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New Children’s Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

December 2010

Beginning to Read Author Title Goodhart, Pippa. Big Cat. Graves, Sue. Harry and the horse. Board Book Author Baggott, Stella. Eaves, Edward. Hill, Eric, Lloyd, Sam. Watt, Fiona.

Series Tiddlers Tiddlers

Title Series Baby's very first noisy things that go. Santa's sleigh! What's that noise, Spot? Turn it up, Doris! That's not my donkey. Ride along with Thomas. Thomas and friends

Early Reader Author Title Bently, Peter. Casketball capers. Bently, Peter. Ghoul trip. Bradman, Tony. Mr Bear gets alarmed. Harvey, Damian. Captain Kidd, pirate hunter. North, Laura. Cinderella's big foot. Rayner, Shoo. Pirate curse. Richemont, Brownilocks and the three bowls of Enid. cornflakes. Stone, Rex. Chasing the tunnelling trickster. Stone, Rex. Clash of the monster crocs. Suen, Anastasia. BMX bully.

Series Vampire school Vampire school Happy ever after Hopscotch adventures Hopscotch twisty tales Axel Storm Hopscotch twisty tales Dinosaur Cove Dinosaur Cove

Picture Book Author Bak, Jenny. Clacher, D. H. Dawson, Rachel. Drakakis-Smith, Angela. Duffy, Carol Ann. Dunbar, Polly. Dunbar, Polly. Falconer, Ian. Hoy, Catriona. Jeffers, Oliver. Kohara, Kazuno. Mayhew, James. Mwenye Hadithi. Rawlinson, Julia. Scotton, Rob. Shepherd, Jodie. Smith, Alex T. Taylor, Thomas. Umansky, Kaye. Williams, Rachel. Williamson, Melanie.

Title Ten gifts from Santa Claus. An ice surprise for Muddy. The Congo conga.

Series Muddy Waters. Driver Dan's story train

Archie finds a friend. The gift. Doodle bites. A Tilly and friends book Goodnight Tiptoe. A Tilly and friends book Olivia goes to Venice. George and Ghost. Up and down. Jack Frost. James Mayhew presents Ella Bella ballerina and Swan Lake. Running rhino. Ferdie's Christmas. Scaredy-cat, Splat! Olivia and the haunted hotel. Olivia Egg. Little Mouse and the big cupcake. Dodo doo-doo. The snowman and the Christmas fairies. Cactus Annie. Making that ZingZilla sound.


Story Book Author Asquith, Ros. Bateman, Colin. Blyton, Enid. Blyton, Enid. Boyne, John. Brake, Colin. Burchett, Jan. Burton, Bonnie. Dhami, Narinder. Dolan, Penny. Donbavand, Tommy. Eglington, Tom. Funke, Cornelia Caroline. Gaiman, Neil. Gregg, Stacy. Jolley, Dan. Landy, Derek . Maxted, Anna. Maxted, Anna. Mould, Chris. Mould, Chris. Nesbit, E. Pennypacker, Sara. Platt, Richard. Wells, Rosemary. Westerfeld, Scott.

Title Letters from an alien schoolboy. Fire storm. Five go to Billycock Hill. Five on a secret trail. Noah Barleywater runs away. The last Dragonlord. Avalanche alert. Planets in peril. Team Jasmin. A boy called M.O.U.S.E.. Terror of the Nightwatchman.

Series SOS adventure The Famous Five The Famous Five The adventures of Merlin Star Wars. The Clone Wars The beautiful game Scream Street

The stolen city. Reckless. Odd and the frost giants. Showjumpers. The mysterious stranger. Mortal coil. The Baddie. The horrible princess. Fangs 'n' fire. The golden labyrinth. The magic city.

Pony Club rivals Toy story Skulduggery Pleasant Tom & Matt Tom & Matt Something wickedly weird

Clementine, friend of the week. Double crossing. On the blue comet. Behemoth.

Leviathan trilogy.

Winkler, Henry.

The curtain went up, my trousers Hank Zipzer, the world's

Yeo, Matt.

The froggy apple crumble thump- Chowder

Yeo, Matt.

The thrice cream man. A winter's night.


Teenage Fiction Author Barnes, Jennifer. Cary, Kate. Cast, P. C. Connolly, John. Duff, Hilary. Gatward, David. Harrison, Lisi. Kishimoto, Masashi. Lee, Tony. Lee, Tony. Maguire, Eden. Marks, Graham. Meyer, Stephenie. Mulligan, Andy. Noel, Alyson. Noyes, Deborah. Patterson, James. Philip, Gillian. Pike, Christopher. Priestley, Chris. Sheldon, Dyan. Shin, JiSang. Silverwood, Sarah. Sniegoski, Tom. Stirling, Joss. Stroud, Jonathan. Zafon, Carlos Ruiz.

Title Raised by wolves. Bloodline. Burned. The gates. Elixir. The dark. Monster High. Naruto. Scared. The phone goes dead. Phoenix. Playing with phyre. Breaking dawn. Trash. Night star. The ghosts of Kerfol. The gift. Cyber fever. Remember me. The dead of winter. The crazy things girls do for love. Very!, very! Sweet. The double-edged sword. The fallen. Finding Sky. The ring of Solomon. The Prince of Mist. Kisses from hell.


The House of Night

The dead.

Horowitz graphic horror Horowitz graphic horror Beautiful dead.

The immortals Witch & Wizard On the wire The return. part 2

The nowhere chronicles The fallen The Bartimaeus sequence

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New Children's Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries in December 2010  

A list of new children's books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in December 2010. You can request any of these titles by visiting ou...

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