELLER Construction Kelley & Friends - Kids Helping Kids Kellough Enterprises Inc.

Kellydann Realty Ltd. Keltic Tattoo Parlour Kemway Contractors (2006) Ltd. Ken Morrison Inv. Ltd. Kenilworth Junior High Knights On Bikes Bike-A-Thon Keppler, Susan Keyera KFC Restaurants Canada Kids Running for Kids, hosted by Sportball Kiers, Ron Kilgour, Trevor King, Brenda King, Lesley King, Mary Kinnee, Tanner In Memory of Zachary Bronson Kipp Kirby, Richard & Erin Kirby Family Fund Kirschner, Iris Kirsten Baxter Professional Corporation KITCHEN by brad smoliak Klak, Greg & Karen (In Memory of Haley Nicole Klak) Klassen, Anita & Ric Klaus, Timothy Knapton, Jason & Jeannine & Family Kneller, Bryan Knight, Eric Knights of Columbus 4957 Knights of Columbus St. Charles Council No. 8325 Knoppers, Johnathan Knull, Dustin KO Group Ltd. Kochmanova, Nikol Kora-Lee Enterprises Ltd. The Kore Dance Studio Kortbeek, Nancy Kot, Brandon Kotylak, Miles

KPMG Kraft Canada Inc. Kramer, Bonnie Kremp, Douglas KRL Illustrations Kroeger Joyce Chartered Accountants Kubinec, Brandon Kuehne + Nagel Kumar, Dr. Sunail Harry M. Kuntz Memorial Fund Kurek, Cheryl Kuysters, Michelle Kyle Fundytus Memorial Fund

-LL & M Ditching Ltd. Laboucane, Brian Lac La Biche Royal Purple Lodge No. 309 Ladies Auxiliary to Edmonton AERIE Lafarge Canada Inc. LaGrange Mechanical Services Ltd. Laibida, Brian Laing, Nancy Laing, William Lamb Ford Sales Ltd. - Camrose Lambert, Joseph Lamming, Scott Land Tec Landscape Contractors Ltd. Larson, Valerie Larson, Wendy Lau, Tony Lauber, Ryan Laughlin, Joanne LaValley, Glen Lavoie, Raymond Lavoie 2015 Reunion Lavorato, Stacey Le Club La Verendrye - Knights of Columbus Council

LeClair, Cody Ledcor Group of Companies The Leder Family Leduc County Fundraiser Leduc Minor Hockey Association Adam Myers Memorial Fund Lee, Dr. Ann Lee Oilfield Service Ltd. Legal Hotel Legal Lions Club Administration Lemery, Deborah LeMesurier, Lawrence Lemieux, Michelle Lemmon, Dane Lequier, Dr. Laurance & Karen & Family Lesko, Valerie Leslie, J. Thomas Levicki, Dale Lewkowicz, Chris Liberty Classic Golf Tournament Liberty Security Systems Inc. LIDS Canada Liew, Vivian Lifestyle Cig Inc. Lillian Osborne High School Linary Pilot & Hotshot Services Ltd. Linde Canada Liner, Gordon Lions Club of Leduc Liquor Select Ltd. Little Champion Run/Walk Little People’s Day Out Living Waters Catholic Schools Regional Division No. 42 Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd. Lloydminster Catholic School Division #89 LN Land Development Technologies Inc. Loader, Jesse London Drugs Limited Long, Candace

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments Loruk Farms Ltd. Lukaseder, Joel Luke, Leena Lumanlan, Loida Lust, Justice The Luxus Group Lyons, Keith

-MM.A.P. Water & Sewer Services Ltd. MacDonald, Tracy Drew MacEachern Memorial Fund MacEwan University Miracle Workers & Miracle Makers Club MacIntosh, Brent MacKenzie, Rod & Catherine Florence MacKenzie Fund MacLean, Bart Main, Jeremy & Tysier Maione, Franco Majeau, Laverne MakLoc Buildings Inc. Malmo, Shaun Mannville Elks #395 Manshield (Alta) Construction Manufacturers Association for Relocatable Structures (MARS) Maple Leaf Metals Marano, Donni Marianne Horvat Holdings Inc. Mark-Ulrich Knoefel Professional Corporation Marriott Hotels and Resorts Canada Martin, Craig Martin Deerline Maschmeyer, Stewart Masco Crane & Hoist Mason, Bryan Matias, Jasmin Mawji Family Maximum Yield Publications Inc.

