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Olya Hill lives in San Francisco with her husband Justin and children, Nikolay (9), Nadya (7), Yeva (4), Vasilisa (2) and Evyianne (3 months).

Stokke® Crusi™ with Seat and Winter Kit

Stokke® Crusi™ with Carry Cot

SAN FRANCISCO I will always remember the moment we opened the box containing our brand new Stokke® Crusi™: the second I looked at it, I knew that it was not just a stroller, it was a new family member.


aising a child in the city is wonderful, but can be logistically challenging: smaller living spaces, narrow streets and public transport. A great stroller is a must for any mum, but it is a must multiplied by a thousand for an on-the-go city mum with more than one child. The stroller has a functional duo combination that is an absolutely perfect option for us. I love that the sibling seat is a complete, full size stroller seat and I have total peace of mind that my little ones are comfortable and secure. The lower seat is positioned higher than usual, keeping the child away from

dust and dirt, and allowing for extra hidden storage underneath. The small footprint and unique seat placement makes daily use of Stokke® Crusi a breeze even on populated streets, in narrow shopping aisles or on the subway during peak hours. When Evyianne was born and we started using the Carry Cot, I fell in love with Stokke® Crusi all over again. It’s so soft, deep and comfortable, he falls asleep the second I place him in it. I highly recommend all Stokke products to any family. Their stroller line has an option for everyone.

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