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Great news! Just as the June issue of Hero came off the press, our “cover girl” Sophie was coming out of surgery where her Berlin Heart was removed. There was always a chance that her own heart would heal if given time, and it did. After spending 20 months in the Stollery, Sophie is now home in Winnipeg with her parents, Ed and Ning, enjoying the life of a

typical four-year-old. She loves to head to the park where she swings, cruises down the slide, and can run free after being restricted by medical equipment for so many months. In a recent telephone conversation, Ed asked us to pass along a very important reminder, “When things look bad, remember that they can get better quickly.” In just two months, Sophie’s Berlin Heart was removed, she healed well, headed home to Winnipeg, and is riding her bike down the pathways. It’s a great message of hope and healing. These are the times we cherish. When we get reports back from mom and dad to let us know the wonderful progress a child released from the Stollery is making. None of us know what the future will hold, but what we do know is that because of donors who want to help ensure the Stollery is a centre of excellence for treating children, that Sophie is here . . . breeze blowing through her hair, laughing, and loving every moment of life.

Jennifer Wood President & CEO

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

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Our Hero

Hannah Crowther By Jan Archbold

Hannah and Becky (mom) enjoying a laugh


Hannah shows off her leg brace art

can see them from across the park sitting together and

As Becky relates stories of Hannah, it’s clear that she has listened

laughing. Hannah and her Mom, Becky, have spent a lot of

to her daughter and this journey has been accomplished as a

time together over her 14 years; waiting, learning, healing,

family. “ We’ve let her tell us what she needs; she knows her

and learning again have been a major part of their world. When

body. I’ve learned that parents and adults need to listen to

Hannah and her twin brother Jacob came into the world, it was

children, that they are much more intuitive than we give them

apparent that she was in trouble and would need immediate


surgery. A shunt was inserted to relieve pressure caused by fluid on her brain, a surgery that would happen twice in the following three months. The damage from the fluid caused a form of cerebral palsy, which created stiffness in Hannah’s legs and both femur bones turned inward, making it impossible for her to walk. In fact, Becky and husband, Doug, were told she may never walk, but that wasn’t the case.

In between photo takes, I asked Hannah her dream for the future. There isn’t a moment of hesitation as she picks up her notebook and pen, “I want to be a bestselling author. I write all the time and I love it.” There are dozens of notebooks at home filled with stories that spill out over the pages. I felt my heart pull when Becky told me that when Hannah was in kindergarten her specialists suggested they get her a lap top because she

“She knows no limits,” says Becky. “Everything they said she may

would likely not be able to write. Becky and Doug decided she

never do, she’s pushed through it and has done it all. She’s the

should learn because she would need to sign her name and write

most amazing lady I’ve ever met, and I’ve met some wonderful

cheques, the basic things in life. And so she started to write, and

people.” As the veteran of more than 25 surgeries, Hannah has

has never stopped.

experienced some very intense operations. Four years ago, she underwent surgery to lengthen multiple tendons in her legs and heels and to rotate her femur bones. It was a successful surgery that required Hannah to learn to walk all over again. And she did.

A new procedure performed at the Stollery has allowed the shunt to be bypassed, and the fluid is now draining on its own. And, we were the honoured recipients of the news that Becky and Hannah had just come from getting her 10th set of leg braces

“She’s never complained. Her amazing attitude is a breath of

and that the doctor feels this may be her last pair. With all of her

fresh air and has been an inspiration for the whole family.”

determination, I know she’s destined to become a bestselling

Added to that is a great sense of respect for her daughter.

author. Something tells me there will be a hero in the book. She has the perfect role model to follow with just a glance

Cover photo courtesy: Christy Dean Photography

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in the mirror.

3 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

Photo courtesy: Christy Dean

Editor Jan Archbold




It’s all about Child Life


by Theresa Shea

t’s a sunny, warm June morning when I arrive for my tour

and provide support for children undergoing tests, surgeries,

of the Child Life Department at the Stollery Children’s

and other medical procedures; they help ease patients’ anxieties

Hospital. I’m met by Lois Wolgemuth, a Certified Child Life

and fears by providing distractions through therapeutic and

Specialist who has been working with hospitalized children since

recreational play activities; they advocate for family-centred

1984. As a mother of three, I try to steel myself for what’s ahead,

care and consider the needs of siblings who are affected by a

but Lois’s upbeat demeanour dispels my nervousness. “We try to

child’s illness or trauma; and they co-ordinate special events and

have a lot of fun,” she tells me. “It’s such a privilege to work here

activities that help to help provide normalization and fun for the

with the children and their families. First and foremost, our job

children while in hospital.

is to help children cope with their hospitalization, so we focus on the social, emotional well-being of the children and their extended families.“

Photo courtesy: Jeanett Flynn, Cactus Sun Studio

at the Stollery Children’s Hospital

Lois takes me to “The Beach,” one of the main gathering play areas and a focal point in elevating children’s spirits. The Beach is a safe haven where children can participate in peer activities

To most people, a hospital can seem like a complex system to

that prolonged hospital stays often curtail. Sometimes patients

navigate, especially for families whose children are experiencing

are wheeled in on their beds, or in wheelchairs, to play. There’s a

illness for the first time. As a result, the availability of a trained

doll house, a train table, a dress up area full of costumes, and play

individual to help assist in a child’s social, emotional well-being

medical equipment that the children can use when they pretend

is nothing short of a blessing for the loved ones of a sick child.

to be a doctor and perform tests or surgeries on dolls. Tuesday

There are many pediatric services offered at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, but ask any parent, and you’ll find that the Child Life Specialist provides one of the most essential components of pediatric health care. The early roots of the Child Life profession can be traced back to the 1920s, when hospital staff identified the adverse effects that a prolonged separation from family had on hospitalized kids. Often entire wards would erupt in crying when families left at night. The nurses also noticed that when sick children were given the opportunity to play, their spirits improved immeasurably.

is bingo night at The Beach, and Wednesday is movie night. In addition, every second Thursday an anonymous donor has pizza delivered to The Beach. It’s a real highlight for the children and families, one they look forward to, especially when the Stollery has become their home away from home. Child Life Specialists engage and energize children and families by hosting and organizing special events. For instance, the big event in August this year is Blizzards on The Beach. The children will enjoy a mini-blizzard and Dairy Queen donates its blizzard sales from its outlets from the day to kids at the Stollery.

Dianne Tuterra shares a quiet moment with a patient

She then takes me past the classrooms in which three teachers

Child life specialists are essential to the quality of pediatric

are employed full-time to help the patients with their studies,

health care and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

enabling them to keep up with their studies during their

frequently provides support to the program. Dianne Tuterra is


the Team Leader of the Child Life Department. Whenever the

The final stop on the tour is the Guru Nanak Dev Healing Garden located in the adjacent Mazankowski Heart Institute. “I often bring families and patients here for conversations,” Lois explains. “It’s peaceful and helps to calm them.” Indeed, the airy room with natural light streaming in from floor to ceiling windows

Foundation organizes a function for children (such as Blizzards on The Beach), or is offered non-cash donations, such as toys or other items on the department’s wish list, then they work with Dianne. “If I need a donor to fund something,” Tuterra says, “then sometimes the foundation is able find a funder for me.”

feels more like the Muttart Conservatory than a hospital. The

As I leave the Child Life Department, I’m filled with gratitude

sound of running water can be heard from the fountains, and

and amazement for the essential work that is being done there

Over time, this focus on children’s mental and emotional health

There are twelve Child Life Specialists working at the Stollery,

there’s the added beauty of sculptures and a wide variety of

on a daily basis. It’s a comfort to know that so many caring and

evolved into the specialization of child life experts. In 1982

plus relief staff and one assistant. In all, fifteen people help

exotic plants.

committed individuals are making such a positive impact on the

the Child Life Council was established in North America, and

smooth the way for hospitalized children and their families.

in 1998 a standardized certification examination was put into place. So although it’s still a relatively new profession within the healthcare community, it had a long gestation period.

“We receive a lot of gratitude from families,” Lois says, “but

lives of our children and families.