Mayer, James Mayer, Norm & Betty McAlpine, Robert McAmmond, Lisa McAuley, Claire McCarthy, Garfield Hugh & Madge McColl Family Trust Fund McConnan, Ian McConnell, Ronald McCoy, Sue McCrae, James McDavid, Lindsay McEachern, Kevin McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizers McGilvray, Randall McHale, Donna McIntyre, John P. McKee, Kevin & Lyn McKernan School McKinley, Ian MCL Power Inc. McLaughlin, Randell McPhee, Michael McRee, Chris Medical Imaging Consultants Mela Punjabia Da Mellott, Shannon Melville, Brent Mercedes-Benz Heritage Valley Meridian Manufacturing Inc. Merriott Fitness Metcalfe, Peter MGB Mechanical Michaud, Laura Michaud, Real Michels Canada Co. Michener Allen Auctioneering Microserve Microsoft/XBOX Canada Midwest Caissons (2104) Inc. Millenaar, Isabel Miller, Brent Miller, Ian Miller, Michael

Miller Thomson LLP Millet Fish & Game Association Annual Banquet Milltech Millwork Ltd. Millwoods Christian School Milner, Stanley MK Construction Limited MNP Mobster Mechanical Inc. Moerth, Arnold Mohareb, Adel Mohr, Val & Bernice Mohrbutter, Lance Moir, John & Marianne Monsignor William Irwin School Montgomery, Jim Montorio Homes Ltd. Moores, Nicole Morgan’s Fight With Cortical Dysplasia Morkin, Kristi Morneau Field & Services Ltd. Morris, Jack Morrison, George & Marie Moss, Kelly Moss, Roy Mother’s Day Vendor Splendor Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont The Moussa Family Mr. Lube Mr. Lube Foundation Mullback, Barry Mulligan, John Mulligan, Valerie Murray and Alison Munro 40th Wedding Anniversary Muri, Ryan Muriel Parsons Estate Trust for Marlene Moreau Murphy, Anne Murray L. Engelking Professional Corporation Murray’s Trucking Inc. Murza, Daniel Muth Electrical Management Inc.

Muzyka, Dr. Raymond & Leona De Boer Myrnam 4-H Multi Club Myshak, James Myshak Group of Companies

-NNaccarato, Maryanne Nagy, Gabor NAIT Students’ Association Naomi’s Ride for the Neurosurgery Kids Fund NAPA Auto Parts Annual Golf Tournament Navratil, Rhonda Neil Rouse Realty Inc. Nelson, Dick Nelson, Joan Nelson Lumber Company Ltd. Neonatrix Services Inc. Nespliak, Robert Newcap Radio Newfie Golf Classic Nichols, Cal NICU Fun Run in the Park Nikitin, Paulette Nitza’s Pizza on Wye Road Noralta Lodge Ltd. Nordstrom, Steven Norpoint Sandblasting & Painting Ltd. Norris, Alan Nortech Advanced NDT Ltd. North American Construction Group North Central Catchment Schools Initiative North Seera Hockey Society North SEERA SE473 Northern Alberta Garden Railroaders Penny Car Northlands Northmount School’s Children Helping Children

Nowtash, Arjang NRG Research Group Inc. NuEdge Construction Ltd. Nugent, Donald Nutting, Mitchell NW323 Whitemud West Chargers Hockey Team

