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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

August 2011

Arts and Crafts Author Alton, Gina. Bammes, Gottfried. Bliss, Debbie. Brocket, Jane. Brown, Barb. Constantine, Jan. Crompton, Claire. Field, Anne. Freeman, John. Friend, Trudy. Gaudet, Barri Sue. Goble, Fiona. Gordon, Maggi McCormick. Harrison, Terry. Hewitt, Jema.

Title Pots to knit and crochet. Complete guide to life drawing. Knits to give. The gentle art of knitting. Knitting knee-highs. Love stitching. 200 crochet flower embellishments & trims. Spinning wool. Collins digital SLR handbook. Drawing. Quilt a gift for little ones. Twas the knits before Christmas. Stitch step by step. Painting acrylic landscapes the easy way. First beading. Machine embroidered flowers, woodlands Holt, Alison. and landscapes. Howard, Laura. Super-cute felt. King, Emma. Exploring colour in knitting. Li, Yishan. Massive manga. Maclennan, Carrie. The busy girl's guide to sewing. Maslen, Mick. Drawing projects. McYarnpants, Stitchy. Knitting it old school. Miller, Steve. Dinosaurs. Morris, Helen. Stencil it. Osborne, Joanna. Best in show. knit your own cat Schneebeli-Morrell, Deborah. The art of papercutting. Smith, Harriet. Gothic jewelry. Stanfield, Lesley. First crochet. Tilly, Michelle. Pompom pals. Wileman, Peter. Painting light in oils. Wood, Dorothy. The bead jewellery bible. Woram, Catherine. Christmas crafting with kids. Woram, Catherine. Felt button bead. Worsley, Harriet. 100 ideas that changed fashion. Manga. Oil painting. The cardmaker's bible. The knitting book.

Biography Author Bloodworth, Dennis. Bromley, Tom. Collins, Matthew. Eade, Philip. Faleiro, Sonia. Hammond, Alan. Hodgkinson, Nicola. Holmes, Jackie. Jessop, Carolyn. King, Greg. Morton, Andrew. Munro, Eileen. Proulx, Annie. Rowland, Hugh. Smith, Sean. Walker, Steve. Williams, Precious.

Title I married a barbarian. All in the best possible taste. Hate. my life with the British far right. Young Prince Philip. Beautiful thing. All's fair in love and law. Life with the lid off. Can't anyone help me?. Triumph. life after the cult. The Duchess of Windsor. William and Catherine. If I should die before I wake. Bird cloud. On thin ice. Kate. The ecstasy and the agony. Precious.

Business, Economics and Law Author Adair, John. Adair, John. Anders, George. Armstrong, Michael. Bannock, Graham. Barrow, Colin. Barrow, Colin. Barrow, Colin. Brown, Jane Newell. Chitty, Antonia. Cooper, Tim. Cracknell, Andrew. Dryburgh, Alastair. Duddington, John. Gough, Roger. Grant, Patrick. Hands, Gill. Herring, Jonathan. Lewis, Michael. Little, Helen. Maun, Richard. Read, Tess. Smith, Bud E. Stone, Robert. White, Dan.

Title John Adair's 100 greatest ideas for amazing creativity. John Adair's 100 greatest ideas for being a brilliant manager. The rare find. Armstrong's handbook of strategic human resource management. The Penguin dictionary of economics. The 30 day MBA. The 30 day MBA in business finance. The 30 day MBA in marketing. The complete guide to recruitment. DIY marketing. How to read industrial Britain. The real mad men. Everything you know about business is wrong. Question and answer. land law. Account rendered. A straightforward guide to getting the best out of your retirement. Understanding Marx. Law express question and answer. family law. Boomerang. Conducting your own court case. How to keep your job!. Look after the pennies. Sams teach yourself Facebook for business in 10 minutes. A straightforward guide to personal investments. The terrible leader.

Computing Author Clark, Linda. Cronan, John. Dr. K. Edwards, Douglas. Hughes, Bill. Kantaris, Noel. Kraynak, Joe. Matthews, Carole Boggs. Miller, Matthew. Price, Anthony. Reeves, Bob. Smith, Dori. Watson, Lonzell. Wempen, Faithe. Williams, Robin. Wooldridge, Mike.