Lois leads me through the hospital units (oncology, cardiology,

we feel like we’re the lucky ones because we get to work with

For a look at the Child Life Wish List and how you may be

surgery, general medicine) and explains what happens in each

such amazing children.” She tells me the story of a boy with an

able to help, visit

one. Along the way she waves to children and calls them by name.

autoimmune disease she first met when he was eleven. He’s

The role of the Child Life Specialist is multifaceted: they

One mother asks Lois to be sure her daughter is wheeled out in

thirty-three now and still comes by to visit. “He brought his

collaborate with parents and other members of the medical team

a bed after her treatment. It is clear that Lois knows many of the

girlfriend to meet us all,” she adds with a smile. Clearly, the

folks in the waiting rooms and that she’s deeply tied to their lives.

attachment is mutual.

4 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

5 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e



Positive parenting for Alberta’s parents by Theresa Shea

problems. Just as importantly,” she goes on, “it’s aimed at parents

have happened based on the child’s development level. The

of children from birth to adolescence, a much broader age range

point, always, is that the parent has the responsibility to create

than usual.”

an environment in which broken vases do not lead to broken

The first training in Alberta for the program began in June, 2010, and has since proven so successful (there’s a waiting list for the

The creator of the Positive Discipline Program, Joan Durrant,

third training session in Edmonton, and the program is now

understands that most parenting problems arise due to a child’s

also being delivered in Calgary, Grande Prairie, and Lethbridge)

differing sense of time and schedules from the parent’s. She uses

that Alberta has been chosen by Save the Children as the pilot

an amusing example from her own experience to highlight this

for international evaluation. According to Patenaude, 130

fact. When her young son would not put his mittens on to go

people have been trained so far, and when a new workshop is

out on a cold day, Durrant was in a hurry and could have gotten

announced, it fills up within 48 hours. “The program’s focus on

frustrated and angry. Instead, she asked him why he wouldn’t

child development,” she explains, “is the reason for its success.

cooperate. It turns out that he didn’t want the fuzz from his

The emphasis is on teaching parents how to recognize the various

mittens to get onto his apple. This was quite a logical reason,

stages a child goes through as a normal part of growing up, so

so Durrant asked if she could hold the apple until the boy got

the program is based not on rewards and punishments but on

into the car, at which point he could take his mittens off and eat

attachment and communication.” Or, as the Positive Discipline

the apple. He found the solution acceptable and the potential

primer itself puts it, “Positive discipline is not permissive

confrontation was entirely defused.

parenting and is not about punishment. It is about long-term solutions that develop children’s own self-discipline and their life-long skills. Positive discipline is about teaching non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights and respect for others.”


eing a good parent is arguably the most important

Susan Patenaude, the Provincial Coordinator with Alberta

and least appreciated of all human skills. To give our

Network for Safe and Healthy Children, organizes delivery

children the ability to live with confidence, gratitude

of the Positive Discipline Training for Facilitators in Alberta.


Positive discipline is not permissive parenting and is not about punishment.

Despite the common sense and obvious success of the PDP, however, funding it and other programs devoted to improving parent-child relationships remains a challenge. The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation (through the Royal Bank of Canada’s $10,000 grant) has been a key funder that clearly recognizes the value of the PDP to society as a whole. But with the growing success of the program will come an increased need for funding, one that Patenaude certainly hopes to see fulfilled. As the pilot evaluation unfolds she imagines that the training for the PDP may increase in length and perhaps broaden in format,

and love requires a considerable degree of patience and

She explains that it was developed by Dr. Joan Durrant, a

understanding, qualities routinely in conflict with the hectic

clinical psychologist in Manitoba, under the auspices of the

Even a brief read of the PDP manual reveals its

and fractious pace of a contemporary life overwhelmed with

Swedish-based Save the Children Foundation, and is based on

comprehensiveness and value to all parents. There are separate

schedules and day-to-day responsibilities. Often it seems that

fundamental child development research, major findings of

sections devoted to specific age-related challenges (from 0 to

there’s nowhere for stressed-out parents to turn to learn better

parent literature, and principles of children’s rights. “The basic

6 months to 14 to 18 years) as well as notes on such subjects

So how do parents seeking a better way to interact with their

methods of communicating with their children.

idea,” Patenaude continues, “is that the positive discipline

as parental anger, children’s fears, postpartum depression,

children connect with the PDP? “They can go to our website at

program (PDP) originates from a child’s rights perspective,

tantrums, spanking and slapping, child proofing, and children’s to find a list of names of agencies trained

which makes it quite unique. Most parenting programs are not

moods. Accompanying these sections and notes are a number of

to deliver the program,” Patenaude says. “If we’re going to build

rights based.”

imagined scenarios and question-and-answer exercises designed

the program,” she adds, “we need parents to connect with it.”

to encourage parents to slow down and treat each issue that arises

It’s a program well worth growing for the benefit of our children

with a plan rather than an emotional or physical outburst. For

and for the parents they will become.

In Alberta, however, there is a program aimed at improving parent-child relationships that has begun to show exciting results. The Positive Discipline Training for Facilitators was first funded a year ago by the Alberta Centre for Injury Control

While the program’s major objective is to reduce physically

and Research. Since then, funding has been provided by the

and emotionally violent parenting, Patenaude is quick to stress

Royal Bank of Canada through the Stollery Children’s Hospital

the program’s universality. “It’s designed to address day-to-

Foundation. This training is designed specifically to train

day issues that all parents face, not just the extreme situations

facilitators in this innovative approach to parenting.

faced by high-risk parents dealing with major child behavioural

6 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

although, above all else, her purpose is basic. “If I can keep getting financial support,” she says, “I want to keep training people.”

example, in a section devoted to toddlers, the manual describes a situation where a child breaks a valuable vase. The manual then encourages parents to consider why this accident might

7 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e


Lifetime Philanthropist by Erinne Sevigny


t is common for those who face illness in their lives to dedicate themselves to helping others in the same position. Not as common is for someone to start when they are only

ten years old. It’s even less common for someone to have raised

Braden with his 2011 presentation cheque

nearly $800,000 for the Stollery before their twentieth birthday, making their star on the “Donor Wall” as big as some of Canada’s

A year after, Braden met a boy in rehabilitation who at six years

largest corporations.

old had lost all four of his limbs to bacterial meningitis. Again,

When Braden Mole was 8 years old, after a series of seizures, he underwent a routine brain surgery to remove his right temporal lobe. During surgery, an unexpected surge of blood led surgeons to discover a large tumour growing on an artery. While they attempted to control the bleeding, Braden suffered a stroke on his left side. Braden survived and spent four months in recovery re-learning how to walk and talk. He also underwent three more brain surgeries to fully remove the tumour. Throughout his time in hospital, Braden met many other children who were going through their own, sometimes greater, challenges. “Their strength and determination is what gave me the courage and strength to overcome my own health challenges,” he says.

An Early Start During Braden’s recovery from his second surgery, his mom read him an article about a girl in the U.S. who had had a stroke on both sides of her brain. The story touched Braden and ignited a new passion. He wanted to help. “I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live with a stroke on both sides of my body.”

Braden knew he could make a difference. The result was another bottle and penny drive, this time raising more than $1000.

Going Big In 2005 Braden organized and hosted his first annual fundraiser for the Stollery. Held at his aunt and uncle’s acreage, complete with a barbecue and live and silent auction, Braden’s first largescale event brought in $65,000. The event has run every year in June ever since. It’s a year-round effort that includes calling more than 400 businesses to request auction donations. Items donated have included quads, vacations and artwork by local artisans. This past year, even the catering for the event was donated.

Gala In Blue Jeans


e simply could not do what we do without the help

A special thanks to the committee that made this event possible:

of volunteers. They are true Miracle Workers.

Theresa Fielden, Sharon Howie, Pat and George Pubben, and

To show our Miracle Workers how much they’re

Cynthia Beaver, thank you for sharing your time and talent!

appreciated, we held our annual Gala In Blue Jeans celebration on June 5th.