-OO’Connor, David Odland, Kim O’Donnell, Matthew Oilers Entertainment Group OK Industries Ltd. Olafson, Chloe Oldenburger, Shane Olson, Cody Olson, Frances & Allan OML Construction Services Ltd. On The Level Millwright Service Onischuk, Ron OPT Inc. Optimist Club of Beverly The Order of the Eastern Star Edmonton Chapter 19 Order of the Royal Purple #269 of Elk Point Order of The Royal Purple Lodge #318 of Eaglesham Order of the Royal Purple Lodge #80 Bob & Mazo O’Riordan Memorial Fund Osmond Growth Inc. (Jennifer Osmond) Ostrem Chemical Co. Ltd. Otteson, Roger

-PP&G Canada P. Leckie Professional Corp. Pacific Island Dance Troupe Paine, Linda PALS Givesback 29

“The children don’t want to be sick and they don’t understand why they are sick. They don’t want to come to stay at the Stollery, but thanks to the extras that the Foundation provides, their experience is usually very positive and far beyond what they imagined.” Dr. Christine Kyriakides, Medical Director, Stollery Children’s Hospital


Pals Geomatics Corp. Panas, Gordon & Monica Pandher, Gurpreet Papa Murphy’s $1 Days for the Stollery - Sherwood Park Par for Kale Annual Memorial Golf Tournament Paradigm Electrical Contractors Inc. Parasynchuk, Darcey & Rosalynn Naqvi Parent, Shane Parkland Respiratory Care Ltd. Parkland School Division No. 70 Parkview School PartyLite Pason Systems Corp. Pasula, Barbara Patricia Heights School Patterson, W. Brian Patterson Drilling Patton, George & Inge Paul, Jason Paul Blais Realty Group RE/MAX Elite Paul K. Wong Professional Corporation PCL Construction Group Peace Country Industries Ltd. Peers 4-H Multi Club Peets, Marlene Pelletier, Matthew Pembina Pipeline Corporation Pembina West Co-op The Pentair Foundation Pentair Thermal Management Peter L. Chiu Professional Corporation Peters, Darin Peterson Farms Ltd. Pete’s Logging Ltd. Peyton, Diane Philip A. Grout Prof. Corp. Pierson, Richard Pilgrim, Craig

Pimee Well Servicing Ltd. Partnership Pino, Michael Pipeliners RV Park Pirani Group of Companies Pizza Pizza/Pizza 73 PK Developments Plains Midstream Canada ULC Plamondon, Richard Platinum Investments Ltd. Pohl, Robert Pohranychny, Dwayne & Gaylene Pointkoski, Duane Politacha, Kris Pomeroy, Ryan & Allison Pomeroy Lodging LP Poplar Grove Farms Inc. Popowich, Doug Postma, Howie Poulin, Raffinee Powell Canada Inc. Prairie Mines & Royalty ULC Praxair Canada Inc. Precision Camp Services Pride of the Northside Primrose, David Prins Cattle Co. Ltd. Priority Maintenance Ltd. Priority Mechanical Ltd. Procor Limited Procter & Gamble Co. Proft, Paris Progressive Home Warranty Prokop, Alanna, Joshua & Luke Prolacta Bioscience Protostatix Engineering Consultants Inc. ProtoTech Services Ltd. PSAV Presentation Services PST Industries Purcell Mountain Lodge Puszkar, Janine

-QQualico Communities Qualimet Inc. Quartel, Jack & Afina Queen Elizabeth High School Quinlan, Patrick Quintal, Wayne

