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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

March 2011

Arts and Crafts Author Bloomfield, Linda. Brodek, Ayako. De Waal, Edmund. Finmark, Sharon. Hopper, Dennis. Lees, Stephen. Montgomerie, Claire. Papi, Stefano. Roberts, Luise. Smith, Alison. Von D, Kat. Walford, Jonathan. Walton, Sally. Watterson, Lynne. Williams, Laura. Wolfe, Brian.

Title Advanced pottery. The new encyclopedia of techniques for The hare with amber eyes. 600 watercolour mixes. Dennis Hopper : photographs Visions of architecture. Knitting for children. The jewels of the Romanovs. First knits. Sew step by step. The tattoo chronicles. Forties fashion. Sweet and simple knitting projects. Very easy lace knitting. 75 decorative knots. Extreme face painting. Creative woodcarving for beginners.

Biography Author Barrow, Andrew. Boyle, Susan. Delaney, Audrey. Gangel, Alison. Haas, Eve. Hill, Holly. Kenyon, Paul. Lane, Keith. Murray, Liz . Nicholas, Anna . Pearce, Jeff . Petulengro, Eva. Piper, Katie. Powell, Margaret.

Title Animal magic. The woman I was born to be. All my fault. The sun hasn't fallen from the sky. The secrets of the notebook. Sugarbabe. I am Justice. Life on the edge. Breaking night. Strictly off the record. A pocketful of holes and dreams. The girl in the painted caravan. Beautiful. Below stairs.

Rosen, Cari. Shilling, Jane. Wild, Jean.

The secret diary of a new mum (aged 43 The stranger in the mirror. The Sarah Wainwright story.

Business, Economics and Author Blackwell, Edward. Faulkner, Kate. Graham, Nick.

Title Child exploitation. How to prepare a business plan. Renting and letting. Project management for dummies.

Hobsbawm, Eric.

How to change the world : Marx and

Lewthwaite, Julie. Moyo, Dambisa. Reuvid, Jonathan. White, John F. Winnifrith, Tom.

Everything you need for an NVQ in manHow the West was lost. Start up and run your own business. Investing in stocks and shares. 101 ways to save money in a recession.

Computing Author Bluttman, Ken. Cottrell, Lee. Holden, Susan.

Title Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. HTML and XHTML Demystified. The beginners' guide to Windows 7.

Hussey, Tris. McManus, Sean. McNeil, Patrick.

Sams teach yourself Foursquare in 10 Web design. The Web designer's idea book volume 2.

Miser, Brad. Willard, Wendy.

Sams teach yourself iTunes 10 in 10 minWeb design demystified.

Crime Author Bolkovac, Kathryn. Capuzzo, Mike. Cowley, Chris. Donnelly, Mark. Flanders, Judith. Keeble, Harry. Kray, Charlie. Murphy, Martin N. Newark, Tim. Parry, Richard Lloyd. Sly, Nicola. Wilson, David.

Education and Careers Author Barron, Jenny. Masters, James. Spooner, Liz.

Title The whistleblower. The murder room. Face to face with evil : conversations with The big book of pain. The invention of murder. Little victim. Doing the business. Somalia : the new Barbary? Lucky Luciano. People who eat darkness. Oxfordshire murders. A history of British serial killing. Slaughter on a snowy morn.

Title CVs and applications. Working in sport. Teaching children to listen. British qualifications 2011. Working with animals.

Environment and Nature Author Briggs, Josie.

Title Wildlife habitats for your garden.

Doherty, Jimmy. Hollander, Julia.

A farmer's life for me : how to live sustainChicken coops for the soul.

Mulvaney, Kieran. Tampion, John. Templar, Dale. Wallis, Keith.

Ice bear.a nautual and unnatural history Attracting butterflies to your garden. Human planet. Gemstones.

Walters, Martin. Whyman, Matt.

The illustrated world encyclopedia of inOink! : my life with minipigs. Self-sufficiency. The energy crisis.

Food and Drink Author Blanc, Raymond. Burnet, Claire. Corbin, Pam.

Title Kitchen secrets. Chococo chocolate cookbook. The River Cottage cakes handbook.

Cousin, Pierre Jean. Flower, Sarah. Gardani, Romana. Garten, Ina.

The new complete guide to nutritional Perfect baking with your halogen oven. Sensational party cakes. Barefoot Contessa, how easy is that.

Griffiths, John Charles. Hertzberg, Jeff. Hom, Ken. Hom, Ken. Lanlard, Eric. Madden, Maryanne . Miles, Hannah.

Tea.a history of the drink that changed Five-minute bread. 100 quick stir-fry recipes. Complete Chinese cookbook. Home bake. Easy halogen cookbook. Whoopie pies.