Manager, Kristin Tustian at 780.431.4606 or ktustian@

The game show themed event, Minute-To-Win-It to be exact, provided tonnes of entertainment to our 100 guests. There were nine games in total and included knocking over empty pyramids of cans with elastic bands, balancing nails on strings, keeping

name a few. up! 99.3’s Duncan Paterson provided loads of energy as the emcee, and Kristine Mastelero shared her daughter Malaieja’s experience at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. A number of volunteers received Miracle Worker Awards for giving it their all at events over the past year. Each of the award recipients below received a puzzle designed from Malaieja’s handprints. David Shrimpton – 2010 Cotton Club Sonja McDonald – 2010 Snowflake Gala Susan Tarling – 2011 Casino Michelle Davy – 2011 Dr. Patch Up / Donor Recognition Event Ray Caouette – 2011 Mother’s Day Run and Walk

Stollery in one way or another. He says that he has found his one true passion in life. “I made a promise that as long as this hospital

After getting out of hospital, slapping on a sign that read “For

is still standing, I will continue my efforts to raise funds and give

Courtney Brown” to an ice cream pail and walking through the

back to the hospital that has given so much to me. “ He’s a true

streets of downtown Edson, Braden’s first bottle and penny drive

Hero for the kids at the Stollery.

and have some fun!

on each other and tossing bottles of water onto tables….just to

coming in at $122,424.

non-profit sector, but Braden will always be working for the

Try a few of the games yourself! Challenge your friends

To check out a few of the games, go to:

Angie Fielden – 2011 Radiothon

plans to attend MacEwan taking courses on leadership in the

balloons from touching the ground, balancing metal coat hangers

The total raised this year event soared above expectations,

Braden is one class away from graduating high school and has

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer

Rosanne Sadorsky – 2011 Caring For Kids Astral Radio Broadcast Elaine Jeong – 2011 Busy Being Fabulous Lea Reed – Office Administration Lindsey Graham – New Volunteer of the Year Alyssa Klak – Youth Volunteer Lori Finck – Staff Volunteer Tammy Anders – Volunteer of the Year Every volunteer provides an important piece of the puzzle,

raised just under $400 which Courtney used to by a specially

whether they give one hour or 100 hours of their time, our

equipped bike.

Miracle Workers continue to go beyond to support the work of

Volunteer Carole Henson keeps everything in the air!

the Foundation.

8 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

9 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

Photo courtesy: Jenn Thompson

Braden Mole:

Photo courtesy: Natalie Semeniuk/Instant Memories Photography




Parents Know Best

Increasing the Levels of Care through Rapid Response By Andrea Donini need to have on hand, and do the staff training so that everyone

funding for additional equipment so they can have specialized

could work together.”

carts, portable blood gas machines and defibrillators available

Photo courtesy: Jeanett Flynn, Cactus Sun Studio

For an entire year prior to the inaugural call to the Rapid

Members of the team check in with Malaieja and mom Kristine


or a parent sitting in a hospital ward trying to get the

“We had this team of specially trained nurses, and respiratory

best care they can for a sick child, nothing is worse

therapists that were trained to transport sick kids without the

than feeling powerless. The constant vigil is stressful

supervision of a physician,” says Dr. Jonathan Duff, medical

enough, but when you add incapacity to the mix, nothing could

lead for the Rapid Response Team and a pediatric intensivist

be worse.

at the Stollery. “All that knowledge of how to rapidly assess and

Now parents caring for their children have more ways to help. With the addition of the Rapid Response Team to the Stollery

care for a child existed and we just thought we could use that expertise all the time.”

Children’s Hospital, parents can make the call if they notice

No new idea comes to fruition quickly though, especially

their child getting worse.

when it could affect a child’s life. For about a year after the

“People always think that we’re going to get lots of calls from parents that are just over-reacting.” says Colleen Gresiuk, coordinator for the Rapid Response Team. “But it just isn’t so. In fact, the vast majority of times that a parent initiates a call to the team, they were totally right in doing so.”

idea was proposed, Duff and Adele Dorey, along with several stakeholders worked on exactly how the team would function and garnered support from hospital administration. “The administration of the Hospital and the Foundation were incredibly quick to recognize the value of having a Rapid Response Team available on the ward,” Duff says, “But we still

Response Team, Duff, Gresiuk, Dorey, and a host of supporters

But expanding the scope and reach of the team also requires

did the incredible amount of footwork to get the team

more training, and the best training is simulation-based. “It’s

functioning. Operating funds and capital equipment came

a resource intensive method, simulation. It requires a lot of

through the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and

physical space, which is a challenge to find at the hospital, and

several other agencies contributed equipment.

specialized equipment that can be hard to get access to.”

Since that first call there have been more than 160 calls made

I don’t imagine any of those obstacles are going to stop this

to the Rapid Response Team. In a third of the cases, the child

team, but it is the limiting factor to having Rapid Response

was immediately moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Teams available throughout the hospital day or night.

In another third, the level of care being offered on the ward was increased. “And in the rest of the cases,” says Duff, “we got the opportunity to educate parents and healthcare workers on how to use the tools we’ve developed. It’s been a most gratifying experience for all of us.”

“We got the opportunity to educate parents and healthcare workers on how to use the tools we’ve developed. It’s been a most gratifying experience for all of us.”

“When you see the team in action,” Duff says, “The way they augment the already exceptional protocols, then you know we’re really getting all hands on deck to save a child. And every time a call is made on the team, we have the opportunity to increase the knowledge base of hospital staff, parents and other caregivers.” In the day-to-day operation of a hospital, with medical personnel having so much going on, parents are finding it reassuring to know that their voice is one of many advocating for their children. “Just knowing the team is available is helping staff interact with parents about their children’s health,” says Gresiuk, “For most of the calls to the Rapid Response Team, it’s a joint decision between parents and nursing staff that makes the call. Within five minutes, that’s our protocol, we’re at the bedside

Throughout the United States there is a change a foot. Children’s hospitals throughout the States are beginning to certify their facilities based on parent-activated rapid response teams being available. In Canada, the Stollery is the only hospital to boast such a team.

augmenting the regular course of care for the child.” “Ninety seconds after that we’ve made a rapid assessment on the child’s status,” Gresiuk says, “and by the time we’ve been onsite for 10 to 15 minutes, we’ve usually decided on additional treatments or changes to levels of care.”

Since May 2010, the Rapid Response Team has been responding

had to develop the tools the team would use, the protocol for

But Duff and crew aren’t content with being first and only. They

to calls, but it was back in 2007 that the idea for the team was

instigating a call, get the funding to have the team on call, get the

see plenty of possibility for increasing the reach of the Rapid


capital funding for all the specialized equipment the team would

Response Team inside the hospital. Currently they are acquiring

1 0 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

for the team’s use in treatment areas like radiology.

It’s an amazing turn-around that saves lives and that has to be helping parents breathe just a little easier when their children are sick.

1 1 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e



Moving Mountains to Breathe Easy

Stacked two deep and reaching to the ceiling, half of the long

Asthma research underway

printer’s boxes full of the blank questionnaires. I ask how he can approach such a task undaunted.

By Andrea Donini


wall in his office is obscured. The other half is stacked with

“It’s a case of knowing that all this information is going to provide answers,” he says, “I love what I do. I get to ask questions

here is a veritable mountain of data between Dr. Piush

us understand the stressors unique to our area, things like the

– and I get to answer them myself. That’s not something

Mandhane and the answers he seeks. When he’s done

possible health results of having a parent that works out of town

everyone is lucky enough to be able to do. In research we don’t

scaling that mountain though, we’ll know infinitely

for weeks at a time or just how significant a role the presence of

get the semi-immediate gratification of clinical work, instead we

more about what causes asthma and allergies.

refineries plays in our health.

go through 11 months of frustration for one month of ‘Wow!’”

Asthma has no definitive test for diagnosis, instead it’s a

The CHILD study is an ambitious project that involves

It’s not just Mandhane and CHILD that will get valuable data

persistent and frightening series of symptoms that can gradually

Dr. Mandhane, seven research assistants, one senior researcher

from this study, either. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing

worsen or come on suddenly. For adults and children alike, the

and two student researchers in Edmonton alone. Despite the

Corporation is providing in-kind support in the form of

inability to draw a clear breath is intensely uncomfortable and

deficit the project is currently running, it has brought over $4

training personnel to complete home inspections, because the

terrifying. We take breathing for granted – imagine not being

million in research funding into the city in the last four years

resulting information can be used to improve building design

able to. As incidents of asthma increase (by 35 per cent in the

and brings a host of partners to the table to collect and interpret

standards. Environment Canada is on board to provide exterior

last five years alone) that terror is becoming all too familiar for

the data.

environmental data about the sites and is committed to helping

more and more Canadians.

Starting before birth, the children of the CHILD study are tested

Diagnosed at the age of three, Mandhane knows first-hand

for things like genetics, general blood chemistry, and a complete

the effects of asthma on a life. I’m certain his struggle with the

profile of their living conditions, including home inspection, is

disease led him to find metaphoric mountains to climb because

captured. Biological samples are collected at specific intervals

after completing a medical fellowship in pediatric medicine,

along the way and then stored for future as-yet-unimagined

Mandhane started work on a PhD. He is a double-doctor. His

testing. From the 5000 children being studied nationally,

skills in human research and understanding of the subject

it is estimated that a quarter of a million biological

matter drew him to sign-on with the CHILD study. CHILD, the

samples will be collected.

Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development Study, is an ambitious undertaking following 5000 children from pre-natal stages to age five. Started at McMaster University and funded initially by equal grants from the Canadian Institute for Health Research and

Understanding and inspiration is really what this study hopes to achieve.

$500,000 in additional funding from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation through the Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute.

for the CHILD study work together with several other

becoming accustomed to the researchers that visit them at

research projects to assess suitability and maximize research

regular intervals. Relationships have been developed, and the

participation in all available studies. There is no infighting

researchers are making every effort to ensure they work with

for participants, rather the research community has gathered

participants’ schedules. Everyone involved is employing an

together to work on increasing total number of participants

actively collaborative approach that ensures those enrolled

overall. And with children already being followed, there is an

feel the magnitude of the importance of his or her 25-hour

incredibe opportunity for smaller, more localized data collection

commitment. Every piece of data collected in this journey

on other topics (like the sleep study Mandhane also oversees

is an ascent to understanding.

and an intestinal flora study.) The partnerships created for CHILD, and the far-reaching affects on our long-term health and well being, are almost as impossible to fully understand as they are inspiring.

As for the funding deficit, Mandhane is pragmatic, “I know, and most Canadians know, that this is incredibly important information to gather. I believe the money will come. I see it as: giving to pediatric research improves lives from before birth to death–across the board–because we know adult disease has

hopes to achieve. Without all this information, we have no way

roots in childhood. If we want to increase the quality of life in

All of those samples are shipped to a centralized facility in

of moving beyond our current treatment protocols for asthma

children, and correspondingly the adults they become, we need

Hamilton, Ontario for careful cataloguing and appropriate

and allergy – treatment protocols that largely rely on managing

to invest in pediatric research.”

storage. So far, it doesn’t appear a dedicated storage facility

symptoms instead of curing root causes.

exists for the information collected on paper and stored in

“In my mind there is no question about whether this research

carefully labeled boxes. Only six months into the data collection,

is important to Edmontonians [and area]. Absolutely this is

and with only 600 of the 1000 children being recruited in

important!” Mandhane says. The research will help pinpoint

Edmonton and area, Mandhane has already run out of

environmental factors, unique to our geographic region, that

storage space.

are contributing to the rise in asthma and allergies. It will help

The 600 participants currently enrolled in the study are quickly

But understanding and inspiration is really what this study

AllerGen National Centres of Excellence totaling $12 Million, it was brought to Edmonton by Mandhane and approximately

CHILD interpret that data without additional cost. Recruiters

He gestures to the wall of file boxes behind me in his office.

1 2 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

In the end, when all the data is in, and the patterns have been

“We know about the existence of all these things [asthma and

decoded, so that we know how to prevent and properly treat

allergies], but it’s not sufficient to say ‘That sucks.’ We’re now

asthma , maybe then Dr. Mandhane will take a break from

at the stage where we have the technology that we should be

research to actually climb a real mountain–just because he can.

able to say, ‘That sucks, here’s what we can do about it’–and know definitively that what we are suggesting will help,” says Mandhane.

1 3 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e




Fashion, Friends and Fun

These recipes are fun and easy ways to incorporate the 5–15 daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended for a healthy diet. Created by registered dieticians and nutritionists, recipes such as these can help prevent childhood obesity.


usy Being Fabulous…for the Stollery was an amazing red

What a fabulous way to raise more than $55,000 for the Stollery

carpet experience that pampered more than 275 women

Children’s Hospital Foundation. It was an exceptional evening

at Matrix Hotel. I was excited to be an employee

thanks to our special Busy Being Fabulous committee: Jenny

volunteer at this year’s event, and would highly recommend the

Adams, Jean Chichak, Dianne Dale, Gillian Galante, Sara Jones,

evening to friends and family as a great time for all.

Ann Love, Larissa Melin, Tammy Patterson, Schoena Strudwick,

Women of all ages arrived in style. When they first entered, they had the option to have their makeup applied or to receive

Orange Pumpkin Muffins

Breakfast Burritos

by Aleesha Jex

and Whitney Tkachuk. Mark your calendars for the 2012 event on June 2.

false eye lashes. Some guests chose to get their nose pierced—



Flour Tortillas 8”

manicures were a hit, and many went bold with dark red nail

½ cup (125 mL)


6 medium


polish, while others chose mellow pinks, purples and blues.

¼ cup (60 mL)

Canola Oil

2 Tbsp (30 mL)


M.C. College reports the most popular polish colour this season

1 cup (250 mL)

Cooked or canned pumpkin

is OPI’s Kyoto Pearl for fingers and La Paz-itively Hot for toes.

1 Tbsp (15 mL)

Vegetable Oil

1 ¾ cups (425 mL) Flour

½ tsp (2 ½ mL)


1 tsp (5 mL)

Baking soda

2 medium

Tomatoes, diced

1 tsp (5 mL)

Baking powder

1 cup (250 mL)

Green onion, minced

½ tsp (2.5mL)


½ cup (125 mL)

Low fat cheddar cheese,

½ tsp (2.5mL)


½ tsp (2.5mL)


½ tsp (2.5mL)



Our presenting sponsor, Southgate, entertained the crowd with

½ tsp (2.5mL)

Orange zest



In a medium bowl, mix eggs with water, salt and pepper. Whisk with a fork until smooth.

a Fashionista Fashion Show. Models showcased more than 30

½ cup (125mL)

In a heavy skillet, heat oil, add egg mixture and stir gently until eggs are completely dry and scrambled, remove eggs from the skillet.

FLARE, discussed in her pre-show presentation. My favourite

Directions: 1.


Preheat oven to 400 °F (200 °C).


Blend together eggs, sugar, and oil. Add pumpkin and mix thoroughly.


Mix together dry ingredients, and then stir in raisins. Pour pumpkin mixture into dry ingredients and stir gently until moistened.



Spoon into greased muffin tins and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Makes 12 servings © 2010 Alberta Health Services.

7. Wrap flour tortillas in aluminum foil and heat in a 350˚F oven until warm and easy to fold. 8.

Dice tomatoes and green onion. Shred the cheese.

9. Fill warmed tortillas with scrambled eggs and top with cheese, tomatoes and green onions.

Girlfriends mingled between a lounge area with soft leather furniture, provided by Leather Elite, and a room setup with a fashion show runway. They sipped red and white wines, specialty cocktails concocted just for Busy Being Fabulous, and they

Southgate’s fashion show was outstanding

enjoyed tasty morsels.

outfits for the summer and demonstrated the trends that Mosha

Presenting Sponsor



Cash in Time Cowan Imaging Group

Lundström Halbert, Associate Editor of Fashion News for outfits included a black tank top with a teal stretch satin ruched skirt, a flirty denim shortall with a printed halter-top, and a beige sleeveless jumpsuit with brown belt and matching fedora.

Diamond Sponsors

transformed into an additional lounge area, guests continued to bid on silent auction packages and enjoy shopping specials from our on-site vendors. A stunning Tacori jewellery set, valued at more than $3,000 and provided by Crowley’s Jewellers & Goldsmiths, was raffled off to

Tip: Try using whole grain tortillas or top with other vegetables such as red or green peppers.

with values between $10 and $50 that guests selected at random

a lucky winner. And, there were a number of Southgate gift cards for a $10 donation. It was thrilling to watch women spend $10 and, by chance, select a $50 gift card.

Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd.

Leather Elite

DJ Jose Recinos

The Reynolds/Tkachuk Group

Elegant Touches


Flower Affairs

While the runway from the fashion show “magically”

10. Wrap into a burrito.

Makes 4 servings

Photo courtesy: Tracy Grabowski

making them much braver than me. The complimentary mini2

Global Edmonton

Retail Sponsors

ION Printing Solutions Jackie Dawn Photography

Crowley’s Jewellers &

Matrix Hotel



M.C. College

Photos by Aleesha

Merle Norman

Production Lighting

The Melting Pot

PSAV Sherry Abrams Photography Tracy Grabowski Photography William Huff

© 2010 Alberta Health Services.