Title Simply computing for seniors. Microsoft Office Access 2010. The real hackers' handbook. I'm feeling lucky. Windows Phone 7 application development for dummies. Microsoft Excel 2010 explained. The complete idiot's guide to HTML5 and CSS3. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010. Facebook companion. Troubleshoot PC problems yourself. Easy Internet and email for the over 50s. JavaScript. Teach yourself visually iPad 2. Microsoft Office 2010 for seniors for dummies. The non-designer's Photoshop book. Creating Web pages simplified.

Crime Author Carlson, Joseph. Chandler, Paul. Ciancimino, Massimo. Cooke, Elizabeth. Dugard, Jaycee Lee. Fielding, Leaf. Gray, Adrian. Gundle, Stephen. James, Bill. Jeffrey, Robert. MacKenney, Eileen. Mustain, Gene. Nairne, Sandy. Pannett, Mike. Partington, John. Rathband, David. Root, Neil. Thompson, Tony. Wansell, Geoffrey. Woodrow, Jane Carter.

Title Voodoo killers. Hostage. Don Vito. The damnation of John Donellan. A stolen life. To live outside the law. Crime and criminals of Victorian England. Death and the dolce vita. Perfect victims. Gentle Johnny Ramensky. Borstal girl. Murder machine. Art theft. the case of the stolen Turners. Just the job, lad. The mob and me. Tango 190. the Gateshead shootings Frenzy!. Outlaws. The bus stop killer. Rose West. the making of a monster.

Education and Careers Author Bruce, Tina. Burnham, Louise. Buzan, Tony. Chinn, Stephen J. Christian, Susanne. Davies, Alison. Galloway, John. Jesson, Jill. Monk, Jenny. Morgan, Nicola S. Thomas, Kim. Turner, Christine. Wood, Kay. Environment and Nature Author Attenborough, David. Carwardine, Mark. Cleave, Andrew. Eastoe, Jane. Farrow, Dave. Hackney, Paul. Hansen, Sig. Kratz, Rene Fester. Lewis, Celia. Lynas, Mark. Oakley, Judith. Oddie, Bill. Stringer, Chris. Switek, Brian.

Title Learning through play. Supporting teaching and learning in schools (primary). Buzan's study skills. The trouble with maths. Getting into the UK's best universities and courses. Read me a story. ICT for teaching assistants. The really useful ICT book. Creative teaching in primary classrooms. A kit bag for promoting positive behaviour in the classroom. Primary school. Supporting children with learning difficulties. Education.

Title New life stories. Whales, dolphins and porpoises. Freshwater birds. Mushrooms. A guide to the garden birds of Britain and Northern Europe. Growing barn owls in my garden. Deadliest waters. Botany for dummies. The illustrated guide to pigs. The God species. Seashore safaris. Birding with Bill Oddie. The origin of our species. Written in stone. Whales and dolphins.

Food and Drink Author Beeton, Mrs Berry, Mary. Berry, Mary. Brash, Lorna. Cairns, Fiona. Clay, Xanthe. Collins, Jill. Conley, Rosemary. David, Elizabeth. Davies, Trish. Del Conte, Anna. Deseine, Trish. Dhillon, Kris. Dorey, Martin. Dunn, Alan. Faulkner, Fiona. Fraser, Moyra. Gray, Deborah. Gwynn, Mary. Hardy, Sheila M. Hartnett, Angela. Jaffrey, Madhur. Kenedy, Jacob. Kirby, Rob. Lanlard, Eric. Lawson, Tracey. Mason, Laura. McCloskey, Jess. Miles, Hannah. Morphew, Kim. Myers, Dave. Nice, Jill.

Title Mrs Beeton how to cook. 100 sweet treats and puds. Mary Berry's family Sunday lunches. Slow cooker magic. The birthday cake book. 10 minutes to table. Whoopie pies. 100 great low-fat recipes. Summer cooking. The everyday fish cookbook. Cooking with Coco. Trish's French kitchen. Curries and spicy dishes for your slow cooker. The camper van cookbook. Alan Dunn's tropical and exotic flowers for cakes. 25 foods kids hate. Perfect pies and tarts. 500 vegan dishes. The busy mum's cookbook. The real Mrs Beeton. A taste of home. 100 weeknight curries. Bocca cookbook. Cook with kids. Cox Cookies & Cake. A year in the village of eternity. Good old-fashioned pies and stews. Delicious gifts. The gluten-free baker. Celebration cupcakes. Perfect pies. Preserves.

