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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

December 2010

Arts and Crafts Author Aristides, Claire. Bartley, Luella. Brewer, Susan. Briscoe, Susan. Drew, Sarah. Games, Stephen. Garfield, Simon. Harman, Doug. Hogg, Becky. Kidston, Cath. Lord, Peter. McCloud, Kevin. Pierce, Val. Starmore, Alice. Tatarsky, Daniel. Walford, Jonathan.

Biography Author Boyle, Susan. Doyle, Ken. East, Sally. Glass, Cathy. Hall, Jerry. Haywood, Chelsea. Hendry, Sharon. Lopez, Steve. Lowell, Ivana. Muhsen, Zana. Scott, Faith. Smith, Daniel.

Title Bejewelled. Luella's guide to English style. A history of girls' comics. More Japanese quilt blocks. Junk-box jewellery. Pevsner : the early life. Just my type. The digital photography handbook. Blackwork. Stitch! Cracking animation. Kevin McCloud's 43 principles of home. Knitted mug hugs. Fishermen's sweaters. Dan Dare : pilot of the future. Shoes A-Z. British Asian style. Fashion dog. Fashion illustration, 1930 to 1970. Reader's Digest complete guide to sewing. Title The woman I was born to be. Mummy from hell. Don't you love your daddy? Mummy told me not to tell. Jerry Hall. my life in pictures. 90-day geisha. my time as a Tokyo hostess. Radhika's story. The soloist. Why not say what happened? A promise to Nadia. I won't forgive what you did. The lucky bugger's casebook.

Business, Economics and Law Author Cadbury, Deborah. Honeyball, Simon. Lowe, Jonquil. Scott, Gini Graham. Stenebo, John. Wilkinson, Philip. Computing Author Abram, Carolyn. Chambers, Mark L. Kantaris, Noel. Saunders, Mike. Shaw, Steve .

Crime Author Chambers, G. Paul. Marks, Howard. Vulliamy, Ed. Environment and Nature Author Barkham, Patrick. Charles, Craven, John. Easterbrook, Michael. Kaplan, Matt.

Title Chocolate wars. Honeyball & Bowers' textbook on employment law. Pensions explained. Top secrets for using LinkedIn to promote your business or yourself. The truth about IKEA. Turn back time - the high street.

Title Facebook for dummies. MacBook for dummies. Microsoft Office 2010 explained. Linux manual. Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux. BlackBerry all-in-one for dummies. How to do just about anything on a computer. PC problem solving made easy.

Title Head shot. the science behind the John F. Kennedy assassination. Mr Nice. Amexica. war along the borderline.

Title The butterfly isles: a summer in search of our emperors and admirals. Harmony: a new way of looking at our world. John Craven's Countryfile handbook. Butterflies of Britain and Ireland. David Attenborough's first life.

Food and Drink Author Title Barnouin, Kim. Ultimate everyday cookbook. Bishop, Katie. One-pot cooking. Brown, Debbie. Gorgeous and gruesome cakes for children. Clark, Zoe. Cake decorating at home. D'Acampo, Gino. Gino's pasta. Hartley, Paul. The Horlicks cookbook. Lewis, Sara. Bread machine easy. Prince, Rose. Kitchenella. Wright, Clarissa Dickson. Sunday roast. Green & Black's organic ultimate chocolate recipes. Health and Psychology Author Title Borg, James. Mind power. Bowser, Alison. Acne and rosacea. Thomas John Barnardo, his life, homes and Burnier-Smith, Dennis. orphanages. Campbell, Adam. The Men'sHealth big book of exercises. Cotton, Fearne. The best friends' guide to life. Eckersley, Jill. Coping with dyspraxia. Hunniford, Gloria. Glorious grandparenting. Hunter, J. O. Inflammatory bowel disease. McKenna, Laurence. Living with tinnitus and hyperacusis. Child. how children think, learn and grow in Morris, Desmond. the early years. Pringle, Les. Call the ambulance! More blood, more sweat and another cup of Reynolds, Tom. tea. Sacks, Oliver W. The mind's eye. Sweet, Corinne. Change your life with CBT. Watts, Anne. Always the Children. Worth, Jennifer. In the midst of life. Developing multi-professional teamwork for integrated children's services. The BMA guide to sport injuries.

History Author Aslet, Clive. Eclair, Jenny. Fiennes, Ranulph. Figes, Orlando. Foreman, Amanda. Leaming, Barbara. MacDonald, Calum. MacGregor, Neil. Olusoga, David. Powell, Jonathan. Holidays and Travel Author Atkinson, Brett. Miller, Korina. Otis, Ginger Adams. Sattin, Anthony. Smith, Roland.

Home and Garden Author Dowding, Charles. Farthing, Pen. Kotler, Steven. Langlands, Alex. Rix, Megan. Romp, Julia. Topliss, Simon.

Title Villages of Britain. Grumpy old women everywhere say-- chin up Britain. Mad dogs and Englishmen. Crimea: the last crusade. A world on fire : an epic history of two nations divided. Churchill defiant : fighting on 1945-1955. From cleits to castles: a St Kildan looks on. A history of the world in 100 objects. The Kaiser's Holocaust. The new Machiavelli.

Title New Zealand's South Island. Discover Greece. NYC. Discover Egypt. World Heritage sites of Britain. Discover Germany. Discover New Zealand.

Title Organic gardening. One dog at a time : saving the strays of Helmand. A small furry hope. Edwardian farm. The puppy that came for Christmas.... A friend like Ben. Construction. Entry 3/level1.