1 4 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

1 5 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

corporate heroes


Community Initiatives

ATB Financial’s Teddy for a Toonie Campaign

old, and an honours student, she enjoys hiking, camping and

It’s amazing how quickly toonies can add up. During the month of

ATB is proud to support organizations that share in the vision

April, ATB’s 12th annual Teddy for a Toonie campaign encouraged

of a healthier future for Albertan children and their families.

Canadian family discount store chain,

customers to purchase a $2 entry for an extra-large teddy bear.

For more than 24 years, ATB has raised more than $3 million to

Giant Tiger, raised more than $12,000

ATB associates also got creative and organized golf tournaments,

help thousands of children at the Stollery Children’s Hospital –

during its March campaign.

head shaves and silent auctions to support the Stollery Children’s

children like Cole and Serena.

Hospital Foundation.

playing Nintendo. Although, Serena can only see light, she sees people with her heart, and Braille allows her to take pleasure in books.

TELUS customers caring about kids

Giant Tiger

“It’s amazing how eight stores can raise so much money,” said Brianne Broughton, Corporate Giving Coordinator at the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. “The staff enthusiasm really was the key to the

A portion of the funds that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission directed TELUS to set aside Cole & Serena Johnson, ATB Campaign Representatives

Altogether, ATB associates and customers raised an astonishing

for future use was returned to eligible TELUS home phone clients, and this prompted some out of the box thinking.

$300,000 towards the new pediatric emergency at the Stollery

Community-minded TELUS offered clients more choice

Children’s Hospital. Top fundraising branches included High

and flexibility when redeeming their rebate, including the

Level, Fort Saskatchewan, Peace River, Wetaskiwin and Hythe.

option to give the gift of better healthcare for children in our

On August 9, ATB held a special celebration to congratulate its associates on the success of its campaign. CISN Country’s Mike

communities by donating their rebate to their local children’s hospital.

McGuire emceed the event and country musician Brett Kissell

There were 13,455 people in northern Alberta who made

performed for representatives from the Stollery and ATB. Stollery

the decision to support the Stollery Children’s Hospital

patients; twins Cole and Serena attended and thoroughly enjoyed

Foundation, which resulted in a donation of $420,500. These

the celebration.

are funds that will directly benefit the kids who count on the

Cole and Serena were born prematurely on June 20, 1996. In Cole’s first year of life, doctors said he only had a five per cent chance of survival. Cole was in and out of the Stollery’s pediatric

Stollery, and is a continuing example of TELUS’ passion of giving back to the community and embracing its philosophy ‘We Give Where We Live’.

intensive care unit with lung, stomach and intestinal issues, and

Thank you TELUS customers for your generosity, and thank

has undergone seven surgeries. With the help of the professional

you TELUS for thinking of the kids in our community.

success of this campaign.”

broad scope of health issues including

This year marked the 6th Annual Spencer

fractures, internal injuries, and trauma.

Berezowski Memorial Golf Tournament

This innovative technology will speed

hosted by Great Canadian Group of

treatment in the new Stollery Children’s

Companies. Once again, it sold out with

Hospital emergency, which will create

more than 144 golfers. Although guests

better outcomes for our children.

only played 16 of 18 holes because of a

This year’s Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run & Walk raised $100,000 towards the purchase of a portable ultrasound

storm, everyone enjoyed the barbeque, and the live and silent auction, where sports memorabilia was a hot pick.

machine. This 16th annual event saw

Since 2009, the tournament has

2,000 participants – more runners

contributed more than $45,000 to the

than ever before. Citytv’s Bridget Ryan

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The donation is more than double last

emceed the event while 130 volunteers

This year’s total surpassed previous

year’s contribution. Congratulations to

ensured the run and walk went off

totals and raised $37,000.

Store #431 in Leduc for raising the most

without a hitch. Mayor Mandel attended

of the eight stores!

and provided a pep talk to participants

Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run & Walk The Stollery pediatric emergency department is seeing more than double the 11,000 patients it was designed to support. Construction of a new pediatric emergency is underway and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation’s donors are helping to purchase leading-edge equipment.

before they approached the start line.

afternoon,” said Lori Finck, Corporate Giving Coordinator at the Stollery

Thank you to everyone who supported

Children’s Hospital Foundation. “Staff,

this year’s Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run

customers and family coming together

& Walk. We look forward to seeing you

to golf, celebrate and remember. All

next year!

while raising money to support a cause

Spencer Berezowski Memorial Golf Tournament Spencer Berezowski was one of a kind. He was a friend and colleague to many people at Great Canadian, and he always put his kids first. Sadly, more than six years ago, Spencer was involved in a fatal snowmobile accident.

team at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Cole’s health is being

“It’s amazing what can be achieved in one

that is close to so many families and their children. It’s truly remarkable.” Thank you to our gold sponsor Landmark Group; silver sponsors B. Wright Drywall and Consolidated Gypsum; bronze sponsors Shoemaker Drywall, Roofmart, Habberjam Mechanical, Prime Fasteners and Edmonton Kenworth; as well as River Ridge Golf Course. And especially,

managed effectively. He is starting grade 9 this year and is able to

To ensure Spencer’s memory lives on,

thank you to everyone at Great Canadian

take part in his favourite past times: camping, hiking, travelling,

Jason Knapton of Great Canadian, one

Group of Companies for their relentless

Portable ultrasound machines, which

of Spencer’s best friends, started the

passion and commitment to helping

cost approximately $110,000 each, are

Spencer Berezowski Memorial Golf


becoming indispensable in emergency


and playing computer games. It was never expected that Serena would walk, talk or see, and it was thought she would have learning disabilities. She spent her

departments. These compact machines

first four months in the Stollery’s neonatal intensive care unit and

make it easier to quickly identify a

had numerous eye surgeries when she was young. Now 15 years TELUS volunteers at work mailing receipts

1 6 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

1 7 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e


donations Boian Ladies Club

Honour Roll This list acknowledges individual and corporate donations of $250 or more made between April 1 to June 30, 2011, plus previously missed gifts.

Boxer Bldg & Crating Ltd Boyd Autobody & Glass BPO Elks Hairy Hill Lodge #304 Britec Computer Systems Ltd. Burgess Enterprises Ltd Caledonia Park School

1010898 Alberta Ltd.

Edmonton Ambush Ringette Team

Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited

Nait Students’ Association

RT Grading & Consulting ( 464055 Alberta Ltd.)

Universal Surveys Group of Companies

Sandpiper Men’s Club

University Hospitals Employees Charities

Brown, Matthew

Ferguson, Tanya

Janssen, Cory

Brown-Yoshisaka, Stephanie

Fillmore, Jessica

Jenkins, Lois

Wabasca Desmarais Lions Club

Brownlee, Brent

Fitzel, Rick

Johanson-Witt, Vanessa

Walmart Canada Corp # 3657

Buck, Doug

Ford, Bevan

Jones, Kevin

Wawanesa Social Committee

Buckingham, Allan & Tanya

Ford, Michael

Kakoschke, Herbert

WendyLynn Homes

Cameron, John

Fortunat, Jeff

Kalbfleisch, Chris

West Edmonton Mall

Campbell, Robert

Fouillard, Philip

Kantor, April

West Smoky Alberta No. 244 Branch

Cardinal, Randy

Freeman, Jim

Kasianiuk, Cheryl

Carlaw, Dennis

Freilinger, Peter

Kathirgamanathan, Satheesan

Caron, Amanda

Fried, David

Kehler Ewing, Sarah

Carscadden, Rochelle

Friedericksen, Ralph

Kellock, Cheryl

Fromhart, Maureen

Kellough, Hugh

Flatlands Windows and Doors

Fort Taxi & Bus Lines

Economy Management Ltd.

Bighorn Crane Service Ltd Bob Dale Gloves & Imports Ltd.

Eddy Mush & Associates Edge Welding

Hyper Haulin Hythe Thrift Shoppe Society Ivanhoe Cambridge J.V. Driver Projects Inc. Jackson Power & Electric Ltd Jades Welding James P. O’Neill Professional Corporation Jasper Place High School Jeff Kenny Memorial Fund

Napa Auto Parts - Napa Edmonton Neil M. Ross Catholic School Nelson Heights School

Thomas Homes and RV Center TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.


Newwest Enterprise Property Group

Scona Electric Inc

JM Fusion Welding Ltd

Nodes Construction

Shelco Services Ltd

Jody Varughese Professional Corporation

Noralta Technologies Inc.