Miller, Stephen. Pascale, Lorraine.

Starting and running a sandwich-coffee Baking made easy.

Powers, Thomas F. Ryberg, Roben. Stanway, Penny. Stein, Rick. Tabor, Laura. Weston, Louise. Wilson, Mitzie.

Introduction to management in the hospiThe ultimate gluten-free cookie book. The miracle of lemons. 100 fish and seafood recipes. Sweet treats to make and decorate. Start and run a bed & breakfast. Stew! Cookery school. MasterChef at home. Slimming World's everyday Italian.

Health and Psychology Author Agness, Lindsey. Atkinson, Mary. Bee, Sally. Blazevich, Anthony J. Bredow, Hasso von. Burrows, Catherine. Christensen, Helen. Cockburn, Patrick. Conley, Rosemary. Dowds, Angie. Dukan, Pierre.

Title Lose weight with NLP. Hand and foot massage. The recipe for life. Sports biomechanics. In the blink of an eye. Postnatal depression. The mood gym. Henry's with schizophrenia. Rosemary Conley's amazing inch loss plan. The biggest loser. The Dukan diet.

Dunn, Dot May.

Twelve babies on a bike.diary of a pupil mid-

Evans, Kirsti. Faure, Megan. Ferriss, Timothy . Godfrey, Keith. Halim, Gloria. Holmes, Kelly. Johnstone, Matthew. Kress, Diane. Lark, Liz. Mash, Eric J. McKenna, Paul. Morris, Rae. Murinson, Beth. Pearce, Dave. Shavick, Andrea. Smith, Tom. Smith, William. Templar, Richard. Ungaro, Alycea. Vitale, Joe. Woodcock, Joan . Worthington, Charles.

Something different about dad : how to live The babysense secret. The 4-hour body. Fly without fear. Healing foods, healthy foods. Just go for it! The alphabet of the human heart. The metabolism miracle. Yoga for kids. Abnormal child psychology. I can make you happy. Express makeup. Take back your back. Outdoor survival. How to pass psychometric tests. Coping with bronchitis and emphysema. Exercises for stroke. The rules of life. Pilates practice companion. The awakening course. Matron knows best. The complete book of hairstyling. First aid manual. Living with disability. Mental wellbeing. Natural wonderfoods. Nutrition and diet. The alli diet.

History Author Brown, Bill. Brown, Sarah.

Title Billy Brown, I'll tell your mother. Behind the black door.

Collingham, Lizzie. Ferguson, Niall. Gilmour, David. Hart-Davis, Duff. Hawkings, David T. Johnson, Nelson. King, Greg. Lack, Katherine. Lang, Sean. Logue, Mark. Longerich, Peter. Mandelson, Peter. Marsh, W. B. Miles, Richard . Peer, Basharat. Pryor, Francis. Rajchman, Chil. Sebag Montefiore, Simon. Taylor, Fred. Welch, Frances.

The taste of war : World War Two and the Civilization : the West and the rest. Dreams of Italy. The war that never was. Pauper ancestors. Boardwalk empire. The resurrection of the Romanovs. Frontstalag 142. British history for dummies. The King's speech. Holocaust. The third man. Tales of war. Carthage must be destroyed. Curfewed night. The birth of modern Britain. Treblinka. Jerusalem.the biography. Exorcising Hitler. The Russian court at sea.

Wilson, Terry.

A boy's own dale : a 1950s childhood in

Holidays and Travel Author Bohoslawec, Piero. Bradbury, Julia. Brissenden, Connie. Bunce, Charlie . Entrican, David. Gerrard, David. Gerrard, Mike. Giles, Tony. Gillham, John. Moretti, John. Sampson, Ian. Spencer, Brian. Staddon, Jackie. Steel, Bob. Thubron, Colin. Ward, Greg. Winder, Simon. Winpenny, David. Worsley, Henry. Zephaniah, Benjamin.

Home and Garden Author Bartlett, Atlanta. Dilger, Andrew. Don, Montagu. Hyder, Sally. Klein, Carol. Ritson, Janie. Schneebeli-Morrell, Deborah. Smith, Alison. Swift, Katherine. Treloar, Roy. Wilhide, Elizabeth. Zeaman, John.

Title Bath. Canal walks. Vancouver and Victoria. Great British railway journeys. The coasts of Devon. The hidden places of East Anglia. The hidden places of the Peak District & Seeing the world my way. Wales. Northern Italy. Cleveland Way. North Yorkshire Moors. Cotswolds. Lake District pub walks. To a mountain in Tibet. The rough guide to Hawaii. Germania. Northumbria. In Shackleton's footsteps. Kung fu trip. England. Ramblers short walks in Cornwall. Spain. The rough guide to England. Turkey.