-RR & D Trailer Rentals R. A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. R.H. Five Holdings Ltd. R.J. Nelson Family Foundation Rabby, Jennifer Rabinovitch, Lisa Radisson Hotel Edmonton South Rage Catering Rainbow Daycare & Out of School Care Rainbow Eavestroughing Ralph & Gay Young Family Fund Ramgarhia Cultural Association Ranchlands Computers Randhawa, Amar Randhawa, Amarpal Rasmussen, Didi - Realtor Rastogi, Swati Raven Crest Ladies Golf League RBC Foundation RE/MAX Canada Rebecca Jacobson’s Cause Recinos Barrera, Mayra Reed’s Open Your Heart Fundraiser Reeson, Rick Reid, Jamie Reinders, Brad Reiniger, Janet Reiniger, Michael Rempel, Jeremy Renz, Norman & Maritta Reppert, Aron Restaurant Partners

Rexall Foundation Reynolds, Rob Rice, Anthony Richards, Diana Richardson, Adam Rick’s Oilfield Hauling Rig Cruise Show & Shine Rigger’s Bar & Grill Rigney, Penny Riley’s Welding Service Ripley, Carolyn Ritchie Bros Auctioneers (Canada) Ltd. Ritter, Duane Road Apple Carnival Gene Robb Fund Robby’s Tractor-Trailer Robert Tappauf Enterprises Ltd. Robertson, Donald Robertson, Ian Rock Hard Contractors Inc. Rock-A-Bye Baby Concert Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd. Rodgers, Daniel Rogers Financial Management Corp. The Rohit Group of Companies Rohovie, Judith Roll Form Group Roma, Michael Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. RONA Calgary Trail Rose, Alan Rose, Ingrid Rose, Michael Rose’s Nails Ltd. Rose’s Remedies Ross, Chella Ross, Rachel Rotorchrome Industries Inc. Royal Glenora Club Roycroft, Kay Royer, Shawna & Gilles

RTA Holdings Ltd. RTL Westcan Group of Companies Rumbold, David Run for Pie Edmonton Russell, Karen Russell Investments RW Colony Farming Co. Ltd.

-SSACHS Interact Club: Bottle Drive for the Stollery Sackney, Robert Sadd, Lisa & Marshall Sadovia, Jason Safeway Operations In Memory of Gord Hagan & Bunny Porowski Salisbury Composite High School Sallemi, Filipo Samoan Enterprises Inc. Samoil, Lance San Diego Fluid System Technologies Sandhu, Shaminder Sang, Aaron Santa Photos Saraswathi Society For Music & Dance Sargeant, Robert Savaria, Francis Save-On-Foods Savvia Inc. Schaffer, Patrick Scheetz, Janet Scherger, Devin Schmidt, Brian Schneider, Rose Schnyder, George H. Schoenknecht, Brian Schuler, Laura Scona Electric Inc. Scotiabank Scotia Wealth Scott, Nicola Scott, Dr. Shannon

Scott Builders Inc. Scott Safety Supply Services Inc. Scragg, David Scragg, Joe Seagate Group Ltd. Sears Canada Charitable Foundation Sears Employee’s Charitable Fund Seguin, Robert Sehn, Brian & Debbie Select Engineering Consultants Ltd. Sellers, Ryan Senyk, Dianna Sequeira, Aroon Sequeira Partners Inc. Serdachny, Steve & Debra Shaelynn’s Hair Donation Fundraiser Sharun, Dr. William & Carol Shaw Shepel, Brad Sheppard, Lara Sherwood, Jamie Sherwood Park Titan’s Midget B1 Players Sherwood Park Toyota/TEAOA Annual BBQ Show ‘n’ Shine Shillington, Bob Shillington, Greg Shiny Side Up Flooring Inc. Joseph & Kayla Shoctor Family Fund Shoppers Drug Mart Showtech Power and Lighting Shylko, David & Laura Simon, Doreen Simply Supper Helps Lemonade Stand Day Sims, Mary-Lou Singh, Curtis Skate For The Stollery Skitsko, James Skochylas, Dr. Edwin Slamko, Gerald