Sobeys West Corporate Office

Johnson Inc.

North Wind Land Resources

Just A Game Productions Ltd

Third Mission Heritage

Savanna Energy Services Corp

Jessica Tait Trust

North West Company

The Rotary Club of Westlock

Scott Builders Inc.

Sourpusses Slowpitch Ball Team Spirit River Flooring Ltd

Westbrook School

Northern Air Charter - Grimshaw

St Albert Newcomers Alumni

OK Corral Craftmenship Ltd

St. Albert Steel Hockey Society

Old Scona Academic School

St. Jean Baptiste Parish

Whiteridge Inc.

Carter, Ted

St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Congregation of Boian

Win Ferguson Community School

Chalmers, Don

Frost, Brian

Khalili, Maharam

Chan, Alexander

Gannon, Jane

King, Lorna

Wetaskiwin Chapter No. 559 Women of the Moose

Kal-El Construction

Galaxy Cinemas

Kantrax Contractor

Gary P. Kwasnecha & Company Ltd.

Kendale Truck Parts Ken’s Furniture

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited

Killarney Junior High School

P&H Inspection Services

Stene Brothers Oilfield

Kingsway Motors (1982) Ltd.

Pals Surveys & Associates Ltd.

Winterburn School

Charlton, David

Garcia, AnnaLiza

Kipp, Wayne

Kinsmen Club of St. Albert

Parks JR Welding Ltd

Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation

Wood Floor Coverings Ltd.

Charpemtier, Dean

Gau, Patricia

Kirk, Michael

KSN Interiors Ltd

Paterson & Company

Workers’ Compensation Board

Chichak, Jean

Gaydar, Alice

Klak, Maxine

Ladies Auxiliary #2102 - Eagles Club St. Albert

PCL Constructors Inc.

WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd.

Chirino-Diaz, Luis

Gayford, Tyler

Klassen, Robert

Gaylard, William

Koehn, William & Yvonne

Lagrange Mechanical

Chu, Young

Gent, Gordon

Koentopp, Otto

LD Welding

Penta Completions Supply & Services Ltd

Yellowhead 4H Beef District Council,

Chrapko, Kristie Cote, Audrey

Gerritse, Ena

Koretz, Daniel

Leather Elite

Perry & Bobby Lewis

Cotton, Michelle

Gervan, Peter

Kozicky, Bernie

Lee Oilfield Service Ltd

Peterson Walker LLP

Cox, Karen

Gibeau, Nathan

Leo Nickerson Elementary

Petluk Clark LLP

Craig, Teresa

Glasser, Ev

Kremeniuk, Andrew & Roseanna

Grant MacEwan University Insurance & Risk Mgt. Alumni Assoc.

Liberty Security Systems Inc

Petro Key Fuel Distributors Ltd

Crockett, Lorna

Godkin, Patricia

Little Coulee Farm Ltd.

Phenom Energy Services

Crowther, Doug

Goin, Aaron

Power Contracting Electric Ltd

Cumberland, Lee

Grant, Michelle

Great Canadian Roofing Corporation

Loan Star Exchange London Drugs Limited

Powerhouse Autowroks

Cunningham, Shaun

Graves, Keith

L’OREAL Canada Inc.

Prins Feedlot

Cunningham, Geraldine

Grover, Kevin

Louisbourg Pipelines

Priority 1 Sandblasting & Coatings Inc.

Cuscianna, Gisela

Guy, Kerrie Ann

D’Aoust, Donald

Guzak, Robert

D’Aoust, Christine

Guzak, Terry

Dale, Denis

Hainstock, Brad

Davidson, Lori

Halabi, Robby

Dean, Felicia

Hames, Neil

Debruin, Rebecca

Hannigan, Mike

Gateway Entertainment Centre

Goodman & Company

Bennett Jones LLP

Hydril Canadian Company Ltd

The Pitts Oilfield Services

R & R Road Ltd

Friends of Faye Huntley

Cybertech Automation

Dutchman Equipment & Rentals Ltd

Hunkin, Derek

Nabors Drilling Ltd

United Way of the Lower Mainland

Associazione Lazio Sede of Edmonton

Dixonville Country Mall Ltd.

Ferguson, Brad

United Way of Peel Region

My Home Health Care

Remedy Drug Store Company Inc.

As-Per-Safety & Rescue Ltd

Barrtech Heavy Equipment Repair

Hughson, Bruce

Broddy, Chad

Muir Lake Community League

Estate of Constance Patricia Williams

Glen Armstrong Construction

District 4 Kin Foundation

Hryciuk, Dan

Ferguson, Bryan & Olga

United Way of Central Alberta

Crowley’s Jewellers & Goldsmiths

Bad Boyz Oilfield

Farr, Daniel

Brock, Devin

Remax - Accord General

Gibson Employee Association

B&C Weldworx Ltd.

Bremault, John

Montorio Homes Ltd.

Estate of Alexander Aitken

Creative Contracting

Dinamo Machine & Manufacturing Inc

Hruska, Joanne

United Way of Calgary and Area

George’s Ditching & Trucking Ltd

ATB Investor Services

Falcon, Cathy

Reliant Holdings Ltd.

CIBC - Onoway

Delta Helicopters Ltd.

Horn, Marilyn

Brady, Dean

Moksha Yoga Edmonton Inc

ERS Group of Companies

Fox Creek School Students’ Council

ATB Independant Business & Agriculture Advisor

Ethier, Devon

UMC Financial Management Inc.

CIBC - College Plaza

Debcur Holdings Ltd.

Holowachuk, Brent

Boyko, Carla

Reliance Protectron

Fotty, Stevenson, Wilson

ATB Financial

Esposito, Fred

Trixstar Productions

CIBC - 00679 Stony Plain

Dawson Wallace Construction

Holder, Margaret

Boychuk, Robert

Reliance Industrial Products Ltd

Foster Park Baskett Insurance Ltd.

Davis LLP

Ennis, Jason

Mobile Giving Foundation Canada

Emcee Construction & Management Ltd.

Creative Advertising (1999) Ltd.

ATB Corporate Financial Services

Hildreth, Alta

Bovencamp, Bruce

Homes & Lands

Fleming Reid Petroleum Equipment

Dane’s Office Services Ltd

Elwi, Alaa

Ernst & Young LLP

Centennial Foodservice

Astral Media Radio GP

Hess, Karen

Bothe, Mike

Tristar Collision Ltd

Farleys Truck and Auto Addiction

Danberger & Sons Store Ltd.

Herbers, Chad

Ellis, Jeannette

Re/Max Cotton Club

Centennial Food Service Edmonton

Arresting You Ltd

Elkie, A.

Bolton, Adam

Misery Mountain Ski Area

E-Ville Roller Derby League

Altamira Foundation

Boggs, Greg

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Home Hardware Stores LimitedWetaskiwin

Mimosa Day Spa

CDI College

Crave Cookies and Cakes Inc.

Heinrichs, Greg

Top Shelf Entertainment, Inc.

A. Krisa Bookkeeping (Div. 815383 Alberta Ltd.)

Allstate Insurance Canada Group

Durante, Tara

RE/MAX - Shaulayne Holdings Ltd.

Estate of Thelma Amy Brown

Cougar Paint and Collision Inc

Hayes, George

Blashko, Leighton

Millwoods Christian School

CDC Consulting Service Inc

Alberta War Brides Association

Dratwa, Russ

Hole’s Greenhouses & Gardens Ltd

Elk Island Local ATA 28

980032 Alberta Ltd

Corey’s Contracting and Maintenance

Hawkes, Tim

Blanch, Mike

RE/MAX - Elite General

Carstairs Hotrod Welding

Alberta Oil Tool/Employee Good Will Fund

Dowyd, James

MHK Insurance Inc.

720713 Alberta Ltd

ConocoPhillips Canada

Harvey, Shawn

Blais, Paul

Hoedown Equipment

Estate of Louise Barbara Detroye

Alberta Oil Tool

Dorfman, Tamara

EECOL Electric Inc

Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc

Colliers International

Harrison, Fred

Blair, Cameron


308253 Ab. Ltd.

Clive Village Foods Ltd.

Hanson, Scott

Dempsey, Marc

Meridian Fire Protection

Canyon Electrical Services Ltd

Alberta Motor Association Contact Centre

Delorey, Chris

Bhimraj, Nanda

Hi-Low Piping Ltd

223786 Alta Ltd.

Clive Lions Club

Bhatt, Harikant

RBC Global Asset Management

Can-Cell Industries Inc.

