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Summerfield Will Pay To Demolish Mobile Homes SUMMERFIELD – Despite statements earlier this year that seemed to deny this newspaper's report that several mobile homes would have to be destroyed since they could not be moved from a parcel of land that the Town of Summerfield is buying, town officials confirmed in March that they will pay a contractor to have them demolished.

Stokesdale Winery Will Have Food And Music On Fridays

A member of the Gordon family at the meeting confirmed that two of the tenants have already told them that they are having to leave behind their mobile homes. “They will be transferred to the property,” said the Gordon family member.

“Lots has been said about the age of the mobile homes,” said Summerfield Town Manager Scott Whitaker at the March meeting of the Summerfield Town Council. “The reality is some of them will be left behind and technically abandoned.”

Summerfield Town Manager Scott Whitaker said that the town is going to pay approximately $9,000 to take down a house on the property and between $1,000 to $1,200 per trailer to have them destroyed and removed from the property. In other words, the town will be paying around $4,000 to $5,000 in When this newspaper first reported in total expenses to have the trailers January that the town's potential destroyed and the remains hauled off. purchase of 16 acres of land from the Gordon family included a mobile home Although some of the tenants in the park park, the Town of Summerfield seemed had lived there for decades, at the March to deny reports that some of the trailers meeting, Summerfield Town Manager on the property that were built in the Scott Whitaker once again defended the 1970's or before were too old to be town's handling of the purchase of the moved by the tenants, who had legal title property. Although the town had entered to the trailers. into an agreement with the Gordon family back in November, the tenants in In a press release issued on January 6th, the mobile home park were not informed the Town of Summerfield said that that they were losing their homes until having the trailers demolished was January when they first read about it in something that “has never been this newspaper. Several TV station and discussed by town officials.” newspapers also reported on the fact that the tenants were left in the dark. Whether it was discussed previously or not, the order to destroy the mobile Whitaker said the tenants should have homes was certainly discussed by town known that they would have to move officials at the March meeting of the since the property was for sale for two Town Council. The final disposition of years. the tenants' property was revealed only after this newspaper inquired during a “The mobile home park was going to question and answer session about what close,” said Whitaker. “The mobile home would happen to the trailers when the park tenants were going to have to Town assumes ownership of the land in relocate [anyway]...They've had May. notification that the [mobile home] park is closing.” Summerfield Town Manager Scott Whitaker seemingly contradicted the A member of the Gordon family who was Town's statements from earlier this year present at the March meeting of the town and said that indeed, the mobile homes council confirmed that tenants were not left on the property will technically be notified that their mobile home park was owned by the town when they take over included in the sale to the Town of the property and will be ripped apart for Summerfield until after it was published their metal content by a third party in this newspaper. contractor that is being hired by the town. “That was out in the news, the press had gotten it out there and we felt we should “The town is prepared to deal with communicate that with the tenants,” said those,” said Whitaker at the March the Gordon family member at the meeting. meeting. According to discussion at the March meeting, out of the eight trailers that were on the property, probably four of them will be left there since they are too old to be moved. According to various sources, mobile home parks will not accept trailers that were built prior to 1976, due to electrical and building code issues. In addition, there was some question as to whether some of the mobile homes were structurally sound enough to be towed on the roads.

Stonefield Cellars in Stokesdale will be having “Friday Flavors” in June, July, and August with food and music on Friday nights. Photo: The Star.

STOKESDALE - Stonefield Wine Cellars on Highway 68 has announced that every Friday night in the month of June, July, and August this summer, they will be hosting “Flavor Fridays.” From 6pm to 10pm each night, there will be music, wine, and food. Music will be provided by local and regional musicians, with different types of music every week with everything from luegrass to jazz and

165TH ANNIVERSARY INVITATION! Come and join us to celebrate the 165th anniversary of the Buena Vista Odd Fellows Lodge #21 in Greensboro!

SATURDAY MAY 10TH - 1PM TO 4PM We will be serving refreshments, give you a tour of our building, and give each person a little bag of gifts. We will also be giving away door prizes at the end of each hour. LOCATED AT 311 BATTLEGROUND AVE., GREENSBORO

After notifying them, the Gordon family did offer $1,000 per trailer to help the tenants remove their mobile homes and also gave them at least two months to leave the premises. Some tenants have made it clear they were not happy with the situation. Francis Bean, who has spoken at multiple town council meetings, has stated that she felt that tenants in the mobile home park were not given enough notice. ::

rock and roll. The cover charge for music will be $10 per person and wine, beer and food will be available for purchase as well. According to the winery, food will be provided by Burning Wood BBQ with Santa Rosa style, wood-fired open pit cooked barbecue. For more information, call Stonefield Cellars in Stokesdale at 336-644-9508. ::

Buena Vista Odd Fellows Lodge #21 In Downtown Greensboro PHOTO: GOOGLE

Some of you may have never heard of the Odd Fellows so the open house may be a good time to get acquainted with them and find out how they help contribute to the community, the state, the nation and even the world. We will also give a brief history about Odd-Fellows, the second oldest fraternal organization in the world, with lodges in 27 countries. Please join us for this special event!


A Conversation About Summerfield Trails . . . Summerfield is planning a multi-use trail to connect with Greensboro and Stokesdale to be part of the Mountains to the Sea North Carolina trail. The Trails Committee is planning Phase 1, a paved trail 10 -12 feet wide, with 25 foot wide easements -- a 2.6 mile trail from the 220 underpass being constructed to Summerfield Road, and then to the Summerfield Elementary School and Park. Some of the property is in the Greensboro watershed, but for property owners who would grant the 25 foot easements, and for adjacent property owners, there are questions.

Some of the older mobile homes in the trailer park on the Gordon property will be left behind and the town will pay to have them destroyed. Photos: The Star.

Trail planning should be EASEMENTS FIRST and design second, however, Scott Whitaker, Town Manager wants to proceed with design/engineering first, which could be a $250,000 to $500,000 contract. In fact, Whitaker posted on the town website that he is working to soon award that design contract. Design first is more likely to lead to use of property condemnation and / or use of eminent domain, and money for lawyers, appraisers, and more. Alicia Flowers is the only town council member to state opposition to condemnation. Tuesday, April 8, 6:30pm at the Community Center is the next town council meeting and a good time to ask town council members if they will approve EASEMENTS FIRST or design first, and ask them what they know about various routes. Trails Committee meets April 9th, 6:00pm at Town Hall.

To learn more about trails go to and click on “They Said What?” This Political Advertisement And Opinion Paid For By: Gail Dunham, 5805 Snow Hill Drive, Summerfield NC 27358 (336) 643-1321

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