Pascale, Lorraine. Ramsay, Gordon. Rigg, Annie. Rippington, Neil. Sherman, Jackie. Thomas, Julia. Vanilli, Lily. Wood, Beryl.

Home cooking. Cooking for friends. Christmas cupcakes. Professional chef. level 1 diploma Making the most of your glorious glut. Cake angels. A zombie ate my cupcake!. Let's preserve it. 1001 wines you must try before you die. Step-by-step baking. Teashop treats. The slow cook book.

Health and Psychology Author Aziz, Shajen Joy. Bradley, Dinah. Bryon, Mike. Carrick, Gill. Carter, Philip J. Clark, Charles V. Cullen, Kairen. Culpeper, Nicholas. Dawson, Sarah. Ellis, Robin. Fairley, Josephine. Gates, Donna. Gilbert, Paul. Gledhill, Adam. Greener, Mark. Harrison, Elaine. Hay, Louise L. Jamison, Kay R. Jarrett, Doreen. Jast, Joanna. Jenner, Paul. Kelder, Peter. Kessler, David. Kitzinger, Sheila. Magee, Samantha. Massey, Paul. Miller, Liz. Newcomb, Jacky. Pecorino, Lauren. Pemberton, Max.

Title Discover the gift. Hyperventilation syndrome. How to pass data interpretation tests. Arthritis. Test your emotional intelligence. The age revolution. Child psychology. Culpeper's complete herbal. Everyday yoga. Delicious dishes for diabetics. The anti-ageing beauty bible. The body ecology diet. The compassionate mind. Foundations in sports therapy. Coping with asthma in adults. Today is the day you change your life. Letters to Louise. An unquiet mind. Explaining Parkinson's. Obsessive compulsive disorder. Master the art of confidence. The ancient secret of the fountain of youth. Visions, trips, and crowded rooms. Birth over 35. Yoga made easy. Sports pilates. Talk do think be. Healed by an angel. Why millions survive cancer. The doctor will see you now.

Price, Alison. Rohnfeld, Edeltraud. Shah, Neil. Smith, Tom. Snowden, Ruth. Style, Charlotte. Sugg, Richard. Taylor, Paul G. Tirbutt, Edmund. Tsuang, Ming T. Wilding, Christine. Woodcock, Joan.

History Author Ashdown-Hill, John. Backe-Hansen, Melanie. Black, Jeremy. Bolt, Rodney. Brabazon, James. Castor, Helen. Cole, Roger. Day, Peter. Dikotter, Frank. Eason, Cassandra. Egremont, Max. Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith. Gwynne, S. C. Hardman, Robert. Herda, D. J. Hibbert, Christopher. Hudson, Susan. Hughes, Robert.

Psychology of success. Chair yoga. NLP. Reducing your risk of dementia. Exploring your dreams. Brilliant positive psychology. Mummies, cannibals, and vampires. A beginner's guide to autism spectrum disorders. Help them beat the booze. Schizophrenia. Boost your self-esteem. Matron knows best. 30-second psychology. The BMA guide to back care.

Title The last days of Richard III. House histories. A brief history of Britain 1851-2010. As good as God, as clever as the devil. My friend the mercenary. She-wolves. SAS Operation Storm. Franco's friends. Mao's great famine. A complete guide to fairies & magical beings. Forgotten land. Antony and Cleopatra. Empire of the summer moon. Our Queen. They call me Doc. The Borgias. UXB Malta. Rome.

Hutton, Ronald. Johnson, Paul. Kennaway, Susan. King, Edmund. Knapp, Robert C. Larkin, Emma. Larson, Erik. Lilin, Nicolai. Loades, D. M. Macintyre, Ben. McKearney, Tommy. McSmith, Andy. Norton, Elizabeth. Olusoga, David. Overy, R. J. Paxman, Jeremy. Porter, S. Prazmowska, Anita. Purcell, Jennifer. Santiuste, David. Schiff, Stacy. Schiff, William. Seward, Desmond. Steinberg, Jonathan. Tait, Janice. Temple, Robert K. G. Toye, Richard. Wang, Hui. Wilkinson, Toby A. H. Wood, Michael. Wroe, Ann.