Alberta Fleet Maintenance Supervisors Assoc.

Hanson, Mark

Mel Martins Transfer Ltd

1563460 Alberta Ltd. O/A TBC Electrical & Inspection Service

Alberta Beach & District Lions Club

The Melting Pot Edmonton

High Level Value Drugs

Canadian Western Bank

Aecon Lockerbie Industrial Inc.

Hanscom, Gayle

Delancey, Kevin

Edmonton Strathcona Lions Club

1381212 Alberta Ltd.

Children’s Miracle Network Can Escrow Checking

Deford, Carey

Berken Bosch, Wendy-Anne

R & R Holdings


Advantage Hot Tubs

Berardi, Frank

Medicine Cup Charity Tournament

1188552 Alberta Ltd

Centre High

The Masonic Foundation of Alberta

High Level Truck and Trailer

Camrose Cycle Inc.

Actelion Pharmaceutiques Canda Inc.

McLeod Brew Jays

Quality Motors

Edmonton Salvage Disposal Ltd

1159001 Alberta Ltd.

Acme Meat Market

Quality Construction Ltd.

Hertz Equipment Rentals

Caliber Heating & Air Conditioning

Able Automation Systems

Max Says Thanks

Edmonton Catholic Schools

1015871 Alberta Ltd o/a Dragon FX II

Canora Park Watch

Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation

Glengarry Pharmacy Grand Union Hotel Grande Cache Emergency Medical Services

Greenlawn Goodwill Club Groupex Systems Canada Inc. GS Landscaping Gummows Construction Ltd. Halliburton Haven Management Ltd. Herman and Elly de Jongh

M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services Ltd. Mac Squared Construction Manulife Financial Mark Ringrose Consulting Marriott Canada

Pembina Electric

Private Giving Foundation Progressive Home Warranty Solutions Inc. Quadra Chemicals Ltd. Qualico Developments

1 8 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture Students’ Association of Grant MacEwan College Summit Swing Stage Inc Suncor Energy Inc. Super Slings Surepoint Group Syncrude Canada Ltd. T.D. Baker School TD Bank Financial Group Tech-One Automotive Telus Corporation Terra-Form Construction The Headhunters Recruitment Inc

Young’s Outdoor Classic, Youth For Christ - Westlock Adams, Gerry Allarie, Randy Alves-Antunes, Lisa Ashmore, Cameron Ayotte, Peter Bains, Brahamjot Baker, Christine Baldry, Norm Banks, Craig

The Lake Wabamun Watch Environmental Society

Barnes, Marty

The Leduc Fish and Game Association

Basaraba, Trevor

Barr, Dick Bateman, Jackie Bauer, Justin

Krisch, Gerhard Krupa, Scott Kubiczek, Peter Kumar, Bindu Kurek, Cheryl Lange, Randy Langkow, Jo-Marie Larade, Kyle Larosee, Veronique Lasic, Anna Lawrence, James Lawrence, Elebert

1 9 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e



Lee, Jin Joo

Murray, Melanie

Russell, Karen

Ward, Anthony

Bruce, Rose

Kenny, Jeff

Oginski, Elizabeth

Tory, James (Bud)

Bloommaert, Brittany

Norton, Charlene

Leitch, Kevin

Murray, Scott

Ryan, Kathleen

Waterfield, Ron

Burkholder, Adam

Kerr, William

Ouellet, Bernadette

Truant, Berthe

Bourgeaulp, Lisa

O’Brien, Timothy

Lequier, Laurance

Mutch, Rick

Sabo, Mike

Watt, Wanda

Burns, Dean

Key, Julie

Panylyk, Teri

Turner, Leah

Brechin, Liam

Pierce, Scott

Lesko, Valerie

Nawla, Tazmin

Schoenknecht, Brian

Watts, Collin

Callihoo, Cody

Killam, Marvin

Pasula, Mary

Turnham, Baby

Chamberlain, C

Prelusky, Cole

Leslie, J

Nelson, Joan

Shahid, Muhammed

Webb, Robert

Champagne Vincent

Kitura, Kirsten

Pasychnyk, Robert

Van Petten, Kyah

Chan, Jarrett

Raikles, Hannah

Liden, Peter

Nelson, Dick

Sharma, Vishant

Webster, Shawn

Charlton, Connor

Klak, Haley

Peddle, Mathew

Vavoy-Savill, Mona

Chauvet, Ashley

Rector, Russel

Lilly, Steven

Neufeld, Clint

Shell, Douglas

White, Lloyd

Collett, Edward

Kneller, Hilda

Pender, Margaret

Veltri, Emilio

Christensen, Erik

Schreiber, Treena

Lim, Su

Neveaux, James

Shelswell, Tyler

Whitton, Andrew

Cornell, Dwayne

Knowlton, Muriel

Pesce, Alexis

Wacowich, Abigail

Cox, Robert

Seehagel, Elise

Litke, Gail

Nevey, Julie

Shin, Chunbeom

Wiendz, Kim

Crisler, Emerson

Kolasa, Lorraine

Peters, Linnea

Waggoner, Mary Anne

Crowther, Hannah

Seth, Mr.

Love, Kevin

Newgard, Phillip

Shoctor, Kayla

Wierenga, Caroline

Cust, George

Komlenic, I

Pezim, Norman

Wagner, Louise

Cuglietta, Orlando

Shaesgreen, Jim

Luden, Brian

Newton, Dawn

Simpson, Colin

Willard, Anne

Darwish, Azza

Kowalczyk, Ed

Picco, Guy

Walker, Yvonne

Curtis, Jill

Sharp, Alexander

Ludwig, David

Nicoll, Darren

Singh, Shailendra

Winkelaar, Olivera

Dingwall, Laurel

Krywiak, Ellen

Pleuten, Elsie

Warford, Angela

Delorey, David

Sheldon, Carter

Lukan, Brian

Nikitin, Paulette

Sirett, Myrna

Winterholt, Karen

Doherty, Glen

Kuzio, Larry

Pyrz, Katherine

Wasiluk, Sergius

Dietz, Jaedyn

Shultz, Bethany

Lukay, Darcy

Nixon, James

Skaronek, Nick

Wirth, Kent

Domes, Gordon

Kyle, Amal

Rancier, Howard

Wiersema, Nico

Dory, Brooke

Simpson, Matthew

Lukion, Meil

Noblet, John

Skinner, Andrew

Woitte, Donald

Durand, Maxine

Lajeunesse, Camille

Rattai, Brooklyn

Wilkinson, Kaia

Dufour, Kendra

Simpson, Samuel

Lundell, Allan

Norton, Wayne

Skirka, Al

Wood, Jennifer

Eisbrenner, Denise

LaRocque, Myrtle

Rewega, Morgan

Willetts, Glenn

Eithier, Nixon & Lucas

Sims, Carmen

Macadam, Leslie

Nowak, Isabela

Smereka, Shannon

Woolsey, Samantha

Ellerington, John

Lawrence, Amilda

Richardson, Eric

Wiorek, Wanda

Ell, Ken & Brenda

Skelly, Liam

MacDonald, Wayne

O’Brien, Alan

Smith, George

Wysocki, Mary

Elliott, Don

Lawrence, Lyle

Riebel, Michael

Wong-Mobley, Brady

Ellis, Lilly

Smears, Logan

MacDonald, Shirley

Paranych, Heidi

Smith, Susan

Yachimec, Trevor

Elliott, David

Lazenby, Frank

Robins, Troy

Wuschenny, Andy

Emily, Ms.