Slavens, Kristi Smarttax Inc. Smiles For Life Foundation Smith, Linette Smith, Robert J. Smitke, Judy & Raymond SMS Equipment Inc. The Smyrl Family Smyth, Ryan & Stacey Snyder, Joan Sobeys Solutions E LY4GL Inc. Somani, Altaf, Zahra & Armaan Sommer, Kerry Sorge, Janet Soriano, Emiliana Sorrell Financial Soucie, Daniel Southgate Shopping Centre Spa Spot Spencer Berezowski Foundation Spirit Halloween’s Spirit of Children Spitzer, Jadene Spooner, David M. Sportball’s Kids Standing Up for Kids Sportcon Glass Inc. Squire, Rhonda Sri Lanka Canada Friendship Association of Edmonton St. Albert Catholic High School St. Albert Catholic Parish St. Albert Public School District No. 5565 St. Andre, Denis St. Francis Food Bank Association St. Francis Xavier Hockey Academy St. Joseph Elementary School St. Mark’s Chapel Guild Stahl, Edward Stand Up For Love Standard Products Inc. Stanomir, Ion Starburst Creative Inc. Starlight Children’s Foundation

Canada Stecyk, Richard Steed, Sean Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd. Steele, Greg - RE/MAX Stegman, Cassandra Stene Bros. Oilfield Hauling Inc. Stephen Dubetz o/a The Balloon Gang Sterling Crane Sterling Properties II Steven’s Flow for Dough Stewart, Brenda Stiksma, Irene The Stollery Charitable Foundation Stollery Youth Committee Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation Streamline Drafting Streith, Peter Strynadka, Gregg Students’ Association of Grant MacEwan University Sturt, Paul Suggitt Publishing Ltd. Sun, Kelvin Sun, Nannan Superfluity Shop Supreme Group LP Supreme Office Products Limited SureHire Occupational Testing Sustainable Development Commercial Services Inc. SVHA Novice 5 SW 530 Swart, Robert SWAT 639 Sweet Momma Spa Swine, Song, and Swill Pig Roast Charity Event Sylvan Lake Show & Shine Hosted by Accelerated Revolution and #bcf Team Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Synergy Projects Ltd.

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Twin Willows Business League Tymchuk, Matthew


“Thank-you is a very important sentiment but our appreciation shines through with our ability to partner with donors to improve the lives of children and families, through education and research.” Dr. Susan Gilmour, Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta, Stollery Children’s Hospital

Unifor Local 4001 Uni-Select Prairies Inc. Univar Canada Ltd. Special Events Unrau, Wendy-Lou Urban Bulldogs Against Kids Abuse Urban Development Institute Edmonton Region Urban Metropolis Urban Systems Foundation Usselman, Edward A.

-V Valeant Canada Valente, Antonio Van Hecke, Marcel Van Straten, Annie Vande Guchte, David Vanko Analytics Limited Vargas, Jose Vaxvick, Linda Vegreville Composite High School Graduation Vertex Resource Group Ltd. Vetro, Michelle & Anthony Vincent Tayler Salon Vision Credit Union Ltd. Volvo of Edmonton



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OUR BOARD OF TRUSTEES Some of the most influential and committed community leaders in Alberta volunteer their time and expertise to help our Foundation govern its mission and vision effectively to build the best children’s hospital in the world. We are extremely grateful for the vision, dedication and passion each member brings as a trustee. Chair T. Marshall Sadd Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers

Vice-Chair Richard Kirby, MBA Felesky Flynn LLP

President & CEO Mike House, MBA, CFRE Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Laurie Anderson, CMA WAM Development Group

Dr. Alf Conradi, MD, FRCPC Stollery Children’s Hospital

Leigh-Anne Palter, MBA Chestermere Utilities Inc.

Dr. William J. Sharun ThirtyTwo Dental

Richard Balan RTA Holdings Ltd.

Lindsay Dodd, B.Comm., MBA Savvia Inc.

Gordon Panas, CA PCL Constructors Inc.

Micheal Webb MacLachlan & Mitchell Homes Inc.