A brief history of Britain, 1485-1660. Brief lives. The Yellow Duster Sisters. King Stephen. Invisible Romans. Everything is broken. In the garden of beasts. Free fall. Mary Tudor. Josiah the Great. The Provisional IRA. No such thing as society. England's queens. The Kaiser's Holocaust. The Third Reich. Out of empire. Shakespeare's London. A history of Poland. Domestic soldiers. Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses. Cleopatra. Even to the edge of doom. The last white rose. Bismarck. Tracing your tank ancestors. Egyptian dawn. Churchill's empire. The end of the revolution. The rise and fall of ancient Egypt. The story of England. Orpheus.

Holidays and Travel Author Able, Vanessa. Atkinson, Brett. Bennett, Lindsay. Bennett, Lindsay. Brett, Michael. Buckley, Norman. Burns, Brendon. Catling, Christopher. Evans, Jeremy. Fothergill, Alastair. Haag, Michael. Hatch, Ben. Holland, Julian. Kelsall, Dennis. Lisowscy, El zbieta. Lockwood, Michael. Marsh, Terry. Mason, Mark. Mooney, Julianne. Nye, Chris. Pavlovskaya, Anna. Perham, Mike. Rochford, Noel. Sanghera, Jasvinder. Simpson, Scott. Stafford, Ed. Stedman, Henry. Stephenson, Simon. Theroux, Paul. Wheeler, Thom.

Title Istanbul. Tasmania. Menorca. Sardinia. South Africa. Cornwall walking on the level. Fear of hat loss in Las Vegas. Amsterdam.. The C2C cycle route. Frozen planet. Egypt. Are we nearly there yet?. Exploring the islands of Scotland. More Peak District. Tunisia. Landscapes of the Costa Brava and Barcelona. More Lake District. Walk the lines. Time Out Ireland. Weekends to brag about. Russia. Sailing the dream. Landscapes of Gran Canaria. Shame travels. Krakow. Walking the Amazon. Hadrian's Wall Path. Let not the waves of the sea. Fresh-air fiend. One steppe beyond. 1001 days out. Around New York City with kids. Italy. Morocco. The Americas. The Gambia. The Netherlands. The rough guide to South America on a budget. Time Out London for children. Time Out Stockholm.

Home and Garden Author Alderton, David. Arnold, Jennifer. Bailey, Gwen. Barkes, Vic. Behari, Jo. Blumenthal, Heston. Bondeson, Jan. Bradshaw, John W. S. Brickell, Christopher. Brown, Milly. Cooke, Ian. Diacono, Mark. Everest, Elaine. Gray, Linda. Gurney, Peter. Hall, F. Hashman, Joe. Jarvis, Kevin. Jarvis, Kevin. Light, M. R. Millan, Cesar. Nasser, Dave. Peacock, Paul. Price, Carol. Robertson, Julia. Rock, Ian Alistair. Scott-Ordish, Lesley. Strutt, Christina. Taylor, David. Wilson, Matthew.

Title Hamster. Through a dog's eyes. How to train a superpup. The dog lover's companion. The girl's guide to DIY. Heston at home. Greyfriars Bobby. In defence of dogs. Pruning and training. The cat lover's companion. Grow your own. The River Cottage fruit handbook. A new puppy in the family. Herbs and spices. Guinea pig. Building services handbook. How to grow your own fruit and veg. Level 2 NVQ/SVQ Diploma painting and decorating. Level 3 NVQ/SVQ Diploma brickwork. The DIY decorator's handbook. Cesar's rules. Giant George. life with the biggest dog in the world Grandma's ways for modern days. Border collie. Exercising your puppy. The home extension manual. Cocker spaniel. Vintage chic. Rabbit. RHS nature's gardener. Essential DIY projects. German Shepherd. Homemade. Reader's Digest new encyclopedia of garden plants and flowers. RHS complete gardener's manual. The edible garden.

Music Author Balmer, Paul. Barak, Daphne. Brown, Jake. Browne, David. Du Noyer, Paul. Gray, Marcus. Haines, Luke. Hasted, Nick. Henley, Darren. Johnstone, Nick. McKagan, Duff. Newkey-Burden, Chas. Patell, Cyrus R. K. Porter, Darwin. Wolff, Daniel J. Yarm, Mark.