Sneath, Kailyn

MacIsaac, Robert

Patsula, Jeff

Smyth, Ryan

Yap, Ah Hock

Farion, Orest

Lindballe, Daniel

Roth, Gertrude

Yorke, Alice

Ethier, Nixon

Snyder, Susan

Madsen, Sharla

Patton, George

Sorenson, Wendy

Young, Michael

Felstad, Zachary

Lindquist, Brielle

Rott-Wegner, Anna

Fell, Haley

Staples, Sean

Magnes, Tami

Paul, Jason

Spiridakis, Jessica

Yozipovic, Randy

Ferbey, Jean

Lofgren, Anna

Rule, Lukas

Staszczak, Mackenzie

Main, Tysier

Pavone, Michael

Spooner, David

Yurkowski, Gary

Fetzner, Dave

Lupiezowiec, Linda

Rupcic, Joso (Joseph)

Finley, Karin, Ryan, Ady and Teo Finley

Makelki, Larry

Pentney, Adam

St George, Alex

Zarowny, Kim

Flood, Tanner

Mack, Frank

Ruptash, Bill

Fischer, Tracey

Tober, Ryan

Malacad, Nouell

Pentney, Kathleen

St. Onge, Rachelle

Zwack, Taylor

Forchuk, Brett

MacMillan, Katie

Sagert, Lena

Manson-McLeod, Carol

Petersen, Stewart

Stevensons, Colleen

Foster, Bruce

Mailloux, Paul

Sawatzky, Evan

Marcovitch, Michael

Pittman, Allison

Stockdale, Lisa

Gainey, Betty

Makar, Donald

Schutz, Irma

Mason, Cheryl

Polonuk, Barbara

Storey, William

Gerwien, Ray

Malowany, Jazzmin

Shorey, Isabella Rose

Maurier, Ernie

Powell, Susan

Stubbs, Kimberley

Giesbrecht, Abe

Malysh, Alysha

Sikora, Michael

May, Darcy

Prakush, Annual

Sturtevant, Aaron

Gilbertson, Emma

Marksteadt, Wanda

Skinner, George

Mayers-Huntley, Shonnelle

Prentice, Constance

Maryniak, Corinna

Slipchuk, Annie

Procychyn, Steve

Sutherland, Bernadette (Bernie)

Goddard, Alice

Mayo, Sean

Gordey, John

Maskoske, Noreen

Sloane, Annie (Nancy)

McCallum, Brandon

Quartel, Jack

Grahn, Wanda

McKinnon, Alvira May

Smith, Gladys

David Robert’s & Bridget Linder’s baby

McEwen, Wayne

Quinn, Christopher

Grant, Marvin

McNicoll, Howard

Sobie, Mackenzie

Derbyshire Family,

McGarvey, Sean

Raikles, Abbey

Grenke, Ed

McPhee, George

Speers, Logan

Harder Family

Mcinnis, Mike

Ramsden, Phyllis

Hall, Rhonda

Meinczinger, John

St Laurant, Laurie

McKay, Tim

Reicher, Rita

Albers, Kathryn

Hamula, Eleanora

Millenaar, Tony

St. Laurent, Loretta

Mrs. Virginia-Anne Mueller’s grandchildren

McMillan, Ray

Reid, Sandy

Anderson, Sydney

Hansen, Tage

Miller, Marvin

Starling, Zak

Mullen Children

Hiebert, Brandin

McOrmond, Dale

Reid, Jamie

Anderson, Lilly

Hardie, Cameron

Miller, Janice

Staudzs, Andrew

Scott Lesanko’s Team

Huot, Sydney

Meier, Michelle

Reynolds, Robert

Andriuk, Marilyn

Harriott, Jill

Modin, Meghan

Stein, Emma

Abel, Jennifer

Jankuta, Arianna

Michaud, Laura

Rheaume, John

Auclair, Vic

Healy, Bridgette

Moreau, James

Stenberg, Jennifer

Abouttaif, Lisa

Johnson, Serena & Cole

Michaud, Jeff

Rhind, John

Babiak, Mary

Moroz, Daniel

Sterrenberg, Alexander

Amendt, Brendan

Keen, Camryn

Michener, Ian

Riehl, Darren & Kryvenchuk, Korinne

Underschultz, Laura

Heck, Eileen

Badry, Alice

Henchel, Ingid

Muldoon, Nancy

Stevens, Gertrude “Trudy”

Argueta, Olivia

Koshman, Karen

Van Hooren, Paul

Hoffman, Darlene

Mulligan, Earl

Stevenson, Jessie Jean

Kowalyshyn, Kayla

Ripley, Tracey

Baker, Winnifred

Austin, Jade

Baldwin, Teanna

Stocks, Sylvia

Lawrence, Marlise

Vane, Tony

Munro, Ellen Patricia Jean

Barnes, Aidan

Roberts, Jarrod

Horutko, Mary Hughes, Kaelan

Murphy, Brayden

Stollery, Shirley

Lenkewich, Hailey Marie

Verbicky, David

Baumann, Derek

Beaudoir, E

Robinson, Gillian

Wagner, Heidi

Huntley, Dejanelle

Murphy, Elizabeth

Stollery, Lexie

Lesanko’s Team, Scott

Roe, Brock

Billington, Laurie

Bentley, Josh

Husby, Hilda

Naidu, Venkat

Stuve, Mary

Maertens-Poole, Myah

Wainman, Caroline

Bleem, Laura

Berthiaume, Nicole

Rose, Craig

Naslund, Julia

Sych, Shelly Ann Marie

McInnis, Jacob

Wait, Wayne

Inkster, John

Beschell, Thomas

Rosine, Robert

Bogart, Deborah

Ireland, Justin

Nelson, Ricky

Taylor, Beverley

McNaughton, Heath

Wakulchyk, Trenton

Boorse, Elizabeth

Bibaud, Ryker

Rosnau, Joanne

Walls, James

Johnson, Jason

Terlesky, Mary

Milagro, Anais

Rossiter, Kyle

Boychuk, Rose

Bicknell, Abigail

Wandler, Neil

Johnson, Kale

Thederahan, Irma

Murdoch, Shonaugh

Roth, Thomas

Brodyk, Aaron

Bier, Jessica

Wanke, Stephanie

Johnson, L

Thomas, Allen

Nagel, Emma

Roycroft, Kay

Brown, Blake

Bignell, Kristy

Thomas, Peter

Bilodeau, Cathy

Nicholson, Kassidy

Millar, Jim Miller, Rennaye Miller, Ertman & Helen Miller, Jesse Moore, Kevin Moran, Graydon Morrison, Cam Morrison, George Morrison, Nadine Morrison, David Murphy, Glen

Szavo, Givor Taylor, Cade Thomson, Murray Tkachuk, Kelly Tober, Caren Treit, Heather Troup, Daryl Tschritter, Willie Ulrich, Angela Umscheid, Marty Van Hecke, Marcel

Every effort has been made to ensure each gift is recognized properly, if a correction is required please call 780-433-5437.

Our Shining Stars This list acknowledges memorial donations made between April 1 to June 30, 2011, plus previously missed gifts.

Kelndorfer, Caroline

2 0 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

Nelson, Connie Ness, Austin Nixon, Glenda O’Neil, Corey

Every effort has been made to ensure each gift is recognized properly, if a correction is required please call 780-433-5437.

In Honour This list acknowledges donations made in honour of an individual, between April 1 to June 30, 2011. Comisky Family

Fortier, Aaron Friend, Cheyanne Ganske, Sheldon Gaunt, Douglas Girard, Grace Gowda, Linda Grills, Brittany Grist, Francis Grist, Frankie Gue, Hazel Hafer, Sara Haines, Jessica Han, Winston

Tardif, Damien Trottier, Ryker Tschritter, Jana Twanow, Eric Trevor & Moira Treena Britlyn Robbee Layne & Amity Wedman, Cameron Wiekstrom, Kelsey Willcott, Logan Yelic, Taylor Yeung, Alexa Yeung, Matthew Yoosef-Shier, Kiana Yoshisaka, Jet Zaplachinski, Brennen Zaplachinski, Evan Zuk, Mackenzie Van Eck, Kristen

2 1 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e


There are many ways you can support the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. • Donate online at You can make a one-time donation or share your support over the year with a monthly donation. • Ask your company about starting an employee giving program. • Get involved in creating an event and direct the proceeds to the Stollery. • Sponsor an event or activity, personally or corporately. • Leave a bequest in your will. • Gifts of life insurance. • Gifts of appreciated publicly traded securities. • Gifts of pension plan proceeds. • Through a celebration, such as a wedding, retirement or birthday. • Buy a paper balloon or bear from retailers when asked. • Make a purchase at the BearyLand Store located on the main level of the Stollery. We can even deliver to a child’s room in the hospital, just give us a call at 780.433.7445.

Or you can donate right now by texting STOLLERY to 45678 to donate $10* Call us at 780.433.5437 for information or to make a donation. 2 2 | H E R O – Th e S to l l e r y C h i l d re n ’s H o s p i t a l Fo u n d a t i o n M a g a z i n e

*terms at

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The third issue of HERO Magazine, the quarterly publication of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation.

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