Kelly Blackett Canadian Western Bank

Douglas Goss, QC, AOE Bryan & Company LLP

Stephen Petasky The LUXUS Group

Dr. Greg Zeschuk Blind Enthusiasm Group

Jim Caldwell The Brick Group

Noah Jones, BA, CFP, CLU Fairley Erker Advisory Group

Ryan Pomeroy Pomeroy Lodging LP

Jonathan Chia, CA Melcor Developments Ltd.

Rod MacKenzie, P.Eng. Legato Resources Ltd.

Ian Reynolds, QC, ICD.D Bennett Jones LLP

Ex-officio members Dr. Richard Fedorak, MD, FRCPC, FRCP (London) University of Alberta

Dr. Christine Kyriakides Stollery Children’s Hospital

Dr. David Mador Alberta Health Services

Dr. Susan Gilmour University of Alberta and Stollery Children’s Hospital

Tracy MacDonald Stollery Children’s Hospital

Christine Westerlund Stollery Children’s Hospital


WHERE TO NOW? A bold vision for 2020 and beyond When it comes to children’s health care, we believe “great” simply isn’t good enough – for kids from Alberta and beyond, we need to be excellent. And we know, and are truly grateful, that you give generously because you also believe children’s health is a priority. The Stollery Children’s Hospital is one of the best in Canada. But as a children’s hospital located within the adult University of Alberta hospital, the Stollery is almost out of space. For us to transform children’s health care in Alberta and beyond, we need to do more. We must lead a vision where every child, no matter where they live, gets the best pediatric care possible. Alberta Health Services is working on its 2030 Master Plan, which we understand will include consolidated space for pediatric patients. We believe the time to act is now. Our Stollery 2020 Task Force members are out in the community, talking to parents, donors and other community leaders about our vision and commitment to doing our part to: • build a stand-alone Stollery Children’s Hospital tower • invest in research, teaching and treatment to support innovation • create a recruitment centre for the world’s best medical talent • develop a Stollery network of care for kids from Alberta and beyond Our plan for the future talks about a $200 million investment from our Foundation, and making a Stollery network of care happen in partnership with Alberta Health Services and the provincial government. Our vision will not only support the Government of Alberta’s economic development plans, but also advance its plans to improve key areas of children’s health including: • mental health • aboriginal health • equity and fairness for children Our goal over the next year is to make those plans a reality. We’re excited about this vision, and the growing community support that signals you believe children’s health is a priority worth investing in. Thank you for supporting us moving forward as we work to build the best possible future for Stollery kids and their families.




Our vision: to give the sickest kids the best chance, anywhere in the world, to live a long and healthy life.

“When I grow up, it’s going ng to be fantastic!” Caleb Schulz, 15

WHAT’S NEXT FOR CALEB? We’re not the only ones with bold plans – Caleb has his own 2020 vision! on! He’ll turn 16 this year and looks forward to starting high school and dating. His care at the Stollery is ongoing, including checkups every four months to refill his medicine pump, mp, bbut utt hhee ref refuses fuses to let his cerebral palsy limit him. Caleb dreams of moving out when he’s 18 and working as a stand-up comedian on weekends while going to college. He plans to enroll in a radio program and hopes to make a living as a voiceover artist. Caleb’s successes in his first 15 years are remarkable, and the potentiall for his future is tremendous. With your continuing support, we can advance children’s health care at the Stollery so more kids like Caleb can live longer, healthier lives and have the best chance to discover their potential. Thank you for your unwavering generosity.

Donate today! 800 College Plaza, 8215 112 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6G 2C8 Phone: 780.433.KIDS (5437) Toll-Free: 1.877.393.1411 stollerykids.com #stollerykids There are many more outstanding stories of generosity than there are pages in this report. Please visit stollerykids.com and pick up a copy of our Heroes magazine on newsstands to learn more about the remarkable people like you who make a life-changing difference for Stollery kids and their families.

Profile for Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

2015/16 Annual Report  

2015/16 Annual Report