Paranormal Author Arcarti, Kristyna. Browne, Sylvia. Jirsch, Anne. McMahon, Paddy. Mercier, Patricia. Moorey, Teresa. Rutter, Gordon. Sawyer, Heidi. Schindelka, Faye. Van Praagh, James. Virtue, Doreen.

Title Haynes electric guitar manual. Saving Amy. Iron Maiden. in the studio Fire and rain. John Lennon. Route 19 revisited. the Clash and the making of london Calling. Post everything. outsider rock and roll. You really got me. the story of the Kinks The Classic FM hall of fame. Amy, Amy, Amy. It's so easy (and other lies). Amy Winehouse. The Rolling Stones' Some girls. Frank Sinatra, the boudoir singer. You send me. Everybody loves our town. 1001 albums you must hear before you die. The anthology of rap.

Title Healing with gems and crystals. Afterlives of the rich & famous. The future is yours. Guided by angels. Crystal skulls and the enigma of time. Spells for everyday life. Ghosts caught on film 3. The intelligent guide to the Sixth Sense. Poppies from heaven.... Growing up in heaven. Fairies 101.

Poetry, Drama and Writing Author Callow, Simon. Culler, Jonathan D. Duffy, Carol Ann. Gekoski, R. A. Hill, Bekki. Johnson, Rachel. Kloester, Jennifer. Lynn, Jonathan. Maher, John C. Palfrey, Simon. Rentoul, John. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Shakespeare, William. Shavick, Andrea. Shukman, David. Simpson, Ron. Wick, Steve. Wilson, A. N.

Title Dickens. Literary theory. The bees. Outside of a dog. Coach yourself to writing success. A diary of The Lady. my first year and a half as editor Georgette Heyer biography. Comedy rules. Introducing Chomsky. Doing Shakespeare. The banned list. Reveries of the solitary walker. The Arden Shakespeare complete works. How to write a children's picture book and get it published. Reporting live from the end of the world. Get to grips with English grammar. The long night. Dante in love.

Religion and Philosophy Author Barnes, Trevor. Bauckham, Richard. Bennett, Clinton. Bloom, William. Bonnett, Alastair. Campbell, Gordon. Chopra, Deepak. Crystal, David. Esposito, John L. Frankl, Viktor E. Green, Ronald. Landaw, Jonathan. Ricard, Matthieu. Saxton, Jo. Stork, Mokhtar. Turner, C. Tyldesley, Joyce A. Veldt, Luke. Vernon, Mark.

Title How to pick a religion. Jesus. Interpreting the Qur'an. The power of modern spirituality. How to argue. Bible. Muhammad. Begat. What everyone needs to know about Islam. Man's search for ultimate meaning. Nothing matters. Buddhism for dummies. The art of meditation. Influential. A-Z guide to the Ahadith. Islam. The Penguin book of myths & legends of ancient Egypt. Written in tears. Understand humanism. Hinduism for dummies. Hitchens vs. Blair. The Penguin handbook of the world's living religions.

Science and Technology Author Abbott, Paul. Beveridge, Colin. Boysen, Earl. Brooks, Michael. Du Sautoy, Marcus. Emsley, John. Graham, Alan. Hartston, William Roland. Hawking, Stephen. Henderson, Mark. Keeley-Browne, Liz. Lakin, Steve. Linsley, Trevor. Pollard, Justin. Scaddan, Brian. Scaddan, Brian. Scaddan, Brian. Scaddan, Brian. Sheldrake, Rupert. Sparrow, Giles.

Six Towns Collection Author Brookes, Michael.

Title Understand algebra. Basic maths for dummies. Nanotechnology for dummies. Free radicals. The number mysteries. Nature's building blocks. Statistics made easy. The things that nobody knows. The grand design. 100 most important science ideas. Numeracy for QTLS. How to use statistics. Basic electrical installation work. Boffinology. 17th edition IEE wiring regulations. 17th edition IEE wiring regulations. Electrical installation work. PAT - portable appliance testing. The presence of the past. The stargazer's handbook. 100 ideas that changed the world. Seeing further.

Title A century in print. a short history of J. H. Brookes (Printers) Ltd.