Title Pale & interesting. Dash. Great gardens of Italy. Finding Harmony. Life in a cottage garden. Hoping for a home. Grow your own vegetables in pots. 101 fun things to do with your dog. The Morville year. Gas installation technology. Extraordinary dogs. Dog walks man.

Music Author Andre, Peter. Balmer, Paul.

Title Peter Andre. Haynes acoustic guitar manual.

Cave, Nick. Hersh, Kristin.

Nick Cave : sinner saint, the true confesParadoxical undressing.

Southall, Brian.

Beatles memorabilia : the Julian Lennon

Paranormal Author Young, Pamela.

Title Hope Street.

Poetry, Drama and Writing Author Alexander, Caroline. Blake, William. Brown, Craig.

Title The war that killed Achilles. Selected poems. The lost diaries.

Campbell, George L. Donne, John. Faulks, Sebastian.

The concise compendium of the world's Selected poems. Faulks on fiction.

Harman, Claire. Kay, Jackie. Longley, Michael. Shapcott, Jo. Sissons, Peter. Turner, Julian. Wainwright, Gordon R. Walcott, Derek.

Jane's fame : how Jane Austen conFiere. A hundred doors. Of mutability. When one door closes. Planet-struck. Read faster, recall more. White egrets.

Waugh, Auberon. Wilde, Oscar. Williamson, Heidi.

Kiss me, Chudleigh : the world according Selected poems. Electric shadow. Of love and hope. The Picador book of love poems.

Religion and Philosophy Author Burpo, Todd.

Title Heaven is for real.

Crystal, David. Delaney, Anthony. Francis-Cheung, Theresa. Howson, Chris. Nicolson, Adam. Weigel, George.

Begat : the King James Bible and the Diamond geezers. An angel spoke to me. A just church. When God spoke English. The end and the beginning.

Science and Technology Author


Aldersey-Williams, Hugh. Bishop, Owen. Breach, Mark.

Periodic tales.the curious lives of the eleElectronics. Fundamental maths.

Franklin, Jonathan. Gater, Will. Olliffe, Neville.

The 33 : the ultimate account of the ChilThe night sky month by month. Essential knots.

Six Towns Collection Author Heathcote, Elaine.

Title Old Gillow : the story of a community

McBrine, Craig.

Last bus to Folly Lane ....Beresfords Mo-

Whitfield, Roy.

Neck end pubs : and other watering holes

Society and Politics Author Chua, Amy. Hardy, Roger.

Title Battle hymn of the tiger mother. The Muslim revolt. The gambling problem.

Sport, Hobbies and Games Author Blizzard, Richard E. Bowley, Graham. Dott, Graeme. Griffith, David. Jericho, Chris. McDougall, Christopher. Mosenthal, Basil. Oatway, Charlie. Rice, Iain. Sharp, Nigel. Tappin, Neil.

Title Garden railway manual. No way down : life and death on K2. Frame of mind. Ship models from kits. Undisputed : how to become a world Born to run : the hidden tribe. Learning to sail. Tackling life. Layout design. Living the dream. Learn to play golf in 10 easy lessons. Fox guide to carp fishing. Fox guide to modern sea angling. Official football yearbook 2010-2011 of Optical illusions

Stage and Screen Author Bellingham, Lynda. Brown, Len.

Title Lost and found. Jason Statham.

Curtis, Tony. Hewson, Sherrie.

Some like it hot : me, Marilyn and the Sherrie : behind the laughter.

Kanfer, Stefan. Lamb, Larry. Martin, Derek. Raphael, Amy. Roach, Martin. Rock, Crissy. Welch, Denise. Wogan, Terry.

Tough without a gun : the extraordinary Mummy's boy. An East End life. Danny Boyle. The Top Gear story. This heart within me burn. Pulling myself together. Where was I?!

Transport Author Baker, Michael. Buckley, Martin.

Title London Transport in the Blitz. Maserati.

Coombs, Matthew. Everitt, Charles.

Vespa GTS/GTV, LV/LXV & S125, 250, 365 motorcycles you must ride.

Gill, Peter.

Renault Laguna petrol and diesel service

Mather, Phil. Randall, Martynn. Thompson, Andy. Vaughan, John.

Honda XL125V and VT125C shadow serVW Passat diesel. Cars of Eastern Europe. Main line diesel locomotives. Sustainable transport.

War and Military Author Leckie, Robert. Milton, Giles. Rayment, Sean. Stanford, Fiona. Urban, Mark.

Title Helmet for my pillow. Wolfram : the boy who went to war. Bomb hunters. Don't say goodbye : our heroes and the Task force black. Blue sky warriors.

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New Non-Fiction Books March 2011  

A list of new non-fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in March 2011.

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