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April 2014

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Church In Stokesdale Prepares 10,000 Meals

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At the Stokesdale United Methodist Church, members got together to put together 10,000 meals for needy families overseas. They spent hours on a Sunday afternoon to package and box the food items for shipping. Photos: Star.

Rice, dried vegetables, and soy for protein are put in the individually wrapped bags for easy transport. To eat, the contents of bags are put in water and heated.

By R. Gregg, The Star STOKESDALE - The Stokesdale United Methodist Church recently packaged 10,000 meals to send to hungry families overseas. The project was done in conjunction with the Stop Hunger Now project out of Raleigh, which delivers the packaged meals to needy families in places like Haiti and on other continents such as Africa. At the Methodist Church, dozens of

the church members showed up on Sunday March 23rd in a massive effort for several hours to put the meals together. The meals included nonperishable items such as rice, soy for protein, and dried vegetables that just require water and are easy to heat up. After every one thousand meals the church members put together, they rang a gong to mark their progress. The group really seemed to enjoy working together for such a worthy cause. ::

MPO Says Summerfield Not Guaranteed Funding On Trail Costs Over $500K indicate that Summerfield could potentially be on the hook for much of SUMMERFIELD - In discussions about the funding if it goes above $500,000. the proposed 2.9 mile walking trail in Summerfield that may cost millions of “Therefore, the MPO is recommending dollars, there have been various that projects with costs higher than statements made about where most of $500,000 only ask for a portion of the total project cost,” she added. “There is a that money may come from. limited amount of funding and NCDOT In terms of funding, it has been has recommended this upper cost limit mentioned at town meetings that the when submitting projects.” Town of Summerfield may be able to get MPO also confirmed that most of the costs to be paid by federal or The state sources through the Greensboro Summerfield's trail project ranked low Metropolitan Planning Organization, on the list of projects to be funded, also known as the MPO, which coming in at 19th and 20th. administers these transportation funds. “Yes the Summerfield greenway projects However, in an email obtained in March did not score well under NCDOT’s by the Summerfield News website criteria,” said McIntyre in her email to operated by local resident Don Wendelken. Wendelken, an MPO official says funding The trail proposal in Summerfield has allocations are not guaranteed. gained both support and criticism from An MPO representative said that while residents at meetings. Summerfield would possibly get funding if the total project was under $500,000, Those in favor of the trails say they could a larger project would not likely receive become available greenways to be used in conjunction with parks. full funding from the MPO. By The Star

“NCDOT’s Bike and Pedestrian Division has stated that on average projects with costs no higher than $500,000 generally were funded,” said Lydia M. McIntyre, Transportation Planning Engineer with the Greensboro DOT/MPO. Also in the email, McIntyre seemed to

Some are opposed to the trail, saying the potential costs seem to be growing before it even gets off the ground. In addition, there have been some homeowners in the area opposed to the trail coming through their property so close to their homes. ::

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