Music Author Barat, Carl. Blake, Mark. Burrows, Terry. Burrows, Terry. Davis, Stephen. Jay-Z. Kaplan, James. McCullin, Don. Roach, Martin. Schmidt, Randy. Wall, Mick. Wooldridge, Max.

Paranormal Author Martin, Lois. Wood, Alan C. Poetry, Drama and Writing Author Larkin, Philip. Lipman, Maureen. Newman, Sandra. Rennison, Nick. Servant, Bob. Twain, Mark. Wardale, Roger.

Title Threepenny memoir : the lives of a Libertine. Is this the real life? : the untold story of Queen. Total guitar tutor. Total piano tutor. LZ-'75 : the lost chronicles of Led Zeppelin's 1975 tour. Decoded. Frank. the voice. A day in the life of the Beatles. Viva Coldplay. Little girl blue : the life of Karen Carpenter. Enter night : Metallica the biography. Never mind the bollards. Favourite Christmas carols. The Saturdays. our story.

Title A brief history of witchcraft. Military ghosts.

Title Letters to Monica. I must collect myself. Read this next-- and discover your 500 new favourite books. 100 must-read prize-winning novels. Delete this at your peril. Autobiography of Mark Twain. Arthur Ransome. The line up. The ultimate teen book guide.

Religion and Philosophy Author Blue, Lionel. Meyer, Joyce. Yallop, David A. Science and Technology Author Brodie, David. Brodie, David. Cruickshank, Dan. Farnsworth, Steven Robert. Green, Jane A. Honeysett, Ian. Ritchie, Rob. Ritchie, Rob. Ritchie, Rob. Ritchie, Rob. Sherran, Peter. Sherran, Peter. Sherran, Peter. Sherran, Peter.

Six Towns Collection Author Cooke, William. Talbot, Richard.

Title The godseeker's guide. Power thoughts : 12 strategies to win the battle of the mind. Beyond belief : the Catholic Church and the child abuse scandal.

Title AQA physics. OCR physics. Dan Cruickshank's bridges. Welding for dummies. Astronomy manual. OCR biology. AQA chemistry. AQA chemistry. Edexcel chemistry. OCR chemistry. AQA maths. Edexcel maths. OCR maths. OCR maths. GCSE AQA biology.

Title Wings over Meir : the story of the Potteries aerodrome. The royal manor of Penkhull.

Society and Politics Author Boulton, Adam. Parris, Matthew. Wright, Patrick. Zizek, Slavoj. Sport, Hobbies and Games Author Agnew, Jonathan. Bremner, Jack. Brown, Derren. Caplin, Steve. Cunliffe, Tom.

Title Hung together : the 2010 election and coalition government. Parting shots. Passport to Peking. Living in the end times.

Title Thanks, Johnners. Shit ground no fans. Confessions of a conjuror. Fun and games for the 21st century family. The complete yachtmaster. The forgotten chapters : a book of carp stoFareham, Gareth. ries. Foley, Mick. Countdown to lockdown. Racehorse : the complete guide to the world Hartley Edwards, Elwyn. of horse racing. Jones, Myfanwy. Parlour games for modern families. Old Trafford : 100 years at the home of Marshall, Ian. Manchester United. Moore, Brian. The thoughts of Chairman Moore. Al Murray the pub landlord's great British Murray, Al. pub quiz book. Newsham, Gavin. Two tribes : the rebirth of the Ryder Cup. Newton, Terry. Coming clean. Roberts, Randy. Joe Louis. Universally challenged : quiz contestant say Roby, Wendy. the funniest things. Rubython, Tom. Shunt : the story of James Hunt. Sutcliffe, Richard. Revie : revered and reviled. Toseland, Martin. 365 everyday games and pastimes. Trundle, Lee. Lee Trundle. Walsh, Ruby. Ruby Walsh. The complete book of card games.

Stage and Screen Author Adams, Guy. Clarke, Margi. Dench, Judi. Farnes, Norma. Fisher, John. Galton, Ray. Hill, Harry. McGiffin, Carol. Moody, Ron. Parkinson, Michael. Porter, Darwin. Randall, Tim. Spencer, June. Spikey, Dave. Spoto, Donald. Winner, Michael. Yapp, Nicholas.

Transport Author Gill, Anton. Holland, Julian. Holland, Julian. Komissarov, Sergey.

Title Leonard Rossiter. Margi : now you see me. And furthermore. Memories of Milligan. Tommy Cooper's mirth, magic and mischief. The lost Hancock scripts. Livin' the dreem : a year in my life. Oh, Carol! A still untitled, (not quite) autobiography. Parky's people. Humphrey Bogart. Fifty years of Coronation St. The road to Ambridge. Under the microscope. High society : the life of Grace Kelly. Unbelievable! : my life in restaurants and other places. Charlie Chaplin. Mrs Fry's diary.

Title We built the Titanic. More amazing and extraordinary railway facts. The lost lines of Britain. Soviet and Russian ekranoplans.

War and Military Author Ashcroft, Michael A. Bishop, Patrick. Bishop, Patrick. George, Isabel. Jackson, Sophie. Kemp, Ross. Lewis-Stempel, John. Mead, Richard. Starns, Penny. Townshend, Charles. Van Emden, Richard.

Title George Cross heroes. Battle of Britain. Ground truth : 3 Para return to Afghanistan. Beyond the call of duty. Churchill's unexpected guests. Warriors : British fighting heroes. Six weeks : the short and gallant life of the British officer. General boy. Surviving Tenko : the story of Margot Turner. When God made hell. Tommy's ark : soldiers and their animals.

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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries in December 2010  
New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries in December 2010  

A list of new non-fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in December 2010. You can request any of these titles by visiting o...