Society and Politics Author Aldrich, Richard J. Alexander, Andrew. Ali, Tariq. Black, Jeremy. Brooks, David. Connor, Steven. Dalrymple, Theodore. Guillebeau, Chris. Hannam, June. Heywood, Andrew. Lopez, Ben. Macintyre, Christine. Robinson, Jane. Sachs, Jeffrey. Sedlacek, Tomas. Sinclair, Iain. Toor, Saadia. Turner, Eleanor. Walvin, James.

Title GCHQ. America and the imperialism of ignorance. The Obama syndrome. A brief history of slavery. The social animal. Paraphernalia. Spoilt rotten. The art of non-conformity. Feminism. Essentials of UK politics. The negotiator. Understanding babies and young children from conception to three. A force to be reckoned with. The price of civilization. Economics of good and evil. Ghost milk. calling time on the grand project. The state of Islam. Baby names 2012. The Zong. a massacre, the law and the end of slavery. White riot. punk rock and the politics of race

Sport, Hobbies and Games Author Arnold, Peter. Eade, James. Guttridge, Roger. Hargreaves, Chris. Howard, Paul. Jones, Bill. Kuper, Simon. Lovejoy, Joe. Marshall, Ian. McCoy, Tony. Miles, Tony. Neville, Gary. Roberts, Dave. Ryan, Mark. Savage, Robbie. Walcott, Theo. Williams, John.

Title Chambers card games for families. Chess for dummies. Swimming. Where's your caravan?. Sex, lies and handlebar tape. The ghost runner. Ajax, the Dutch, the war. Glory, goals and greed. twenty years of the Premier League. Old Trafford. The autobiography. The practical guide to successful fishing. Red. my autobiography. 32 programmes. Running with fire. Savage!. Theo Walcott 1. Red men. Liverpool Football Club. Serious about swimming. Wisden cricketers' almanack 2011.

Stage and Screen Author Callow, Simon. Dench, Judi. Dyer, Danny. Elsam, Paul. Fry, Stephen. Griffin, Charles Eldridge. Landis, John. Lee, Stewart. Munn, Michael. O'Grady, Paul. Parsons, Nicholas. Phillips, Fiona. Postlethwaite, Pete. Sayle, Alexei. Solomon, Stacey. Stock, Francine. Wan, Gok. Webber, Richard.

Transport Author Bonnick, Allan W. M. Branson, Richard. Gooley, Tristan. Hamilton-Paterson, James. Miller, John. Miller, John. Swallow, Bob.

Title My life in pieces. And furthermore. Straight up. Acting characters. The Fry chronicles. Four years in Europe with Buffalo Bill. Monsters in the movies. How I escaped my certain fate. Tony Curtis. The devil rides out. Nicholas Parsons. Before I forget. A spectacle of dust. Stalin ate my homework. Stacey. my story so far. In glorious technicolor. Through thick and thin. Remembering Ronnie Barker. 1001 movies you must see before you die. The Methuen Drama dictionary of the theatre.

Title A practical approach to motor vehicle engineering and maintenance. Reach for the skies. The natural navigator pocket guide. Empire of the clouds. Practical teaching skills for driving instructors. The driving instructor's handbook. Against the grade. 100 years of railways.

War and Military Author Blackah, Paul. Campion, Phil. Dannatt, Richard. Ellis, John. Franks, Norman L. R. Grant, R. G. Johnson, Robert. McKay, Sinclair. Murray, Iain Robert. Neil, Tom. Owen, James. Perris, Michael. Price, Alfred. Pujol, Juan. Rayment, Sean. Rees, Laurence. Runkle, Benjamin. Saunders, Andy. Smith, Daniel. Smith, Michael. Turner, John Frayn. Van Emden, Richard. Williamson, Walter.

Title Douglas DC-3 Dakota manual. Born fearless. Leading from the front. The sharp end. Raw courage. Soldier. Outnumbered, outgunned, undeterred. The secret life of Bletchley Park. Dam busters. Gun button to fire. Danger UXB. If it moves, salute it!. The Spitfire story. Operation Garbo. Bomb hunters. Horror in the East. Wanted dead or alive. Spitfire Mark I P9374. The spade as mighty as the sword. Killer elite. The WAAF at war. The quick and the dead. A Tommy at Ypres.

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New Non-Fiction Books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries August 2011  

A list of new adult non-fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in August 2011. All of these titles are available to request...

New Non-Fiction Books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries August 2011  

A list of new adult non-fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in August 2011. All of these titles are available to request...