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Updated March 2008

ABOUT STOL STOL performs industrial art rock with a sombre lyrical universe and upbeat melodic tone. STOL stands for Short Take-Off and Landing.

_members Michael Schoubye _vocals Hans Landgreen _electric guitar Henrik Knudsen _keyboard and machinery Martin Ferro-Thomsen _lyrics and management



1. Henrik Knudsen: Virus-rack with midi keyboard + Kaoss-pad + MacBook + Motu-soundcard 2. Hans Landgreen: Guitar og backing-vokal 3. Michael Schoubye: Vocal

_equipment • • • • •

A stereo input from the Motu-soundcard and a stereo input from the Virus-rack. Altogether 2x stereo input. A guitar amplifier (2). 2 microphones and 2 microphone stands. One for the lead singer (3) and a one for the guitarist (2). Monitors. 2 Keyboard stands (1). We will bring a banner or need a projection of our logo and band name (we will bring the needed files).


Sandwiches Fruit Coca Cola Water, no gas A case of varied local brew A nice place to relax before and after the concert

It might be overkill but at least there will be casualties

STOL rider and live setup  

Stage plot, rider, equipment etc. All you should know when booking STOL for a show.